Cell Phones

By Willie Cici
published June 12, 2020
2001 words

Randy could not understand why the studs at the gym kept snapping selfies and speaking some weird language …

From time to time, I leave the West Coast and head to New York City. I love LA, but in NYC, especially Manhattan, there is a vibe and energy that compares with nothing I have experienced. While in Manhattan, I find a private home where the owners are out of town for an extended period of time. I don’t freeload. I pay for use of the property by covering the utilities, condo fees, mortgage payments and any other bill that comes due during my stay.

This latest trip, I occupied a lovely posh condo on the East Side, in walking distance to the ‘Uptown Gym’, my favorite gym on the East Side for eye candy. As I strut into the gym one late Thursday afternoon, the studs scattered throughout the gym did not disappoint. I felt a little out of shape, so I upgraded my look to fit in with the buff crowd.

As I walked out of the locker room, sporting camo-motif exercise gear and a new-and-improved set of abs and muscles, I noticed a young man seated on an exercise bench, wearing a bright yellow athletic shirt and tight compression pants. His two-day shadow and salon-styled coif topped the studly appearance. He could not wait to snap a selfie, presumably for his girl. The pose spoke volumes: ‘I’m ripped and sexy’. The pic guaranteed his girl did not forget. (To see the young man snapping a selfie, click here). I smirked as I watched the stud’s bravura. Before I learned I had ‘the power’, I would have envied the stud’s bravura. Now, the power fills me with confidence.

As the stud snapped the last selfie, an app self-activated on the stud’s cell phone. I heard a voice in a foreign tongue, that, at first, I did not understand.

“Mae’n bryd gwasanaethu’ch meistr. Ewch i ‘Sliders’.”, the voice said.

I watched the young man respond to the voice coming from his cell phone. He blinked once and said, “Ydw. Mae’n bryd mynd i ‘Sliders’.” The stud rose from his exercise bench and headed for the locker room. A minute later, I noticed the young man walking out of the gym, wearing a light cotton hoodie to counter the slight spring chill.

“Must have been important.”, I thought to myself. As I walked about the weight room and going through the motion of exercising and perspiring, I noticed another stunning specimen, muscled and clad in gray and white compression pants that left nothing to the imagination. “I need to study mass freezing.”, I whispered. “I could freeze everyone in place and then suck this stud’s cock.” I shook my head. Of course, in no time, the stud Adonis became Narcissus, snapping a selfie to impress some vapid female.

And, then, I heard that foreign language again. “Mae’n bryd gwasanaethu’ch meistr. Ewch i ‘Sliders’.”, the voice said.

My muscled Narcissus responded, “Ydw. Mae’n bryd mynd i ‘Sliders’.” He turned about face, headed for the locker room. Like the first stud, he walked out of the gym, wearing an oversized black hoodie.

One stud reacting to a foreign language is novel. Two studs reacting identically to a foreign language is coincidence, but fishy. I decided to trail the next victim of the foreign language voice, but first, there was eye-candy to ogle and, if lucky, seduce.

Ninety minutes later, I headed for the locker room. I was disappointed. “Where are all the cute gay men in this city?”, I mentally lamented. There were some gay men, but I have standards. As I entered the locker room, drenched and tired, I saw a young man near the basins, standing proudly in his briefs, filling them beautifully, posing for a selfie. (To see the young man at the sinks, click here). After he snapped his selfie, I heard that voice again coming from the young man’s cell phone. I froze the young man and looked over his shoulder to see what was on his cell phone. It looked like an app. The graphic was a ram’s head, horned, with flames of red. The eyes of the ram’s head flashed bright white lights. I snapped my fingers to capture the app and installed it on my cell phone. Once I unfroze the young man, I watched him react the same as the others. He blinked once and said, “Ydw. Mae’n bryd mynd i ‘Sliders’.” He headed for his locker, donned the light cotton hoodie, grabbed his gym bag and walked out of the gym, wearing a hoodie and only his briefs. I snapped my fingers and dressed the young man in a pair of black compression pants. Police would have arrested for walking around the streets of Manhattan wearing only briefs (maybe?).

I headed over to my locker and grabbed my cell phone. I looked for the app I installed from the young man’s phone. When I activated the app, the ram’s head appeared on the screen, followed by bursts of lightning and flashing lights. At first, I was amused by the images and then, for some reason, I felt incredibly horny. My cock began to swell and fill my sweats. (To see me in the locker room, click here). I heard a litany of commands in the foreign language. Finally, I heard what all the others heard. “Mae’n bryd gwasanaethu’ch meistr. Ewch i ‘Sliders’.”

I blinked, stared at the ram’s head, with its eyes flashing a message and said, “Ydw. Mae’n bryd mynd i ‘Sliders’.” I did not understand what I was saying. All I knew is that I had to go somewhere called ‘Sliders’. I walked to my locker, grabbed my hoodie and gym bag and strutted out of the gym.

In less than fifteen minutes, I found the address, near the 77th Street Station, a nondescript brick building. As if I knew instinctively, I headed down the side alley of the brick building and entered the rear entrance of the building.

When I walked in this rear entrance, it resembled a no-frills high-school locker room. Inside the locker room stood twenty or more hot, muscled studs, in various shapes and sizes, getting dressed in what appeared to be a leather-like jockstrap and nothing else. The studs looked hot and I could not wait to put on my jockstrap. I walked towards an empty locker, number 25. As I walked into the locker room, I spotted the three studs from the gym. I then noticed many others from the gym, all standing in front of their locker, wearing their jockstraps, their hands cupping their package, their heads bowed down, waiting instruction. I did not understand what was happening, but I knew that I had an obligation. I opened the locker and found my uniform. My cock reacted to the sight of the jockstrap. I quickly undressed, placing my clothes and effects in the locker. I could not wait to put on the jockstrap. When I did, I felt my cock come alive. I stood at my locker, like the others, waiting, anticipating the unknown.

Time passed. I then heard a horn of some sort shrill. The jockstrap brigade turned and filed out of the locker room.

As I followed the others, I felt a tug on the waistband of my jockstrap, preventing me from continuing on my path. I turned around and faced a handsome man, with salt-and-pepper hair and a trimmed, matching beard. He wore a black mock turtle neck, which clung to his sculpted form and matching black trousers, expertly tailored to his physique.

“Randy, what are you doing here?”, the man said. The man snapped his fingers.

I blinked and opened my eyes. I looked down at my outfit, horrified. I then stared at the man who spoke to me. “Victor?”

“Randy, what are you doing here?”, Victor asked.

“Where am I?”, I replied with another question.

“You’re at ‘Sliders’. It’s the sex club I run for the boys when they’re in town.”, Victor answered. “How do you end up … here?”, he asked.

“I don’t know. I was at the gym and I saw a bunch of guys acting weirdly. I heard this voice speaking from their cell phones. Curiosity got the best of me.”, I replied.

“Damn! That app is strong. I never thought it would snare … one of us.”, Victor said, apologetically. “Why are you going to a gym?”, he asked.

“When I’m in town, I get bored. At the gym, I usually find a play thing.”, I answered.

“And you go to ‘Uptown.”, Victor said, shaking his head. “That explains it.” I must have looked confused. “I’ve been insulted one time too many by the members and the staff. For that, they get to work here.”

“You need anger management classes.”, I said, with a chuckle.

“And, you … you need to have some fun.”, Victor said, as he snapped his fingers and changed my uniform to match his wardrobe. “Go inside. And remember: they are here to serve, not the other way around. Be a top. You’ll enjoy it. You may actually prefer it.”

I looked at my well-tailored clothing. I happened to see my appearance in a mirror. I nodded ‘yes’. Victor had added a beard to my appearance, trimmed and coiffed my sandy blonde hair. I looked hot, really hot.

As I walked into the sex club, I searched for the three gym studs. I took a seat on a leather couch that lay against the wall closest to the working boys’ locker room. I surveyed the scene and found my Adonis/Narcissus. We made eye contact. When I waved my hand and told me him to come hither, he sashayed towards me and immediately fell to his knees. He wasted no time unzippering my trousers, whipping out my sorcerer’s cock and doing his best to pleasure me.

“What’s your name?”, I asked.

“Johnny.”, he replied. Quickly, he resumed sucking my cock, showing great prowess in deepthroating a cock of my size and girth.

I smirked. Usually that would have been the name of the solicitor, not the solicited, but I saw Victor’s hand in the irony. As I enjoyed ‘Johnny’s’ blowjob, I spotted my yellow-shirted stud. I waved to him. He likewise approached me. I pulled on his jockstrap and kissed him. “What’s your name?”

“Johnny.”, he replied.

“The balls, Johnny.” He understood. Johnny 1 would handle my cock for now. Johnny 2 would suckle on my walnut-sized balls.

As I enjoyed the combo oral, I felt ashamed. I succumbed to another journeyman’s sorcery – not a master’s, a journeyman’s. Izzy had warned me about not taking my training seriously. This episode proved his point. I would not let it happen again.

“Ahhhhhhh!!!!”, I shouted as I succumbed not to magic by Johnny 1’s excellent blowjob. Unfortunately, he swallowed sorcerer’s seed. I looked into his eyes and knew.

“Johnny, why don’t you suck my cock for a little bit? Let your friend take his turn on my balls.”, I said.

The two Johnnys swapped places. I closed my eyes and let Johnny 2 get the juices flowing. I waited five minutes before I shot my load down his throat. I looked into his eyes and I knew.

“They’ll never be the same.”, I thought. I watched the two studs walk away, ready to serve Victor’s friends and acquaintances. It was one thing to suck a sorcerer’s dick. It was another to swallow a sorcerer’s seed. A sorcerer’s seed converts the swallower to the sorcerer’s orientation. “It’s okay. Can never have enough gay studs!”

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