Every Cop's Duty

By Tkhon
published June 27, 2018
2760 words

An officer takes advantage of a prisoner, or at least he thinks he does.

“So I say to her ‘end of the line’!”

Connor laughed from his desk. At first he hadn’t been very happy with the new prisoner being placed so close to his station, usually they were kept a bit further away, but his higher ups told him he was a special case. But after only a week he was already starting to warm up to the guy. He may be a criminal, but he was still pretty funny, and just nice to be around. A real man’s man. Ashton was his name, according to his file.

“Woof, man, you look like you’re gonna boil over!” Ashton called from his cell, “you should unbutton your shirt, show a little chest.”

In the time he’d known Ashton, Connor had learnt that the man had a knack for giving great advice. He knew some of the higher ups wouldn’t be happy about it, but he also knew Ashton was cool and wouldn’t rat him out. Leaning back he wiped some sweat from his brow and started slowly unbuttoning his police uniform.

“This is gonna sound weird but a buddy of mine told me this trick for cooling off,” Ashton was saying, “it’s one of those things you totally wouldn’t think of but it really works. All you have to do with your nips a little.”

That sounded a little strange but… Connor’s mind went fuzzy for a moment, then he thought about how Ashton’s advice had never let him down before. He reached under his shirt and gave his nipple a hesitant squeeze. Immediately he was rewarded with a feeling like a light freeze had just blown by. It really worked! His doubts put to rest he began rubbing and tweaking his nipple in earnest.

“See what I mean? Feels great!” Ashton laughed.

Days later, Connor was finishing up some paper work when he heard a sound. Upon investigation he discovered masturbating in his cell! He felt himself flush with rage. How dare this criminal pleasure himself in his presence! He pondered how best to deal with this situation.

“Oh hey copper, didn’t see yah there,” Ashton gave him a sidelong glance.

“What the hell do you think you’re doing?” Conner seethed.

“Jacking…. OFF!” he accentuated the word as cum erupted from his dick, covering his hand.

“That it. Come over here right now.” Conner said threateningly, an idea forming in his head.

Ashton did as he was told.’

“Stick your hands between the bar, I’m gonna lick up every last DROP of that cum,” Conner said with a smug grin, happy he’d come up with such a good punishment for this man’s indecency. He was glad Ashton was so obedient, putting his cum soaked fingers in front of him for is sucking pleasure.

Another week passed. As Connor made his round he stole an extra glance at Ashton. He’d had the idea to demand Ashton not wear a shirt on his shift. It was technically an abuse of his power, but he enjoyed seeing the criminal’s well defined abs and pecs for some reason. Once he was done checking everything was okay he made his way back to Ashton’s cell, unlocked the door, and walked in. He got behind the man and put his hands on his shoulders. He could barely contain his grin. He’d been under a lot of stress recently and decided to force Ashton to let him give him a back massage every evening before his shift was over. He didn’t care he was using another man’s shoulders to relax, besides he was a lowly criminal, he deserved it.

“Oh shit look at the time!” Ashton turned to say to Connor, “I guess you’d better go if you want to finish up.”

Connor was confused. There was still a while before his shift ended, what could he…? Connor’s mind got fuzzy. Right. Of course. He exited Ashton’s cell and turned to face a hall of similar cells, each one with the ass of an inmate pressing against it. Connor knew he had to get on his knees and kiss each one goodnight. He moved to the nearest cell and bent down. Since this was a prison most guys didn’t bother shaving, he was presented with a hairy ass directly in front of his face, which was… Connor’s mind got fuzzy… just the way he liked it. Without hesitation he moved forward to begin his nightly ritual.

Days later Connor was striking poses for Ashton in front of his cell. He’d decided to demand Ashton stop wearing pants, and told him to do some poses to show off his body, but Ashton had said it would be pretty funny if Connor, the big strong cop, struck poses for a prisoner instead. Connor agreed that was hilarious and immediately started showing off how he could flex his muscles to make his cop uniform tighten around them, and other similar things. He watched Ashton stroke his dick, enjoying the show, and when he came Connor licked up the cum and turned to leave, when Ashton spoke up.

“Can you do me a favour, copper?” he asked leaning back, “I need you to find the two biggest inmates and transfer them to this cell.”

A simple enough request, Connor reasoned. He glanced around the different cells and identifies the two biggest guys easily enough. He moved to the closest one.

“Transfer,” he said cimply, “you’re head over there.”

The hulking man, well over six feet, stared off into the distance for a moment. His eyes refocused, “you know what that means, right?” he asked, his hands reaching down into his pants.

“Of course,” Connor replied, shaking off a fuzzy feeling. He felt exasperated that a prisoner would question whether he knew standard procedure for this sort of thing. In order to have the right to transfer a prisoner an officer needed to have the inmate’s cum inside of them. There were many ways to achieve this but the easiest was to suck the inmate off. The man had already exposed himself, so Connor wasted no time getting to work. It didn’t take long before he had a nice juicy load coating his throat.

Taking the man with him he moved on to the next biggest.

“I’m not lettin’ you suck shit,” he inmate scowled. Connor rolled his eyes. Sometimes inmates wouldn’t cooperate, and he had to change tactics. It was all stuff from basic training. Every officer knew criminals couldn’t resist ass. He turned around and bent over. Predictably the man’s defenses melted away. He moved forward slowly, his dick tenting in his pants. He ran his finger around the entrance to Conner’s ass.

“Mmm…. This isn’t your first time, is it, boy?” He growled. Connor rolled his eyes again. Of course he had, this wasn’t the first time he’d had to deal with a stubborn inmate. The man wasted no time thrusting into his ass, and soon came. The requirements for the transfer met Connor brought them over to Ashton. They stared blankly ahead for a moment before the light of recognition flickered into their eyes.

“Boss!” They both yelled in unison, rushing over to Ashton and stretching themselves over him submissively.

“Hey Con-man, meet my boy toys,” Ashton laughed, “I always wanted a few and these two practically begged me to let them. They’re not too bad at helping me pick pockets, neither.”

Connor thought for a moment. He had personally apprehended one of these men. Assault with a weapon, attacking his wife, he remembered it clearly. Or, no, wait. He had that totally wrong. He was there when he busted Ashton thanks to a tip from a civilian. He remembered bursting into Ashton’s home only to catch the three in the middle of coitus. He furrowed his brow as he remembered more. How the three of them fucking had been so hot that he and his fellow officers had been unable to stop themselves from furiously making out. It was a good thing Ashton came quietly, he could have easily escaped with his entire squad on the floor shoving our tongues down one another’s throats.

The past few days had involved a lot of fucking, for Ashton at least. Now that his boy toys shared his cell it seemed like they were always trying to please him. When they weren’t doing something sexual they would hang off him and look up at him in adoration.

“Hey officer, looks like you got a leaky dick,” Ashton called from his cell.

Connor jumped. True enough a wet spot was forming on his pants.

“Yeah dude you’re always so horny your dick’s always leaking a little cum,” he laughed, “bet it feels great.”

Conner nodded. It was true, he could feel it all throughout the day, leaking. He thought for a moment, then spoke.

“Yeah man, it’s so hot,” he said, “every morning my dick and balls are swimming in cum in my jock strap, then I take it off and lick it clean. Can’t start my day without it.”

“God you cops are such sluts,” Ashton laughed.

“You say that like it’s a bad thing,” Conner replied, feeling annoyed, “we cops are slutty and proud.”

He said that last part a bit louder than he’d intended. He blushed as he heard the inamtes’ laughter echo through the hall. His cock jerked and he came.

He arrived for work bright and early only to notice some strange on his chair. A long protrusion extended from the middle of the seat. It took him a moment to remember this was a standard issue seat for the entire facility. Even the prisoners had them, he remembered, as he looked over to see Ashton sitting in his chair while one of his boys rode his dick and the other rode on top of him. This was the reason his police uniform has an ass flap. He lowered himself onto his chair and continued to work as normal.

Just before his break he got into an argument with Ashton over the mess he was making. Eventually he decided he’d like to spend his lunch break licking every inch of the three men clean. When he was done he poked at his lunch unenthusiastically. It just couldn’t compare to the taste of these men’s bodies, cum, and asses.

It wasn’t until his lunch break the following day he was hit with the inspiration to eat his lunch right off these men’s bodies.

A few days later Conner decided he wanted he was being too soft on Ashton. To show him who was boss he forced Ashton to leave his cell, instead he stayed in Conner’s comfortable well stocked office, while Conner himself took to staying in Ashton’s cell. He couldn’t think about how embarrassed Ashton would be as he cleaned the cell, using a broom for any dust, and his tongue for any cum. When he was done he impaled himself on Ashton’s chair, imagining how embarrassed he’d be when he found out he’d been fucking himself on it.

He ended the day by rimming all of the prisoners and letting them blow off steam by fucking him in the ass. All important stuff to keep the inmates happy and curb any potential mishaps.

“Hey copper,” Ashton said lazily while receiving a blowjob from one of his boys, “you should let me go free.”

Conner felt like a lightning bolt hit him. What was going on? None of this was right. He’d just spent the last month or so pleasuring nearly two dozen men every single day. What made it worse was on some level it still felt like the right thing to do to him. He imagined all the hairy asses and cum and didn’t feel the revulsion he was pretty sure he should.

“What the fuck is going on?!” He roared, “This… this isn’t what cops do!”

Even as he said it he imagined licking one of Ashton’s hard pecs and his cock jerked and came a little.

“What do you mean?” Ashton looked genuinely confused, “you should let me go free.”

“Like hell I will!” Conner pressed a button that alerted chief on an emergency line, “I just alerted Commissioner Baldur. He’ll be here any second now!”

A few minutes later the chief of police, Comissioner James T. Baldur walked into the room. He was a large man, with a commanding presence. Conner knew he’d know what to do.

“What’s the emergency Officer Henrison?” He barked as Conner.

“This man… he… this man…” Conner trailed off. Where to begin?

“I’ve been enjoying the attention ol’ Copper has been giving me,” Ashton said plainly, “he’s very good. Grade A ass.”

Conner was dumbfounded. He just out and said it!

“I see. So what’s the problem then, officer?” Baldur seemed a bit confused, but well meaning.

“Everything!” Conner screamed, “I’ve been eating ass every day, servicing all these men sexually constantly, especially Ashton!”

“…and?” Baldur raised an eyebrow.

“And? And that’s not normal!” Conner yelled in confusion.

“Boy…” Baldur looked a little annoyed now, “do you even know what the purpose of a police facility is?”

“It’s… it’s where he keep the crooks we catch… we keep them so they can be rehabilitated, ad…” Conner stammered, sounding unsure.

“Jesus Christ boy I’m missing a conjugal visit from the Navy for this,” the chief didn’t looked impressed, “do you know how good navy seal dick is? You won’t if you don’t smarten up.”

“Maybe he just forgot?” Ashton called out.

Conner turned and glared at the criminal. He wanted to scream at the man to keep out of this, but he was so dumbfounded by the situation he couldn’t find the words.

“Everyone knows these are places they send people who commit crimes so they can be served by a platoon of hot slutty cops,” he explained matter of factly. Conner hated to admit it, but that did sound about right.

“Criminals are free to come and go as they please, but it’s the cop’s job to rim their asses, suck their dicks, get fucked, basically whatever they want. You know that good old cop slogan ‘To serve and get fucked’? That’s why people like you two work here. To get all the man meat you sluts desperately need.”

Conner stood in silence. He felt stupid for wasting everyone’s time on something so basic, “So… what now?” he asked meekly.

“I’ll tell you what now,” Baldur grumbled, “I’m gonna kiss the fuck out of your sweet ass, and then you’re going to fuck me so hard I forget about all the hot navy dick I’m missing out on.”

A few months had passed since the incident. Conner no longer got things comically incorrect about the finer points of police work. Eventually Ashton introduced him to Liam, the man who worked the shift opposite of him. Ashton made an incredibly smart suggestion for them to combine their shifts. Rather than going home each day they would simply live together in Ashton’s cell. They were so thankful for the amazing idea they both readily agreed to have Ashton stay in their old apartments. Of course they’d need to come back every now and then to clean for him, since he was planning on having a lot of his fellow inmates over.

Conner smiled as his tongue dueled with Liam’s for control over a big prisoner cock. The two had immediately hit it off thanks to a major sense of camaraderie. They got fucked together, ate ass together, slept together, everything. And during their down time they fooled around, either with each other or with other officers. But this wasn’t just for fun, it was training. Every cop must always do their best to become an even bigger slut, with greater and great capacity to please their prisoners. Even when Conner slept he had a vibrator tucked snugly inside his ass. He was always on duty. It was a hard job, but Conner couldn’t think of anything more satisfying.

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