By Alpha Artemis
published June 17, 2020
2516 words

A pair of Mormon boys on a mission are captured by a stranger. What will happen to them in this strange mans clutches?

Eli again struggled in his bonds but he knew it was futile. He had been trying to fight these bonds since he woke up in them; while they had a little give, he could not break loose. To see Eli He had been blind since he awoke thanks to the blindfold. The guy had seemed so nice, inviting Eli and his companion, Tim, in letting them sit in the living room and discuss the Mormon faith. He had even offered them both a glass of lemonade to quench their thirst. And they had both eagerly accepted. And a few minutes later as they were getting ready to leave Eli started to feel a bit dizzy. Then Tim had slumped back onto the couch and Eli had followed suit. By the time Eli finally woke up, he was naked, tied to what he assumed was a bed and blindfolded. He had yelled for help a few times but after several hours passed with nothing happening, he stopped trying and instead tried to call for Tim. Nothing.

Eli laid in the bed for a few more minutes before he heard a door quietly creak open in front of him. He immediately tried to sit up and demanded to know what was going on and who was there. All he heard was a chuckle and then a hand began to rub across his chest, feeling the muscles there and slowly traveling downward. Eli squirmed and yelled at whoever was touching him to stop but that only brought another chuckle and a hard swat right to Eli’s balls. He yelped in pain and went quiet and the hand continued its exploration. Soon it reached his crotch and Eli squirmed and whimpered but did not cry out, fearing another slap, as his unknown attacker began fondling and playing with his private parts.

The unknown person continued to touch and rub Eli all over while he fearfully requested several times to please be let go promising not to tell a soul. This brought nothing but more chuckles and another lighter swat to his sack. Soon the roaming hand was fondling his ass and he could feel a wet coolness on one of the fingers as it slowly circled and pressed on his hole. He begged and pleaded with the man but to no avail.

Ahh nothing quite like these missionary types, thought the man who had taken the two boys captive. He savored the smooth skin of the boy tied to the bed and thought about the one downstairs in the basement being reeducated. Pretty soon he would be all ready to go and would be brought up to enjoy the fun. But, for now, he could play with Eli for just a bit well Tim finished his programming.

He began to slowly insert a finger inside the boy’s hole and listened to him whimper and gasp as he was violated in a way he had never before been. The man slowly slipped his digit inside the boy until it was all the way in before withdrawing it just as slowly. With his free hand he began to slowly stroke the boy’s dick and laughed when he felt him begin to get hard. He crooked his finger and searched around for a moment and found what he was looking for and pressed lightly on the boy’s prostate. ]

Eli whimpered and tried to not cry from the shame and humiliation he felt. This man was violating him and he was enjoying it! He opened his mouth to beg the man to stop again but, even as he did, he felt a jolt of pleasurable energy surge through him as the man pressed something inside of him. Eli whimpered and to his immense shame let out a low moan of pleasure as the man pressed on the spot inside of him. He felt his cock grow even harder and the man laughed again and began to stroke it a bit faster, pouring the same cool wet stuff on it making it easier for him to stroke.

Eli squirmed more in his bonds but that did nothing but make the finger inside him burn more with pain and pleasure while the man took a firm grip on Eli’s balls and told him to hold still or else. Terrified of what may come Eli froze in place and allowed the man to continue molesting his body. He continued to whimper softly and let out moans when the man pressed on that spot inside of him despite being horrified with the situation.

The man smiled as the boy settled down a bit and decided to move onto the next act. He slowly pulled his finger out of the boy, released his cock and loosened the bands restraining the boy’s legs slightly so they could be lifted. Climbing on the bed, he lubed himself up and lifted the boy’s legs up and to the side. Missionary position. He chuckled to himself at the irony as he lined himself up with the boy’s hole. The boy seemed to sense what was coming and began to squirm again but a quick tug on the straps on his wrists pulled him closer to the bed further limiting his movement. And with that he began to slowly push his way inside the boy.

Eli gasped in pain as the man began pushing what he could only assume was his cock inside of him. He begged and pleaded with him to stop but this only earned his bonds being tightened and a swift tap to his still exposed balls, silencing him. Eli whimpered and moaned as the man slowly slipped all the way inside him. It hurt. It burned. But mixed in was this strange sense of pleasure. Of being “filled” Eli was not sure what to think. Where was Tim? Tim was the older of the two at 27 and supposed to be the leader.

Eli whimpered as the man pushed all the way in him and then felt him slowly pull back out again. And then back in. And back out. And again. And again. Going a little faster each time until Eli could feel the man’s balls slapping against him softly each time as he was thrust into. He felt so used. So humiliated. So horny. Wait? Horny, How is this exciting me this man is violating me? But Eli could not deny his cock was rock hard and leaking as the man fucked him hard.

The man savored the feeling of the boy’s tight virgin hole and had to keep himself from cumming too soon several times. He was waiting for his watch to tell him the boy downstairs programming was complete. So, for several minutes the only sounds where the soft slapping of balls against Eli’s hole and the occasional grunt or moan from the man or Eli. One of pain and pleasure and one of pure pleasure.

Finally, a soft vibration on his wrist told the man his other guest was ready to join the fun. He picked up the pace and began to tease and mock the boy under him. Reminding him how hard he was and how clearly this must be fun for him. How much he looked forward to breeding him and making him his bitch. All this and more had Eli blushing bright red and squirming in absolute shame as he felt the man give one final push and then felt warmth blossom inside his hole. He knew the man had just cum inside of him. His face burned red with shame and he went slack on the bed.

The man thrust a few more times and then pulled out and gave Eli’s now stretched and dripping hole a playful slap and left the room and headed downstairs. Opening the door to the basement the man saw the other boy. Timothy, he had said his name was? No matter the man could always change it later.

Timothy was hooked up to what almost looked like a fancy VR device. A helmet over his head obscured his face and large headphones covered his ears. A sleeve like device was stretched over his cock and was moving slowly back and forth at a pace the man had set to keep the boy on the edge but not allow him to cum. What looked like a rubber dog tail protruded from the boy’s hole and was wagging slowly back and forth as the boy twitched and squirmed as whatever was being pumped through the system fed into his brain.

The man went over and slowly removed the sleeve from the boy’s cock. It was bright red and glistening and his balls looked two sizes bigger, they were so full of unspent cum. He gave them a rub and Timothy let out several whimpers and then barked. ‘Excellent’, thought the man as he finished unhooking all the machinery from the boy, taking time to fuck him with the tail a bit and listen to him whimper and whine and bark. As the headgear slid off the glazed blue eyes of Timothy met him. He clipped a leash to the collar around the boy’s neck and led him upstairs to the bedroom Eli was in.

Eli laid in the bed exhausted. He had been molested, fingered, fucked and bred all in the span of 45 minutes. And now his captor had disappeared. He laid in the bed for a moment until he felt a warm trickle down his leg and realized the man’s cum was slowly leaking out of his hole. He whined to himself and tried to squirm to wipe it off but could not and could only lay there feeling the man’s load slowly leak from him.

It was not to long before he heard the door open and then man walk in. But he heard other footsteps to. And then the man was giving commands like you would a dog and another person hopped onto the bed. Eli suddenly jumped, or tried to as he felt a warm wet sensation at his hole and then a another one. And another one. Until he realized someone was licking his leaking hole. He moaned in a combination of humiliation and pleasure as the person tongue felt good on his abused hole. Eli felt the tongue continue to bathe his hole for several minutes. But who was it? The man’s voice had been praising the other person almost like Eli would a dog doing something good.

Suddenly Eli felt the bonds on his legs lift up and pull him back into a position this his legs up and hole exposed. The man seemed to give quiet directions to the other person and Eli abruptly felt another cock at the entrance of his hole. This one seemed to stab around a moment as though trying to find a route but when it touched Eli’s hole it sank right in to the base giving Eli no time to prepare. Eli cried out in pain as whoever was on the end of the cock began to fuck him almost like an animal would. Fast and hard with no concern for him.

The man chuckled at the sight of the older missionary fucking the younger one. Timothy, no thought the man, I’ll call him Tank. Tank was thrusting away at his former friends’ hole with happy abandon determined to breed the bitch pup he was so sure was in front of him. The man simply watched and enjoyed the grunting and soft barks from Tank and Eli’s pathetic whimpers as his cock grew hard again and began to leak pre cum.

Soon enough Tank began to thrust hard and harder and the man knew he was going to breed soon. Time for the fun part, he thought, and strolled over to the bed and took the bandana off Eli’s face.

Eli closed his eyes against the shock of bright light as the bandana was removed. He slowly blinked and as his vision came to focus, he saw the person straddling him fucking him like an animal was Timothy!!! He yelled at Tim to get off him and what the hell was he doing and all other manner of things. Tim simply barked loudly and then with one hard thrust pushed deep inside Eli’s well fucked hole. At the same time, he lowered his head to Eli’s shoulder and sank his teeth into Eli’s skin and held on while he shot his load inside his former friend.

Eli gasped in pain and pleasure as he felt Tim begin to shoot deep inside his guts even as he sank his teeth into his shoulder. Not hard enough to break the skin but Eli felt the dominance in Tim’s behavior and instinctively backed down even as his cock finally gave in and shot all across his chest and onto his face. Eli was covered in his own hot steaming cum and Tim continued to thrust a few more times before pulling out and giving Eli’s hole a few licks before turning to look at the man and sitting back on his haunches and letting out a loud bark. Eli was so confused. What had happened to Tim?!

The man grinned and opened the door for tank to go relax in the living room. He took a plug and inserted it into the boy’s hole to preserve the load and keep him stretched. He lowered the ropes to allow the boy a bit of stretching room well still keeping him on the bed. He then tied the blindfold back into place and planted a kiss on Eli’s stunned face before heading out of the room.

Eli sat in the darkness. His hole ached and he could feel the man’s and Tim’s cum inside of him. His own load was slowly cooling on his chest and face and Eli could feel the plug inside of him. He was exhausted and confused and at that point his brain just decided enough was enough. Eli slipped off to sleep, covered and full of cum, blindfolded and restrained, in a stranger’s house. A stranger who had mind fucked his missionary partner into some kind of animal. This all went through his mind as darkness claimed him and he fell into a restless sleep, full of dreams of naked men and cocks and himself being taken again and again by Tim as a dog and strangers.

In the other room the man smiled as he fucked his new Alpha pup over the coffee table. Tank whimpered and barked and whined in pleasure as his master used his hole hard before his plug was reinserted. The man smirked as he thrust his cock in the pup’s muzzle to be cleaned and plotted his next few moves with his two new playthings.

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