Getting around, Part 1.

By NANOwriter
published May 28, 2020
2820 words

After the games and all Tims experiments, things have changed… or have they?

For several months there were news reports of a new something sweeping the globe, people would report strange things happening in small towns, big cities, schools, universities, everywhere. Yet, as soon as these happenings were reported, they were dismissed by those that reported them. There would have been mass panic, if people could workout what was going on… Yet no one could.

Usually women would call police or emergency services hysterical about their boyfriends, siblings, husbands, children, then just as suddenly say never mind to the call center personnel or just hangup.

Or emergency services would attend a call out, only to report back nothing had happened.

After months of no illnesses, it was eventually decided it was some kind of mass hoax, there was still the occasional call about something odd, which usually, just as quickly, vanished.

Bringing us to our current… subjects

Jake and Liam, brothers; one, Jake, a kinda bookish twink, the other, Liam, a top in his class swimmer, and their friends, Josh and Mike, Josh a swimmer like Liam, friends from their collage, and Mike, a friend of Josh’s, and a bit of a gym-bro.

The four guys looking forward to a night of gaming and some drinking at Jake and Liam’s Dads, Branson’s place, school was over for another week, and the guys needed to relax, all of them sitting in the living room of the moderately sized house, totally naked as usual.

Branson, was around the house, but keeping out of his sons and their friends way, was getting ready to make dinner for the five of them. He was happy to have a group of laughing people around, the recent divorce from his wife was awkward and left him lonely, but why stay with someone when neither party was interested in their marriage any longer?

He thought about what would be filling for the five guys, Pizza? No, hmm. Pasta? Yeah, pasta sounds good! he grinned.

“Hey guys! How’s pasta sound for dinner?” He asked the naked group in his living room, idly scratching his low hanging, equally as naked balls.

“Sure Dad, sounds great!” Liam called back.

“Awesome… Damn, I have to go get some stuff!” Branson said to no one as he looked through the pantry.

He quickly threw on a pair of slightly too small athletic shorts and grabbed his car keys, “Gotta go to the store, won’t be too long!” He said almost out the door.

“Hey Dad, you think we could have some beer for tonight?” Liam asked as his father headed out.

Thinking for a moment before he replied, “Sure, I’ll grab some, but no more than two beers each!” As he went out the door.

“Great! Nice thinking bro!” Mike said as he slapped Liam’s thigh.

“Thanks man, thought it would be good with the game tonight.” Liam smirked.

“Yeah, so what is this game?” Josh asked, he didn’t know what they were playing, just that Liam had asked him to come over and play a game tonight, and to bring a friend, he’d told Liam fine, as long as his younger brother Jake was playing too, he had a thing for him all year, but could never get the guy alone, even though they were the same age and had some classes together, Liam had rolled his eyes when he replied ‘Fine!’ and here they were, Josh inviting his gym friend Mike along for a game and free food.

“The game’s Truth or Dare! I’ve heard a few people around the campus have been playing it and thought it sounded different, plus beer!” Liam replied, he had heard about people playing it, he had also heard from one guy about guys being different after playing it, so he wanted to give it a try.

Truth or Dare? Isn’t that a teenage girls sleepover game?” Mike asked cocking his head to the side slightly, he remembered his younger sister chattering about playing that with her friends and giggling all night when they had sleepovers, unsurprisingly.

“Maybe it is, but it’s just a game, worst that happens is we learn some stuff about each other, maybe do some stupid shit, and have some beer and good food, did I mention that Dad is an amazing cook?” Liam laughed.

“I guess, and free food is always good!” Mike replied laughing back.

Jake didn’t really have a lot planned, he was just going to play something on his laptop, or watch some Chillflix or something. A game with his brother and his friends didn’t sound that bad, plus Dads food, and some beer wasn’t bad either. Though he was a little weirded out by Josh, and his bigger friend Mike, he didn’t really know either of them, and Josh kept staring him over, he wasn’t liking the feeling of being watched.

He thought beer and a game, even one as lame as Truth or Dare, might be good though, and these guys might turn out to not be as weird as he thought they were, so here he was. “Truth or Dare sounds ok to me,” He said quietly.

“See, even Jake is on board with this!” Liam laughed.

“Okay, cool, so what are we waiting for?” Josh asked.

“Just waiting for Dad to get back with the beer!” Liam smirked.

A short time later, while the guys were talking and waiting, Branson returned with his dinner supplies and beer.

“Hey, Liam, maybe you should see if Dad wants to play the game with us? You know how hes been since Mom left…” Jake quietly said to his brother.

Liam looked over to their father as he put shopping away, watching as the again naked, older man bent over to put things in the fridge, his tanned skin and generously hairy body a pleasant sight to him. He knew what Jake was talking about, it had been weird for all of them, their Mom leaving, none of them knew what happened, just one day she seemed to lose interest in their family, no fighting or anything, just like they no longer existed to her, so when their Dad told them that they were getting a divorce it wasn’t a surprise.

Liam, Jake and their Dad were doing fine, just the three of them, but they all still felt the loss of what their family was. Still, Liam put on a half smile and agreed with his younger brother. “Hey Dad, would you like to join us for this game?” He asked.

Branson stuck his head up from the cupboard he was in, Join them for the game? would be better than moping around while they have a good time he thought. “Sure!” He replied to his son.

“Great, well we are going to start soon if you want to grab a seat, maybe bring that beer too?” Liam asked.

So Branson finished putting his stuff away, grabbed the beer for them all, and went and sat in his big armchair with his sons sitting on one end of his couch, Josh next to them and Mike on the other armchair across the room. All the guys opened their beers and waited for Liam to start the game.

“Okay, so, theres no real rules, it’s pretty much, we go around to each other, and I ask Truth or Dare? then we answer with one or the other, and who ever is before me will ask me mine, if we answer truth, we will be asked isn’t it true that? to which you have to answer if what ever it is is true or not, and if we answer dare we must comply with what ever the dare is, got it?” Liam asked.

All the guys nodded ‘yes’ so he took a sip of beer then started, “Ok, so we will go clockwise from my left, so Jake you’re first, Truth or Dare?” He asked his brother.

“Um… truth!” Jake replied, he wasn’t too sure where this game was going to go, but he thought it might be interesting.

“Okay, isn’t it true that you have tiny but super sensitive nipples?” Liam asked, it was a weird thing, but he wanted to see if this game did what he’d heard it could.

They all watched as Jakes nipples, which hadn’t been huge before, shrunk down to barely a pencils width, and instantly hardened, just Liam’s breath while watching made Jake take a sharp breath.

“You know its true Liam” Jake glared at his brother, “All those years you tickled me making me writhe when you worked out how sensitive they were!” He finished.

Liam grinned, “Yeah, sorry about that bro. Okay, so Mike, you’re next, Truth or Dare?” He asked.

“Truth!” Mike replied quickly followed by a good mouthful of beer.

Mike was a big, muscled guy, very well toned, hairy, but not as hairy as their Dad, with a slight tan. Liam watched the young mans soft dick hung between his thighs over the seat he sat in, it was large, thick and uncut, with a large head stretching the foreskin around it. Snapping his eyes from the large piece of meat Liam asked, “Isn’t it true Mike, that you are into older men?”

“Yeah thats true.” Mike replied, taking a couple glances in Bransons direction.

“Knew it!” Josh laughed, “All those times I hinted, but you just didn’t notice me.”

“Oh I noticed bro, but you know, just not my thing.” Mike winked at his gym bro.

Liam laughed along with everyone else at Josh, before asking, “Dad, Truth or Dare?”

Branson took a moment to think, he didn’t want his son doing anything to embarrass him, but he also didn’t want to answer something that might embarrass his kids either, it was a 50/50 for him so he went with, “Truth,” He said.

Liam thought about what he wanted for his dad, after everything recently, he felt his dad needed something good for himself, “Dad, isn’t it true that you’ve always kept yourself in great shape? That you even go to the gym 6 days a week?” Liam said.

They all waited for Branson to reply, as Liam watched his dads body tone up before his eyes, the slight but noticeable extra weight around his mid-section vanishing, even his hair that had been graying in the last few years, regained some of its jet black sheen, then his muscles started inflating a little, Liam assumed from his adding the gym time.

“Yeah, totally true!” Branson replied, thinking that the pasta he was going to make later will need some extra gym time to work off.

Liam smiled, his dad looked great now, better than he had in a long time.

“Yeah, looking great Bran! All that gym time really pays off, it’s always great to see you drop in to the gym, even if we don’t workout together very often.” Mike said.

“Yeah, I’ve seen you and Josh there a lot, maybe we will have to organize our sessions so we can hangout while we workout!” Branson laughed.

“Sounds good!” Mike said as he raised his beer taking another mouthful.

Liam liked seeing his dad in a happier mood, but wanted to get on with the game, so he turned to his friend, “Josh, Truth or Dare?”

“Hmm, I think I’ll pick… dare!” Josh replied laughing.

Liam had known Josh a while, they met in school when they were younger, instantly best friends, and hung out all the time, they joined the swim team in school together, and generally were inseparable. “Josh, I dare you to go and sit in Mikes lap until your next turn!” Liam laughed.

“Aww do I have to?” Josh pouted, but wasn’t too upset about it, as he got up and went and sat in mikes lap, hanging his legs over the side of the armchair and his arm around Mikes neck. “Hey!” He laughed at Mike.

“No funny business!” Mike laughed back.

Liam watched as Josh just relaxed there draped across Mikes hairy legs, Josh’s dick plumping up slightly. “My turn now Josh!” Liam reminded his friend.

“Oh yeah, Liam, Truth or Dare?” He asked.

“Truth!” Liam replied, interested to see what his friend would tell him.

“Hmm, okay, Liam, isn’t it true that you always do what ever I tell you to no matter what it is?” Josh said.

Without even thinking Liam replied, “Yeah thats true.”

“I know it is buddy, I also know that it’s true that what ever I tell you to do you can and will do and love to do too, no matter how weird it is, or how impossible it might be!” Josh laughed, “Like for example, remember when we first went to try out for the swim team in high school? I told you that you could have a football up your ass and still get on the team, and to my surprise you went to the sports utility room and grabbed a football, and pulled down your speedos and proceeded to shove that ball into your ass! I don’t know how you could, but I watched that thing disappear into you, and you still beat my ass in the pool! After I watched you take that thing out of your ass and saw it snap shut as tight as it was before, I swear I blew a load in my speedos right there!” Josh laughed as he told his story, his cock hard and bouncing as he laughed.

Liam was shocked, at least internally, outwardly he couldn’t do more than agree with his best friend, and as he did he remembered that moment too, when Josh told him he could do that, he went and got the ball, lowered his speedos, squatted, then just slid the football into his ass, he doesn’t remember how he could either, just that he had to do what Josh told him, and that he could do anything he was told to by Josh. his body felt a little weird too, like it was just ready to do anything Josh needed. What ever crazy or twisted thing that might be.

“Yeah, It was an awesome thing to see, and so many other times you’ve done some crazy shit, like the time I told you that you had to swallow my arm down your throat, before I even blinked after I’d said it, you had half my arm in your mouth! Or! Or, that time I told you to stretch your dickhole around one of the baseball bats at school, next thing I see was a alloy bat being slid into your dick! Fat end first! It was crazy seeing a cock stretched that wide, you got most of the bat into your cock too, even leaked precum around it before you stopped and pulled it out, your cock going back to its normal size.”

“The most insane thing I’ve seen you do though, was at the last swim camp, one of the guys there bet that you couldn’t sit all the way down onto one of those steel parking bollards, and I bet him that not only could you actually do it, but that he could do anything to make it thicker and that you could still do it AND you’d love every second of it! And damned if we didn’t win that bet, he made that thing so wide, he wrapped it with ropes, towels, some of those pool noodles, it was wider than Mike when he was done, he put a huge plastic bag over it, and asked if you needed lube, I told him you never needed lube!” Josh said, continuing to laugh.

“Then me and the guy watched as you just sat there, slowly sliding down this huge thing, your cock leaking precum all over the place, you moaning and groaning as you stretched around this pole and everything around it, when your ass hit the ground you looked like some cartoon version of your self, and you just blew your load all over the guys shoes, that was the funniest part, your load soaked his new shoes! Only thing I regretted was not betting more, still, was an easy $100! That bus driver never saw it coming!” Josh finished, laughing so hard he almost rolled off Mikes lap.

Liam almost screamed internally, he couldn’t believe his best friend had said all that, and that now he remembered doing it all, it was totally unbelievable and yet he knew he had done all those things, and more, and that he could do more if Josh told him to.

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