Alpha Pheromones

By Gayborhood
published May 6, 2014
2856 words

Mark develops a spray which can help assert his dominance over the apartment, and his roommate.

I was used to Mark’s weird experiments. Every time I got home from working at the bank my post-doc roommate was trying out some new gadget, working on some new formula, asking me to drink things. So when I opened the door to see Mark spritzing a ring of keys with a spray bottle, I knew I was in for a long, drawn out explanation.

“Hey Mark.” I sighed. “What’s the hypothesis this time?”

“Oh, no hypothesis.” Mark remarked. “This one really works. Already tested it out in the lab. You can come in, Frances.”

I realized I was standing in the doorway. I stepped inside.

“Uh huh. And what does it do?” I asked.

Mark put his fingers to his lips, walked behind me, and shut the door.

“Don’t want anyone hearing.” Mark said. “Now, check this out. Let me see your wallet.”

“Uh, okay.” I absolutely did not want to give him my wallet. But the explanation would get over sooner by just playing along, so I pulled it out and handed it to him.

“Right.” Mark took the spray bottle, and spritzed the wallet on both sides.

“Hey, man!” I protested.

“Hold on, this is great.” He set the wallet on the table. “This wallet is mine now. You can’t have it.”

“What?” I said, through a laugh. This was a new one.

“Go on, try and take it. You won’t be able to.”

I laughed again, and reached for the wallet. I could get about an inch away, but my hand could only hover there.

“What’s wrong?” Mark quipped.

“I can’t… this is weird.” I concentrated on my hand, trying to close it around the wallet, but my fingers refused to obey me.“What did you do?”

“I call it Alpha Spray.” Mark beamed. “A mixture of my own pheromones, some chemicals, and a cocktail of other things.”

I gave Mark a look of confusion.

“Okay,” he continued, “think of it this way. Humans, like other animals, have a pack instinct, right? That instinct affects how we view the world, and interact with one another. Part of that view is the idea of ownership. You own a house, own a car, and so on.”

I tried to press my arm down using my other hand. It wouldn’t budge. Even thinking about picking his wallet up started to make me nervous. Mark chuckled, then started his explanation again.

“Now, we usually think of ownership as a matter of culture, but it’s really a lot deeper than that. You know how animals mark their territory?”

I gave him a dirty look. “Did you squirt piss on this wallet?”

“Pheromones, Frankie, keep up. Anyway, pack animals have a faint sense of what belongs to whom through smell, among other things. What I’ve done is taken that sense and augmented it. Right now, you think that wallet is yours, but your body senses that it isn’t. Because I’ve marked it.”

“Uh huh.” I could feel what he was talking about. An overwhelming aversion to touching something he had marked. “And when can I pick it up?”

“Oh, now, if you want. Go ahead.”

My hand dropped to the table.

“The fuck?”

“Heh.” Mark grinned. “Once I give permission you can do it. Go ahead and wash it off. The pheromone stops working after that.”

I went to the kitchen sink and ran water over his wallet. My wallet. The distinction was clearer now. Everything would be soaked in there. Stupid roommate. Still, it was impressive.

“I admit,” I say, “that you have made something interesting, for once. But why were you spraying your keys?”

“So no one would steal them, of course.”

“Uh huh. And did you spray anything else?”

“I did.”

“What else?”

Mark smiled. “You’ll just have to find out.”

I sighed, crossed my arms, and scanned the room. What was something Mark wouldn’t want me to touch? My eye caught the TV remote, and I walked over to the coffee table. Sure enough, my hand wouldn’t touch the thing.

“Really, Mark?”

Mark laughed. “Hey, I just think I have better taste in TV than you.”

“Whatever man.” I smiled, against my better judgment. If he wanted his remote he could have it. I sat back on the couch to relax. Or, at least, tried to sit. I was able to squat about the fabric, but not touch it.

“You’re fucking kidding. The couch, Mark?”

“You want to sit on it,” Mark responded, “All you have to do is ask.”

“Ugh. May I please sit on the couch, Mark?”


A beat passed, as I processed what just happened. I groaned, walked back to the kitchen, and tried to grab a chair. I couldn’t.


Mark went into hysterics.

“Where am I supposed to sit, asshole?” I started to get angry.

Mark shook his head. “The floor, man. It’s all yours.”

I shoved him.

“You really are a jerk, you know that?” I exclaimed.

“That’s how it is, huh?” Mark remarked, after getting his footing. “Alright, let’s step this up then.”

He grabbed the bottle off the table, then sprayed a shot of Alpha onto my shirt.

“Dude!” I stepped back.

“Give me my shirt, please.” Mark extended his hand.

“Your shirt?” I scoffed, though in a few moments the statement started to feel true. I got itchy all over my torso. The shirt started to feel heavy, bothersome, hot. It felt wrong. I untucked it and got the buttons loose as quick as I could. I yanked it off my shoulders and threw it at him. A feeling started to well up inside me which I had a hard time placing.

“Very funny, man.” I scowled. “Had your joke yet?”

“Yeah, yeah, fine.” Mark waved me away.

“I’m gonna change.” I walked the few steps to my room, and reached for the handle.

“Mark?” I groaned.

“Yes?” He replied.

“Why did you spray my door handle?”

“That’s not the question you should ask me, Frankie.”


“What do we say when we want something?”

I put my head in his hands. “Fine. May I go into my room, please?”

“Of course, Frances. Go on ahead.”

I turned the handle, and strode inside. I couldn’t tell if Mark had actually come in here, but nothing seemed out of place. Except…

“My hamper? You moved it.” I guessed.

“It’s just in your closet,” Mark explained. He was leaning on the doorway.

“And,” I groaned, “let me guess what you did to the closet.”

Sure enough, the closet’s door was sprayed. As was his dresser. My dresser. Whatever. This whole situation was confusing my brain.

“May I please open my dresser, Mark?”

Mark responded by spraying my jeans.

“Motherf- no, man. Come on.” I pleaded.

“My jeans, please. Give them to me.”

I resisted. A huge knot curled up in my stomach, a nervousness I had never felt before. My legs were on fire, a thousand red ants gnawing wherever fabric met skin. I held out as long as I could, but the pheromones won out. Off the jeans came. I kicked them at his smug face.

“Happy, you pervert?”

“Oh, better not call me names, man.” Mark reached the bottle out again. This time, though, I was ready, and dove out of the way. I leapt towards his bed, realizing too late that Mark had claimed it. My body crashed against the baseboard and fell to the ground.

As I lay dazed, trying to get my bearings, I could feel the wet, cold spray of Alpha. I shot up in panic.

“You wouldn’t.”

“And why not?”

“Not even you would humiliate me like this.”

Mark smiled. “But you like it.”

“Fuck you.”

“I’m serious, man.” Mark explained. “It’s the pack instinct again. You’re my beta now, and it you feel good doing what I say. Now give me my briefs.”

“Fuck you.” I snarled. My whole body screamed at me, but I refused to take them off. Disobeying him felt awful, but I couldn’t let him control me like this. We were fighting for dominance, and he had nature on his side.

“Come on, man.” He said, calmy.

“You’re a dirty fucker, you know that Mark?” I said. “I’m not going to let you humiliate me like this. I’m gonna -”

“Shut up.” Mark lifted the bottle without warning, and sprayed it straight into my face. It went into my mouth, on my tongue, down my throat. I sputtered, and spit, and tried to wipe the stuff off my tongue. My hands didn’t want to go into my mouth. I tried to speak, but couldn’t. I started shaking.

Mark reached out and gripped my chin. “Kiss me.”

He tugged at my chin, and I couldn’t resist. Not with my body still fighting to stay clothed. He inched my head forward, and I obeyed. Our lips met. Mark pressed his mouth against mine, and to my surprise, I pressed back. That strange feeling came back, and I was able to place it. The desire to follow Mark’s lead, and relief at doing what he commanded. I felt the alpha’s tongue flicking against my lips, and I opened them to receive him. I moaned.

“Now.” Mark said, breaking the kiss. “Doesn’t it feel good? To do what I say?”

I sighed, defeated. I couldn’t lie to him. I nodded.

“Good boy. Now, the underwear?”

I slid the briefs off quickly. A wave of relief suffused my body.

“Much better.” Mark sat back on the bed and admired my nudity. “Now, what this experiment shows us -”

I took the chance and bolted out of the room, through the open door, and ran to the exit. My hands hovered around the knob, useless. I tried to cry out, but couldn’t.

Squeeze, I told myself.

My mind screamed out that I can’t. Mark won’t let me.

Squeeze, you little shit.

Slowly, agonizingly, my hands enclosed the knob. I could feel shame overwhelming me.

Now turn.

Just the effort of touching the knob was all I could manage. Turning it was more than impossible. I rattled the door instead.

Come… on…

I jumped when another wet spritz of the spray hit me from behind.

My ass.

I froze. My hands fell from the doorknob. I could feel his hand start to caress where he sprayed me. A shiver ran up my spine, sending a tremble through my body. I wanted to spin around, punch Mark in the face, but the thought made me tired. Submitting felt so much easier at this point, so much nicer. Why shouldn’t I let him touch me there? My ass belonged to him now. I put my arms against the door and leaned into it, opening myself to his touch.

“Good boy.” He said, pressing his crotch against me. I could feel him pulling at the button on his jeans. His other hand used the bottle to send more spritzes up my back, along my neck, on my head. Claiming more of my body for himself. I could feel myself surrendering more and more. His jeans fell to the ground, followed closely by his boxers. I shivered again when I felt his cock press between my cheeks. He placed the bottle on the table, grasped some of my hair in his hand, and gently pulled back. I obeyed, with a sigh.

“Whose ass is this?” He asked, giving me a swat.

“Y-yours.” I gasped. I could only speak if he let me. The thought exhilarated me.

“That’s right.” He said. He released my hair. I could feel him lubing up his dick.

Getting inside me took some doing. I had never even thought of sticking something up my ass, let alone my roommate’s dick. The more pressure I felt back there, though, the more I wanted it. I pushed against him. When at last he broke through, I took a sharp intake of breathe. I tightened around him instinctively.

“Shhh.” He reassured me, petting the back of my head. “Relax.”

My body responded to his words before I could even react. I opened up, and he slowly inched inside me. The feel of his cock stretching my ass sent tingles all throughout my body. When he was all the way in, he stayed there for a few seconds, to let my body adjust. His fingers made slight circles in my hair, calming me. Then, when he started to pull out, his fingers grasped a mound of hair tentatively. He thrust his dick forward and pulled my head back.

“AH!” The sensation took me by surprise. He hit me in a place I’d never felt before, sending fireworks from my crotch and all over my skin. My hands instinctively explored my own body, one sliding up along my chest, the other around my crotch.

“You like that?” He asked in a raspy voice.


“Huh?” He thrust again with the question.

“AHH! Y-yes.” I moaned. My hand encircled my now throbbing cock.

“You want more?” He implored, thrusting in on the “more.” He started to pound me over and over.

“Uhhhnnnn” was all I could reply. I was jerking my dick furiously.

“Uh uh,” he scolded. He leaned over, grabbed the spray, wrapped one arm around my neck, pulled me back, and sprayed my cock. My hand fell away, and I moaned as I gave myself over completely.

“That’s my dick,” Mark crooned, “and it’s not cumming until I make it cum.”

He slapped one hand on my thigh, and inched towards my crotch, all while fucking me from behind. As he reached my pubic hair, he started to tease his fingers around the base of my dick, along my sack, never quite touching me where it counted. I trembled with anticipation.

“Good boy.” Mark said, pulling my body into his. His hand hovered around my dick, without touching it, while he abused my prostate with his cock. When he finally grasped me and starting jerking me off, I climaxed almost immediately, shouting from the pleasure. My legs buckled, and Mark had to hold me up while I shot volley after volley into the door.

His own breathing grew more desperate, turned into moans, and soon I could feel him firing inside me. His arm went from my neck to my chest and squeezed me tight as we both rode out our orgasms, panting. Finally, he let go, and I slid to the floor, out of breath.

After about half a minute of breathing, Mark finally spoke up.

“Alright, beta.” He said. “You have my permission to wash up in the shower. Your body should be back to normal once you rinse this stuff off.”

I leaned up, extending my hand, and Mark helped me to my feet.

“And then can I get dressed?” I asked.


The answer didn’t anger me like it had before. I realized, rationally, that I should be pissed at Mark, and yet all I could feel was desire to please this man. So I accepted his order without protest. One question did bother me, though.



“How am I going to leave the apartment?”

A wicked smile shot across my roommate’s face.

“You won’t.”

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