Alpha Conditioning -- Tony

By Jake Landry
published June 29, 2020
3926 words

Tony doesn’t like how his friend Matt keeps hanging out with a guy and follows him out into the forest.

“Since when do you want to hang out with Adrian over us? Like what the fuck man?” Tony growled. “It’s Friday night and you’re hanging out with that weirdo?”

Matt’s body tensed up. “It’s not like that! I swear! It’s just I can’t go out tonight.”

“Dude… What’s gotten into you? It’s a fucking party! And you don’t want to go?” Tony said.

“I want to go!” Matt shouted back. “I just can’t!”

“Cause of Adrian,” Tony’s eyes narrowed. His arms crossed his chest. He wasn’t having it. Ever since Matt had done a group project with Adrian, he’d been dipping out at random times. Certain nights he was apparently busy and it was always with Adrian.

Matt’s words seemed to have gotten caught in his throat. He let out a few audible noises but none of them were beneficial to the conversation or his denial. Finally a firm, “no,” made its way out but it was too late.

“Whatever man. You wanna fuck around with him? Go for it. I’m just sayin ya need to really think about where your priorities are,” Tony said. He’d given up, turning around and waving his friend off. He went back into the frat house and dropped onto the couch in the middle of the living room.

“No Matt?” Luke asked.

“No Matt,” Tony confirmed. There was a bit of a sigh in his voice. “Don’t know why he’s hanging out with that fucker so much. Little weirdo must have done something to him.”

“You think? Or maybe he’s just gotten himself a boyfriend…” Luke said.

Tony sat up. “He ain’t gay!” The suggestion was overly offensive just to even think about. “He’s not,” he added, calming down a bit. “Just think about all the women he’s been with.”

“Fine. Bi. Either way, he looks happier. Working out more. Getting buff. And it’s not like he’s missing any practices and only the one game. But he was there till halftime.”

“Hmph,” Tony grunted. “Still. I don’t like it.”

“It’s not for you to like,” Luke pat Tony’s shoulder and left the room.


For the rest of the day and even with the frat party started, Tony couldn’t stop thinking about Matt. Something about the way he was acting was still bothering him. He just didn’t seem like the same guy that he’d known when they first met. “I’m just going to go find him,” he told Luke.

Luke just gave him a thumbs up as he continued making out with some girl. It’s not like he cared what Tony did and he was a bit preoccupied with the woman on his lap, grinding against his body.

Tony headed for the dorms and saw that Matt and Adrian were just leaving. He ducked back, hiding himself behind a building and then watching them walk into the forest behind the dorm rooms. “Where are they going..?” he muttered to himself. Quickly and quietly he chased after them trying to keep his distance but not lose them in the trees.

But neither Matt nor Adrian noticed him as he skulked behind them. What surprised him was just how deep they were traveling into the area. Tony had always known there was a forest behind the school but hadn’t realized just how deep it went. Luckily the full moon was out, giving him a decent amount of light, but he had to make sure not to trip over anything as he followed behind.

“Woah…” Tony muttered as he saw where they were going. The place was a mansion, despite most of it crumbling away. The walls were still up but most of the windows were broken and several holes were where much of the siding had fallen off. He didn’t know how something so big and old could still be standing. Let alone be off in the middle of the woods and no one know about it. It would have been the perfect place to hold the next party.

Right now, he had something else he had to do. Adrian and Matt had already entered the house, and he was rapidly falling behind. Though, when stepping on the first step, his heart almost stopped as a loud creak filled the mostly silent forest. Tony paused. Waited. Then slowly started to make his way to the front door. He kept his weight on the edges, closer to the walls where most of the structure should have been able to hold his weight.

Each step made his heart beat faster, afraid that he could set off another loud creak off, alerting Matt. He couldn’t give a shit about Adrian. The dorky little nerd didn’t deserve his respect. He was always talking about spell books or some kind of magic. There was no way Matt could fall for a loser like him. But if the two of them were a thing… Tony paused. Was it really his right to ruin it?

“Awww… Man! Look how big you’ve gotten!” Adrian said.

“You think?” Matt almost sounded a bit bashful at the comment. “Did I do good?”

Tony felt himself freeze. His entire body wouldn’t move. Now caught between wanting to leave and verify. That single question, ‘did I do good?’ should have been enough of an answer, but something was still nagging at the back of Tony’s mind. Matt was never this submissive. With any girl, he confidently swept them off their feet and based off the sounds the walls made, dominated them with pleasure. Now he was even bigger. Stronger. And Adrian was less of a man than most of the girls Matt normally dated.

“Oh yes! You are good. You’ve been working so hard!” Adrian complemented. “You’re my big. Strong. Sexy pup.”

Inching closer, Tony could see Adrian’s small finger twirling around Matt’s nipple. His large naked body could command any room but right now he seemed to be submissive to Adrian. ‘Naked?!’ Tony’s eyes went wide as he realized he could see all of Matt’s naked body. His firm ass pointed right at him.

Tony held back a scream. He didn’t want to see this. But at the same time his eyes wouldn’t look away. There was something off. Matt was always a kicker on the football team. A good 170ish lean muscular build. Though, right now he seemed so much bigger. His lithe and smooth arms were bulked out to his sides with thick rounded shoulders holding them up. There was a clear gap between his arms and waist as thick lats pushed out while his waist stayed thin.

“I am?” he leaned forward.

“Uh-huh!” Adrian said. His hand went from Matt’s thick chest to under his chin, scratching it. “You’re such a good pup! A very good pup! And good pups get a treat.”

Matt’s body flexed. Every muscle seemed to love the feeling as his chin lowered and body tensed. His weight shifted from the balls of his feet more towards his toes. Somehow he was looking even bigger. His frame took up so much space in the room, yet he didn’t look intimidating or threatening in the slightest.

It looked like he would tower over someone like Tony’s 6’2” 230 pound body. And every muscle in his back cut deep, defining each and every muscle back there. But then there was the hair growing. Rapidly filling out his skin and covering him up. His ears turned pointed and went to the top of his skull while his face pushed further and further out in front of him. Sharp pointed teeth jut out of his mouth but were covered up by his lips.

“Aww… You weren’t supposed to change yet…” Adrian groaned.

A soft whimper came out of the massive wolf’s mouth. His large body sat down to the ground with his weight on all fours, head hanging low. Even his tail stopped wagging. It hung limply between his legs.

“It’s okay,” Adrian said. “That’ll just have to wait till morning. Till then, we can have fun other ways.”

‘What the–’ Tony didn’t know what he’d just watched. Somehow his friend had just turned into a giant wolf creature. Looking at him on all fours still almost as big as Adrian, was terrifying. Without thinking, he took a step backwards and a loud creak filled the silent house. The two looked at the door. Everything around him stopped. If he started running right now would he get away? Could they think it was just an animal or the house settling? His heart beated hard as each second ticked away. The answer was unclear.

“Fetch,” Adrian ordered.

Matt lunged through the door. There was nothing Tony could do. His body just froze. Seeing that near 400 pound beast barrelling at him, he couldn’t think. It wasn’t like football. Not just some guy in gear that would tackle him but a full on beast holding him down. His fangs were exposed as he growled, dripping saliva as he did so.

“Ma-Matt?” Tony stuttered. There wasn’t a time in his life when he’d ever felt so powerless. No matter how much he tried to struggle or get away, Matt’s powerful body held him in place. It didn’t help with how scared he was either.

“Shh… Shh…” Adrian started rubbing Matt behind his pointed ears. “It’s alright. Just a new friend.”

“New friend?! What the fuck did you do to–” Tony’s anger was cut off by Matt again. Claws started to dig into his arms and he was growling again. But he was more concerned about the thick cock dripping on his shirt.

Adrian tried to sooth him. “It’s okay. He’s not going to hurt me. Not with you around.” A wicked sharp tooth smile flashed from his face. Tony could have sworn those teeth were just as sharp as Matt’s were now. But then he lowered down holding something in his hands. “And he won’t want to in a minute.”

“What the fuck!? What are you doing?!” Tony tried to struggle, but ultimately it was useless. The only part of his body he could move was his head and Adrian just slipped a dog mask over his face. Nothing could be done.

“Up-up,” Adrian ordered and Matt jumped off of Tony’s body.

The weight was lifted and Tony was able to sit up. He brought his hand to his face and massaged his forehead. Moonlight flowed in front the room covering him. He could almost feel penetrating through him. “Oh fuck… Man…” Tony groaned. His body felt so heavy. And mind felt so slow. But then he remembered the mask. “What the–” he struggled to take it off.

“Nuh-uh… That’s not a good pup. Do you want to be a good pup?”

Tony felt his mind flutter with excitement. It was like a massage directly to his brain. Serotonin and endorphins seemed to have gone haywire at the words ‘good pup.’ “Uh-Huh! I wanna be a good pup!” a rush of energy rushed through his body and he started hopping around. His rationality was slowly slipping. Each time he would have said, ‘I need to escape,’ it was replaced with “I wanna be a good pup!”

“Ok. Ok,” there was a laugh in Adrian’s voice as he tried to calm down Tony. “Calm down. Now, sit.” Instantly Tony’s body dropped and hands hit the floor. His legs were tucked underneath him and he stared up blankly at Adrian through the mask. His head tilting back to look up at him. “Good boy,” Adrian smiled. His fingers ran through Tony’s black hair. “That’s a really good pup!”

“Good pup! Good pup!” Tony chanted it back. He wanted to leap for joy but settled with shifting his weight from side to side. His mind was abuzz again with all kinds of good feelings and he couldn’t focus on anything other than pleasing his master. Though the occasional, ‘RUN!’ seeped through, he quickly swatted it down as Master wouldn’t like that.

“Yes. Very good pup!” Master said. His hand pet the top of Tony’s head and ran down the side of the jock’s face. Master’s attention turned to a book. He started saying several words that Tony didn’t recognize. Tony couldn’t even tell if it was still english. His mind was starting to fade, replaced by something else.

‘No!’ he wanted to scream but it only came out as a light whimper. Master didn’t like it when his pups spoke. They were supposed to only listen.

“Shh… Shhh…” Master soothed. “It’s okay. You’re doing so well. You’re making me so proud…”

‘Proud?’ another shot of excitement flew through his body. Tony wanted to wag his tail so badly but there wasn’t anything there. He tried his hardest expecting something to happen but suddenly he felt so empty.

“Stand,” Master ordered. Tony followed without question, standing a good head taller than him. His wide shoulders and thick muscles would be able to serve his master well. But compared to Matt he was so small. Master noticed his sadness. “What’s wrong? Speak.”

“Small…” Tony whined.

“Small?” Master seemed to think it was funny. He tried to hide his laughter but didn’t do very well. Thinking about it, Master only came up to his shoulders and probably weighed 100 pounds less than him. And most of what Tony had was hard trained muscle. “It’s okay. You’ll be as big as Matt the next full moon. But after that you can grow until you think you’re big.”

Tony started to shift his weight back and forth again, wanting to wag his tail but still, something was missing. Then Master leaned his head against Tony’s chest. His soft hands laid on his muscular pecs. Tony’s arms naturally wrapped around him to make him feel safe. “You’re going to be such a good and loyal pup,” he said. Then backed up a few steps to look up and down “Now strip.”

He quickly did as master said, pulling off his shirt, kicking off his shoes and dropping his shorts and boxers down to the floor. Tony’s cock pointed straight out towards Master but all Master could do was shake his head. “That won’t do…” he muttered.

Excitement was rapidly being replaced by fear. ‘What did I do wrong? How did I displease Master? AM I not big enough? Or strong enough? I can get bigger!’ he wanted to say. But only a series of whimpers and whines came out of his throat. He could only hope that Master understood.

“It’s okay. It’s okay,” Master soothed. His hand traced Tony’s muscular chest, caressing the hard muscle. “It’s just you shouldn’t wear boxers anymore. You only want to wear singlets, jocks, g strings, speedos or very tight underwear if anything at all.”

‘Is that all?! I can do that!’

Master noticed his excitement. “Of course you’ll like it. You’ll love feeling the lack of vanity. You love showing off your body whenever you get the chance.”

‘I do! I do!’

“And such a big strong body it is…” Master’s hands gently rolled over each of his firm muscles. The soft touch tickled Tony’s skin, but he remained as stiff as possible. Though the throb in his cock was impossible to contain. He could feel it starting to leak. “You like that?” Master noticed.

Tony wanted to answer so badly. But Master hadn’t said he could. He hoped Master could tell. “Oh,” Master’s surprise quickly turned to a smile. “I almost forgot!” he walked away for a second. Tony wanted to follow. To feel his hands on his body again. But he was told to stay.

Master quickly returned with something. ‘A tail!’ he already felt his hips wiggling back and forth.

“Alright. Alright, calm down,” Master’s hand gently slid down Tony’s back and against his firm buttcheeks. He gave them a firm slap, then opened them wide. Tony felt a pressure against his ass. The cold plastic pushed harder. He whimpered at the pain as Master pushed more and more in. “It’s okay. You’re doing great.”

The complement made it all worth it as Tony powered through the rest. He flexed and dug his nails into his skin but couldn’t help but make a few moans and groans. The feeling was so foriegn to him, but the more that went in the more he liked it.

“Good job,” Master said. “You did such a good job. Such a good pup!”

‘Good pup! Good pup!’ Tony wagged his hips back and forth feeling the tail go along with it. Pride swelled deep inside him.

“Now down.” Tony dropped to all fours. Good pups weren’t supposed to stand on two legs. Especially when Master ordered them not to. “Good,” Master pet Tony on top of his head. “Do you want a treat? You’ve been such a good boy.”

Tony wagged his tail. It felt like it was part of him. He lowered his head near the floor and stuck his ass high in the air, shaking it back and forth. “You must want a treat. Does Tony want a treat?”

‘Tony wants a treat! Tony wants a treat!’ a series of yips and barks came out of him as he bounced around at the word.

“Okay. You’ve been such a good boy tonight I’ll give you a nice big bone,” Master dropped his shorts around his ankle. He sat down on a red couch and let it point up to the sky.

‘Is that bone for me?’ Tony stared blankly at the rod coming out from between Master’s legs. He never thought a person could have such a big one. At least 10 inches long and nearly as thick as a beer can. Tony wondered if he deserved such a treat. His excitement turned to caution as he carefully approached Master’s crotch, sniffing it. His eyes looked up at Master.

“Go on,” Master confirmed. “A good treat for a good boy.”

Still Tony approached it with caution. His tongue rolled out of his mouth and he licked the side of it. Master gave a nice moan. Tony continued. He had to put his hands onto the couch to get a better position. Part of him wondered if it would make Master uncomfortable. But Master only seemed to lean deeper into the couch.

He gave it another lick. Slowly up and down the long shaft. Tony loved the smell of his tainted musk. The strong scent from his Master filled his nose. His deep moans resonated off his ears. Tony’s cock throbbed but he knew he couldn’t finish. Not until Master was pleased. Then there was another smell drawing him in. At the tip of Master’s cock a bit of pre started to drip.

Tony licked it off. His mouth opened wide. There was no way he could fit such a bone inside him. It was too big. But Master’s hand pressed against the back of his head. Encouraging him. Tony didn’t know if he was up to the test. He pressed down his fear. Master knew what was best.

Little by little, Tony was getting more and more inside him. He could feel the bone filling his mouth but was careful to avoid using his teeth. Somehow he knew how to flick his tongue and a deep moan would could from Master. “So good…” Tony’s cock would throb at the complement. Each time Master said it, he could feel himself almost finish. But he’d force himself down. Though his tail wouldn’t stop wagging with excitement.

Then, all at once, Master’s whole body stiffened up. His legs stretched out far and back arched. The long thick cock pressed against the back of Tony’s throat and then unloaded in the back of his throat. Tony could taste the salty liquid but quickly tried to swallow it before it leaked out of his mouth. ‘Good pups don’t waste their treats!’

“Good boy,” Master smiled. He pulled his cock out of Tony’s mouth and sat in a more comfortable position, looking down at his pup.

Tony loved seeing Master’s smiling face. His tail wagged even faster. Something about the tail felt off. It wasn’t the same plastic that was shoved up his ass, but actually felt like it was part of him. He looked down to see his nailed darkening to a deek black while dense black fur traveled up his hands and arms. Muscles built upon muscles and his shoulders widened.

Though the mask was starting to get uncomfortable as his face was outgrowing it. A muzzle pushed out from his face, darkening his nose and sharpening his teeth. Tony scratched at the mask, tearing it away to reveal his wolfish visage. He looked past his snout, staring down at his massive hairy body. His red cock throbbing with an unknown amount of excitement. He stood at least 7 feet tall and reeled his body back to enjoy the new size given to him.

Even with all that size he still moved fast, faster than he ever had, down on top of Master’s body. His tongue licked Master’s face over and over again. Tail wagging with even more ferocity.

“Okay! Okay!” Master pushed him away. “How about you and Matt go and play while I finish a few more things here.” Tony turned to his friend, who perked up at the sound of his name. “Go,” Master ordered. “Have some fun. But stay out of sight of the humans!”

The two ran off into the forest to enjoy the rest of their night.


Tony woke up with Master and Matt sleeping with them. Their naked bodies laid close together. Slowly his mind started to stir. Thoughts of the previous night filled his mind and he could feel himself getting hard again.

“Excited already?” Master teased.

“Master! I’m sorry!” Tony apologized.

“Adrian. Call me Adrian when we’re not about to have some fun,” Adrian smiled. One of his fingers was tracing around Tony’s nipple.

“Yes, Ma-Ad-Adrian,” it took a lot for Tony to say. The amount of fun he had last night was still buzzing in his mind. He wanted to do it all over again.

“You’re really excitable. Bet it feels good to have that much energy. We can have more fun later this week but it’ll be a bit different until the full moon comes out again…” Adrian said. “But until then I think you’ll like some of the changes.”

“I do!” Tony could already feel himself slightly stronger and faster than he had been before. His heart raced with excitement thinking about using all that power in the gym, showing up some of the other guys and then growing for Master. He was going to get massive.

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