Andre's New Focus

By Elan Musk -
published June 15, 2020
3598 words

While working out, Andre gradually becomes aware that he is not alone. Someone is there, watching him sweat. Someone whose cock commands Andre’s focus like nothing ever has before. Changing him into the boy he was meant to be.

86, 87, 88

As the man spoke, murmuring just too quietly for him to hear, Andre was nearing the end of his last set of 100 crunches to finish up his early morning core workout. Some part of him desperately wanted to hear what he was saying, despite not quite knowing who he was, or how he had gotten in his parent’s home. But every time he thought to stop his workout so he could hear. He remembered he had to be a FOCUSED BOY, and finish getting nice and sweaty. Yes, he had to focus on getting NICE AND SWEATY, even if he didn’t hear the words, he would LISTEN. Andre wasn’t white sure what that meant, but he knew it was true.

And it made him feel GOOD.

-92, 93, 94-

He never interrupted a set, not for anything. He was FOCUSED. That focus was how at 18, the jock had managed to captain both his high school’s rugby and football teams, while on track to also be valedictorian when he graduated in a few months, with absolute focus on honing body and mind. It didn’t matter what, when he wanted something he got it. When he set a goal, he exceeded it. When he sought mastery of any kind, of a sport, an academic subject, even just a hobby, he didn’t stop until he was the absolute best. He worked hard. Like a GOOD, FOCUSED BOY.


-95, 96, 97-

So he would finish his workout. And old Andre would WAKE UP. And then he could HEAR, what new Andre. GOOD BOY Andre, already knew—the truth about their place in the world. Where GOOD BOYS like him belonged.


-the man sat naked in a chair a few feet in front of Andre. His mouth moved almost in silence. His voice nothing more than a deep, calming rasp in his ear. It buzzed in his mind, though he could not parse what the man said. He was both well-muscled, and well-fed, soft and powerful in equal measure, with pale skin and salt and pepper close, cropped hair. His cock was massive–ten inches, uncut, angry purple head glistening with precum–and he stroked it in perfect time with Andre’s ab exercise. Hand squeezing the head at the peak of Andre’s crunch. Was he counting the number of crunches? Or the number of times Daddy (Daddy?) stroked his hard white cock?


Did he move of his own accord? Or were his body, mind, and soul, dangling on this stranger’s erection like a slutty marionette?


Did it matter?

Andre took his time finishing the set, pleased by the extra twitch he felt in the muscle fibers of his eight pack abs as he did so. He was a GOOD BOY a FOCUSED BOY

He would FOCUS.

He would OBEY.

But first, he knew, new Andre, the GOOD and FOCUSED BOY had to SLEEP. Just for a while. It was time for the ‘old’ Andre to WAKE-UP.

Wake up and learn his place, before slumbering forever in the pleasant dreams of servitude.

Andre blinked, and the vacant, contented look in his eyes disappeared in a flash, replaced by growing awareness, then confusion, then alarm.

What the—what happened?

He looked around, confused, startled. He was… sitting on the workout mats at the foot of his bed… wait, he squinted, thinking hard. Focus, boy FOCUS! Too unsettled to wonder why he thought of himself only as ‘boy’.

Last thing I remember is the bell ringing for lunch? Why-aren’t I still at school?

The clock on the wall answered his question. As did the sun at the horizon. It was 6:45PM. He made to stand up in shock, but winced. His legs were leaden, limp, ached at the slightest movement.


–Andre looked down at his hard cock squinting in disbelief, it was swollen, engorged beyond all belief. Impossibly, it seemed a little longer, and girthier than its normal seven inches of uncut plumpness. His hand automatically went to it, and despite every instinct screaming for him to jerk his hard-on furiously until he shot his boy cream all over his sweat-streaked abs, some new voice inside him told him to FOCUS BOY, on slowly, torturously stroking his cock. He had to FOCUS and EDGE and not bust until he was told. With each slow stroke, his cock throbbed, and, with great disbelief, he watched as it began to grow even more.

Mmmm, yeah, love to stroke my boy cock. Like a hard boy. A horny boy. Makin’ myself grow. He thought to himself, unconsciously shivering in pleasure each time he thought of himself in the diminutive term.

“Yes, Andre, stroke that hard boy cock. Focus entirely on cock. Makes you feel so good to let everything else go. Doesn’t it boy. Just listen, and stroke—nice and slow—feel your mind grow quiet. So horny. Your mind nice and slow. Feels so good to play with your black boy cock, makes too horny to think, doesn’t it boy?”

“Haha, yeah, love stroking my cock…” Andre chuckled emptily. He was to turned on to think of a good reason to disagree. He was horny. And his thoughts were slow. It was easier to just agree, and stroke, and not think about what he was agreeing to.

“Good boy. Horny boy. Keep stroking that hard black cock. Feels so good to do what Daddy says, doesn’t it boy.”

“Mmmm…” Was all he managed to confirm his assent. The black teen jock let the strangers words wash over him, barely hearing them, but nevertheless as they permeated his horny boy brain, he felt the truth they contained take hold and shape him.

He felt the soreness melt away in waves of blissful obedience and submission. It felt good to stroke his HARD COCK. His BIG BLACK COCK. But his cock was a tool, only for him to touch when he was told. And as the voice of the big dicked stranger continued to buffet his horny mind; he soon became aware of other truths.

Truths that sharpened his hunger for the hard, white cock mere feet from where he sat. Stroking his cock in rhythm with the man’s own self-pleasuring. Like he was the metronome that set Andre’s rhythm, and the sheet music that determined the notes he would play, and the hands upon the keys that sounded Andre’s music. A maestro on the instrument of his black boy flesh.

Stroke and obey, horny boy. Slutty boy. Stroke and submit. Stroke and crave Daddy’s hard white cock

-Andre shivered as blinking, the haze in his eyes did not disappear entirely, it haunted the background of the dark brown as they once again focused on-

Waking a little more, his eyes bulged wider as he really focused on the glory that was his Daddy’s enormous white cock.

“Daddy…” Andre said, slowly, stopping himself to cut off the moan that just saying Daddy, or thinking about Daddy brought to his juicy black lips. Instead he licked his lips and shuddered. Closing his eyes for a couple seconds changed nothing. The desire burned within him still, it’s flame so bright that…

Fuuccck that cock, oooo that white Daddy cock… Andre thought, shuddering in pleasure at the memory of the man’s immaculate erection.

That hard white DADDY cock was imprinted on the back of his eyelids. Imprinted on Andre, ever more deeply in the new Andre he was becoming.

“Ohhhh D-d-daddy?” DADDY “Daddy?” DADDY “Why am I-how did my-fucking hard cock feels soooo, oh Daddy, my dick! Daddy… it’s it’s so hard and so big Daddy!” DADDY DADDY DADDY

His legs weren’t the only part of him that had ached. He was so aroused, so engorged with blood that every heart beat pulsed in his mushroom, hooded cock head. It Thump felt so good Thump to FOCUS Thump FOCUS BOY Thump And OB-

“While I’m glad the triggers are working, I need whatever is left of ‘Old Andre’ to WAKE UP, and stay that way please. At least-” The older man smiled hungrily, that of a wolf about to strike its wounded, cornered, prey, “Try to stay awake for as long as you can. The fall is coming.”


Andre blinked again. Eyes once again clear and focused. This time he was aware of the naked man in front of him. Large white cock in one hand, the other stroked the man’s ample belly, fingers nestled in the chestnut brown hair that covered his stomach, indeed much of his body, in fine short hairs. They looked soft to the touch. Like he could knee in front of this man, rest his head on the soft pillow of a stomach… AND RELAX. AND OBEY.

The old Andre shrank, the competitor, the arrogant athlete, the confidently superior intellectual, he felt a smaller and smaller presence in his own head. Every part of him but his FOCUS. And right now that focus was in his ravenous libido’s clutches, directing all his attention to the HARD COCKS. Partly the one in his hands—but mostly… Daddy’s…

He squeezed his eyes shut, and there again that hard white cock danced on both eyelids. Its power dwarfed him, commanding the complete FOCUS that subsumed Andre’s will. In shaping that focus, redirecting it, it also shaped him. Even with his eyes closed, he felt it drawing him nearer. Therefore he wasn’t at all surprised when, opening his eyes there was Daddy’s. Hard. Cock! He had somehow crossed the room without realizing it, and was kneeling before where Daddy was suddenly standing. He had his cock (Hard Hot White Cock!) in his hands, brought it to Andre’s lips.

He needed to suck it! Wanted to bad to open his slutty black mouth and SUCK it! But-

…but Daddy hadn’t told him to. And something in Andre’s FOCUS told him he needed to wait, and get permission. He could not SUCK if he did not OBEY.

His eyes didn’t leave Daddy’s the entire time he traced his hard white cock in a circle on Andre’s pursed, thick, moist whore lips. Made even more moist by the pre-cum, taste trickling into Andre’s slightly gaped mouth had his own hard, Big Black Clock leaking where it hung, curved, in the open air. So close, Daddy’s cock was so close, teasing, tormenting his horny boy. His-

Slutty boy

Andre blinked, wait… this wasn’t right, was it? He wasn’t gay. He wasn’t Daddy’s slut (though even the denial made his hips buckle). So why was he on his knees with a big cock in his face? Why did that big tasty white dick make him so lightheaded? Why, when he tried to fall back, leap up, anything… why couldn’t he move?

The fear and confusion woke Andre briefly to the truth of his situation

“What the-WHAT THE FUCK? Man, let me go! I ain’t no fucking fag, man. What did you do to me you fucking freak? Why am I on my knees? Why, why can’t I move? Man, why can’t I move? Why… why…”

“Because there isn’t enough… well, ‘Andre’ left to control both mind and body, so I gave you back the mind temporarily. That’s why you can’t move. That’s why you feel partially normal and partially—”

He stroked his cock twice in quick succession, and Andre’s body flinched, muscles clenching, instinctively wanting to lay back down and do two more crunches in respone, but he had no strength left to move. But the crashing waves of arousal quieted his doubts somewhat.

The man sighed. “—well, I don’t really have time to explain that. So FOCUS Andre, and LISTEN-“

Andre shut his mouth, albeit reluctantly as Daddy’s hard white cock was still pressed against his now pursed lips. Torn between his need to suck and serve and please, and a quickly dwindling resistance. Still distraught, but this stranger’s growing power over him was quieting all remaining doubts.

“LISTEN, and hear my voice inside your head. Hear my voice become your thoughts. Your will. Your self. FOCUS and OBEY.”

When he spoke, the black jock had no choice but to listen. The more he FOCUSED, the more hearing the stranger’s voice in his head felt more real than any of Andre’s actual thoughts. And the more real the stranger’s voice became, the more it aligned with Andre’s now dominant desire and need to serve and OBEY, the more the boy forgot his momentary distress.

Look at me boy

Andre looked up into the white man’s gray eyes, the raged like clouds, bits of hazel sparkling in the fluorescent light. The young man shivered as the light caught those specks. There was something… beautiful about those cold, controlling eyes. Something powerful. Each moment they held his gaze, he felt less certain of the difference between his will, and that of those eyes. He was still petrified, in all senses of the word. He couldn’t move. Or Speak. Just listen. But…

Listen to my voice in your head. To the only voice in your head that matters. Because it is Daddy’s.

…The more the enraptured boy listened–chest still heaving from his recent exercise, skin dark like volcanic rock and glistening with black boy sweat—the less certain he was that ‘Andre’ the brilliant student, the athlete, the determined and ambitious young man had been anything but a deception, a falsehood. A voice whispered in his head that he had no choice but to listen, and believe…

Daddy’s cock makes boy’s head empty

Daddy’s cock makes boy’s hole empty

Daddy’s cock makes empty boys horny, slutty, submissive, only thinking of their holes, and how badly they need them filled and fucked and bred by Daddy’s hard, powerful cock

“Why…” He asked again, this time in a voice heavy with desires, new longings, new hungers, that grew more and more powerful with each ticking second.

“Why are you-“ Andre’s thought was interrupted by the sudden taste of Daddy’s salty precum tricking through his pursed lips and onto his tongue.

Suddenly the fact that his movements and will were no longer his own were dwarfed in importance by another all-consuming concern.

Why aren’t I sucking that hot Daddy cock? Why do I need that hard white cock so badly between my lips? Why does just the thought of tasting his co… his co-his…

“Fuck… Daddy?” DADDY “Can I, uh, ask a ummm…” what is that word again, DADDY? “a d-d-d-d-aa-” No dammit! Come on boy. FOCUS. FOCUS. FOCUS on…


“No need to ask. The answer to all your questions, boy, is my cock. Listen to my voice in your head. Let me guide you. Give in and let my cock be the one answer. The only answer. You ever need again.”

The white cock pressed back against Andre’s lips-

Open your mouth-he did so-

Suck the fleshy tool quickly filled him

Suck pressing into his throat.

Swallow Pressing all the way.

Swallow it all boy Even as he did so, whatever the cock touched relaxed. He did not gag, he did not choke. His hands fell slack by his sides as he sucked and swallowed, feeling hornier and more satisfied with each passing second. Every thought but that of serving Daddy’s delicious cock fading from his mind. His black cock jumped, and leaked, he was so close to cumming. It felt so good to let Daddy fill him. Both physically, and in every other way. Yes… he was so close. Close to shooting his boy load over the glorious taste of Daddy’s cock in his mouth. Of Daddy’s words in his soul. The pleasure of Daddy’s being erasing all that was Andre, leaving behind a void-

“Mmmmm…” He rumbled contentedly around the massive tool that fucked his willing throat.

“Rhat’s a good boy. Embrace it. Embrace my cock. Submit to it. You could feel it, no? In your mind before it ever fucked your face. You could see it, eh boy? When you closed your eyes. That is because it is your life. That is because this is what you are”

-An emptinesss-


-a hole-

The cock filled his throat, harder, faster, deeper, he pulled it all the way out, coated in saliva and bile. The taste on his lips was bitter. Say my name

“Daddy.” DADDY

Daddy grinned. “Good boy, you answered my thought without me asking out loud. Daddy and his cock are inside you now. Forever. Even when we are physically apart. My cock will always be buried deep inside you. Fucking your mind. Breeding your soul. Just the thought of my cock will make you horny, slutty and compliant.”

Bend over, show me that hole

Andre got down on his hands and knees facing away from Daddy and his nice hard cock. He spread his ass cheeks apart

“That black hole is mine now, my cock’s hungry cum hole. Without me, just… emptiness.”


“An empty hole, devoid of FOCUS.”

Hungry hole

“Like you, it is nothing without me inside it.”

Slutty boy hole

“Like you, it yearns for nothing but Daddy’s cock, it will do anything to please Daddy’s beautiful cock. It will to anything for Daddy’s cock, and Daddy’s cum, because it is Daddy’s hole.”

“Daddy’s… hole…” The boy who was Andre mumbled, the warm glow of recognizing his new self washed over him head to toe. He was a boy with a hole. But it didn’t belong to him. There was no part of him that did. He was Daddy’s boy. Nothing else. What else was there to be?

Sensing the last vestiges of Andre drown in the Boy’s newfound slutty desires. Daddy grinned, and pressed his cock inside his slutty Boy’s tight, but eager hole. Boy’s eyes went wide, locked on Daddy’s burning gray stare. The older man could only imagine the ecstasy that came with a total obliteration of the self, yielding before pleasure that wiped every other consideration away. The emptiness of that expression, of a boy discovering his purpose, and forgetting all else to fulfill it. It was the sexiest fucking thing in the world.

“Good boy.” He said, as he entered the black jock’s sweaty ass all the way to the base.

“Good hole,” He grunted, as he pumped, slowly at first, then faster and faster as the moaning whore accustomed himself to Daddy’s length, and Daddy’s girth.

Let me hear how much your black hole loves this Daddy cock, you fucking slut!

“Oh-FUCK-ooo, Da-DADDY. Oh FUCK, fuck that hole. Yeah. Fuck that slutty hole Daddy! Fuck YOUR SLUTTY HOLE DADDY! FUCK YOUR SLUT-SLUTTY-B-B-B-B-“ The boy’s brain appeared to short-circuit as his cries abruptly ended, massive streams of cum erupting from his hard teen cock. The beautiful sight of the boy covered in cum from head to torso, licking the seed off his lips with a glazed, satisfied expression on his face. It was too much for his Daddy to bear. He felt his own load begin to surge forth.

“FFFUCK! Take it SLUT. Take your DADDY’S FUCKING LOAD!” And their bodies trembled together as the Boy felt Daddy’s Cock fill up Daddy’s hole. Their eyes not once leaving one another’s. Drawn together by their shared need. As their lips met, Daddy greedily licking his Boy’s cum off his thick dark lips, his cock still hard deep inside Boy’s hungrily, loaded hole, a warmth even more powerful than insatiable lust grew between them.

“Thank you Daddy.. thank you…” The Boy wept. Not sure how to properly voice the gratitude that consumed him. How glad he felt to belong, completely to another.

Daddy wiped away his tears with a meaty finger. Speaking to his boy with a strange tenderness.

“The only thanks I need boy, is your sloppy fuckhole taking my load whenever I need it.” Pushing the black jock back down on the floor, Daddy lifted his legs, preparing to show him how deep he could really open up his slutty, puckering, cum-shute.

“Like now.” And the Boy exhaled sharply as Daddy pushed all the way inside his loaded up hole with one forceful stroke, shivering as he felt the load inside him pushed even deeper into the nothingness, the void he had been made into.

“Always Daddy, always…” He agreed, breathless, yielding. And Daddy found he had to wipe away tears of his own, before the rekindled lust swept away any lingering tenderness-

-0And their words lapsed back into moans, and grunts and fleshy slaps-

-and, as commanded, by blowing a slutty load all over his jock whore body at the pleasure of being Daddy’s used, bred, fucked loose black cumhole, Boy proceeded to give thanks. Again. And Again. And Again. And Again. And again. For the rest of their days.

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