Daddies New Toy

By Alpha Artemis
published June 12, 2020
1017 words

Always on the lookout for a new toy. Boys beware. Daddy is always on the hunt.

Xavier laid on his back on the white sheets and held his legs up high. His tanned, dark haired legs where lifted high exposing his equally furry hole to the man staring down at him. His eyes where slightly glazed over with lust but they held in them a small spark of confusion and panic. A small puddle of pre cum glittered in the hairs on his chest from as his hard cock leaked slowly across his well tone stomach.

He was not sure what had happened. He had gone out to the bar that night planning to flirt with some girls and maybe get lucky. But just his luck the bar had been almost dead. He had decided to just have a few then leave when some stranger walked up and started talking to him. He could not remember what was said but suddenly he was following the stranger home. And stripping down to his underwear in the man’s car. And now he was fully naked on this bed raising his legs like some queer. A small part of his mind raged and thrashed against the man’s words but he could not seem to make his body obey.

The man smiled down at him as he took out a large dildo and slowly walked over to Xavier. Xavier found himself opening his mouth wide and beginning to suck on the silicone cock as if it was the the world’s largest pacifier. He drooled and slurped and sucked the cock like a pro as the man watched him and rubbed a hand in the hair on his chest.

Xavier felt the man’s hand sliding down his chest as he sucked on the dildo. The man’s hand gently teased the nipple rings on his chest and commented about what a cute little accessory they were for drawing attention to his chest. He tugged them slightly and Xavier moaned and whimpered in pain and pleasure as the man’s hand continued its trip down his chest.

The hand brushed his hard cock and Xavier screamed inside his head as the man slowly began to stroke his cock using his pre cum for lube. Slowly back and forth he stroked as he commented what a lovely furry chest Xavier had and how well-groomed he was downstairs. Xavier moaned around the dildo again as the man rubbed the pre across his sensitive head before moving further down to fondle Xavier’s balls and knead them softly as he moved the dildo in and out of his mouth causing Xavier to choke slightly but then resume his sucking and slurping.

Xavier squirmed and whimpered as the hand slowly went down his taint playing with the little hairs there and he felt one finger begin to slowly rub the entrance to his hole. A wet feeling on his hole was the only warning he got before the man’s finger began to slowly slip inside of him and move around lubing his innards. Xavier moaned and squirmed and the dildo slipped from his mouth as he tried to beg with the man to let him go but all that came out where more sounds of pleasure and a request for more please more.

The man smiled and took the dildo dripping with saliva and pressed it against Xavier’s newly lubed hole and pressed. A long low moan came from Xavier as the toy slowly slipped all the way to the base. Lodged deep inside of him, Xavier squirmed and the voice in his head raged as he was violated. His body however pushed back into the toy and lifted his legs higher begging the man for more.

With a smile the man began to move the toy back and forth with more speed and with his free hand returned to the boy’s nipples to play with the rings. He explained how even though Xavier had come looking for women he was clearly a little bitch boy marking himself for play with those piercings.

The toy moved in and out of Xavier’s hole and began to grind across his prostate on its path in and out. He panted and leaked more pre across his chest and began to beg the man for more. He needed more. His body was craving more. He needed this man inside of him. He began to thrust against the toy and whimper louder begging the man to give him more, well internally seething at this violation of his person

The man smiled and the toy slowly made its way out of Xavier’s hole. The hairs glistened with spit and lube and his newly opened hole flexed hungry for more. The man smiled as he climbed atop the bed and took Xavier’s ankles in his hands and spread him wider. Xavier felt the man’s cock approach his hole and push inside of him straight to the base. Then man began to fuck Xavier hard calling him a little bitch and explaining how Xavier was going to become his new rent boy. He would post all around pictures of Xavier taking cocks up his hairy hole and down his throat and men would pay for the pleasure of cumming in and on him.

Xavier panted and moaned like a whore and the small spark inside of him slowly began to fade, Yes, he would be this man’s whore. He should be a whore. Look how quickly he presented himself to be used. He nodded and swore himself to this stranger. His daddy. His daddy would take good care of his whore.

The man smiled and pulled the boy tight against him as he christened his hole with its first load of cum shot deep inside of Xavier. As he did this Xavier’s cock throbbed and shot several spurts all over his chest, getting caught in his hair and even hitting his face. The man smiled and rubbed the cum into his boy’s chest and fed him the rest. He would enjoy breaking this one in more.

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