Teacher in Heat

By Xavier Hicks
published July 2, 2020
4285 words

A horny student learns the potentential of his potent seed when his teacher gives him detention - at the perfect time.

This is my mpreg series that was originally posted on Nifty. I was encouraged to post here by Silverstat after he wrote a side-story to my series. The story is also inspired by Bill Drake’s ‘Cornell, TX’ series which was also posted on Nifty a few year’s back.

My story is set in an alternative universe where a disease led to a mysterious loss of human female life and a state of world war. As a result, a genetic mutation in males led to a modified version of the human race; males who developed internal female reproductive organs and men who developed extraordinarily powerful sperm. This story picks up some decades after the crisis where male-on-male reproduction and marriage has become ‘the norm’ and the female race is only a very small portion of the planet’s population. . . .

Danny Grundy sat at the back of the classroom, flicking paper balls at the nerdy boys in front of him. He was trying to irritate them yet subconsciously attempting to satisfy a need to attract attention to himself. Aged 15, Danny was one of the ‘jocks’ of the class. He was one the best in the school at rugby, football and athletics. He was short for his age at around 5’5”, yet well developed, carrying his maternal father’s Hispanic genes with black hair and sparkling green eyes. He had a rippled six pack and nicely developing bulging pecs and biceps, still not at their full potential but in a few years’ time he would be huge! He also had a killer smile, perfect dimples that gave him an angelic yet devilish appearance that allowed for him to take advantage of others. He resembled a young Taylor Lautner from the old days before the crisis.

The classroom was naturally only boys, all aged 14-17. After the genetic crisis and the huge loss of life that resulted from it, school classes had been condensed into wider year groups by the government. It was also important to set the boys above 14 away from those under. Once a teenage boy went through ‘the change’ and potentially became a giver of super sperm, he would have to be kept away from the younger boys to stop preteen impregnation. It could seriously harm a younger boy who had not yet fully gone through “the changes”.

The teacher, Mr Bronson, stood at the front of the biology class, drawing a diagram to explain to the 32 boys the modern way of “the birds and the bees”.

“So, as we now know after intensive research over the last few decades, males are now split into 4 categories of reproduction. We have carriers, who make up around 60% of the population of Southern Britain and much of the New European Republic. Carriers usually carry one child per pregnancy - unless impregnated by a super-donor. Next, we have super-carriers, males who have the potential to release multiple eggs per menstrual cycle and can so have multiple births per pregnancy. Super-carriers are quite rare, making up about 5% of the population. Then we have donors, males that can impregnate carriers and usually produce sperm that creates one child, making up about 34% of the population. Finally, we have super-donors who make up only 1% of our population, also known casually as super-spermers”. The classroom echoed with boyish sniggers and giggles. “They have an extremely potent seed that can break an egg into multiple parts and create multiple children in the fertile carrier.”

Mr Bronson paused; he was sure he could smell an aroma of donor-scent. There were sure to be some young men developing into givers in the class. His distraction was temporary, and he continued with the lesson.

Danny, half listening to the lesson, stroked his pulsing 8-inch cock underneath his desk and thought about one particular student in front of the class, Josh Smith, who would be a prime carrier but had not yet gone through the changes. Although not familiar with the smell, he could smell a whiff of what he thought was a carrier in heat. Where it was coming from, he was not sure, but he could smell it deeply and it was making his cock leak, creating a wet spot in his uniform trousers. Over the last few weeks he had been masturbating intensely, imaging and framing of impregnating each of his fellow classmates and even some teachers, including Mr Bronson at the front of class. A couple of days ago he had woken in a huge pool of sperm in the morning. Since then he had been in a frenzy he could not explain, unable to pay full attention to classes.

“Grundy! Are you paying attention?!” barked Mr Bronson.

Danny came back to the room.

“Ugh, yes, sir. Sorry.” Replied Danny, his voice husky and distracted.

“Then what was I saying just now?” replied Mr Bronson. The whole class turned to goggle at Danny.

“Something about… super-spermers?”

“Yes, good. Although the correct term is ‘super-donor’, Grundy. Super-donors are extremely rare, their pheromones can be extremely attractive and distracting to carriers. Something some of you will become familiar with over the next few years.” Mr Bronson informed the class.

At this moment in time he was currently in heat. At the mature age of 46 he was used to suppressing the urge to mate yet discussing this particular subject in class and smelling the strong smell of a potential donor was testing his stamina. His donor husband was away on a diplomatic trip to Africa and he was struggling with the urge to find seed to give him the babies he craved. It had been a few years since having his last child and now he was ready to carry another. Mr Bronson was a strapping, white, muscular and hairy man, 6’4” tall, handsome and an all-round alpha male. He resembled a taller Jason Statham but with a thick, tapered beard. He had overly huge pecs from his days as a bodybuilder, so much that they bulged through his shirt to create an ample muscled cleavage visible between the top, open buttons. He proudly displayed a large, chunky bubble butt that stretched his pants. As he wrote on the blackboard, the students watched in aww at it jiggled gently with his movements.

Josh Smith, the nerdy boy at the front of class was curious to know more. He raised his hand.

“Sir, I have a question,” said Josh.

“Yes, Smith?” Replied Mr Bronson.

“What are you? A donor or a carrier?” Josh said as he blushed and giggled, as did the rest of the class, nervously.

“Good question, Smith, no need to be embarrassed… I am a proud carrier. Ever since the crisis I have produced 15 offspring for the government. Most with my husband but a few before with others in my younger days,” said Mr Bronson proudly.

Another paper ball hit Josh in the back of the head.

“I saw that, Grundy! You can stay behind after class. Detention for you!” Barked Mr Bronson toward Danny at the back of the class.

Danny groaned in disappointment. At that moment the bell rang loudly around the school. As students filed out, Danny, the last student, tried to escape but Bronson held out his arm to stop him.

“Not so fast, Grundy.” Just as Mr Bronson held his arm and came into contact with Danny, he was distracted by an intoxicating aroma. His head spun briefly for a moment. His pupils dilated and his anal ring clenched and began to secrete a lubricating juice that began to moisten his underwear.

“Ugh, Mr Bronson. Why are you still holding me?” Said Danny.

Mr Bronson gulped, loudly. He composed himself and let go.

“Ugh, sit down, Grundy. We need to have a discussion about your… ah, behaviour.”

Danny could smell it too. His cock was painfully erect and clearly visible through his grey uniform trousers. He felt an animalistic urge to pin down Mr Bronson, even though he towered over him in height and size. Danny took a seat at Mr Bronson’s desk. He stretched his legs apart unconsciously, displaying his muscular thighs.

Mr Bronson went to the door and closed it, turning the lock on the door. The waft of sweet pheromones drifted from his dripping hole as he walked, Danny could see there was a damp patch on the back of his stretched pants. “He’s lubricating!” thought Danny. “Fuck!”. Danny bit lip hard as Mr Bronson turned.

“Am I in trouble, Sir?”

“Grundy, were you listening carefully to what I was teaching today?” said Mr Bronson as he took his chair and sat behind his desk. He brushed his hand against his own throbbing member through his pants, feeling the heat rise in his body and his anal ring began to twitch and tingle.

“Ugh, yeh. You were teaching us the birds and the bees,” Danny grinned coyly.

“That’s correct. And… some are fortune enough to be gifted with super-sperm.”

“Yeh. I got that bit… it’s kinda hot sir, don’t you think?”

“In fact, Grundy, I do,” Bronson hesitated. “Let me ask… Have you been waking up in hot sweats recently? Wet dreams and so on?” Bronson’s voice shook as he tried to maintain an authoritarian tone yet inside, he was feeling delicate and nervously excited.

“Oh… Yeah, Sir, how did you know?” Said Danny. He was surprised and intrigued. It was something he hadn’t discussed with his Fathers. He lived in a relativity conservative household.

“Because, Grundy, I believe you may be a super-donor, or super-spermer as you put it. I can smell your pheromones and I must admit… this is highly inappropriate, but… it’s intoxicating to a carrier such as me.” Mr Bronson was restraining himself from ripping off his clothes. He had to maintain his professionalism, yet he needed to keep Danny in the classroom, and he knew deep down where this was going. He started to sweat which only made things worse as his pheromones released through perspiration would only antagonise a donor more.

“Wow, Sir. I had a feeling I was special but… I’ve been having dreams. I need to…” Danny stopped, embarrassed.

“Go on.”

“I need to impregnate everyone. It’s like a burning desire… a rage… I… I even think about you sometimes.” Danny’s hand reached down to his crotch.

“Well, Grundy…” Bronson was sweating now. He gulped and leaned in further towards Danny. “Maybe we need to take care of that.”

He pointed to Danny’s crotch. Bronson lost all care of professionalism. The door was locked. Lessons were over. He needed to be bred and he was feverish. His nostrils flared.

“Take your cock out and let me take care of you, Grundy. Be a good boy.”

“Yes, Sir. Come and get it.”

The same fever had taken over Danny. He swiftly removed his shoes, unzipped his trousers pulled them off so that he was naked from the waist down (apart from a pair of white sports socks). Mr Bronson moved past the desk and kneeled on the floor in front of the student. He took Danny’s thick, tanned, uncut 8-inch cock into large hands. Just before he wrapped his masculine jaw around it, he looked up to Danny and said lustfully “this is our secret, Grundy.”

“Yes, Sir.”

By now, Danny was precumming hard. He gasped as Mr Bronson groaned like a bitch in heat as he sucked Danny’s cock like a desperate whore, sticking out his tongue and savouring the juices. Bronson’s hole dilated and twitched, dripping clear fluid so much that it was running down his crack and onto his leg. The smell of sweet yet pungent masculine fluid changed something within Danny. He felt powerful and drunk with lust. Mr Bronson was a man of muscle and pure masculinity and here he was, bobbing up and down, artfully wrapping his tongue and lips around his bottle-thick cock. Occasionally he would take the cock deep into his throat and Danny would roll back his eyes and moan, stroking Mr Bronson’s head whilst learning back in the chair.

“Yes, that’s a good boy, Bronson, suck it good.”

The roles had now switched between the two.

“Yes, Sir.” Bronson replied dutifully as he lapped up some sweet pre-cum from Danny’s thick tip.

“Take off your pants and show me that sweet pussy-hole, Bronson.”

Mr Bronson hastened to unfasten his belt and swiftly removed his trousers whilst keeping his smart shoes on, as well as his blazer and loosely buttoned shirt. He scooted around so that he could still suck hungrily on Danny’s cock yet present his furry, beefy thighs, huge mounds of man buttocks and his dripping pussy-hole to Danny. Danny reached for the hole and stuck his finger around Bronson’s ripe and wet ass lips. Unexpectedly, Bronson ripped a small splutter of wet juice from his hole. This was a severe symptom of a carrier ready to be bred, pushing out the signal for any donor to take them and impregnate as soon as possible.

“What the fuck… oh wow, you really are ready for it, aren’t you, slut?! I would never have thought my old teacher was such a hungry carrier.” Danny grinned as he stuck two teen fingers in the older man’s pussy. His ass lips had become puffed and engorged, ready for penetration. The fingers slipped in easily because of the wet sticky fluid. Danny probed deep then slowly stuck a third finger in, then a fourth. Mr Bronson groaned lustfully as he bucked into the fingers. Danny had never done anything like this in his life, but he had seen enough porn to know that this was a good way to get a carrier horned up. Although a virgin, it felt natural to be so dominant. He removed his fingers and put them to his mouth, sucking the pussy juices. This sent Mr Bronson over the edge.

“Please, sir, give me your babies, knock me up, Danny. Mr Bronson needs your super sperm,” Bronson said as he looked up pleadingly, a line of saliva hung from his mouth and connected to Danny’s cock and he gripped the base.

“Turn around and get on the desk, Bronson. You want my super-load? You can have it… Wait one minute…” Danny pulled Mr Bronson in for a deep kiss. It was a good job he had practised with some other school mates beforehand as Mr Bronson was a skilled kisser and very passionate. Bronson was still on his knees, although so tall that he was face to face with Danny. His mouth and beard dripped with saliva and cock juice. Their tongues danced, the older man’s strong, square jaw and beard contrasting with Danny’s youthful smooth tanned face. Bronson broke the kiss, got up and bent over the side of his desk, knocking off a few pencils and office equipment. No one noticed. Still clothed in everything but his pants, he gripped his huge, hairy ass cheeks and pulled them apart, looking back lustfully at the teen ready to plow his hole. His hole was dripping so much that the sticky clear liquid dripped off his leg and down the side of the desk, creating a small pool on the floor. Danny had taken off his trousers, his erect member throbbing and dripping also. He crouched down and stuck his tongue in Bronson’s puffy lips. His tongue went deep, occasionally Danny would slurp hungrily and suck the juices out. Danny stroked his cock which seemed to throb and grow bigger than it had ever been. Maybe he was imagining it, but it had seemed to have grown another inch and was now more painfully erect than he had ever experienced.

“You want more, Bronson? Ready for my baby-makers?” Said the donor.

“Yes, sir. Please fuck me. Knock me up. Give it to me, please,” replied the carrier.

Danny slapped Mr Bronson’s left cheek which left a red mark and made Bronson’s ass cheeks wobble like jelly. Another load of lubrication erupted from his swollen hole, mostly onto Danny’s throbbing cock. He then slapped the right cheek so much that it left an angry imprint. Bronson was stretched over the desk, bent at an angle so that Danny could comfortably rim his hole then line up his cock for penetration. Bronson was a big man, but luckily the angle and height of the desk allowed for perfect connection between the short teen’s huge penis and the meat-head’s dripping hole.

“I’m desperate for your spunk, Danny… haven’t carried for a over a year… my husband is always away these days. Need someone to knock me up and I’ve managed to… refrain… until now. Let me be your first…” Bronson was gibbering in his deep bass tone. Lustful, pent-up thoughts that had been stored for a while were falling out of his mouth. Danny continued to rim deep for a minute as Bronson moaned in pleasure and wiggled his sizeable bubble-butt. Danny then stood up and positioned his pulsating cock ready to fuck the middle-aged stud slut in front of him.

Danny put the tip of his cock against the twitching anal ring. It was the most sensitive it had ever been in his life and he was about to impregnate this bull of a man that was up until now, his respectful elder.

“Ready, Mr Bronson?” Danny didn’t need lube or even spit. His cock sunk into the small pussy-like hole and it felt like heaven. Bronson groaned in delight.

“Come on Daddy… fuck my man-pussy. Fuck my hole and knock me up.”

Danny began to pound hard as his cock almost slipped fully out of the pulsating hole, then all the way back into the hilt. He slapped the bull-man’s quivering buttocks as he fucked hard and fast. Bronson’s sticky lube was creating a slurping noise as the cock drilled in and out. Bronson was by now in a daze, moaning like a bitch on heat as the muscled teen pounded him hard. For the first time in over a year his nipples began to lactate milk, a regular symptom that happened with carriers in heat. The milk wet his shirt, but Mr Bronson didn’t notice. He was letting out low, beastly groans.

“Oh… Danny… you’re… making me… making me CUM!”

The big man’s eyes rolled into the back of his head as his ample 7 incher squirted spunk underneath his heavy frame and onto some unsuspecting workbooks that were ready for marking. Danny’s cock drilled into the big man’s frame over and over, hitting his sweet spot and sending the older man into spasm.

“You ready for my load, boy? How many can a super-spermer knock up, Bronson?" Danny breathed.

“Fuck… Maybe twins on your first… Ugh… Oh yeh… Triplets maybe… Quads… Oh fuck, PLEASE knock me up with quads, sir, I need to carry so bad… So much, Danny… Be my babies Daddy…”

“Coming up, big slut man,” Danny moaned as he picked up pace. He had never felt so powerful in his life. He saw his reflection in the window, he could see his small muscular frame and hard rod pounding in and out of this muscular, beast of a man. He was even more turned on than ever from seeing his reflection. He began to fist-pump his chest which was now exposed to the air, yet his white school shirt remained on his back. Things had happened so quickly, and he was blinded by the heat that he didn’t think to take it off. His developing muscular pecs and light-brown nipples glistened with sweat. He pounded and pounded; he could feel his seed build up in his balls. He was about to explode.

“Take my seed, Bronson, want some quads you slut? Here you go!”

“Yeah, fill me up Daddy, breed me, put a baby in me, sir,” purred Bronson in a feminine, high-pitched tone.

Danny shot his potent seed as deep into Mr Bronson as possible. His toned, smooth legs buckled slightly as he shot load after load. He let out an animalistic groan as he shot 3 or 4 more times. Bronson had already orgasmed three times and was lay on the desk in a state of ecstasy. Danny caught his breath. There was nothing but the noise of heavy breathing for a few moments as the two remained connected. Danny started to pull out after a while, but Mr Bronson reached around to stop Danny.

“Stop, Grundy. Nice ‘n’ slow, nice ‘n’ slow. I wanna make sure as much of that super seed is kept in as possible,” Bronson said quietly.

“Oh… Okay, Mr Bronson,” replied Danny, almost shyly. Danny slowly pulled his still hard and pulsating cock from his teacher’s puffy hole.

“That’s a good lad. Now go and grab my briefcase by the door, Grundy, quick.” Mr Bronson directed Danny again, the roles of dominator and submissive had switched back. Danny reached for the briefcase, his cock swinging, dripping juices as it slowly deflated.

“Good, lad,” said Mr Bronson as he lay on the desk, still. He rummaged around the briefcase and pulled out a rubber, phallic shaped object.

“Wh-what’s that, Sir?” Said Danny in puzzlement as he slowly searched for his underwear.

“It’s a butt-plug. An old creation for sexual pleasure before the crisis, but now it’s a very useful tool to keep things like your little baby-swimmers in a big old carrier like me,” replied Bronson as he reached back and inserted the object into his anal lips with a sigh. Bronson picked himself up and moved from the desk.

“Oops, just ruined year three’s homework books. God knows what I’ll do with them,” chuckled Mr Bronson as he pulled on his underwear and trousers. There were a few moments silence as they both dressed.

“Ugh… Sir. What we just did… it was the best moment of my life.” Danny flushed red. The shock of what happened began to fade and he felt a sense of pride that he had just lost his virginity to such a large, beautiful Daddy.

“Yes, Grundy. It was… fantastic. But do keep this a secret for now, that’s a good lad. Spontaneous couplings between givers and carriers is not unusual in this day and age but between someone of your age and someone like me… it may be frowned upon,” Bronson said to Danny with a coy smile.

“But sir, what about when you start, you know, showing,” replied Danny as he gestured to Mr Bronson’s stomach.

“Well, if this pregnancy produces multiples then it will be forgiven, the government and schools are keen to replenish our population after the crisis, I’m sure it will be overlooked. We’ll work something out. Things aren’t like the old days anymore,” said Mr Bronson, confidently.

“Okay, Mr Bronson,” said Danny, respectfully. He paused thoughtfully. “Do you really think I’m a super-donor?”

“I’m almost 99% sure. I’ve usually been able to resist a donor’s pheromones in my 15 years of married life - even when I’m in heat. Yours are… extremely intoxicating.” Mr Bronson became hard at the thought of mating again but shook off the feeling. “I’ll send your parents an email and they’ll take you to the specialist to check”

Bronson saw the fear in Danny’s face. ‘Don’t worry I’ll just let them know I expect you’re a super giver,” said Mr Bronson are he playfully ruffled Danny’s hair. He then began to clean up his desk and clothes. The mess they had made needed to be removed before the cleaners came in. He dabbed his nipples with some tissue and then covered his shirt with his blazer.

“A super donor is very rare, as I’ve taught you. You’ll be revered in our new world, Grundy. The boys will either want to be you or be bred by you. The government and the school will allow you many privileges. We need potent seed, both politically and intrinsically, as the majority of us are carriers in this new world,” said Bronson as he gathered his things, getting ready to leave.

Danny sat on the desk with his jacket and backpack on. He didn’t want this moment to end. His life was changed forever, and now he felt a pang of lust and excitement for Mr Bronson. He didn’t want to leave the classroom but knew he should.

“I can’t wait until you start showing, sir,” said Danny, playfully as he got up. “I’m gonna get hard every time I see you with a baby bump.” Danny’s balls tingled.

“Me too. It’s been too long, Grundy, too long,” replied Bronson as he patted his stomach and winked. He unlocked the door and opened it for Danny. “Remember, Grundy, our secret for now.”

“Our secret, Mr Bronson,” whispered Danny as he left the classroom, he exited down the corridor, walking with a newly developed swagger. Mr Bronson watched him go with a feeling of lust, guilt and pride.

“What the FUCK will I tell my husband when he gets home?” thought Bronson.

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