Mark Becomes A Muscle Bear

By TheDave
published December 21, 2014
1280 words

Mark visits his friends drag show and ends up becoming a cock slave…

“I’ll take another tequila.”

“You got it sir.”

Mark leaned against the bar, a little annoyed at the blasting techno music behind him. He had never been a fan of clubs. The flashing neon lights and scent of stale deodorant were enough to keep him in on a Netflix binge most Saturday nights.

The bartender came back with a tequila shot, which Mark downed quickly. “Thanks.” he nodded, placing a $5.00 tip on the counter. “No problem, hon.” The bartender winked as he grabbed the gratuity and sidled over to the next in line. Mark smile and turned around. He figured he’d get hit on at a gay bar.

Mark was straight, but very open-minded. After all, his best friend since elementary school, Jack, was gay and the reason he had left his comfy living room to bathe himself in bad techno remixes and overpriced alcohol. He had begged Mark to come and see his drag show tonight, and since he had never seen Jack perform, he decided to throw him a bone.

Now three tequila shots in, Mark was smiling a bit more and found a seat up front next to two skinny guys with bleach blond hair arguing whether Taylor Swift was getting better at music or society was just getting more stupid. Mark wasn’t much into labels, but Jack had referred to these two earlier as twinks. The one wearing a turquoise v neck kept glancing at Mark above his friends shoulder. Mark caught his eye, and the kid blushed turning away quickly and concentrating his focus on his friend. Mark chuckled a bit to himself. His girlfriend had broken up with him two weeks ago, so it was nice to get some attention, even if if was from another dude. Why was it so quiet? At the same time Mark noticed the music had ceased, the lights dimmed and a blaring voice came over the loudspeaker.


Mark clapped hard as Jack took the… Was that Jack?! Mark’s eyes widened as his mouth made an “O” shape. Jack looked beautiful. If Mark hadn’t known better and saw him earlier, he would’ve probably offered to buy him a drink. Jack was dressed in a sparkling red evening dress and long satin purple gloves. Mark realized through his tipsyness that Jack was dressed as Jessica Rabbit which made him laugh and clap harder as Jack pulled money from the crowd dancing to “Womanizer”. He pulled out another $5 and held it up for his friend to grab. Jack winked as he took it and placed it in his cleavage.

The song ended and Mark was feeling a little hot. The heat of the people in the room seemed to radiate from all sides. He jostled through the crowd, finally reaching the doors to the patio and emerged into the cool night air, which felt great against his skin, taking a seat in a far corner. Plopping down, he began fanning himself. He still felt tipsy, even moreso, which didn’t make sense to him. Shouldn’t he be sobering up a bit? And why was it so hot?

“Hon, are you ok?”

It was the turquoise twink from earlier. He must’ve followed him outside. His cheeks were a slight red, but he still looked concerned.

“I don’t know.” Replied Mark. “I think I drank a bit too much…”

His clothes felt tighter. How was that possible?

“You look like you’re going to hurl. Let me help you to the bathroom.”

“Oh… Yeah that would be good… Uhh…”

“Alex.” He said, smiling warmly as he helped Mark to his feet.

They both walked toward the stalls. The bathroom was surprisingly empty. Alex’s arm felt nice on his shoulders. He noticed Alex had nice biceps for being a “twink”.

Wait… What? Mark didn’t card about biceps. He felt confused.

“Here we are.” Alex said, closing the stall door behind them. “Damn… The lick is jammed. Ahhh well, we can fix it later.”

Mark leaned down over the toilet. The warmth in his body spreading like fire. What was happening to him?!

"AGGGGHHH…. " he shouted, clutching his abdomen. Something was definitely wrong. Alex leapt back in surprise as Marks shirt ripped open.

“What’s happening to me…” Mark thought. He stood up and looked down at his chest. His pectoral muscles had firmed and doubled in size as his gut had rounded and hardened. Thick bristles shot out of his face as his stubble darkened and thickened into a handsome beard. His jeans ripped open revealing powerful thigh and calf muscles, flexing and relaxing as they transformed. His boxer briefs stretched as his cock thickened and doubled in size. His brown hair cropped itself into a short haircut that mimicked ones he’d seen in the club all night. The girls were going to love this… The gir… No. Women didn’t have what he desired. He wanted cock. He wanted a cock planted between his new toned ass cheeks as he swallowed cum from another. He stood up several inches taller from the tattered clothes of the man he was before and gazed at Alex who seemed panicked, but gained a listless smile as Mark looked into his eyes, as if under a trance.

Mark forcefully grabbed Alex and began to kiss him, scratching Alex’s cheeks with his now dense beard. Alex returned the kiss, getting more aggressive by the second and caressing Mark’s bulge with his hand. Alex’s face suddenly erupted in a red beard as they kissed, his jawline becoming more defined. Mark’s beefy hands ripped Alex’s jeans off in one swipe as Alex’s shirt ripped revealing his new hairy muscled torso. Their bulges touched as the two gripped each other in lust filled passion, minds wiped clean except for the yearning of more cock.

“Hello? I need to use the bathroom, can you open up?”

Mark and Alex, now resembling muscle bound gorillas, heard the voice and perked up. More cock? Mark broke the door of of it’s hinges and met the gaze of his best friend Jack. Jack made a quick whistle and both men suddenly stood at attention.

“Awww Mark, I didn’t want it to have to be this way…” Jack said sadly as he pulled out two black leather harnesses and began strapping them to his new cock slaves. “I had the bartender spike your drink. I’ve lusted after you since our teens, but all you’d talk about is tits and pussy.” He pulled hard on the chest strap of Marks harness. “You’re mine, babe. You’ve always been mine.”

“Yes, sir.” Mark murmured. Was his master going to let him suck his cock? That would be beyond pleasurable. He wanted to feel Jacks dick on his tongue. To massage the head and for his Master to fill him with his delicious cum.

“I see you’ve made a friend.” Jack nodded toward Alex. “No matter. 2 is better than one in my opinion. Let’s take you both home.” Jack grinned deviously as he lead his two new muscle bears toward the bathroom door.

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