The Smoke Out

By Tom Gungy -
published May 17, 2018
3228 words

A squad is sent to investigate a base gone dark with no intel.

The stealth copter was loud to the troop of elite soldiers inside, but no one else would report an aircraft settling a short ways outside of the fort. In the isolated darkness of the drop zone, no one could have seen it if they were even looking for it, so no one saw a single masculine figure jump from the helicopter to the desert floor. His marine-grade boots left a deep print from the impact, kicking up a small plume of sand around each boot. Barely had the sand settled when the soldier, clearly the leader from the way dominant way he held himself, decisively turned to the aircraft’s exit and made concise gestures directing his men to follow. In a uniform, practiced fashion the men all left the helicopter with the same, athletic leap. One could not tell the difference from each, all of them being covered from head to toe in tactical gear. Even their faces were covered by a reflective visor, a small camera affixed to their helmets to allow them the ability in the night’s heavy darkness. The only human feature visible on the intimidating bunch were there mouth, pursed in seriousness and silence.

The leader, always identifiable by his confident gait, made more gestures. They were more complex this time, but the men interpreted them flawlessly. With machine-like precision. The team of six split. The tallest and largest of them veered to the North with another soldier. Another pair curved South. The leader and the smallest went directly East. It didn’t take them long to lose sight of each other, even with their night vision gadgetry, but it was clear they had a well devised plan in place. The leader’s faction arrived first. They stalled at the perimeter, surveying their goal. The fort had most of its usual defense measures in place. The gates were sealed. The various fences and barricades were in place. The lights illuminating the surroundings were buzzing with their usual brightness. The main difference was that no soldier, armed or otherwise, appeared to be patrolling the perimeters. The complex seemed entirely abandoned.

The leader moved towards the high fence, the soldier in his command swiftly following in two. The two shadows eased into the glare of the perimeter lighting unafraid of repercussion without anyone watching. The leader gestured to the soldier, and in turn, he withdrew a set of wire cutters from his collective gear. Together, in perfect synchronized movements, the pair hacked away a wide swath of wire from the fence, allowing them to pass into the fort unimpeded, and without the lights from the outside perimeter to illuminate the rest of the camp, they returned to being shadows amidst the darkness. They zipped from building to building, seamless and soundless in their progression. They avoided no one’s attention though, as there was no one’s attention to avoid. The fort, just as the perimeter, seemed to be largely abandoned. It was clear from the leader’s movements that this agitated him. He started taking shorter paths between buildings, taking less risks in being seen. He took longer to check ahead, staring into the darkness for full minutes at a time before proceeding for cover against the obscuring blackness of the next building.

Eventually, they reached their goal, the biggest building at the center of the camp. It was clearly the headquarters, though it was not marked as such. Instead there was a large banner hanging from over the entrance to the building reading, “Welcum Patry.” The leader seemed to pause upon seeing this. After a moment of nothing but the uniform silence, the leader made another gesture to the soldier, indicating the terminal next to the door of the building. The soldier pulled more gear from his collection, approached the terminal, and started to strip it of its outer components. When the guts and inner workings of the gadget were fully exposed, there was another pause. The soldier changed nothing of the items and instead made a confused gesture from the terminal to the door next to it. The leader didn’t know what to make of the gesture, clearly, and hesitantly stepped towards the entrance, opening it as if he hadn’t expected it to open. The leader and soldier shared a look, and after a third pause, they proceeded inside.

I hadn’t expected the door to be unlocked. I had expected there to be no patrols at the border, and the intel did say that there was no internal patrols as well. That had all been in the report though. I had expected some form of defense between us and our goal, and because it wasn’t where I expected it, I was itchy. Often when a soldier wasn’t able to predict a line of defense he was surprised by it some time later. It was like the mouse that was so cautious of being seen getting the cheese that he never question the rat trap it sat on. I prowled along the corridors of the equally abandoned administrative building, taking care to keep eyes on every inch of his surroundings. I could feel that Neary was twitchy too, the young soldier usually being uncannily in sync with his captain in these sorts of covert operations. I strangely recognized that I was happy to have the soldier watching his tail. It was comfort in such a tense time.

The intel had said that they were looking for a crate of undisclosed contents hidden somewhere in a secure location. The reason that the mission had taken so long to develop in its entirety was until the day before the brass had deliberated as to where that would be. I wasn’t privy as to why they had eventually pulled the trigger on the mission. Those closer to the bottom weren’t allowed to know what happened up top, but it seemed an arbitrary decision to have his team target the administration building as the likely storage point of the package. I wasn’t supposed to ask questions. As the captain of the squad, I was there to make sure that my men did their jobs with as little risk as possible, and I tended to take that job seriously. That is why I was the one taking point while the other two teams separated from the main one served as flanking parties largely intended for observation purposes.

The weird thing was that I actually began to relax a bit despite myself. The halls and corridors of the building seemed to be nearly endless in my adrenaline-pumping, battle-ready mind, and they were all completely empty. I had been trained to never let down my guard, yet the operation began to feel more like a training operation than anything. I had never seen the purpose of big, grand training missions. If anything, they devalued the importance of being on edge and ready on a real mission. Often to the distress of my superiors, I took an extremely leisurely approach to training. Sure I made time, hit all of his targets, and successfully completed all of the goals of every exercise, but I never tried harder than I had to in order to succeed. Instead of running, I’d stroll like I was talking a walk downtown. I’d let my guard down, and imagined the old park in my hometown. The sun would always be perfectly warm, yet there would always be a relaxing cross-breeze. Children would be playing. Couples would be having picnics. There would always be some big, burly, hairy dude with his shirt off cooking hot dogs on the public grill…

“Captain Reynolds!”

I dropped into a ready stance, jumping back from the man shaking me. I leveled my assault weapon at my supposed attacker and locked his face within the sights only to clearly identify it clearly as Neary’s. Neary looked as shocked as I felt. Taking deep breaths and feeling my heart racing in his chest, I lowered my weapon.

“Sir, you were unresponsive,” Neary explained, awkwardly whispering. It was highly unusual for them to break silence unless they had a very good reason. This was very contrary to Neary’s regimented nature.

I nodded, hoping that I wasn’t blushing bright enough for the soldier to see. I was deeply embarrassed, but the last thing I needed was for his leadership position undermined during such an important mission. I gestured for Neary to continue following, and he did so, clearly revealed to have his captain back. Apparently Neary wanted to bring my attention to the door clearly marked “storage” in the average military standard signage. Above the door was hung another banner, which greatly perturbed the captain. “Cum this way,” it read in scrawling, clumsy letters. I caught Neary’s gaze out of the corner of his eye and saw the squad member set his jaw. He had a bad feeling about this too then. I gestured to the bottom of the door and turned to keep guard. In turn, Neary searched his gear to find a collection of widgets and gadgetry. Quickly assembling it all with experienced hands, he stuck a small wire under the door, a snake camera. I would occasionally glance at back at the soldier to see him angling the camera this way and that to get a better view. I was looking away when he suddenly gasped though and only turned back just in time to see a plume of smoke to pass through the crack at the bottom of the door and into Neary’s face.

My first thought was fire, that the insurgents that took over the facility were burning it to the ground having long been gone with what they came for. It made enough sense considering how everything appeared abandoned. I quickly gestured to Neary for confirmation, but he he didn’t seem to see me. He in fact seemed aware of very little. His eyes had a far away look to them, like a bored child in class. I bent down to shake his shoulder, yet he still didn’t respond. I was contemplating breaking the silence for the second time that night when someone else did it for me.

“Got the fucker!” a gruff, masculine voice came from behind the door. I jumped, lowering the weapon at the door as it sprung open. I was disarmed by what I saw though. There before me was a particularly large and hairy man. He seemed tall enough and burly enough to actual perfectly fill the frame of the sizable door if he could manage to get through it. His head was bald with a distinct shine to it, and he had a cartoonishly thick cigar planted in his mouth. Most distinct was the man’s outfit in that he didn’t have much of one. Despite the thick pelt of body hair coating the man’s immense body, the man was largely nude. His thick, meaty cock stuck out firmly like the can of an energy drink, a ring tightly clasped around the base. Black leather bands adorned his arms and wrists, and and matching belt hung from his waist and connected to the ring. A harness of some sort was also tightly strung across his chest. He was looking at Neary with a superior look of satisfaction over the soldier until he looked up to me. I would have called his new expression surprised if it wasn’t so indifferent. It quickly changed anyway into one of malicious glee as he took a deep drag of the cigar in his mouth and blew it directly into my face.

Everything seemed to melt away. I was back in the park again. It felt like Summer. The sun was particularly hot today, which might of been why I didn’t have a shirt on. A lot of the other guys didn’t seem to have shirts on either. They all were these really big burly guys, hairy head-to-toe and more on the mature side. They were playing, having picnics, and munching on each other’s hot dogs. My mouth watered to see it all. I saw the guy from earlier who was at the grill. He was enjoying the heat too, wearing only an apron that said, “get it while it’s hot.” He saw me looking at him and smiled. His apron lifted a bit by itself while both of his hands continued to flip the dogs. It looked like he had a dog hidden in the apron. It was so big too. It made my mouth water. I was going to go over to ask if I could have it when…

The world around me came back into focus. I was surprised to see that it didn’t change from my bizzare little day dream though. I was surrounded by hairy, nude men, yet without whatever dizzy spell I was previously under it all seemed a lot less normal. Now I saw that I quite abnormally found myself in the middle of a gay orgy. Dudes were sucking each other’s cocks, fucking each other, and doing a bunch of other weird things I’d never conceived as possible between two men before, let alone seen such things. Did you know some guys actually kiss each other’s asses? I thought that was only an expression, but I saw it.

“Finally back to your senses, Captain?”

I refocused to look ahead and through the teeming masses of muscle and fur the filled the room. There, sitting on a bench, was a man not unlike the rest in the room. He had a head of graying hair, and despite blading, he scalp was not completely bald. Instead of the seemingly uniform black leather straps that adorned every other man in the room, the man wore a vest of a different design that almost seemed military-made. It was the proper olive green color, and it even bore the symbol of a staff sergeant. He seemed more aware than everyone else at the party though. For one, he was the only one other than me not fucking or getting fucked. The real give away as to the difference in his status though was his eyes. They carried an intelligence to them that most of the other men didn’t seem to have amidst their lust-filled fervor.

“Do you like the party?” he asked with a strong yet restrained voice., punctuating the query with a drag from his cigar. “We threw it all for you.”

I tried to get up to escape or to fight, but I found I was tied into my chair. I relaxed, knowing that’d I’d just wear myself out. I knew the drill. You don’t say anything when you’re caught. You give your name and rank. That’s it. Then you wait to be rescued. The man seemed to find my silence amusing though as he let out a chuckling snort.

“I remember when I was like you, trusting what the brass said and not questioning what I wasn’t told. You’re just a soldier, right? What does it matter why you do anything? I used to believe it was for the greater good, but everyone has their maxim. ‘Get home safe.‘ ‘Make money.’ ‘Get that education.’ ’Make sure your men are safe.’ You make your whole world hinge on that, and you just keep trucking through.”

The man gave another snort, a sardonic smile came to his face.

“I’ll tell you what, kid. I’ve been at this a bit longer than you have, and trust me when I tell you the reason doesn’t matter. We die. They die. At the end of the day you either fail your goal or find out it just isn’t worth it. Imagine me though. Finding out that all that time I thought I was helping to make the world a safer place I was just making the dangers more complicated. On enemy takes the place of another, and we can never really fix it because we always end up being part of the problem.

“That’s why I came to an elegant solution: take both sides friends in the most basic way they can be.”

With that the sergeant made his own gesture and the lights of the storage room flicked on one after another. It was then that i saw the variety of the men around me. They were all big hulking masses of fur and muscle, sure, but they weren’t all just the good ol’ boys like I saw in my daydream. Around me were all tones of skin. A white man sucked the cock of a man who’s skin was the shade of rich caramel and had a massive, black beard that tangled with his chest hair. Another black guy fucked the ass of a groaning Middle Eastern man. As the I searched the crowd, more and more variety cropped up. Then I saw Neary. He was pinned between two men with tan skin, lewdly humping away at his thigh with sizable, erect cocks, yet he didn’t look like Neary anymore. He had Neary’s face and his figure, but it was at least twice as large now. He was covered in body hair, and despite still retaining a full head of hair, he looked at least old enough to be my father. I was gasped, and almost called out to him until I saw another member of our squad, bald and fucking a man in the ass. Then there was another the was jacking off two men so they’d cum onto to his face. The more I looked the more men in my squad I saw until they were all accounted for.

“I saved them all, you know,” the sergeant said, clearly knowledgeable of what i was gasping about. “They would’ve died, and you would’ve failed. Now, this way they are safe, happy, and peacefully coexisting with their previous enemy.”

I turned back to the man, seeing red. I struggled against restraints, pulling with every inch of strength in my muscles. This was wrong. They were good men,. They were my men. I had no idea how this fucker got into their heads, brainwashed them like this, but I was going to make his pay. I was so distracted in my enraged state that i didn’t watch the sergeant come closer, take a big drag of his cigar, and deeply exhale into my face…

The park was so nice in the Summer. The men were all sucking each other’s dicks or fucking each other. I hadn’t participated in this new ass kissing craze, but it looked hot as hell. I heard a snap and looked down. I was sitting on… a park bench? And there were a bunch of snapped ropes around me. I was also super hairy and muscular now. That was hot. I took a deep drag of my cigar as I saw my hot, can-sized cock rise. It looks like it was time to make friends to and enjoy hot dogs. It was such a nice, hot day for it, after all.

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