Spy Games

By Max Ryon
published May 10, 2016
4163 words

Two agents are held captive by a mad scientist and his muscular henchmen. What’s up the mad doctor’s sleeve? And why do all of the guards seem to be gay?

“I must say, I’m very impressed with the two of you. No one has been able to penetrate this far behind our defenses before.” The muscular guard that held Rick in his vice-like grip giggled under his breath at his boss’s word choice. Dr. Acton rolled his eyes at the guard’s juvenility and continued. “It seems the CIA has truly sent us two of its most talented young agents. I’m really quite flattered. And happy to see that they are taking me seriously.”

Rick looked over at his partner Aaron, similarly incapacitated by an overgrown gorilla of a guard. Yeah, the situation was bad. But they’d been in worse scrapes before. Ever since they had been promoted to full agents two years ago, they had successfully evaded certain doom a number of times. Rick was confident than in no time at all, they’d be sipping cocktails on a beach somewhere, in the company of gorgeous women. And Dr. Acton and his insane experiments would be history.

First thing’s first, Rick thought. We’ve got to get away from the bodybuilder brigade. It seemed to Rick that, in addition to Dr. Acton’s other elicit activities, he must be dealing in all sorts of steroids and human growth hormone. Either that or he only recruited guards from Mister Universe try-outs.

Aaron’s gaze was fixed on Dr. Acton, his expression defiant. Always giving attitude to the bad guys, Rick thought. “I don’t know if ‘seriously’ is the right word,” Aaron said. “You’re more of an embarrassment they’re trying to clean up, if anything. We’re just the janitors.”

Dr. Acton smirked at him. “An embarrassment? Well, I’m sorry that they feel that way. It’s not like I ever lied to them. I was going to give them exactly what they hired me for.”

Rick spoke up. “They hired you to supply them with ways to incapacitate enemy combatants and enhance our soldiers’ performance. Not to make the department a laughing stock with your crazy theories. And then those samples you stole … Do you realize what kind of chaos you could have caused?”

“The viral samples were necessary for the project. If they had approved my requests when I’d made them, I wouldn’t have had to resort to that. I didn’t have any more time or patience for their bureaucratic bullshit. But that’s neither here nor there. I’m an independent operator now. I can’t tell you how freeing it is to be out on my own! Nothing like the life of an entrepreneur.”

“You’ve got to stop this!” Aaron shouted. “If some experimental disease gets out, it could wipe out the human race. Can’t you see that?”

Dr. Acton shook his head. “You misjudge me. You think that because I went to desperate measures, it means that I’m the kind of man that would recklessly release a deadly plague upon the world. But I assure you gentlemen, no such thing will occur. Why, take a look at these guards. Do they look sick to you?”

Rick’s stomach turned. My God, these guards were infected with something? He couldn’t see his captor, who was holding him from behind, but the guard that was holding Aaron smiled, holding Aaron’s arms behind his back with one hand while raising the other arm to show off his massive bicep. Aaron attempted to wrestle out of the guard’s one-handed hold, but it was no use. Aaron kept himself in good shape, but he was far from strong enough to overcome the guard’s vicelike grip.

Dr. Acton looked from Rick to Aaron and back again, savoring the moment. Finally, he said, “Oh, don’t worry, my friends. The virus is not airborne. Nor is it spread through skin-to-skin contact. Now Miles, Brendan, if you don’t mind … bring our friends to their holding cell.”

The mad doctor took the lead, leading the desperate agents and their bulky escorts down the corridor. It was quiet, the only sound the clang of their feet on the metal floor. Rick’s eyes darted around, memorizing the layout of his surroundings, including the storage room where the guards had stashed their confiscated gear. They passed a number of doors, all closed except for one on the right. As they passed the open door, they heard the sound of grunting and moaning. Looking inside, Rick mouth dropped open as he spotted two well-muscled men, naked on a bed. One man was on top of the other with his dick deep inside the other man’s ass, thrusting passionately. The other man screamed in ecstasy as he was penetrated. Rick’s guard hesitated at the door, staring inside. Rick felt a telltale pressure behind him as the guard’s pants tented, his rapidly inflating dick poking Rick in the lower back. Disgusted, Rick tried to pull away, but the guard held him tight.

“Brendan, I know you’re enjoying the show, but please give those boys some privacy,” Dr. Acton said.

Brendan gave a small, disappointed sigh and pushed a button beside the doorway. The door slid shut, muffling but not silencing the sounds of lovemaking. “Hey Andrew,” he said. “Hope you were taking notes, bro.”

Andrew, the other guard, giggled. It was not a sound that Rick had expected to hear from the musclebound brute. So these beefy, airheaded guards were lovers. Well, say what you will about Dr. Acton, he thought. If nothing else, he’s a progressive mad scientist.

After a couple more minutes of parading them through the hallways, Dr. Acton finally stopped at a door. He placed his hand on a panel to the left and a few seconds later the door opened with a whoosh. “Here we are, gentlemen. Your quarters. They’re not much, but I assure you they’re just temporary.”

The guards pushed Rick and Aaron into the room, remaining in the doorway to block their escape. Rick looked around, surveying their prison. There was not much adorning it, as expected. A toilet in the back right corner, a bed against the left wall. A small bench along the wall to the right. Rick noted a grate in the wall in the back of the room. It was a bit rusted.

“Now, the fun begins,” Dr. Acton said. “As you’ve seen my guards are quite compliant. Conditioned to do whatever I want. Their minds are made quite … pliable by the infection process so the conditioning required afterward is quite minimal. But as I always say, never ‘say’ when you can … ahem, ‘show.’ Andrew, if you please?”

Andrew nodded, and stepped toward Aaron. “Don’t touch me you fucking Neanderthal,” Aaron hissed. Rick jumped forward to help his friend, but instead collided with Brendan. While Brendan held Rick back, Andrew grabbed Aaron’s arms and pushed him over to the right wall. Aaron landed on the bench, and Andrew pinned him in place with a knee across his lap and an arm across his chest. Before Aaron could try to fight back again, Andrew drove his face forward and kissed Aaron deeply. “Mmrph!” Rick heard Aaron’s muffled protest.

Then, no sooner had it happened, it was over. After pushing Rick onto the bed, Brendan joined Andrew and quickly retreated to the door, leaving Aaron on the bench spitting and wiping his mouth and Rick rushing over to attend to his friend.

“You sick bastard, what the hell was that?” Rick shouted.

“That,” Dr. Acton calmly replied, “Is how the virus is transmitted.”

“What?? You son of a bitch!” Aaron got up and tried to rush at Dr. Acton, but the door slid shut before he could get there.

“Now slow down, my impulsive friend,” Dr. Acton’s voice boomed through an intercom. “You might not want to exert yourself too much. You see, the virus when initially transmitted is inert. Dormant. To become infectious it needs to be activated. And that comes from physical exertion. So I’d recommend, if you don’t want to become my next subject, to chill out. Take a load off, count to ten. I’ll leave you two alone to get acquainted with your quarters. I’ll be back in a few hours, to see if you’re ready to be … upgraded to a bigger suite.” His laughter echoed through the room until the intercom shut off, leaving silence.

Aaron looked at Rick with desperation. “Rick, what the heck did they do to me? What is this virus? And what does he mean it gets activated with physical exertion? Is that even possible?”

Rick shrugged. “I don’t know, man. I don’t know. But just calm down. We’ll figure out a way out of this.” Rick walked to the back of the room, studying the grate in the wall. It was covered in rust, and two out of the four screws holding it in place were missing. “I might be able to pry this cover off.”

Aaron looked at the grate with suspicion. “So they just happened to put us in here with a rusty grate? Almost as if they want us to exert ourselves trying to pull it off …”

“Paranoia’s not going to get us out of this, Aaron. Maybe this place is just old. Dr. Acton’s only been in this facility for at most two months, not enough time to repair all the shit that’s wrong.” Rick grabbed the edges of the grate and pulled. It failed to budge. “Yeah, I’m not gonna be able to move that on my own.”

“Rick, what kind of an idiot do you think Acton is? If the way out was that obvious, he would have put us in another room.”

“So what would you have us do, then? Sit around and wait til the mad scientist comes back with Bebop and Rocksteady?”

Aaron scowled. “No, I just …”

“Look, just give me a little help with the grate. You don’t have to exert yourself too much. I just need you to pull on one side while I pull on the other.”

Aaron sighed. “Okay, man. But the second I feel the slightest bit of weirdness I’m stopping.” Rick had never seen his friend like this. Was he really this anxious about the virus? Or was his paranoia a sign of the infection?

“Alright,” Rick said as Aaron joined him in the back of the room. “Just pull up there, and I’ll wiggle the other side.” The two men grabbed opposite sides of the grate and started to pull. Aaron gradually gave it more and more force, and Rick detected the grate finally starting to bend. “It’s starting to give! We’ll just give it a little wiggle …”

“Yeah! We got this,” Aaron said. Rick felt him pulling on his side harder still. “Come on, you mother fucker …”

Rick spotted a bead of sweat forming on Aaron’s forehead. For a moment, he grew concerned. Should they stop? Was he putting his friend in danger? But they were so close. Just a little more and he was confident they could …

With a loud creaking sound, Aaron’s side of the grate broke free, the screw clattering to the ground. “Hell yes!” Aaron said, jumping back and pumping his fist. “Whoo! Nice job, man!” He clapped his hands. “What a rush! I feel so energized!”

Rick smiled at his friend’s change of mood. He wasn’t sure the small passage the grate was covering would lead to freedom, but it was nice that the small victory had raised Aaron’s spirits, even if only temporarily.

Aaron’s celebrations continued to escalate. “Yeah! We’re like a couple of superheroes! Super spies! We’re gonna kick that son of a bitch’s ass, aren’t we my man? Man! I’m pumped!” At that, he suddenly dropped to the ground and started doing pushups.

Rick raised his eyebrow as his hopefulness gave way to concern. What the hell had gotten into Aaron? Surely it couldn’t be … “Hey man, why don’t you calm down? Remember we’re trying not to let you exert yourself too much …”

“What? Cause of the virus?” Aaron huffed as he went up and down. “Trust me man, I don’t feel sick. I feel better than ever!”

“Take a look at these guards, do they look sick to you?” Dr. Acton’s voice echoed in Rick’s head. They needed to get out of there. Now. He bent down and laid a hand on his friend’s back as he came up from what must have been his twenty fifth push up. “Aaron, we need to leave. There’ll be time for exercise later.”

Aaron stopped and stood up, looking at his friend. “Sorry man. I just … I just have all this pent up energy all of a sudden. I feel like if I don’t burn it off it’s just gonna build and build and … uhhh …” His friend suddenly let out a moan, stumbling backward a few steps.

Rick raced to his side. “Aaron what’s wrong?”

“Uuuungh …” Aaron moaned again. “Inteeeense … oh my God …” He suddenly pulled out his dick, which was fully erect, and began stroking it.

“What the fuck are you doing, man?” Rick demanded. “Holy shit, this must be the virus …” Rick turned to the grate and began pulling at the side of it that was still attached to the wall. “We’ve gotta get you out of here. We’ve gotta get help …” A ripping sound turned his attention back to his friend.

Aaron’s shirt had split. Rick stared, a horrified expression overtaking his face as he watched his friend’s muscles growing all over his body while he continued to jack off. His pecs were jutting out of the tattered shirt. His arms had doubled in size. His quads began to strain the fabric of his pants. Rick could do nothing but watch as his once fit, yet average-sized friend gradually began to grow more and more muscular.

“Aaron, for the love of God stop it! You’ve activated the virus!”

“Can’t stop maaan … I’ve never felt this good …” Aaron said, panting. His lats jutted out from his sides and his abs had turned hard as steel. Within minutes, Aaron had grown to the size of Acton’s hulking guards. Then, once the growth had finally seemed to die down, Aaron’s moan escalated into a yell and he shot his load all over himself.

“ … Aaron …? Are you … okay?” Rick asked as his barely recognizable friend panted.

Aaron opened his eyes, becoming aware of his surroundings once more. “Uhh … yeah, I feel great dude!” His gaze diverted down to his body. “Holy shit! Look at me! I’m like fucking Arnold!”

“We need to get you out of here. If we get you back to headquarters we can find a cure for this thing. We’ll get you back to your normal self.”

“Cure what? There’s no cure for awesome, man.” Aaron began to flex his bulging biceps. “Come here, feel these fuckers!”

Rick shook his head. “It seems like it has affected your mind, too. No wonder those guards seemed so … bro-ish. Look man, you have to stay with me. Look at me!” He snapped his fingers, trying to rouse Aaron from his distracted stupor. “Aaron buddy, do you know who I am?”

Aaron pulled his attention away from his muscles to look at Rick. His expression softened. “Yeah man, of course. You’re Rick. You’re my bro. You’ve saved my life more times than I can count. And that’s like … like a whole lot!” He walked over to his friend, who he now towered over.

“And as your friend,” Rick said. “All I want is to help you. You may not understand it right now, but that creep Acton has done something to you. Against your will.” He scrutinized Aaron’s expression, hoping that his attempts to reach his musclebound friend would work. “Aaron?” he asked. “What are you thinking?”

“Thinking … thinking …” Aaron seemed to be struggling for words. He wrinkled his brow, closed his eyes and put a hand to his head, the muscles in his arm flexing.

“Take your time man. I can’t imagine what you’re going through.”

Aaron opened his eyes and looked at Rick. “Know what I’m thinking? I’m thinking how come I never noticed how fucking sexy you are?” Before Rick could react, Aaron had wrapped his beefy arm around Rick’s back, pulled him closed and kissed him. Shocked, Rick shook him off and pulled away.

“What the hell man?? Don’t tell me the virus makes you gay as well?” He spit on the floor, wiping his mouth frantically. “Now I could be infected. What the hell were you thinking?”

“I … I’m sorry Rick … I just … you just seemed so cute right then … and I’m feeling so freaking horny … like hornier than I’ve ever been.” Aaron rubbed his cock through his pants, which despite his recent ejaculation had already risen to full attention. “Makes it hard to think, it’s so distracting.”

Rick frowned. “Well, if we’re going to get out of here, we’re going to have to rely on your brawn and my brain. Because I can’t exert myself and risk … activating the virus. And you can’t … well, you’re not thinking very clearly right now.”

Aaron nodded. “You always were the brainy one anyway, little bro.” He laughed. “Don’t worry, I’ll protect ya.” He walked over and embraced Rick.

Rick patted him on the back, noting the shredded shirt that still hung in taters from Aaron’s shoulders. He felt Aaron’s huge package uncomfortably close to his own. “Okay, man. Let up. We have to strategize now.” Aaron just gave a little moan in response. “Seriously, Aaron! Let go. We have to get out of here before Acton comes back.” He struggled against Aaron’s grip, but the man continued to hold tight.

“So sexy man … muscles are so sexy …” Aaron said dreamily. “Rick, I think I … I love you Rick …” Aaron said, caressing his friend’s back.

“Okay, now’s not the time to get all sentimental. Please … you’re hurting me …” The second Rick tried to stop resisting his friend’s embrace, the grip grew tighter and he had trouble breathing. In a moment of panic, Rick brought his hands in and desperately pushed against Aaron with all his might.

Aaron seemed to snap out of it and loosened his grip. He stepped back and held up his hands apologetically. “I’m sorry Rick … I don’t know what came over me … you do something to me. When I’m near you it’s like I can’t control myself.”

Rick stood in place, breathing heavily. Surely he wasn’t going to crush me, he thought. I didn’t need to push him off like that … but I did it. Maybe it wasn’t enough … But something told him, it was enough. Enough to start the process.

He felt antsy. The adrenaline that had kicked in during his friend’s enthusiastic embrace hadn’t subsided. If anything it was increasing. Rick felt flushed. His muscles started to feel tight. “Aaron, it’s started,” Rick said. “I don’t know if we’re going to make it out of here. But before I lose myself, you have to do something for me, okay? Once we’ve both changed Acton will put us through conditioning. After that happens we’ll be his puppets and it’ll be too late. This is our last chance.”

“Of course, Rick … anything for you! Oh my God you’re about to be so sexy …”

“I must say, they sure didn’t last very long. Perhaps I overestimated them,” Dr. Acton said as he followed Andrew and Brendan toward the captives’ chamber. “You’re sure it’s done?”

“Yes sir,” Brendan said. “I heard them yelling and moaning, the two of them. I’d say that means they’re ready!”

“Quite a reliable barometer, yes,” Acton said. “Now with those two out of the way my plans can begin in earnest.” As they approached the chamber he heard the telltale noises of lovemaking. He chuckled. Two more brutes to add to the collection. Who would have thought that he would be the leader of a growing army of homosexual bodybuilders? Life takes some unexpected twists and turns sometimes.

He activated the door switch and looked into the room as the door opened, his eyes darting over to the bed by the wall. To his surprise, the room had gone silent and Rick and Aaron were not on the bed as he had expected them to be. He spotted Aaron in all his muscular glory sitting on the bench at the opposite wall, but where was …

“Got you!” Rick shouted as he grabbed Dr. Acton from his hiding spot beside the entryway. He pulled Acton in and, before Acton could react, planted a kiss right on the doctor’s lips. “Taste of your own medicine, doc,” Rick said.

Horrified, Acton pushed Rick away and stumbled out of the room back into the hallway. He tripped and landed on the hallway floor.

“Boss! Are you okay?” Brendan rushed forward.

“You idiot, shut the door …” Acton screamed. Too late. Rick came barging out of the room with a yell, his dick hanging out of his pants and his left hand frantically stroking it. He was already considerably more muscular than he had been, his rapidly inflating muscles stretching the fabric of his shirt. “Stop him! Get him back in the room!” Acton shouted.

The two dimwitted guards, however, could do nothing but gawk at the sight of their transforming captive. “Damn, he’s getting so hot …” Andrew said.

Aaron appeared by Rick’s side. “Yeah, and your boss is gonna get that hot too, dudes. He just needs someone to help him exert himself. Any takers?”

Acton’s eyes widened with horror as his two guards glared at him hungrily. “No, I order you to stop! Get these two back into the cells! I command you, you have to listen to me!” He attempted to crawl away before he felt two strong hands pin him in place.

Rick laughed and spoke, panting the whole time. “Yeah … well there’s just one thing, doc. Conditioning or not … there’s only one thing those horned up guards are going to listen to. And it’s … not … you!” Rick yelled as he spurted cum all over himself and the wall. His muscles burst through his shirt. The newly transformed man fell back into the arms of Aaron, who immediately spun him around until they were face to face. The two friends stared at each other for a moment before Rick spoke, a not-unpleasant fog settling over his mind. “Aaron … I love you too, bro,” he said, smiling. They kissed.

Mission report: Success. We were able to extract Agents Jenkins and Banning. Both of them have been exposed to the biological agent and have been placed in quarantine. They seem content just being in each other’s company. The biological agent seems to have dramatically enhanced their musculature, decreased their mental capacity and increased their libido. They’re practically inseparable, having apparently partnered with each other. Neither was known to have a homosexual orientation prior to this mission. As the other subjects extracted from the base demonstrate a similar preference, it is possible that this too is an effect of the biological agent. All other subjects have also been placed into quarantine. Without instruction from Dr. Acton, all were found to be fairly docile and compliant, more interested in each other than in resisting arrest.

Speaking of Dr. Henry Acton, he was found in the company of two guards, engaging in a sexual act one might refer to as a “threesome.” He demonstrates the same symptoms as the other subjects. From what we have gathered from Agent Jenkins, it seems he and Agent Banning managed to lead Acton into a trap and infect him with his own virus.

Certainly Agents Jenkins and Banning have proven themselves worthy of highest honors from this mission, particularly due to the considerable personal sacrifice. We are hopeful that we will be able to reverse some of the intellectual effects of the virus. The physical and … well, sexual effects, however, may prove to be more difficult to alter. And, to be honest, judging from how happy the two agents seem together, it is questionable whether it would even be advisable or ethical to attempt such alteration. End of Mission Report.

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