Birthday Boy

By screamingmoist
published July 2, 2020
3876 words

It might be Chris’s birthday, but Ben is the one who gets a present.

“Shit…that might have been one too far,” Chris laughed, slamming his empty shot glass on the table. He shook his head and winced, oblivious as ever to his friend’s eager staring. The grinning, sandy-haired man across the table thought Chris looked adorable as he furrowed his brow and wagged his burning tongue, though Ben would never say that out loud.

“Nice of Gary to pick up a round before he left, at least,” Ben said, his handsome features twisted in a similar expression. “But what the fuck was that? I thought he was getting tequila?”

“With Gary? Who knows. Dude loves drinking the grossest shit he can find. Whatever does the job, though.” Chris took a deep breath, his muscled arms flexing as he ran his hands through his thick, wavy hair and leaned back in the booth. “Kinda surprised he split so early…this whole boys night out for my birthday was his idea.”

“His loss,” Ben shrugged. He wasn’t at all disappointed to have Chris entirely to himself. He’d had a crush on the charming young man since the day they’d met. At the time, Chris was a college freshman on the university’s swim team while Ben had been working as an assistant coach. The slightly older man had graduated a few years earlier but was still trying to figure out his career, and as a lifelong swimmer and former member of the team himself, he’d stayed on to help coach the next wave in the meantime. Ben was still in the closet about his sexuality, and he tried not to think about his teammates and swimmers like that if he could help it, but one look at Chris’ lean, toned body and stuffed speedo had been all it took. With his chocolate hair, lantern jaw, and charming smile, the handsome younger man was irresistible. He had an equally magnetic personality, leaving Ben to suffer in silence as he watched Chris blossom. The young stud was completely oblivious to the older man’s longing as they became friends outside of the team, and he constantly regaled the frustrated Ben with his tales of random hookups all over campus. Still having his athletic, swimmer’s build, and a handsome, boy-next-door face of his own, Chris would question why Ben wasn’t doing the same, but the older man would always brush it off by making excuses that he didn’t have time or that he hadn’t met the right person.

What Ben wanted to say was that the right person just happened to be the one asking him the question. Unfortunately, that also just happened to be someone who’d always been off limits. Chris was straight, and, until recently, a member of the team Ben had coached, two lines that the older man couldn’t cross. Even if he was willing to throw caution to the wind, Ben was far too worried about how people viewed him to ever take such a leap. He struggled enough trying to accept his own status as a gay man, and the thought of dealing with outside ridicule on top of that was too much. At the end of the day, Ben wanted to be liked. He knew his good looks and athletic body gave him a certain amount of privilege and he wasn’t ready to give that up, even if it meant hiding a big part of who he was. Instead, he contented himself with Chris’ friendship, enjoying the younger man’s outgoing presence however he could.

Now, things weren’t quite as easy to compartmentalize. The whole reason they were out drinking in the first place was to celebrate Chris’ twenty-first birthday, as well as his departure from the team. After three grueling years, the chocolate-haired hunk had finally grown tired of the constant rigors that went along with university athletics. He still loved swimming and being in the water; it just wasn’t his whole world anymore. He wanted to be able to stay out late and sleep in without worrying about getting up for practice, and to have some free time to actually enjoy his last year of college.

Ben leaving had been the final straw for Chris. At twenty eight, the fit blonde had finally found a job in the corporate world, meaning he had to give up his position as assistant coach. He’d held on longer than he should specifically because of his feelings for Chris, but Ben was pleasantly surprised, and increasingly frustrated, to find their relationship grow without the swimmer/coach dynamic getting in the way. Where before they’d just been friends, now they were practically inseparable. Ben worried that people were starting to catch on to his true feelings regarding the younger man, but Chris himself was blissfully unaware, and that was all that really mattered. He didn’t know how his friend would respond if he knew, and he wasn’t willing to take the risk.

Ben leaned in and tapped their empty shot glasses. “So what do you want to do, birthday boy? Stay here or go get another drink somewhere else?”

Chris rubbed his face and shook his head like he’d just climbed out of a pool. “Fuck, man. I don’t know if I can keep this up. I don’t have a tolerance like you old timers,” he sighed, falling forward on his elbows.

“Fuck you,” Ben laughed, reaching across the table to shove Chris’ shoulder. “You’ve been able to drink me under the table since you were 19. I still remember how many times you showed up for morning practice with a hangover.”

“God, don’t remind me,” Chris groaned. “That was torture.”

“Hey man, you’re the one who…did it…to yourself…” Ben trailed off as he looked at his friend’s face, now inches from his own. He wanted nothing more than to close the gap and press his lips against Chris’, but something about the other man’s face was off. There was a layer of stubble on his friend’s sharp cheeks that he was sure hadn’t been there just moments before. He sat back, blinking and rubbing his eyes, but when he opened them again not only was the scrubby hair still there, it was joined by matching hair on Chris’ forearms. The dense patches spread up towards the other man’s solid biceps, threatening to disappear beneath the straining sleeves of his thin t-shirt. Ben had studied Chris’ speedo-clad body enough times over the years to know that the other man should have been naturally smooth, and even if he hadn’t, he’d been staring at the brunette stud’s tapering torso all night and was certain his study arms should have been hair-free.

“Uh-oh, someone’s drunk!” Chris laughed, seemingly unaware of the freshly-sprouting hair. “Fuck it, man…since it’s just the two of us, why don’t we go back to my place? I’m not really feeling a crowd anymore.” He shifted uncomfortably and tugged on the v-neck of his shirt, giving Ben a quick glimpse of the silky hairs that were spreading across the top of his pecs. “Is it hot in here? I’m roasting.”

“Me…me too. Yeah, let’s get out of here,” Ben stammered, his heart pounding. Despite his confusion, the only thing he could focus on was how handsome Chris looked with his stubble. It had never even occurred to him to imagine what the smooth jock would look like with a layer of hair, and the thought made his stomach flutter. Ben watched his friend slide out of the booth, his eyes going wide when the other man stood. Like his face and arms, Chris’ toned calves were covered in the same dark, curly hair, but more alarming was the way his clothes clung to him. The younger man’s fitted shorts were now stretched tight around a prominent rear, and his thin t-shirt was like a second skin, accentuating every inch of a sculpted torso that was noticeably larger.

Ben couldn’t believe what he was seeing. He’d fantasized about Chris enough to know every line of definition on his young friend’s body. The other man should have had a firm, perky little bubble, not a set of meaty cheeks that shifted with each step, and his chest should have been toned and defined, not a protruding shelf that fought for freedom against the increasingly tight shirt. The addled blonde felt dizzy as they staggered outside, the combination of the booze and his friend’s changing appearance threatening to overwhelm him.

“Easy, grandpa,” Chris laughed, throwing an arm around Ben’s shoulders when the older man stumbled. “Fuck…I’m feelin’ it too. Glad it’s a short walk.”

Ben shivered at the sensation of Chris’ new arm hair prickling against the back of his neck. Despite how good it felt his instinct was to pull away, not wanting to be seen in the arms of another man in public, but he ignored the impulse and instead wrapped his own arm around Chris’ waist. He reminded himself that it was late, and they were in a college town. It wasn’t uncommon to see two guys holding each other up as they stumbled drunkenly down the street. Ben still didn’t know what was happening, but if the end result was Chris in his arms, he was okay with it. He reluctantly let go when they reached his friend’s apartment building a few blocks later, his cock throbbing at the patch of hair that now poked through the neck of Chris’ tight t-shirt. The silky dusting he’d seen back at the bar had continued to grow, coming in dense and curly, and when the bottom of the young jock’s shirt lifted as they climbed the stairs, Ben could see the furry carpet had spread down to coat Chris’ formerly smooth abs. He felt like he should point it out, but he was too stunned to do anything other than stare as they stumbled into the younger man’s apartment. It was a ratty, one-bedroom bachelor pad, but since it belonged to Chris there was nowhere else Ben would rather be, especially when his friend began tugging on his t-shirt.

“Goddamn…I am burning up…” Chris said, struggling out of the straining v-neck. Ben couldn’t hold back a loud gasp at the unobstructed view of his friend’s altered body. Instead of being slim and smooth, a dense layer of chocolate hair covered a torso that had gone from toned to built. Chris had a set of prominent, sculpted pecs resting above his furry washboard, with a set of inflated, hairy pistons hanging on either side. Instead of having a lean body that was naturally athletic from his time in the pool, Chris now had a frame that looked precision sculpted from time spent hefting weights in a gym. “What…what the fuck…” Chris stammered, his stubbled jaw dropping as he stared down at himself. “Are…are you seeing this too or am I just wasted?” He looked at Ben, a stunned, drunken grin on his face.

Ben swallowed hard and nodded, the site of Chris groping his furry new frame nearly making him cum on the spot. “You…you’re hairy…”

“And fuckin’ jacked, dude!” Before Ben could respond, Chris grabbed his friend’s hands and planted them on his furry shelf. “Do you feel that?!”

Ben bit back a whimper as Chris flexed his enlarged pecs beneath his hands, the soft hair lacing through his fingers a sharp contrast to the solid flesh underneath. He let his hands slowly drift down the other man’s sides as Chris broke into a double bicep pose. The hair was a thick carpet on the young jock’s front, but it didn’t appear to spread over his shoulders as Ben’s probing hands felt smooth skin on his friend’s broad back.

His hands on Chris’ waist, Ben felt himself slipping. He could see the outline of his friend’s solid cock pressing against his tight shorts, looking thicker than it should, and he wanted nothing more than to pull the flexing young hunk close and press their lips together. Ben tightened his grip and was just about to jerk Chris towards him when the young man’s grin faltered. His eyes went wide and he grabbed Ben’s wrists, his hands sliding up the blonde man’s arms.

“Du…dude…I just noticed…it’s happening to you, too…” Chris stammered.

Ben pulled away, his stomach dropping when he looked down and saw his own set of widened, hairy forearms. He followed the fur as it traveled up and disappeared beneath sleeves that strained around inflated arms. He’d been so focused on Chris that he hadn’t noticed his own clothes growing tighter, or the foreign sensation of his expanding body rubbing against itself. He pulled away and stumbled into Chris’ bathroom, his face going pale when he looked in the mirror. Like Chris, he had a layer of prominent stubble coating his face, but unlike his young friend, Ben was horrified when he saw the way his hairline seemed to be receding. While it sprouted on the rest of his expanding body, the sandy blonde hair was quickly thinning on his scalp.

“No…no…no…oh god…” Ben moaned, looking down at himself. He now understood why he’d felt so off balance. His lean, toned body was gone. Instead of accentuating his tapering torso, his fitted t-shirt looked two sizes too small, exposing the bottom of the hairy muscle gut that had replaced his abs. The thin cotton looked like it would shred at any moment as it clung to Ben’s beefy pecs and bowling ball shoulders, with thick tufts of hair spilling out of every opening. Whatever was happening to the two of them was clearly hitting the older man harder. Where Chris looked like a chiseled bodybuilder, Ben was horrified at his meaty, power-lifter frame. He liked his body the way it was. He’d lost some of his definition in the years since he’d stopped swimming competitively, but he worked hard to keep himself fit and smooth. For someone who didn’t want to stand out, and who was used to hiding parts of himself, the thought of walking around in a body that was impossible to ignore was humiliating.

He stumbled back out into the living room just in time to catch Chris stepping out of his shorts, revealing his hairy, widened thighs and straining underwear. The furry young jock’s inflated cock poked out of his confining briefs while his plump globes spilled out of the back, and Ben watched his friend absently tear them off as if they were paper. The sight of Chris’ altered frame standing naked and hard was enough to make Ben momentarily forget his own predicament, until a loud rip caught both of their attention. The inflated blonde blushed as he felt the rush of air and his torn shirt falling away, his humiliation growing when he turned to catch the remains and another loud tearing filled the room. The back of Ben’s shorts erupted, the button shooting off the waist like a bullet as his expanding frame finally proved too much for his ill-fitting clothes.

“Ben? Holy shit, man! You…I don’t even…” Chris said with a wide-eyed laugh. He walked over and began running his hands along Ben’s hairy, thickened frame, kneading his friend’s plump pecs.

“Chris…what’s happening to us? Why are we…why am I so big?!” Ben’s slab of a chest heaved, his heart racing as Chris pawed at him. As disgusted as he was by the copious new hair, the sensation of his friend’s fingers sliding through it was pure ecstasy. “All this hair…and why am I going bald?!” Ben melted when Chris flashed his charming grin and rubbed the growing bare patch on his scalp.

“I don’t know man, but it suits you,” he said. “Makes you look distinguished. Especially with all this,” he laughed, rubbing Ben’s furry gut. Without warning, he reached down and tore the remains of his friend’s shorts and tattered boxer briefs free, letting Ben’s thick club slap against him in the process. “Goddamn!” Chris whistled, grabbing the beefy blonde’s fat cock in one hand and his own thickened member in the other. “These things are beasts!” He laughed when Ben whimpered and gave the other man’s pulsing organ a few gentle tugs. “I know, right? Feels fuckin’ great. I’m about to pop, dude.”

Ben fought for what little control he could hold on to as Chris pressed himself close, their new hair mingling as their bodies writhed together. “Chris…wait…what’re you doing…” he stammered.

“What’s it look like?” Chris answered his own question by pressing their lips together. He let go of Ben’s throbbing club and wrapped his arms around the other man, guiding them back towards his bedroom. The beefy blonde was so thrilled at Chris’ tongue wrestling with his own that he didn’t even care about the sensation of the other man’s hands tugging at the unwanted hair on his back. His own body didn’t matter at the moment; just Chris’.

When they fell onto the younger man’s bed, Ben rolled so that he was on top. With Chris pinned beneath him, he slowly worked his mouth away from the other man’s lips and down his neck, exploring every inch of the young stud’s hairy new chest. It was a fantasy he’d played out countless times over the years, but never quite like this. When he’d imagined himself swallowing the younger man’s cock, Ben never pictured his face buried between hairy thighs, or that Chris’ hands would be gripping his smooth scalp instead of his blonde hair. But he wasn’t about to complain.

“Fuuuuuuuck…Ben…dude…that feels amazing…”

“Yeah?” Ben ran his tongue along Chris’ widened shaft and licked around his friend’s churning, thickened balls. He was still panicked, but that fear was nothing compared to finally having his fantasy come to life. “Can’t leave the birthday boy hanging.”

Chris squirmed and folded his hands behind his head, his inflated arms flexing. “Since it’s my birthday…and, fuck, since I don’t know if any of this is even really happening…can I ask a question? Were you ever going to tell me?”

Ben froze, Chris’ leaking cock resting against his stubbled chin as he looked up over the sea of hair and muscle at his friend’s expectant face. “Tell you what?”

Chris sat up and sighed. “Dude. Look at us,” he said, motioning to their warped, hairy frames. “Look at what we’re doing. I’m not dumb, bro. I know how you really feel about me.”

Ben froze, his thickened body trembling. “You…you do?”

“Everyone. Does.” Chris said flatly. “Do you know how many people have asked when we’re getting married?” He grinned at Ben’s embarrassed expression and pulled the other man in close, nuzzling what remained of his thick neck. “Come on…you don’t need to be embarrassed. No one gives a shit, man. It didn’t bother me. I mean, I felt bad that I couldn’t do anything about it, but what? Did you think I’d be mad?”

Ben didn’t know what to say. Having a hole punched in his constant anxiety was nearly as disorienting as their changing bodies. “But…what’s this, then? What are we doing?”

Chris shrugged. “No clue. All I know is it feels fantastic and you are so fuckin’ hot right now I can’t stand it. I finally get a glimpse of what you’ve been feeling…I’m not about to waste that opportunity,” he said, biting at Ben’s lower lip. He pushed the meaty, balding blonde down and slid on top, straddling his hairy stomach. “You really want to give me a birthday gift?” he asked, raising an eyebrow as he reached back to tug on his friend’s pulsing monster. Ben could only gasp as Chris slipped back and worked himself onto his inflated cock, slipping the fat organ inside with a surprising ease that had to be a result of their altered bodies. The dark-haired stud pursed his lips, his face twisting ecstatically as the aching girder filled his insides. “OOOhhhhHHHHhhooOOH fuuuuuuuuuuuck,” Chris groaned, his voice a cracking whimper as he clutched at Ben’s hairy chest and started rocking his hips.

The prone blonde could only squeeze his friend’s furry thighs as Chris rocked and bounced, his inflated cock slapping against Ben’s gut. As horrified as a part of him was by his hirsute bulk, the excessive muscle and hair only magnified the sensations rocketing through him. He was embarrassed at the thought of his brawny body and increasingly bald head, but at the same time he felt masculine and powerful in a way he’d never imagined. Watching Chris writhe on his lap, his friend’s altered body looking stunning with it’s shredded muscle and fur as it flexed and swayed, Ben couldn’t imagine going back to the way he’d been. If Chris was somehow being forced down this route, he’d gladly go with him. That’s what a coach was for.

The two went at it for hours, switching positions and exploring their new bodies until they were a spent, sticky mess. Ben was surprised by how much he enjoyed the feeling of water coursing through his dense, cum-matted hair as they showered clean, though the sensation of the water hitting his mostly-bald head would take some getting used to. Chris’ eager, hungry expression every time he looked at his older lover would certainly help with that.

Ben thought to check his phone just before they collapsed back into bed, the waiting text message from Gary providing at least a partial answer as to what happened. “Hope you two enjoyed that last drink. Birthday boy needed a treat, and it was about time you got a chance to be the one to give it to him,” the message read. It didn’t explain how any of it was possible, or what exactly Gary had done to them, but as Chris fell asleep in his arms, Ben didn’t care. The answers could wait; he had everything he needed at the moment. He draped himself over his friend and pulled him close, his thick club of a cock wedged between Chris’ back and his own hairy muscle gut as he drifted off.

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