The Math, Part 3

Series: The Math
By AgainstMyWill
published January 7, 2013
1727 words

Dan knows it’s unprofessional but can’t help telling Jason the events of the past few days.

Dan looked up and saw Jason round the corner, escorted by an orderly. Dan’s heart was in his throat, he was so terrified. But then as Jason grew near he smiled at Dan.

“Hey, Dan, you OK?”

“Uh… I’m… I mean, it’s been kind of a tough day.”

Jason frowned sympathetically. “Wanna talk about it?”

Everything in Dan’s head shouted that this was a terrible idea, that the patient relationship didn’t allow for this, and what in Hell could he possibly tell Jason about what was happening? But somehow the idea of talking to Jason made him feel better immediately.

“Sure,” he nodded. Sure, he thought, I guess I can just leave out the bad stuff.

The orderly left the two of them and Dan escorted Jason back to his room. 28B. He opened the door. Jason settled into his desk chair.

“Hey, just lay down on the bed if you want, man, you look like you could stand to relax.”

Dan did, though he was immediately uncomfortable with the dynamic. He laid on the bed with Jason sitting behind him, out of view, just like patient and therapist.

“So what’s going on, Dan?”

Dan had every intention of censoring himself, but somehow he couldn’t seem to help himself. He just opened his mouth and let it all out. He told Jason about the first night with his wife.

“So then she asked me ‘Are you getting horny, Dan?’ and ‘Are these balls filling up, Dan?’ But in my head it wasn’t her asking, it was you.”

“Hmm, and what was that like, Dan?”

“It was… it was embarrassing. It’s embarrassing even saying it right now. But it made me so horny. I couldn’t help it, I just came and came. She was horrified.”

“Are you horny right now, Dan?”

Dan looked down. Indeed, his pants were visibly tented out.

“Uh… uh, yeah. I don’t… I don’t know why I’m doing this. I shouldn’t be telling you all this.”

“It’s OK, Dan, I appreciate that you trust me enough to tell me this. Why don’t you unzip your pants and let your cock out? It looks like it’s about to burst out on its own!”

Shaking, Dan reached down. In his head he felt ashamed about what he was about to do, but somehow he knew he was going to do it anyway. He unzipped and unbuttoned his pants and slid them down enough that his rock-hard cock popped out. He grabbed it in one hand and moaned a little.

“Good, Dan. Now what happened today?”

“Fuck, I don’t want to tell you, it’s so fucking embarrassing.”

“It’s OK to be embarrassed, Dan. A lot of what you’re telling me is embarrassing. I’d be embarrassed, too, admitting to hearing a male patient’s voice instead of my wife’s and then cumming all over the place the night after my first session with him. You still need to tell me, though.”

“Fuck,” Dan moaned, still stroking his cock, “I… after our session… I was so hard, I went in the bathroom and jerked off and in my head you were there and you kept telling me I was a disgusting fucking faggot. And when I came you made me pull my pants up so I came right in my pants and there was jizz everywhere.” Dan’s face was pulsing from the heat of his shame. Why was he telling his patient all of this? This was horrible, it could get him thrown in jail! He knew he should stop. Stop, he told himself, in his head. Stop, stop, stop.

“And when I felt it all in my pants, hot and messy, it was so nasty and disgusting I came again right there.”

“You came twice in a row right in your pants?” Jason asked.

“Yeah… fuck, yeah I did…” Dan moaned a little, his cock leaking onto his shirt as he squeezed and ever-so-slowly milked it with one hand.

“And do you think I was right?”


“Well, do you think you are?”

“Do I think I’m what?”

“A disgusting faggot, Dan?”

“Oh… no, no, I mean…” Dan moaned again and a large glob of precum oozed out of his piss slit as he writhed on the bed. “I’m not a faggot, Jason. That’s – that’s a bad word, I don’t want you saying that. I’m not, I have a wife, I’m not a faggot.”

“OK, Dan, I’ll take your word for it. And then, when you got home, you said something else happened?”

“Oh fuck, I was… I washed out my pants, so I was wearing these shorts, and my wife came home and saw me, and she wanted to have sex, but all I could think about was… fuck, those boys you said in school with you, they were faggots too…”

“Faggots ‘too’, Dan? Who else is a faggot?”

“Uh, no, I just mean… well, I couldn’t stop imagining them in the locker room.”

“What were they doing in the locker room, Dan?”

“Uh, they, uh, they were… fucking each other.”

“Be specific, Dan. I bet your imagination is more vivid than that. Tell me what you saw them doing.”

“Uh… oh fuck, no, please don’t make me… one of them was over the bench and the others… some of them were taking turns shoving their cocks in his asshole, and some of them were fucking his throat. And all the guys standing were… feeling each other up, and kissing. And some of them were just rubbing against each other, they were all sweaty.”

“I’d say you have a very accurate imagination, Dan. That’s exactly the kinds of things those faggots do all the time now. What else?”

“Some of them were on their knees and some of them were bending over spreading their… uh, their ass cheeks, some of them were spreading them, I could see their assholes, and some of the other boys were licking their assholes with their tongues, and pushing their tongues into their assholes.”

“Yeah, that sure is something those disgusting faggots like to do. Looks like you like it too, huh, Dan?”

Dan looked down at his cock, and saw the throbbing head and precum pooling in his belly button. He was shaking from the exertion of holding back his orgasm.

“Oh, fuck, yeah, I fucking like it…”

“Huh, so if you like boys fucking and licking each other’s assholes and sucking each other’s cocks, those are all things that disgusting faggots like. What does that make you?”

Dan held back.

“Dan, say it out loud. I am…”

“I… I am…”

“What are you, Dan?”

“I… I am… I’m a di-dis-disgusting…” Dan’s cock was oozing precum in a thick stream now.

“Yes, Dan, you’re a disgusting what?”

“I – oh, fuck – I’m a disgusting faggot! OH FUCK!”

Dan came for the fifth time that day. His first shot arched up and landed square on his face. His other shots stained his shirt with big gooey splotches. He was spasming against the bed, until finally his orgasm subsided and he realized yet again what he’d done.

“Oh, fuck. Oh, no, oh fuck.” Dan started crying in spite of himself, right in front of his new patient. “No, no, I don’t want to be gay, what’s happening to me?”

Jason smiled. “Well, good news is, you’re not gay. You’re a disgusting fucking faggot. Big difference. And it’s perfectly normal to cry, Dan, because nobody wants to be a shameful, pathetic faggot, and that’s what you are, you just admitted it to both of us, and you’re stuck with that for your life, you have to accept that you’re a pathetic queer and you like doing disgusting things with other faggots.”

“No, there has to be… I was never this way before!” Dan protested.

“Maybe you didn’t realize you were this way before, but I thought it was pretty obvious when I met you that you were a pathetic faggot, Dan.” Jason shrugged. “Hey, while you’re here, I could use some more help with my math.”

Dan was taken aback by how casual Jason was being, and was horrified by what seemed to be happening to him, but the excuse to focus on something else, anything else, was all he needed. He sat up in his cum-stained shirt, pants still unbuttoned, and Jason showed him the pages of symbols and spoke to him about them. He couldn’t remember the words. It made him feel calm to look at the symbols, though, and to listen to Jason’s voice. When he left an hour later, Jason had to remind him to button his pants or he would have wandered into the hall with his flaccid dick hanging out of his pants.

As he stepped into the hall and walked out towards his car, it was like a fog lifted. He remembered what he’d told Jason, and he was overcome with crippling shame as he recalled it. Why had he said those things to him? Why did he think that was OK? He started panicking again, but caught himself. No, this was a problem he could solve. He’d just have to make excuses for avoiding Jason for a while.

And then it occurred to him: Jason’s former therapist was somewhere in the building.

Series: The Math
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