From Jock to Faggot: How Austin Swallowed His Pride.

By Sunfiregod + Killerwhale Zeus
published April 27, 2006
14239 words

Austin goes from fucker to fucked

From Jock to Faggot: How Austin Swallowed His Pride. By Sunfiregod and Killerwhale Zeus

Austin Lewis entered the locker room feeling on top of the world. His team and especially his play at Quarterback had just led their team to their first win of the season. The team was in full celebration mode as their win was unexpected.

“You guys played a hell of a game now I want you to go out tonight and celebrate!” Yelled Coach Peterson over the roar of his team.

Austin was going to celebrate tonight, that was for sure. He had a date with Andy Stephens’ sister, Amy. She’d been playing hard to get, but tonight would be the night. He would not accept “no” as an answer. Besides, who could turn him down? He had all three of the major weapons in his arsenal: devastating looks which allowed him to melt the heart of any chick with a mere smile; a perfectly formed body with broad shoulders, large muscles and narrow waist … not to mention his abs, pecs and glutes, which were so tight women swooned just over the thought of running their hands over them; and finally, perhaps his most effective leg-spreader … his magnetic red 2002 Corvette Convertible. It had been a gift from his parents on his 19th birthday and had replaced the 2001 model they had given him on his last birthday. The car had been only the fifth to come off the production line and Austin loved to brag about it almost as much as he loved to brag about himself.

After every game he made sure to mention what a great car it was to everyone in the locker room, including Andy Stephens.

Andy, who was the team’s Tight End, didn’t approve of his sister dating Austin. He know all about Austin’s history of screwing around and his boasting of his sexual conquests among the other team members and his other friends. Part of him kept telling himself that she was an adult so he couldn’t keep her from going out with him even if he was an asshole, but part of him still wanted to shelter her.

“Yo Andy, don’t worry bout your sis, I’ll take good care of her,” laughed Austin as he thrust his pelvis out simulating sex.

Andy only smirked. He couldn’t figure out how anyone could go for a guy like Austin since he was so in love with himself. Sean, the team manager, came over and offered Andy a towel which he took from him. Sean was small in stature and an avid fan of football, studying the strategy and history of the game. He would’ve loved to play himself, but knew he lacked the necessary size and strength. He turned his dreams to coaching and hoped to someday have his own team to coach. But for now, to get his foot in the door, he accepted the position of manager, which some of the players, like Austin, viewed as a glorified water boy.

“Yo Sean, you pansy, give me a towel!” Austin shouted out as he walked through the crowded locker room totally naked. He liked doing that. And why not? He wasn’t gay. And he had a big dick, so why not show the other guys what a real man looked like?

Sean grabbed a fresh towel and handed it to Austin. “You like what you see, faggot?” Austin asked, grabbing the towel. He loved making fun of Sean because he was small and never fought back, which just encouraged Austin more.

Sean wasn’t gay and Austin’s put-downs hurt him at times. But what could he do? Everybody knew Austin Lewis was a jerk but that still didn’t ease the hurt feelings at times.

The guys all hit the showers, leaving Sean to pick up after them.

That night Austin arrived at Amy’s apartment to pick her up. She met him at the door, a sign Austin took as pathetic eagerness, and escorted her to the car.

Driving off down the street he did what he always did: he gave the car a little extra burst of speed, skidding the tires. It always thrilled the ladies.

At dinner Amy noticed that Austin liked to talk about himself. Some of his previous dates had warned her about that but Amy had wanted to date the most handsome and successful guy at college that she chose to overlook his conceit. Now though, it was dawning on her that Austin wasn’t a very nice guy. Every time she started a conversation, Austin somehow steered the topic to his prowess on the field.

…“And then I gave Sean a huge shove and sent him flying. It took him an hour to clean up the mess. Of course, Coach totally flipped out on him and threatened to can him. I’ve never seen a guy so close to crying … except when your lame brother missed that pass today.”

Austin laughed again. Despite herself, Amy was still very attracted to him. “Uh, we had a …” she began, trying to relate a similar experience.

But Austin, seemingly completely unaware of her presence, cut her off, continuing his harangue. “So tell me, you were at the game last weekend, what did you think my best move was? When I ran in for the touchdown or later in the third quarter when I passed that fifty yarder to Kip?”

And so it when on that way for the entire evening. Amy smiled and giggled politely as Austin spoke about nothing but himself and the things he liked and disliked. At one stage he leaned over the table and flexed his impressive bicep, inviting her to give it a feel. She almost rolled her eyes, but instead being the dutiful date, she ran her fingers lightly over the muscle and felt her stomach give a little flip. Austin was sexy beyond belief, but with a sinking feeling, she decided that no matter how gorgeous this guy was, her brother and everybody else had been right: Austin Lewis was a jerk.

After the meal, Austin drove Amy to his favorite secluded spot. Amy decided to make the best of a bad situation and soon they were making out. At least it stopped him talking. But Austin’s hand kept slipping down on to her inner thigh and she had to repeatedly move it away. After several minutes of this, Austin murmured in her ear, “Come on baby, I’m hot for you and I know you are too.”

Amy was sorely tempted to go further. Austin was so hot and she was in an aroused state, but she would never sleep with a guy on the first date. “Oh, not tonight Austin,” she said. “Let’s not ruin a beautiful evening.”

“I don’t want to ruin it,” Austin said with a huff. “You’re the one trying to ruin it.” He pushed his hand back on to her thigh and began to stroke it.

Amy broke the kiss and pushed his arm away. “I said not tonight, Austin.”

Austin didn’t seem to hear her and pulled her back in to his embrace. “Trust me, you’ll enjoy it. I’ve had no complaints yet.” He had a hand behind her neck and he pushed her lips roughly up against his, all the while his other hand slipped inside her panties.

Amy gasped. She was suddenly aware of how vulnerable she was. She broke free of his kiss. “Austin, no!”

Once again he ignored her. He shifted his body so that she was underneath him. One hand began to tug at her panties and the other at his pants.

Amy suddenly realized that Austin was not going to take no for an answer. “No… please …” she whispered in a small voice.

“Just relax, baby, just relax. You’ll like this,” he said, grinning. When it was all over Amy was sobbing. This put Austin in a bad mood. “What are you crying about, bitch?” he demanded. “I can’t help it if you’re too uptight to enjoy yourself. You’re a dud lay, you know that?” He started up the engine and began to drive back towards town. “I thought it was just your brother who was the lame one in your family, but now I see it must be genetic. Being a pussy must run in your family. You should feel lucky I even paid attention to an ugly cow like you.” He dumped her at the end of her street and sped off.

Upset and her dress torn, Amy stumbled home. When she got into her apartment she didn’t know what to do. She went to the phone and dialed her brother. Since he was an athlete he had to live on campus.

Andy heard his phone ringing and made his way to the phone. It was his sister. He could tell right off that something was wrong. He couldn’t believe it when Amy told him that Austin had raped her!

“Call the police,” was the first thing Andy said.

“No, I can’t,” Amy sobbed. “I don’t want anybody to know. What would people say? Austin would probably tell them all kinds of lies.”

Amy was right. Their parents were quite conservative and, even though it was no fault of Amy’s, they’d still be upset about her going out with a guy like Austin.

“Listen Amy,” Andy said reassuringly, trying to calm her down. “Don’t you worry about anything. I’m going to take care of everything. Just don’t tell anyone else. I’ll be by there in a few minutes, okay?” He hung up the phone.

Andy was enraged. His first thought was to kill Austin. Austin had gone too far this time and he was going to pay. Andy quickly got dressed and drove to Amy’s apartment. He spent the rest of the night consoling her, letting his own anger consume him.

Amy was calm enough in the morning and Andy left her with her roommate and went back to the dorms. He had practice today, and today Austin would begin to regret what he’d done. Austin would only “begin” to regret what he did, because, unknown to most people, Andy had a special talent. He was telepathic.

He had not used his powers in ten years because he didn’t want to risk harming anybody. But during all those years he could feel the power bubbling away in his mind. One of his first impulses was to make Austin kill himself. Then after he had calmed down he decided he would make Austin castrate himself, but he quickly rejected that idea. Making Austin do some violent and shocking thing would only uncover what had happened and would most likely bring the attention of the authorities on him. Andy had guarded his secret all his life and he was not about to let some fuckwit jock like Austin Lewis draw him into making an error that would give him away. So he decided to make Austin’s punishment slow and humiliating.

Austin showed up for practice in a good mood, as if nothing out of the ordinary had happened. Andy watched as Austin hung around with the guys, made a few jokes and talked crudely about sex while waiting for the coach to show up.

At one point during practice Austin turned to Andy and, with the entire team watching, said, “Hey, Andy, give my regards to your sister. She spread her legs so quickly last night I’m surprised she didn’t fall over walking to the car.” The guys all laughed along with Austin.

Andy was fuming but covered his anger. He even managed a tight smile before turning away.

“’Fuck,” Austin muttered, “my water bottle’s empty.” He threw the bottle at Sean and hit the poor boy in the head. “Hey Sean, you pussy faggot whore, fill this up, you retard.” “Fill it up yourself, Austin. I’m busy.” Sean said, pissed.

Austin strode over to where Sean was and grabbed him by the collar. “I told you to fill this up. Do you want me to get the coach to kick your sorry ass off the team?”

Sean yanked his shirt out of Austin’s hand. “I’ve had just about enough of your crap.”

Austin curled his fist up and tensed his impressive muscles, ready to pound Sean.

Andy stared at Austin’s head. “That’s enough of that,” he thought to himself, entering Austin’s head and placing the order. “Let Sean go this time. You have to get ready for practice.”

Austin glared at Sean. Sean, slender, pale and blonde, tried his best to glare back. “Aw, fuck it,” Austin said, releasing Sean with a small shove. Normally he would’ve pounded the guy, but for some reason he felt like letting up. “I’ve got to get ready for practice and I can’t be bothered beating you up just now.” He turned and walked back to his locker and started to get changed. Sean took the opportunity to leave.

Andy smiled to himself. His power to give people mental orders still worked. Also, Austin himself had given Andy an idea for revenge. He had called Sean a ‘pussy faggot whore’. Austin must be really homophobic. Maybe that could be something Andy could use…

Coach arrived and began barking orders. Soon the whole team was out on the field doing drills. Austin was grouped with five other guys to do a fielding exercise, the players taking turns receiving the ball while Austin threw it from various distances.

Andy watched Austin throw a few passes before sending the thought out to him, “Austin, just when you are about to throw the ball, you will feel a man grab on to your ass cheeks.”

Austin watched as his teammate started his run up to catch the pass. Suddenly he felt a pair of hands grab hold of his ass and give them a squeeze. Shocked, he spun round, hitting out at the air where he expected the person to be. “What the fuck do you think you’re doing?” he bellowed. But there was nobody there. He looked around but there was nobody near him. The closest person was at least twenty yards away. “What the fuck?” he muttered. He could have sworn he felt someone grab ass. The ball he’d thrown bounced past the receiver. Austin rubbed his backside trying to understand what had happened. His teammate called to him impatiently to throw the pass to a place where he could at least have a chance to catch it. Shaking his head, the receiver threw the ball back to Austin.

Austin picked up the ball. All of a sudden someone grabbed his ass again and squeezed it… a real grope this time. He spun round again but once again there was nobody there. He felt his face turn red. The ball flew wildly past the second receiver.

“What’s wrong, Austin?” Kip, the guy who had been ready to receive the ball, called out.

Austin glared at him and then he looked around again, trying to understand what had happened.

“Well?” Kip asked again.

“Uh, nothin’, just, uh, a gust of wind, you know.” Austin replied, grabbing the football. He was puzzled and annoyed. It must have been the wind … but damnit, he could still feel the imprints of strong, masculine fingers on his butt.

He started to throw another pass. This time the imaginary hands cupped his ass and pulled his butt cheeks apart a little. The fingers were much closer to his crack and so it felt a lot more invasive. Austin was already spinning around when it stopped, but again there was nothing to see.

The ball bounced past Kip for the third time and he could hear him swear.

“Goddamn this wind,” Austin muttered bitterly, tugging at his pants, trying to pull them up an extra inch. “It must be the wind,” he thought. Yet, it felt like hands were touching the flesh, inside his pants.

“What the hell’s going on here?” yelled Coach Peterson, storming over. “I’ve watched you miss with the last three balls. What are you doing?”

“Uh, nothing,” Austin stammered, embarrassed to know that Coach had been watching.

“If you don’t concentrate on what you’re doing, I’ll have you back here Friday night doing push-ups. Do you understand?” He strode away angrily.

Friday night was Austin’s favorite night for getting laid. He gulped and decided that no matter what happened to his ass, he would just ignore it.

He began the pass and gasped as he felt the sensation of two hands on his ass, prying apart his cheeks. He clenched his ass in an effort to dissuade them, but they began to caress his ass. He passed the ball, all the time fully aware that it felt like strange manly hands were caressing his butt.

“That’s better,” Coach said. He blew his whistle signifying the end of the drill.

Andy had watched the whole scene and it actually felt good. Austin was in for a whole lot more. All during practice he would continue to send out the thoughts, enjoying watching the big stud flinch each time he thought he was being felt up. Of course during their next game Andy wouldn’t do this because he wanted to win. But during practice, anything was fair play as far as he was concerned. The look on Austin’s face alone was priceless.

After practice it was time to hit the showers. Andy sensed that Austin was disturbed by what had happened during practice but he was horsing around as usual now, acting as if nothing had happened.

Sean was busy handing out towels and gathering up the equipment when Austin walked by, naked. “Hey faggot, give me a towel,” he shouted.

Andy quickly entered Austin’s mind and implanted the following instruction: “Every time you get near Sean you will get a raging hard on.”

Austin stopped as he neared Sean, realizing that his dick was suddenly getting hard!!! Sean saw what was happening as Austin quickly grabbed a towel.

Kip saw the bulge in Austin’s towel. “Austin’s got a woody!” he laughed out loud. The entire teams’ eyes turned toward Austin.

“Going queer on us Lewis?” came a voice from the crowd.

“Shut the fuck up,” Austin replied as he hastily made his way back to his locker, his dick going soft again.

Andy felt good, but this was just a start. He wanted Austin to suffer. His earlier comment to Sean about being a “pussy faggot whore” had gotten him to thinking of ways to humiliate the arrogant young man.

There were half a dozen guys soaping up in the shower and scrubbing mud from their chests, legs and arms. Austin cracked a lewd joke as he began to soap himself.

Andy decided to have a little bit of fun and entered Austin’s mind again. This time he told him that every time Austin heard the word “practice” he would think that he heard the word “penis” and would take a good long look at the cock of the person who said it. Of course, the look would be involuntary. Austin would feel compelled to look and check out the other guy’s dick.

Austin had no way to know that Andy was messing with his mind and continued to wash himself.

Andy leaned over to the other guys and said, “That was a good practice today, wasn’t it?”

Austin almost dropped his soap in surprise. He was sure Andy had just said, “That was a good penis today, wasn’t it?” He looked down at Andy’s impressive and wet cock he said, “Wh … What did you say?”

“I said, ‘That was a good practice today, wasn’t it?’” Andy replied.

“Ah. Uh, sure, whatever.” Austin said, shaking his head to get some of the water out.

Simon, another player, said, “It was very hard today, a very hard penis.”

Austin stared at Simon. He looked over at Simon’s cock and noticed that it too was an impressive size, and cut. “Wh … Wh … What did you say, Simon?” he asked, unsettled.

“I said it was a hard practice,” Simon said. “Jeez, man, you’ve got to get your hearing checked.”

“Uh, yeah,” Austin said, trying to laugh it off. “I guess I got hit on the head a little too hard today.” For some bizarre reason he realized he was hearing the word “penis” instead of “practice.” He decided to ignore it from now own, just like he ignored the phantom hands that had grabbed at his body during practice.

Kip was rinsing shampoo out of his long hair when he said, “I always enjoy penis. Afterwards I always feel so invigorated. Say, Andy, do you like penis?”

Austin’s eyes swung down and looked at Kip’s member. He didn’t even realize he was doing it.

Andy smiled inwardly, knowing exactly what Austin was doing and hearing. “Yes, yes I do. Austin, do you like penis?”

Austin glanced at Andy’s cock and involuntarily licked his lips “Uh, yeah. I do.”

Everyone laughed.

“What the fuck, man?” Kip asked. “You really ARE turning all queer on us!”

“What the fuck do you mean, man?” Austin asked, puzzled.

“Andy just asked you if you liked dick … and you said ‘yes’!!!” Everyone laughed again and Austin felt his face turn red.

“I, uh, I thought he said ‘practice’,” he stammered. “I’m having a fucking weird day.”

Andy laughed as he watched the usually smooth Austin fumble for his words. The guys laughed, too, and filed out of the shower one by one, leaving Austin furiously washing himself. He was really pissed off. What was wrong with him today? “I really need some pussy before I go crazy,” Austin thought to himself.

Andy decided to add one more little change to Austin, and quickly entered Austin’s mind again: “Austin, tonight when you get home, every time your roommate says your name you will take off a piece of clothing. You won’t notice a thing and will act like it’s all completely normal.”

Austin hurriedly finished his shower and walked into the lockers, throwing his towel into the bin. Sean was standing there talking to Kip in front of Austin’s locker. Austin frowned and marched over to his locker. As soon as he got near Sean his dick began to lengthen and harden. Of course, he didn’t realize this.

“Hey pussy get out of my way,” Austin said to Sean, his half hard cock sticking out from his body.

Kip looked at him. “Damn Austin! You got another woody. What’s the matter? Not getting enough?” he laughed.

Sean was surprised. Austin was always strutting around the locker room naked, showing off, and he had never pulled a boner before. Now he had had two in one day.

“What?” Austin asked, looking down at his dick and noticing that it was at full mast. “Fuck,” he swore out loud, as he quickly tried to open his locker to get his clothes.

“I guess that hard long penis got him all hot and bothered,” laughed Andy.

Austin’s head whipped around to stare at Andy, who was standing on the other side of the room. His eyes went directly to Andy’s crotch and he was suddenly embarrassed. Sean walked away laughing quietly.

“I haven’t gotten laid today….” mumbled Austin trying to come up with an excuse.

“Just get that thing under control before the next time we have penis,” Kip said.

Austin glanced down at Kip’s dick, but it was now hidden behind his boxers. Why was everyone talking about dick? He knew he couldn’t be hearing things. Something was wrong.

Coach Peterson came out of his office and looked toward Austin, “Lewis you’d better not blow penis tomorrow like you did today or they’ll be hell to pay.” He turned and went back into his office.

Austin was stunned. Had Coach just said ‘penis’? They had to be playing some kind of joke on him.

He got dressed as his dick went soft and headed back to his dorm room. He needed some rest or something. He felt like he was freaking out.

Austin’s roommate was Parker, a handsome student from Washington, with light skin, jet black hair and piercing green eyes. At first, the jock had not been too sure of Parker, but after getting to know each other they had become good friends. Sure, Parker was a liberal, but he drank beer and liked football and that made him OK in Austin’s book.

On the way to the dorm, still feeling freaked by practice earlier, Austin picked up half a case of beer and some videos, with the intention of watching some ESPN with Parker and having a bit of a guys’ night in. He walked in and stopped. Parker had company.

“Oh, hey Austin,” Parker said. He and a guy Austin had never seen before were sitting on the couch watching ESPN. Parker had already bought some beer.

Austin put his beer down on the table and took off his sports jacket, obeying Andy’s subliminal command. He threw the jacket on his bed and grabbed a beer.

Parker eyed the fresh supply of beer and said, “I was going to suggest we get drunk and watch a game, but I see great minds think alike.”

Austin grinned, “If you’ve bought beer, and I’ve bought beer … then that means we’ll have to drink twice as much.”

Austin grabbed a bag of chips and sat down on the couch. He looked at Parker’s friend.

“Oh yeah,” Parker said, “Austin, this is Paul. Paul, this is Austin.”

Austin nodded to Paul, kicking off one shoe and then the other. He looked at Paul. The guy was clearly not a football player. His frame was more delicate, like a swimmer or something, and his clothes were not sporty like most of the jocks wore. In fact, they looked kind of … arty. Mentally, Austin groaned.

“Well Paul, you’re either a Theatre student or you’re gay. Which is it?” Austin asked bluntly, glaring at him.

“Both actually,” Paul said, meeting Austin’s gaze. He was totally in love! Austin was the hottest man he had ever seen … not only that … he was sitting on the same couch as him. He could feel the heat from Austin’s hot body. Austin, of course, was oblivious.

Austin almost leapt out of his seat at Paul’s admission. Beer sprayed out of his mouth as he sputtered. “You’re what? Jesus, Parker, why didya let him in? We have two rules in this dorm. No fags and no fat chicks.”

“Don’t be such an asshole, Austin,” Parker said, clearly embarrassed for his friend Paul. Austin took off his watch and threw it onto his bed with his jacket. “Paul’s my friend. What does being gay have to do with anything?” Parker was obviously pissed off.

“Maybe I should go?” Paul offered, grabbing his coat and getting up from the couch.

“No,” Parker said, putting his hand on Paul’s arm and gesturing for him to sit. “No, stay and enjoy the game. We’ll ALL enjoy the game.”

“Parker, I love you like a brother” Austin said, “but you’re such a fucking … liberal.” Parker just ignored him. “Fine,” Austin relented, "Paul, you can stay, but don’t expect me to do any faggy shit and don’t fucking fall in love with me.’

“Goddamn it,” Parker said, taking a long swig of beer. "Newsflash, butthead, not everyone loves you. And not every homosexual is obsessed with sex.’

Paul nodded in agreement, but knew that in this case it was a lie. He was already in love with Austin.

The game started and for the first quarter the trio sat there drinking beer, eating chips and yelling at the screen. Austin had to admit that Paul was actually a fun guy … he didn’t act gay and he certainly knew his football.

“Hey, do you guys want another beer?” Parker asked, standing up and walking to the small fridge. “Sure,” Paul said.

“What about you, Austin?”

“Sure,” Austin replied. Parker grabbed three cold beers from the fridge. When he stood up he was stunned to see Austin taking off his sweatshirt. Underneath was bare skin. Paul’s jaw dropped and he quickly shut his mouth. Austin’s perfectly sculpted upper body rippled with muscle. Even when relaxed his biceps bulged.

Austin threw the shirt to join his coat and watch. “Where’s my beer?”

“Are you alright?” Parker asked, also noticing that Austin had removed his shirt.

“Yeah, I’m fine,” Austin replied, taking the beer. “Just tryin’ to get comfortable.”

They watched another quarter of football. At halftime, Parker turned to

Austin and said. “It’s your turn to get the beers, Austin.”

Austin nodded and stood. Paul gulped as he found himself eye level with Austin’s jean clad bulge. His eyes widened in amazement as Austin proceeded to remove his thick leather belt, unbuckling it and sliding it slowly out of his belt loops. Paul gulped again, was Austin trying to give him some sort of sign?

“Ah, that’s a relief,” Austin said, putting the belt on his bed. He returned to the couch with the drink. “Now I can eat all the chips I want.”

While the game continued and out of the corner of his eyes, Paul studied Austin’s handsome features, searching for some sign that he was trying to send a message. Finally, he couldn’t stand the tension anymore.

“So, uh, Austin. Do you have a girlfriend?” he asked.

As soon as he said it, Paul regretted it. Parker visibly flinched. Austin’s eyes closed and Parker could see a vein on his neck pop out. Paul watched as Austin’s head turned violently red. “This is it,” he thought to himself. “I’m going to die here.”

Austin stood up and turned and faced Paul, who was still sitting. “What kind of faggy question is that?”

“Ease off, Austin,” Parker pleaded.

Then Austin did something no one expected. He reached down and began to unbutton his pants. Both Paul and Parker looked on, stunned. Austin unzipped the tight jeans and slid them down his large and lightly haired legs and straight off. Now he was only wearing white briefs and white socks. He threw the pants to the corner of the room and clenched his fists.

“Uh, Why did you take your pants off?” Parker asked.

Austin frowned and looked down at his semi-naked body. Puzzled, he sat down. “Can’t a guy relax in his own room?” he asked. He seemed dazed by his own actions and completely forgot about pounding Paul. He felt the scratchy material of the couch on his exposed body and wiggled around, trying to get comfortable. His hips and shoulders continually bumped up against Paul.

Now Paul was doubly confused. When a gay man makes an overture to you and you respond by taking your pants off, that is usually a pretty strong indication of your interest. Yet, Austin, who displayed such obvious hatred of gays, was slowly disrobing in what seemed like a personal strip tease for Paul. Paul decided to press his luck. “You didn’t answer my question, Austin.”

“Leave Austin alone, Paul,” Parker said. “Let’s just enjoy the rest of the game, OK?”

Austin stared at the TV screen. “I’m just going to pretend you didn’t ask me that question. I don’t want to get kicked out of college for poofter bashing.” Even as he said this, he was reaching down and sliding off a sock.

“Austin…” Parker said, a hint of warning in his voice.

Austin immediately stripped off his other sock. He set his bare feet up on the coffee table in full view. Normally, it would have occurred to him that sitting next to a homosexual while wearing nothing but his underwear was probably an odd thing to do, but for some reason, it felt completely comfortable and normal sitting between two large men wearing only his tight white briefs.

Paul wisely decided to keep quiet. This hunk of a man, despite what he had been saying, was now sitting next to him wearing only his underwear! Paul couldn’t believe that Austin wasn’t interested in him. He had made his own interest clear and in response Austin had stripped down to his undies. Paul wanted to reach out and stroke that smooth flesh. He wanted to caress the big bulge in Austin’s briefs.

“Austin …” he began. “Are you…”

Parker quickly cut him off with a gesture of his hand. “Just leave it be.” He turned to Austin. “Austin, buddy, just forget it, okay? Let’s just watch the game.”

Austin, still looking straight ahead, stood up and turned to face Paul and Parker. With his legs apart and his back straight, he closed his eyes and looked at the ceiling. He placed his thumbs in the top of his underwear and tugged at the elastic.

Paul could not believe his eyes! Parker couldn’t either. One was amazed while the other was slightly horrified.

Austin pulled his briefs down and slid them off his body. He stood, naked, in front of Paul. Paul was in awe. Everything about this man was perfect. A neat trail of hair led from his tanned abs to his decent sized cock. His buns were made of steel and curved tightly out from his backside.

“Austin! Put some clothes on,” Parker moaned, covering his eyes.

Austin looked around, suddenly realizing he was naked. Andy’s orders had been to remove an item of clothing every time Parker spoke his name. Now that he was naked he was free from the command. He looked first at Parker and then at Paul. He noticed that Paul was staring openly at his cock. A light breeze from the open window drifted across his exposed ass. Paul reached out and began to stroke Austin’s inner thigh. That made Austin snap out of his daze. “Shit!” he swore, backing away from the couch and out of Paul’s reach. He rushed over to his bed and frantically began to throw on some clothes. “I… I… don’t know wh… what happened… I just wanted to get comfortable. I forgot … Oh shit… I can’t believe…”

“You’ve got some serious problems,” Parker said, taking another drink of his beer. “You’re also a dick.” Parker thought Austin had been playing a joke on poor Paul, a rather cruel one, since Parker knew Austin was totally straight.

Paul watched as Austin continued to dress. “Austin,” Paul said cautiously, “I know you said you’re not gay… but you’ve got such a fine body … if you ever want … you know … just, uh, call me.”

The phone rang on the stand next to the couch and Parker picked it up. He held it out to Austin. “It’s for you.”

Austin now had some sweats and a t-shirt on. He grabbed the phone and spoke into the receiver. “Hello?”

“Hello, Austin,” Andy said.

Andy? Why would that loser be calling him? They weren’t friends. “What do you want? I’m busy right now,” he said sarcastically. “If your sister wants more of my cock she’s going to have to get in line,” laughed Austin at his own joke.

“You’re such an asshole, Austin,” Andy said, entering Austin’s mind. “Sit still, shut up and listen,” he ordered. Austin froze in place as Paul and Parker continued watching the game. Andy continued, “tonight when you go to shower, I want you to undress in your room and forget your towel. Once you’re in the hallway you’ll get a hard on. Of course, you’re so stupid you won’t even notice it. You’ll stay in the shower, soaping and feeling yourself up for thirty minutes. Then you’ll go back to your room. You’ll still have a hard on and you still won’t notice it.”

That should freak out Austin, Andy thought. He’d be flaunting his dick to whomever happened to be in the shower room at the time.

“When you hang up the phone you won’t remember it was me who called. If anybody asks, you’ll say it was a salesman,” said Andy as he hung up, a big grin spreading across his face.

“Who was that?” quizzed Parker.

“I don’t know, some salesman,” replied Austin.

“Oh I hate those guys,” Paul said. “They always call when you’re in the middle of something.”

Austin sat back down on the couch between the two as they continued to watch the game.

Paul kept sneaking glances at Austin’s crotch. He kept thinking that Austin must be interested in something… why would he have stripped nude like that if he wasn’t making some kind of hint?

The fourth quarter was just beginning and Austin was kind of drunk. “I gotta grab a shower. I have an early practice tomorrow,” he said as he stood up. His body wobbled slightly. Paul’s interest was piqued even more.

“Yeah man,” Parker said, “it’s nearly eleven o’clock. You’d better get ready to hit the hay.” He turned to Paul and started to argue about a disputed call on the field. Soon they were yelling at the screen. Austin looked back and smiled as he grabbed his bathroom kit from his closet. Normally he changed in the shower room but for some reason, tonight he decided to change in his room. He stripped off his shirt and threw it into his dirty clothes pile.

Paul craned his neck to try and see the jock undressing. Parker noticed and just laughed. To each his own, he thought. Parker was totally straight but if looking at Austin floated Paul’s boat that was fine by him. Besides, Austin was straight, so what harm could it do? Well, unless Austin decided to be an ass and throw a punch or something.

Austin pulled his shorts and underwear down in one stroke and Paul felt his dick twitch in his pants as he looked at the perfect ass on the jock. Too bad he was straight. Maybe he’d let him suck him off or something, but that was probably just wishful thinking on his part. As Austin picked up his shower kit and turned to the door, Paul noticed that he forgot to grab his towel. He almost said something but didn’t want Austin to know that he’d been staring at him the whole time. So he let him go off without his towel.

As the door closed Paul reluctantly turned to watch the final seconds of the game. He’d have to leave in a minute or two, but he’d be leaving with some memories he’d cherish forever.

As soon as Austin was in the hallway his dick began to plump up. He didn’t notice. There was no one in the hall as he made his way down towards the bathroom, which was at the far end of the hall. With each step his dick, now at full mast, bobbed up and down. Austin was oblivious. A guy came out of his room and walked toward Austin. He did a double take, unable to believe his eyes. There was the campus Quarterback, walking down the hall buck naked and with a woody!!! As he continued walking toward Austin he couldn’t help but stare at the athlete’s erect cock. Austin noticed the guy looking at his dick. “You like what you see?” he asked smugly, still unaware that his dick was hard as a rock. Normally a comment like that would be taken as a smart ass remark, but for some reason it sounded more like a proposition.

“What did you say?” the guy asked.

Austin ignored him and continued down the hall, his dick pointing the way. He entered the shower room. He could hear showers running. He glanced into the showers and saw three guys he didn’t know showering. He walked right in and took one of the showers in the middle of the room, in full view of anybody who was in the showers and of anybody went into our out of the bathroom.

He turned the water on and began to lather himself up. One of the guys on the far wall had glanced back to see who had entered the showers. He recognized Austin from the school paper and was about to holler a greeting when he noticed that he had a hard on. The guy turned to his friend who was showering beside him motioned for him to look back. “Shit that’s Austin Lewis the quarterback,” he whispered as Austin began to wash his crotch. To anyone watching though, it looked more as if Austin was masturbating! The two guys had seen enough. They didn’t want to be in the same shower as some faggot. They grabbed their stuff and left.

Austin continued to shower. His muscles ached from practice so he planned on taking a long shower to loosen them up. The last guy in the shower was a muscular guy, not too big, but well defined.

Suddenly two guys burst into the shower room. They were as large as Austin and their naked bodies were covered in dirt. They were also kissing, locked in a full on lip lock.

Austin was stunned. He had heard a rumour that the showers were used as a gay beat late at night, but he’d dismissed it as an urban myth … but now here was the proof. He glanced over and noticed that the other guy in the shower was also shocked. The two guys were locked in an embrace and fell hard against the shower wall. They seemed oblivious to Austin and the other man in the shower.

“What the fuck are you two fags doing? This is a fucking shared shower,” the guy showering near Austin said, covering his dick.

“Yeah, cut it out you two,” Austin agreed, continuing to soap up his hard dick. “Why don’t you get a room?”

One of the kissers glanced over at the Austin and, still rubbing his body up against his lover’s, said, “hey, we can do whatever the fuck we want, so why don’t the two of you just fuck off?”

The guy near Austin grabbed his shampoo and walked out. “I’ve had enough of you fruitcakes,” he muttered.

It seemed to Austin that the comment had been directed as much as him as it was to the two buff guys pressed up against the wall. His soapy dick was straining skywards.

“Mmmmm… that’s one down,” panted one of the guys.

It never occurred to Austin to leave. “I was fucking here first. If you think I’m gonna let some queers scare me out of my shower, you’ve got another thing coming.”

“You bet I’ve got another thing cumming,” the younger of the two guys said, putting extra emphasis on the double entendre. He grabbed hold of his companion’s ass and squeezed.

Austin resolutely and grim facedly continued to lather his body. He started soaping his armpits, trying to ignore the groans of frenzied passion coming from the corner of the shower room.

“You’re welcome to join us,” one of the guys called out, eyeing Austin’s well-defined body and rock hard cock. They both stopped kissing for a moment and stared lustily at Austin’s body.

“I’m not interested,” Austin said stiffly, wishing desperately that he could finish his shower and leave. He didn’t realize that he could actually have left anytime he wanted.

“Well, you LOOK interested,” one of the guys said. “Come on, three can be better than two.”

“I’m not interested,” Austin said. “And stop talking to me, you fucking queer, or I’ll …” It suddenly occurred to Austin that these two guys looked just about as tough as he was and he wasn’t about to pick a fight. “Just forget it,” he said.

“Oh, I see,” one of the guys said. “you’re the type who likes to watch. Well, don’t worry, loverboy, we’ll give you a good show.”

Austin’s face turned bright red at the taunt. The guys went back to kissing and Austin started to soap up his dick once again. He had already cleaned his body four times over.

“That’s right, play with it for me,” one of the guys panted, watching Austin soap up. They were stimulating each other, but were watching Austin’s show at the same time.

Austin saw that they were watching him soap his dick (still unaware that it was erect) and spun around away from them. Then, almost as if on auto-pilot, he bent over and started washing between his toes. His naked ass was now on display for the two guys.

“Oh, man, look at that tight ass,” one of them groaned.

This went on for another few minutes before Austin was finished with his shower. With his face burning red with embarrassment, he ran out of the locker room and down the corridor to his room, his dick was bouncing up and down.

He slammed his door shut leaned heavily against it, sopping wet.

“You were gone a long time,” Parker said, still watching TV. Paul had left some time ago. “What’s the matter?”

“There were two quys making out in the showers. It was sick man. Wrong,” Austin said.

“Is that why you were in there for half an hour?” Parker asked, looking up at his naked roommate. “And what’s with the boner, man?”

Austin looked down. His wet and glistening cock was hard, still covered with soap.

“What the fuck???” he swore, grabbing a towel and covering himself up.

“Look’s like watching those two guys must’ve turned you on,” Parker chuckled, enjoying watching his friend squirm. He found it hilarious that Austin got so worked up as soon as anyone said the word ‘gay’ in this day and age.

Austin finished toweling off, pulled on a fresh pair of briefs and crawled into bed. “I don’t know what fucking trick all you lame-assed losers were trying to pull on me today, but none of you’ve fooled me … tomorrow at practice I’ll get to the bottom of this.”

Parker just shrugged his shoulders and went back to watching TV. Austin had been acting strangely all night and he wasn’t about to waste any time trying to figure it out.

Andy arrived at the practice the next day and was surprised to see Austin in the locker room still just as crass and obnoxious as always. He was bragging to the guys about some chick he had screwed and then dumped after she had bought him a stereo.

He entered Austin’s mind, “Alright Austin, you bastard, until Coach arrives, you’ll discuss sex as usual, but your hetero words will keep getting confused with gay words.”

The guys finished laughing at Austin’s story.

“You coming out with us to the pub tonight, Austin? We’re off the Royal … cheap beer until nine,” Kip said.

“I was thinking of going to the General-At-Arms, where all the lonely science geeks hang out … I’m in the mood for some hot, hot cock action,” Austin said.

Everyone froze. Austin’s face turned bright red when he realized what he’d said.

“I meant … pussy … hot, hot pussy action,” he stammered. “Come on, guys. It’s me. I was just fuckin’ around.”

“Yeah Whatever, faggot!” laughed Kip.

Bill Jones, the cornerback on the team joined in, “Yeah there’s nothing better in life than sitting back and letting some bitch suck your cock.”

"Yeah I love sucking cock,’ Austin said wistfully. The other guys looked confused. “Shit, I mean having my cock sucked.” Austin explained.

“We know what you meant.” Another player said laughing. ‘Perhaps Andy wants to volunteer?’

‘Sorry, I only suck the cocks of guys I like,’ Andy said, jokingly. He had no problem with gay inneundo like Austin did.

‘Don’t flatter youself Andy, you’re probably no where near as good as your slut of sister was.’

‘Why you fucker,’ Andy said, lunging at Austin. Austin’s smirk turned to surprise as the full force of Andy’s body hit him. They both tumbled to the ground, in a grappling wrestle.

‘Why don’t you fuck me up the ass? I really need it!’ Austin said, his taunt coming out all confused.

Coach Peterson arrived. ‘What the hell is going on here?’

The other players grabbed Austin and Andy and seperated them.

‘Well?’ Petereson thundered. Austin and Andy glared sullenly at each other. Andy entered Austin’s mind and gave him the order ‘cry and complain about being hit.’

‘He started it,’ Austin said. Suddenly, tears welled up in his eyes and started to stream down his cheeks. The Coach and the team were flabbergasted. A few of them snickered. ‘He hit me and it really hurt,’ whined Austin.

Peterson had never had a grown man cry before and he was at a loss to know what to do, so he ordered Austin to stop crying. He then ordered everyone out on to the field.

Andy didn’t want the team’s performance to suffer, so he ordered Austin to have a good practice.

As a result, Austin had a stellar practice he only had a few incomplete passes, and Coach Peterson was very pleased. “You play like that on Saturday and we’ll be in good postiton to win.” he said as he patted Austin on the back, blowing his whistle and ending practice. The coach was just glad that his quarter-back wasn’t crying anymore.

When Andy entered the lockerroom Sean was in his usual position standing by the clothes bin with a stack of towels. He had left in place the earlier command in relation to Sean but he needed something more. An idea entered Andy’s head,he quickly entered Austin’s mind. ’You will go have a conversation with Sean, you will unconciously flirt with him, not noticing your erection."

Andy laughed to himself and continued when a new idea popped into his head,

"I want you bend over to show him your “pussy” which is what you will call your asshole. Then Invite Sean to go out drinking with the rest of the team, Tonight when you get home you will have a compulsion to shave your balls and ass and the surrounding area smooth and keep it that way, and you’ll unconciously expose your pussy to your teammates as often as possible, not just a quick flash but really spread those cheeks, so they can see your pucker, Also you’ll start to get an erection every time you touch your “pussy” your pussy will be so sensitive you won’t be able to stop yourself from playing with it.

That should really fuck with Austin! laughed Andy Sean got near AUstin he knew that this was because Austin had a boner.

As soon as Austin saw Sean he began to feel strange. He glanced over at Sean and opened his mouth as if to say something. With an effort, he closed his mouth. ‘What could I possibly have to say to that lamo?’ He thought to himself. He continued undressing, but he could not shake the feeling that he was forgetting something important. He glanced over at Sean again. He had the strangest feeling that he needed to say something to Sean, like he had forgotten to ask a question. He felt that he needed to go over to him, he had no reason why he would do that. He glanced at the door and then at Sean. Austin didn’t want to hang around, his dick was painfully hard, which he didn’t notice but this feeling had taken on a new urgency.

‘Hey, Sean.’ Austin said, slightly sheepishly.

‘What do you want?’ Sean asked with open hostility. He was sick of Austin constant bravdo. Just because he was on the football team didn’t give him the right to pick on everyone else. And he hated the way Austin always walked around the lockerroom naked. He was clearly trying to pull some Alpha male shit. Sean had very little time for Austin. But this time, Austin’s naked strutting allowed Sean to see that the man was sporting a boner!

“I was umm just…..” Austin noticed he’d dropped his sock on the floor and he spread his legs wide and bent over showing his “Pussy” right too Sean, “What is he doing?” wondered Sean to himself looking right at Austin’s Lewis smooth virgin asshole.

Austin realised he was baring his buttocks to Sean and quickly stood up.

Andy was listening in and he was enjoying the show

“I wanted to ummm invite you out to drink with us tonight.” said Austin as he unconciously rubbed his cock with his left hand.

Sean was mystified, he couldn’t quite figure Lewis out, this was fucking weird, but he did really want to go out drinking with the guys.

Sean glanced down at Austin’s impressive tool “Sure I’d love to go.” said Sean.

“Good deal, we’ll see you at nine at kamikaze’s” said Austin. Almost of its own accord, his hand unclenched and drop his sock on the ground again. Smiling, but not sure why, Austin bent over, picking up his other sock, and displaying his rosebud to Sean once more.

Sean was freaked out. He wasn’t gay but what the fuck was Lewis doing???

Austin walked back over to his locker. Andy grinned and entered Austin’s head. “Well done, Austin. You should be pleased with yourself.”

Austin smiled, still unaware of the power Andy had over him.

“Tonight at the pub, you will be real friendly with Sean. You will realise he’s not such a bad guy after all. For some reason, you will want to buy him lots of beer and get him drunk. You will also find him very attractive. Of course, you will have a boner whenever he is near, Oh and forget to wear any underwear. Go buy and wear a pair of bright yellow spandex shorts very small, and very short, wear them along white wife beater T-shirt, the smallest tightest you can find make sure it is short enough that your belly button and midriff is exposed, and wear your black army boots.” Andy commanded, Austin always dressed to fit his jock image this would really shock people.

He looked over at Sean and came to a decision. It was time to humiliate Austin much more than just lockerroom antics. But Andy needed some help. He entered Sean’s mind, and gave HIM some orders. “Tonight you will allow Austin to buy you drinks. You will be confused by his apparant attempts to be friends with you, but you will trust him. If anything sexual happens between the two of you, you will forget all about it the following day.”

Andy felt bad about messing with Sean, but he figured that since Austin made life hell for Sean, teaching Austin a lesson would benefit Sean too.

He reentered Austin’s mind and implanted one last command. “As the night progresses, you will flirt very suggestively with Sean, you will start to wonder what it would be like to suck Sean off. This desire will only increase more and more as the night drags on. When he is very drunk you will take him back to your place.”

After practise, Austin went home to get ready for his night out. As he was in the bathroom shaving off his five o’clock shadow, he suddenly felt an itch at the base of his balls. “Ow,” said Austin, nearly cutting his chin with the razor. He dropped his hand to his ball sac and gave it a scratch. The itch quickly spread until it felt like his balls were on fire. “God, I hope it’s not an STD,” thought Austin, pulling off his shorts. The itch was unbearable. Desperate to relieve the pain, Austin grabbed the razor and lathered up his balls. Carefully, he removed all the hair. Denuded and exposed to the cool bathroom air, the itchiness faded. “That was strange,” thought Austin, staring at his newly bare sack. His penis looked larger with- out its nest, but Austin was concerned he looked less like a man.

The relief was only temporary, Austin felt an itch in his ass and he was forced to shave his entire boy pussy and backside. He got in the shower to rinse off the hair. He ran his fingers over his smooth ass. It felt different, and not unpleasant. His fingers got a bit too close to his rosebud, and Austin shuddered as a wave of pleasure coursed through him. “Ohmygod,” he breathed as his dick sprang to life. He never knew his pussy was so sensitive. Cautiously he fingered himself again. It felt so good. “This isn’t right,” he said to himself as he rubbed a finger around his hyer-sensitive asshole. “I’m a jock, a stud, only faggots play with their assholes.” With a tremendous force of will, Austin stopped playing with himself and got out of the shower. “I’m not a fag.” He said to himself, unaware that Andy was going to make sure that Austin was in fact a big fag!

Austin arrived early at the pub that night. He was really looking forward to seeing the guys and Sean that he was barely able to contain himself. He’d put on the clothes that Andy had commanded he wear, he’d went out earlier and bought them.

“Man, it’ll be good to see the guys tonight.” He thought to himself. “I really hope Sean’s here.” He sat down at glanced at the clock. “Man, why am I so anxious to see Sean? Just yesterday I thought he was a loser.” Austin noticed he was sweating.

Austin approached the bar, parked his vette and made his way inside, Andy was already there in the back with the rest of the team.

“Jeezus, I hope Sean doesn’t think I stink,” he thought, giving his armpits a quick whiff.

A girl at the bar saw Austin come in and she was dumbstuck. What on Earth was Austin wearing? He looked like a total fag. Andy saw this and chuckled.

Austin greeted his friends and sat down. They all seemed a stunned to see him dressed in skin tight clothing that left his abs semi-exposed, but just thought it was Austin’s joke or some frat thing. Everyone on the team respected (and feared) Austin and no one wanted to admit they weren’t in on the joke. Austin could tell they were staring at him and was not sure why. When he had gotten dressed early that evening he had decided, on a whim, not to wear any underwear. He was now acutely aware of his loose cock resting bare against his inner thigh. However, he was not aware that because he was wearing spandex, the position of his cock was available for the whole world to see.

After twenty minutes later, some other guys from the team showed up and sat at the table.

“Hey Austin, what the fuck are you wearing? You look like some kinda faggot!” Asked Kip eyeing Austin’s bizarre outfit.

Austin was puzzled to him his clothes were what he’d normally wear thanks to Andy’s input from earlier.

“Fuck you kip” said Austin laughing not realizing he was serious.

“You’d better buy the next round, faggot,” Kip said jokingly.

Austin was notoriously tight when it came to buying people drinks. ‘I don’t think so, Kip.’ He said with a grin.

Just then, he saw Sean enter the pub and look around. “Actually, maybe I will get the next batch of drinks.” Austin said, distractedly. He stood and made his way to the bar. He intercepted Sean. Standing there Austin took in the sight like he was looking at the Mona Lisa. At the sight of Sean his asshole had begun to twitch involuntarily, and Austin had to fight an urge to finger it there, in the middle of the bar.

“Hey Sean, I’m glad you could make it.” He said shyly. Shit I am so lame Austin thought to himself not noticing all the people in the bar staring at his faggy get up.

Sean felt a surge of Andy-induced happiness at seeing Austin, but what was he wearing??? “Hey Austin.”

“I’m getting the guys drinks. Can I get you a beer?” Austin asked.

“Sure.” Sean nodded.

Austin went to the bar and bought a few pitchers of beer. He brought them back to the table and sat next to Sean. Austin’s cock was now hard as a rock and looked obscene in his shorts.

“You’re looking good tonight,” Austin said to Sean. “I bet your dick can shoot like crazy,” he thought himself. Woah! Austin coughed. Where the hell did that thought come from???

Andy was loving every minute of this, the entire team was weirded out by the clothes Austin was wearing, snickering and making comments which totally baffled Austin because he thought he was wearing jeans and a sweatshirt.

Austin spent the next thirty minutes forcing alcohol Sean’s way, and thanks to Andy’s suggestion Sean happily accepted each drink. Austin found himself pleased every time Sean accepted a drink, but found himself weirded out when every few minutes he would wonder what it would be like to unzip Sean’s pants and free the beast lurking in there. Not just that, but he still had Andy’s earlier compulsion to play with his sensitive “pussy”. Every couple of minutes, when Austin was hoping no one would notice, he shoved his hand down his lycra shorts and gave his ass-hole a quick rub. It felt so good that he had to stifle a moan. After an hour and a half of basic ass play, his dick had leaked enough pre-cum to stain the front of his lycra shorts.

Sean was getting very drunk, and Andy knew the time was right. He entered Andy’s mind, “Invite Sean back to your place, to help you study.”

“Hey Sean, I was wondering if you would ummmm, come over to my dorm room tonight and help me study for my Algebra test”

Sean knew he was good at maths, but Austin hated him, “Umm sure I guess, but it’s Friday night?” he said.

“Yeah I really need help badly.” said Austin getting closer to Sean. He glanced down at Sean’s crotch and had to resist a strange urge to place a hand there.

“Okay I guess,” replied Sean.

“Cool we’ll take my car.” replied Austin as he stood up with the rest of the team staring at him. He felt elated, like he usually did on a Friday night when a cute girl agreed to go home with him.

“I’ll see you guys tomorrow at the game,” Austin said. He watched Sean’s ass wiggle as the man made his way through the crowd. Austin turned back to the team and said with a grin, “Don’t wait up!”

The team watched in stunned silence as Austin turned to go. Andy was having so much trouble containing his laughter that his sides were hurting. He decided to add one last insult to injury and entered Austin’s mind. “Austin, make a big show of going to the toilet and buying some condoms from the machine.”

Austin stopped in mid-strike and smacked his head in mock remembrance. He turned back around and leaned over the table. “Hey Kip, do you have change for two dollars? I need to … uh … you know.” He made a gesture in the direction of the toilet and gave a wink.

Kip was totally flabbergasted. Austin was standing there dressed like a fag with an obvious hardon as he handed him the money and watched as Austin ducked in to the toilet and returned a minute later, making a big show of tucking the small collection of condoms in to his wallet. “Can’t keep Sean waiting!” He said as he walked by.

Once he was gone the team got some more drinks. “I dunno what’s up with Lewis, but this is his fucking most elaborate joke,” Kip said.

“I reckon he really is a poof,” Andy said. “A real pillow biter, that’s for sure. Probably likes to take it up the ass.”

“Nah, not Austin.” Said one of the guys, unconvinced.

“Yankovitch said he saw Austin in the shower jerking off to the sight of some naked jocks.” Said another in a whisper.

“What would you know?” Kip retorted. “Lewis has had a hundred times more women than you.”

“Yeah, but a hundred times nothing is still nothing,” Joked one of the guys.

Austin felt weird as he walked out to his car with Sean, he normally would be cussing at Sean, besides Sean acted like he was a fag, but tonight…

Sean fell into the passenger seat of Austion’s Vette, “Wow Austin, This car is awesome.” he said as he slid down into the leather seats. Sean was pretty drunk, and he was flashing a goofy smile at Austin.

“Thanks, it’s a real help in the chick department.” giving Sean a sly smile, He started the car and peeled out of the parking lot eyeing Sean the entire time. He knew this wasn’t right but that thought soon left his head.

As soon as Austin pulled out, Andy left the bar and got into his car and headed over to the dorms. He was going to have to direct the action of course! The drive took about ten minutes, Andy pulled in right after Austin, he waited till they had entered the dorm then he got out of his car and followed them inside.

“Thanks for helping me study man, I really appreciate it.” said Austin, “I wonder how big his cock is?” he found himself wondering, as he eyed Sean’s crotch, Whoa, that’s not right, he shook his head to get rid of that thought.

“No Problem Austin.” said Sean as they neared Austin’s dorm room, Andy entered both of their minds, you will not notice my presence in the room, but you will do whatever I say." as he walked up behind them.

Austin’s roomate was not there apparently he was out with his girlfriend, he flipped on the light as Sean and Andy went in right behind him.

“Well this is it, not much but….” said Austin as he sat down on the bed and patted for Sean to sit beside him. Andy smiled when he saw this now it was time to really mess with Austin.

“Austin, ask Sean if you can suck his dick,” Andy commanded.

Austin glanced next to his buddy Sean and suddenly he felt like saying the craziest thing. “Uh, Sean … can I … uh … suck your dick?” He asked.

Sean’s mouth dropped and he stared at Austin. “What?”

“Uh, nothing.” Austin said, shocked. The words had just forced their way out of his mouth without any control on his part.

“Austin, kneel in front of Sean and ask again, nicely, and be sexy.”

Austin found himself suddenly standing. Sean watched him rise in surprise. Austin turned and faced Sean. Sean was wondering what the hell was happening. Without warning, Austin sank to his knees in front of Sean, placing his head at eye-level with Sean’s crotch.

“Please Sean, can I suck you cock?” said Sean as he suggestively squeezed his own painfully hard cock.

“Austin, remain kneeling and passive. Sean, take out your cock and tease Austin the fag-boy.”

Sean stared, gobsmacked at Austin in front of him. Just a few days ago, Austin, the largest and most dominant man on the team had been threatening to beat him up for being slightly girly. Now, Austin was wearing a tight t-shirt and lycra shorts. His boner was painfully evident as he was kneeling in front of Sean. And on top of all that, he had asked Sean if he could suck his cock! Sean was suddenly seized by a feeling of superiority.

“My cock, Austin? You mean this thing?” Sean reached in to his pants and pulled out his own cock. It was of average length, shorter than Austin’s monster, but that hardly seemed to matter at the moment. Sean waved it back and front, mere inches from Austin’s face. Austin passively watched it swing back and forth. All he could do was stare. He felt his cheeks burning with humiliation but he could not muster the will to look away.

“Austin, ask again, and even as you ask, you will realise that you do actually need to suck his cock.” Andy reached in to his bag and pulled out a camera. Time for some happy snaps.

“Let me suck your cock, please?” Austin asked. Suddenly, he felt an ache develop in the pit of his chest. He stared at Sean’s cock and seemed to see it in a new light. It looked good. Actually, it looked better than good. Austin felt his mouth go dry and he realised that he desired to touch it with his lips. He swallowed, trying to ignore the feeling, but it increased, spreading from his chest to all the other parts of his body.

Finally, Austin could not stand it any longer. “Please, Sean, man, you gotta let me suck your cock.” Sean grinned at Austin and moved his penis closer to Austin’s head. Austin opened his mouth and Andy took a photo. Sean pulled away and watched in amusement as Austin’s handsome face took on a look of disappointment.

Andy stared at Austin, feeling no pity for the evil man who raped his sister. “Austin, when you do suck Sean’s cock, you will realise with each second that you want more and more cock, that you were meant to suck cock, your going to become like a cock-hungry fag-boy who can’t get enough dick, you will think about dick all the time,it will upset you since your not gay, but choking down that penis will feel too good to stop. In fact, it will be the best feeling your body has ever felt, even though your brain hates it. cum will taste a hundred times better than anything you’ve ever tasted before.”

By now, Austin was getting desperate. “Please Sean, I really need it.”

“Whose the pussy faggot whore now, Austin?” Sean asked, grinning.

Andy leaned in close and said to Sean, “Alright, let Austin blow you off, but make Austin strip first, take your clothes off too Sean.”

“First things First Lewis I want you to strip off butt naked!” said Sean as he smacked Austin’s face with his hard cock.

Austin hesitated for a moment, he new he shouldn’t be doing this, he was a stud, but he had to have Sean’s dick! he quickly pulled off his top, and his shorts now he was kneeling naked on the floor with Sean’s cock only inches from his waiting mouth. Sean slipped off his clothes and threw them onto Austin’s bed, he had never thought of doing anything with a guy before.

Andy took out his camera and snapped a few more pics, they’d come in handy later.

“Alright Lewis, open up.” said Sean as he pushed his cock towards Austin’s eager mouth.

Austin felt strange but he opened his mouth wide, as Sean’s small cock entered. He could not believe the feeling it was the most intense pleasure he’d ever felt, and the taste of his cock even the smell it was like heaven!!!

“MMMPHHHH” moaned Austin as he began to awkwardly suck Sean. He gingerly worked his tongue around Sean’s dickhead like girls had done to him countless times.

Andy entered Austin’s mind, “Jack off” Austin reached down and began stroking his own immense tool, he felt so weird, he knew he wasn’t gay and he wanted to stop but it felt so good, he kinda felt like he was meant to do this, “why am I jacking off?” he wondered but he couldn’t stop.

Andy began to snap pics again he grinned widely as his sisters rapist sucked cock. “Sean talk dirty to Austin”

“Yeah faggot you like my cock don’t you, huh you faggot suck my cock!” said Sean very loudly loud enough for anyone in the hall to hear.

Austin pulled off and found himself agreeing he did love cock! “Yeah love that cock!” and he hungrily went back to work on Sean’s dick.

“Move over to the bed.” said Andy.

Sean pulled his cock out of Austin’s mouth leaving him looking dejected as he tried to get to him as he walked back towards austin’s bed.

Sean leaned back against the headboard as Austin got on his hands and knees and sucked his cock.

’Yeah you cunt suck my cock, your nothing but a fucking cocksucker!!" exclaimed Sean Just then the door to the room came open and in walked Austin’s roomate’s gay friend, Paul!

Austin was freaked out, “Oh my god” his mind screamed but he couldn’t stop himself he just kept sucking. Paul was stunned and pleased at what he saw, Andy quickly entered his mind, “you don’t see me.”

“Ooop sorry there Austin, I was looking for Parker” Paul said, looking hungrily at Austin, he was right … Lewis was gay.

“Austin try and seduce him, you need him to fuck you!” said Andy revelling in the power he had over them. This was a happy accident but he would take it.

Austin stopped sucking for a second as he continued jacking off, “No problem bud, I can handle Sean here, but I need help with my tight end here.” said Austin as he playfully shook his jock ass at Paul. Austin was horrified by the words coming out of his mouth, he must look like a total faggot.

Paul did not need to be invited twice. “Sure thing stud.” He said, as he quickly stripped off. His cock was already at attention. Austin, wide-eyed in terror, watched as Paul undressed. Paul started to walk over to the bed, and Austin wanted to keep him away, but he found that without Sean’s cock in his mouth it was like a stranded fish gasping for water. Austin swung his head back around and greedily started sucking on Sean’s dick again. Austin felt Paul place his hands on Austin’s shoulders.

“It’s funny though, I had you figured out as a top.” Paul said, slowly rubbing his rock hard erection down the smooth skin on Austin’s back. Austin had an ass to die for, years and years of gym and football had chiselled it to perfection, and now that it was shaved, the light glanced off it in a way that was almost hypnotic to a gay man like Paul!

Andy moved in with the camera for a close up of Austin, who took his mouth off Sean long enough to say, “That’s only an act. Not a minute goes by when I don’t wish I was being fucked up the ass.”

Paul lined up his penis and pressed it home.

Austin felt something wide and hot start to push its way into his ass. “Oh FUCK!” He thought to himself. “I’m getting fucked up the ass by my room-mate’s gay friend but I can’t stop him because I’m too busy sucking the water-boy’s cock.”

Despite the humiliation, Austin could not get over how great it felt to be sucking another man’s penis. He doubled the pace at which he was stroking his own cock. It was leaking pre-cum like crazy.

“Austin, with every thrust you will realise that nothing is better than getting it in the ass and in the mouth at the same time.” Andy commanded.

At first, Paul’s cock in Austin’s ass was painful and Austin was aware of a burning sensation to go along with the embarrassment, but after the third or fourth thrust, the pain began to fade and Austin became acutely aware at how good the rythmic pumping of his butt began to feel.

The pleasure began to increase until Austin found himself begin to move his ass back and forth in time to Paul’s thrusts.

“Oh yeah, that’s it,” Paul moaned.

Austin began to lose himself in a lust induced haze. For the first time in his life he felt complete and full.

“Oh my god, here I come!” Sean said gripping Austin’s head and bracing himself for his orgasm.

“Uh, oh yeah,” Paul said, also close.

As soon as the two men started talking about their approaching ejaculations, Austin felt his own load beginning to build.

“I can’t believe it. I can’t believe this is happening.” thought. Ausin, wanting desparately not to cum from having his ass-fucked, but enjoying it too much to stop it. “Uh, uh, here it comes,” he screamed.

Cum sprayed across the bed as Austin had the best orgasm of his life.

Austin’s teammates stared in stunned silence as the video tape reached its end.

His face burning with embarressment, Austin ejected the tape and turned off the television.

“I know some of you were skeptical, but I hope this video is proof to you that I am just a big cock-sucking pussy,” he said. His dick was visibly tenting his lycra pants and singlet, and had been since the start of the video.

Andy nodded with encouragement.

“I also want to say, that for the last two years, I have been perving on you in the locker-room. My hostility towards gay men and towards women, who I treated with utmost disrepect, was largely due to my closeted feelings.”

His teammates and former friends all moaned with disgust. At the sound of his old mates’ disapproval, Austin, almost by reflex, reached down and whipped out his hard cock, and started to masturbate.

“Oh, what the fuck??? Austin - you faggot!” yelled one teammate. “That’s disgusting,” yelled another.

The men all rushed out of the lockerroom, desperate to get away from their former jock friend, who was now a hopeless fag unable to stop himself masturbating when the urge took him.

Only Andy stayed behind. He watched as Austin helplessly jerked himself off, crying and sobbing to himself.

“Before I go, asshole, I just want to leave you with two more commands … One, keep going to the gym so as to remain fit, and two, seek out arrogant jerk boyfriends who will treat you like shit and then leave you.”

As Andy grimly walked away from the jerk who had raped his sister, he found no pity or forgiveness in his heart. The power he had buried for so long had been unleashed, and he felt less human because of it. His sister was revenged, Austin was vanquished, but would Andy himself ever be able to go back to the way he was? He looked into his heart, hoping to find fear and remorse. Instead he found only satisfaction.

The End.

I hope Sunfiregod does not object to me posting this story. It was almost finished and then we stopped. That was probably my fault.

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