Roxas Takes Control: Part 1

By Ultimate1
published May 21, 2020
5441 words

What happens when Roxas gets control of the X-blade, the weapon that allows him to control anything and everything?

This story is about characters from the game series “Kingdom Hearts”. Any characters mentioned are assumed to be of legal age, as their ages are never explicitly mentioned. I’ll do my best to explain whatever a layman wouldn’t understand walking into the series. I’ll also add in a few linked-pictures to give my story better visuals. This story is told with some alterations to the events that happened in Kingdom Hearts 3. The main character will be Roxas. I’ll add in a few different pictures of him as the story goes on.

Without further ado, enjoy:

Roxas’s Prologue The Keyblade War was upon us. Us, the Warriors of Light, were fighting against the Seekers of Darkness. All of this violence was intended to create the X-blade, which is a keyblade so powerful that it could lead to the heart of all worlds. Basically, worlds are like other planets. Each world has its own physics, its own laws, its own people, animals, etc. Worlds are typically separated from each other, with people from one world unable to access the worlds of others. That is, except for those who wield keyblades, like ourselves. The heart of all worlds is an enormous heart in the sky called “Kingdom Hearts”. One who could control Kingdom Hearts (by using the X-blade) could effectively enslave the population in the world and control all aspects of the world’s design. The X-blade could only form when 7 pure lights fight 13 pure darknesses, which is what’s happening right now.

Darkness and Light are more complicated terms. They are basically cosmic forces that govern our universe. Darkness isn’t particularly evil, just as Light isn’t particularly good. A person could become corrupted if they wield too much of either force, leading to their own destruction. The one who wields the X-blade effectively controls both cosmic forces.

So far, there have been 12 struggles between pure lights and pure darknesses, but our numbers were dwindling. The mastermind who orchestrated this entire war, Xehanort, had commanded his forces to ruthlessly strike many of our comrades down. At this point, I wasn’t sure who was still alive. We were fighting on a world that was effectively a maze, separating us from each other. There were 12 black keys, floating in the sky atop a high peak, signaling that 12 clashes have happened. Xehanort was atop that peak, watching various battles taking place. His smile was villainous. Xehanort didn’t care whether his own comrades died or not; he just wanted to form the X-blade and take control of it so that he can enact his own vision of the universe on the rest of us. I wasn’t about to let that happen.


I sat there on the ground panting. I had just struck down one of the Seekers of Darkness, Marluxia. The battle had worn me out. Marluxia had complete dominion over plant life, creating vast arrays of thorny and toxic plants to aid him. I managed to catch him off guard when his vision was blocked by his own vines. I struck him down with my two keys, Oathkeeper and Oblivion. When he died, he merely faded away back into nothingness, as he was a Nobody (a creature that is made of “Nothing”). All that remained for a brief moment was his scythe, piercing a few rocks on the ground. After a few moments, the scythe too had faded away.

I knew I couldn’t stop here, but I just needed a moment to catch my breath. I wonder how many of my allies were still alive. My best friends, Xion and Axel, had been struck down mercilessly by Marluxia before I was able to defeat him. The pain I felt was immeasurable, but I knew I couldn’t take the time to despair while my other allies might still be in danger.

I slowly began getting up off the ground, bringing one of my legs to a kneel. It took me a minute, but I managed to lift myself up fully. I looked up on the pillar that Xehanort stood on. I knew that there was only one way to end this, and it was to get to him. Apparently Xehanort had the same idea. Within a second of me looking up at him on the pillar once I stood up, he had teleported down from there to being a few feet in front of me.

“You’ve done admirably, boy,” Xehanort spoke with a bit of disdain in his voice.

“You- you’re the reason many of my friends were struck down!” I yelled at him.

To this, he merely gave a sly smile. “Yes, yes, but it was for the good of the world,” he replied. “Once you see what I have in store for this world, and all of the others, you’ll know that all of this was necessary. Now, I see you were weakened by all of the fighting. No matter; you still have enough energy to forge the last black key with me, right here, right now.”

“I’m not weak!” I yelled.

I was typically head-strong. I hated being talked down-to, especially considering that I had spent most of my life following the orders of one of Xehanort’s Seekers of Darkness. However, I didn’t want Xehanort to win. I knew what would happen if I fought him right now, if I took the chance to release my rage and attack him.

“Yes, boy,” Xehanort began. “You took down a few of my members. You are anything but weak. Now, enough talk. Let’s begin.”

With that, Xehanort dashed at an unbelievable speed with keyblade aimed at me. I reacted just in time and blocked his attack using both of my keys, placed in front of me like an “X”. His push was getting stronger against my keys. I couldn’t let him kill me. I mustered all of my remaining strength and gave a shout as I pushed against his key with all my might. I managed to push him back a few feet, but he landed perfectly on his feet. I stood there gritting my teeth. I’m not sure I had the strength to fight him.

“Ah, you have done it,” Xehanort said. “The final key has just been forged.”

I looked up at the pillar where the other 12 keys had stood. A 13th one had appeared, joining the rest in a circular spin around each other. Then, all of them vanished. I turned to look at Xehanort, completely shocked.

“Now, it’s time to end this,” Xehanort said. “Bigger and better things await us, boy.”

Then, something completely unexpected happened. Both of my keys disappeared and were replaced with another key- the X-blade.

“What the-” I began.

“Impossible!” Xehanort cut me off. “How could the X-blade choose you?! You have no grand vision for this world!” Xehanort’s voice was getting louder. He took a second to compose himself. “No matter, I’ll simply kill you and take the key from your dead body.”

With that, he lunged again, but this time I reacted faster. It was as if this key revitalized me, replenishing all my energy and will to fight. I struck him in the chest, causing him to stop in the middle of his lunge. Xehanort took a few steps back, clenching the part of him that had been struck. He took his key up and began to use a powerful healing spell.

“No, Xehanort,” I began. “This is where it ends for you.” I wasn’t sure what the key would do, but I pointed it at him. I willed for it to destroy him, and the keyblade responded. A beam of pure light, intertwined with pure darkness (both looping around each other) shot out of the tip of the blade of the key and rushed straight through Xehanort’s heart.

Xehanort doubled-back. His key fell out of his hand and clanged on the floor. “How is this possible, boy?” Xehanort asked with long gasps in between each word. Before I could even respond, he fell on the floor and disappeared, confirming his death.

I stood there for a moment, looking at the spot where he had fallen. I then looked at my key. It was large… and powerful. I wondered what the limit of the power of the key was. What can I do with it?

I willed the key to allow me to float, and it did. I was suddenly a foot off the ground, the bottoms of my shoes facing the ground, as if my feet were still placed on the ground. I willed myself to float up higher, and it suddenly became easier to float. I barely had to think about it; it was as if I had the power to fly for my entire life.

I rose up high above the battlefield. I could see Ventus (Ventus in the front and Vanitas in the back) fighting Vanitas. Ventus was a boy that looked like me (for reasons I won’t get into), but we’d came to terms with our similar appearances. Vanitas came from Ventus; Vanitas being Ventus’s dark half of his heart, while Ventus was what the light half of his heart had been. Their battle was raging on.

Part of me wanted to go stop their battle and to help Ventus, but my desires and wants were gradually changing. Was it the key that was altering my personality and will? Perhaps. But the key was powerful and there was no way I wanted to let it go. I slowly came to realize that I like power… there was so much I could do with it. This key controls light and darkness, which are both of the cosmic forces that govern this universe. This keyblade gave me absolute power- and just as Xehanort had wanted, I could change any world to my liking using this key. I don’t know why the key chose to come to me instead of Xehanort, but it clearly believed that my vision for the universe was better. They say that power corrupts, and that absolute power corrupts absolutely. Now I had absolute power… was I corrupted absolutely?

I teleported to the top of a pillar that stood right next to the battle between Ventus and Vanitas. I watched the battle for a minute, contemplating what I should do. I was powerful, so I could do whatever I wished. (Note, the character in the link is not Roxas, but it helps to give a fairly-accurate representation of what he looks like at this point of the story).

I decided that I would go stop the battle, then decide what to do next. I teleported down right behind Ventus. He had just landed a good blow with his key to Vanitas’s chest. Vanitas was looking down and panting. Ventus was looking at Vanitas, but was also taking a moment to catch his breath. It was time for me to end this fight. I pointed my key at Vanitas. Instantly, dark and light chains came out of the ground beneath Vanitas and wrapped around him. The grip was tight so there was no way he’d be able to move.

“What the heck?” Ventus said, shocked by the sudden appearance of chains.

Ventus turned around. “Roxas?” he asked. “What’s going on?” Then he looked at my key. “What are you doing with that key?” When I didn’t responded, Ventus continued. “Roxas, I’m going to need you to give me the key. I know very well what dark desires that key could give you. Just hand it-”

“Shut up,” I interrupted. I pointed my key at Ventus’s mouth and instantly, a ball gag appeared over it.

Ventus stood in shock of what had happened and slowly took his hand up to feel the gag around his mouth. I looked at Vanitas. He was struggling against the chains, but could do little to move them.

I knew I was always gay, but never really acted on my desires. I was the dominant type: super masculine and assertive. None of that had changed. However, I could feel that the key was bringing out my darker desires. There was nothing I could do to fight them… and I kind of liked them. I looked back at Ventus. He looked so cute in his ball gag… but what if…

I pointed my key back at Ventus’s mouth. Instantly, the ball gag turned into a muzzle.

“You look cute Ventus,” I said. “You look like a wild dog that was tamed. That’s exactly what you are. Since I tamed you, that makes me your Master now.”

I could see the shock in Ventus’s eyes. He clearly had no idea what was going on. I pointed my key back up at him once again. Instantly, Ventus got down on all fours. All of his clothes, shoes, and socks faded. He was naked with nothing but a muzzle in his mouth. I willed for him to be able to only speak when I commanded. Then, I willed his muzzle to disappear.

“How do you feel, Ventus?” I asked him.

“What the heck is this, Roxas?” he responded. “The key is controlling you. You have to fight it. You have to-”

“Silence,” I commanded. He instantly fell silent in the middle of his sentence. “You’re my pet now. You do whatever I tell you and speak only when I command you to.”

I looked down at him. He looked perfect in the position he was in: on all fours, facing me. I could hear little whimpers coming out of him.

“Bark,” I commanded.

He barked.


He barked again, a bit louder.

“Bark, puppy, bark!”

He barked as loudly as he could. He put so much energy into the final bark that he collapsed on the floor in front of my feet.

“Good boy,” I praised. “You seem to be understanding your place a bit better now.”

I took my key and pointed at him. I transformed his body into that of an animal. Now he actually looked like a pet. I would let him stay in this form when I didn’t want any sexual favors of him. I would revert him back to his human form when I did.

“Now, as for you,” I said, turning my attention to Vanitas.

I think you’ll be a bit harder to tame. It was true. I could feel power radiating from him. He was strong. I would need time to convert him. I pointed my key at him and he instantly teleported, with his chains, away. I then looked down at Ventus and pointed my key at him as well. He also teleported away.

I would join them soon. First, though, I would have to find the true object of my lust: Sora. Funny thing about Sora: I actually only exist because of him. I came out of him when his soul was split by a keyblade that he was struck with before. I knew everything about him. He was bisexual, but only ever acted on his straight feelings. He was definitely more effeminate than I was, which would make this a lot easier.

I flew up into the sky and looked around the area. There he was: Sora, panting on the ground, keyblade beside him. I teleported down right in front of him.

“Hey Sora, what happened?” I asked.

“Roxas? Is that you?” He asked, still looking at the ground while panting, but responding to my voice. “I just took down another Seeker of Darkness. How’s everyone else doing?”

“They’re fine,” I answered. “There’s just some business I’m here to attend to.”

With that, Sora looked up, coming face to face with the tip of the blade of my key.

“What the-?” Sora began.

“I’m claiming you Sora,” I cut off. “I’ve always found you attractive. You’ll make a perfect sub for me. You’ll be an outlet of relief for me when I’m stressed. You’ll support me in all of my endeavors, being obedient throughout it all.” With that, I teleported him to where I had moved Ventus and Vanitas to. I then teleported myself there.

Within a split second, I was inside a throne room. This is the castle that I had formed when I willed it. Vanitas was gone, but Ventus was in human-form, bowing down right in front of the throne. Nobody was seated on it. I turned around a Sora was there, collapsed on the floor and panting. Teleporting must have drained the rest of his remaining energy. I turned back to the throne and floated toward it. I sat down on it, taking my rightful place as King.

It didn’t feel like anything special. This is just how things were meant to be. I had my keyblade in hand, waiting for me to will it to do anything else. In truth, I just wanted to relax right now. I didn’t want to think about any of the battles that were still going on between the Lights and Darknesses. All of that was beneath me right now. I turned my head and looked down at Ventus, my obedient slave.

“Pet, take off my shoes and socks, my feet are aching,” I said.

Ventus scrambled up from the ground and quickly lifted up my feet in his hands, taking off my shoes and socks with ease.

“Rub them,” I commanded.

He began massaging my feet, giving special effort to the toes and soles. I relaxed back and shut my eyes. I willed the key to wake me up when Sora got up so that I could deal with him. Then I drifted off into sleep, having Ventus worshipping me the whole time.


I got up off of the ground onto my knees. I brought my hand to my head. I had a headache after all that had just happened… was I hallucinating? Was I dreaming? I opened my eyes, becoming more aware of my surroundings. I was in a castle that I didn’t recognize. But was that… moaning?

I turned around toward the sounds of the quiet moans. There was Roxas, resting on a throne with feet placed in the hands of Ventus. Ventus was completely naked and was just rubbing Roxas’s feet. Roxas was clearly enjoying it as he was moaning the whole time. I looked at the key in Roxas’s hand- the X-blade. How had he gotten it? Had it corrupted his thoughts? Clouded his humanity and friendships?

Slowly, Roxas’s eyes began to open. My heart started to race. What was about to happen? Once Roxas’s eyes fully opened, he gave a great big yawn. Admittedly, Roxas looked beautiful while yawning. Roxas generally looked amazing, he had baby-blue eyes, just like mine, but his were more… commanding, I guess. His hair was a beautiful blond that was perfectly spiky. His body was muscled to a point of perfection, not too big, while not too small. I’ve always loved his commanding nature. He had an aura that made you want to listen to him. He was just the epitome of masculinity, and I loved it. However, I never actively lusted after him. I didn’t know if he was gay or not and honestly, I didn’t think it would matter. He was only created because of my own slip-up. It would be weird if we fell in love with each other. It would be especially weird if he was the one dominating me, as he came out of me, not the other way around.

Roxas snapped his finger and Ventus instantly brought Roxas’s feet to the ground, resting them. Ventus then moved away from the throne, bowing his head down while moving. Roxas got up and started to float to walk toward me.

Uh oh. What would happen now? I felt too weak to move, but I knew I had to get the key away from him. Who knows what dangerous things he would do with it?

Roxas stopped when he was a few inches in front of me. He still had his long black coat on, but was barefoot. He brought his key and pointed it up at me. Then he brought it back down at his side. Now was my chance. I willed my body to jump up and pull the key away from him- but my body wouldn’t budge. Had he prevented me from moving?

“Disrobe me,” he said, looking down at me.

My body got up and I began to take off his coat. I revealed his beautiful, built chest and strong core. He had boxers on that sat right about his strong calves. I then fell at down at his feet when the command was complete.

“My underwear too, Sora,” he added.

My body picked itself back up and grabbed the sides of his underwear. I pulled until they ripped off in my hands. I nearly gasped when I saw his dick, but I couldn’t. My body wouldn’t let me do anything that he didn’t command. His dick was complete perfection. It was around 8 inches and was very hard. His balls were large as well, carrying his beautiful seed within. I felt my mouth getting dry, and I could tell that he could sense it.

“A bit excited aren’t you, Sora?” he asked with a laugh.

He raised his key and pointed it at me. My clothes instantly disappeared off, and I joined him in nudity, just like Ventus.

“You aren’t ever going to be able to fight me, Sora,” Ventus explained. “I think I’ll give you a bit of your own will back, though. Let’s see what you truly want.” He pointed his key up at me and instantly, I could feel that I regained some control over my body.

I moved my hands in front of my face, reveling in the feeling of control. See what I truly want? What was it that I wanted? I wasn’t sure… Maybe Roxas knew? I moved my hands back away from my face, instantly coming face-to-face with Roxas’s dick and balls. That’s right! I wanted Roxas’s dick. I wanted to feel his masculine dick vibrating in my mouth. I wanted to feel all of his throbs as he moans in pleasure while I suck his dick. I wanted to taste his cum, the cum of the King of this castle- The King that I serve. I’m nothing to him; he’s my everything.

I crawled a few inches forward and point at his dick. “I want this,” I whispered. I looked back up at Roxas to see how he would respond. He gave a smile that displayed all of his masculine features in the perfect light. I couldn’t help but feel aroused. I felt my dick throb on the ground right in front of him. My dick paled in comparison to his, measuring at only 5 inches hard (and it definitely was right now).

“Then I’m going to need you to show your devotion to me,” Roxas began to explain. To this, I nodded profusely, eagerly awaiting my chance to show my devotion. “Kiss my feet, boy. You need to prove that you are far below even my feet that you would worship them as if they were gods to you.”

I didn’t need him to say anything else. I brought my head down to his feet as quickly as I could. I began to kiss his right foot. I gave it about 10 quick kisses before realizing I had forgot about his left. What was wrong with me? I brought my lips to his left foot and gave it 10 kisses. Then I began alternating between each foot, giving each one a single kiss before switching back to the other. Roxas’s feet were quite a sight to behold. There was a sense of a power that emanated from them, I can’t really describe it. It was as if even his feet were more powerful than I could ever be.

“Enough, boy,” Roxas commanded.

I instantly moved away from his feet and brought my head down on the floor before him, prostrating.

“I think it’s time for you to pleasure my dick,” he said. “Come up here before it.”

I brought my head up to where I was only two inches away from it.

“Now this is interesting,” Roxas began. “Don’t you find it odd that you created me, and yet you’re right here, on your knees, awaiting your next order from me?” I thought it over for a moment. No, none of this seemed odd at all. Roxas was a perfect being; he deserved worship by everybody. What made me any different? “When I was first created, my balls contained your seed,” Roxas explained. “Overtime, my own seed began to churn in my balls. Now, I can produce my own offspring, ones that are genetically superior to any that you could produce. This makes my balls superior to yours and my dick, the chute from which my seed will exhume, superior to yours. To prove that you agree, I want you to kiss the tip of my dick and each individual ball.”

I had no problem at all with this. Everything he said was correct. I brought my lips to to his balls first, giving each ball a deep kiss. I then brought my lips to the tip of his dick. I gave it an even deeper kiss. I then did something that just felt right: I began to thank his dick and balls for being the mechanisms that share Roxas’s seed with the world. Roxas must have liked that because he began to pet me, gently stroking my hair. He then leaned over and gave my forehead a kiss.

“I’m not sure what I’m going to do with you yet,” Roxas began. “Right now, though, I want you to worship my dick. Pleasure me, boy.”

I didn’t need to hear him say anything else. I laughed myself at his dick and began to suck. Within a few seconds, I could feel his dick pulsating on the roof of mouth. He began to give loud moans. It didn’t last for 25 seconds before Roxas ordered me to stop.

“I don’t want to cum yet,” he explained. “I want to use you, boy.” He turned to Ventus. “Come over here, puppy,” he commanded of him.

Ventus walked over on all fours. Roxas told Ventus that he needed Ventus to fuck my ass as Roxas himself made me continue to suck his dick. I didn’t particularly want Ventus inside of me, but I didn’t want to displease Ventus either. Slowly, both of them inserted themselves into me and began to fuck me. Ventus’s dick wasn’t particularly huge but his entry caused me to wince in pain. I didn’t get to yell because Roxas’s dick was in my mouth. Both of them continued to fuck me until they both came at once. I swallowed all of Roxas’s cum. It had to have been the most beautiful thing I’d ever tasted. The cum must have been churned in Heaven, or somewhere or equal equivalency.

Roxas took his dick out of my mouth, cum still leaking out of it. Both boys were moaning and yelling in pleasure. Ventus removed his dick from my ass and fell on the ground, moaning in ecstasy. I took this opportunity to get more of Roxas’s cum. I launched myself onto his dick and slurped the rest of his seed out. I counted myself lucky that he gave me the honor to drink his milk. This thought alone caused me to cum too. I cummed for at least 15 seconds straight, but I was only able to lightly moan as I still had Roxas’s dick in my mouth.

Once his cum stopped coming out, I got off of his dick. All three of us were panting heavily.

“Good boy, Sora,” Roxas said with a pant and a smile. “I have plans for you and my puppy. I also have plans for Vanitas.”

Vanitas was here too? Hopefully he was in full service of my Master.

“Yes Master,” I began. “We live to serve you.” I bowed down in front of him.

“Good boys,” Roxas said to the both of us. “Now, both of you dogs go drink each other’s cum. I have business to attend to.”

With that, Roxas floated out of the throne room and into the corridors of the castle. Ventus and I crawled to the spots that the other person had came and started lapping at the floor. There wasn’t much cum on the floor from Ventus; most of it had ended up in my ass…. which means- I took my right pointer finger and inserted it in my ass, grabbing as much cum as I could. I then brought it up to my lips and began to suck. I continued doing this until all of the cum was gone.

Once we were both finished, we sat in dog position right in front of each other. The look in Ventus’s eyes made it clear that he also understood what our goal in life was. Our only purpose was to serve Roxas and help him bring the rest of the people in all other Worlds to have the same purpose.

Thank you all for reading! I hope you enjoyed it. I think that this story might be a standalone-story because it’s so niche, unless a lot of people enjoy it. I’d appreciate any criticisms on my writing that anyone can give. Thanks, again, and stay safe!

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