By Hypnothrill - hypnothrill@yahoo.com
published May 17, 2020
3166 words

Adam’s work meetings suddenly get a lot more interesting…

I should probably hold on to this story in case we have a pandemic-themed writing contest, but I think it’s the hottest thing I’ve written in a while, so I wanted to share it immediately. I hope you guys will agree. I’m not planning on writing any sequels, but if anyone wants to set stories in this same fictional universe, be my guest!


So it’s taken me a while to get used to all these Zoom meetings we’ve been having now that we’re all working from home. I mean, I like the guys I work with, but it’s not like I invite them over to my apartment. It just seems a little creepy, having them looking in on my private space. Before we had our first Zoom meeting, I went around my bachelor pad, tidying up. I even went around and picked up all my dirty socks and underwear, even though I was pretty sure no one would see them on the floor.

Still, looking back, I think my first couple of Zoom meetings were a fucking disaster. I mean, I hadn’t figured out the lighting or how to angle the webcam or how close to sit, and so I just looked weird, like some kind of creepy pervert. I figured it out eventually, so at least I looked better on camera now. But all those Zoom meetings were stressing me out. I don’t why they’re so much more stressful than regular meetings, but they are.

This afternoon’s meeting is an especially big one. The marketing team—me, Ben, and Joel (the head of our division)—are meeting with Peter, the company president, to discuss how we might change our current campaign to be more sensitive to what people are going through in the middle of this pandemic. And Ethan, our college intern, is supposed to be joining us. Actually, we had Ethan set up the Zoom for us. We figured that a younger guy like him would be able to figure it out easier.

I’m getting dressed up for this one—gotta look your best when meeting with the boss, you know?—so I put on a dress shirt and tie. Still wearing sweatpants underneath, but no one’s gonna see that.

Ethan lets us in to the Zoom call, and as Ben and Joel join, we chat for a while about Ethan’s wacky background images. Yesterday, it was a photo of the moon landing, and today it’s a picture of Hogwarts from Harry Potter. Anything to avoid showing us the grotty walls of his college boy apartment, I guess.

So finally Peter joined us, dressed in a polo shirt with the company’s logo on it, and of course he starts busting my balls about the shirt and tie I’m wearing.

“Hey, someone’s dressed to impress,” he smirks, “Do you want to lead this meeting, Adam?”

“No, sir,” I force a smile, “Just want to look my best. Stay professional and all that.”

Eventually, the boss stops busting my chops and we get down to business. About 10 minutes in, I notice that another person’s face has popped up on one of the boxes on the screen, a guy I’ve never seen before. He looks like he’s about my age—late 20s/early 30s—but he’s got uncombed hair and a wild look in his eyes.

“Who’s that guy?” Joel says. “Did you let him in, Ethan?”

“No, I…” Ethan responds, a panicked look on his face.

And then the strange guy starts talking. “One, two, I’ve got a surprise for you!” he says in a sing-songy voice as his face fills the main window of the Zoom. Then he angles his camera down lower, and we can all see that he’s naked from the waist down.

“What the FUCK?!” Ben shouts out.

“Ethan, do something!” Joel cries, “Kick him out of here!”

But the man just keeps on unperturbed, a dopey, drunken smile on his face. “Three, four, be a slutty man-whore!” he says as he reaches down to play with his uncut dick, which quickly reaches full erection, as his foreskin retracts and shows off his flared red mushroom head.

“DO SOMETHING!” Joel keeps shouting, as Ethan desperately tries to fiddle with the settings on his computer to kick the guy off of there. I’m too stunned to say or do anything. I just keep staring in shock as the guy keeps chanting in a sing-songy voice:

“Five, six, stroking our dicks!”

“Leave us alone, you fucking freak!” Ben shouts back at him, but the guy’s dopey smile just widens. He spits into his palm, then rubs the saliva over his hard cock, making it slick and shiny.

A bit of drool drips down his chin as he continues chanting, “Seven, eight, a greasy pole feels great!”

“One of you, get a screenshot of this,” Peter orders, and I quickly rush to comply. “We’re going to send this to the police, and they’re going to track you down and arrest you. You hear that, you pervert?”

But the weirdo’s smile just grows bigger as he keeps chanting, “Nine, ten, shoot your load and do it again!” I can see his hard dick start twitching, as his eyes begin to shut in orgasmic bliss. But thankfully just before we can see him cum, the Zoom window suddenly closes, and a message pops onscreen, “This Zoom session has been ended by Host.”

I take a moment to catch my breath, and I can feel my heart racing a mile a minute. What the fuck just happened? I felt…violated. Like some sick perv had broken into my house and started jerking off in front of me.

I don’t have too long to think about it though. In a minute, I hear the ping of my work e-mail, and I see that Ethan has sent us a link to a new Zoom session.

I click and rejoin the others. Ben and Joel both look pissed, and Peter looks as shell-shocked as I feel. Ethan, well, he just looks redfaced and embarrassed.

“I am SO sorry about that, you guys,” he says.

“Was that a friend of yours, Ethan?” Ben asks, like he’s accusing the kid of something.

“NO!” Ethan shouts back, practically in tears now. “I’ve never seen that guy before in my life. We just got Zoombombed, that’s all.”

“Zoombombed?” Peter asks.

“It’s when someone gets your password and crashes your Zoom meeting,” Ethan says, “Which is why you’ve got to make sure to keep your link and password safe.”

“What are you saying, Ethan?” Ben growls at him, “You saying that WE gave that freak our passwords?” Ben gets like this sometimes, like a dog with a bone when he feels insulted about something.

“I’m sure that’s not what Ethan is saying,” Peter interjects, stepping in to defuse the situation. “Now, Ethan, I want you to contact IT this afternoon and see what we can do to tighten up our security so this ‘Zoombombing’ thing doesn’t happen again, okay?” I don’t think I’ve ever heard Peter sound so comforting, so paternal. It must be because he has a son about Ethan’s age.

Somehow Joel manages to get the meeting back on track and shows Peter the new ideas we’ve been working on for the campaign. We’ve been talking for about 20 minutes, and I’m now presenting the ideas I came up with for the digital component of the campaign.

And that’s when I see him. In one of the windows at the top of the screen, there’s suddenly a strange man. Not the same one from earlier. This one is older, about Peter’s age, but with a thick salt-and-pepper beard. And he’s not wearing a shirt, so I can see his hairy muscular chest and his pierced nipples, which he keeps tweaking.

“Sorry, who are…” I start to say, and then the man interrupts.

“One, two, I’ve got a surprise for you!” he starts saying in a singsong voice as his face and hairy chest and hard nipples fill the main screen of our Zoom. And then he tilts his camera down and shows us the fat dick dangling out the fly of his blue jeans.

“Christ, not again!” Joel cries out.

“Get lost, you sick freak!” Ben shouts.

But the man’s dopey grin just gets wider as he reaches down to grab his hardening dick and chant, “Three, four, be a slutty man-whore!”

“That does it, meeting’s over!” Peter orders. “Stop the meeting, Ethan, just…”

“Five, six, stroking our dicks!” the man cries out, and we get an extreme close-up of his hard-on just before the Zoom screen closes and the “This Zoom session has been ended by Host” message pops up.

Unfortunately, we only got through half our meeting yesterday, so Peter scheduled another one for 2:30 today. I’ve got to admit, I don’t really feel like getting work done today. I laid in bed for a long time this morning, not wanting to get up, and for some reason feeling horny as hell. All I wanted to do was to play with my hard dick. Just stroke my greasy pole all day long.

Finally, though, I mustered up enough willpower to get out of bed and take a cold shower. Then I put on a nice shirt and some clean underwear—no pants though, why bother if they’d only see me from the chest up on the Zoom call—made myself a sandwich and headed over to my desk to get a bit of work done.

Ethan e-mailed us a new Zoom link—according to him, he’d checked with IT, and they showed him how to download an update that would fix the security issues. So we wouldn’t have any weird perverts crashing the Zoom party today.

At 2:30, I click on the link and say hello to my coworkers. I notice Ben looks a little out of sorts. Did he forget to shave today? Then I rub my hand over my own chin. Wait, did I forget to shave today?

Then Peter starts talking about what our marketing strategy should be moving forward, and I forget all about my appearance, I’m so busy taking notes on my laptop. I’m so wrapped up in my note-taking, I don’t notice anything is wrong until I hear Peter saying, “Who’s making all that noise?”

“I’m so sorry, sir!” A flustered Ethan says, “That’s my roommate. Cut it out, Logan! I’m on a call for work. Logan, I’m… What the f….?”

And now I can hear what Logan’s been saying in the background, he’s chanting, ““Five, six, stroking our dicks!”

He steps into camera range, and suddenly we can see a naked young man jerking his rock-hard, spit-slick cock. We can see that throbbing, veiny, shiny shaft as he chants, “Seven, eight, a greasy pole feels great!”

I can hear Joel and Peter shouting something in the background, but I can’t focus on what they’re saying. I’m too zoomed in on Logan’s greasy pole. It looks so great. Like it feels so great. It’s kind of… mesmerizing. I can feel my own dick getting hard in my briefs just looking at it.

And it seems like I’m not the only one who feels that way. Ethan’s stopped talking now, he’s just staring at Logan with his mouth hanging open as Logan waves around his greasy throbbing dick and chants “Nine, ten, shoot your load and do it again!”

Somewhere far in the distance, I can hear Peter shouting, “Ethan! Stop the call, Ethan!”

But Ethan doesn’t respond. He just gets a faraway look in his eyes, and I can hear him murmuring along as Logan starts chanting again, “One, two…”

Then Ethan steps back from the camera with a big dopey smile on his face, and we can see his whole body now, including the big boner stretching out his sweatpants as he chants along with Logan, “I’ve got a surprise for you!”

Peter is practically screaming now, “Ethan, what the hell are you doing!? What’s wrong with you!?”

But Ethan’s dumb grin just grows wider as he pulls his hard dick out of his sweatpants and chants along with his roommate, chants along to the words that are already running through my head: “Three, four, be a slutty man-whore!” In the little window at the top of the screen, I can see Ben silently mouthing along to those words: slutty man-whore.

“Close your windows, everybody!” Joel starts shouting, “Leave the chat! NOW!”

He’s right. I need to leave. Leave before I become like Ethan and Logan. I don’t want to become like Ethan and Logan. Do I? It would be so easy to just pull my hard dick out of my briefs right now and start chanting along, chanting…

“Five, six, stroking our dicks!”

No! No! Somehow I gather up the willpower to reach over and close the Zoom window on my screen.

It takes a couple of minutes for my heart to stop racing. For my hard-on to deflate. And once my head starts to clear, I realize how much danger I was in. How close I came to becoming a mindless cock-stroking zombie like Ethan and Logan.

My mind’s still spinning, not sure what to do, when I hear the ping of my e-mail. It’s a message from Ben, inviting us to another Zoom chat. I’d better take this. Maybe the others will know what to do, how to stop this… whatever it is that’s happening.

When I join the Zoom, Peter, Joel, and Ben are already there.

“What the hell WAS that?” Peter is saying, “It was like they were in a trance or something.”

“I don’t know,” Joel responds, “All I do know is that we can’t handle this on our own. We need to get the authorities involved.”

I notice that Ben isn’t saying anything. He’s just sitting there silently with a weird smile on his face. So I ask him, “Ben, what do you think?”

“I think…I think…” Ben says as a dopey grin forms on his face, “One, two, I’ve got a surprise for you!” Then he takes a couple of steps back from the camera, so we can see his whole body, including the very hard dick poking out of the fly of his khaki slacks.

“God, no!” someone shouts in the background, but I can’t really tell who it is, not with the blood rushing to my head and the blood rushing to my cock which is already getting so hard in my briefs as the next words start reverberating through my brain: slutty man-whore…slutty man-whore…slutty man-whore…

“Three, four, be a slutty man-whore!” I murmur the words along with Ben as I grope my hard-on through my briefs. And then I take a step back from the camera because I realize I need everyone to see it. Need everyone to see my hard dick. Need everyone to see what a slutty man-whore I’ve become.

I’ve got my hard-on out, and I’m stroking it in front of the camera by the time Ben and I start chanting along to the next words, “Five, six, stroking our dicks!”

I can hear two more voices join in as we chant “stroking our dicks!” and I look over to see Ethan and Logan have popped up on the screen. They’ve got their hands on each other’s dicks, and they’re jerking each other off. That looks so hot. I can’t wait to get my hands around Ethan and Logan’s greasy poles. Mmmm…greasy poles…

A trickle of drool drops down from my chin, and I use it to grease up my own pole. Fuck, it looks so hot there on camera, so hard and veiny and shiny. I hope Joel and Peter are getting a good look at it. I just know they won’t be able to resist my greasy pole.

Mmmm…it just makes me want to chant along, “Seven, eight, a greasy pole feels great!”

I can hear Peter’s voice joining in the chorus, joining in the fun. He steps back, unzips his fly, and shows us all the big hot daddy dick he’s kept hidden away in his jeans all this time. Fuck, my mouth’s watering just looking at that big hot daddy dick!

I can hear Joel whimpering something like, “Stop…stop…make it stop…” but I know he doesn’t really mean it. I can see he can’t stop staring at our greasy poles. I can see he really wants to become a slutty man-whore, just like us.

So it’s really no surprise when I hear Joel murmuring along as we chant the next line, “Nine, ten, shoot your load and do it again!”

“Dad, could you keep it down in there? I’m trying to do a Zoom class in the other room…Dad…? Wha…? Oh my god!”

Hey, look who’s come to join us! It’s Peter’s son PJ. He’s hot, even with that disgusted look on his face right now. But I’m sure that will change, just as soon as Peter says the magic words:

“One, two, I’ve got a surprise for you!” We all chant along as Peter wags his big hard daddy dick in his son’s shocked face.

Then Peter unplugs his headphones so that his son can hear us all chanting in unison. Who can resist six hot studs, all chanting “Three, four, be a slutty man-whore”?

Not PJ. He’s got his pajama pants pulled down around his knees by the time we get to “Seven, eight, a greasy pole feels great!”

And it looks like PJ takes after his father in the big dick department. They even make the same cute little groan-whimper when they cum. When we all cum. And then can’t wait to start stroking again. Stroking our greasy poles like the slutty man-whores we are.

I just can’t wait for the full-staff Zoom meeting Peter just called for 5:00. I’m sure the message Peter’s about to deliver will have all the staff—and all their staffs—at full attention.

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