All Tangled Up

By TickledPink
published June 9, 2018
1905 words

The gamemaster helps run a game night for Teddy and his friends.

Teddy hadn’t started out too enthused about a bunch of party games, but now he was determined to win.

“Teddy! Right hand red circle!” The gamemaster called out.

Teddy swung his body around, trying to keep his balance as much as possible. He edged his hand over to the red circle, careful not to lift his feet from the ground, his left hand suspended in mid-air, not yet assigned to a colour. The manoeuvre brought him face-to-face with his friend Matt, and his yellow cap tilted shifted, pushed by Matt’s matching one in green.

Matt’s freckled face was determined, the green cap sitting on top of his ginger hair, cropped short on the sides, with a short red beard. Teddy was close enough to see Matt’s gold eyebrow ring glinting in the slightly wobbling light of the spinning overhead fan. Teddy heard the gamemaster flick the spinner again, before calling out once more.

“Jared, left hand green circle!”

From his left Teddy heard Jared shifting, then felt as Jared reached over him, to get to the green spot he needed. Jared’s bare chest settled on his back, warm and well-muscled, and he knew the tickling sensation was his thick, black chest hair. Teddy remembered that Jared had objected when the gamemaster had first shown up to the party, uninvited. But soon it was explained that obviously the gamemaster had to be there. Who else would run the games? And games were fun, and everyone liked fun.

“Judah! Right foot, red circle!”

A blue trainer slapped down onto the circle next to the one on which Teddy’s hand rested. Blue socks extended up the calf of Judah, Teddy’s friend who owned that foot. Judah’s golden-brown skin, nearly hairless above the sock shook slightly in Tedd’s peripheral vision. He could feel Matt’s breath on his face, quickening from the effort of keeping stable.

Judah had objected, and the rest of them had joined in, when the gamemaster had told them to get changed for the games. They thought it was ridiculous that they couldn’t play in their own clothes. Boy had they felt foolish when the gamemaster took out the rules. It was written down, black and white and plain as day they had to wear the game clothes, otherwise it wouldn’t work. And besides, they’d been told they could keep them after, for when they felt like playing again.

“Matty-boy! Right hand red circle!”

Matt groaned. He only had one foot down and this was the third right hand position for him. Teddy was thrilled though, every poor move for Matt brought him closer to victory. The red circles were rapidly filling up, and the closest one available to him was behind him. He shuffled around on his foot awkwardly, using his left hand for leverage. He managed to arrange himself and got his hand on the appropriate square. This had the side effect that Teddy was no longer looking at his friend’s face. Instead, Matt’s bare arse, framed by the green jock-brief he wore as part of the game uniform waved in Teddy’s face.

They’d felt ridiculous, Teddy remembered, when they’d first put on the uniforms. They’d all changed together (after they’d been helpfully reminded that they weren’t shy around each other). Standing there, attired in their snapback caps, jock-briefs, trainers and calf-socks (in bright red, blue, green and yellow respectively) they couldn’t help but feel that something was off with this situation. But the gamemaster had waved away their concerns with a quick reference to the rules and they found themselves agreeing. It was in the rules, and what was the point in playing a game if you’re not going to follow the rules?

The game continued, pushing them together in different ways with each flick of the dial. Then the gamemaster gave a command that made them pause for a moment, unsure if they’d heard it right.

“Teddy! Right hand yellow hole!”

Teddy raised his right hand, and paused. Hole? He thought. What hole? There were the circles, he thought looking at the mat they were playing on. But they were circles, not holes. Where would he find a yellow hole? He looked up at the gamemaster, questioningly. The gamemaster simply raised an eyebrow expectantly. Then the yellow brim of his cap at the top of his vision caught his attention. Of course! He raised his hand to his mouth. The gamemaster didn’t lower his eyebrow. He pushed a couple of fingers into his mouth, questioningly. The gamemaster rolled his eyes, and nodded behind Teddy.

Teddy sucked on his fingers while he thought, before it clicked what the gamemaster was indicating. He pulled his fingers out of his mouth and swung his hand behind him, seeking it out. He felt his fingers tickle at his arsehole, and the gamemaster gave a slight smile. Happy to have worked it out, Teddy continued to play with his hole, his wet fingers prodding at the entrance. He tapped a rhythm on it, subconsciously. The game continued. Teddy shifted his position a few times, but his right hand just wasn’t getting called. Without even noticing he was doing it, Teddy had been pushing his fingers in and out of his hole, ever so slightly deepening with every instruction they’d been given. He couldn’t have said why if asked, he just knew it felt right.

“Matt! Left hand red bulge!”

Matt, having worked out the additional rules from Teddy’s ministrations, didn’t hesitate, bringing his hand quickly to rest on the front of Jared’s jock. Realising the potential for distraction, and thus winning, Teddy saw that Matt started fondling and stroking at the fabric covered cock in his hand, attempting to put Jared off balance. Teddy could see Jared’s face screw up with concentration, lip curling under his black moustache. For some reason the view, along with the very pleasant tingling sensation from his hole was making his cock twitch and swell, but he chose to ignore that for now.

“Jared! Tongue to blue bulge!”

Fully into the swing of it, Jared shifted himself into position next to Judah, who was at least conveniently positioned, his bulge raised enticingly in the air. Jared pushed his face down, tonguing at Judah’s cock through the material. Judah’s arms and legs started to shake, but he gave no indication that he was going to fall. He shook his head slightly, and a stray black hair fell loose from the man bun he’d worked so carefully through the hole at the back of the cap.

“Judah, tongue to yellow tongue!”

Teddy watched as Judah looked over and leaned in, a small bead of sweat slowly glistening down from under his cap. Seeing his chance for victory, Teddy leaned away, trying to get Judah to overbalance. Judah pouted slightly in annoyance, his brown eyes pleading silently with him, even as Jared continued mouthing at his cock. The gamemaster cleared his throat.

“Come on, be a good sport.” He reprimanded.

Teddy rolled his eyes and leaned in, meeting Judah’s tongue with his own. Their tongues wrestled playfully as the two made out. Teddy found that his fingering was becoming ever more vigorous with this new stimulation, and his cock was pushing even more insistently at his jock.

The game played on, and Teddy found himself ever more twisted up with his friends. His right hand had been called into service on the green bulge a few turns ago (and his left to the blue nipple), and he was slightly surprised to find he was missing the attention his hole had been getting. On the plus side he’d managed to get into a position that was reasonably easy to maintain.

“Matty! Tongue to yellow hole!”

Teddy felt a warm, wet sensation tickling at his hole. Matty had expertly shifted from blue tongue to yellow hole in seconds, and apparently the kissing he and Judah had been doing only served to warm him up. Teddy quickly found his legs twitching from the ticklish combination of tongue and beard assaulting his hole. But he was now in a far more stable position, and was in no danger of falling, even with the awkward shift he’d had to make keeping his right hand in position.

“Jared! Tongue to yellow nipple!”

Teddy saw as Jared looked up, frowning under his red cap, pushed back over many turns to reveal his thick, dark hair. He was on the other side of Judah, and had one foot way over on a green circle. He leaned over Judah, tongue outstretched comically. He looked like a cartoon character, seeing something delicious they just had to eat. And he overbalanced.

Jared tumbled forwards, onto Judah, who knocked back into Teddy. Teddy stumbled slightly, but kept his feet in place. The movement pushed him back into Matt, whose precarious footing gave out, and he too fell to the ground. Teddy stood for a moment, taking in his friends, splayed out around him. He looked up at the gamemaster, expectantly. The gamemaster gave a slight smile, and a nod, before gesturing to Teddy. Teddy raised his arms in triumph.

As his friends collected themselves the gamemaster beckoned him over to a table nearby. He pulled the white cover off with a flourish and revealed what was on the table beneath it. Four rows of buttplugs sat upright on the table. Increasing in size, from a small one marked with a 1, to a large one marked with a 3.

“They’re points, not length” the gamemaster explained helpfully. “Each game you win gets you one point, and the first to three is the winner of the night!”

Teddy baulked. His friends had made their way over to the table and they too started to object to the scoring system. The gamemaster cut them of with a gesture. He pulled out a copy of the rules and flipped through. When he found what he was looking for he turned them around and showed the guys. And their it was, laid out neatly, the scoring system explained in (graphic) detail. The gamemaster handed the yellow “1” plug over to Teddy and then spoke to Jared, Judah and Matt.

“You three get that packed up, and we’ll get the next game set up shall we?”

Moving quickly to comply, the gamemaster turned back to Teddy who was looking at the buttplug in his hand with some confusion.

“Oh don’t worry,” the gamemaster said, picking up some lube from the table “it’ll be fun!”

Teddy soon officially scored, feeling his one point lead settling between his cheeks. He looked at himself in a mirror, curving his back to see his behind. He could just see the edge of the yellow plug, matching the straps of his uniform and contrasting sharply with his nut-brown skin. He scratched absently at his black beard, with the streak of white covering a thin scar. He couldn’t help but admire how his uniform showed off his body, and wondered why they hadn’t always been dressing like this. The gamemaster was right, he thought to himself. This was going to be a fun evening.

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