Paragon City #1; The Mighty Minotaur

By The Yetti
published September 6, 2014
4268 words

The New Supervillain in town is looking to upgrade his harem from normal men to the cities superheroes

The Mighty Minotaur had been part of the leauge for ten years. Since he turned twenty and his powers had almost gotten him in trouble. He had lost control of his strength one night while drunk and decimated an entire bar. Since then he joined the league to get the police off his trail but he had to admit. That he liked the worl now. He wasn’t really the ’change the world one good deed at a time" type. But he enjoyed his work mostly because of the opportunity to punch things into powder. He liked punching things. He’d never been very intelligent but when you were stronger than most commercial cranes you didn’t really need to be. His enemies all tried to outsmart him. But he simply swung his great fists and all their plans went to ash.

The Minotaur was almost seven feet tall and thick with muscle. His thick black beard was coupled by thick black hair that covered his chest and arms. All of which were bare when his uniform was on. His uniform consisted mainly of brown pants, boots fashioned to look like hooves, and a helmet which hid half his face bedecked with horns. He made an impressive figure and the few foes who’d laughed at him learned their mistake quick enough. Although he did get depressed sometimes that he couldn’t share his beautiful face with the rest of the world. He could pull a decent amount of girls with just his muscles sculpted face and bright blue eyes but if chicks knew he also fought crime for a living, he be knee deep in horny chicks. Sadly Paragon, who led the league, was strict about not showing off their civilian identities.

So it was that he had to leave the chick he just plowed with a flimsy excuse all to chase after some kidnapper. The girl would likely never answer his calls again and there went yet another girl he could no longer sleep with. He was mad as a bull as he’d stopped in an alley to change and hide his civies. And he was still furious as he hopped off into the night, leaping thirty feet or more at a time. The message from HQ had only said they’d tracked down some kidnapper to his lair. Apparently men had been disappearing all over town and finally this dude had taken some football player. No one knew who he was or what he wanted as he never left a ransom note or any evidence. All the places the men had vanished from held no signs of struggle. Still no matter who he was the Minotaur would beat the shit out of him and save whoever it was he took.

He came up on the warehouse in a matter of moments, slamming into the asphalt hard enough to leave hoof shaped imprints. He walked up to the steel doors and gave them one great punch. The double steel doors flew off their hinges and far into the large room interrupting the scene with in. Twenty or so burly, hairy men milled about, clad in nothing but jockstraps. They all gave a fright when the doors busted open, some letting out an audible shout of surprise. They drew together in a close circle every man of them staring at the Minotaur.

“Are you the men who were kidnapped?” The Minotaur asked straightening up.

“None of us are kidnapped” said one particularly musley and hairy specimen. “We came here to serve our master.”

“Master?” the Minotaur repeated confused. Soft laughter came from the center of the circle of half naked men. Those in front parted to let a tall man through. He was tall and muscled himself though this one wore clothes. A dark green trench coat over a dark green vest black button down shirt and dark green tie. To contrast the green, it seemed, his hair and beard were all a dark red. He was zipping the front of his black trousers up as he came forward and behind him the missing football player sat, nude and wiping his lips looking blissful.

“They mean me” the red haired man said. He had a smoky voice flavored with a cockney accent. I’m the Master. And you’re the Minotaur o’course."

“So you ready to come quietly?” He smiled cockily. His very name was usually enough to end conflicts.

“Not quite,” the Master chuckled amicably. He strolled around, inbetween his captives lazily. “I figured the league would pick up my trail sooner or later. This many slaves get hard to hide. But still I did expect you a little later than sooner. So, Bravo.”

Normally the minotaur didn’t bother listening to monologuing but the Master was directly putting his captives in the line of fire and the minotaur couldn’t hurt them.

“Run!” The Minotaur called. “Get outta here while you can. Ill keep him busy!”

The Master laughed in response. Soon his captives followed suit, all laughing in unison. Their eyes were empty and mindless just as before but their faces were split in dopey, adoring grins, every eye fixed on the master.

“Why would they run?” The Master smiled blithely at him. “None of them are here because they don’t want to be. They all love being here.”

The captives all nodded in unison. A couple murmuring ascent. The Minotaur legitimately had no idea what to do. He gaped at the surrounding crowd. He had been sent to stop a kidnapper but if they were all here of their free will what the hell was he supposed do. The Master moved even closer seemingly unperturbed by the two broken steel doors laying on the ground. He whipped a long thin green cigar from his pocket and lit it in one languid moment

“So we’ve obviously got no problem here.” he said exhaling a cloud of light green smoke. “But maybe there is something else we can discuss, I believe.”

The Master was closing the distance between them. The minotaur didn’t like it. He couldn’t really find anything illegal about these proceedings. Yet he disliked the feel of this place all the same. The Master made him uneasy, something about the lithe way he moved. It reminded the minotaur forcibly of a snake swaying before a rabbit. Still the big man stood his ground. He’d never backed down from a fight before. But the Master didn’t seem to want to fight. When he got close to the Minotaur he just gazed intently into the hero’s eyes,

“You looking for a fight?” The Big man growled.

“Oh no, my good man.” The master said arms down by his sides. “I just need you to look into my eyes.”

Everything in his instincts told him not to look, not to do as he was asked. But no matter what his brain was yelling his eyes found the master’s. They were large green eyes, the colors of ripe green apples. But most interesting were his pupils. They were formed in the shape of spirals. As he gazed, the spirals began to spin just as the eyes began to subtly glow. The effect was immediate. He couldn’t look away. He was drawn into the spirals, his whole consciousness being pulled into those spinning eyes.

“That’s it,” The Master was saying.”Fall into my eyes. Just let everything go and watch my eyes."

It was only too easy to follow his words. His mind followed the spiral falling more and more into it as it spun. He could feel his thoughts slowing and smoothing over. It was as though the spiral was taking all the thoughts right out of his head. Soon his body felt sluggish and heavy. He fell to his knees. The Master never broke the gaze. And he didn’t think he could if he wanted to. Which he wasn’t capable of at the moment being completely mindless.

“Thats a good boy. Submit to the spiral. Give in to the spiral. You love the spiral. The spiral is your master.” The Minotaur nodded feebly. "You need to serve the spiral. It’s your whole purpose for being. Serve the spiral and serve your master. Obeying makes you nice and horny for your master. "

He did want to serve. All of a sudden the urge welled inside him, overtaking all his other senses. He was a slave. That he knew beyond a doubt because his master had told him so and he needed to obey his master. His master closed the gap between them and laid a hand on the side of his face. He took off the heroes mask and gazed at his face as though memorizing it.

“What is your name, slave?” the Master almost whispered.

“Daniel Oberos, master.” The now tame bull murmured.

“Your master is the most beautiful thing alive.” The Master said, His spiralling eyes glowing even brighter. “You want to worship him. Pleasuring him is the highest honor you can receive. Your body belongs to your master, just like your mind. It is an honor and the greatest pleasure to be used by him.”

“Yes master,” the Minotaur was smiling sappily now the front of his pants tented. He never broke eye contact with the master. “Use me master please!”

The Master unzipped the front of his pants again. He whipped out a very hard cock. He rested it on his slaves lips. The Minotaur did not move away. He smiled at his newest slave and ran his fingers through his hair.

“Suck me slave.” The Minotaur heard and obeyed. Still locked onto his masters eyes he opened his mouth and began to slid it up and down his masters cock. He used all of his considerable muscle control to give as much pleasure as he could. He was rewarded when his master let out a loud moan. The Master leaned his head back and moaned, pushing his cock to the back of the Minotaurs throat. For just a moment the Minotaur couldn’t breathe and something deep in his instincts rose up. A surge of adrenaline shot through his body and all at once he was wide awake. Terrified and horror struck he took the cock out of his mouth and shoved the Master hard in the chest. The man flew back and landed on his back, giving the Minotaur time to run.

Panting and terrified, The Minotaur turned tail and ran as hard as he could. Once free of the warehouse he leapt from rooftop to rooftop and had left the place behind in seconds. He wasn’t entirely sure what had just transpired. He barely remembered anything. He just knew that one minute he’d been looking into his master’s ….no THE Master’s eyes, the man was not his master. Then suddenly he’d woken up on his knees the man’s cock in his mouth. He just knew he needed to get away until he knew what the hell was going on. He continued jumping, all the way to the League’s HQ, no matter what they needed to know that he had at least no succeeded in capturing the kidnapper.

Paragon had not been very pleased by his failure. It made the Minotaur very happy that he had not been honest. He had thrown together some cockamamey story about how the warehouse had been empty and how he couldn’t find any evidence. They were apparently under a lot of pressure from the mayor to see this case solved, and the Paragon could not see how the twenty or so people they’d seen going into that warehouse on the surveillance camera could have just evaporated in moments. Yet when he’d sent another league member to investigate, they to had found the warehouse miraculously empty and devoid of clues. The Minotaur had been sweating the whole time. But eventually they had no more leads and as the Paragon had no proof that the Minotaur was lying he had no choice but to call off the search for the time being. The Minotaur was duly relieved. His ego would not permit him to tell the true story as he had indeed turned tail and run away. Not to mention the idea that he had been sucking his mast….no THE Master’s cock when he’d come to. He’d been doing that a lot too, he kept thinking of him as his master rather than just The Master. Well he’d need to keep his mind straight from now on.

He arrived home exhausted. He collapsed onto his bed after stripping off all this closed and absently rubbed his fingers through his furry chest. He closed his eyes and tried to relax, but when he did all he could see was the mans spiraling green eyes. He touched his nipple almost accidentally. The resultant spike of pleasure caused him the rub it over and over again, thinking of the spinning green spiral. The more he remembered them the harder his own cock got, and he began to jerk himself thinking of the spiral. His master’s voice rang through his head and remembering it made him even more horny.

“Thats a good boy. Submit to the spiral. Give in to the spiral. You love the spiral. The spiral is your master.” Even though he wasn’t there, The Minotaur could hear the voice clear as day.

“Yes Master!” He gasped, jerking himself vigorously. “Give in, submit!”

He imagined his master’s cock in his mouth again, He sucked dutifully remembering the man’s pleasured moans. He felt so much pleasure at pleasing his master, he wanted to do it again, needed to do it again. It felt so good when he was doing it. Why had he ever stopped? Suddenly he remembered why and stopped pleasuring himself at once. He sat bolt upright wiping the sweat off his brow. What was wrong with him, he liked women would never ever choose to suck another man’s cock. Yet as he thought it, a vivid memory of his master’s cock in his mouth made his own cock twitch. He just needed a cold shower that was all. He got out of bed and walked into the bathroom, he checked his reflection in the mirror. He looked pale and shaky. He closed his eyes for a moment while his nerves settled somewhat. He rested his hands over his eyes forcing any and all light out, taking a deep breath in and out. He was feeling slightly better until he opened his eyes. Someone was standing behind him. Someone in a green trenchcoat with dark red hair. Letting out a short shout the Minotaur spun around and backed against the sink.

“Hello, lovely.” The Master said leaning against the bathroom wall.

“How the hell did you get in here?!” the Minotaur yelled, fear pulsing through him.

“Well in truth, you let me in,” He said closing in on him and pinning his prey against the sink. “I have a psychic connection with all my slaves, I’m only really here inside your mind. But it’s enough to finish the work we started.”

“Please…go away.” The Minotaur said averting his eyes. He couldn’t move for some reason couldn’t run away.

“But my dear, Don’t you want me here.” The Minotaur did his best to deny it, but having the master here was making his cock so hard. He let out a little moan. “I know you want me here, Slave, it’s in your mind. I know you want to serve me again. All you have to do is look into my eyes again.”

“I’m not your slave.” The Minotaur said resisting the insane urge to look back into those eyes.

“Aren’t you?” the Master said laughing. “Stop resisting me and just give in, submit. Look into my eyes.”

Almost without his conscious command. His head turned. He did his best to stop but part of him so wanted to see the sight of those beautiful eyes one more time. Trembling his eyes finally locked onto the master’s. The effect was almost instant. The glowing green spirals locked the Minotaur in place. All the tension immediately left his body and he just fell into those entrancing eyes. This time the Master took no chances, he cranked the mesmerizing eyes up to eleven and soon the Minotaur was on his knees completely lost into the eyes.

“Get rid of that free will. It makes you feel so good and horny.” The Master said. “Jerk yourself for your master”

“Yes master” The mindless Minotaur murmured, he began to stroke his hard for his master. It felt so good to obey, he needed to obey his master. His cock was harder than it ever had been and all thought of resistance had fled. He jerked as hard as he could panting like the beast he was named for. He locked onto those spinning eyes. “I am nothing but a slave. I live to serve my master. Pleasing my master makes me hard and horny. I only want to serve and please my master. My body and my mind belong only to my master.”

“You will cum when I command you, slave.” The Master commanded. “Once you cum, your free will will be completely stricken from your brain. You will only have the desire to please your master.”

“Yes master!” The Minotaur panted, pumping dutifully away. He could feel the orgasm churning in his balls and he wanted nothing more than to shoot his free will out through his cock and enter his Master’s service. He imagined sucking his Master’s cock once more as the spinning green eyes sapped the last of his free will. Finally it was all too much, and The Minotaur shot his load all over the bathroom wall. His whole body relaxed as his mind settled into permanent subservience.

“Put on your clothes and come find me, Slave.” His master’s voice echoed in his brain. The illusion of his master had evaporated, but suddenly the Minotaur knew exactly where to go. In moments he had grabbed his pants and leapt off into the night.

He landed in front of a palatial mansion on the edge of the city. He padded slowly up the steps and through the double glass doors. His master was waiting in a room off the entrance hall. He was sitting in a high back golden chair holding a wineglass in one hand and one of his green cigars in the other. naked men sat on cushions all around the room. Several were intertwined in amorous activities. But the Minotaur had no eyes for anyone but the Master. One of his slaves stood off to the side of the chair holding a flagon of wine refilling it every time the cup emptied. The instant he entered the room. The Minotaur slipped off his pants and walked naked and hard to his master’s feet where he collapsed to his knees.

“I’ve come to serve you, Master!” He said looking adoringly up to his new Master. The master smiled.

“Very good slave. You may suck me.” The Master smiled evilly down at this new made slave. The Minotaur unzipped his fly taking his cock out and instantly, his mouth descended on it. The slaves incredible muscle control once again made the Master moan deep and long. He ran his fingers through the thick pelt of black hair on his slaves head. The tamed bull had nothing in his head but the thought of keeping his master in a constant state of pleasure. Up and down he pumped his master’s cock in and out. Grunting like a beast the master grabbed his slave’s hair and fucked his face hard. The minotaur didn’t move, simply opened his mouth wider to allow his master’s thick cock to plunge deeper into his mouth and down his throat. Finally the master pulled the slave up by his hair and kissed him roughly biting his lower lip. The Master’s hands flew all over his new slave’s body, enjoying the feeling of all that black fur under his hands. He pinched the slaves nipples between thumb and forefinger. The bull whimpered joyously, increasing his timbre when his master slipped a finger into his ready hold and began to prime him. “Would you like to milk your master’s cock with your tight hole?”

“Yes master! Please fuck my hole. My body belongs to you please use it for your pleasure.” He began to attempt to fuck himself on his master’s fingers. One of the Master’s slaves brought him a bottle of lube and he squeezed it onto his cock making it nice and slick. Standing up he bent the new giant slave over his chair and positioned his cock at his slaves ready entrance. He drove his cock home to the hilt enjoying the feeling of the super muscles squeezing his cock. He pumped in and out allowing the super powered hole to send his cock into a haze of ecstasy. The Minotaur screamed in joy as his master plunged in and out of his hole, all thought of the hero he’d been gone as it could be. All he wanted was to keep being fucked by his master’s beautiful cock.

“Isn’t being my slave so much better than thinking for yourself?” The master growled biting his slave’s ear lobe.

“Yes master! Thank you master!” The Minotaur gasped meeting every thrust. The Master grabbed his slave’s leg and with a surprisingly strong display, flipped him over and put him on his back. He kept fucking hard but now he could look on the utter adoration and subservience in his slaves face.

“I was hoping I could bag one of the league.” The Master said fucking the Minotaur at a breakneck pace. “You will make the next few months so much easier!”

“Anything I can do for you master” the Minotaur gasped between moans and whimpers. “Ask anything and I’ll do it for you, master!”

“You are gonna help me bring every member of the League under my control. Don’t you want to help me make everyone of your cohorts one of my slaves?”

“YES!” the new slave called utter ecstasy in his whole face. He wanted nothing more than to help his former teammates find the joy in serving his master. Just having his hole filled by this man’s cock was making him feel better than he ever felt before.

“I’m going to cum slave, and you’ll cum when I do. This will make you completely and irrevocably my slave.” The Master panted slamming his slaves hole.

“Yes! Yes master!” The Minotaur was so far gone he just needed his master to cum inside him. Finally the Master had had enough, he drove his cock to the hilt inside his new slave and shoved his tongue into his mouth. Their tongues intertwined as they both shot wave after wave of hot cum exploded out of both of their cocks. The master’s spilled inside his slaves ass, while the Minotaurs spilled all over his chest and stomach. Both were exhausted when the deed was finally done, but the Master kept enjoying the feeling of his slaves tongue, not to mention the rugged feel of the wiry black beard on his. He finally pulled his cock out of the Minotaur and tucked it away straightening up. Another slave hurried over with another cigar and the Master lit it with a casual flick of his lighter.

“Come along, Slave.” The Master called out. “We need to find out if we have a thong that will fit you, if not we have to have one made. I don’t intend for you to stay here full time, you’ll still have to be a superhero for the time being but you can still come here when you’re off duty. I want that ass again as soon as possible.”

“Yes, Master” the new slave murmured following quietly behind his new master like a newly tame bovine. He couldn’t wait to help his master enslave the rest of the league.

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