Island: Chapter 3

Series: Island
By autoDream
published October 26, 2014
4607 words

Its day 3 and Jesse is still searching for Chris. Unfortunately, he is the one who is found…

Chapter 3

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Last Kevin got his hands on a completely hypnotized Jesse before he was able to escape in the morning because of a stranger known as Ashe. However, Jesse later encountered him in person, barely escaping before Mister Bagheer gave him a nice goodnight kiss…]

My eyes opened slowly, the sunlight beaming into my eyes from above. I stretched out and took a few minutes to come to. I jumped out of the shower and styled my hair before getting dressed. Mister bagheer wanted to meet early to search for Chris so I wasted no time getting ready. When I was all showered up and dressed, I made my way to Connor’s cabin, making sure to avoid any strangers on the way.

“Goodmorning Jesse” greeted Connor as he opened the door.

“Goodmorning.” I replied, quickly entering into his cabin.

“In a rush?” he asked.

“No. Just…”

“What’s that?” he questioned suddenly, pointing to my wrist. It didn’t take him long to notice that I tried to hide my bracelet. “You should make sure to keep your bracelet visible at all times Jesse. Security doesn’t like checking, and they might not be too careful with an island virgin such as yourself…” he teased, a lewd expression on his face.

“Oh, my bad” I answered. I had placed a few bracelets around the Island Pass bracelet, but I seemed I had to take them off.

“You know Jesse, if you’re trying to hide from a hypnotist…” Connor started, making his way to a desk. “You could always wear this…” Mister Bagheer lifted a collar into the air.

“Is that a… dog, collar… ?”

“Yes. You could wear it and pretend to be… Let’s say… Owned…”

I thought he was joking, but even though he had a comical smile I wasn’t quite sure.

“No way! You’ll never catch me wearing that!” I said, letting out a laugh of my own.

“Oh, too bad… Well, how about we grab some breakfast?” Connor asked.

We made our way to a breakfast hut for a quick meal. We discussed the day’s plan while eating and Mister Bagheer finally revealed what he had found out about Chris. The rumors about Chris disappearing with a trio of hypnotist seemed to be true. A friend of Connor’s had confirmed that he had seen someone who looked like Chris talking to three men. Worst off, they weren’t just a random group of men, but apparently a trio of friends who always played in a threesome.

“They tend to enjoy their meal… together… If you catch my drift…” Connor said

“I think so…” I replied, obviously understanding his metaphor.

“I don’t blame Chris. Those three can be quite, overwhelming…”

“What are they doing to him?” I asked, starting to worry again. I hadn’t seen him since day one and they were the reason.

“Well, they like to fuck their prey up the ass while-“ he stared before I interrupted him.

“No! No… I mean, why hasn’t he come back to see me?” I said, trying to forget what Connor had said.

“Oh. That… Well, I mean… He’s had three different hypnotist put him under… And, they do like to collect

a few boys during the weekend.”

“What!? Collect!?”

“Invoke a deep desire to stay with them all week, until it’s time to go home. I’ve only heard rumors, but they are quite famous around here for their ‘triple team’.”

“Triple te-. Chris would never!”

“Jesse, your friend is not himself right now. He’s been hypnotized by them. Even when he wakes up he probably doesn’t know any better” Connor started, his voice getting somewhat serious, but also smooth. “I can only imagine he desires to be with them. You see, hypnosis itself is very powerful… But combined with the erotic pleasures of sex… It can make the mind much more suggestible…”


“It’s okay Jesse. We’ll find him” said Connor as he finished up his breakfast. “Well. Why don’t you go enjoy your afternoon and try exploring a little? I have a few errands to run.”

“But I thought we were going-“

“Don’t worry Jesse. I’ll be looking around for the ‘trio’, but I don’t want this to ruin your week on the island. There are a lot of great things to do here, other than become a mindless boy…” said Connor. I gave him a dirty look as he finished his sentence. “You should explore around and enjoy your time here.”

“If you say so…”

“Relax Jesse. There is no point in rushing until I know where Chris is for certain… Oh, and just in case, a little piece of advice. If you feel like you may have gone under, or a little ‘dizzy’, you should go back to your room. You might feel like you’re awake, but you could be a little vulnerable…”

“Sounds good. Thanks” I replied, nodding as I soaked in his advice.

It seemed like Mister Bagheer had things under control so I agreed to let him do some investigating on his own. Connor disappeared in one direction and me in the other. I decided to head back to my room and grab some gear to go swimming.

Back in my room, I suited up and made my way back to the main area to check out the pool. However, upon arrival I discovered that it probably wasn’t the best idea. I had walked into an area full of speedos. Left and right, nothing but speedos and “revealing” suits in sight, and I had already spotted a few individuals who had noticed my presense. I swiftly turned around and decide to pursue a different adventure. I remembered seeing a much quieter pool on my way here, so I back tracked a little to find it.

As expected, it was much, much more quiet than the pool area. In fact, it was dead. There wasn’t a soul in sight. I happily walk onto the warm sand surrounding the exotic pool and pitched my towel on the ground. Finally I could enjoy a moment of peace outside of my cabin. Or so I thought…

“You’re going to catch a burn if you don’t use any sun tan lotion” said the stranger who had approached unnoticed, breaking the ice with what he surely thought to be a clever line. “Need help?” he finished.

I didn’t answer as I opened my eyes to analyse who had ruined my secret escape. To my horror stood a man just behind me wearing nothing but a speedo…

“No thanks” I replied, carefully watching him stroll to my side.

“Ah, are you sure? You wouldn’t want to ruin that smooth skin of yours.” He pulled out his towel and began to place it a few feet over from my spot. “Mind if I join you at least? I don’t usually see many people here.”

Clearly I had made the mistake of encroaching on his territory, but I didn’t think I was going to stop him from enjoying my company so politely nodded.

“Thanks” he said, getting himself comfortable in the sand beside me. He immediately pulled out his lotion and started applying it to his chest. As much as he was annoying me, it was hard to not to notice how fit he was. He was pretty ripped, and his long blonde surfer hair was a cliché pairing for the surf board he showed up with. He asked me if I had any interest in surfing as he continued to lube up.

“I’ve never tried” I told him, keeping a close eye on him.

“Really? Maybe I could teach you?”

I laughed before answering with a sarcastic “Maybe.” He laughed and rolled onto his stomach.

“Hey, would you mind doing my back?” he said, reaching out to hand me his lotion. He held it out quietly as I grew irritated. His patience was just as good as mine, and I eventually grabbed the bottle out of his hand and squirted a blotch of lotion on his back. He barely skipped a beat as he resumed his conversation.

“My names Steven. Yours?” he asked.

“Jesse” I answered, awkwardly spreading the lotion around his back.

“Nice to meet you Jesse. Enjoying the island so far?”

“Yeah, it’s a nice place.” I said with hesitation. I felt that he knew that I was an island virgin, so I was on guard. “It’s a crazy place.”

“Yes, very true. And its only day three.”

I was suddenly reminded of just what I had gotten myself into. Day three? Of seven?

“Hey. Mind getting the lower back?” said Steven, breaking my concentration.

“Oh, sorry” I answered, although I was trying to avoid that area. Mostly because of his speedo which was… tight… I did my best to trim around the edge of his suit, however it was impossible to not catch glimpses of his ass without completely looking away. Which I tried, leading to me accidentally coming into contact with his speedo a few times. While I struggled with my situation, Steven lay peacefully on his towel leading the conversation and laughing away.

“Thanks” he said as I pulled away, confidant that I had finished the job. He arose from the sand and grabbed the bottle, squirting a pinch of lotion into his hand. “Here, let me get your back.”

“That’s okay, I probably won’t-“ I said before feeling a cold fluid slap against my neck.

“I’m a professional masseuse so try not to enjoy yourself too much.” He laughed, starting to message the lotion onto my neck and back.

My face tightened as I realized that I had gotten myself into another one of those situations, but, it did feel nice.

“Why don’t you lay down” he asked. I accepted, rolling onto my stomach and allowing him to apply the lotion to my back, somewhat relunctantly. His hands were much less awkward than mine, clearly moving with a purpose. I felt less like he was applying lotion and more like he was focusing on a… nice… massage… His hands firmly applied the lotion as they pinched and pressed my back, and unlike me he explored every inch. Neck, upper back… lower back… sides… Maybe it wasn’t such a bad idea to let him apply sun tan lotion. It actually felt good, relaxing. I don’t think he was lying about being a masseuse…

His massage moved to my arms. He individually oiled up both arms from shoulder to finger tip before squirting lotion on my thighs…

“Oh, I can get my… legs…” I contested.

“Don’t worry Jesse. Just relax and enjoy the massage…” he said in a soft tone. I tried arguing, however as he firmly pressed my thights upwards, gliding his thumbs in between my legs…

“But” was the only thing that left my mouth before surrendering to the pleasant massage. His tone of voice had changed from the cliché surfer from California to a soft, gentle whisper…

“That’s it Jesse. Just relax and enjoy this magnificent feeling. Let your mind fade.”

Things… Started to fade away as he spoke. That… Buzzing feeling was returning… That familiar… amazing… buzzing feeling…

His hands glided up and down my legs… I didn’t even know if he was applying lotion anymore… Or what he was saying… It just felt good…

“Roll over please.”

I rolled over without hesitation. Now his hands here massaging my chest… My pecs… My nipples… My stomach… My sides… Down to my thighs… All the way to my toes… And back up… Slowly sliding up into my suit… Pressing against my muscles… … I could barely focus anymore… But I could feel a firm grip around my hips… Then a strong pressure, on my… bulge…

“Ste-Ste-ven…” I mumbled…

“Shhh… Relax Jesse… Go deeper… Deeper… Deeper…”

His voice was fading away again… Everything was… fading.. aw-… … …

[Missing Memories]

I hadn’t even noticed greased up body shined in the warm sunlight, lubed and loosened up from his massage. I had a peaceful, aroused smile as I mindlessly enjoyed his hands rubbing every inch of my body, especially the sensitive inches of my exposed erection that he was kissing and licking. My blank gaze stared up into the skies which slowly disappeared, slowly being replaced by the stranger’s crotch…

Without emotion, I accepted his cock into my mouth as he guided it inside with his hand before going back down to work on mine. It seemed so natural for me to start sucking on the member that hung over me, my tongue and lips massaging for the reason that it was there… And it felt good. What little focus I had was split between his large cock inside my mouth, and the pleasure I felt from my own cock in his.

It wasn’t long before my moans were being interrupted by slight gags as he worked himself in deeper, my throat eventually adjusting to the strange presence inside. And soon, I was quivering, my legs shaking as I neared my limit. A dark feeling came over me suddenly, as if I was passing out, overwhelmed by an extreme pleasure, my seed shooting into his warm, wet mouth, as his own began to pump into my throat…

The sun was blazing into my eyes as it slipped past the umbrella above me… Umbrella? … !? What the!? Where did this umbrella come from? Wait… Did I pass out on the beach? I arose from my back and looked around. Where did this umbrella come from? I stood up and investigated my surroundings, but nothing came to mind… I must of brought it… This island is starting to play tricks on me…

And speaking of tricks! Where did this… I looked down to notice that I was wearing a tight… blue… speedo… I tugged the speedo to confirm that I wasn’t dreaming.

“When did I!?” I shouted out loud in a state of confusion. What was happening to me… Did I ever bring this towel? It was much smaller then what I would have expected to use… Or decide to wear this tight… blue… speedo…

Remembering Mister Bagheer’s advice, I decided to head back to my room in case I had been hypnotized. Wait, there was no way… When would I have been hypnotized? I was all alone… Regardless, I wrapped a towel around my waist to hide my new swim suit and made my way back towards my room.

I did my best to avoid the high traffic areas on the way back. Mostly because I was embarrassed about walking around in speedo but I didn’t need any guys hitting on me while I was in this state of mind. I did feel a little off since I had woken up on the beach, and with every step I took in this blue speedo I started to believe more and more that I had been hypnotized on the beach. However, I had absolutely no memories of what had happen. I mean, I know that I could be hypnotized now, but to have no memory of it? Come to think of it… All those other times… I had no idea…

Feeling confused, and a little foggy, I decided to slip into the jungle and take a seat on a nearby bench to restore my sanity. Ever since I had stepped onto this island, I hadn’t had a chance to relax… At every turn another guy was trying to… seduce me… Get in my pants… And fuck me… …

I undid the towel around my waist, revealing the mysterious speedo I was wearing. It was tight, and revealing. Why did I ever choose to wear it?

“Jesse!” called out a voice. I had fallen into such deep thought that I didn’t realize another stranger has approaching. No. This voice…

“Ash!?” I replied, quickly remembering the sound of his voice. His shadow stepped into the trees to join me. To make things worse, I wasn’t the only one wearing a speedo.

“What are you doing all alone?” he asked, slowly walking towards me. I stumbled to answer him, surprised that Ash had stumbled into the jungle to find me, also knowing what he was capable of. Knowing all too well what he had done to me last night. Remembering the look of emptiness and on Mister Bagheer’s face…

“That a nice speedo you have there.” Said Ash as I realized I had left my towel open, exposing myself to his eyes. “It looks good on you Jesse.”

His words sent a buzz through my mind. I rushed to close the towel, barely noticing that he was now standing just in front of me.

“Why are you hiding it?” he asked.

“It’s embarrassing” I replied, turning to look away from what was a man standing in a speedo only a few feet in front of me.

“Nonsense Jesse. It looks so good on you. You should show it off.”

“Thanks” I joked, somehow hoping he would leave me alone, not noticing that my grip on my towel loosened, revealing a partial view of my new suit.

“You know Jesse, I’m pretty mad at you.” He said, changing the subject.

“Mad? Why?” I asked, still looking away, one of my hands forgetting to hold onto the towel as it fell to my side.

“So quick to forget what you did to my precious little crystal…” he said with a sarcastically sad tone. My eyes jerked back towards him to confirm what he was holding. As quickly as I had looked, I turned away again. That shiny crystal that hypnotized Mister Bagheer… The same one that I…. I…

I kept my eyes elsewhere, attempting to ignore him, as if he would just leave if I ignored him.

“What’s wrong Jesse? Don’t you want to look at the crystal?” he said in a slow, soft voice. “Don’t you remember how nice it felt to lose yourself while staring into the crystal?”

I felt a buzz run through my mind again. I couldn’t remember what happen last time I looked into the crystal, but it was as if I knew. I knew how good it felt to stare at the crystal. To follow it swing… Back… and forth… But I knew what he was trying to do…

“You just want to, use me Ash. I’m sorry about throwing your crystal into the forest, but-“ I started before being cut off by Ash.

“Oh! Don’t worry about that little incident Jesse. I’ve already forgiven you…”

“You have?” I questioned, almost turning to look at him before remembering that I shouldn’t. I just had to keep my eyes off of the crystal, then he wouldn’t be able to hypnotize me, right?

“Of course. You were just scared, and didn’t know how to react to the beautiful pleasure that the crystal gave you.”

I turned my head even more, trying to defy the feeling what his words gave me, refusing to accept what the crystal had… done to me.

“You don’t have to be sorry… I’m sure you can make it up to me, somehow…”

“I can?” I asked, a little more interested than before, finally turning to face him, fooled into believing that I could settle things with him. I looked up to his face to avoid the crystal. Maybe if I could smooth over yesterday’s incident he would leave me alone.

“Yes Jesse. So don’t worry about it…” he confirmed, beginning to raise the crystal into my view. “Just relax…”

I could tell that he was trying to get me to look at the crystal. Trying to trick him, I looked past the crystal, but that didn’t last long…

“Look at the crystal Jesse…”

Without much resistance, my eyes effortlessly shifted onto the crystal. For a moment I was able to ignore it, but soon the “shiny”, “beautiful” crystal…

“Good boy, just follow the crystal. Watch it swing… back… and, forth… back… and… forth…”

“Ashe…” I whimpered, my eyes already following the swinging crystal back and forth. “I’m, sorry… But, I need… to… …” I argued, my mind begging to escape.

“It’s fine Jesse… Just relax… You don’t need to think anymore… Just relax, watch, and listen to my words…”

With every swing of the crystal, everything seemed to feel better, and my mind slowly slipped away. Everything around me started to disappear, and I started to remember what it felt like to by hypnotized. I was starting to remember how good it felt, and how much I loved it…

My mouth slowly fell open as my jaw dropped. My face returned a blank stare to the shiny crystal in front of it. My body was limp, and relaxed. The once well-fitting speedo was beginning to feel a little tight but I couldn’t adjust them. All I could do was stand and follow the crystal swing back… and forth…

Back… and, forth…

[Missing Memories]

My eyes continued to follow the crystal, ignoring his hand that firmly palmed my package and started to press it and rub it around, playing with the already erect cock that filled my speedo. The pleasure only made his powers stronger, the arousal making even more weak and suggestible. I doubt my body lasted more than a minute before he sent me into climax. His tone and command only heightened during that moment as he asserted his dominance over me. I coward in front of him, quivering as my seed soaked my speedo. I moaned, panting deeply as he continued to pressed into my bulge, not letting me rest for even a second as he continued to cast his spell on my mind.

I must of looked like a real fool as I followed him to his cabin. A mindless boy, walking around in a wet speedo, following his master with a blank expression. He led me deep into his cabin, guiding me to the edge of his bed where he took a seat, motioning for me to turn around and sit on him. My body agreed, my speedo lowering itself onto his, my cheeks folding over his large bulge that hadn’t even begun to awaken. Well, maybe a little, but it wasn’t until he got me to give him a lap dance that it truly found its majestically size. As it grew, it became more and more obvious to my rear where it should be grinding until Ashe couldn’t take it anymore. He didn’t even bother taking off our speedos, quickly slipping his cock and pushing the fabric in between my legs aside so that he could aim his tip into my hole. Lifted in the air, my ass just let itself rest, his subtle strength almost telling my body that it should remain still as I was exposed but before long he let me fall back down, however this time it was onto his massive cock. It quickly filled me, my body returning to panting and moaning state. It wanted to jump up and down immediately, but Ashe took the lead, picking me up and tossing me up and down his cock as I was left to flop around.

He showed little mercy as he went to work on me, only a matter of moments until he was pounding into me. He laughed, his confidant smile on full display as his new toy cried out like a weak little boy, completely surrendering to the intense pleasure. My speedo got tight again as things escalated, trapped inside as Ashe pushed me to my limits. When he was bored with our first position, he got up and took a few more thrust upwards into me before tossing me onto the bed on my back, quickly re-entering as he stood beside the bed. My legs hung off the edge of the bed, my rear just resting on the side as he continued to plow me. My cheeks slapped against him, as pulled me into his cock, his balls slapping against by speedo. My hands gripped the bed tightly, my body trying to deal with this new form of pleasure again, loving that warm sensation as I was once again filled with another man’s sperm…

Ashe took a moment to rest, admiring my exhausted look as he stroked his cock back into form. I panted heavily, my eyes almost crossed eyed from the first round. As my state finally became tolerable, Ashe picked me up from my hips and crawled on his knees onto the bed under me. My shoulders, arms, and head rested on the bed as my hips and hole floated in the air above his cock. Ready to unload a second time, Ashe re-entered wasting no time to get back to pace, and neither did my moans.

A few more positional changes, and I was soon on my chest, rear lifted into the air as he pounded me with his full force. My moans were muffled by the cushion that stuffed my face, it also protecting me as I banged my face into the headboard. Ashe’s firm grip on my hips got even tighter as he launched his final big thrusts, a familiar warmth filing my insides again. My eyes crossed and my hole clenched as he reached around to grab my cock, only needing a few tugs and a couple of words to launch me back into another orgasm, this one finally closing the lights on my evening as I passed out from the pleasure… …

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