Nu Ü Fun House - Chapter 2

By astrolüb -
published December 24, 2012
1939 words

An innocent teen gets trapped in a carnival fun house, one that won’t leave him the way he entered.

Justin kicked the stone further down the carnival boardwalk, eyes down to avoid any conceivable confrontation. He cursed his parents in his head for making him take his brother to the event, and he cursed himself when his brother had gotten away within a few moments and he had nothing to do. Knowing that Jeremy would find him eventually when he needed a ride back home, Justin was content to try to appear invisible and not arouse any trouble.

But trouble found him when he accidentally kicked the rock into the leg of the captain of the lacrosse team. Honed from years of torment, Justin took only a fraction of a second to look up, see his mistake, and start to run.

A short, overweight individual, Justin had no real hope of outrunning a near man who made his life out of running. Seeing an opening, Justin shoved past the man in the pin-striped suit and through the double-doors into a building.

He continued down a dark hallway, stumbling over his small feet and shedding his jacket so he could run faster, wishing he were taller with longer legs to help his speed. He breached a set of curtains and was nearly blinded by the sight of a dozen glittering disco balls, each alit by several bright, halogen lights. The balls spun slowly, casting sparkles of light around what appeared to be a vast room with tall mirrors arranged into corridors.

The sudden change in illumination plus Justin’s own off-balanced nature tripped him up and he fell flat on his face. Justin struggled to get up and brush the long brown hair from his eyes, but while doing so, his keen sense of hearing picked up nothing but the sound of his own heavy breathing. He wiped his bare, pale, hairless arm across his forehead to prevent the sweat from his short sprint from dripping into his dark eyes, but still he heard nothing save his own functions, though he strained for any other sound.

After several more seconds, he sighed and assumed himself safe, at least for the time being, so he looked around to take stock of where he was.

He reasoned that he had stumbled into a fun house, but the mirror room had already accomplished part of its purpose and had hopelessly disoriented him. Not daring to yell for help, least his pursuers find him, Justin decided the best way out was to find it himself.

Justin had no real idea what direction to go, and the mirrors seemed to form corridors that branched in all directions. Perseus would have had trouble finding his way through, and Justin really didn’t have much of a chance. He eventually gave up trying to figure out where he was and just started walking to the right. He thought perhaps he’d be able to remember his way if he paid attention to each mirror he passed.

The first one didn’t seem to show anything at all other than his own lack-luster self. Keeping a mental tally of “One, Normal,” he continued on to the next one. It didn’t seem remarkable, either, though he felt the glass and it was convex. “Two, Slight Convex” was tallied.

The next was similar, if more convex, but Justin couldn’t figure out why he didn’t look any taller than he remembered. The next three were all the same, and he felt like he was loosing track of where he was after only a half dozen panes of glass.

He strode forward on long legs to the seventh mirror and this was convex, as well, though along the other axis. Justin couldn’t understand what was going on. From his independent study in advanced placement physics the previous year, he knew that convex mirrors makes things look larger, like looking in the back of a spoon. But he didn’t look any different whatsoever, the mirror acting as though it were perfectly flat, reflecting back a boy of tall stature who had started weight training in the recent past.

Justin was getting a headache as he continued further past more mirrors that made no sense, further confusing the poor teen. But, he eventually found a set of curtains and with relief – thinking he had reached the end – he pushed them aside with a meaty hand and strode into the blackened hallway.

Justin had barely gone a few steps when an incredibly strong blast of air sent him flying upwards, end over end. More gusts from every direction tore at his clothes, but the only thing that Justin registered besides the flying and rolling was his pounding headache that was growing. The darkness grew stronger if that was even possible, before Justin likely lost consciousness.

Justin felt like he was floating and rolling around as his eyes blinked heavily open and shut, long periods of time between each movement. When they were open, he saw a movie playing in front of him of a muscular young jock strapped to a chair. The man’s legs and arms were spread and different devices and contraptions covered his body almost entirely.

To start with, a thick gel appeared to cover the man’s legs, groin, armpits, and the center of his chest. A large, thick, and heavy-looking ring encircled his scrotum, pulling it down, while two thin needles fed into each testicle. The jock’s penis was encased in a tube and the organ was obviously engorged and seemed to be slowly growing from Justin’s slow blink to the next slow blink, regardless of it already appearing to be hard. Tiny needles fed into practically every muscle, regardless of whether that skin area was covered in the shiny gel, while the young man’s hair showed dark roots that gradated to a dull but sunny yellow, the tips still encased in foil. Another metal device encircled the teen’s head but did not touch it, evidenced by a shadow Justin saw being cast by it onto the movie teen’s skin.

After what seemed like just another blink, Justin finally landed with a thud and shakily rose to his feet in the darkened hallway. The hall grew lighter as Justin walked forward, but the hall of the fun house appeared to spin in front of him. Justin couldn’t quite tell what was going on: He didn’t feel like it was moving, he thought he was just moving forward, but he also felt the need to walk to the right a bit with each step because the spiral was moving, but every time he moved to the right, he hit a wall.

In a half-walking, half-bumping manner, Justin kept walking forward, mindlessly following the hallway, his hard dick straining forward, unencumbered, leading the way.

A musty scent started to fill the spiraling tube as though the air were stale and hadn’t been vented in ages. Justin continued until he almost fell through a doorway into a gym. Automatically, Justin reached over to a bin he didn’t know he shouldn’t know was there, brought out a jockstrap, put it on, and proceeded through a full-body workout as though he had been doing it for years.

Justin knew he had been blessed with good genes, but he never could get enough of watching himself workout. He loved seeing his large muscles strain against the weights, stretching the skin on his hairy limbs, but the hair not too dense so his core muscles were cleanly visible without any hindrance.

After two hours, sweat drenched his body and he proceeded out the exit and into the shower area. He stripped off the two shear undergarment and basked in the spray of water, admiring his body and feeling the proud soreness of a good workout. His low-hanging, large balls tightened only slightly when he got out and dried himself out, only now painfully aware of his large, 8" erection standing proudly from a well-groomed patch of hair.

For perhaps the first time in over two hours, Justin seemed at least partially aware of what he was doing and he looked around in a slight panic. He looked down at himself, wondering at what he was looking, but he quickly felt a hunger brew within him. His gaze darted around the shower room and finally latched on to the only other soul: A thin waif-like boy.

The other boy appeared unaware of anything, as he was just sitting on the far bench, staring at the wall, but Justin crept up to him like a tiger on the prowl. Then he pounced.

He grabbed the waif around the torso and quickly pulled his arms behind him. The boy struggled and screamed, but Justin ignored this. He pulled down the thin shorts that adorned him and half-grunted and -whispered, “Shut up and just take it. Trust me, you’ll like it.”

With that and without any further warning, Justin stabbed his throbbing dick into the waif’s ass. It slid smoothly in as though the hole had been molded just for him and already lubed. Justin didn’t question this, he just thrust over and over as fast as he could. The waif had stopped struggling almost as soon as the first thrust was over and had begun to thrust his hips back for maximum penetration.

Justin didn’t need any encouragement and thrust hard and fast, his pendulous sack slapping against the thin legs attached to his current hole-in-use. The boy squealed in appreciation while Justin grunted above him.

All too soon, Justin felt his jewels tighten and the ass around his cock felt tighter as he climaxed, letting out a roar of conquest. The boy he was fucking came at the same time.

Justin felt both exhausted and invigorated at the same time, and he stood up with his tool still buried in the boy, thinking he’d have a second go. But, just as he was about to start to thrust again, the boy around him disappeared, as did the locker room. He looked around, confused, his slow mind trying to come to grasp what happened, but he was encased in blackness.

Just as suddenly, lights ringed around him and in successive on-off intervals, acted as though they were guiding him towards a new destination. A low humming noise accompanied him as Justin’s mono-tasking brain processed the lights’ directive.

He continued on and then fell through a hole in the blackened tunnel. His limbs spread, trying to grab onto something, Justin finally landed on a soft seat, impaling himself on a built-in dildo. He was about to protest as his eyes adapted to the newly bright ambient light, when he saw around him several other males, roughly his age, of all different types. The only thing that was similar between them was they were all sitting upright, perfectly still, with a helmet over their head.

Justin managed to shout a, “Hey! Wh—” when a helmet dropped over his own head and he lost consciousness.

To be continued?

This is my FIRST story, second chapter (first was poseted July 3, 2012). I have several ideas for more guys and different changes but I thought I’d follow from “twink slave” to the next stereotype of “dumb jock.” I tried to take into account feedback from last time, incorporating some sex scene, though to be honest, I’m unfortunately not good at writing sex. Anyway, constructive feedback and suggestions are appreciated to .

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