Digitized - Part 1

By Ruffcub - ruffcub@icloud.com
published April 13, 2013
1928 words

Jason’s life is turned upside down when he falls foul of a loan shark

This is a story I’ve been meaning to submit for ages. It’s based on a dream I had last year which I rememembered to write some notes on before I forgot it all. The next few parts have already been written but need a bit more editing before I publish them.

Digitized - Part 1

The corridor was narrow, dark and hot, the dull black of the walls, pipework and ducting inadequately illuminated by harsh LED lighting fixtures. A heavy bassline from the nightclub’s powerful sound system throbbed through Jason’s head as he skidded around a corner, his expensive black dress shoes slipping on the polished concrete floor nearly causing him to fall. Picking himself up, he glanced ahead, spotting the glow of a fire exit sign that promised freedom from the two meathead bouncers pursuing him. Summoning a burst of energy to sprint for the door, Jason ran as fast as he could, reaching out with both hands to push the door release and throwing himself into the darkness beyond.

Jason was in trouble, big trouble. At the age of just 26, a misspent youth leading a playboy lifestyle of expensive restaurants, clubs, fast women and fast cars had finally caught up with him. His world had started to unravel following public and humiliating revelations of a string of indiscreet affairs with socialites and call girls. The fallout from that had cost him what promised to be a lucrative marriage to the daughter of a local shipping magnate and to crown off the string of catastrophes, he now found himself in the extremely unenviable position of owing nearly $270,000 to Richard Montgomery, a high-class loan shark with a fearsome reputation.

Thinking back, Jason now saw that it had been inevtiable that events would catch up with him like this. Unfortunately, his arrogance hadn’t let him consider that plans for an evening of hard partying and sex with a few hookers in one of the Nirvana Palace’s holosuites would end at just eight o’clock with him being chased like a rat after being spotted by that bastard Montgomery and his hired muscle.

As the fire door swung closed behind him, Jason could hear the heavy tread of his two pursuers as they gained on him. Looking around, he found himself in a small chamber with two doors, one padlocked with a heavy chain and the other seemingly unlocked but emblazoned with a hazard warning sign and a message about 1,500 volts of direct current.

He had no time to think. Hearing Montgomery’s goons getting nearer, Jason pulled frantically at the door handle and cautiously slipped in. To his huge relief, there was a solid looking lock on the other side and as he pushed the door closed and turned the lock he was relieved to feel the reassuring sound of three deadbolts sliding into place just as a heavy body began to pound on the other side.

Panting and out of breath, Jason slumped to the floor, his back against the door vibrating with the pounding of a heavy body attempting to gain access on the other side. After a moment, the banging noise stopped and he heard a muffled convsersation between two voices, then silence.

He looked down at himself, surveying the mess he was now in with distaste. His once white dress shirt was now translucent with sweat, revealing the wiry mass of hair that spread down from his chest across his slight beer-paunch. His almost new suit pants were scuffed and streaked with dust and his shoes were badly scratched from his stumble in the corridor. He pulled at the bow of his black tie and loosened the knot, allowing the strip of fabric to hang around his neck as he undid the top two buttons of his shirt and surveyed the room, able for the first time to take a proper stock of his surroundings.

At first it wasn’t reassuring. It was immediately clear that there was no other door to the small room which appeared to be some kind of small data center. The room was filled with heavy duty racks stacked with some kind of advanced computer equipment and he could see fiber-optic and power supply cables filling much of the space between the server units.

Hoping to find perhaps a service duct or air conditioning vent he could squeeze through, Jason picked his way carefully between two rack units and stepping out at the other end of the room Jason saw, with a leap of his heart that brought a smile to his face, a fully functioning transport pad that appeared to be powered up and plugged in.

Starting forward eagerly, he examined the control panel hoping, against hope that the pad wasn’t destination locked and that he’d be able to transport out of this hell hole and somewhere he could find safety and lay low. He realised that he was going to have to be quick in case the two dumb muscle heads outside got someone to lock the pad down and so with trembling fingers, Jason flicked through the options on the transporter control panel.

To his immense relief he could see that the pad was fully unlocked and he quickly tapped in the pad number and password of his gym where he kept a spare set of clothes. He didn’t care if anyone tried to follow him, the remote pad wouldn’t let any non-members through and in any case, he’d be out of there within a few minutes and on his way somewhere safe. With a last check of the settings Jason stepped into the door shaped archway of the transport pad and hit the button to initiate the transport. What he couldn’t possibly have seen from his position inside the machine was a small red light that began to flash next to the control panel just before he hit the initiate button. As he felt the familiar tingle of the transport begin, Jason smirked as he congratulated himself on his lucky escape and then the world went black.

Jason’s eyes snapped open and with a deep intake of breath, he looked around and tried to get his bearings. He was in a locker room but it didn’t look like the one in his gym, it was run down and dirty looking and had a stale sweaty odor like unwashed workout gear. Something felt wrong but he couldn’t place what it was, he reached down and, absent mindedly ran a hand over the deep crevasses of his cobblestone abs, feeling a tingle in his cock and a tightening of his balls, he then slipped a hand inside the pouch of his jock and rearranged his junk.

Taking a step forward and looking around, Jason felt confused. The gym seemed familiar and he was convinced he’d been here before but something wasn’t right, he had a nagging sensation that he was supposed to be somewhere else but he couldn’t place exactly where or why.

Turning around again, he recalled a vague idea that he should have been standing on a transport pad but there wasn’t one to be seen anywhere in the room. What he did see however was himself reflected in a full length mirror that hung on the wall near where he’d been standing. He took in his reflection in stunned amazement. Looking back at him was a grade-A hunk of prime beefcake, a massively muscled version of himself wearing nothing but a ratty, off white jockstrap and beat up red boxing boots with grimy, white socks.

His body was obscene mass of tanned, corded muscle, legs and arms sculpted by hours of obsessive training and with a taut muscular gut he knew could only be the marker of long term steroid abuse. Taking a step closer to the mirror, Jason realised that he looked older, maybe by about five or six years and although his hair had always been kept short, it was now completely gone, his scalp the same glossy tan as the rest of his smooth body.

He knew he should be freaking out but for some reason, all he could do was stare at his massive pecs rising and falling with each breath, the veins on his biceps that stood out under the bronzed skin and the heavy traps that all but engulfed his neck.

Struggling to absorb the sight of his massively augmented body, Jason was slightly shocked when he involuntarily started to spring an erection, his cock poking lewdly out of the side of his jock and beginning to leak pre-cum as it strained against the inadequate covering.

At the same time, he felt a slight buzzing, whispering sensation inside his ears and like a flash, a number of blunt truths hit him simultaneously. The first and most alarming was the sudden realisation that he wasn’t at his gym but instead inside a holosuite simulation. He couldn’t tell how he knew this to be true because the simulation was indistinguishable from reality but nevertheless, he was certain that he, the room and everything in it was a computer generated illusion of matter conjoured from pure energy by a powerful computer.

At the same time as this frightening realisation his him, Jason began to feel an insistent, moist, tingling warmth in his anus that screamed through every fiber of his being that he needed to be fucked. With a feeling of horror mingled with a growing arousal, this new truth was accompanied by the sure and certain knowledge that he wasn’t ‘Jason’, a guest in this holo-program, he was ‘Gunz’ the dumb, roided up, meathead star of ‘Muscle Beast Tamed’ a hardcore, gay holo-porn program.

Breathing deeply, Jason leant against one of the gym’s metal lockers as a shadowy voice at the periphery of his consciousness poured new sensations and memories into his mind. He could still recall who he was and knew he was in a simulation but his life, his reality, seemed distant and unreal. In this gym locker room, the only world that mattered, he knew his name was Gunz, he knew he’d just finished a two hour lifting session and most of all he knew that he needed to be fucked.

Guided and coaxed by the simulation insistently chipping away at his free will, he turned around and lumbered over to one of the locker room benches, unconsciously pulling on his engorged nips with big meaty fingers as he thrilled at the feel of his sweaty, muscular thighs rubbing over one another. He lay down on his back in the middle of the bench and, easing his thick muscles into the cold wooden slats, reached down, past his rock-hard cock and thrust a sausage like index finger into his rectum, moaning with an animalistic grunt as the tip brushed against his prostate, causing his cock to leak precum like a faucet.

As he slowly and rythmically worked his finger in and out of his hole, the line between himself the Gunz character he was trapped inside was began to blur still more. Whenever he tried to think about his predicament and the fact he was in a simulation, the thoughts wouldn’t join up into a coherent stream. It was just so much easier, more pleasurable, to let the voices in his mind guide the Gunz character and his actions.

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