Mark of an Alpha

By Cadek
published May 30, 2020
2322 words

Cole is tired of being small and weak, but things start changing around him that may just give him what he wants and more

“… 8 … 9 … 10”

Cole racked the bar and sat up from the bench press. How do those gym rats do it? They could rack up twice Cole’s weight and not even break a sweat and he was over here drenched just from trying to lift the bar.

He had always wanted to be bigger, stronger, more of a man. Being nearly skin and bones his entire life, Cole had tried and failed numerous times to get stronger and grow muscle. His girlfriend, Susan, told him numerous times that she liked him the way he was, but he always responded that he wanted to be better for himself. Which once again lead him to embarrassing himself in a new gym.

“Out of the way bean poll.” Cole was knocked off the bench by a massive mountain of a man. Towering well over a foot taller than Cole the man proceeded to rack one, two, three, four 45-pound plates on each side the bar. The beast looked over to see Cole still trying to get to his feet and smirked. “The Zumba studio is across the street. Probably more your speed little lady.”

That hurt Cole. He wanted to say something. He wanted to speak out. He wanted to challenge this guy. But he couldn’t. He had heard comments like that all his life, but they still hurt to hear. Cole gathered his things and headed back to the locker room. Only looking back once to see that same man rack the weights and give a flex to his buddy across the room.

Cole sighed and made his way towards the back corner of the lockers. The smell of sweat permeated the entire place and Cole found it overpower at moments but after reaching his locker, he made his way to the showers found a private stall away from anyone else. He stripped down and examined his near anemic body. Nothing about him was big. Not his toothpick arms. Not his twig legs. He couldn’t even claim to be one of those small guys with a large member. Looking down seeing the nub that he constantly had to convince himself was a penis reminded him of that.

After wallowing in self-pity in the shower for a good long while, Cole dried himself off and went back to the lockers. Concern struck him as he noticed that his locker was left open and ajar.

“Shit, I thought I locked that” Cole muttered to himself as he dug through his belonging to make sure everything was there.

Cellphone? Check. Wallet? Check. Cash? Still in there. Thankfully there didn’t seem to be anything missing but there was a small box that Cole didn’t recognize with a note attached to it.

An Alpha is more than just a man. He is the apex of masculinity. Lesser men must show respect and exist to serve him. Accept your place.


Frustrated, Cole crumpled the not and tossed it to the far side of the room. He knew when he wasn’t wanted and the guys at the gym didn’t need to write notes to make that clear to him.

Cole huffed as he pulled a clean baggy t-shirt over his head and tugged up his sweatpants. Resigned to the fact that he probably wouldn’t come back to this gym, he started making his way out of the locker room. But something was nudging his curiosity. The box that appeared next to the note.

With a sigh Cole turned around and stomped back to the locker and grabbed the small box. It was small fit in the palm of his hand and matt black. As he rolled it around in his hand, Cole noted a strange heat coming from it. It wasn’t like itself was warm but a feeling of warmth, of raw energy filled Cole as he rolled it over in his hand. This unknow feeling pulled at him like a magnet pulls a piece of iron. Driving him to look inside to see with his own eyes what was left for him.

Finally, he gave in and took a peek into the box. To Cole’s disappointment the box was empty.

“At least it isn’t anything bad” Cole muttered to himself as he tossed the box away. As he walked out of the locker room, the hand that held the box felt weird. The energy from it felt like it was still there. Like he still held it in his palm. It concerned him but it slowly faded as he made his way past the reception.

“Hope you had a good work out Sir.” Said the beefy young man watching the door as Cole walked past.

That final word triggered something in Cole. The heat returned with a vengeance and filled his body with that energy. It was overwhelming. He stumbled as a tingling feeling filled his body.

“Deep breaths Cole” he said to himself as he stood up and composed himself before thanking the man and leaving the gym

The feeling continued as he made his way to his car. Once inside, Cole took a few minutes to let the feeling die down. As the energy died down it seemed to coalesce onto his left shoulder. It stung and burned so bad that Cole felt like he presses a brand there. He quickly rolled up his sleeve to make sure he wasn’t injured. Everything looked fine at first but then a mark started to appear on his skin. It was like a tattoo that was appearing on its own. It shifted and morphed until it took on a tribal pattern reminiscent of a mountain constrained by a ring.

Cole was freaking out. What the fuck was that thing? How did it get there? How would he explain to Susan how he suddenly got a tattoo?

Accept your place

That phrase echoed in his head. It almost sounded like someone else was talking to him. But no one else was there in the car.


The voice got louder and louder. Reverberating in his head and rattling him to the bone. It became unbearable and Cole felt like he was going to lose himself in the noise.


Just as the peak of noise, Cole’s phone went off. Caller ID said Patrick.

“Hey man I know its short notice but I’m in town for the night. You free right now?”

Patrick and Cole were childhood best friends. They did everything together. As they grew up Patrick got bigger and stronger. Played for the local rugby team, serial playboy, and a job that let him travel the world making deals with who knows who. Patrick was living it. While he still had an apartment in town, he would only spend a single night or two before hoping on his next flight. It would be a lie to say Cole wasn’t envious of his best friend, but he came to the conclusion that it would be better to work on himself rather than stew in jealousy.

The echoes were gone and Cole thought having some time with his bud might help clear his head.

“Uh ya just finished at the gym”

“GREAT. You remember my address right? Just shoot me a text when you get here!” Patrick chuckled as he hung up the phone without waiting for a response.

It took a second for Cole to get settled again. Patrick could be a lot and with what was going on with him today it may be better to just go home. But as he started driving it was almost like he was on auto pilot. While his brain though he should just go home, his body dropped him right a Patrick’s front door.

After a second of waiting Cole resigned himself, send Susan a text to let her know where he was, and knocked on the door.

“Coming” said a muffled voice from behind the door and after rumblings from the other side, the door opens revealing Patrick’s beefy frame.

Upon seeing his friend, the heat returned and enveloped Cole. It wasn’t overpowering but looking at the man’s body that hadn’t lost any muscle from his rugby days. The masculine forest of hair that coated his arms and stuck out from the top of his dress shirt. The full beard that framed his handsome smile. It all filled Cole with a heat and feeling that he had never felt before.

“Hey man! Glad to see ya!” Patrick said pulling his bud into a man hug.

Being this close to his friend made that heat erupt. It invaded everyone of his cells and focused on the muscle first. Filling them with that energetic warmth. Even with this overwhelming feeling, what freaked Cole out the most was that his cock had gotten hard at some point.

“You been working out man?” Patrick teased as he led his friend into the apartment. “That new muscle looks good on you.”

Cole was trying with all his might to focus on the conversation, but with that comment he notices that he had somehow grown a bit. His muscles were starting to strain the t-shirt that was loose and dangling off of him not thirty minutes ago.

“Thanks man. You look pretty hot yourself.” Cole sputtered as those words came out of his mouth. He had never considered guys as attractive before. His quest had always been about self-improvement, but here he was standing in his ‘hot’ friends apartment with a full blown erection. Luckily with how small his member was it was nearly impossible for anyone to reasonably see if it was hard or not.

When Cole looked up at his friend, Patrick’s eyes seemingly glazed over as if he was lost in processing something. He stood there like that for a second before coming to and responding as if there wasn’t a break.

“Thanks man. You know I try to look my best fore you.” He said flashing his winning grin and flexing to show off his hard-earned muscles.

Ok this is getting really weird, Cole thought as he tried to get a handle on what was going on. At that moment the heat moved towards his crotch. It felt like his cock was getting harder and harder but he couldn’t see what was happening through his jeans. All he could feel was the length of his member snake down towards his pants leg.

There was no way of hiding his erection now, but it didn’t look like he was the only one with such a problem. Patrick’s own erection was super evident in his slacks. Cole couldn’t help but start to imagine his friend naked. Flexing for him. Patrick grabbing his cock. Going down … NO that would be cheating right. But look at this man. Men are made to serve alphas. Am I ….

The internal war on what was going on waged within Cole until he noticed Patrick, eyes glazed over, slowly stripping off his dress shirt revealing his pecs. The massive mounds like stone covered in a forest grass. As he tossed his shirt aside, he kneeled in front of Cole his head right in line with the smaller man’s package.

“Lesser men must show respect and exist to serve” Patrick said in a monotonous voice.

The mark on Cole’s shoulder erupted in energy as Cole looked at his best friend. Patrick dutifully unzipped his friend’s pants letting his now 6-inch cock flop out. He waisted no time as he began worshiping it. His tongue explored ever crevasse of it. From the foreskin to the balls, he made sure every inch was covered and as he did so that head made sure more inches came. From six to seven. Seven to eight. Eight to nine. As Patrick worked his alpha’s cock, it grew to make sure that he knew it belonged to an alpha.

The blowjob from his bearded friend was overwhelming for Cole as the energy from the mark got to work reconstructing him into the real form of an alpha. Given Patrick was the closest man to him, the changes based themselves off of the man worshiping him.

Muscles grew and stacked on top of each other. Hair sprouted and coated his chest and arms. A five-o-clock shadow started to sprout at his jaw line. All in all the changes made the two look like twin brothers. Patrick was still slightly taller and had a bit more muscle but a foot-long, beer can thick cock was the true difference between the man on his knees and the dom fucking his face.

Cole could feel the heat dying down but he knew what he needed to do. He grabbed the back of Patrick’s head and begins to pump his hot seed down the man’s throat.

Patrick chokes and sputters as he wasn’t prepared for the volume and cum leaks from his lips and coats his beard.

Cole chuckles as he pulls out of the man’s mouth and lets the last few arcs of cum splatter all over his friend’s face.

“That’s a good look for you” Cole says surprised with how much deeper his voice had gotten.

“Thank you sir.” Patrick said as he stood up, cum dripping down his face on onto his chest. At some point he must have came cause cum was leaking through his slacks.

Cole smirked as he checked his new body out and admiring this new power he seemed to have. Where did it come from? How did it seemingly turn both him and Patrick gay? Could he use it to get even more blowjobs like that last one?

“Clean yourself off Pat. I have some plans for us tonight.”

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