Having Mario

By Vin
published June 22, 2006
3166 words

Mr Franklin has a crush on Italian stud Mario, the new maintenance guy

Having Mario By Vin

He was gorgeous! Even the straight guys in the office had to admit the guy was hot. The women were wild for him. And my dick got hard at the mere mention of his name. Mario the new maintenance guy was the hit of the office. He was a hit all over the building. No body ever really paid attention to the previous maintenance guy. Karl was a nice enough man, but he was very old and out of shape. When Karl retired, everyone just figured that we’d get someone else pretty much like him. But we couldn’t have been more wrong.

I remember the first morning Mario walked in. The reaction to him was immediate and strong. Down the hall came this 25-year-old Italian stud. He had big brown eyes, curly black hair, a tan, a goatee, dimples and a smile that could melt the coldest of hearts. His muscular frame was packed into a tight white t-shirt, a pair of faded Levi’s that looked like they were painted on (and they were ripped in a couple of spots, giving everyone a glimpse of his hairy legs), and work boots. He was friendly, confident, and flirty. All of a sudden, there was a significant rise in the number of people who needed light bulbs replaced or repairs done in their offices. I, of course, put myself down replacement of some ceiling tiles in my office. I figured Mario would have to get up on a ladder to do that. And I wasn’t disappointed. Mario showed up, climbed his ladder, and I was treated to the full show. His perfect bubble butt was almost busting out of his jeans as he climbed the ladder. The front of his jeans were having no easy time containing what appeared to be quite an ample piece of equipment. When he was finished with the work, he stood at my desk, smiled that dimpled smile of his, and asked, “Well, Mr. Franklin, is there anything else I can do for you?” I thought to myself, “Yeah, strip down and have sex with me right here on my desk.” But, I kept that little thought to myself and said, “Great work, Mario. No, that’s all I need right now.” Then I just gazed at that perfect ass as Mario bent over to pick up his stuff and walked out of the office.

Mario was straight. I learned that pretty quickly. A couple of the secretaries had asked him out. He went out with a couple of the really attractive ones. I’d overhear them talking about what a great dancer he was, how sexy he was, and even once I heard he was “amazing” in bed. The more I heard about Mario the more I wanted him. But it seemed to be nothing more than a fantasy that would never be realized. Not that I unattractive. In fact, not to be immodest, I was a pretty hot guy myself. Kind of the opposite of Mario though. I was a blonde, blue-eyed preppy type. 30 years old, 6 feet tall with a well-toned physique. But, Mario wasn’t going to be noticing that. He was a skirt chaser.

I’d chosen the corporate route, so I lived pretty conservatively. I dated, had a couple of relationships (the last one broke up about 6 months ago). My sex life was pretty good. But, I’d usually been with pretty conservative guys. Inside, though, I longed for someone like Mario: a blue-collar guy, Italian, who oozed sex appeal. I kept thinking about him being a great dancer and “amazing” in bed. Hmmm. There weren’t a whole lot of guys like that in the corporate world. The last guy I dated had this thing for hypnosis fantasies. We kind of toyed around with it, but I never really took it seriously. One night, when I was home alone, I started thinking about Mario. I began to get all worked up. Then I thought, “Ah, this is nuts. Get over it. You’re never gonna have him, so don’t torture yourself.” I got up and, as I was passing the bookcase in my bedroom, I noticed that the last guy I’d dated had left behind a book about hypnosis. For the hell of it, I picked it up and started reading it. Soon, I was totally involved in it. I began to see a way that I might be able to get Mario’s attention.

One of the hypnotic techniques the book discussed was waving something in front of your “subject’s” eyes. I immediately thought about all those wacky movies where the mad scientist would wave a watch in front of someone’s eyes and start yammering about how the person was getting sleepy. But, the book talked about it in much more reasonable terms. As the “subject” concentrated on the object as it was swinging, the “subject” would become more relaxed and open to suggestions. The book said one could use any number of objects, for example, a little crystal that caught the light. One didn’t even have to swing it before the “subject’s” eyes. The important thing was to get the subject to concentrate on it. I had a little crystal that someone had given me. I took it off the shelf and began to study this section of the book. Perhaps I’d have the opportunity to try this out on Mario.

After a few weeks, I’d pretty much familiarized myself with all of the details from the book. I brought the little crystal into the office. It caught the overhead light in the office quite well, breaking it up into different colors. I was nervous, but I figured I’d give it a shot. It was really hot that day. Mario showed up for work looking sexier than ever. He had on a tight black tank top that barely made it to the waistband of his snug jeans. He’d let his goatee expand a bit. No it was the beginning of a beard. I thought I’d come just looking at him. Whatever nervousness I had about my little experiment with hypnosis melted in the fire of lust. I awaited my opportunity.

I didn’t have to wait very long. That very day, I was working late on some project. It was well after 5:00 and everyone else had left, or so I thought. I heard some noise out in the hall and decided to go see who was there. It was Mario cleaning up after some job he had finished. “Oh, hey, Mario! I didn’t know anyone was still here,” I said. He replied, “Yeah, it’s just me, Mr. Franklin. Hope I didn’t disturb you.” “Not at all,” I said, “when you’re done with what you’re doing, pop into my office for a second. I want to show you something.” “Sure thing, Mr. Franklin,” Mario said.

My dick started to rise in my suit pants just from the anticipation. I did my best to compose myself and waited for Mario to come in. After about 10 minutes he did. Good God this man was hot!! His arms were huge. I don’t think I’d ever seen biceps like that. His hands were huge, too. The black tank top looked amazing against his tanned skin and it gave me a nice look at his perfect pecs. His jeans couldn’t have been tighter. I was totally distracted and almost didn’t hear Mario asking what I needed. “Oh, yeah,” I said, coming out of my daze, “it’s not work, Mario. I wanted to show you this thing. It’s kinda cool. Have a seat.” I felt like a putz. “It’s kinda cool”?! Oh well, I was going for it. Mario sat down. I brought the crystal over to him and said, “Check this out. Look how this little thing breaks up the light into all different colors.”

Mario looked a bit puzzled as if to say, “Why the hell are you showing this to me?” But he was a nice guy and he leaned forward and looked at the crystal. He said, apparently not affected, “Yeah, Mr. Franklin, that’s nice.” I said, “You’ve got to really concentrate on it, Mario. It’s like a kaleidoscope when you concentrate on it. It’s amazing for something so small. But you gotta look at it really closely.” He did. I started to turn it a bit, making the colors change. I could see the reflection of the colors hitting Mario’s big brown pupils. “Oh, yeah,” he said, “that is kinda cool.” I replied, “Isn’t it? Sit back. Just watch the colors change. It’s kind of relaxing.” Mario sat back, his eyes fixed on the crystal as I turned it a bit more. “Just look at those colors, Mario,” I said, “fix your eyes on them.”

Within a few seconds Mario’s eyes begin to glaze over, just as the book said. I couldn’t believe it was working. His hunky frame began to relax in the chair. I went ahead with what the book said. “Look at those colors, Mario. It’s really relaxing to look at them. The more you look at the colors, the more relaxed you feel.” His eyelids started to flutter a bit. This stud was almost under. The time came to close the deal. “Mario,” I said, “I’m going to count to 5. When I reach 5, you will fall into a deep sleep. You’ll be able to hear me and speak to me, but you will be asleep. Do you understand?” He replied, in almost a whisper, “Yes.” I began to count. On 5, Mario’s eyes closed and he slid down in the chair a bit. He was completely under now. I was amazed at what I had been able to do. I walked over to my office door and locked it. I drew the blinds. Then I just stood there for a few seconds drinking in the sight of this Italian stallion.

“Mario,” I said, “can you hear me?” He said he could. I said, “Good.” I thought I’d start off safely. “Mario,” I said, “I’m going to ask you a few questions and you will answer me truthfully. Do you understand?” Mario replied, “I understand.” I continued, “You know the girls in the office think you’re really sexy, don’t you?” He replied, “Yeah, I know.” I continued, “You have no trouble with women, do you, Mario?” “No,” he replied, “I have no trouble.” I asked, “You love women, don’t you, Mario?” He replied, “Yes, a lot.” His eyes never opened during the questions and answers. “Mario,” I asked, “is there one girl in the office who you especially like?” He said there was. I asked who it was.

“Bernadette,” Mario replied. Bernadette was a very pretty young secretary in the office. She was one of the girls I’d overheard saying what a good dancer Mario was and how good in bed he was. I continued, “You’ve gone out with Bernadette, haven’t you?” He said, “Yes.” “Did you have a good time with her?” I asked. “A great time,” he said. “Did Bernadette have a good time?” I asked. “She had an amazing time,” Mario said. “Mario, you went dancing with Bernadette, didn’t you?” I asked. “Yes,” he replied. “You’re pretty hot on the dance floor, aren’t you, Mario?” I asked. “I’m the hottest,” Mario said. My cock was stiffening up. Even in an hypnotic trance, that confidence came through. “And you slept with Bernadette, didn’t you?” I continued. He said he did. I asked, “Would you like to dance with Bernadette again?” “Yes,” he said. “Would you like to sleep with her again?” I asked. “Yes,” he said. I continued, “Mario, I’m going to count to five. When I reach 5, you’re going to open your eyes and you’re going to see only Bernadette in this room. Do you understand?” “I understand,” he said. I continued, “And you’re going to hear music. When you hear the music, you’re going to dance for Bernadette. You’re going to dance like a male stripper. You’re going to slowly strip your clothes off and make Bernadette crazy. Do you understand?” “I understand,” he said.

I counted to 5. When I reached 5, Mario opened his eyes, just as I’d told him he should, and he looked at me. He looked at me and began to smile a big, wide, sexy smile. God, those dimples! “Hey, Bernadette,” he said. This was amazing. “Hey, Mario,” I replied. I turned on the CD player in my office. Some dance music began to play. I sat down on the edge of my desk. Mario got up out the chair and started to dance. He WAS an amazing dancer. I mean, this guy could just walk down the hallway and get some one hot. Dancing, he was explosive! Mario slowly gyrated his denim-encased hips and began to life that tight black tank top up, revealing his perfect stomach. While he pulled the tank top up with one hand, he slowly ran his hands across his rock hard abdominal muscles.

This guy was a natural. He should be a stripper. He’d make a lot more money than he did as a maintenance guy. Before I knew it, Mario pulled the tank top off and tossed it across the room. His upper body was glorious. Perfectly muscled. He turned around and began to gyrate his hips again. The sight of his bubble butt gyrating was nothing short of amazing. No wonder Bernadette was carrying on. He turned around, and the top button of his jeans were open. He slowly began to work the zipper down by pulling at the waist band. As the zipper on his jeans opened, it revealed a pair of white underwear. I couldn’t tell whether they were briefs or boxer briefs.

My eyes were fixed on Mario’s crotch. He hit the floor and pulled off his work boots. Then he was back on his feet, dancing, and slowly pushing his jeans down. Boxer briefs! Yeah! He looked so hot with his jeans half way down his legs wearing those boxer briefs. Mario’s dick strained against the material of the boxer briefs. The outline of his dick was totally visible. Mario got his jeans off completely and kicked them away. He began to rub his hands over his dick through the boxer briefs. I wanted to see that dick of his, and I didn’t have to wait very long. He put his thumbs in the waist band and, in one fell swoop, pulled them down. Out bounced the most beautiful uncut cock I’d ever seen. Mario placed stopped dancing, placed his hands on his hips and just stood there. I looked him up and down. The sight of Mario naked was even hotter than I’d imagined. My cock felt like it was going to burst through my suit pants.

“Sleep, Mario,” I said. He kept standing there, but his eyes closed. “Mario,” I said, “I’m going to count to five. When I reach 5, you’re going to wake up and you’re going to find yourself feeling hornier than you’ve ever felt. You’re going to want Bernadette to give you a blow job. Do you understand?” “Yes,” he said. I counted to 5. When I reached 5, Mario opened his eyes and I watched as his dick began to stiffen before my eyes. It rose like a snake out of a basket at the bidding of a charmer’s music. Before long, it was sticking straight out in front of Mario, looking hard as a rock. It must have been nine inches long. The head halfway out of Mario’s foreskin. I fell to my knees before Mario and took his beautiful dick in my mouth.

As I began to work his dick in my mouth, I reached down and pulled out my own cock. Mario began to groan with pleasure. I gave Mario a blow job like none I’d ever given. As I sucked him off, I pulled on my own cock. The feel of Mario in my mouth, the taste of him, was amazing. Too bad it had been wasted on some girl. Mario’s balls began to rise and I could sense that he was about to come. I sucked harder, and the hand on my own cock was flying up and down. Mario exploded in my mouth. The first spurt of his hot cum hit the back of my throat so hard I thought it would go straight through. He unloaded in my mouth and, as he did, I began to come. I let Mario’s dick fall out of my mouth. I looked up at him. God, he was amazing looking. He looked perfectly content. And I felt pretty damn good myself.

I got up off my knees and said, “Mario, sleep.” His eyes slammed shut. Even though I wanted more of Mario, I thought I’d done enough for now. “Mario,” I said, “I’m going to count to 5. When I do, you will open your eyes and put your clothes back on. Do you understand?” “I understand,” he said. I counted to 5 and watched as Mario got dressed. I figured I’d better get my pants back up, too. Once the two of us were all dressed, I told Mario to sleep again.

I guided him back to the chair he had been sitting in and said, “Mario, you’re going to come see Bernadette in this office again. Do you understand?” “Yes,” he said. I continued, “Tomorrow, when you’re ready to leave the office, you’re going to feel the need to come into this office looking for Bernadette. Now, I’m going to count to 5. When I reach 5, you’ll awaken remembering nothing that has happened here. Do you understand?” “Yes,” he said. I counted to 5 and Mario opened his eyes. He shook his head and looked at me. “Pretty cool, huh, Mario?” I asked. “Yeah, Mr. Franklin. I guess so,” he said. “Well,” I said, “I guess we’d better get going.” “Yeah,” Mario said, “I’ll see you tomorrow, Mr. Franklin.” I replied, “Yep, tomorrow.” I couldn’t wait.

The End

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