A Forgotten Past

By Tom Gungy - Tomgungy@gmail.com
published June 1, 2018
5846 words

A knight finds himself in a bad way after a quest gone wrong, but a friend from his forgotten past may have a solution to get him back on his feet.

Sir Crevan puffed a laboured breath of exhaustion as he collapsed onto his bed. It had been a hard day but a productive one. Old Farmer Jaxton had claimed to be particularly feeble today and took no shame in requesting the knight’s assistant in harvesting the whole entirety of his fields. Sir Crevan was happy to help, though he also knew when his generosity was being taken advantage of. The pronounced limp that Farmer Jaxton milked in front of the knight had disappeared as soon as the old man though Sir Crevan couldn’t see him, and Sir Crevan had heard rumors that Farmer Jaxton had spent every day at the local tavern while the knight toiled on his farm. The knight would simply smile as he thought of such things through and continue to sweat under the hot sun. Sir Crevan’s name was quickly becoming synonymous with charity and good will. Some peasants of the area even swore a “Sir Crevan promise,” an oath meaning that a man would see his work done to the best of his abilities.

Sir Crevan smiled at the thought as he rolled onto his back. The bed provided by the tavern was quite comfortable in perspective. He was happy to accept the offer of a free bed while he stayed in the village to help the locals through their harvest season. He had hoped that in helping the villagers the bed would be offered in thanks for his services. Instead the tavern keeper looked upon him with pity when the lodging was proposed.

“I’d be happy to help a knight in need,” he had said with a look of sympathy plastered on his face.

Such an expression never failed to tie Sir Crevan’s stomach in knots. Why did they always want to pity him when the knight was so clearly helping the villagers? Without Sir Crevan the peasants would’ve seen themselves mostly starved through a cruel and brutal winter. Now with the knight’s help, the peasants will be able to even make profit on their crops. They’ll be able to hire their own farm hands, invest in more land, and purchase livestock. Sir Crevan had single-handedly bolstered the villages economy to ensure its survival for many hard winters to come, yet the villagers still looked at the knight as if he was the one that needed their help. Sir Crevan hated it.

A light, subtle hissing sound broke the knight’s stream of pensive thought. Sir Crevan sat up and sighed for the second time since entering the room. Just below the hem of his worn tunic a dark spot started to spread across the front of his trousers. He felt a wet warmth overtake his backside as well, and an unseemly, yellow puddle formed on the sheets beneath him. Sir Crevan frowned, and his cheeks held a heavy blush. This would make the fifth time this has happened since his staying at the tavern, and he was starting to hate having to ask the keeper for new sheets. There was little to do about the matter though, so he rolled off of the soiled bed and stripped away the wet garments. In removing hi8s pants he his pants he saw the usual reason for the problematic situation. The thick diaper firmly sealed around his loins was a heavy yellow color from front to back, and the leg guards had started to swell past the width of his legs. He blushed even more red to see that his diaper had leaked.

It had been around a year since the knight had made his attempt on the the dragon atop Talcum Mountain, and yet he was no closer to unraveling what had happened to him. He remembered a bit of the assault. A veritable army of adventurers had gathered to defeat the infamous dragon and plunder its copious collection of treasure. Sir Crevan remembered a long journey up the mountain, and he even recalled the ominous entrance of the lair. Despite every effort though, the knight simply couldn’t remember anything after that. He only knew what he was told after awaking at an inn. Apparently he was found by a hunter half way down the mountain, naked except for a thoroughly soaked diaper. He was taken to the small town at the foot of the mountain while the hunter went to search for any more of the party. No one else was found, and the hunter himself was never seen again after he went to investigate for a second time. The man’s disappearance was how everyone knew that Sir Crevan’s mission was a failure, assuming that the dragon had claimed yet another victim. The people of the village didn’t bear any ill will for Sir Crevan’s shortcomings. Many had endeavoured to slay the terrible dragon and failed. They only felt sorry for the knight’s newfound dependence on the particularly thick and crinkly undergarment he could now never go without for the constant fear of accidents.

The knight tore the tapes from the diapers and cast them aside onto an ever-growing pile flowing out of a convenient bin. The keeper was as diligent to empty the bin as he was to change the sheets, yet Sir Crevan had yet to tell him the former needed removal, embarrassed as to how quickly it filled. The knight shrugged to himself as he decided now was as good a time as any to tell the poor man that both needed to be taken care of. Sir Crevan affixed a new diaper around his waist and dumped a fair amount of powder into the front and back of the garment. He found he liked the smell, though he couldn’t put a finger on as to why. It just made him smile and giggle a little. The knight was about to replace his trousers but realized that he had soaked his only pair. He thought about putting them on anyway as he went to inform the tavern keeper of the incident but shook his head. The pants would afford him no more protection from humiliation than just wearing his diapers would. Besides, at this late hour it was unlikely anyone else would be at the bar. The keeper would probably be closing things up downstairs, and he had already seen evidence of the knight’s shame.

Sir Crevan quietly opened the door to his room and padded into the dark hallway with candle in hand. He was careful to creep towards the stairs with all the stealth he could manage, though his diaper proved to make the task to be difficult, if not nearly impossible. Every step brought a cacophony crinkles to echo about the empty hall, and Sir Crevan feared that any one of them would wake the other patrons renting rooms at the tavern. If it did though, none of them investigated the noise, and the knight was left in solitude to proceed down the stair and into the dimly lit bar of the tavern. Just as Sir Crevan had suspected, it appeared that the tavern keeper was closing the bar for the night. Most of the lights were snuffed out and the keeper himself was cleaning out mugs behind the counter. Sir Crevan was half-hidden in the shadows of the stair, unseen by the keeper, and the knight was about to make himself known when he heard another voice from the bar.

“His name would be Sir Crevan,” the voice said. It was clearly masculine and probably addressing the keeper as the man behind the bar seemed to be looking at someone. Who the voice belonged to though could not be seen from the knight’s vantage point. Instead of investigating, Sir Crevan froze where he was, mortified to be caught in such a undignified state.

“And why would you be looking for him?” Crevan heard the tavern keeper ask.

“I’m hoping to-”

Strange man at the bar ceased suddenly, mid-sentence, to lurch to his feet and into the knight’s view. The keeper himself jumped at the sudden movement, and Sir Crevan even braced himself. Nothing seemed to happen though. Then the unseemly and rude sound of flatulence echoed about the room. It sounded strangely muffled, but it clearly came from the stranger, who was now bending his knees to squat his bottom nearly to the floor. More flatulence followed, and a foul smell started to emanate from the strange man as he started to grunt and groan in a most peculiar fashion. It didn’t take Sir Crevan long to guess the purpose behind the strange man’s sudden ritual, however. Suddenly, a large bulge formed from the stranger’s behind, and he relinquished an sigh of relief as he regained his composure.

“I’m hoping to speak with him,” the stranger continued as if nothing had happened. Now Sir Crevan was less wary of the stranger given that the knight was only only afraid of being seen in a diaper before. The strange man had filled the backside of his pants with excrement. Clearly Sir Crevan’s humiliation was far less than his, so the knight came out from hiding and proceeded towards the bar.

“Can I help you, good sir?” the knight asked formally, despite his appearance. The stranger turned to face Sir Crevan, and was recognizable in an instant.

“Lief?” Sir Crevan gasped in surprise.

Sir Crevan couldn’t believe his eyes. Standing before him was Lief the warlock. The sorcerous individual cut an imposing figure with his dark cloak and adventurer’s gait, yet the stance seemed just a span to wide for the usual. Upon inspecting the warlock in the dim candlelight of the bar, Sir Crevan could identify a familiar bulge spanning across Lief’s groin and around his waist. The knight knew the trouser deformity all to well as a poorly hidden and rather thick diaper beneath the warlock’s pants. Sir Crevan often had a similar problem.

“Surprised to see me?” Lief answered with a jaunty smile.

“Yes!” Sir Crevan emphatically answered. “I thought you were dead or held captive by the dragon!”

Lief’s pleasant smile faded as a confusedly furrowed brow overtook his face.

“Don’t you remember?” Lief asked.

Sir Crevan shook his head.

“I can’t remember anything past the moment we came to the dragon’s cave. I’ve tried to remember more, even gone to a few of the magical sorts to help, but it’s all a blank.”

“Wow,” Lief sighed, “you are missing a lot.”

The warlock motioned for the knight to sit down at the bar, and he did. Lief took his own stool. An audible, crinkling squish came from his behind as he sat, and for just a split second an expression of contentment seemed to roll across Lief’s face. He was quite serious in starting his story though.

“As you remember, a formidable mass came to slay the dragon, you and I among them. You led your troop up the mountain path while I took the shorter one through the dragon’s favored diaper dimension where a few were lost to the corrupting nature of the plane.”

“Yes, I remember all of this,” Sir Crevan interrupted anxiously. “What happened after we entered the cave?”

“Well, I can’t account for everyone,” Lief answered, a bit flustered at the knight’s rush for answers. “The cave was massive, and we all went in different directions. I can say that only a handful of us even saw the dragon before they were subdued or defeated. You and I were both the last standing among the few, but we weren’t strong enough to defeat the creature. We were on the brink of defeat. The rest of our allies had been magically disabled by the dragon, and you were the only one still fighting him off when I summoned another portal to the diaper dimension. I saw there was no way we could defeat the dragon that day, so I insisted upon retreat. You were resistant though. You were certain that you could do it, so I had to detain you myself and drag you through the portal.”

“Lief!” Sir Crevan exclaimed in disbelief.

“It was the only thing I could do!” the warlock explained. “You were on your last legs, and I knew it was better to fight another day. I used a quick spell to knock unconscious. It was a textbook incantation.”

“Then why can’t I remember anything?” Sir Crevan asked incredulously.

“I’m not sure about that one, but I think it had to due with the portal. The first one I cast to deliver us to the summit of the mountain was carefully constructed with preparation involved. The second was done in the blink of an eye. The dragon was quickly closing in on us, so I had to be swift. Unfortunately, the portal then lacked the proper protection against the dangers of the diaper dimension, so upon entering it I was instantaneously rendered entirely incontinent. With the benefit of hindsight, I now assume the same applied. My mind fogged over, and I barely had the wits to construct another portal and escort us through it before I was lost to diaper obsession and mania.”

Lief began to blush at the telling of his story and rocked back and forth, crinkling in his seat, for a moment before continuing.

“I eventually regained composure on a much lower point on the dragon’s mountain wearing nothing but the infantile garment I’d been obsessing over. You were nowhere to be seen, and I’d assumed that you hadn’t made it out of the diaper dimension with me until word spread of a kindly knight that couldn’t control his bladder. Then I realized that you had somehow made it and bore the same burden as I.”

Lief looked pointedly at Sir Crevan’s crotch. It was then that the knight noticed a warm sensation emanating from below and inspected the indicated area himself. Sir Crevan had once again wet himself without noticing. He blushed at his humiliating state and shifted his hands to cover his shame. All the while Lief clapped a hand onto the knight’s shoulder in understanding and an affirming smile.

“Perhaps it would relieve you to know that I came to you with a cure for our maladies,” Lief said as he shifted in his seat once again.

“What?” Sir Crevan’s ears seemed to perk at the warlock’s suggestion.

“I’m not entirely certain, but I think I have found a way to render us fully in control of our bodies once again.”

Sir Crevan’s mouth gaped in surprise. Then a bright, excited grin stole over his face.

“How is this done?” the knight excitedly asked. “What must I do?”

The warlock once again rose and beckoned that Sir Crevan should follow him. Lief led him to a window that the keeper of the tavern had left open while he cleaned up the bar. The two adventurers peered out of it. Before them the lights of candles were flickering in the various and few windows of the small village before being snuffed out by tired peasants on their way to bed. Lief pointed upwards, and Sir Crevan took in the mass of stars above them. Most auspicious though was the moon. It was on its fullest cycle and shining brightly in the sky.

“It is no coincidence that we met again upon a full moon,” Lief said as he to took in the gorgeous sight. “It is a necessity for us in order to proceed on our adventure back into the diaper dimension in the best possible conditions.”

“We’re going back?” Sir Crevan asked.

“It’s the only way,” Lief sighed. “Since the day we left the diaper dimension we’ve carried a small part of it with us into our plane. The portals we entered and exited through were flawed, so in a way, we never really left the other realm in entirety. We need to go back the diaper dimension so I can adjust the portal to cleanly sever us from its influences.”

Sir Crevan was not inclined to go along with this plan. He had never had any trust in the supernatural or magic arts as so many of this age did. He did trust the warlock he’d fought alongside with though, and it seemed like he was faced with few options. He went back up to his room and collected his things. After implementing a quick change, the knight also applied his armor and equipped himself with a sword on his side. Lief told him that it was an unnecessary precaution, but Sir Crevan insisted. He was more skeptical than ever of these magic situations and wanted to take no chances.

Lief opened the portal from within the tavern bar. Sir Crevan had been opposed to the idea. He didn’t want the entrance to another realm scuffing up the floor or reek some other chaos since the tavern keeper had been so kind, but the warlock said the portal would do no harm to the tavern. He also pointed out that the private nature of their situation required a little more subtle than fixing it in the open streets. Reminded of how the villagers looked at him, Sir Crevan was then more inclined to agree, and after a small ritual and a few unique incantations of Lief’s own design, a shimmering white rift appeared as if reality itself was being peeled back on either side. A quiet but discernible crinkling sound imminated from the portal as it widened to accept someone of Sir Crevan’s size. Then, with another jaunty smile and a wave of his arms, Lief gestured for Sir Crevan to proceed inside.

“After you.”

Stepping through the portal felt strange and alien to the knight. The cool air of the village’s Autumn night was immediately cut off and juxtaposed by a warm stillness. The world around him was engulfed in white. The terrain was vast. As far as he could see there were rolling hills, and in the far distance he could make out ponderously huge with mountains. Sir Crevan took a few steps to peer out at the peaks to find that every footfall brought a rustling crinkle to break the deafening silence that enveloped him and the world he had entered. He also noted that the surface he stood on had a fair amount of give. He looked down and rose his foot. He was standing on diapers. All around him were diapers. The entire world and everything in sight was diapers, save for the miniscule specks of white that hung suspended and swirling about in the air. With a brief sniff Sir Crevan identified that as baby powder which brought the usual dizzy grin to his lips.

“What a strange world,” Sir Crevan mused aloud. “Was it like this last time?”

Though Sir Crevan had intended for Lief to answer the question, no answer came. Only the eerie and empty silence dominating the still world followed, though Sir Crevan could swear he heard the quietest sound of crinkling from behind him. It didn’t sound like footsteps though. It sounded like the crinkly waistband of reality’s diaper being replaced. He turned around to see that the rift between planes was closing. The familiar sight of the tavern slowly faded from the knight’s view as he rushed towards it. The last thing he saw through the portal was Lief’s face bearing a jaunty smile, though his eyes seemed a bit more glassy and glazed than they had been a moment before. Sir Crevan leaped towards the portal just as it closed, leaving him to land softly in a bed of crinkling diapers.

Engulfed in the padding, Sir Crevan was left to wonder what had happened. Why had he been stranded here? Was there a failure in the spell? Had someone interfered? The knight would’ve thought through the situation carefully and maybe even would’ve arrived at a satisfactory answer if he wasn’t so terrified. He didn’t even remember his last adventure, and it had cost him his reputation and control over his body. This simple revisitation that was only supposed to take a few moments had already gone so horribly wrong, and that panicked the knight. He had gotten up and was so absorbed in his racing thoughts that he failed to be aware of the stray peculiar one that would slip in from time to time.

“Was there another way out of here?”

“Would he be left behind?”

“Aren’t diapers the greatest?”

“Would Lief make another portal?”

“Could he make another portal?”

“Are diapers more comfortable before or after they’re wet?”

Sir Crevan was pacing in thought when he eventually came to realize that he was no longer worrying about whether or not he would be able to escape this padded plane/ Instead his thoughts were entirely occupied with the subject of diapers. Unbidden, his mind explored the joys thereof, the convenience of such a garment, and the undeniable comfort and happiness that they brought the knight. This struck Sir Crevan as unusual at first. He had never had these thoughts before as he traveled from village to village. He found himself ashamed as the peasants felt pity for him and remembered noting many a time how inconvenient it was to constantly change the diapers he was forced to use due to his uncooperative anatomy.

That still didn’t account for comfortability though. How great was it on those hard days behind the plow or harvesting crops that the knight had a nice padded seat wherever he went. In the cold winters his crotch could always be warmed by the release of his own bodily fluids, effectively and conveniently sustaining his own comfort with the help of no one else. He could even provide a more comfortable seat in his diaper, though he had never tried it before to his memory. Sir Crevan could always squat down, empty his mind, and push out a nice, big, warm, comfy…

Sir Crevan snapped to just in time to right himself and stop himself before his body had entirely relinquished control of his rear end. The knight had remembered just in time. Hadn’t Lief talked about the corrupting nature of this plane? Sir Crevan realized what had been happening. The diaper dimension had been exerting its otherworldly powers on him like his own might exert gravity. In his own land the forces of nature kept his feet on the ground. Here he was reminded of how wonderful his cock felt as he ground a diaper up against it. It was so soft, so smooth, so pleasurable…

Sir Crevan shook his head. He had slipped again, but he had recovered quicker this time. Sir Crevan smiled to think that maybe that meant he had started to build up a resistance to the plane’s magics. Perhaps he could wait out long enough for Lief to save him or to find a way out. He had intended to swipe the back of his hand across his forehead in a sign of relief only to notice that his right hand had not obeyed the mental command. Instead he looked down to note with some surprise that his pants had been stripped away, discarded aside, and his hand was rubbing the front of his diaper

Sir Crevan attempted to pick up his pants, stop rubbing the crotch of the diaper, or at least cease caressing with such erotic sensuality, but he was unable to achieve any of the tasks. Worst of all, the knight found that he could his hand could still possessed its sense of touch, and it could feel a hardness beneath the diaper’s exterior as well. Sir Crevan sighed in exasperation and shame. He couldn’t doubt that the non-consensual acts his hands committed on him were quite pleasurable, though he did question whether a non-consensual act could be committed on oneself by their own hand. Instead he let all thoughts about diapers and the pleasure he was presently deriving from them fade into the background of his mind. It was distracting but unavoidable, and at the moment he needed as much mental power as he could muster to escape the diaper dimension.

No sooner had Sir Crevan finished this thought than a slight movement on a far hill drew his attention. At first he thought he had seen a figure rising over the crest of the hill, but the shape suddenly seemed to drop down. Then it was followed by another and then another. A similar triplicate of motion was replicated on a closer hill. Then three drops occurred on an even closer hill. Sir Crevan readied himself. His stance went wide, making for a humorous sight in clearly displaying the knight’s diapered crotch. He was unable to remove his hand from the diaper, so Sir Crevan was left to clumsily reach for his sword with his left hand. He stood ready, weapon in one hand and diapered crotch in the other.

To Sir Crevan’s surprise, however, no enemy appeared over the ridge of the hill on which he stood, nor did he see anything else unusual. He waited for a tick. Then two. The knight’s stance began to falter while he wondered whether or not he had seen anything at all. Then a tremble began below his feet. Sir Crevan looked down to see that the soft, crinkly mass below his now bare feet had begun to shift downwards. The knight leapt back on a whim and in the knick of time. A great mass came forth from the spot where he had stood, and yet more diapers poured forth like a geyser. The geyser took form, suddenly ceasing at a height at least two heads taller than the knight and billowing into a vaguely humanoid shape. It was a golem amassed entirely of diapers, and two more had appeared beside it just as suddenly and bizarrely as the first.

No sooner had the golems appeared than they had begun their advance towards the knight. Every step came with a heavy, empty “whomp” of cushioning pressing out a great mass of air and a mess of crinkling sounds. The center one’s large, crinkly hand reached out towards the knight, but Sir Crevan was ready. His footing was awkward given his spare hand’s groinal activities, but he was able to dodge the hand quick enough to deliver a swift slash with his sword. It cleaved through the monster’s arm, severing it from the body, but if the golem felt any pain from the loss, it gave no indication of such. Instead the arm simply fell apart into the pile of diapers it was and was simply replaced with more diapers flowing from the ground on which the golem stood and through its body.

Sir Crevan was so distracted with the strange process that he had not seen the another golem reach for him as well, nor was he fast enough to sidestep the second golem’s padded grasp. He tried to jerk free of the monster, but he was left with diminished mobility with a hand clasped stubbornly between his legs. He attempted wildly stabbing at the monster. He damaged a number of diapers on its outer layers, but the pierced padding was shed as simply as fur and replaced in the same way as the other golem’s arm had. With its other arm, the monster reached in and took the sword away from the knight like an adult might take a toy away from a naughty child. Sir Crevan attempted to reclaim his confiscated sword but found that his left hand was now failing to cooperate as well. A panicked, cursory glance downwards revealed both of his hands were now massaging the crotch of his diaper, and despite the dire situation he was in, Sir Crevan found that he couldn’t stop thinking about how good his diaper felt.

The knight fought against the alien thoughts that intruded into his mind. Besides his pistoning hands, he stood perfectly still with an expression of concentration. A small part of him was quite aware of how ridiculous he must have looked, much like a pampered infant trying not to fill the seat of his pants. All the while the crinkling grasp of the diaper golem grew to absorb him. Diapers began to to hide the golden gleam of his chainmail and pour down his now trembling, naked legs. The diaper cascade began to climb up his neck as well, and a change began to overtake his face. Pained concentration slowly transformed into blissful pleasure.

“I have to fight them,” Sir Crevan mentally urged himself, “unless I want to be stuck here.”

“Wouldn’t that be wonderful?” a growing voice within his mind returned. “Look at all the diapers!”

“No, the villagers need me!”

“What good is a pamper-filling baby to a bunch big, strong adults?”

“I’m no infant! I’m a knight!”

“A knight who wears diapers…”

“I- I do wear diapers,” Sir Crevan’s admitted to himself, his willpower faltering as the diapers rose to his chin.

“You must love your diapers then.”

“That makes sense. I love my diapers.”



The knight was beaming from ear to ear as the golem entirely engulfed him. His vision became obscured by a thick, pleasurable mass of diapers covering and clinging to the entirety of his body. All the while, the blissful adventurer found his mind entirely engulf by diapers as well having entirely succumbed to the corrupting influences of the diaper dimension. He found that he not only couldn’t stop rubbing the front of him diaper, but now he had absolutely no desire to stop. The diapers congealing around him assisted in his sexual gratification by wrapping around his hands and, with minds of their own, forced the crinkling mits to rub twice as hard against his diaper. The helpless knight moaned and mewed, humping against the padding with gusto.

He continued in this way for some time, pleasuring himself from within the gigantic golem until the pleasure became too much. He felt himself coming to the height of his sexual gratification and began thrusting faster and faster into his crinkling mits. The knight’s breaths became laboured and frantic. His body shook. With a cry and a powerful, last thrust, a wave of pleasure roared over Sir Crevan and his entire body shuddered as he deposited load after sticky load into his heavily worn diaper.

He hung limp within the monster and bathed in the afterglow of his achievement. His erection subsided, and he enjoyed the sticky warmth of the mess he had made. The mittens, unaware of Sir Crevan’s climax, continued to smear the diaper’s new contents up against his groin which brought him an entirely new level of pleasure. Diapers felt so great when they were filled with something after all. The knight found himself wishing he could fill them even more when suddenly another warmth started to pour in. Sir Crevan had begun to wet himself again, and though the act was unbidden it was certainly not unwelcome. His grin grew wider at feeling his diaper swell between his legs only to smile even more when he found himself squatting over.

After a few grunts and more dizzy thoughts about how much he loved diapers, the knight enjoyed the sensation of a nice, warm load filling the seat of his diaper. A new flurry diapers came to caress his backside, squishing the mess up against his bottom while he groaned in pleasure. He was enjoying himself so much that he barely noticed his old diaper being stripped away and discarded outside of the golem’s body to be replaced with a new, clean diaper that had previously been rubbing his butt. The rubbing began anew at this point, and the process was repeated.

While the golem carried him from within Sir Crevan went through over a dozen diapers until the knight found himself again. The golem had opened from the chest where the moaning adventurer had been held, reached in, and deposited Sir Crevan onto the floor in front of it. They were no longer in the diaper dimension. Sir Crevan’s surroundings were still alien to him, but they were much more welcoming. There were stuffed animals, toys, and cribs adorning what appeared to be a large cavern decorated with stray pieces of shining treasure and gold. Before the knight was a kind, smiling face as well. It had large, intelligent eyes and a nose that exhaled a refreshing puff of baby powder with every breath.

“Well, there you are,” the dragon purred in a kind, welcoming tone the instantly endeared him to Sir Crevan’s simple mind. “You got quite a ways, now didn’t you little guy?”

Sir Crevan felt he should say something in response, but only one thing came to mind. It was the only thing on his mind.

“Diapers!” Sir Crevan gleefully bellowed with a childish smile before squatting to fill his own again.

“Yes, I thought you might say that. Little boys have a certain way of falling in love with their padding after a little trip to the diaper dimension. That’s why I had your little friend help you along there.”

Sir Crevan’s eyes roamed to the dragon’s side. On the floor beside his new friend was Lief. He had that same goofy smile he was wearing before the portal closed. It sure made him look happy. And why wouldn’t he be happy? He was wearing nothing but a big, thick diaper, and it seemed to be quite well used by the look of things. Sir Crevan thought that was the best way for diapers to be. He plopped down in his own filled padding, enjoying the warm squish that greeted him.

“Lil’ Lief had to tell a bit of a fib to get you here,” the dragon continued, caressing the warlock’s hair as he did so, “but good boys tell what their elders tell them.”

The dragon turned back to Crevan and scooped the him up in his large, fatherly arms. One large hand patted the seat of Crevan’s diaper which made a squish with every loving impact.

“We had to get our stray adventurer back after all. You were such a naughty boy to wander off from the rest of your party before I was done with you.”

“D- Diapers?” Crevan dumbly babbled the incoherent inquiry.

“That’s right, little one,” the dragon chuckled before enveloping the former knight in a plume of baby powder breath.


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