By Throne
published May 20, 2018
4033 words

It’s bad enough when my wife invites the guy who bullied me in school to come and visit us. But then it turns out that he has a unique way of making me do what he wants.


I couldn’t believe what my wife Kara was telling me. She had gotten a Friend invitation on-line from Max. That was the guy who had bullied me in high school. She knew our history because both he and I had dated her, though it was me who won her in the end. So why would she chat with him via computer, and then on the phone, and finally invite him to come to our home?

“Well, Andy,” she said reasonably, “I can tell that he’s changed a lot. This will be a good chance for you guys to reconcile.”

That was not something I was eager to do. In this case I wanted to leave the past behind me. Max had shamed me in front of others and made it hard for me to have friends. Sometimes I think the only reason I got to marry Kara was because my parents knew hers, and they ended up buying vacation cabins on the same lake. I had never stacked up well physically against my antagonist. He was tall and athletic, with plenty of body hair, and an endowment that he casually showed off in the locker room. I was short and slim, with no hair on most of my body and only a sparse growth of blond strands at my crotch. Besides all that, where he had been gifted with superior male equipment, I had been cheated with undersized genitals.

I tried one more time to make her see my side. “This is very uncomfortable for me. Couldn’t you just call him up and cancel?”

“Only an hour before he’s due to arrive? Really? That would be totally rude.”

She stood there with her hands on her hips. Kara is a lovely woman, with short auburn hair and a sweet face. Like me, she’s not tall. And she has a knockout figure. I’ve always been attracted to her full curves.

So I surrendered and told myself that I would simply get through the visit. Kara had me drive to a nearby liquor store and pick up a six pack of beer and a bottle of good whiskey. Plus, she wanted me to buy some snacks on the way back. And as long as I was out and about, she decided that I could stop at the mall to pick up something she had ordered. That last errand was especially unwanted. My wife likes to shop at that chain that specializes in sexy lingerie, Veronica’s Secret. She had picked some things that were on reorder and now they were in the store. It would be embarrassing to have to go there alone. I had felt awkward the one time both of us had gone in together. Now I calculated the time my three stops would take and saw that I might not return until after Max arrived. I didn’t want him alone with my bride, so I rushed off, determined to be back before he got there.

Weekend traffic on the roads, along with a delay in the Veronica’s clerk finding the order, conspired to cost me even more time than I had estimated. So when I got back there was a red pick-up parked right in front of the house. I gathered up everything I had to take inside and, with my hands full, got to the door. As I entered, I nearly dropped the bag with the alcohol in it. As I clumsily tried to get my burdens back into manageable order, I looked across the room. There was my wife on the sofa, sitting very close to the man who had almost taken her from me.

Max was still the big brute he had always been, with his dark hair in a crewcut and a perpetual beard shadow on his strong jaw. He was wearing a short sleeve shirt that showed off his impressive biceps, along with snug slacks that accentuated his superior manhood. My wife had changed into a top I’d never seen on her before. It was peach colored and had a cut-out that showed off her deep cleavage. She also wore tight slacks that hugged her shapely legs. I knew that when she was standing they would also cling to her round protruding bottom.

“Yo, Andy Candy,” Max called, not bothering to get up. I hated that insulting nickname he had given me back in school.

“Hello, dear,” Kara said, sounding disappointed that I was back. “Put the beer in the fridge. Leave the bottle on the counter. Put some snacks in a bowl. And leave that other package in the bedroom, on the bed.”

My old bully watched me closely. When I silently did as I was told, he resumed chatting with Kara. I didn’t know what was in the package from the mall. Maybe it was something sexy for my bride to wear to bed. That would certainly salve the wounds my pride was suffering. I returned to the living room, set the snacks on an end table by Max, and was about to sit down on the recliner, across from the sofa, when Kara spoke.

“Andy,” she said with a note of censure in her voice. “It would be polite to offer Max a drink. Especially after he had to wait for you to wander home from wherever you were.”

She knew where I had been. It was her who sent me to those three stops. But I just asked Max what he’d like. He wanted a 7 and 7. My wife said she’d have the same. Then she told me that I shouldn’t drink because I don’t handle it well. I ignored the implications, especially because it was true. Finding two rocks glasses, I made the drinks. Not too weak because that might earn me criticism. But not too strong because I didn’t want her getting buzzed around that lothario. When I returned with the drinks she had her hand on top of his.

After I was seated my wife took a sip from her glass and said, “Max was telling me about the construction company he started and how well it’s doing. They got a contract for renovations out at that place between here and Shelbyville. On the highway.”

“Mentaseach,” he offered.

“That’s it,” my wife agreed. “The place that nobody’s ever been quite sure what they do there. Anyway, Max was telling me how they’re experimenting with ways to accelerate learning… and other things like that.” She gave his hand a squeeze. “You tell him, babe. Like you explained to me on the phone.”

“It’s nothing,” he said with a shrug. “Their problem is that they can’t do too much with the people they test it on. It could cost them millions if they can’t prove that their junk works. So I got friendly with one of the eggheads and he’s letting me try it out. Thinks I might be able to prove it works and then he can use the info to convince his people it’s safe. I mean, this is just between him and me right now. But like I said, there’s a shitload of money on the line.”

There was a small case with a handle next to him, against the arm of the sofa where I hadn’t noticed it. He picked up the container, opened it, and took something out. It was a control box with wires trailing from it. The wires ended in earbuds. He started to bring the buds to his ears but Kara stopped him.

“No,” she said. “You should let Andy try it. He’s interested in all sorts of odd stuff like that.”

He nodded and got up. As he came toward me I was reminded of how much taller and stronger he was than myself. Max handed me the earbuds. I hesitated. If the researchers weren’t allowed to risk doing too much to anyone they tested this on, why was it safe for me? On the other hand, even Max wasn’t stupid enough to do something that might hurt me, get him into trouble, and even jeopardize Mentasearch. So I put the tiny devices into my ears and sat there, trying to look more confident than I felt. Max adjusted the settings on the controller and entered a sequence on the keypad. All at once I felt strangely detached. Relaxed. Cooperative.

Max looked at Kara. “That’s all there is to it. Now he’s in that state I told you about. Should do whatever he’s told. Let me check.” He looked right at me and said, “Yo, Andy. Touch your nose.” It was as if I had no will of my own. I put the tip of one finger against the end of my nose. Max smiled and went on, “Stick your finger in your nose.” Not believing what was happening, I did that too. He laughed. “All right. Get your finger out of your nose and stand up. Good boy. Now drop your pants and shorts.”

What was he saying? Of course I wouldn’t do that. It wasn’t as if he could make me do whatever he pleased. I undid my pants. That’s not how hypnosis or anything like that works. I pushed them down my legs. But this was some new sort of system. Without wanting to, I hooked my fingers under the waistband of my jockey shorts, started lowering them, and got them past my knees, after which they dropped the rest of the way on their own.

My wife was goggling at the sight of me standing there, naked from the waist down. Max gave me a sneering grin.

He said, “That’s how it works. Once you zap his brain with the special sound waves or whatever, he’s yours to command until you give him the reverse zap.” He took the buds out of my ears and returned the device to its case. “Look at him, with his puny dick on display. It’s as funny as I remember from the locker room in gym class. And he can’t do shit about it. So this is where the real fun begins.”

Kara wanted to know, “When you say you can make him do anything, are there limits?”

“Not if you take it a step at a time. Like try this. You go and do something to get his little dick excited.”

She rose and put herself in front of me. Kara licked her lips. She ran her hands over her breasts.

Max said, “Hey, Andy, that’s getting you all heated up. Your miniature dick is getting hard.”

To my shock, I felt my penis begin to engorge. I shook my head but couldn’t stop the process.

“Now,” Max went on, “grab hold of it and give it a few strokes.”

To my shame, I did that too. There I stood, half nude, playing with myself.

“Now just stay like that, Andy Candy,” Max went on. “Keep tugging but don’t make yourself finish. I’m going to get it on with your hot wife and you’re going to watch.”

They sat back down. Kara appeared a bit uncertain, but Max was his usual confident self. He started with a kiss. Then his hands roamed over her shoulders, upper arms, and finally her desirable bust. She squirmed and looked at me. When I didn’t protest, she visibly untensed. Then she gave him a long deep kiss. Kara pulled up her top and bared her breasts to his greedy hands. He pawed them happily. Before I knew it, she was on her knees in front of him. He ordered me to move so I would have a better view. Then she took his cock out of his pants. It was as enviably large as I remembered. My wife gave me a grin and a wink before she began to use her mouth on his organ, bringing it quickly to its full size. I stood there with my five inches in my hand while she licked and sucked his ten inches.

Soon they decided to move to the bedroom. Kara asked him if she could also give orders. He said that with the state my mind was in, I would do whatever I was told by anybody.

She told me, “Max is going to give me the screwing of my life. What I never had all these years since I got stuck with you. I mean, you’re a nice guy, Andy, but such wimp. So he’s going to take me and you’re going to have a front row seat. And you’re not going to do a single thing about it.” Then she had me finish stripping.

In the bedroom they got each other undressed. He eased her onto the bed and she spread her thighs invitingly. Max moved into position at once. What he lacked in subtlety, he more than made up for with size and stamina. My wife enjoyed three quaking orgasms before he was done with her. But, to my surprise, he didn’t allow himself to finish.

“Now,” he said, “comes the best part. Are you still sure you want me to do it, Kara? Once it’s done and I tell him he’s going to stay the way I make him, there’s no turning back. You two will never have sex again.”

“Ha! Sex with him wasn’t worth having. Besides, now I’ll have you coming around all the time. So let’s get to it, lover.”

Max sat on the edge of the bed with his feet planted well apart. He told me to stop jerking off and get on my knees in front of him. No, no, no. He couldn’t be intending to make me do what it looked like he had planned. When I was where he wanted, I was staring at his still rigid organ. It was slicked with my wife’s fluids. He patted me on the cheek. Ruffled my hair.

“All right, Andy. Get your hands on my cock. You love cock. You can’t resist touching it. That’s right. You are such a faggot. A real flamer. Fondling me is so exciting. It’s making you want to get your mouth on it. You don’t like that there’s pussy juice on there. You don’t want to taste pussy. You only like cock. Open those sissy lips. Wide. Wider. Now get that tongue out and give it a few licks. Good sissy. And get the head of my tool into your mouth. Now suck it. That’s the way. And run your tongue around the widest part. Guys really like that. And you love to make them happy. Swallow another few inches. Keep sucking and get your fingers on your nipples. You are so sensitive there. Like any sissy. Now take my cock out of your mouth and kiss it all over. Lap my balls. It’s unbelievable how good this makes you feel.”

My wife watched avidly while her lover, my old bully, turned me from straight to gay. He went into detail, over and over, about how irresistible I found cock. And how I loved the musky natural odors of men’s bodies. And how I couldn’t stop thinking about giving head. Then he started to describe and amplify how effeminate I wanted to be when I was in a sexual situation with a man. I tried to fight it but whatever had been done to my brain prevented that. I felt myself being drawn further and further into a new personality. Out of the corner of my eye I spotted my wife opening the package from Veronica’s. Was she going to put on some exotic lingerie to tempt Max? Did I care if she did? I was already less interested in her body than in his. It was nightmarish.

Max said to me, “Not only are you a devoted cocksucker, but you live for the taste of cum. You can’t get enough of it. You want it in your mouth, on your face, and even in your hair. So suck me hard, Andy Candy, and get yourself a big mouthful.”

I used my lips and tongue like I was starving and only a full helping of his spunk could save me. He took my head between his hands and moved it forward and back, using me uncaringly. Initially I was disturbed by that, until he assured me that it was one more practice that I endlessly desired. After he stopped doing that, I worked is cock like some demented gay slut. Kara got in close to see how thoroughly I was assuming my new role. And then Max blasted his load into my mouth. Salty cream coated my tongue, ran down my welcoming throat, and was squeezed from the corners of my lips. I was in a swirling ecstasy of addictive behavior. I used my hand to milk out any unpumped drops. I gazed up at him gratefully and kissed the insides of his hairy muscular thighs. I inhaled the scent of his sweat.

“That was thirsty work,” he announced, “I need a beer. I’ll go help myself while you get our pansy dressed up pretty. And don’t forget to keep telling him how much he likes being dressed that way. And how when he’s got that look, he stands and moves in the most girly ways he can.”

“I’ll remember,” she assured him. “And I’ll have fun telling him all about his new self.”

He left the room and she ordered me onto my feet. I was already obsessing over the next BJ I could give. But then she held up a short white camisole and told me how much I relished wearing items like that. It was followed by a pair of dark patterned stockings with elastic tops. Then she brushed my hair and applied product to it. Finally she worked on my face with eye shadow, mascara and blush. Putting me in front of the full length mirror on the inside of the closet door, she kept saying how much I loved being dressed and made up like that. While I stared at my image, most of my mind was agreeing helplessly with her. The small portion that held onto my core maleness tried to regain control but got pushed into a deep dark corner of my consciousness. I would look and act the way I was told. Their words were imprinted on my brain. But I would always be aware that I had been straight and wanted to be again, that all this was repugnant to me, and that I longed for my servility to end. I would keep trying. Yet I was coming to understand that my efforts were doomed to fail.

As I looked at my reflection, becoming aroused by how unmanly I now was, Kara used lip liner and dark pink lipstick to finish my look. She had me toy with my nipples through the camisole until they were noticeably hard. My erection refused to go away. She had me circle the room, all swivel-hipped and limp wristed. I spoke in a higher softer voice. And I was still thinking about cocks… balls… muscles… plentiful body hair… stubbled jaws… tight buns… male funk… and more cocks. I was in a trance from those thoughts when Max reentered the room. He had a beer in his hand. I was smitten by how butch he looked. It felt like I might swoon. Instead, I went to him, touching my hair and giving him seductive looks. My eyes shifted repeatedly to his hanging cock. I got steamy from admiring his muscles and hirsute limbs and torso. That generous pubic bush had my libido soaring.

He said, “There’s something else you want to do, Candy. You want to get on the bed, on your hands and knees, and wag that smooth pale ass at me. You want to get me to put myself behind you, very close. You want to lure me into putting my cock up your tight ass. That would feel so good to you. It would make you gasp and beg me not to stop. You want to be fucked long and hard. You want to be used. You want real men to shoot their spunk into your bowels. You’re not interested in your own pleasure. Only in satisfying big men. With big cocks. You can always beat yourself off later. You can tug your little dick while remembering how terrific it was to be used and discarded. That’s all you deserve, because you’re a trampy little sissy. Just a weakling cum dump. Your mouth and asshole are cock sockets.”

Even as I was trying to reject his rewriting of who I was, I was putting myself on the mattress. Swaying my rear at him. Looking back over my shoulder with my mouth half opened in a suggestive way. I purred at him and moved my knees slightly further apart. Why wasn’t he coming to me? I wanted him so much. I didn’t want him. I’m not gay. But I had to have him.

“Please,” I begged. “Give me your cock. Put it in me.”

He was happy to comply. Max got where he needed to be. He rubbed his tool against my soft bottom. I was quivering with anticipation and simultaneously gagging from dread. And then it happened. He pressed the end of his powerful cock against my hole and forced it in. The sound I made was a blending of pleasure and pain. He drove himself deeper. Soon he was in up to his heavy balls. I was in sissy heaven and straight guy hell. He began to pump me. Kara got close to my head. She whispered into my ear.

“Andy, you are so ashamed to be such a trashy cock chaser. But it feels so incredible to be stretched out and used this way. Except that you know you’re just tranny trash. Every man will want to have you but none of them will respect you. You’ll just be an available place to shove their hard cocks. It will be utterly mortifying. And absolutely satisfying. And you will think about it all the time, desperate for the next encounter. You won’t want your hot wife anymore. That’s why she’ll have to have sex with Max. Because you are a failure as a man. As a hetero man. But you are a huge success as a simpering fairy. A cock loving loser. And you will always stay that way. ALWAYS.”

Impaled on Max’s thrusting cock, I lost all control. The lingerie and cosmetics were so delightful. And I had been such a naughty bitch, swishing around and showing off my body. Sucking Max’s cock had been so glorious. But having his enormous pole crammed into me, making me a true sissy, was the ultimate thrill. And I wanted it to happen over and over and over again.

He spurted inside me, his strong fingers digging into the yielding flesh of my hips. All too soon he was done and had slipped himself out. I was disappointed to feel him exit. But fulfilled to have lost my virginity, top and bottom. And all the while, I was mortified to have become a cheap, needy, man-craving piece of queer-bait.

“Don’t worry,” Max assured my wife. “Next time I’m all yours, Kara. Imagine how upset Candy will be that she can’t have me. But pretty soon she’ll be dressed real queer, out on the streets, lurking in alleys, and hanging in the sleaziest gay dives, getting all the cock she can stand.”

“Yes,” my wife agreed. “And that will be a lot.”

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