Who Said More Moving Couldn't be Fun?

By Anonymous - jakestatefarm@comcat.org
published July 31, 2018
4112 words

The vengeful Ed is back to further humiliate and degrade when his old bully-turned-servant calls the police for help.

Ed had been enjoying his last few weeks in comfort and luxury. His father and son duo of servants waited on him hand and foot. They had made school unbearable for Ed years ago, so he reasoned that this was just punishment.

Ed had moved into the beautiful colonial townhouse that the Jacobs family had once owned, and Greg and his son moved into the rundown shack nextdoor. They didn’t spend much time in that house, however, because they worked for Ed from 6 am to 11 pm.

Ed had a pension for regal details, so he turned Greg, his ripped old gym teacher into the cook, chauffer, and caretaker of the home. Ed required him to wear a specific uniform for each task. Ed had changed Greg ’ s thoughts to make him think that this was completely normal.

When it came to Kyle, Ed left him fully aware of the predicament he was in. Ed turned the physical masterpiece into his personal butler who always treated Ed with the utmost respect. Ed made Kyle wear a traditional butler’s uniform and he made him answet at the ring of a bell.

Ed knew that this was cruel, but Kyle deserved it. He enjoyed seeing Kyle address him as sir, massaging his feet , in his servant’s uniform, all while giving him a glare of pure hatred.

Ed was no longer the shy and reserved young man he was before. He now walked with confidence thinking about how he was the master of the household. His servants would not intimidate him anymore. With his new powers he had nothing to worry about.

It was Kyle’s 15th day of being that asshat’s butler. He had counted every excruciating 24 hours that he was forced to dress as some stupid servant and then cook and clean for that wimp he used to push around.

He was currently laying on a cot next to his father in the crummy house that he had been moved into nextdoor. He and his dad were technically free during their few off hours as long as they didn’t leave the house.

Kyle had tried talking to his dad about escaping Ed or calling the cops, but it never worked. His dad start defending his “Master” as he called him. Ed had really screwed him over, but at least Kyle still had his capacity to think. He wasn’t sure if that was a gift or a curse.

Kyle had just about given up hope. All he had left were his fantasies about escape and revenge. He wanted that son of a bitch to suffer.

Kyle finally dozed off to his thoughts of payback. Some interesting dreams immediately began to infiltrate his sleep.

In the dream Kyle saw the exterior of the crappy old house he had been staying in, only it wasn’t so crappy and certainly not as old. Kyle noticed a man. He was smiling at him. It was a little creepy. The man turned and entered the house. Kyle followed.

In the living room Kyle saw two more people. It was Ed and, was that really, himself? Kyle saw himself standing next to Ed. The strange man simply watched Kyle’s doppelganger and Ed. Kyle saw Ed smile, and reach into a hole in the wall. Kyle noticed Ed pull out a chainwatch. Ed then took the watch and held it in front of the other Kyle and swung it back and forth. Kyle saw the expression of his other self relax and become compliant. So this was how Ed was controlling him and his father. With some old watch?

The strange man from earlier in the dream stepped up to Ed and stopped him from swinging the pendulum. Kyle noticed his look alike ’ s expression return to normal. He had come out of the trance. Kyle was about to ask what this all meant, but was cut short.

Kyle awoke. He remembered his dream. He was curious about what it meant.

Kyle stood up from his simple cot and investigated. He stepped into the living room. The house he was in had no electricity so he couldn’t turn the lights on, but he wanted to look for the hole from his dream. So he felt along the wall until his hand fell through the opening. His fingers brushed into nothing.

“So was it just a stupid dream after all?” He said.

Ed was fast asleep in the king sized bed of the Jacobs’ house. He woke up in a cold sweat. “Something is wrong,” He thought aloud.

Kyle was about to give up hope, but then, all of the sudden, he realized he no longer felt the compulsion to stay in the house that Ed had placed in him. He could leave. “If I can feel the loss of Ed’s power over me, then Ed can feel it too,” Kyle realized, “I need to move.”

Kyle swiftly slipped out the back. He didn’t know if Ed still had any power, but he didn’t want to find out. Kyle immediately wanted to call the cops. He needed help, but Ed had forced Kyle to hand over his cell weeks ago. He would have to sneak into his house to call the police.

Kyle went through the back door of his much nicer home. He crept into the study where the land line was. Kyle hoped that Ed wouldn’t hear him call.

Kyle dialed 911.

The dispatcher quickly started, “Hello. This is the emergency hotline. What’s your emergency?”

Kyle thought about what he was going to say, “Hi I’m at 7881 Haven Lane. A man has broken into my house. He seems very dangerous.”

“Ok. Help is on the way. Are you in a safe area?” The dispatcher answered.

“Um. I think so.” Kyle whispered.

“Is their anyone else in the house with you other than the intruder?” The dispatcher replied.

Kyle thought about his dad, but he should be safe next door. Kyle looked to the front door of the house. It was open.

He had come in through the back so that must mean Ed had left through the front. He must have felt the power shift after all. It was good Kyle left when he did. He must have barely missed Ed.

“I have to go. Um…sorry…I…I need to move.” Kyle hung up.

Kyle heard sirens in the distance. He would be safe soon. Hopefully. Kyle retreated to the rear of the house to wait for the cops. He grabbed his baseball bat, in case Ed came before the authorities.

“So you broke free of my control. Did you?” Ed purred from behind.

“Shit!” Kyle jumped and swung his bat. He missed because he was in the dark. Kyle turned on the light. Ed was leaning against the frame of the back door.

“And you called the police,” Ed continued, “Now I have to deal with them.”

Kyle stepped towards the geek, “Im going to kill you, you f…”

Ed smiled and commanded, “Stop! You can’t kill me. You’re my servant.”

Kyle stopped. He couldn’t believe this. That asshole still has control over him.

Red and blue flashing lights appeared in the front driveway.

“Looks like your cops are here.” Ed said smiling, “Let’s let them in on the fun, shall we?”

“Ed please…” Kyle began.

“Shut up. And drop that bat. Now, here’s what you’re going to do.”

Officer Barnes had been a policeman for almost ten years. He had a slight beergut and was very hairy. He was in his thirties but still had a good enough body to keep up with the occasional runners.

Officer Dunn, his newly assigned partner was some blonde fitness nut who had just joined the squad. He didn’t like handling newbies, but he was stuck with the kid when his old partner quit.

They were on the late shift when they got the call to come investigate a house for potential breaking and entering.

When he and Officer Dunn arrived at the location, they found an open door, so they prepared to enter in search of the intruder. Then a man came out of the door and approached them. He looked extremely uncomfortable.

“Hey hands up.” Officer Barnes called.

Kyle put his hands up, and called out, “I’m Kyle, the guy that called.” Kyle slowly approached the two officers.

“Is their an intruder in your house?” The cop asked.

“No.” Kyle answered just as he had been told by Ed.

The two officers sighed and put away their weapons. “Then why the hell did you call?” The policeman asked.

Kyle wished he could tell them that he needed help, that their really was an intruder in the house. But instead he answered, as Ed had instructed, “I wanted you cops to punish me because I’ve been naughty.”

Both cops stared in disbeleif. This grown up man had just said something rather disgusting.

Kyle hated that he had actually said it. It made hin sick. Kyle noticed that Ed had snuck around and behind the cops while he had distracted them.

Ed whispered into officer Barnes ear, “Take no notice of my presence say ‘You deserve to be punished boy and I will happily do it for you’.”

Officer Barnes looked at Kyle and said, “You deserve to be punished boy and I will happily do it for you.” Barnes looked around in confusion. Why did he just say that. That was disgusting.

Officer Dunn laughed, “What the fuck did you just say, Barnes?”

Ed slid behind Dunn and examined the young man. He was muscular, and it showed through his tight policeman uniform. Ed especially liked Dunn ’ s bubblebut.

Ed whispered into Dunn ’ s ear, “Take no notice of me and say, ’Officer, I am younger and therefore lesser than you. I should be punished by you as well.”

“Officer, I am younger and therefore lesser than you. I deserve to be punished by you as well.” Officer Dunn repeated confusedly, “What the fuck did I just say?”

Officer Barnes began to worry. What the hell was happening to them.

Kyle stood where he was as Ed had instructed him to earlier and listened silently, dreading what was to come.

Ed went back to Barnes and whispered, “Go to your partner and smack him on his hot ass.”

Barnes, obediently, went to his partner and smacked his butt.

“What the fuck dude!” Dunn cried.

“I don’t know why I just did that.” Barnes answered.

Ed whispered again in the older officer’s ear, “Say, ’Your ass is mine, bitch.”

“Your ass is mine, bitch.” The officer told his partner. He couldn’t believe what he was saying.

“This is getting too weird.” Officer Dunn said with a touch of fear and turned for the car.

Ed quickly went behind the retreating officer and whispered, “Tell your partner,‘My whole body is yours, sir,’ and rub your ass on his crotch.”

Officer Dunn went up to his partner, My ass is yours sir," and then he started to rubb his butt on his partner’s crotch. He was horrified at what he was doing.

Officer Barnes pulled back in disgust. What was his partner doing. Why was he rubbing his butt all on him. But he was unable to say anything before something else happened.

“Now kiss.” Ed said and smiled.

The two officers embraced each other and gave a single awkward kiss. Neither of them could take notice of Ed or his commands so they had no idea why they were acting this way.

“Longer, and sloppier.” Ed commanded.

The two officers of the law began rubbing each of their faces together with their mouths open. What resulted was a wet, sloppy, and disgusting make out session between a young stud and a hairier, bigger man.

“Kyle join in on this.” Ed commanded.

Kyle had been disgusted and afraid the last few minutes. He was even more so now when he joined in on an open mouth and sloppy kiss with two other men. Could this get any worse.

“Alright you three, stop and follow me.” Kyle, Officer Dunn, and Officer Barnes followed Ed into the house each with one another’s slobber on their face.

Ed stopped in the living room and turned on the light. The officers were amazed by the light switch working on its own accord because they still couldn’t consciously see or hear Ed.

“Officers, you can now acknowledge me and what I am doing. Now I need a seat,” Ed stated as he looked around at the various couches, “Officer Dunn, get on your hands and knees behind me and be my seat.”

Officer Dunn walked around to Ed’s back and got on the floor as instructed. He had a look of fear on his face. “Why am I doing this?” Dunn whimpered as Ed placed his weight on the officer.

“Because you are under my control. Now, Officer Barnes, come and massage my sholders.” Ed commanded.

“You’ll never get away with this. This is denying our rite of free will. It’s the attack of an officer!” Barnes cried as he got to work massaging Ed’s shoulders.

“Be quiet.” Ed commanded, then he looked to Kyle, “You can speak Kyle.”

Kyle kept his mouth shut and looked straight ahead. He was going to keep his dignity. It was all he had left.

“Not in the mood for a chat. I’ll help you out. Say? ‘I am an idiot who thought I could escape my master’.”

“I am an idiot who thought I could escape my master.” Kyle continued still staring ahead.

Ed was getting irritated. He wanted this guy to be humiliated. “Say, ‘Ed is my master. I love him with all my heart and soul. I would give anything to him. He is much more of a man than I am. Compared to him I am a pathetic dog’.”

“Ed is my master. I love him with all my heart and soul. I would give anything to him. He is much more of a man than I am. Compared to him I am a pathetic dog.” Kyle choked it out. He was beginning to break down.

Ed smiled. Now he was getting somewhere. “Bark Kyle.”

Kyle Kyle barked. He wished he wouldn’t. He wished he would stop barking like an idiot.

“Kyle, get on your hands and knees like a dog. Oh and stick out your toung while you bark.” Ed added.

Kyle did just that. He felt humiliated. Both of the officers were staring at him along with Ed. Kyle could tell they felt bad for him.

Ed noticed that Kyle had looked to the officers for some comfort, “Cops laugh at the stupid boy acting like a dog.”

Both Officer Dunn and Officer Barnes began to laugh at Kyle. One while massaging Ed, and the other while acting as a seat for him.

“Alright Kyle. Your are free to go.” Ed finally stated.

Kyle looked up at Ed as he barked and panted on all fours. Was he really free to go?

“You’re free to go wherever you want, but you will continue to act exactly as a dog would.” Ed added.

Kyle was crushed. He wasn’t free. Not as long as he was forced to act like this. He couldn’t bear it. Kyle crawled out of the room to get away from Ed. He would probably end up sleeping in the old dog bed they kept in the basement from the dog they used to have years ago. At least he was away from that creep, Ed.

Ed chuckled as he watched the distraught Kyle crawl away like a dog. He wouldn’t go very far like that.

Ed stood up off of his slave throne, “Officers carry me to my bed upstairs.”

Officer Dunn got up off the ground. Ed noticed that the stud had some pit stains growing. Ed also noticed sweat stains on the man’s back left from his buttcheeks.

The two officers-turned-slaves carried Ed all the way up to his bed, where they placed him down rather roughly. Ed got off the bed and stood.

“Undress me.” Ed commanded.

The officers sighed and got to work removing the boy’s clothing. Officer Dunn finished the job by removing Ed’s underwear.

“You know, I once considered becoming a cop. Officer Dunn, take off your uniform and dress me in it.”

Dunn glared at Ed. He began by taking off his hat. He then removed his shoes and socks. He unbuttoned his blue policeman shirt and pulled it off revealing just how perfect his body was. He then took off his belt and gun hokster, and pulled down his pants, leaving him only in his boxers.

Ed laughed, “Dunn, I want the full cop experience. Take off your undies too.”

Dunn slid off his boxers. Ed examined the fully exposed officer. It would seem that he was a physical specimen in all areas.

Dunn then got to work dressing Ed in his uniform. When he finished Ed looked in the mirror. He liked seeing himself in the other man’s uniform. It made him feel in control.

“Dunn you can go put a pair of Mr. Jacobs boxers on and,” Ed fished through the closet, “One of his wifebeaters as well.”

Officer Dunn redressed himself in the boxers and white wifebeater, which were rather large for him, because Mr. Jacobs was a rather large man.

“I think big sweat stains would complete your look, so drop and give me a couple hundred.” Ed chided.

Dunn got on the floor and started his push ups.

Ed smiled and looked to the other officer, “Looks like it’s just you and me Officer Barnes..”

The cop flinched when he heard Ed adress him. He may have been a large ape of a man, but he was still afraid of this boy’s power.

Ed laid back on the bed in his new policeman uniform. “Officer come sit at my feet.”

Barnes obediently went and sat at the foot of the bed near Ed’s feet. Ed was wearing Dunn ’ s uniform shoes.

“Tell me officer, in all of your lifetime, what was the most humiliating thing you ever saw a man do with his life?”

Barnes hated where this was going, but his mouth had already started to answer, “A man, who was the janitor at my high school, cleaned up after arrogant kids who did nothing but spit and make messes for him.”

“Did you ever make fun of him, Officer?” Ed questioned slowly.

Barnes knew that this answer was going to decide his future. “Yes.”

“Ok. Then I have no problems telling you that you will quit your job as a policeman to become a janitor at your old high school. You will allow the students to make fun of and humiliate you. You will get rid of everything you own except your janitorial clothing and supplies. You will sleep in your custodial closet and eat whatever you can find in the trash. You will stop introducing you self with a name and you will eventually forget your name all together. You will know yourself only as the janitor. Or whatever insulting nickname the students give you to make fun of you.”

Barnes was now choking back tears.

“You will start your new life in the morning,” Ed added, "but tonight you get to be my toilet. You will wait in the bathroom with your mouth open all night and will accept any piss or shit that comes your way with a ‘Thank you sir’. Now go get in your position.’

Barnes left the bedroom and headed to the bathroom horrified. He sat down next to the toilet and opened his mouth wide, waiting with fear.

“Dunn of you have to piss or shit, you will do it in your boxers, because your a dirty disgusting pig.”

Officer Dunn unwillingly let out a fart as he filled his underwear with the poop he’d been holding in. He wished he could leave or at least clean himself up, but he continued to push up and down with shit in his underwear.

Meanwhile, Kyle ventured out to the back yard to releive himself. He needed to piss so bad, but first he had to go through the doggy door like a dog would, and that was barely big enough for him.

Once he was finally through he went into the dewy grass, lifted his leg, and pissed his pants. He had come all the way outside to piss his pants.

Back inside the house, Ed also got up to releive himself. He went to the bathroom and flicked the light on. He saw the burly cop sitting with his mouth open.

Ed went to him and unzipped his uniform pants. He pissed on the cops face, and started to spread his aim to include the cops uniform as well.

“Thank you sir,” the officer’s deep voice whimpered.

Then Ed pulled down his pants all the way, “Cop you are going to hold my ass directly over your face.”

Ed sat down in the officer’s large grip. The officer groaned at the weight. Ed then let loose. When he finished he stood and looked at the cop. Their was some shit in his unmoving mouth that hung over and rested on his cheek as well. Ed turned and said, “Now wipe my ass with your hair.” The cop did just that.

“Thank you sir,” He mumbled when he was done.

Ed then put his uniform pants back up and left the bathroom. And left the cop sitting with his mouth open, shit on his face, and in his hair.

Ed went back to his bedroom. He found Officer Dunn still cranking away push ups in his sweat soaked wifebeater and shit filled boxers.

“Officer Dunn, stop and stand before me.” Ed commanded.

"The officer stopped his work out and began to rise to his feet.

Ed pushed him down with his foot on his back and chuckled, “Sorry about that. Try again.”

Dunn began to pull himself back up only to be pushed back down by Ed.

“You are clumsy aren’t you.” Ed suggested.

“Yes.” Dunn answered. And he believed it now. He had fallen down several times trying to stand because he was clumsy nit because that jerk had continually pushed him back down.

“Alright, stand before me.” Ed finally decided. Dunn rose successfully this time and stood directly in front of Ed.

Dunn was panting. He was literally soaked, and sweat was dripping from his head.

“Man you smell.” Ed commented. He continued to examine the sweating stud. Even though he was wearing oversized underwear, with shit in his pants, and dripping with sweat, he was still unbelievably perfect. This made Ed feel uncomfortable. He didn’t like it.

"Officer Dunn, you are going to start making yourself look more ugly. You will start using a razor to make your hair look like it’s receding. You will also try and gain weight fast. You are going to take much less care of yourself. You will make sure you always have pit stains and always look your ugliest.

“Please…” Dunn began.

“But for now, while your still pretty, you are going to take off your sweaty shirt and put it in your mouth.” Ed continued on.

Dunn removed his sweaty white shirt and shoved it in his mouth. The sweat was salty amd disgusting. But he couldn’t stop himself.

“Now flex for me,” Ed continued.

Dunn began his muscle show. It was quite a show. He stretched and flexed his arms. He pulled them above his head to show off his chest.

“Freeze,” Ed began.

Dunn froze in the pose. Ed noticed that Dunn was still glaring at him with pure hatred.

“Smile,” Ed commanded. Dunn ’ s face twisted into a smile with the sweaty shirt still in his mouth.

Ed smiled and leaned back. He began to drift off to sleep with his flexing statue smiling and biting on a sweaty shirt throughout the night, dreading his future of self inflicted ugliness; his cop crouching in the bathroom, mouth open covered in piss and shit, and thinking of his future as a pathetic janitor; and his old bully who was sleeping curled up in a dog bed after pissing his pants.

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