Becoming a Dullahan

By Loucaman
published June 9, 2020
3485 words

James wakes up without a head, and no must learn to live as a dullahan

James woke up with the opposite of a headache. It was a lack of a headache. He reached up to rub his noggin and missed. His hand went through air. James reached around where his head should be and found nothing. Then he reached for his neck and found skin. His neck ended in a stump, a skin covered stump.

What the fuck, thought James. He would have said it out loud but he had no mouth. He did make a sort of groaning sound. James could still see. Sort of. It was like looking through a thin bed sheet. James looked around for his head. First he searched his pillows and bed. Nothing. Then the floor next to his bed.

There was his friend Matt’s sleeping bag. Open and empty. At the top of the bag was a pillow and on the pillow was a hairy round thing that looked like a head with a note taped to the forehead. James reached down and grabbed the note. James held it close like he would if he was going to read it. It did not help. The note was unreadable. James could tell there was stuff on the note but it was impossible to make out the letters. James put the note down and focused on the head on the floor. James reached down and grabbed it by the hair and lifted it onto the bed. The head was heavier than he thought it would be. James recognized the handsome head as Matt’s. Matt’s head looked like he was half asleep and was totally unresponsive. Matt was good looking. Strong jawline with ginger scruff that he kept clean and neat. He had little brown freckles on his wide cheeks and forehead under his wavy orange hair.

James poked and prodded Matt’s head trying to get a response. Nothing. James wondered if Matt left his head behind on purpose. Maybe that’s what the note said. Maybe Matt left his head for James to use. It made sense. Besides, Matt was a pretty chill guy. He wouldn’t mind if James borrowed his head. It was logical considering the impossible situation James had found himself in. Waking up without a head, only to find your friend’s head but no body, it was obvious.

James lifted Matt’s head and put it on his neck stump. It took a few seconds but eventually James’ vision cleared and he could hear the birds outside. James realized that he was looking at the wall behind him.

“Damn” James said with Matt’s voice. He grabbed Matt’s dimpled chin and pulled. Matt’s head turned with some resistance until he was facing forward. “Ok. “ James said. He picked up the note, it was readable now. James figured that you needed a head to be able to read. The note read: “James, I’m so sorry. I had an emergency and I had to borrow your head. It is too much to explain in a note. Please use my head however you like until I get back tonight. I got my phone. I’ll text back when I can”

“That explains nothing.” Said James to himself. “Suck my dick, Matt.” Hearing himself say that with Matt’s voice made James cock twitch. James wondered how this head stealing thing worked. James decided to experiment. He leaned back and pushed his shorts down. James’ half hard cock flopped free and hit his stomach. James smiled and reached up and grabbed Matt’s head. As hard as he could, without hurting himself, James pulled. It wasn’t working. Get off head, James thought to himself. Then like his thoughts were the magic words, Matt’s head detached. James view rose with the head. His vision stayed clear too. James opened and closed his mouth. That’s when he realized he still had a mouth. James still had control of Matt’s head. James swung Matt’s head around and regretted it because it made him dizzy. James lowered Matt’s head onto his crotch and gently maneuvered his cock into Matt’s mouth.

James tasted the sweet precum and the sour sweat on his cock. Matt’s warm tongue felt so good on his cock. For a while, all James did was use Matt’s mouth to stimulate every inch of his cock head. James moved Matt’s tongue under his foreskin and moved it around. James learned that Matt could curl his tongue and took advantage of it. He played with his cock until it was so hard that it ached. James lifted Matt’s head and lowered it again until Matt’s nose was buried in his shorn pubes. James could feel his cock slide down deep into Matt’s throat. James went slow so he would not hurt himself or Matt’s head. Especially since he could feel everything Matt’s head felt. Once he got used to the angle to move Matt’s head, James moved it faster. It felt great but then he moved Matt’s tongue up so that it pressed his cock on the top of Matt’s mouth. That made it feel ten times better. James slowed down because he felt himself close to orgasm.

James pulled Matt’s head off his cock and put it on his leg next to his cock. James grabbed his cock with the other hand and jerked it until he was about to cum. Then he put his cock head into Matt’s mouth. James used Matt’s tongue to play with his cock head while he worked the shaft. It only took three pumps before he shot hot cum into Matt’s mouth. James moaned, which made Matt’s head moan. James kept shooting until his balls ached. James licked up and swallowed all his cum.

James rested his hand on Matt’s head as he enjoyed the afterglow of the best orgasm he ever had. SUcking himself off, even though it was with someone else’s head, was the greatest experience of his life.

It must have been a while cause when James’ phone buzzed, he held the phone in front of Matt’s head and saw it was mid morning. He also saw that Matt had texted him. James decided he needed both hands to text and one was busy holding Matt’s head. He lifted up Matt’s head and attached it to his neck stump, the right way this time.

With Matt’s head on, James looked down at his phone.

“Did you figure out the head thing?” Matt texted.

“Wtf man. Why did you take my head? How did you even do it?” Replied James.

“Long story. Basically someone stole my head a year ago and I have been searching for it. I found it and had to rush out to meet the guy who has it. I couldn’t bring the ginger head cause I had it for too long and it keeps falling off” Matt explained. That was before he had even met Matt. That meant James had never seen Matt’s real face.

“This ginger guy I have isn’t your real head?” James asked.

“I traded for him just before I met you.” Matt replied. Three dots appeared showing that Matt was still typing. “After a year a borrowed head starts getting dicy. So dullahans trade heads on an online group and post looking for their original heads. Only your original head stays loyal and never falls off. “

“What’s a dullahan?” James asked.

“When a dullahan steals the head of a person, they become a dullahan too. I made you a dullahan. So you can steal heads now too.” Matt texted.


“So I have super powers now?” Texted James.

“Yeah. You stay young as long as you attach a young head. You can use all the skills and memories of the head you have on. And you can control a detached head as long as you had it attached before. There might be more, but that’s all I know”. Matt texted. “I am just waiting for the guy to show with my head. I be back as soon as he shows “

“Ok. Cool. “ texted James. “What’s gonna happen to this head?”

“We keep it. Or post it online to see if it belongs to anyone. “ replied Matt. “Ttyl. I think he is here. “ James put down his phone and wondered what to do next. He couldn’t leave his room. James was sure that his roommate Ben would notice. Matt had a large jock body like a lifter, James had a runner’s build. But mostly likely Ben would be out at the gym, so it might be safe. Besides, James always had to pee after he cums.

James got out of bed and pulled up his shorts. He peeked outside his door and didn’t hear or see anything. James tiptoed out of his room and into the bathroom. He whipped out his still chubbed cock and aimed it like always. He emptied his bladder and shook his cock. James felt a pang of hunger as he was washing his hands. He decided to risk getting some food.

James headed to the kitchen and got a bowl and some cereal. While he had his head in the fridge to grab the milk someone grabbed his ass. James jumped in surprise and turned around with milk in hand. There was Ben, shirtless, gym-obsessed, tanned, and wearing thin pajama pants.

“Sorry dude. Thought you were James.” Ben apologised.

“No worries man.” James said. He was used to Ben playing grab ass in the morning. “James went out this morning. He will be back later. He wanted me to wait here for him.” James knew he had to pretend to be Matt since he was using Matt’s old head.

“Serving sausage bro?” Ben said, laughing and pointing at James’ crotch.

James looked down and saw his cock had slipped out of his shorts. James reached down and put his piece away.

“Have we been in the locker room together before? Your tool looks familiar.” Ben asked

“You keep a tally of all the cocks you see?” James asked, hoping that making it sound gay would make Ben drop it.

“Gotta keep track of the competition.” Ben replied, smiling his cute half smile.

“Competition for your mouth?” James joked.

“Dude, love is love and sex if fun. I don’t discriminate.” Ben said, raising his arms up. “Don’t tell James though. I don’t wanna mess up my roommate situation. Cause once you ride this meat, you get addicted. My cock is like crack. “ Ben said, swinging his hips so that his cock swung visibly in his pants.

James sat down cause he was hungrier than he was horny. “I just sucked myself off so I am good for now”.

“No fucking way. “ Ben exclaimed and sat next to James. “ I would pay a million dollars if I could suck myself off. “ Ben scooted his chair closer to James. “I get my tongue to the tip but that doesn’t count. Do you get like the whole thing in?”

“To the root.” James replied. He instantly regretted it because Ben couldn’t find out that James sucked himself off with a detached head and Ben might want a demonstration.

“That makes me horny as fuck.” Ben said. He stood up and his cock had tented his pants. James couldn’t help but look at the massive pole. “You sure you don’t wanna ride? Or is it weird cause you and James are a thing.”

James blinked in surprise. He and Matt were fast friends, they met and hung out most weekends, usually sleeping over after a night of drinking and smoking. James was mostly straight, he tried dating women. Matt was mostly gay. Maybe it was the head that was gay. James really wanted to ride Ben’s cock and he never had that urge before. Ben said he wouldnt fuck James, so now that James looked like Matt, this was his chance. “Matt.. I mean James and I aren’t a thing. I mean, I would, if i thought he would be into it. But I think James is trying the hetero thing.”

“So?” Ben asked, gesturing to his cock, which he was bouncing. James’ anus twitched in anticipation. James wondered if it was a good idea since his body was obviously James’ and not Matt’s. He was already suspicious of his cock. Ben had definitely seen James’ cock before during an after-shower towel mishap.

“Maybe another time.” James said sadly. “It would be weird since I’m his friend and you’re his roommate.” James lied. “I will ask him about it. So maybe tonight?” James said, realizing that this head was up for grabs after Matt got back. James could just put the head on and ride Ben’s cock. Ben shrugged. “Ok man. I will go take care of this. But no worries, it will be ready for you tonight if you change your mind.” Ben said, winking. He headed into his room, but left the door slightly open.

James finished his cereal. He stood up and went straight to Ben’s door. The open was open enough and the angle was right so that James could see Ben stroking his cock, but Ben couldn’t see him watching. Ben must have heard James breathing. “Come right in. I like an audience.” Ben called. James didn’t act innocent, he just opened the door and walked right in. Covered by pajama’s, Ben’s cock was impressive. Freed, Ben’s cock was intimidating.

“I am glad I am not taking that beast up the ass.” James said.

“Keep talkin like that, it makes me wanna cum.” Ben said.

“Did you call Guinness, that cock might break records.” James added.

“Fuck.” Ben grunted.

“Are you sure you can’t suck it? It reaches past your chest.” James smiled.

“Uuuugh” Ben moaned and cum shot from his cock and hit the wall behind him.

Just when James was about to say something clever, his phone buzzed. It was Matt. “See you later.”

James walked out of Ben’s room and closed the door. He looked at his phone.

“I fucking got my head back. Driving back now. GPS says an hour.” Matt texted.

“Is my head ok?” Texted James.

“Of course. I still have it on. I didn’t want a stranger showing up at your apartment.” Matt replied.

“Is this head gay? I am feeling very gay.” James asked.

“I don’t know. Most dullahans are pretty cock hungry. Sorry about that too.” Matt replied.

James realized he was texting Matt while Matt should be driving.

“Drive safe. Talk when you’re back.” James wrote.

James went back to his room and closed the door. He didn’t feel like going out with someone else’s head, so James decided just to hang out in his room. Might as well make it sexy, thought James. James took off Matt’s old head and put it on his dresser so he could see the whole room. James stripped naked and posed in front of Matt’s head. James was able to appreciate his lean body better from this vantage point. Next James watched himself work out. He did more pushups and sit ups than he ever had before. He also got sweaty. James went to the door and stopped himself. He turned back around, picked up the ginger head and attached it. He smiled at himself. He nearly walked out of his room without a head and Ben would see him for sure.

With his head in place, James walked out of his room and into the bathroom. It was only there did he realize that he was totally naked. If Ben saw, he got a good show. James looked in the mirror and was startled to see Matt staring back at him. James smiled and saw that Matt smiled too. He was just looking at his reflection, and he had Matt’s old head on. James noticed that some freckles had appeared on his shoulders. Matt’s head was pale and ginger, and James was slightly tanned with dark hair. The head should look totally alien on his body. Instead, James’ body had slightly changed complexion around the neck and shoulders. Weird.

James hopped in the shower and turned on the water. As James washed, he wondered if he could detach any other body parts. It would be easier to wash his back with a detached arm. A detached cock could get into loads of trouble. He would totally steal Ben’s cock. James finished washing and grabbed a towel to dry off. He saw himself in the mirror again and smiled at himself. He was still surprised to see Matt looking back. He wondered how Matt got used to seeing this face. It wasn’t really Matt after all. James wondered again what Matt really looked like. James wrapped the towel around his waist and opened the door. Ben was there holding his crotch.

“I gotta go man.” Ben said pushing past James. Ben pulled down the towel and laughed before pushing James out and closing the door. James, naked, heard a knock at the front door. He walked over and looked in the peephole. There was a guy about his age, scruffy beard and dark hair. James realized he was looking at his head, his real head. James opened the door. Matt smiled his James’ mouth and hugged James. James hugged back.

“Sorry about all this, man.” Matt said with James’ voice. “I don’t know how to repay you.”

“Aw, dude. No worries.” James said.

“You’re naked.” Matt noticed.

“Yeah,” James said, bouncing his cock like Ben did. “Let’s get to my room before Ben is out of the bathroom.”

Matt followed James into James’ bedroom and closed the door behind him. “Remember to think that the head you are removing is not yours. That will make it go dormant when you take it off. Putting on a new head when you’re still using another one is really jarring.” matt said.

James put a finger to the lips of the head he was wearing and turned on the stereo on his alarm clock. “We don’t want Ben listening in.” James said.

“Good idea.” Matt said. Matt took hold of James’ head and detached it from his neck stump. James’ head went still, like he was half asleep. Matt held out James’ head for James to take. James grabbed Matt’s old head and, taking Matt’s advice thought about the head not being his and that it should detach. James pulled and it detached easily. James’ vision went blurry and the music got very quiet. This was how a headless dullahan saw and heard, he realized. He took his own head from Matt and held out the ginger head. Matt pointed to the ginger and then to the bed. Then Matt pointed to his bag. James’ neck stump nodded and he tossed the ginger onto the bed. The ginger head bounced and rolled, then settled in the middle of the bed.

James held his head with both hands and was ready to attach it. Then he looked at Matt as he wrestled with his shoulder bag. James waited until Matt had his head out and ready to attach. Matt saw James was waiting for him and would have smiled at him, but he didn’t have a mouth yet. They held their dormant heads in front and then lifted them up at the same time and attached them. Matt did it with one try, James missed his neck stump twice.

As James’ vision cleared he realized two things right away. First he realized how different the ginger head really was. Even how his thoughts sounded were different. The second thing was how similar the real Matt looked like his other head. Reddish brown hair was curlier and his face wasn’t as pale. They could have been brothers. James pointed at Matt’s head then at the head on the bed. “I wanted one that looked like me.” Matt explained. Then he started to strip.

“Why are you striping?” James asked.

“You’re naked. And you didn’t get dressed. So I assumed we were gonna have sex. Cause your cock is hard and you’re naked.” Matt said, blushing after he realized that he might have misread the situation.

“I was just preoccupied with getting my head back.” James said, and as Matt started pulling up his pants James continued,”No, no. Get naked. I am gonna fuck your ass until your head falls off.”

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