Stepson Blackmail Part 4

By LestatD
published July 9, 2020
2305 words

Tom learns the next stage to his blackmailer’s plan of turning him into a slave

The next morning after being humiliated and fucked in my own classroom by the twins I got up early and decided to get a jog to clear my head. As I felt the pavement beneath my feet I kept asking myself if all this was worth it. Clearly my body enjoyed what has happened, clearly I was put under hypnosis, but even without the hypnosis my mind just kept going back to the classroom and the twins. No mind tricks, just pure teen dominance overtaking me. I’m no idiot I know these teens who were barely adults turned me on regardless. Now the question is, do I keep letting it happen or do I try to stop it.

Well Jay has several recordings now, and he’s shown the twins at least so they probably have copies on their phones. So the question is, is there a way to get rid of them? As I rounded a corner my mind was racing to if there was anyway to get out of this. I could just come clean to Maria, tell her what happened and break up. Everyone could judge me, but at least this way I wasn’t at someone’s mercy. Though my job would be at risk, but I could put in a transfer to a new location, new district. Nothing I did was illegal so hey it shouldn’t follow me like some stain. This is my best bet, it sucks, but this just cannot continue. I’ll have to think on it more, but unless I do this things could get more and more fucked.

I came back to the house and showered, Maria was already at work and the Devil AKA Jay was never awake this early. He had told me to stick around the house today and I didn’t want to have to deal with him getting pissed off and ruining my plan to get out from under him so I decided to rest on the couch and watch some TV until the inevitable happened.

At around 11am I heard Jay coming down the stairs, it was clear he just woke up he looked at me laying there and nodded,

“Good you stuck around today. I’ll meet you in my room in 10 minutes Daddy.”

At that word my head felt the familiar pull at the back of it, and I complied and 10 minutes later I found myself in his room.

He brought a bag out from under his bed, “The twins had this equipment they let me use. Figured we’d have some fun. Get naked and lay down on the bed Daddy.”

He hadn’t even showered or done anything to himself since waking up so his body odor was strong as I laid down, as I did he straddled my chest and smiled his sizeable bulge right underneath my chin as he leaned down as he backed up scooting his ass on my own bulge as he leaned down and kissed my neck, he grabbed my hair suddenly and starting grinding down against me. It was all so sudden and with what we had done before I just went with it letting my eyes roll back as I moaned and I felt his free hand move my arm up, but I didn’t care I humped my body up against his, yes he was fucking hot, and just went with it as his mouth met mine I couldn’t get enough of him. And suddenly OFF

He was off of me I looked around bewildered as I tried to move my arms and found myself unable. I looked down and saw him quickly cuff my ankles as well. The fucker had one of those bondage kits already set-up underneath his bed and had easily trapped me.

“Now Daddy, time to have some fun. Open wide”

And he was straddling my chest with some kind of ball-gag thing. It fit in my mouth like a ballgag but it fit inside my mouth with rubber to go against my teeth, essentially it kept my mouth in a perfect O with zero chance of my teeth clamping shut. And he easily gripped my hair forcing my head up and strapped it around my head.

“Looking good. I told you I had some gifts. I expect you haven’t accepted the fact that you’re my slave yet right Daddy? TELL THE TRUTH.” the last bit he said very forcefully.

Normally I would try to lie, and even started shaking my head no, but that pull at the back of my head kept me from lying. Whatever he had done when he hypnotized me it was clearly working cause I nodded yes.

He came over and sat down next to me in a chair and looked at me clearly contemplating.

“That’s a shame Daddy. You know I have recordings of you right? Don’t you care about my mom? Your job? If you think you’re gonna give all that up to get away from me just nod. TELL THE TRUTH.”

I nodded

“Tsk tsk Daddy. You know how many men would beg and have begged for me to fuck them? You’re lucky I chose you. Well I’m not done with you yet Daddy, when I am then maybe I’ll be nice. We’ll see Daddy.”

With that he came over to me and stroked my cheek as he fitted a blindfold over my eyes and everything went dark.

My body was on full alert not sure what this fucker had planned. I felt a hand, maybe two running along my legs, then up my stomach and along my pecs. I felt a mouth latch onto one of my nipples and bite down HARD I couldn’t help but moan as the other got pinched and twisted even harder. I struggled against the restraints, but no good. Fuck my cock was already getting hard as I felt the hand move down and grip my cock stroking it. The mouth sucking hard on my nipple biting down. Then off the nipple and WHAM an entire throat enveloped my cock. I couldn’t help myself but moan and thrust up into it. I’d never had someone deepthroat me that easily and effortlessly. I felt a finger teasing my ass and just as the sucking and bobbing of the head really started I heard something that made me tighten up…

The doorbell rang. The mouth was suddenly gone, the hands were gone. I heard movement and footsteps going out the bedroom door. I tried to say something, but obviously I was gagged. I listened and heard the footsteps going down the stairs and after a few minutes several footsteps climbing the stairs, I couldn’t tell if it was just Julian or more people. But I was scared he invited more people. Never before had I felt this trapped as I struggled hard against the bindings to no avail.

“Oh Daddy, don’t worry it was nothing. RELAX.”

My body relaxed.

I felt a blanket or something go across my legs as it felt like Jay was straddling my chest again as he leaned down and said in my ear,

“Now Daddy I want you to get very horny for me. I want you to get so horny you don’t think about anything else but fucking and getting off. Can you do that for me Daddy?”

His words were the on switch and my body was the machine. And my dick instantly sprang to full attention right into a waiting mouth- but wait Jay’s mouth is right next to my ear-

“Yes Daddy fuck that mouth.” I felt him not straddling my chest anymore as my arms could move. I immediatly moved my hands down to feel the head that was wrapped around my cock and I started fucking it.

“That’s it Daddy, feel that body up. Don’t worry about the blindfold, look with your hands.”

And I did as whoever it was moved their body into a 69 position I felt a well toned chest and back. My mouth still had that gag on it so as my hands explored a body pretty similar to Jay’s I felt a cock pop right into the O of the gag as it started humping. And that mouth it also deep-throated me and my hands just ran along that firm back and I wanted to lift my legs to wrap around the head of the unknown person but couldn’t.

The cock in my mouth was fairly thick and long, not as big as Jay’s, but hey not many are. And it just fucking my mouth relentlessly. I used my hands to feel pretty strong legs and to grip the hips as I realized I was getting really turned on getting sucked and sucking this unknown person.

“Okay Jimmy, it’s time. Daddy when the blindfold comes off you are going to fuck Jimmy here and tell us how hot he is.”

I felt ‘Jimmy’ swinging around as his mouth as off my cock as I felt my head pulled up and the ballgag removed. As the blindfold was removed at the SAME time I felt a very tight ass sliding down on my cock and there I saw a beautiful young guy. Sandy Brown hair that was cut short, piercing blue eyes, and a baby face to go along with a very defined toned body. Had to be around Jay’s age.

I honestly didn’t care as this guy shoved his ass down past the point of no return and my hands gripped his hips to help him ease down as he bottomed out I thrust up wishing my legs weren’t bound.

“Fuck Jimmy you’re so hot, I love fucking that tight ass.”

“Oh yeah? gonna give it to me good again Daddy?” Jimmy said speaking for the first time.

“Oh FUCK YES Jimmy.”

Once I was fully in I started moving a little faster, enjoying the sensations of this hot guy with a tight ass. Faster and faster I fucked him! Neither one of us cared about anything else, loud slapping sounds echoed through the room from the pounding I was giving this guy. I suddenly felt Jimmy shudder as if a cold wind had hit him, then I felt a warm wetness erupt between our bodies. It was a sign that he was experiencing a massive hands-free orgasm.

The tight confines of Jimmy’s colon rippled around my thrusting cock as the boy milked my shaft closer and closer to climax.

“UUUNNNGHHH!!! GAWD!!!” I shot my seed deep into the boy after one final thrust! I kissed Jimmy passionately as I let my balls drain, feeling the glorious tightness of the boy around my cock.

I came down from my orgasm, but stayed hard, and kept my dick in him. Jimmy brought a similar bottle of poppers to my nose and I inhaled. I zoned out for a minute before Jimmy looked at me with determined eyes as he kept riding me.

“Yeah you gonna go again Daddy? You gonna fuck my young ass, you gonna breed it?”

“Oh fuck yeah Jimmy, gonna fuck you, love fucking you and breeding your ass.”

And with that I felt just how strong those legs were as they sent me back into a laying down position as he clearly had stronger leg muscles then Jay as it felt like his ass was alive and was consuming my cock. I couldn’t help myself but get hard again.

“Tell me how hot it is to fuck me.”

“Oh fuck Jimmy, s-so hot.”

“Yeah you love fucking me huh?”

And he brought me close again that ass getting me right on the edge again as I felt the climax coming.

“Tell me you love fucking my young ass.”

“Oh fuck Jimmy, I love fucking your ass.”

“You love it huh, gonna cum huh? gonna give it to me, yeah?” his ass going into high gear.


“Love fucking me yeah?”


“Love this tight ass huh?”


And I was cumming again and his ass just kept going draining my balls. I nearly passed out my body covered in sweat as Jimmy hopped off of me.

“Get what you need Jay?”

“Perfect work Jimmy, nice recording indeed, I’ll send you a copy later.”

“Right, kool, later.” and he was out.

I looked over and saw Jay with that shit-eating grin. As he came over and sat by me.

“Guess you’re not going anywhere now huh Tommy.”


“You just fucked your boss’s son, surprised you didn’t recognize him, but hey, don’t worry, it’s not like you really wanted out of this right?”

“What? He was what?”

“Yeah, sucks doesn’t it? This just makes the blackmail more concrete ya know?”

“You can’t fucking do this Jay.” I was seriously in panic-mode at this point and I reached towards him only to realize my legs were still bound.

“Oh dear sweet Daddy. Stop being mad Daddy, relax daddy.” He leaned in close to my ear at this point.

And as much as I wanted to try to get that camera and the recording I felt that pull at the back of my head come forward and force myself to relax.

“That’s it Daddy, lay back down Daddy.”

I laid back.

“Sleep for me daddy, go to sleep. Drift off to dreamland Daddy”

I had no choice, despite my previous panic-state I felt my eyes get heavy as I drifted off to sleep.

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