Big Topped

By Tom Gungy
published May 25, 2020
6618 words

Leo has lived in the circus all of his life, training with his father to become a star acrobat, yet the status quo has been shifting since the new magician arrived…

“Up and at’em, ya layabout!” his father’s jovial voice rattled throughout the room of the bunkhouse trailer. “We need to get practice in!”

Leo groaned, rubbing the sleep out of his eyes. It’d been a long night prior, putting on a show only to help oversee the game stalls shortly afterwards, yet he knew his dad was right. He stumbled out of bed, his strong, bare feet hitting the floor with a loud thumping noise. A bellowing yawn emptied from his wide mouth as the young man stretched his tall and wide musculature. He was a brilliantly well-kept specimen for his, so much so that many appropriately mistook him for a scholarship-winning football player, one surely destined for recognition in some hall of fame somewhere. The always humble and modest Leo would often blush that was merely following in his father’s footsteps as an acrobat, defying gravity in graceful leaps and glides from the trapezes above. Though many found it unthinkable that such a bulky figure could navigate the swings and platforms of the big tent so elegantly, Leo was hardly the first to pioneer the technique.

Leo exited the rickety, wooden trailer to meet his father outside, beaming at his son with pride. Both were strapping figures, familial genetics and rigorous training being the cause of their matching masculine strength, and his dad took a certain pleasure in giving his son the same life that he so enjoyed. Leo smiled back as his father slapped his spandex-clad back in paternal affection. Walking side-by-side to the big tent, the two appeared nearly identical given their muscular silhouettes and skin-tight costumes. They garnered more than a few eyes as they padded bare-foot through the grass. It was well-known that Felix and Leo were the big-ticket act given their gargantuan builds. There was no doubt as to how impressive it was to behold such massive men looming above compared to the usual lithe acrobats of other acts, yet many other performers harbored jealous suspicions of how much their popularity was creditable to their talent instead of their undeniable aesthetic appeal. Though neither Leo nor Felix ever publicly acknowledged it, their audiences did tend to be predominantly female, bored housewives attending the circus while their husbands worked or relaxed without their neglected spouses. When confronted with these rumors, Felix merely laughed it off, and though Leo was often at the center of such speculations, he was rarely involved in the conversations had over them. He was a sweet, genuine young man, and even the most callous of the circus folk flinched at the notion of presenting Leo with the painful fact that he’d never known his mother.

Thus, the pridefully grinning pair was given a moderate amount of attention as they headed for the big tent, Leo waving back at fellow performers while the ignorant Felix received dubious glares. Leo entered the tent expecting to find their usual nets and swings hanging above. He was surprised when none of the father-son team’s equipment was aloft, instead having been replaced with lighting rigs on their platforms above and a raised stage where the net normally hung. Leo smiled at the familiar sight of brightly colored go-karts modeled after miniature cars and men with faces heavily covered in make-up. It had been some time since the younger acrobat had seen the circus clowns at work, having been rigorously trained by his father to take advantage of the time he had during other performers acts, yet they were exactly as entertaining as the bulky young trapeze artist remembered from his friends’ performance, recognizing the new bits they’d added since he’d lost the ability to be an active audience member, but Felix merely groaned in exasperation. He’d always found the clowns far too unserious for his taste, not understanding the benefit of performing in an act that didn’t get your name on a poster. While Leo watched with rapt glee, Felix stormed towards the center ring, planning to inform the clowns that the actual performers like himself needed practice. His son didn’t spot when he was stopped, however, by a tall, lithe man in an impressive suit. The two stopped for a moment. The stranger spoke to Felix for a short time, the acrobat offering increasingly less in reply, and by the time Leo’s attention was finally diverted from the clown act, his father was nowhere to be found. He quickly scanned the audience stands, and when his search proved fruitless there, he proceeded to the connecting tent that served as the backstage readying area.

“Little Leonid!” came a heavily accented cry of joy.

Leo turned to see the friendly face of Nick, the circus’ strongman. Easily twice Leo’s size, the hulking man looked big enough to lift a car, even though he had to stop that particular act when age claimed the integrity of his back. Now the older man simply assisted other acts most of the time, such as hoisting smaller clowns into the air or serving as a stand in for the new magician’s disappearing act. Despite Nick’s middle age back pain, however, the giant man still kept his body in excellent shape. He’d even taught Leo most of what he knew about exercise. The strongman’s graying black beard always surrounded a smile, and he’d been almost like a second father of sorts to Leo over the years.

“Hey, Nicky!” Leo greeted as the man rose in his cheetah-print spandex costume to give the boy a massive bear hug. “Have you seen my dad anywhere? He sort of just disappeared on me.”

“Well, I should hope not. Otherwise, him and the Master Mystic are planning to have him replace me as the ‘lovely assistant’!”

Nick laughed with his usual deep belly laugh, more boisterous than it should be for most of his semi-clever jokes, while Leo rolled his eyes with a smile.

“Honestly though, the two passed through a moment ago talking about a new act,” Nick continued, wiping tears of laughter from his eyes. “I believe I overheard your father say that the clowns could have the tent today.”

Leo raised his brows in surprise. He was pleased the clowns had the time to practice and Felix had chosen not to cause a scene as he normally did in such situations, but it was unlike him to leave without saying anything. Normally he kept Leo on a tight leash, dictating what he should be doing at all times. The sensation of being left without his father’s strong guiding hand was vaguely panicking in a way, yet Leo felt the slightest twinge of glee as a sense of freedom sprouted within him.

“Did he say anything about me?” Leo tentatively asked.

“Not that I heard,” Nick responded with a knowing smile.

“Oh,” Leo muttered in contemplation before turning to leave. “I should probably find him, ask him what he wants me-”

“Or,” Nick interrupted, putting a strong hand on Leo’s firm shoulder, “you could just take the day off and come back for the show. That’d make your first real break in… what? A year?”

“Three,” Leo murmured, “since I graduated high school.”

“Leo,” Nick spoke sincerely, turning the boy back around, “it might be no business of mine. I have a new act to practice for myself, but you work too hard for a boy so young. Please, for my sake, take the day off and have fun!”

Leo opened his mouth to disagree, stopped, and simply hugged the strongman instead. Nick returned the firm embrace, and then Leo was out of the tent like a shot. He didn’t reenter until a mere half-hour before the show began. Being long deprived of the simple pleasures of the average youth’s life, he basked in the joy of meandering around with little to do beyond socializing and slacking off. He took particular pleasure in reconnecting with the other circus folk he hadn’t been allowed time to speak to in what seemed like ages, and all of them were immensely pleased to catch up with the cheery, young son of the circus. The performers were all like family to him, and they all treated him a cherished nephew in a way, inquiring after his health and lavishing him in attention. By the time he began preparing for his act, Leo was grinning wider than all of the clowns combined. He was just beginning to chalk up his hands and style his hair when he felt a hand at his shoulder. He turned to notice Mr. Callister, the ringleader and owner of the circus, standing with the posture of a proper gentleman to match his flawlessly kept suit. His waxed mustache stood as poised and properly as the man it was attached to, and a courteous smile hung below it.

“Mr. Callister!” Leo beamed. “To what do I owe the pleasure?”

“I wanted to speak to you regarding your father’s new act,” the ringleader answered, “and if you needed any adjustments now that you’ll be performing without him.”

“I’m sorry?” Leo inquired, thinking he misheard.

“You do have a new act, don’t you dear boy?”

Leo’s mouth fell agape in surprise.

“Oh, I see,” Mr. Callister smiled knowingly. “Well if you weren’t informed, I’m sure we can find yourself something else for the time being. Perhaps you could go speak to the new magician, the Mystic Master? He’s a very nice chap, and he has a position that just opened as well.”

“What is my father doing?” Leo pressed. “Where is he now?”

“Why, he’s about to go on,” Mr. Callister answered with a diplomatic grin, “Which reminds me that I must be out to announce them. If you’ll excuse me…”

The ringleader left Leo in the dressing room numb with shock, not understanding why his father had abandoned him without an act. Everyone in the circus was expected to pull their weight somehow, otherwise everything from their food to the bed they slept in were practically forfeit. Leo was stunned that his dad would put him in such a precarious situation without at least informing Leo first. The more the young acrobat considered how out of character such a rapid and unplanned action was, the more consideration Leo gave to early that morning when his dad had suddenly disappeared. Perhaps something sudden had happened without Leo’s knowledge. Maybe his father was helping a fellow performer and trusted Leo to take care of himself. These speculations helped to stave off the panic in the young performer’s mind, yet a subtle dread crept up in its stead. Leo thought he had to at least consider what his dad had left him for and made his way to the big tent’s side entrance. He entered quietly beside the tiered bleachers as the ringleader became illuminated by spotlights and applause rang out through the tent. Leo was intrigued to notice that the spectators were not as varied as usual, instead being largely made up of rowdy men that seemed strangely intent on enjoying the show intending for families and children.

“Gentlemen,” Mr. Callister addressed the crowd through a microphone, his grandiose voice strangely forgoing the usual address to the ladies, “may I present to you a new addition to our esteemed show. From the farthest continents comes a man from unexplored jungles, never before touched by civilization. I present to you, the one, the only, Feebles the Ape Man!”

Tribal precautions sounded from over the sound system as an errant spotlight shone to the tent above the crowd. A familiar figure swung from the platforms above on frayed ropes disguised as vines. A loud bellow came from the form, a sort of barbaric imitation of an animal call, as the man sprung from vine to vine in nothing but a loincloth, scarcely sufficient to hide his copiously bulging manhood in the front. His rippling muscles glistened with a thin sheen of masculine perspiration in the gleaming spotlight, and his bare feet, dirty from the circus grounds’ candied litter and grime, swung above the cheering crowd’s heads. The well-built man then veered towards the center of tent after a few cyclical passes, executing an impressive double flip before landing on the stage next to Mr. Callister, who was providing a polite clap as his contribution to the rowdy cheers and applause. The audience went wild as the ape man took a clumsy bow with a placid, stupid smile, and as the rose back up to the clamoring crowd, Leo gasped. Feebles was his father.

“Well, Feebles, that was quite an entrance, wasn’t it?” Mr. Callister asked with a mocking grin.

When the ringleader pointed the microphone towards Felix for an answer, however, he eyed the device uncomprehendingly.

“Oo, oo?” he grunted curiously, much to the jeering delight of the masculine spectators.

“Oh, Feebles,” Callister chuckled. “Not very bright, are you?”

Felix grinned foolishly in response to the ringleader’s laughter at his expense. Leo was stunned to watch his father shamelessly itch his scantily clad groin in clear view of a mocking audience before idly raising the offending hand to his nose for a whiff. The young performer couldn’t understand how his prideful father could act so idiotically for a crowd, especially when the men in the stand were so bizarrely eager to see Felix make a fool of himself. Why had he become Feebles?

“But you seem like a decently brawny man,” Mr. Callister observed. “Why do they call you Feebles?”

Suddenly the sound of a motor filled the tent as a small car zoomed in from the side entrance. The bug roared around the stage a few times coming to a sudden stop. That’s when the clowns began pouring out. Brightly colored men of various shapes and sizes clamored to surround the obliviously cheerful ape man, obscuring him from view while one of the more strapping clowns in denim overalls took the microphone from Callister’s waiting grasp.

“Well, you see sir,” he answered in an attractively gruff baritone, “we found that poor fella, and it seemed only right to take him in. Despite being gorilla-strong though, he ain’t very strong in the ol’ gray matter.”

The clown tapped his greasepaint covered forehead to make his point clear.

“That’s why he’s our Feebles,” the clown explained with a sly grin. “In fact, you could say he’s sort of the baby of our lil’ family.”

No sooner had the man closed his performatively sentimental statement than the posse of clown peeled back to reveal what had become of “Feebles”. Leo gasped again as a small, antiquated baby stroller came into view. Swaddled in the banana-yellow upholstery and covered in a quick face of clownish makeup was Felix, obviously too large for the infantile implement. The butch acrobat’s limbs hung limply out from the stroller’s bed, yet his banana-tinted features bore a blissful smile that betrayed his ignorance of such discomforts. Instead, he idly nursed on a leafy-green pacifier with a contented, glazed expression plastered across his face. The loincloth, embarrassing even before the clowns managed their make-over, was replaced with a larger and more humiliating simulacrum covering what appeared to be a substantial and bulky diaper to match the ape man’s new babyish theme. The crowd laughed and jeered further as the surrounding clowns cooed down to Leo’s father in a placating tone. Leo watched in numb shock, struggling to accept the performance as it unfolded before him like a strange nightmare. Felix was fed banana mush, burped over the aforementioned strapping clown’s shoulder, and wildly wheeled around the perimeter of the ring so everyone in the crowd could all closely observe the masculine specimen being thoroughly humiliated.

The finale of the bizarre act occurred when several of the clowns hoisted their masculine junior from the stroller and onto the center stage. The ape man stumbled a bit, clumsily finding his footing like a beast more comfortable on all fours, before standing before the audience with a certain startled expression. A strange air of quiet fell over the crowd, and Leo watched with the morbid curiosity. The tense ambience was shattered when the sound of raucous flatulence came from his father’s rear. Felix, who’d previously appeared confused by the waiting eyes bearing down on him, now lapsed into a semblance of concentration. The athletic man slowly began to sink towards the ground, bending his knees into an obvious squatting position. Several grunts exited from behind his pacified mouth as a bout of flatulence followed. Tension mounted as the ape man’s brow furrowed, he closed his eyes, and all at once Felix emitted a loud moan that echoed throughout the silenced tent. His well-rounded seat suddenly sagged downward, weighed down by some internal load, as the sound akin to a minor mudslide could be heard coming from his rear. The audience broke their quiet stupor with uproarious laughter, taunting the powerful man with accusations of infantile stupidity, all while Felix’s troubled face turned to one of blissful contentment.

Leo’s ears burned red as his father was hoisted back into his stroller with an audible, sickening squish, and as he was recklessly wheeled backstage in comedic fashion, Leo quickly gave chase through the nearby exit. He had to round the tent on the opposite side from the clowns, so when he’d finally arrived in the backstage tent, all of the performers were already removing their cartoonish faces and his father was nowhere to be seen. Panting from his hurried pursuit and still bright red from the transitive shame of his father’s display, he was noticed immediately.

“Where is he?” Leo bellowed, voice cracking in emotionality as he did so.

The half paint-smeared men all regarded Leo with expressions of surprise before unnerving, knowing smiles spread across their faces. A familiarly strapping fellow in overalls rose from his seat, his muscular arms held up in a gesture of placating submission. The clown that’d spoken onstage and had heavily participated in humiliating Leo’s father no longer wore any make-up over his suave, Latin features. A cartoonishly bulbous, red styrofoam nose still hung from his face, yet it hardly detracted from the soulful eyes that smiled at Leo with the mouth below him.

“Feebles is with his master now,” the clown cryptically answered. “I can show ya to ‘im if you’d like.”

“Brian,” Leo balked, “what the heck are you talking about?”

“Follow me,” Brian unhelpfully replied with a sly smile.

Still numb from what he’d recently observed, Leo trailed behind the nearly plain-faced, albeit handsome, clown into the warm, humid night. Carnival music played over the rustic speakers and colorful lights were strung up throughout the grounds . Excited screams wafted over the roar of thrill rides and game booths, and from one such game the boisterous laughter of the circus strongman crashed through the wall of noise like a joyous wrecking ball. Nick often took pleasure in offering his assistance by the tests of strength of ball tosses, either playfully goading the circus attendees into attempting the games he made look so easy or helping the occasional visitor walk away with a prize to draw in more customers. He had just helped a diminutive boy ring the bell of one such game, sending him home with a teddy bear twice his size, when Nick spotted Leo, cheerily waving at his young friend. When the acrobat failed to return the gesture, the strongman noticed his distraught expression and parted ways with the circus-goers, suddenly excited by the prospect of his help, to inquire after his fellow performer.

“Leonid?” he called as he bounded up to the boy. “Did the show go well?”

“I didn’t… go on,” Leo haltingly explained, still struggling to come to terms with everything that was happening. “Dad… ditched me.”

“What?” Nick exclaimed, before noticing Brian standing nearby with a coy smile.

“Is this true?” he snarled, asking the clown for confirmation with fiery indignation burning in the normally gentle man’s eyes.

“Yeah,” Brian answered cavalierly, “but don’t you have a dance to prepare for, princess?”

All at once, a drastic change came over the massive strongman. The fire in his eyes were suddenly doused as his features became slack and passive. His gaze grew cloudy, as if beholding a pleasant daydream instead of the enraging reality before him, and a dopey smile crept across his face. The giant’s body erected in a strangely stiff posture, and then without any further questions as to his vulnerable young friend’s well-being or happiness, Nick lumbered away from the pair, leaving Leo more baffled than before. He turned to ask Brian what had just occurred, sensing he must have missed something, and noticed that the clown had begun moving when Nick left, nearly abandoning Leo in the same fashion. Left with little recourse, Leo hurriedly followed his neglectful guide, eventually coming to a stop at an old wooden trailer that Leo was not familiar with. It appeared to be a rustic piece of history, nearly an antique in its decrepitness. The exterior was splinter-ridden, and the whimsical blue paint had long become faded in from what seemed like years of exposure to the elements. On its side was a decrepit mural depicting an array of magical symbols alongside the title “Master Mystic”.

Leo’s eyes widened in realization. Some time ago, several weeks to a month by the young acrobat’s remembrance, a new magician had been hired on after the former one unexpectedly quit. Leo had quite liked the old man that’d served as the circus’ previous magic act and had fond remembrances of his offerings of hard candies as a child. It’d been quite strange when he’d suddenly retired with no fallback plan to speak of, and even weirder had been the new magician’s reclusive nature. The circus had always been somewhat of a family to each other, and while Leo had been naively excited to meet the new member of the crew, it seemed that this “Master Mystic” took every measure to avoid the rest. At first rumors circulated that he deemed he was too high and mighty to converse with simple carnival folk, that he was a Las Vegas act that had fell on hard times without losing his haughty standards, but one by one the male members of the circus began to vouch for him, saying he was a terrific guy once you got to speak with him one on one. Leo hoped this was true as Brian ascended the creaking stairs to the ancient trailer’s rusting door, giving it several hearty knocks to the rhythm of “Shave and a Haircut, Two Bits”.

“Enter!” came a commanding voice from within.

The clown gave Leo a mischievous smile from over his shoulder before complying, opening the door with a loud squeal and proceeding inward with Leo close in tow. Inside the furnishings were minimal, a simple bed was arranged against the far wall of the trailer and an ornate, glass lamp on a bedside table barely lit the dark, spacious living area. A tall man sat on the bed, peering at Leo through the dim light like a predator in a twilight gloom. Though slender, the dark figure had a broad structure about him and lent itself awkwardly to the lithe but defined physique apparent through his half unbuttoned dress shirt. The suit he wore added more to his figure than his muscles did, a glitzy red tuxedo of sorts that was covered in eye-catching sequins, appearing padded to make the man appear bulkier. The stranger offered Leo a rapacious smile as a noisy suckling sound drew the younger man’s eyes downward to notice another figure between the tall man’s legs. In the poor lighting it took him a moment before he could make out the familiar, bulky rump dressed up in primitive, unwieldy loincloth. The heady, stale scent reminiscent of an outhouse wafted to Leo’s nose, causing the young man’s eyes to water as he gasped with realization. He watched with newly discovered horror as his father’s head bobbed fervently in the smug stranger’s lap, animalistically grunting and moaning like a primate in heat. The parent’s hips thrusted in passionate rhythm, and he impotently grinded his groin into nothing more than the thick girth of his infantile garments, and Leo continued to gape in stunned silence.

“Ah,” the glitzy man moaned in a mix of pleasure and pleasantry, a noise that caused Leo to flinch as it broke his macabre trance, “you must be Feeble’s boy!”

“Felix,” Leo mumbled, stunned at the sight of his imminently masculine, heterosexual father orally pleasuring another man while wearing a diaper. “His name… is Felix.”

“Oh,” the stranger groaned, “I’m well aware of his former name, but you’ll find he only answers to ‘Feebles’ now.”

As if on cue, the head between the slender man’s thighs turned upwards to regard the stranger. The ape man’s eyes were filled with simple-minded adoration as copious amounts of milky-white fluids mixed with drool oozed from his slack mouth and over his jaw.

“Dad!” Leo exclaimed in shock, attempting to grab his father’s attention and break the mad spell he was under, yet Felix paid his son no mind.

“Feebles?” the stranger addressed the drooling man instead, gesturing to Leo with a nod. “Do you know this boy?”

Leo’s father glanced towards him with a vague, glazed expression. His brow slightly furrowed as if the man was deep in thought, and Leo felt the smallest glimmer of hope grow within him.

“Dad?” he emotionally croaked.

Felix stared at Leo for a moment louder before the wild sound of the older man breaking wind filled the room with a foul stench. The seat of the ape man’s loincloth, already taut from the earlier mess produced onstage, grew even further strained as it became full of Felix’s waste. His expression relaxed into a contented smile as his eyes refocused on the young man before him, and a sweeping wave of terror overwhelmed Leo as he watched his father slowly and happily shake his head in blissful ignorance.

“Ah, what a shame,” the glitzy man snidely sighed. “I think the boy needs a hug, Brozo.”

There was a lurch from behind Leo as Brian suddenly doubled over. The younger performer turned just in time to watch a peal of hilarious laughter wrack the clown’s familiar baritone. Leo startled at the strange sight, stepping backwards as Brian’s whole body spasmed and writhed in pleasure, cackling as if he’d just heard the funniest joke in the world. The Brian that Leo knew had always been rather mellow for a clown, more sarcastic in his wit than that of the average slapstick performer. The few times he had heard the composed, suave man relish a well-timed jest, his laughter was always composed of a simple chuckle that maintained his debonair demeanor. Leo had always respected Brian for being the coolest clown he knew, an illusion that was utterly shattered as the handsome man hysterically guffawed for no apparent reason.

It wasn’t until the clown reeled back upright in his boisterous chuckles that Leo viewed the ludicrous smile marring his normally mellow face and the massive tent in the circus performer’s overalls. The younger man became pale as he watched the denim become saturated with his peer’s fluids, Brian’s happiness proving far too much for Leo to handle in its undamped expression. He felt his knees grow weak and watched as the world grew taller around him. Brian was quick despite his hearty mirth, however, and Leo felt the clown’s strong arms seize around him. The acrobat stared dazedly into the growing stain on the other performer’s uniform, now close enough to smell the heady scent of sex wafting from it, as Brian awkwardly held Leo above the ground while he chuckled stupidly to himself.

“Brian?” Leo groaned wearily. “Brian, what’s going on? Please let me go.”

The clown gave no response other than mindless, monotonous laughter until a commanding voice came from the other corner of the trailer.

“Bring him here, Brozo.”

Leo was hoisted back to his feet and brought within inches of the grinning clown’s face. Brian smiled back with a glazed look in his eyes. His chuckles tickled Leo’s face with warm bursts of air and then, once he was spun around, his neck. The stranger watched patiently as Leo was hobbled over to him. The acrobat struggled against his handling, aiming to get free from the strange nightmare he now found himself trapped in, but Brian’s grip had fully encircled him in a bizarre bear-hug. Despite his struggles, he was helpless to resist.

“Brian here was one of the first I dealt with in this little podunk circus,” the stranger elaborated as Leo unwillingly approached. “He seemed like a ridiculously serious clown, one of the ‘bros’ trying to be so cool, so I gave him a sense of humor, didn’t I Brozo?’

“Yeah, boss,” Brian answered with the drawl of a dullard, moronically giggling all of the while.

“And your father here,” the glitzy man continued as he rose to his feet and gestured to the crotched man at his size, “was much too big for his britches, so I decided to make him a little more honest with himself, albeit with bigger britches.”

Brian laughed raucously at the unsettling joke at the ape man’s expense while the stranger approached Leo with a devious smile. “And you just volunteered to be next, dear boy.”

The man reached towards Leo, seizing the young man by his jaw. The stranger’s strong grip guided Leo’s wide eyes towards his own, peering into them with a domineering intensity. As Leo gazed back, that same intensity held him strangely captivated. The longer he stared, the less he felt the grasp at his chin or the grip on his torso, as if his mind was almost leaving his body and falling into the mesmerizing pupils before him. His breathing slowed, and the expression of shock on his face faded away as his features fell slack. Leo hadn’t noticed when the stranger had begun speaking in a soft, soothing voice about relaxing and feeling good, but he sensed himself complying with the strange man’s words all of the same. He grew more and more endeared to the mean, submitting all his worries and concerns in exchange for sweet relaxation. Leon no longer thought of his father or his friends, and such thoughts became distant and unclear in his mind. He could no longer remember Brian as anything other than a giggling fool, Brozo. His dad, Felix, appeared the colorful imaginings of a boy that never knew his parents, while the friendly Feebles, a sort of pet to the circus folk, solidified as a fart of life in his memories. The eyes he peered into were no longer strange to him as they were obviously the beautiful eyes of the circus’ master, Leo’s master, the Mystic Master.

“And wake,” Leo heard as Master snapped his fingers.

The young man opened his eyes to view Master’s trailer around him. Brozo was in a dim corner, moronically chuckling and handling his groin through his precum-drenched overalls as was usual. Feebles, who smelled as if he was in dire need of a change, idly pawed at his thickly diapered crotch as well. Leo smirked as the infantile simpleton gently ooked as he intently watched Brozo, clearly imitating the fool on his perverted path to pleasure. It was hard to remember which was supposed to be the dumb, horny ape in cases such as these, but as Leo glanced down to regard his own tenting trousers, he supposed he wasn’t in the best position to judge. His young, lengthy cock appeared quite pleasant outlined in the simple, skin-tight jockstrap that he wore in black to imitate Mater’s slim tuxedo pants, yet he regretted not being in a position to pull off anything nearly as handsome as the older man’s full outfit. Instead, he merely relegated himself to a thin mesh tank-top that didn’t really cover his torso, leaving a full view of his bulging pectorals pressing against the tight garment and the impressively cut abs below it. The outfit was vaguely sexualizing, but Leo only wished that he could appear half as attractive as his master could in anything he chose to wear.

“Are you ready for our show?” Master inquired with a curiously cocked eyebrow, as if waiting for some errant reaction.

“Sure!” Leo excitedly answered.

His master seemed pleased with the response and ushered his guest out of his trailer and towards the main tent. The group garnered more than a few strange looks from visiting customers, yet most of the other circus folk seemed entirely oblivious to whatever bothered the others. There were also many who gave strange comments to Master on the way to the tent, male guests congratulating him on his newest “conquest”, “slave”, or some other bizarre label to that effect. Leo asked who they were, slightly flattered by all of the attention he was receiving by the studs, but Master merely informed him that they were his fans from previous venues. Apparently they’d recognized his work and had flocked to the circus as, while Master was readying himself for their act backstage, Leo peeked into the main tent to notice the stands were full of leering, vocal men.

They were all cheering on the hilarious performance of the circus’ ballerina. A huge, burly, bald man bounced about the stage in his vibrantly pink tutu, several sizes too small, and a singlet-like top that left little to the imagination concerning his massive musculature. Leo had heard once that he’d used to be a strongman before he recognized his calling as a big sissy. Now he took great joy in being sneered and laughed at as his skirt would flail awkwardly upwards with each clumsily executed leap to reveal an obvious, throbbing erection. Leo knew the end of the act was approaching as the performer already had an embarrassingly large wet stain in his panties from where he’d jizzed, stimulated by the humiliation of the self-inflicted craven acts against his own masculinity and self-respect. The ballerina stumbled offstage when he’d finally had enough, dripping with sweat and cum with a stench that could stun an elephant. Though panting from both exhaustion and arousal, he still managed to smile at his favorite little buddy as he passed backstage.

“Break a leg, Leonid,” he groaned in a thick, Russian accent.

“Great show, Nicky!” Leo returned with a flirtatious wink.

He witnessed the ballerina blush and something stir beneath the giant’s tutu precisely as Master entered the big tent, knowing Leo would eagerly follow close behind. The young performer approached the stage with Brozo and Feebles behind him while Mr. Callister spoke into a microphone with a glazed expression Leo hadn’t noticed earlier.

“Now, lads and gentle lovers, may I present to you Mystic Master and his handsome assistant, Leo!”

Spotlights illuminated Leo and Master as they ascended the steps of the stage and replaced the ringleader at its center. Feebles and Brozo rolled a body-length table onstage with them, eliciting jeers from the audience upon recognition of the show’s star from earlier. Feebles seemed completely ignorant to the attention, but Brozo laughed wildly with the crowd, stumbling a little when his damp crotch suddenly grew a good deal darker. When the table was in position, Master made a sweeping gesture with magical flares, indicating the prop to the audience while eyeing me with a sly pointedness. Leo, with the sensation of having completed his part in this act hundreds of times before, approached the table with a smile and laid face-down on its surface. The young man regarded the leering crowd with a suggestive gaze as Master, with all of the fanfare appropriate for a stage magician, withdrew a long, jiggly object seemingly from thin air. It drooped as it fell from its invisible portal, leaving it to dangle in Master’s hand as he presented it to the audience. They roared in laughter upon identifying the item as a giant dildo, its shaft hanging loosely in the wind while the magician held it secure by its balls. He handed the toy to Brozo, who mockingly presented it above his head in both hands like it was a holy object, deliriously snickering all of the while.

A normal magician might use his assistant more dangerously, shoving them into a box while running swords through it and whatnot, but Leo supposed that’s what made Master so fantastic. Not only did the magnificent illusionist subvert expectations, but he also took very good care of Leo. Instead of treating the young man like something to hide inside of a pincushion, he made Leo the pincushion instead. Thus, like a dangerous rapier being jammed into a mysterious box, Brozo took the lengthy toy and plunged it into Leo’s ass. The young man let out a euphoric cry upon the entry as his entire body lurched, sending the crowd into another round of jeers and cheers. His moans were consequently drowned out in all of the noise when the clown continued his movement, pistoning the silicon member in and out of Leo’s welcoming hole, yet everyone was in a position to observe the prone performer writhe in pleasure while grinding his pulsating member shamelessly against the table from within the sticky confines of his jockstrap.

After several moments of ridicule and rapt attention, a second dildo was materialized in the palm of Master’s hand. The crowd watched with hilarious excitement as the toy was handed to Feebles, and the ape-man, who’d done nothing but stupidly nurse his thumb as a clown railed his son before him, took the dildo and regarded it with a dull, thoughtless gaze. Leo watched as Feebles turned the object around in his grasp, clearly confused despite its obvious design, before the foolish man began to stick it into his mouth and suckle on it in oral exploration. The audience howled in laughter before Master chidingly drew the ape-man’s attention to his son’s mouth. A rare spark of understanding lit up Feeble’s features as he jammed the faux cock down Leo’s throat, stifling his moans with a chock. The odiferous, diapered man repeated the process, with seemingly little regard for his son’s ability to breathe, and continued to do so once given cooing praise from Master. Leo groaned even louder in response, albeit with intermittent choking interruptions.

It was amidst the cheers and laughter of a perverted audience of Master’s fans that Leo came from his stimulation, filling his jockstrap with jizz and baptizing himself into the fantasy he’d previously considered a nightmare.

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