Fair Turned Boys

By Heru Kane - arcturusfelire@yahoo.com
published July 11, 2018
6870 words

There is but one thing to do when a business man sees two sweet innocent missionaries walking Folsom Street Fair, to make them his!

Fair Turned Boys

“Well isn’t that different,” comments Tony, a friend of his, from the window side table he is sitting at in the cafe.

“What are you on about?” Asks Alexander Kane, Xander to his friends and Master Kane to his boys.

Gesturing outside the cafe they are in, Tony comments. “Those two missionary boys walking the street. This aint their normal place!”

Which was as true a statement as had ever been heard. This was the Folsom Street Fair, not a place for uptight missionaries to walk about.

Which was why Kane was surprised when he looked up and saw the two guys walking down the street, bible held out in an attempt to ward off what they saw as the evil of sin.

Of course, as he stared, he couldn’t help but think that in a different set of clothing the two would fit perfectly. With their tall lanky bodies and short cropped hair, one dark and one blond. With the way their shirts and pants moved he assumed they had some muscle underneath their clothing, which he decided at that moment he wouldn’t mind seeing them out of. Though he couldn’t tell exactly what sports they got their bodies from he figured it was probably something along swimming, soccer, or baseball.

After Kane let his eyes roam as much as he figured he could, he let out out a chuckle while saying, “Well isn’t this an interesting sight.” As he keeps his eyes on the two lads he gets out his wallet to pay for his tea and bagel. Adding a bit of an extra tip due to the way the cute waitor lad let him flirt and caress.


“People like you don’t belong here, get out!” Says a man in leather bondage gear to the two friends as they walk the street.

Before they can respond they hear another voice. “Now now Dillon, be nice. These two lads haven’t done anything to you, so why should you bother them!”

The two lads look up to see a man in a professional looking suit and tie come up behind them. He gives them a soft smile before looking at Dillon again. Who looks shocked at being called out for his behavior.

“Ah, sorry, sir,” Dillon says with some shock in his tone as he gives a slight bow before walking away some distance.

“Now then, hello lads. My name is Alexander Kane and I can’t help but feel you might have made a wrong turn somewhere.” He then moves to give each of them a handshake.

“Hello sir,” says the first guy with the blond hair, “I’m William and my friend here is Jonathan. Ah, and thank you for the rescue, that was mighty kind of you.”

“Not a problem William, Jonathan, not a problem. So, if I may ask what brings you to Folsom?”

“Well sir, you see we are attending a conference a few streets down.” Says Jonathan with a bit of frustration leaking into his voice as he answers.

Giving them a gentle smile Kane comments, “So would I be right in saying you asked for directions and someone pointed you to here?”

Two nods, “Yes.”

William then says, “We asked for the quickest route you see and passing through here is that.”

A blink at that, “Didn’t the person you ask mention that the festival is going on?”

Once again both nods. “Yes sir,” says Jonathan, “but we didn’t realize it was this full of sin.”

It is Kane’s turn to nod, “I see.” He stops speaking as a man in a full leather dog costume is being escorted by a man in bondage gear who is laughing at something the naked man next to him just said. A man who, to Kane’s interested eye, was walking in such a way that his cheeks naturally parted.

Hearing two gasps of shock, and what might have been a Hail Mary, leads Kane to say. “As I was saying, if you are comfortable with me escorting you down the street I can get you to the end without more interruptions.”

“Oh,” says William after a moment as his eyes turn from the sights around him, “that would be great thank you.”

“Not a problem. After all the Lord says that we must always help those in need.” Kane says with a smile as he pats both of their shoulders gently. There somewhat muscled shoulders! With that said the three begin walking down the street.

A few steps down the road Jonathan says, “So sir, what brings you here?”

Kane gives a smile at the question before adding, “A business trip actually. I’m part of a big tech firm in New York who has interests down here.”

“So they asked you to come here?” William questions as soon as Kane finishes speaking.

“Yep exactly. It’s why I know the area, I have been coming to this city for many years now.” At this point Kane gestures for them to stop. “We need to wait here a moment.”

“Do we really sir?” Asks Jonathan with a shudder.

But before Kane can comment further they hear some music, the doors of the nearby shops open up, and a whole host of people begin moving out chanting.

Before either William or Jonathan can move they are forced closer to Kane, who moves so his arms wrap around both men. He then says, “Pardon me, but its probably best if you stay close. If you don’t then you are liable to be swept away by those marching.”

From where William has put his head close to Kane’s chest they hear, “Which would probably be bad.”

“Well, for you two, definitely. You wouldn’t enjoy what would happen next.”

“How long will we have to wait?” Jonathan asks from Kane’s other side as he moves his head to try and see what is going on.

“A few minutes, ten tops, then we will be on our way.” A pause, “if you want just close your eyes and listen to the music. Isn’t it sweet, isn’t it relaxing.”

“Hmm, yeah, kind of sir,” says William softly. He doesn’t know why but he feels safe here, protected. The music is soothing and so is the warmth he feels being around Kane.

Jonathan simply nods at that before turning his head away from the sights of sin that are going around him.

“Trust me on this, I know. You don’t have to worry about what is going on around you, you can stand here safe with me and each other. As you listen to the music and hear my words you don’t have to let the worries take you over. You can just relax a bit and drift, and before you know it I will be able to guide you to the next place we have to go.” A pause, “You trust me right?”

“Yeah,” says William, “I trust you.” He gives a soft smile after that as he looks up to meet Kane’s eyes.

A nod, “Same,” from Jonathan. “Thank you for helping us.”

“Not a problem boys, not a problem. It makes me feel good to help others. To help you.” Kane then takes the moment to run his hands gently up and down there back, though nothing inapropriate at this time. “I know it feels good to let me help you?”

“Yeah, feels good.” Says William softly. It was the truth, he felt good, like he had no worries, no cares. Like he could just stand here in Kane’s arms and be safe.

This feeling staid with him, well with both of them, as Kane began to talk. It was a gentle set of commentary, nothing about what was going on around them. It was about the nice weather, the peaceful day, the calming breeze, the welcoming warmth, the pleasant scents, and his soothing voice.

Neither of the lads felt like doing anything. They just stood there gently drifting, letting everything Kane had said flow over them, and into them. They only spoke when he asked them a direct question, and even then it was slow to come forth for all that it made them feel better.

In the ten minutes of the march that occurred around them Kane learned so much. He knew they were 22 years old and natives of New York. But even more he learned they were both straight, did not have girlfriends, were virgins, and only had a few friends. In short, they were perfect.

Eventually the march moved on past them and the street was reduced to what it had been before the parade began. With a soft smile Kane ran his hands from their upper backs and down to their butts. Once there he fondled them both a bit, though gently, before raising his hands up to rub their heads a bit.

Two slightly gazed eyes looked up at him with soft out of it smiles on their faces.

With a soft smile of his own Kane says, “Hey boys, so I know you like this feeling but its time to wake up a bit. So on the count of three you will find the gentle haze dissapearing from your mind as you wake up.” Kane then move shis hand and squeezes their butt, “one,” a nother fondle, “two,” and then a third caress, “three.”

“Woah sir,” says William with a small shake of the head a moment later, “that parade was something.”

“I agree sir, it was quite intense,” Jonathan says as he shake shis own head.

Letting the two step away from him Kane then smiles, “Its an aquired taste that is for sure.” He then rubs there heads which gets a bit of laughter. “Right then, let us continue walking, you have a meeting to make.”

It is Jonathan who then laughs, “If they even let us in as we are already late to it.”

“Yeah sir, they are big on proper timing.” William adds as well.

“I can’t see why they won’t let such good boys as you two in. Especially if you explain what had happened to you.” Kane comments as the three begin walking down the street once again.

“So sir,” asks William curiously, “how can you look at all this stuff and not get upset?”

Kane smiles at that, pats his shoulder and says, “Well years of experience actually. Plus my line of work means I have to be accepting of people of all different natures.” Which is true, Kane thinks, since he often has to deal with homophobes. He then nods at a shop nearby, “Plus this street is actually quite nice most times. The cafes, restaurants, and shops here have some of the best items in the area.”

Though not conviced Jonathan says, “If you say so sir.”

A rub of the hair, “I do indeed. You should trust me a bit.”

“I do,” says William with a full smile.

“Of course I do,” says Jonathan as well with a bit of a shivver of pleasure that he can’t explain on why he feels it. But he doesn’t question it for it feels too good.

At this point they pass by a restaurant and Kane stops. “Oh, wait. So have you boys eaten?”

“No sir,” they say at once. While William adds, “We were planning to eat with the group, but with how things are going,” he then trails off.

“Perfect. So I have heard nothing but great things about this place. Let’s stop and get food here.” So said, and before they can even think to argue, he moves them into the direction and heads to the shop.

Once insde the restaurant he glides towards the front. The two lads are too busy gaping in shock at the architecture and furnishings of what is a clearly high class establishment to notice that Kane seems to walk with knowledge.

They also don’t hear what he says to the gentleman at the desk. Which is good for they wouldn’t have reacted well to hearing, “A show and activity table for a master and two boys.”

They are then guided into the restaurant proper and to the half circle table that will be theirs. A table with a bench on one side about two rows away from a central wooden dance floor.

As soon as they get to the table Kane moves in such a way that he is between both of the others. An act which makes perfect sense considering the fun he plans on having with them.

“Oh this is perfect, its early enough that this place is not busy but at the same time we only need to wait thirty minutes for the show to start.”

“Hmm,” says William as he looks through the menu. He then blinks up, “What show is that sir?”

But before Kane can answer Jonathan comments, “Hey, there are no prices on the menu?”

Giving Jonathan a smile he says, “Don’t worry about that, I’m covering it.” A pause as he turns towards William, “Its a surprsie, but I think you two will like it.” He then smiles before adding, “So what sorts of foods do you boys like?”

“Nothing as fancy as what’s here sir,” says William a second later after giving a small smile and nod towards Kane.

“Yeah, its so hard to decide what I want,” says Jonathan.

“Hmm, well then, if you trust me I can pick for you.”

“Of course we trust you,” says Jonathan.

At the same time William adds, “Really, you would do that, thank you!”

Rubbing their hair a bit Kane smiles, “Not a problem for my two boys, not a problem at all.” He then reaches over and hugs them, bringing them close into his body.

Both of them move their head so its burried in his neck.

When Kane lets go Jonathan moves backward quickly, though the smile on his face says he doesn’t really mind it.

William though, he keeps his face in the neck of Kane for a few more moments. Even takes a deep soothing breath, he just feels so good.

A few minutes later the waiter comes by to ask what they want for drinks and dinner. This leads to a small gasp of shock on Jonathan’s part for the waiter is wearing very little clothing, and what he is wearing seems to focus attention on his butt, crotch, and chest.

After smiling at both lads, Kane makes the order - for all three of them. This gets a knowing look on the face of waiter at the same time as an understanding nod.

“What,” Jonathan then stutters out shocked. He then shakes his head, “Why is he wearing that?”

“Well this is the Folsem Fair boys, of course they wear such clothing.” A pause for him to rub his arm up and down their backs, which get small smiles. “You know there is nothing wrong with it, trust me.”

“Yeah, okay,” says Jonathan, “I trust you.” With every word said after a bit of a pause.

“It’s great to hear that boys, so great.” Kane says with a smile and another gentle caress. One which goes slightly lower down their backs as compared to the previous one. With that said the three begin gently chatting as they wait for food.

Which starts with William asking, “So, I was wondering what is it exactly that you do sir?”

With a small smile on his face Kane says, “Well I’m a senior executive and part time research engineer for the company.” As he says this his hands rub up and down the backs of the two boys. “So my days are spent mostly in business meetings and partly in workshops.”

“Oh wow,” Jonathan states in awe.

“Yeah, who knew we met someone so high up there.” William then adds, with just as much shock and awe in his voice.

Kane laughs softly and pats both lads before saying, “Well that is not something you two need to worry about. For you I am just me, which is different from who I am to the outside world.” A small grin followed by, “So what do you boys do in your free time back in New York?”

“We don’t have much free time actually,” William states first.

“Oh really, that’s sad. So why not?” Kane asks.

“The teachings of our faith say idleness never leads to anything good and so when we are not sleeping we work.” Jonathan answers matter of factly, but then, without realizing it he leans into Kane, whose presence feels good.

“Hmm,” is all that Kane says as he thinks about it. But then he gives both men a look and says, “If you wanted to you could leave right, they wouldn’t chase you?”

Both boys nod in affirmative at the first part and then shake their head at the second. Which is great for Kane to know as the last thing he wants is those of their faith to investigate them leaving. Not that they would dissapear or anything.

He is not into that.

But before the conversation can continue the waiter comes back with their food. Which he places on their table for them.

He then gives a respectful nod and a slight bow, though the later is mostly towards Kane. He then shimmies a bit in such a way that shows off his assets - especially his butt.

Though the two missionaries find the act a bit distasteful Kane is thinking something quite differently - on how he if he didn’t have the two lads with him he would totally play with that ass.

His thoughts are interrupted by the waitor asking if everything is satisfactory so far and then he backs away.

Once he is gone Kane smiles openly at both men and says, “So, before we eat, let us say grace, as is proper!”

The megawatt smile both men give to Kane was blinding.

Though what was even more perfect was how they closed their eyes and seemed to loose a bit of their tension.

Carefully hiding his grin, as it wouldn’t have been useful at this time, Kane begins speaking. He starts with the proper words of grace, of course, because he wants to sooth them. But then he begins to use his particular set of talents to aid them in getting more relaxed.

As they listen to Kane both William and Jonathan both start to feel their tension and worries drain away. As does the nature of the place they are in and the sights they have been seeing. Their worries also fade, especially those they had about how this violates their faith’s teachings, at the same time as their trust in Kane increases.

Which is why neither boys even attempt to resist the fog growing in their minds that make thinking hard. All they do is grin when the voice and words of Kane pierce the fog, entering them completely. They can’t exactly process what it all means right now but they know, they just know.

They know that they like him, respect him, trust him. That they like to listen to him, following his instructions, to submit and obey. That his touch is good, always good, never bad, never unwanted, and so are those of anyone Kane - their sir, the thought comes to them both - says its true of.

They also learn that as a good boy, and they want to be a good boy, his very good boy, their body is sensitive to touch, especially their butts. Though this thought, this statement, came to them, it also faded away, moving deeper then their conscious mind could think.

As Kane was talking to them the two moved closer to him, closer then they had been before. William had his face buried in Kane’s chest while Jonathan was at his side, both had arms around them.

So out of it are they, so deep in a happy place, that they don’t even react when the waiter comes back and speaks. “Sir, pardon me, but I noticed you weren’t eating, is there something wrong?”

Giving the man a small smile, as he knows the man is doing his job and his voice is soft enough to not jar the two awake, Kane says. "Oh no worries. I was just helping my two boys here get more in the mood.

“I see,” the waiter says slowly with a nod. He then grins a bit naughtily before saying, “Is there any way I may help you teach them?”

Kane grins widely, he knew there was a reason he liked the waiter when he first saw him. He then nods, adn with a qucik thought realizing this was going to get the boy a bigger tip than simply 20% says. “If your sure, then yes, there is. Please come close and turn around. I would like you to present!”

The waiter gives a wide grin at that before doing exactly what was asked. He moves close to where William is sitting before turning around and undoing a button on his pants, which allow his butt to become available. He then reached back slightly and pulled back his cheeks in order to show off.

Kane moves forward himself, unable to resist, and gives the butt before him a deep sniff followed by a lick. He does this for a few moments, only stopping when the moans of the man show he is getting close from the touch.

Which leads to Kane sitting back slightly as he turns his attention back to the patiently waiting tranced out boys. He speaks to William first, telling him to look up but still stay in his happy place. That when he looks up he will see the nice view of a good boy showing off their goods, their special spot. That this is a good thing, as are the sounds that he had just made. That there is nothing wrong with this, especially when it is something that Kane wants a good boy to do.

At Kane’s prompting William then moves his face forward slightly before taking a deep whiff of the butt before him. He smells things, but before his mind can say they are bad Kane is speaking, telling him that it is a good smell, the smell of a good boy. That putting his face up close to a good boy is always good, always right never wrong, never bad. He then pulls back, but not before giving the butt an experimental lick - which Kane did not tell him to do but which his mind processed as being a very good thing.

As soon as William was once again sitting with his face buried in his chest he gestured for the waiter to move to the other side. He does, of course, need to replicate the work with Jonathan.

Which they do, though this time he continues to play with the waiter’s butt for a bit longer than previously. Not enough to get him off, not yet anyway, but close.

With that act done he then has Jonathan put his face in the waiter boy’s butt, while telling him about how good this is, how good such service such acts are.

When Kane feels that he has gotten the two boy at the deep level he wants them to be at this moment he directs them to hide their faces in his shoulder and chest. To listen and come to enjoy the sounds that will come but not to fully understand them at this time.

With that done he turns his focus towards the waiter and says, “Would you like to cum?”

“Only if sir wishes for me to,” the waiter, the good boy, says as he turns his face so he can look at Kane.

Kane grins widely at that before moving his face forward, grabbing the hips of the waiter, and begins to eat the boy out. A sniff, a lick around, a lick in, then a sniff again. In and out and around that is what his tongue is doing - for both his pleasure and that of the waiter.

A few minutes later and the waiter’s body stiffens in buildup, Kane jabs his quite dexterious tongue up within the folds of the anus as far as it can go, and the man cums.

So powerfully is his orgasm that the waiter sees stars.

As the waiter is recovering Kane reaches for a napkin and moves to clean the man up. As he does so he speaks, mostly to the two missionaries but also to the waiter, about how aftercare is always important and is just as needed.

When the waiter is fully cleaned up and buttoned up and made presentable again Kane smiles at him and says, “It’s good that this was simply appetizers rather than the main course.”

The waiter grins widely at that before chuckling softly and giving a small nod. “Of course sir, and thank you sir for it all.”

“Not a problem my boy, not a bporlbme for one as good as you.”

With that the waiter blushes, nods once and heads out with Kane’s eyes on his perky sexy backside.

He then closes his eyes for a moment before he begins speaking to William and Jonathan as its time for them to come out of trance.

At least for now.


“Oh my,” says William a few courses later after turning his head towards a nearby table upon hearing a sound.

His gasp of shock was because the sight before him, of guy who looks his own age bent over the table and having something being done to his rear end.

“Hmm,” Kane says upon hearing the sound. He then turns from where he was saying something to Jonathan and follows the gaze of William. “Oh, that.” He then chuckles softly before adding, “that’s quite fun you know, but I don’t think you boys are ready for such activity.”

“What,” William says a bit shocked, for all that he doesn’t feel outranged anymore. In fact, for a reason he can’t exactly explain he feels excited - yes, excited.

“Yeah, its called rimming, and its a quite delicious act.” A pause as he rubs William’s back. “Your not ready but trust me when I say when you are you will love being bent over like that.”

“I will?” William says shocked at the comment. But then he tilts his head and thinks, ’sir is probably right, I do trust him after all."

“Of course, good boys like you two are becoming really enjoy such acts.”

“Well I don’t think that’s true sir,” says Jonathan as firmly as he can, which isn’t much since a quiver can be heard.

“Oh, really.” Kane says with a soft smile. “I would love to prove you wrong on that but you need to be ready.”

“I’m ready,” says Jonathan, to the surprise of Kane. Right after saying it Jonathan’s eyes widen in shock, for he is not sure why he said that.

“You are ready to pull your pants down, bend over the table and let me rim you?”

A nod, “Yes sir, I am. I trust you.” Jonathan then smiles in realization, of course that is why he is ready, he trusts sir.

Which is why he doesn’t hesitate to stand up, unbuckle his pants before pulling both them and his underwear down. He then slides some plates out of the way and bends over.

As Kane gazes at the presented butt he smiles and thinks, ‘gottcha’. But what he says is, “What a good boy you are Johnny, what a very good boy. You like presenting for me don’t you?”

“Hmm, yeah sir, I do!” Jonathan says with a smile as pleasure comes over him.

“Hey,” says William shcoked and a little bit sad, “if Johnny is ready why aren’t I?”

While reaching up to rub the butt with his finger Kane turns slightly to look at William. “I didn’t think you felt ready enough to bend over like Johnny is.”

“I’m ready. I trust you. I want to be a good boy too.” So said William then stands up and follows suit, bending over so he lies next to Johnny.

“Well then, what a good boy Billy, you are a good boy.” A pause, “Reach back both of you and spread your cheeks, as its the prize between them you want to show me.”

“Hmm okay,” says Billy with a smile.

At the same time Johnny adds, “Of course sir, enjoy my prize.” He isn’t sure why he says it, but he knows its right, because it feels right, as the tingle of pleasure through his body proves it.

A chuckle is the response, “Oh I will, I will indeed.”

With that said Kane dives right in, going for Johnny’s butt first. Without pause between him taking a deep sniff of boy butt his tongue extends outward as he works to taste as much of it as he can. Between the breaths his tongue is moving up and around and in and out, tasting and devouring the butt of his newest good boy.

When Johnny’s moans reach a nice level he backs up slightly and moves his face towards Billy’s butt. At the same time his hands go up and pats, rubs, and squeezes Johnny’s but.

But then he focuses his attention fully on Billy and his butt. A deep breath, the smell of sweat and others that just cry male comes over him. Then his tongue begins rubbing around the butt, before touching the sweet stop in an in and out motion that feels so good.

As Kane hears a moan from Johnny he moves his hands so that his hinger is sliding around the saliva-coated butt. Though he is gentle with the fingering he is not too gentle for he definitely wants Johnny to feel it, to know the pleasure of something up his butt. Which is why he is quite persistent in working his finger in such a way that the prostate is touched, a lot.

The moaning cries of Johnny fills Kane’s ears so sweetly.

Not that this takes away from his current focus on Billy’s butt. A quite delicious butt in fact, one that up to this point hadn’t been touched in any way that is sexual. Which to Kane made it all the more enjoyable and all the more why he was working wonders to lick up and down and around the hole, to become intimate with the hole. To make the hole know who its master is.

As Kane is doing this, as he is enjoying the butt of his new good boys, as one of his hands are fingering the other’s butt, his other hand his squeezing his cock.

His very very hard cock.

As he pulls back from Billy he simply stares at the two butts in front of his face. Two butts which are dripping a tiny bit of saliva as they flex in and out due to what the boys were feeling.

“You boys are so good, yes you are, so very good. In fact you are so good that I am going to reward you each, twice.”

As he says this he reaches down and fist unzips his pants before working his underwear a bit to take out his cock.

“But first,” Kane then says as he moves his hands back upward and reaches back to their butts in order to finger them - again for Johnny and for the first time for Billy.

Though gentle at first in how his fingers were sliding up and around and then in the holes. Kane soon picked up the pace, moving in and out at faster speeds and more intense jabbing motions. Oh nothing painful or too much, at least not at this point. No, it was just the right amount of speed, of pressure, of size to turn the two into moaning messes.

Because Kane wasn’t just touching them, no, he was all but making love to their prostates.

Which was their undoing for nothing in their lives had prepared them for this. For this reward.

Johnny’s mind had all but shut down by this point. All he could think of was how good he felt, how great this was, how much his butt needed this sort of thing. How hard and aching and needy he was, and that it made him a good boy.

Billy was not much better, though he had a tiny bit of his mind there. To him came the thought of how when he shook his butt slightly the pleasure was more intense. He also thought that while he likes the finger he really likes the tongue. But more importantly he knows that this is right, this is where he - where they - belong.

Which is why it should not be of any surprise when with a shudder and a barely hidden moan and cry that Johnny starts to cum.

Billy, hearing of his friend and fellow boy’s moan and seeing the shifting of the hits, finds his eyes widen in awe before feelings of pleasure build him within him leading to his orgasm as well.

Feeling and seeing the shudders of orgasm Kane makes his next move. He pulls his fingers out from their holes and begins to reposition their bodies. It took a bit of effort, since both boys were so out of it they were nearly dead giggly weight, but it worked.

The two boys were somewhat laid out on the bench, with Kane in between. Their bodies were slightly raised and turned so that he could put a finger on, then in, their butts when he wanted to.

But more importantly, to Kane’s satisfaction, is the placement of their heads - which lie right over his crotch and are in such a perfect cock sucking position.

Before they can do anything more than give a week sounding exclaim Kane begins speaking, “That’s right boys, my good boys, your next reward is me. Please breath in deeply, know my scent, enjoy my scent, love my scent.”

Kane gains a grin on his face as he can feel the short puffs of breath as the two both do exactly what he asks them to.

“That’s right, good boys, what good boys. Now for more of your reward extend your tongue and lick, that’s right lick me.”

As he feels the first tentative licks he moves his hands so that they are now on top of the butts of the two boys, with fingers extended for some more - well - fingering.

With them breathing in his musk and licking around his cock he begins fingering them gnetly. He then says, “Good boys, my very good boys, now move up and down, lick all around, enjoy it, you know you like it, its so lovely.”

Kane then leans back slightly and closes his eyes as he feels the tentative licks become much more broad, more comfortable, more pleasurable. Up and down and around his cock they go, increasing the pleasure he feels many times.

When he feels the pressure of two people licking the same area he smiles and says, “Oh that’s good boys, its good for you to kiss as you lick me. So good boys, so very good.” Kane stops talking as the pleasure gets more intense due to them finding a rythum.

“You know what, good boys take their masters cock in their mouths, just like they take their masters in their holes. You are good boys so I know you want to do that.”

He feels movement as the two rise up slightly so that instead of licking the long part of his cock it is his head they are at. But then, warmth, as one of them - Billy by the look of where his head is - takes his cock in their mouth.

“Oh good work Billy, don’t you love that, don’t I taste good, taste delicious. But don’t forget to share, we want Johnny to also know how good that is.”

Billy’s head moves up and then down as he works to worship the rest of Kane’s cock, while Johnny moves up to take Kane into his own motuh.

“Oh yes,” Kane moans as the pleasure of the sucking increases, “so good, both of you are so good. Hmmm, yeah.”

As Kane is up there laying out the facts of how good they are and how much they enjoy this, and want it, and need it, the two remain only semi-concious.

To Billy everything about what is going on his overwhelming, is amazing, is making hsi very body tingle in ways he had not know was possible. His cock was hard again and he was lifting his butt slightly into the thrusts of his master’s finger. All the while he was thinking of how good he tasted, smelled, felt.

Johnny was all over the place, as his mind moved between feelings. The feelings of his hard cock. Of the thrusting fingers in his ass. Of the sounds of his master telling him what a good boy he, they, were. But most especially on how Kane tasted and smelled and simply was. Of how this was right, of where he belonged, of his need to have this again.

Both boys were thinking, if you can call what was going through their minds at this time thoughts, one more thing. That what they now had with Kane could not be hoaded, no, that it needed to be shared.

Before the thought could reach its natural conclusion the smell, and taste, and texture, and touching, and feelings built up and built up in all three males.

Kane was the first, declaring, “I’m going to cum boys, and you should cum with me!”

Which is exactly what they did, the moment they felt the hot bursts of his cum on their face and in their mouths their own arousal peacked and orgasm hit them.

An intense, mind numbing, body freezing experience that caused the eyes of the two boys to roll up as they passed out from the intense pleasure.

Kane wasn’t much better, for though he kept concious the grin on his face had reached an extent that was quite comical. His head landed with a slight thud on the headrest and his eyes closed.

He let out a soft sigh while pulling his fingers from the butts and patting his boys heads. "You did good boys, rest for now, I’ll clean you all up, and we can continue eating.


As they walk out of the club and onto the street, Billy says with a bit of giggle in his voice, “That show was fantastic master. I mean who knew that four people could do that sort of things with their bodies.”

Kane smiles in agreement before nodding and saying, “I thought the very same thing before I visited the club myself.” He then pats Billy’s butt in a soft carress before turnign towards a quiet Johnny and asking, “So, how about you, what did you think about it?”

Johnny smiles up at his sir before moved closer and wrapping an arm around the man. He then says, “I preferred the dinner music sir, especially how the band played their instruments naked.”

Billy speaks up with another giggle, “They played the drums with their cocks, how surprisingly.”

Kane laughs at that before giving Johnny a slight one-armed hug followed by his own gentle caress. “Well I do have to say their music was quite fun.”

“Oooh,” Johnny then says as a wide grin comes to his face, “maybe we could get a band together master.” There is a slight quite contrived pause before he adds, “You could ask the other missionaries.”

The smirk Kane gets on his face at that gets only wider when Billy nods with exgerrated agreement at the suggesstion. Before speaking Kane lifts his hands from where they were sitting on the butts of the two boys in order to put them down their pants. With one fluid, seemingly practiced, motion a finger extends and begins to rub around their hole before gently being pushed in.

Both boys moan in happy bliss at the contact as they look up at their great master.

A master who gives them both a knowing smirk before saying, “Well, let us see what there is to pick from once we get to the convention my very good boys!”

They moan in pleasure as the three began making their way down a festive laden street.


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