XXX-Ray Specs

By TickledPink
published February 24, 2018
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Rory orders some cheap back-of-the-comic toys he found online, for nostalgia’s sake.

Rory was drunk. This was a pretty unusual circumstance. He didn’t really get out much, and didn’t have many close friends to go out with. This evening had been unusual. His housemates had been drinking when he’d got home from work, and apparently, had been delighted to drag Rory out for a night with them. Not having anything better to do with himself, Rory had obliged. Now, hours later and at some unknown hour of the morning Rory had made it home. He wasn’t sure where his housemates had gone off too, but he figured they’d be back in the morning. Or afternoon. Tomorrow sometime at least. Rory hadn’t found somewhere better to be that night. The bar they’d gone to hadn’t really been his scene. What with having women in it and all.

Still, he’d had fun. They’d gone dancing and drinking and it had been a good night. Still, he was a little disappointed that it had ended with him, again, alone at home. Rory crashed on his bed, taking his phone out of his pocket. He browsed online, mindlessly for a bit, before an ad caught his eye.

“Wonders to delight, astound and amaze! Astonish your friends!” It was a sidebar ad, for a shop. Mostly it caught his eye because it looked like a comic book. He remembered those ads from his childhood, the plastic crap at the back of the comic they hawked for a dollar. Nothing that worked, but it always looked fun. His parents would never let him buy any of it though. Encouraged by the liquor in his system he came to a decision. He was an adult now, and he made enough money for himself. If he wanted to buy some cheap crap that didn’t work that was his prerogative.

Satisfied with his choice he entered the address of the site in his phone, and the site quickly loaded. He snorted as he saw the products on offer. It was exactly what he remembered from his youth. They even had those miracle exercise programs that would give you “Muscles to hold up the world! No woman could resist!” He rolled his eyes at those. He swiped down the page, skimming past the life-sized monsters and inflatable women. Near the middle of the page he saw something and snorted. He added it to his cart on a whim and kept scrolling, giggling drunkenly. In the end he added a few things, and placed an order. He was asleep by the time the confirmation email reached his phone with a ‘ding!’.

It was about a week later when a parcel arrived for Rory. He’d completely forgotten about the purchase he made, so was a bit confused when Lee had said he’d got a delivery. Curious he took the parcel to his room. Dylan and Lee were on the couch in the living room, shouting at the TV. Football season. They were wearing their team scarves, beers and chips set out on the tea table in front of them.

Rory headed to his room and shut the door behind him, muffling the noise from behind him. He took the parcel to his desk and opened it. He smiled when he saw the contents, remembering his order as he picked the items out of the box. Each encased in gaudy, plastic the items shouted their purpose out in bright bold letters.

First was the “eXtra eXtraordinary X-ray Specs!” which guaranteed an “eXplicit and eXcellent eXhibition!”. Rory thought they were hammering the X’s a bit much. They were black, except the “lenses”, which had a white and red starburst pattern on them, with a small hole in the middle of each one. The arms of the glasses were each emblazoned with “XXX-Ray Specs!” in white. Gaudy and tacky, but that was the charm of such things. He perched them on his hair.

Next was the joy buzzer, the packaging showing a man shaking hands with another guy whose head was thrown back, mouth open in a gasp. Rory doubted it would be exactly that shocking but he appreciated the sentiment. He slipped it on his left hand.

His third item was a fake moustache, which would make him “unrecognisable and discreet, your secret missions will remain that way with our patented disguise!”. Rory was fairly sure having a large plastic moustache on as a disguise wasn’t really going to work so well, but he unwrapped it all the same.

The fourth and final item he purchased was a hypno coin. One of those little plastic discs, black and white spiral on one side. That one also got an eye roll. He flipped it over in one hand, the coin making a little thunk as he flicked it up with his thumbnail. He caught it in his left hand and spun dramatically to the mirror. Wiggling it around at his reflection he smirked.

“You are getting very sleepy!” He said dramatically, waving around his free hand for effect. “Verrrry sleepy! Just watch the coin! Just watch the coin…” he yawned.

“Watch… watch the coin.” He felt his eyes drooping a little. “You want to… you want to watch… the coin.”

“Want to… want to watch the coin. Want to watch… want to watch… the… the…”

“Want to watch… Want to watch.” His eyes shut.

“Want to watch.”

As he was just about to keel over a yell sounded up from the living room. He awoke from his daze with a start, dropping the coin in his shock. It rolled somewhere out of sight, unimportant and forgotten. Rory was still shaking himself awake, too surprised to notice.

He looked over at the door, slightly annoyed, but then looked back at his package of goodies. He picked up the moustache and put it over his top lip. Looking over at his reflection he noticed that a picture on his back wall was slightly off centre. He went and adjusted it. He looked in the mirror again, and saw that it was smudged. He raised his eyes to his face and saw that the ceiling had some marks on it in the reflection above his head.

He couldn’t see himself. Or it was… he couldn’t quite look at himself. Maybe? He was there. But every time he looked…

He took the moustache away. There he was, standing there, making eye contact with himself. Glasses still perched on his black hair. He brought the moustache back… closer… closer… and… the frame on this mirror had a hand print on it. He brought the moustache away with a start. He had to show his housemates.

He turned and opened his door. He approached the noise in the living room, the moustache on his face and stifling a giggle. He walked into the room. They didn’t look away from the TV, but that was fairly normal when the footy was on. He tested things, moving towards them slowly. He took a big step, bringing himself between them and the TV. They leaned to the side, looking around him. He walked towards Lee, and waved a hand in front of his face. Lee frowned and leaned to the other side, but didn’t give any other indication that he’d seen Rory.

Rory was almost completely unable to stifle his giggling at this point. He was about to remove the fake moustache when he had a thought. The moustache worked. Did that mean… he looked up, seeing the trace of his eyebrows. He backed away slightly and raised his left hand, bringing the X-Ray Specs down. His jaw dropped.

Dylan and Lee sat there on the couch, as before. Same positions. But they certainly weren’t wearing what they were before. Before they’d been sitting on the couch, in their team’s singlets and shorts, wearing their matching footy scarves. Lee had had a beanie on, covering his straight black hair. Their scarves still matched. They were now sitting on the couch, drinking their beers, in their underwear. Or not their underwear. Certainly he didn’t think that Dylan or Lee owned team jockstraps, (for Dylan, green with the team’s name in white on the waistband, white with green for Lee). For that matter he didn’t think the team made jockstraps like that. They were wearing cleats, with striped socks, colours matching their jocks, pulled halfway up their calves.

He lifted the specs back up. Dylan and Lee sat their in their normal clothes, shouting at the TV as they had been all evening. He lowered the glasses back down. Again they appeared dressed as an erotic parody of themselves. Dylan crunched loudly on a chip, a piece breaking off the chip and landing on his chest. Lee looked over and smiled. Lee leaned in and, to Rory’s astonishment, picked the piece of chip gingerly off Dylan’s chest. He brought it up to his own lips and slipped it in, licking his fingers as he did.

Rory quivered and lifted the glasses again. Lee was still leaned in, but dressed normally. He frowned and leaned back. Dylan looked at him with raised eyebrows. Rory put the specs back on, the hand holding the moustache shaking slightly. This was… what was this? Rory racked his brains trying to think.

This couldn’t be real. On the couch Lee shifted over closer to Dylan. Something very strange was happening. Dylan placed his hand on Lee’s thigh, slowly rubbing up and down. He was probably having a psychotic break or something. Lee and Dylan leaned in, noses nearly touching. Lee playfully grabbing at Dylan’s scarf. What should he do in this situation? Dylan’s hand reached Lee’s jock and playfully teased at the waistband. ‘Watch.’ The thought came unbidden to Rory’s head. Lee had raised a hand to Dylan’s chest, and playfully tweaked at a nipple through Dylan’s dark chest hair. ‘Watch.’ The thought was insistent. And seemed like Dylan’s own voice. ‘Want to watch.’

He agreed. He did want to watch. He lifted the glasses, just to be sure. Dylan’s eyes widened, as he looked down to find his hand in Lee’s shorts. Lee for his part, jerked his hand back, pulling at Dylan’s shirt, which his hands were currently under. Lee jumped back on the couch, grabbing at a pillow as he did so.

“What the fuck!” Dylan shouted, as Lee opened and closed his mouth in wordless shock. Lee held the pillow between them like a wall, still gaping. Dylan had leaned back, hand landing on another pillow which he instinctively brought between to rest on his lap, as though trying to protect it.

“Dude you had your hand-” Rory slipped the glasses back down. “-right where I wanted it, and you stopped!” Dylan’s tone had changed from outraged to seductive between words, not missing a beat.

Lee’s reply was equally sensuous “Well, your hand can go-” Rory removed the lenses “-straight up your arse, you fucking fuck!” He curled a hand into a fist and launched forwards, Rory put the lenses back on quickly. A far fluffier pillow than he thought they had crashed into Dylan’s face. Dylan laughed, and swung his own pillow back in retaliation. The two men laughed as they fought, bringing the pillows around to smack each other playfully, feathers flying about as they did. Dylan lifted himself up, knees on the couch and Lee brought himself to match. They continued to swing about, feathers exploding out with each impact. Lee laughed, throwing his pillow into Dylan’s face who caught it, in time to be tacked by Lee. Lee pushed Dylan down, landing on top of him, exposed arse sitting on Dylan’s sizeable bulge.

Dylan laughed more at that, wiggling his hips, and bouncing Lee up and down. Lee leaned over bringing their lips together. They kissed, letting their tongues wrestle for dominance. Just for fun, Rory lifted the glasses again. The look on their faces as they found their tongues fighting for dominance was worth it. The glasses went back on immediately, and Rory’s hand travelled down, rubbing at the bulge in the front of his pants.

Lee slid off from Dylan, getting on his knees next to the couch. He bent over, exposing his arse completely to Rory, who could see his hole peeking, pink between his cheeks. He kissed down Dylan’s chest, reaching his jock. He kissed at the bulge, mouthing at it beneath the fabric. Dylan leaned his head back, smiling. Lee pulled Dylan’s jock down, freeing his cock, which sprang up immediately, smacking Lee in the lips. Lee smiled and looked over at Dylan, before wrapping his lips around the head of his cock. Rory could see Lee licking at it, covering the cock in saliva. He started bobbing his head back and forth, to Dylan’s obvious enjoyment.

Dylan reached his hand down, catching at the mix of saliva and precum leaking from the side of Lee’s mouth. He wet his finger and reached around, seeking Lee’s hole. Lee moaned slightly as Dylan slipped his finger in slowly. Dylan slowly moved his finger in circles, pausing every now and then to rewet the finger with Lee’s saliva. After a while he added a second finger, and a third, all the while continuing his slow, circling motions. Lee moaned with each addition, muffled by Dylan’s member, rigid in his mouth.

Rory’s right hand had been slowly jerking his cock, as he took in the scenario, but seeing Lee had made him slightly jealous. Wetting two fingers on his left hand he reached around behind himself and gently began to probe at his hole. He worked them in slowly, mirroring the circling motion Dylan was making. He had, of course, forgotten the joy buzzer on his hand. As he pushed his finger in the joy buzzer made the briefest contact with a cheek.


Rory jerked forwards, gasping. His eyes rolled up as he caught his balance. As soon as the buzzer had made contact, he’d felt a jolt, a buzz that travelled up the fingers he’d had in his hole, and had landed straight on his prostate. It felt amazing. He pushed his fingers in again, hungry to feel it again.

-Bzzzzzt!- -Bzzt!- -Bzzzzzzzzz…

Rory continued to buzz himself as he watched his housemates on the couch. Dylan and Lee were 69ing on the couch, cocks buried in each other’s throats. Dylan worked on Lee’s arse even as he sucked, alternating between two and three fingers, pushing in and out. Finally he pushed Lee up, and Lee obligingly turned around. Dylan reached a grabbed a condom from somewere, and as he put it on Lee smiled down at Dylan, cock poking obscenely out of his jock. He leaned down to kiss Dylan, and lowered himself as he did. Slowly, slowly he pushed down onto Dylan’s cock, which his hole, prepared by it’s vigorous attention, accepted easily. Soon Dylan was moving his hips, up and down, while Lee pushed himself in a matching rhythm. They made out as Lee fucked himself on Dylan’s rigid cock.

Rory was in a state of bliss. The buzzing of his fingers was driving him wild, as he watched his housemates’ debauchery. Lee’s cheeks were flushed, and he moaned loudly into Dylan’s mouth, impaling himself on the cock he’d sucked to rock hardness. Dylan was equally flushed, sweating from his exertion. And soon they’d seemed to take all they could bear. Dylan reached up, taking Lee’s cock in hand and jerked him off, still cock still a ramrod in Lee’s hole. Rory heard their breathing become faster and shallower, as they approached climax. Unable to resist, he peaked over the specs.

Dylan and Lee, dressed as they would be on any other footy night, didn’t stop this time. Too close and too engaged they didn’t even pause to question their situation. They kissed passionately, and gasped into each other, spasming simultaneously as they came, Lee’s cum spurted out, covering Dylan’s top. The two men continued to make out, slower and slower, before stopping, touching foreheads and breathing heavily.

Rory came, the buzzing and the scene too great to ignore, a wet stain forming on the front of his shorts. He put the glasses back up for one last look, before heading out the room. He needed a shower.

Standing under the water, Rory thought to himself about his evening. He decided against telling the guys what had happened. Normally, he’d be morally obligated to do it. What happened was obviously weird as fuck, and he knew he was the cause. It wasn’t right to do this. He thought to himself. But he caught his own eye in the small shaving mirror in the shower. But he wanted to watch.

When he’d gone back out into the living room, sans moustache, Dylan and Lee sat on the couch in silence. They watched the TV in silence, Rory noting that Dylan had changed his shirt. He felt a little bad about that. And then he remembered, these were just toys. So it was all, if you thought about it, just a prank. A prank he could watch. He smiled at that thought, grabbing a beer and settling on the couch between the guys. They said nothing as he sat down.

Rory’s life became that much more interesting from that day on. He kept the moustache, buzzer and specs on him, wherever he went. He loved it. He loved watching, and with these things, no matter where he went, there was always something good to watch.

He watched an employee review at his work, sitting unnoticed in a chair in the room. His boss, a tall white guy, black hair and a salt and pepper beard, fucking one of his coworkers, a skinny black guy with glasses. He buzzed himself, admiring his bosses nicely shaped arse as he ploughed his employee. His suit mostly discarded, leaving him in his tie and socks. He didn’t think his boss would wear sock suspenders normally, but it certainly added to the scenario. His coworker grunted with each thrust, still in his suit jacket, but with only a red jock on otherwise. That coworker received a promotion soon after and transferred out of the department.

His trips on the train home from work had improved too. Not many people caught the train at the hour he did, so he often had few enough people for a private show there too. This evening two skater guys, early 20s who obviously hadn’t grown out of the scene, made out, undressed except for some very tiny shorts and a surprisingly safety conscious amount of knee and elbow pads. He watched until they reached his stop. When he got off for his stop he heard surprised shouting from behind him, but he smiled as he shook it off.

One memorable evening walking the last stretch of the way home, he paused to take in a scene on the side of the road. The cops had pulled over a guy for speeding, one of them at the window. In the end the cops let the guy off with a warning and a spitroast, both the cops making out in their tight parodies of police uniforms as they impaled the speeder on their cocks. Rory’s fingers buzzed as he watched.

Rory, slightly guiltily, had taken to sprinkling dirt on Dylan’s car. It was a waste of water, but it was so much fun to watch his housemates cleaning the car. Lee’s speedo-clad cheeks buffed the window nicely as he and Dylan made out, pressed against the car and covered in water and soap bubbles. Why the two of them hadn’t moved out yet Rory couldn’t understand, but he was glad they were staying. They were so much fun to watch.

And he wanted to watch.

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