Fucked Up (Chapter 2)

By AgainstMyWill - againstmywill@gmail.com
published July 11, 2018
2849 words

James is the powerful CFO of a Fortune 100 company, and Steve just works in IT, but Steve knows one tiny little tweak he can make to James’s brain to turn the tables.

A conversation I’ve been having with a dom motivated me to write a new story… hope you guys enjoy. It’s very much influenced by Tyrannosaurus Sex’s “Going Pro”, with some explicit nods in there.

I’m splitting it into two chapters, because the first one is a bit more vanilla, as mind-control erotica goes, and the second chapter has more drastic body modification and feminization. This is that second chapter! It’s way more hardcore than the first! You’ve been warned!

With every passing day the naughtiness in James’s head got stronger and stronger and even the desire to resist faded away more and more. He still felt the humiliation and shame but more and more he couldn’t help but lean into them, expose himself to them, beg for them to fuel his horny, twisted mind.

One day James sat on Steve’s lap, riding his cock while Steve played with his tits through the bra, and Steve mused, “So… what else should we do to you? I’ll be honest, I’m a sucker for a good pair of tits and a nice big ass. Maybe yours should be bigger?”

James moaned at the thought, and confessed, “I see those meatheads at the gym and I think they’re disgusting, all juiced up and gross. Big muscle freaks.”

“Perfect!” Steve smiled. “Let’s make you one of them!”

James started bouncing up and down harder and harder on Steve’s cock. “Oh, fuck yeah. Fuck, make me even bigger than them. A monster, so big people stare at me in disgust.”

“Yeah,” Steve grunted, thrusting deeper and deeper into his slave, “So big you hardly fit through your own door. So big you make babies cry. Maybe if we give you enough steroids we can make that little clit of yours shrink even smaller.”

“Ohhhhhh fuuuuccckkkkkk big steroid monster with a tiny little nub…” and James’s flaccid dick dumped a load out of his cage for the second time.

“Ha! Horny little girl like you, maybe the cage isn’t even enough!” Steve laughed, then gestured to the cum all over his gut and leaking down to his crotch. “Now lick it off, slut.”

Steve made James talk to one of the huge bodybuilders at his gym and get a connection. They started James on a cycle immediately. Steve administered them, caressing James’s ass as he shot him full of the drugs, reminding him what they were going to turn him into, and then sending him out to lift as hard as he possibly could. James spent every single workout leaking precum in his cage knowing soon he’d start growing.

After every workout he came home to a bucket full of weight gain shake and protein slurry. Steve made him eat it face-first like a pig while he fucked him in the ass.

The drugs certainly worked. Months passed and James really ballooned up like a freak. Before, he used to get stares of interest from everyone at the gym, women and men. In a few months, they entirely stopped. Then a few months more and he started getting stares again, but now they were looks of disgust. Everyone could tell he was on roids - and a ridiculous quantity of them. Nothing about James looked natural. He didn’t even look good. He looked ridiculous. But every time he saw someone look at him shaking their head in disapproval it just made his balls churn and he’d moan a little. If they were close enough to hear they only looked more disgusted - which only made him moan more. He couldn’t help himself. Eventually everyone at the gym started steering clear of him. The omnipresent shame of it only made his workouts even more intense.

Back at home, Steve’s reaction was less dramatic. “Sure, you’re a big disgusting freak now, but honestly I think your tits and ass can still be bigger.”

James was crestfallen but thought for a second and then blurted out, “What if I got plastic surgery? Then they wouldn’t even look like big roided-up men’s pecs, they’d just look wrong, like big fake women’s tits on a man’s body. Big slutty fake girly tits on my huge muscular body. Oh, fuck.” He humped the door frame as he talked, his useless cock straining and failing to get hard.

“Well, not everyone I’ve ruined ends up here, but about half of them did. So the good news is, I’ve already got a surgeon who’s done this for me before. Let’s get you that surgery as soon as possible.”

For the third time James convulsed as his caged, flaccid dick squirted a load out all over the door frame he was humping. But when he came down from the high, he had one more moment of clarity.

Massive artificial tits? He was already 280lbs of freakish steroid-fueled muscle, but at least if he stopped taking the steroids he could eventually look normal again. But implants? No way. He had to stop. He had to.

Steve saw his look of panic and smiled. “You’re right to be scared. I mean, getting plastic surgery to put big slutty girly tits on your huge manly body? Then everyone who sees you will know what a total perv you are. That’ll be the most fucked-up thing you’ve done yet.”

James’s clarity lasted just long enough for him to start crying, but only briefly. Steve’s words started his mind churning again and he stumbled towards the big man, and started humping his gut and whimpering, already in heat again, impatient for the next stage of his transformation.

Steve got the surgery scheduled uncommonly quickly. Actually, when he made James call at first they said they were booked up for months.

“Months might be long enough for you to reconsider, and we wouldn’t want that, would we? Offer them a million bucks of your money to make room this week.”

James never could resist the nasty sting of Steve telling him to spend his money on his own corruption, so he called back and barely held it together long enough to bribe them while he rode Steve’s cock. Why yes, they said, they’d be delighted to see him on Thursday.

Thursday came and Steve and James sat in the doctor’s office for the pre-surgery consultation.

“That’s bigger than any of the others, Steve,” the doctor said, looking at the volumes Steve had told James to request. “And the last guy you brought in here, that was right up against the safe limit. If you go this big you’re risking complications. Certainly chronic back soreness. These would be absurdly heavy.”

“Good,” Steve said, “The bigger the better, right James?”

James moaned and humped his crotch against the chair. “Uh, yeah, fuck, yeah, make ’em huge, doc.”

“I don’t know where you find these guys, Steve, but you get some real fucking freaks. I love it.”

“Oh you better believe it, doc. This one’s so twisted it’s almost too much for me! Now, James, give the good doctor your credit card to pay for your new titties and ass.”

James was so lost in heat humping the chair that he barely registered what Steve had said.


James looked up, startled, and blushed with embarrassment.

“Actually,” Steve mused aloud, “I mean, look at how distracted this one gets even with the cage on. Maybe we should fix that. Hey doc, you think you could do a sex reassignment surgery here, too?”

That got James’s attention. The blood drained from his face. “Wait - what?”

“Well, I’m just thinking - you’ve got that useless little clit there. And it’s so distracting to you, makes it hard to get things done. Plus, after all I’ve done for you, I think it would be real nice for me if you had a real pussy between those legs that I could fuck. Don’t you?”

“Wait… I mean, we’re already doing the big tits - I”

But it was too late. James started to imagine what it would be like to reach down between his own legs and no longer feel a cock and balls hanging there. And as he thought about it, his face flushed and he started panting, harder and harder.

The doctor shrugged. “It’s expensive, but we can construct a vagina from the skin of the penis, and maybe some grafts, yeah. Significant recovery and a good chance you don’t end up with a ton of feeling in there or all that much sexual satisfaction afterwards.”

“Oh, that’s fine,” Steve shrugged. “We don’t care if he can cum, do we?”

“Oh my god,” James moaned, “Why is this so hot? Why can’t I stop myself?”

Steve reached between his legs and started prodding and stroking his taint. “That’s right, just imagine you had a nice, tight little pussy here for my cock to fill. Wouldn’t that be so nasty and hot?”

“Oh, fuck, yeah, take my dick away completely, give me a pussy - not even a man anymore … oh, FUCK” James humped his caged dick against Steve’s hand.

“Baby, you haven’t been a man in months. Not even James anymore. After this we’ll call you Jenny.”

James’s cock exploded, hosing the chair and Steve’s hand down in cum. Steve held his hand up for James to lick off.

“Hope you enjoyed that orgasm, baby. Might never have another.”

It took a few months’ recovery before the bandages came off. When they did, James wobbled to his feet, unused to his massively altered proportions. They peeled everything off and saw his new body for the first time. Hanging off his roided-up pecs were giant jugs, just massive balloon-like tits. Watermelons sticking obscenely off his body. Ass just as big and pert. There was no hope of him wearing any clothes except sweats and XXXL spandex.

Then they took the bandages off his crotch, and sure enough, it was gone. While he was recovering, Steve bought him a pair of stretch leggings and an enormous spandex sport bra. They squeezed him into them and stood him in front of the mirror. His tits stretched the sports bra taut, and below them his massive 8-pack abs, so grotesquely huge from the steroids that even with the months of bed rest they were still huge, were covered in a coat of fur running down to his crotch, where the leggings disappeared between his legs… with no bulge whatsoever.

“Look at that,” Steve whistled, working a finger between his legs, “So pretty and feminine.”

But his ass, in the back, looked like he was smuggling beach balls stuffed into the leggings, and his ass cheeks stretched the material so thin that it dug in, in the front, so the only thing you could see between his legs was a prominent cameltoe where the spandex dove into his brand-new vagina.

Steve stood behind him, grinding his erection between James’s massive ass-cheeks, squeezing one of his absurd balloon-tits, working his fingers into the slit between his legs.

“Too bad they couldn’t make the plumbing work for real so I could put a baby in you. I mean, talk about fucked up, huh, Jenny?”

James just whimpered and ground his ass back against Steve’s cock.

“Let’s take this thing for a test ride, whaddaya say?”

Together they peeled the spandex off James’s freakish body and he straddled Steve. Lowering himself onto Steve’s cock he felt the new orifice stretching open around a real man’s cock for the first time, and felt Steve squeezing his tits in his hands as he thrust himself into his new, slutty girl.

James’s body chemistry was so contorted now and his recovery had taken so long and been so disorienting that he honestly wasn’t sure if he was having orgasms or not. He wasn’t even sure if it all felt good or not. All he knew was the compulsions were so deep now he couldn’t have stopped if he’d wanted to.

The next morning James sat at the breakfast table in a lacy hot pink thong and bra.

“Hey Steve.”


“What if we made me dumb?”

“Dumb? How so?”

“Like, is there a way to actually make me stupider? You know, permanently? After all this I’m still just as smart as I always was, but I can’t stop thinking about… how fucked-up would it be if I really were just a stupid slut?”

Steve walked over, his cock jutting out hard from his crotch, and started molesting his slut.

“I’ve never done that to any of them before, to be honest. I love it. Let’s figure out how to do it. Let’s make you so stupid you can barely talk.”

They spent the next two hours fucking right there on the kitchen table.

It took a few weeks and dealing with some unsavory people, but they found the right drug cocktail.

Steve sat James down on his lap, facing him on the couch and looked him dead in the eyes. “There’s something we need to do before we do this.”

“What’s that?”

“After this you’ll be too dumb to remember all your passwords and accounts. So you’re going to give them to me now.”

James moaned aloud. Steve slid him a post-it. “Write your master password bank password down on this.”

“But… that gives you everything.”

“That’s right. All your money, all your accounts, access to your email, everything. Oh, and I’m going to change all of the passwords, and I won’t tell you what the new ones are.”

“Oh fuuuckkkk, Steve, that’s so wrong. I can’t even email my family?”

“Nope. But maybe I’ll email them for you.”

James slipped Steve’s hard cock up his tight pussy and started to ride him and moan.

“Hell, maybe I’ll send them some photos of the new you.”

James threw his head back and moaned louder. He scrawled quickly and slid the post-it back. Steve looked at it, smiled, grunted, and pumped a load into James’s pussy. Then he left James to finger himself and moan while he went to get the laptop.

Steve’s smile widened as he typed for a few minutes.

“OK! That’s that. You really were rich, huh? Three hundred mill - not bad. Thanks, that’s all mine now, slut.”

James was shaking with the dissonance of it all but hadn’t stopped fingering his pussy.

“Now, when I inject you with this it shouldn’t damage your basic functions, but they tell me it should kill off huge parts of your brain, the parts that handle higher logic and reasoning, and a lot of your memory. You’ll still be able to function, but you’ll be so dumb you won’t be able to add 3 + 3. You won’t be able to figure out how to toast a piece of bread.”

“I’ll be totally reliant on you, Steve, for the rest of my life,” panted James.

“What? Oh, hah! Don’t be silly, Jenny. I’m not keeping you.”

“What? Wait, but we did this together! Everything! I thought I was yours!”

Steve belly-laughed as James’s face fell. “You know I told you you’re the tenth guy I’ve done this to? You never thought about what happened to the rest of them?”

A wave of panic washed over James, the dawning realization that he might be tossed aside like a used kleenex. But even then the thought echoed in his head. How fucked up. How hot.

“But… what are you gonna do with me, Steve?”

“Oh, once I’ve done everything I can to you, my fun is over. But you’d be surprised how much some people will pay for a toy like you.”

James’s heart was racing. Even with all the freakish modifications, at least he still had his mind. But now he was going to be useless, dependent, helpless, and sold to the highest bidder? Certainly anyone who would buy someone like him as a slave was some kind of total monster, too. Who knows what kind of depravity his life would become.

“If you tell me you don’t want it, James, we’ll stop. I don’t have to do this. But of everything you’ve done, I mean, this will DEFINITELY be the most fucked-up.”

There it was. Fucked up. It pressed every button in James’s head. He looked at Steve, took his hand in his, looked him straight in the eyes, smiled, and guided the needle into his own monstrous ass.

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