Envying Edward

By Hypnothrill
published June 23, 2014
1819 words

Kenneth hates the brainless muscle-boy Edward has become…doesn’t he?

[Author’s note: Before I head out for a week of Summer vacation, I wanted to share one last adaptation. I got this from a bimbo stories message board, and again, I didn’t keep track of the original author’s name. But I want to thank him or her for coming up with a great story concept!]

Envying Edward

Kenneth Santos had just finished grading a stack of tests from Dr. Pierce’s lower division cellular biology class, and he was headed across campus toward the student union for a quick bite when he saw his friend Edward. Only the man he saw could not have been Edward.

Edward Summers, Kenneth’s fellow Teaching Assistant and frequent companion at Grad Student Happy Hour, was generally serious in demeanor, with a tendency to dress rather formally for a student, in an oxford shirt and a blazer, sometimes even a tie.

The man Kenneth now saw had Edward’s face and red hair, but he seemed different in practically every other way. In place of Edward’s usual professional attire, this man wore skintight bicycle shorts and a tight white wifebeater that showed off his muscular arms and pecs. In fact, the whole body that those clothes revealed looked more like that of a porn star—especially that enormous bulge in his bike shorts!—than that of an ordinary doctoral candidate in the Government and Politics department.

Even the hair and face were not entirely the same. This boy’s red hair was cut short and gelled, with a pair of sunglasses propped up in it. His eyes were big and vacant, above a wide, stupid grin. A gym bag dangled from one arm—and was that a celtic tattoo around his muscular bicep?—and with the other arm he clung to a nondescript but smug-looking man.

Kenneth caught himself staring at this weird double of his friend when the man met his eye and shouted out, “Heya, Kenny.” Kenneth stood still, and made no reply but a half-hearted wave. The voice was Edward’s too. Unusually deep and sounding a bit vapidly cheerful, but definitely Edward’s. He waited with butterflies in his stomach as the man and this strange musclehead version of Edward approached.

“Um, hey… Edward,” Kenneth said. “What’s up?”

“Wow, Kenny,” Edward began, then let out a braying, “dumb jock” laugh. Nobody, including Edward, called Kenneth ‘Kenny’. “I’ve got, like, the best news for you, dude! I’m not in school anymore. See how super-hot I am now?” He laughed stupidly again.

Kenneth’s mouth opened, but he didn’t know what to say. The man on Edward’s arm regarded him with a look of detached amusement.

At last, Kenneth managed to overcome his shock and embarrassment enough to stammer, “What, what are you talking about, Edward? You dropped out of school?”

“Uh-huh,” the redheaded jock nodded enthusiastically. “All that work and studying was, like, so boring, dude! It made my head hurt, and I just wasn’t having any fun. Now I don’t have to worry about anything but working out and looking hot and sucking cock and fun stuff like that.” He added, with a wink, “I’ve gotten really good at sucking cock.”

Kenneth’s face flushed. The Edward he knew would never talk like this. The Edward he knew was a dignified, intelligent man with bright career prospects, not a vapid male bimbo with no ambition. Was he putting on an act? Was he drugged? Neither of those could explain the fact that he now had pecs that probably wouldn’t even fit any of Edward’s regular clothes and, from the looks of things, an even more oversized dick. Kenneth had just seen Edward, looking and acting normal, a few days ago.

“So, um, what are you doing now?” Kenneth asked.

“Well, I’m showing off my hot new bod,” Edward replied, shaking his ass and thrusting out his crotch, “and we’re also checking out hotties together.” He squeezed his man’s arm and giggled. He smiled in satisfaction.

“How…. What happened to you? Why are you like this?”

“Like, I can’t totally explain, bro” he began, and laughed again, “’cause I’m just a dumb jock, you know, but, basically, he helped me be sexy like a dumb jock should be.” He draped his arms around the man and kissed him on the cheek.

Kenneth had feared something like that. It still didn’t make much sense to him, but maybe there was something he could do to find out what had happened, and help his friend.

“Edward,” he said, “can I talk to you alone for a minute?”

Edward giggled and said “Everybody wants to get the new Eddie alone now! Like, maybe so, dude, but it would be a lot hotter for us to all have a threesome.”

“Jesus, Edward, that’s not what I meant!” Kenneth burst out. “Look, I don’t know what this guy’s done to you, but you’re obviously not thinking straight and you’ve got to come to your senses.”

Edward looked confused. The man spoke up.

“Excuse me, Kenny, is it? I don’t think it’s very nice of you to try and ruin Eddie’s fun.”

“What the hell have you done to him? He looks like a male prostitute. And that dick… so big….” Kenneth trailed off, sputtering, his head swimming. Edward smiled at the mention of his dick and began stroking his crotch through his bike shorts with his free hand. Kenneth stared.

“Can’t you see how happy it makes him, Kenny? Just because he’s a sexy musclestud with a big fat dick and you aren’t, doesn’t mean you should get mad at him,” the man said.

“What? I’m not mad at him, but he’s not like this. You did something to him, you bastard.”

“Oh dear, are you jealous, Kenny?” the man asked, looking him up and down. “I can see you’re kind of pudgy, and you don’t look particularly…well-endowed. I suppose you’re upset that you’re not more like the new, improved Eddie here.” He patted Edward’s butt and elicited another dumb jock giggle.

“I… I am not jealous! I don’t want to be…” Kenneth’s face was flushed and hot. He felt so confused. He wasn’t just lashing out from envy, was he? “His dick looks so big!” he concluded, plaintively.

“You poor thing,” the man said, in calming tones, “I think I see why you’re being such a naughty boy.”

“But how could you do that to him?” he protested. Kenneth looked at Edward and the man, dazed. “I mean, he was, like, a smart dude.” Staring at his friend’s bulging crotch, he added, “That looks natural.”

“What do you mean, how could I do this to him? Can’t you see how much he loves it? If you’re really his friend, you’ll be happy for him and how much of a perfect sexy musclehead he’s become.”

“But,” Kenneth replied, “he’s acting like such a dumb jock, and he looks so weird and….” He tried to sound outraged, but actually felt aroused. “And so hot,” he concluded in a whisper.

“Yes,” the man said, “he does look hot, doesn’t he, Kenny?”

Kenneth bit his lower lip and nodded, trying to avoid the man’s eyes.

“And you feel left out, because you’re friend’s so much more sexy and happy now, so you’re being naughty and wanting to ruin it for him.”

Kenneth shook his head. That couldn’t be the reason, could it? He was being naughty for a good reason. No, he wasn’t being naughty, he was trying to help Eddie by making him less of a hot musclestud. No, that wasn’t right either. It was so hard to think.

“But don’t worry,” said the man, “you don’t have to spoil Eddie’s fun to not be left out.”

Kenneth looked up nervously and stammered, “N-No?”

“No, of course not, Kenny,” the man said, his voice becoming warmer now that Kenneth’s anger had subsided. “I can see why you’re so upset now, so even though you were being a naughty little boy, I think I’m going to help you.”

Kenneth blinked. “You are?” He trembled, but also felt a little relieved.

“Yes, Kenny, you won’t have to worry about being left out of Eddie’s fun anymore. Just come along like a good boy and I’ll explain.”

Kenneth didn’t move, just looked at the man and Edward, wide-eyed.

The man reached around and gently cupped Kenneth’s butt with his free hand.

“Come on,” he whispered, guiding him forward. Kenny came forward. He looked up at the older man’s face, just inches from his own now.

“I’ll help you be a hot musclestud just like your friend here if you just be a good boy for me, okay?”

“Like, okay, dude” he said, and giggled stupidly, just like Eddie.

“So, apologize for being so naughty before.”

“I’m sorry,” Kenny said plaintively to him, his eyes downcast.

“Apologize to Eddie, for trying to ruin his fun.”

He turned, his head downcast, staring at his friend’s bulging crotch and said, “I’m sorry for, like, trying to spoil your fun, dude. I was just jealous of your big fat dick and all that cock you get to suck and stuff.”

“That’s a good boy,” the man said. “Now kiss and make up.”

Kenny’s face lit up and he wrapped his arms around Eddie, resting his hands on the globes of Eddie’s new bubble butt. The two boys made out like only those who are (or are soon to become) very close fuckbuddies can, moaning and grinding their bodies together. At length, they turned back to the man, both laughing stupidly and wearing huge vacant grins on their saliva-slick faces.

“Shall we go?” he said, holding out both elbows. Two flushed, breathless dumb jock boys grabbed hold and walked on with him.

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