The Mighty Cock Rises

By Elan Musk -
published June 18, 2020
2006 words

Working on his English paper one hot spring afternoon, Duncan finds himself in a strange battle of wills with an unexpected opponent: his own throbbing, swollen, leaking cock. He loses, and in the process, loses everything.

Darren sat at his computer, working on the final paper for his English class. It wasn’t fair that even as the world shut down and the schools closed and everyone was told to stay inside, he was still expected to do fucking homework! He hated this shit, but it was either finish, or flunk high school. And he would be damned if some bitch named Virginia Woolf and the impenetrable crap she wrote about light houses was gonna stop him from walking the stage with the rest of his class.

He was close to finishing, but progress towards a finished paper was slow, and getting slower with every second he stared at his screen with nothing but endless distractions. Working home alone, with all a virile 18 year old stud could desire (read: porn) just a few keystrokes away. Could they blame him for taking a break every 15-20 minutes or so. To make things worse… he blinked at the stinging beads of sweat dripping into his eyes.

Someone tell April that summer isn’t for two more months. He thought, chuckling humorlessly to himself as he pulled at the soaked fabric of his shirt as it clung to the curves of his upper-body.

He wiped his hand across his brow. The mounting sweat blurred his vision, making it hard to see the keys.

“Why is it so. Fucking. Hot?” He muttered to himself.

No matter what he did, crank up the air conditioner, take off his shirt and shorts–he was sitting at his desk in just a jockstrap now, still it only got hotter. Hotter and harder to focus.

Well, harder to focus on his paper at least.

Indeed, despite his near total disrobing, Darren felt his body temperature continue to skyrocket, the young 18 year old stud felt his skin flush, and began to grow woozy and lightheaded. Sweat beaded on the teen jocks brow, eventually flowing through the valleys and crevices made the bulging muscles that adorned his beefy, alabaster frame.

“Why am I. Sooo… Fucking. HOT!”

The proto-college stud’s rising body-temperature was soon matched by the bulge that rose quickly to full mast in his jock-strap, white fabric made translucent and skin tight by the fount of sweat running down his nude form. Soon the skimpy support undergarment was so soaked, it was nearly impossible to tell where the underwear ended, and Darren’s crotch began. Every vein on his pulsing, agonizing hard-on was clear as day.

“Fuck man, this fucking cock. You’re a big fucking boy, aren’t you buddy?”

Staring at his cock, Darren found himself fixated. From comparing his to the other boys in the locker-room, and the gasps of the girls he’d been with, he knew it was a nice dick. A big dick. Massive even. At 9 inches, it was longer and heftier than most, with a mushroom head that throbbed like fucking Hiroshima as it blushed an angry dark purple.

“Why, why am I so ffffucking HARD!”

Reaching down, he tugged his cock through of the soaked fabric of the jock, marveling as it appeared to grow another inch or two… or three.

“Fuck yeah, look at you. A fucking monster cock tenting my sweaty jock. Dude, I-I need to, you gotta be…”

He pulled it free from its sodden prison, wedging the soggy jockstrap band between his also-swollen testicles and taint. Precum flowed freely from the swollen head’s piss slit as he gripped the shaft with both hands, thrusting forward with his hips, shuddering at the erotic ecstasy. Throwing his head back and grunting, groaning, as his heretofore unmatched arousal reach even greater heights.

“Yeah, YEAH! That’s better, massive cocks gotta be free, gotta be jerked. Heh, it’s… it’s like I’m stroking a fucking ruler down there dude. Gotta goddamn fuck machine loaded and ready to go.”

Darren marveled as his thick cock trembled and shook in his grasp, growing another inch until it was 13 marvelous marbled inches of sexual potency. It felt like he was wrestling with an animal and not just another part of himself. In a battle of passion. One for sexual dominance. Against an animal that struggled and dribbled its spit on him as they tussled. Except instead of spit, it was jizz, tasty fucking jizz and so, so much of it. And he hadn’t even blown his top yet.

“Yeah, look at you leak dude. My big drippy boy. Making so much seed for me.”

The muscled Adonis grinned as he rubbed two fingers along the swollen head of his engorged joy stick, covering them in his viscous sex fluid.

“Tasty cock seed…”

He brought the fingers slick in pre-jizz to his mouth, eagerly sucking on them. Tasting his own stud seed had never occurred to him before but–

“Mmmmmhmmmfffffummpff!” He gurgled around the fingers, shoving them deeper in his mouth. His eyes rolled up in his head in bliss at the taste. Salty sweet, with a tingling aftertaste that echoed along his tongue and up through his skull into his brain, while at the same time reverberating down through his throat and back to his throbbing jock cock, which rewarded his pleasure with an even heavier flow of boy batter. Greedily he pulled the two fingers from his mouth with a loud POP, reaching down to his stud pole to scoop up more musty cream, feeding a newfound need to swallow more… More… MORE! Any other thought or need he’d had before felt like a ghost, half alive, a quiet whisper, when compared to the desire burning in him like a forest fire to guzzle down as much of his own boynut as possible.

“Fuck! You taste good dude. Leaky boy makes some delicious pre-cum.”

For the first time, Darren noticed the swollen lips of his cock head, puffy and red, looked kinda like a mouth. Kinda like a mouth begging to be kissed. The idea was so fucking hot to him in the sexual fog he almost bent down to wrap his lips around it without another thought, but for a moment, his senses returned and he hesitated.

Wait, what’s going on? I’m so fucking horny. My cock is so fucking big… getting bigger. This isn’t, I shouldn’t… shouldn’t want to suck my own tool, right? Is… is that gay?

But then again, gazing at his pretty purples cock head, his fears subsided. After all, sure stroking his cock felt good. Tasting its pre-cum tasted good. Why not? Why not…

Why not… just… kiss it and drink straight from the source?

That would be fucking slutty. Only sluts suck cock. Sluts or fags… or both.

But then again-

Only sluts swallow jizz too, dude He thought, remember the blissful daze tasting his own nut sent through him. How heavenly it had tasted.

Only whores swallow, desperate whores… He pictured imagined desperately licking his own thick shaft, lips pursed around his own mushroom head. So close… so close to release…

Only dirty cumwhores and greedy faggots wanna wrap their lips around a nice fat dick But he needed to know. Needed to know so badly. If his precum was this good. What did a full load taste like?

Yeah, he needed to feel his thick meaty snake shooting down his throat. There was no denying it.

And so therefore there was no denying what he was. What his cock had forced him to become.

He had lost a competition, had never really even tried to resist. Lost to something that was supposed to be a part of him, or so he thought.

Quite the opposite was true, as it turned out.

“Fuck my face dude…” He whispered, licking his lips pleading with himself. His cock. His towering, commanding erection whose purple head, with each throbbing demand, made the head on his shoulders feel second place. Insignificant. Good only for-

“Fuck my slutty fac-”

His reverie for his own hard, dripping cock was interrupted by some new impulse, a wordless command that tingled along the new connections established by the precum he had hungrily suckled, forcing him to bend down so his head neared his crotch. Instinctively he opened his mouth, wide to accommodate his new girth. But not nearly as wide as his eyes spread at the heavenly taste.


He shuddered at the new voice that spoke within him as his two heads touched, completing the transition of power. No need to think anymore, with his useless empty jock head and worthless brain.


There was no room for any independent thoughts with his own massive cock spreading his jaw wide. He felt the pressure in his balls build even more, it was untenable at this point. He was gonna-


He felt the cock in his lips buck as it began to explode. The cock he worshipped. The cock he obeyed. His eyes closed, warmth filling his guts. His mind. Filling him from head to toe.


As more and more cum pumped into him, other things were forced out. Thoughts of school, Virginia Woolf, of all concerns. So paltry now before the demands of Cock.


The force of Cock’s cumshots slowly subsided, but the damage was done. Duncan felt his will leak out into the ether. His mind. His human needs, wants and desires. He was his Cock’s slut now. A whore for its loads. What use did a whore have for a sense of self? And all that remained was Cock, and a need to taste its cum.

Cock fell out of its Cumwhore’s open lolling mouth, still hard, still dripping. It would never go soft. Never run dry. Never relinquish control of the pliable human it had made its vessel.

Reaching up with tendrils of dominance, it jerked its host’s empty useless head up, so that it could see its reflection in the now dark computer screen. So that it could contemplate its glazed expression, its dull eyes, where nothing remained but hunger. And a need to serve the body’s new master.


The Cumwhore looked, and saw nothing. For what were all its muscles but a vehicle for the powerful cock it was born to serve.


Robotically, it began stroking Cock. Cock wanted only to be pleased. Cumwhore wanted only to be used for that purpose.



At the thought of corrupting more boys, showing them the joy of submission, of erasing the self in favor of serving Cock and swallowing Cum, Cumwhore trembled with delight.

Cock would conquer all, and Cumwhore would help. His vessel and chariot, it would be the steed Cock rode to victory.

“Fucking… hot… hot Cock… gonna help make sluts… for hot Cock.”

Satisfied that it understood its new purpose. Cock rewarded his powerful vessel with what it now cherished most. Surprising it with another few pumps of jizz, landing in its face, eyes, on its lips and mouth, dripping from its chin. Instinctively Cumwhore licked its lips, savoring its reward for complying, and complete subservience.


Looking out the window, Cumwhore saw it’s friend Bernard, trudging up the sidewalk, miserable in the heat and humidity. A fellow jock like it had once been. An olive skinned boy, with full lips and a nice plump ass. He grinned with a newfound malevolence.

“Yes master…” He acquiesced, rising to greet the unsuspecting boy as he approached. Not bothering to dress, or even wipe the remaining cum from his face, or where damp streaks clumped in his hair.

Why bother? Why hide the mighty Cock? Why cover his Glory? A glory his friend would serve before too long.

Him and many, many others.

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