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Berto's Story

By Captainlordgallifrey
published June 4, 2020
3530 words

Berto is unknowingly the subject to the power of the cards that will change his life for the better

It was laundry day and Berto headed down to his apartment building’s laundry room. Berto was in his mid twenties enjoying a pretty reasonable life he had made for himself. He had managed to find a well paying job after college and even bought himself an apartment in the city. Was your fairly average Latino man, he had short black hair, light brown eyes a well kept bread that lined his jaw. His built was also pretty average, he went to the gym a couple times a week to keep in shape but it wasn’t something he took too seriously.

Today was his laundry day and as per usual he had pretty much left everything to the last minute, leaving him very little to wear. He managed to scrape together an outfit to make with way down to the basement of his building. A pair of boots with not socks encapsulated his feet, a pair of pajama pants covered his lower half and a winter coat covered his torso. He wasn’t about to win any fashion awards but very few people, if any, were going to see him, luckily most of the people in his block had their own washing machines.

He crammed his full basket of clothes into the machine added the detergent and turned it on, unbeknownst to him he had also just added a deck of cards to the machine. They had arrived the night before, somehow appearing in his trouser pocket. Berto, failing to notice, kicked his pants off and added them to his laundry basket. He had nothing to do today but wait for his laundry, so he decided to just hang around and wait for the machine to finish its cycle. He took one of the fold out chairs at the side of the room, opened it up and took a seat. From his coat pocket he pulled out a book, it wasn’t a great story but it functioned as a simple relaxing read.

Meanwhile the water and suds had soaked into the trouser pocket and dissolved the simple black case freeing the somehow resistant cards to move about the drum, jostling the clothes about the place. Still engrossed in his book, Berto did not see the four dozen cards dancing among his clothes through the transparent door of the machine. One card slapped against the door is words glowing with a golden aura.

Look at him lost in a book, so corny. It’ll be far more fun for him if he’s horny.

Berto paused on a worth for a moment, a sudden warm feeling overcoming his body. He could feel his balls retract and blood began to fill his dick. He felt it slowly lengthen and slide against the material of his pajama pants. “Oh, Jesus.” Berto breathily moaned, overcome with a feeling of lust. Despite Berto now being at full mast, he still resisted the urge to do anything about it, still trying to press on with his book. He didn’t want to run the risk of someone walking in on him beating his meat, so he ignored his dicks cries to be relieved. Another card slapped against the glass:

Look at this guy, saving his cum like he’s a miser. I don’t why, he always cums like a geyser.

Berto adjusted the way he was seated his balls felt cramped between his thighs. They seemed to throb intensely, but Berto chalked it up to being weirdly horny. His hard dick started to push out large droplets of precum into his pajamas. “Aw, fuuuck”, Berto exhaled frustratedly. He started to thrust his hips instinctively brushing his hard dick against the material of his pants making a large visible wet patch. A third card slid its way to the window:

We’ve got to respect the restraint the you’ve shown, want to or not, a load will be blown.

Berto’s dick became painfully hard, his throbbing balls contracting. A rush of adrenaline surged through his body, every slight sensation his dick felt was like another wave of pleasure. Berto grunted and moaned as an orgasm was growing.

Berto panicked, he didn’t know what to do. He was seconds away from painting the insides of his pj’s. He quickly thought of the small toilet stall, just opposite the laundry room. His dick was pumping out precum faster and faster as he darted for the door, he pulled down the front of his pants, ready to just fire into the toilet bowl, when suddenly a man filled the doorway blocking Berto’s exit.

Berto still in full stride collided with the man, his balls unable to hold back their torrent any longer, Berto spewed a fresh hot load up the chest and face of the strange man in the doorway. Two quick shots was enough to cover the stranger completely. “WHAT THE FUCK!”, the man exclaimed, pushing Berto backwards. Berto fell onto his back his dick still shooting four more times before his pulsing dick subsided. Berto was entranced in a post-orgasmic haze, his torso covered in a glistening layer of cum. “AW HELL NAH! THIS HAD BETTER NOT BE WHAT I THINK IT IS!”, the man shouted again, this time in a mixture of shock, anger and disgust. “YOU FUCKING FREAK. AWW SHIT IT’S IN MY MOUTH.” As the world came into focus Berto started to recognize the man. It was Tristan from a couple apartments below him. Tristan was 6’1", black, clean shaven, his hair was cut into a stylish fade. He must have come down to collect some clothes from on of the machines. A fourth card emerged from the group.

We have a new player, but he looks in a huff. I am sure he’ll lighten up when he’s addicted to the stuff.

“THIS IS FUCKING SI…” Tristan trailed off, licking his lips free of the drops of Berto’s cum. “Actually…” he scraped more up from his chin with his finger, quickly sucking it clean with an audible “pop”. “This stuff is amazing.” Tristan knew this couldn’t be right. A second ago he was ready to puke but now he was almost hungry, the taste of Berto’s cum now making his mouth water, each drop of it making his body tingle. He had to have more. “Dude, you should watch where you’re aiming that thing, I am covered.”

Berto was still in the floor, breathlessly panting, his softening dick still exposed, his torso and face dripping with his left over jizz. Berto was terrified, he had just cum all over one of his neighbors and he looked more pissed than any person he’d seen before. But all of a sudden he saw Tristan’s demeanor change, he went from pissed, to blank, it was then he saw Tristan suck the cum clean off his finger. It was as if then Tristan became almost jovial about the situation. Still frozen in the same position, Berto watched as Tristan told him to watch his aim before peeling off his wet t-shirt, revealing his muscular torso, lightly dusted with curly black hairs. Tristan then licked the shirt free of whatever cum he couldn’t suck from the fibres. He was quickly finished, now peering over at Berto, with hungry eyes, he speedily marched towards Berto, who instinctively scrambled in a backwards crawl away from the approaching man. “Tristan! I’m sorry okay! I didn’t mean to. I don’t know how this happened”, he pleaded as Tristan positioned his face inches from his own.

Tristan then bent down further and started to lick the cum off Berto’s chest, Berto started to panic and try wriggle away but Tristan quickly held him in place. “Tristan what the fuck are you doing?!”, Berto cried.

“I know this sounds gross but, Mmmmm, this stuff is the greatest stuff I’ve ever tasted. It’s just going to, Mmmmm, go to waste, so I may as well get as much as I can. This can be our secret, Hmmmm. No one has to know about this, yeah?” Tristan said between long satisfying laps of his tongue. Berto didn’t know what was going on but the bigger stronger man had him pinned down, he didn’t have much choice. Another card slapped against the door:

Relax young man, you love his probes but not as much as it glides between your round globes. A tongue like his wants more than just cum, it needs to taste of a smooth bubble bum.

As Tristan continued to lap away at Berto’s cum covered chest, Berto’s panic faded. The licks began to tickle in a strange way, then they began to tingle, sending wonderful warm sensations across his skin, giving him goosebumps. With each lick Berto began to enjoy it more, his heart beat increased, his breath deepened. His flaccid dick began to harden again. His balls starting to reload. “Yeah, this can be our secret, just don’t stop”. Replied Berto trying to stifle his moans.

He also felt something different his lower back, it was being lifted off the ground, was the room tilting? It was hard to focus between Tristan’s continued assault on his senses. It wasn’t until he noticed that his once loose pajama pants were now tight like yoga pants around his perky round beach ball ass. “What the fuck?” was all Berto could push out between breaths as Tristan’s tongue got lower and lower down his torso. “Tristan what are you doing?” demanded Berto. Tristan just gave a grunt as if he was angry at what he was about to do. Tristan quickly jerked Berto’s lower half in the air, his legs and ass now pointing at the ceiling, leaving the latino almost in a head stand as Tristan freed Berto’s smooth perfect bubble from its taught prison, and forced his talented tongue between those delicious cheeks.

Both of them moaned in unison, one enjoying the taste of a smooth ass, the other the feel of a mind bending tongue fuck. Berto was on cloud nine, his head swimming in ecstasy further clouded by the rush of blood. He had lost all pretenses about being quiet, he just let his body react to Tristan’s feasting. Berto’s dick was now it full mast once again, pointing down towards his head, dripping large drops on pre onto his face, but at this point he didn’t care, he just didn’t want it to stop.

The washing machine entered its spin cycle, spewing card after card to the window:

Look at that stud, he’s going to town. Let’s give him a big cock that will want to dick him down.

Tristan’s satisfied moans still muffled my Berto’s impressive ass intensified as a hot wave of lust flooded his chest and head. No longer was he simply satisfied with the amazing taste of this Latin boys bussy. He had to fuck it. His dick already tented in his pants, begin to strain the fabric is it pulsed again and again against the material. His already 7 inch dick was now close to 10 inches and thickening with each pulse, without letting go of Berto’s ass, Tristan undid his belt with one hand dropping his trousers to the floor, releasing his new beast cock. Berto heard the belt dropping to the floor, “Tristan! Don’t! You can’t! I’m not-” Berto tried to fight through the pleasure.

Don’t don’t be scared of that dick, you know how to take it. You’re a hungry bottom, you don’t need to fake it.

Berto’s fear and shock almost instantly disappeared as he was overcome with a red hot lust, his heart pounded in his chest, his dick instantly rock solid, leaking droplets of precum down his torso in quick succession. He felt his asshole tingle and twitch at the motions of Tristan’s hungry tongue but something else began to stir, quickly growing to an overwhelming intensity. The empty feeling inside, Berto needed to be filled, he needed a big fat dick inside him. He needed to have Tristan’s big fat dick inside him. “FUCK ME TRISTAN! FUCK MY BRAINS OUT!”, Berto roared clawing at the parts of Tristans body he could reach.

Tristan didn’t require any more convincing. His balls were churning longing for release, his dick wet with anticipation of finally being buried between Berto’s exquisite cheeks. He dropped his pants and boxers kicking them to the side, keeping Berto in his inverted position, Tristan lowered is long thick phallus into Berto’s puckering hole. Berto’s ass hugged Tristan’s dick tightly but offered no resistance to his entire length, with one slow push he was in balls deep inside of the writhing boy. Both men moaned in pleasure, Berto’s eyes rolling to the back of his head, finally feeling completed. Tristan’s dick was pushing on every sensitive area causing him to lose all thought, there was only the immense feeling of ecstasy courtesy of Tristan’s big black cock. Tristan couldn’t believe what he was doing dicking down is neighbor in the laundry room, he had never had a gay thought in his life but if felt so good, the cum and ass tasted so great, and the tight Latin ass now gripping his dick was phenomenal, he just wanted to pound Berto’s ass forever. He could feel his own lust grow as he slid up and down faster and faster, harder and harder, pile driving Berto’s bubble, waves of pleasure causing him to break out in breathy moans with each thrust.

This is a hot scene, one fucks, one spasms, let’s give these boys multiple orgasms.

Let’s make some changes and give the Latin boy some stubble, with a body and a cock to accompany that bubble.

“FUCK TRISTAN, YOU’RE GOING TO MAKE ME CUM! FUCK, FUCK…” Berto shrieked as his balls throbbed and flopped at the force of Tristan’s thrusts. “Bitch, give me that fucking cum this time!” exclaimed Tristan as he suddenly pulled out of Berto’s tight bubble lifted him higher, Berto in almost a full head stand, as Tristan swallowed his 5 inch cock into his mouth. The second Tristan’s tongue touched his cock Berto began to pump shot after shot of salty cream into his mouth. Tristan swallowing every last drop, moaning with each fresh delicious pulse. It pushed him over the edge and he came all over Berto’s back. Berto too lost in his own orgasm to care.

But there was something else, his muscles felt tense, like they were carrying more weight, like gravity suddenly got stronger. Berto looked up at his body as it began to swell and inflate, small dark hairs sprouting across his torso, as his pecs ballooned, abs crunched, and thighs blossomed a beautiful coating of hair over the top. Berto was now a Latin God, his own image turning him on. Then he felt something familiar, his body shook and his balls tensed. “Shit Tristan I’m going to shoot again!” Tristan’s lips were still firmly planted around Berto’s cock, savouring the taste from his last orgasm, he was happy to stay around for his third helping of hot Latin Leche. However something was different, Berto’s dick was throbbing hard each pulse forcing the dick deeper into Tristan’s mouth, it’s girth forcing Tristan’s mouth wider. Berto’s cock was pushing past his tonsils when he felt the familiar release of hot cum down his throat. Then once again he got lost in a haze of bliss, his jaw and throat relaxing, to more easily accommodate his meal. His eyes rolled into the back of his head and moaned between Berto’s shots. Tristan’s cock still hard, and dripping fresh drops of precum, smearing them against Berto’s already soiled and sweaty back. It was ready to give Berto’s perfect ass another good hard breeding but his arms were shaking holding Berto’s body for so long, sweaty dripping from his skin.

A perfect bottom, but our top needs to be bigger, a dominant stud with endless vigour.

Tristan’s arms suddenly stopped their shaking, the fatigue he had felt was fading, his body flushed with a wave of relief and energy. It soon escalated to a rising heat that filled his chest, his balls felt so heavy and dick felt like an iron rod. The drips became a slow stream of precum flowing from his cock. He finally put Berto down, “Give me that ass”, Tristan growled, Berto readily flipped onto his knees, ass in the air, ready for Tristan. “Yeah, look at that perfect ass”, he growled again, slapping the exquisite cheeks in front of him. Berto, releasing a whimpering moan as Tristan’s hand made contact with his skin, an electric shiver and pleasure cutting through his whole body. “You want this dick, bitch?” Asked Tristan, rubbing his dick up and down Berto’s fuzzy ass crack. “I SAID, DO YOU WANT IT?!” He shouted, whipping his hard, wet meat across Berto’s ass. “Yes!” Berto moaned. “Yes, What?” “Yes Sir!” “That’s fucking right, bitch.” Tristan sounded different, his voice was a little deeper, more commanding. He lined up his impressive cock with Berto’s pulsing hole, but he was having to adjust more than usual. Tristan was getting taller, he was now a Godly 6’6 with musculature that quickly followed suit. The veins across the surface of his skin pulsed, pumping up each and every muscle. His shoulders and traps expanded, his biceps and pecs, his abs forming glorious cobbles, his already impressive ass gained some more inches and his thighs grew to form beautiful smooth tree trunks. Tristan was now a perfect match for his horny bottom bitch.

Tristan plunged his dick deep into Berto’s ass, they both moaned, as Tristan began to pick up the pace. Berto’s ass felt so good, so tight, his hugged his girth and almost massaged his cock. Tristan’s dick filled Berto to the brink, pushing all the right spots, sending wave after wave of euphoria through Berto’s body. The bottom’s cock shooting small loads of cum on the floor blow. “Fuck, Tristan, don’t stop you’re so good.” “DON’T, SPEAK, UNLESS SPOKEN TO, BITCH!” Tristan roared, with another hard slap to the ass, each of his words punctuated by fast, powerful thrusts. Each one causing Berto’s eyes to roll into the back of his head, grunting with each of Tristan’s powerful motions.

Tristan saw the small puddle of cum Berto was making, his little bitch boy was wasting so much cum. He quickly reached down flipping Berto onto his back, legs in the air, allowing Berto’s furry abs to catch collect his own cum. Tristan picked up the pace, as he did so, he would wipe his hand down Berto’s torso and lick is palm clean. All of this was so fucking hot, the cum, the public laundry room, and most of all the hot boy moaning like a bitch with each piston of his monster cock.

Tristan was going to cum again, his balls were screaming for relief. He was going to breed his little bitch. “You want my cum, bitch?” “Y-y-yes, S-Sir”, Berto replied between elated moans. “Beg for it”, Tristan growled. “P-please, Sir. I-I w-want it so Bad. F-f-fucking breed me.” “FUUUUUCK!” Tristan roared, as be pumped Berto with shot after shot of his hot load. His orgasm more intense than any he had ever experienced. Berto followed suit, almost simultaneously, Tristan’s throbbing cock and warm cum causing Berto to explode all over his chest face and on the floor behind him.

Tristan pulled out, collapsing on the floor next to Berto, occasionally wiping fingers of cum off of Berto to suck on. The sound of their exhausted breaths only broken by the beep of the washing machine saying it’s completed its cycle. Berto got up and walked over to the machine he pulled out his clothes and placed them in his hamper. “Glad I have some clean clothes again, although I am not sure if these will fit me.” Berto said, examining his laundry, confused why his clothes seem to be two sizes too small for his muscular frame. “Guess they will work as a cum rags till I can buy some new ones”, Berto smirked as both he and Tristan began to harden up again. “How about we take this upstairs?”, asked Berto. “How about we take this outside”, Tristan said with a devilish grin. “Yes Sir!” Berto replied with gusto. Berto threw Tristan a clean towel from his hamper as they both exited the stained laundry room.

Meanwhile, a deck of black cards appeared on Arran’s table.

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