Workie - Part 3

Series: Workie
By Andy Spen
published June 22, 2012
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Monday comes for Andy

We seemed to be heading to my place. As we turned into Rowland Street, I asked Matt if they were taking me home. ‘Nah,’ he said, ‘but we want to show you something.’ I leaned forward to see the house ’ not much, but it’s my place. But there was nothing there. Was I stupid or something?

‘Where’s my fucking house?’ I shouted. ‘Oh, we’ve sold it and it was demolished. The new owners wanted something different,’ Matt replied.

‘You fucking sold it! How could you sell it? Who gave you the right? I’ve only been gone two fucking nights!!!’

‘More like two weeks, mate, and you signed the papers over to us. It’s all legal. Whenever you went to bed, you were out a few days, except when we needed your signatures.’ He reached into the glovebox and showed me a bunch of papers from my solicitors, the bank, my employers.

‘We’ve closed everything down, mate, and you’re stuck with us now.’

I was struggling to get out of the van, but the seatbelt was stuck somehow. I tried to lash out, but Dave and Matt were holding my arms. ‘You bastards, you fucking bastards!’

Matt nodded at Bill, who reached over from the back and pulled my (my?) gasmask over my head. At first, there was no air coming in, and I thrashed and struggled for breath. Then Bill adjusted something, there was a hiss, and I could breathe again, breathe in the smell. The more I breathed, the more I calmed down.

My head was nodding, and Dave let go of my arm. He put the van into gear, and we drove off, arriving back at the farmhouse before long.

Matt pulled off the gasmask as we got in. ‘Sorry you lost your job and house mate. You can always stay here while you get your shit together.’ Dave handed me a beer ’ ‘Fuck, yeah, mate, stay as long as you want.’ Bill chimed in, ‘Always beer, food and smokes for ya! No charge.’

I had a big grin on my face. ‘Fuck, why not?’ Seems to be my new motto!

We spent the rest of the afternoon lazing around, smoking and drinking. I felt more and more at home with these three best mates, and kept thanking them for looking after me. ‘Think nothing of it mate,’ Matt said, as he put his arm round my shoulder. Our boots rubbed together as he handed my my piss pot.

‘Got an idea for ya, Andy ’ we were kinda thinking you might want to help out on the site tomorrow. Just some basic labouring, but we could do with the help.’ ‘Sure, mate, better than fucking sitting around here feeling sorry for myself,’ I said, taking a deep drag on my joint, and rubbing my cock. Shit, I felt so fucking horny at the thought!

‘That’s sorted then, mate,’ said Dave, ‘we’ll get you kitted out after tea, and then get an early night as we’re up at 5 in the morning.’

Tea was the usual ’ pizza and beer ’ and after we’d finished, Bill brought a great bundle of gear and the three of them helped me strip out of what I’d been wearing all weekend. First was a dirty white t-shirt and a piss-stained jock strap. ‘Now, sometimes we go to places where you can’t shit, so we use these,’ Bill told me, holding something made of thick rubber, ‘now just bend over the chair and I’ll get it in.’ I did what he told me and Matt held a small bottle under my nose. ‘Breathe this in and it’ll help.’ I did, and my head began to swim, then I felt the rubber at my arse. ‘Fuck, that hurts!’ but Matt kept the bottle under my nose and eventually my arse closed around what they told me was a plug. As I stood up, there were tears streaming down my face, and my arse hurt like fuck, but my dick was bulging in my jock. ‘You’ll get used to it, mate,’ Matt laughed, ‘and soon we’ll get you a bigger one.’

‘Glad I don’t have to wear one of these for office work!’ I said.

Next on was an orange boiler suit ’ dirty of course ’ with reflective stripes round the legs and sleeves. I was glad it was a bit bigger than the other one ’ I seemed to have piled the pounds on over the weekend. On went my sweaty socks and rubber gloves, and then a thick leather belt. Bill pulled it tight and added a small lock ’ ‘Don’t want it falling off mate, could be dangerous.’ I nodded.

‘Sit down,’ I was told, and then Bill and Dave put my feet into a pair of thick rubber waders. I could feel that they had steel toe-caps and they hugged my feet and legs. I was helped up again and the waders were attached to the belt. ’Need ‘em locked on again mate, just for safety.’

By now, I was getting really uncomfortable with that plug up my arse. The bottle was held to my nose again, but it didn’t do much this time. So Matt got my gas mask and put it on, pulling the straps tight. The smell was really strong this time and the pain soon went away. In fact, I started to like the feeling. ‘Fuck, that feels good now,’ I told them. ‘Told you you’d like it mate,’ grinned Matt, and took the mask off.

‘Looking the fucking business mate,’ said Dave, ‘we’ll get you your hard hat before we set off.’

‘Can’t fucking wait,’ I said, putting my jacket on and taking a beer off Matt.

Back on the sofa, Matt put a lit fag in my gob and I felt my cock straining in my jock, the ring rubbing on the coarse material. Guess I felt the fucking business too!

A few more beers and it was time for an early night. Matt locked my cuffs on as usual and I drained my glass before he attached the chains and strapped on the mask. I thought I’d be too excited to sleep, but was soon out like a light.

I woke up with Matt taking off my mask and cuffs, and handing me my glass, which was full of warm piss, just the way I like it, and my first fag of the day. I followed him into the kitchen and sat down to the biggest breakfast I’d ever seen, along with a big mug of milky sweet coffee. ‘Fucking perfect,’ I told Dave, who’d done the cooking.

Bill fetched a yellow hard hat and adjusted it to fit my head as I had another smoke.

Then it was time to go. We got in the van, me in the middle and Bill in the back, as usual.

Half an hour later, we arrived at the demolition site, just as it was beginning to get light.

We had a coffee and a smoke in the portakabin, and then it was time to start work.

Matt told me he wanted me to help him, so I spent the morning with him, shifting rubble in a wheelbarrow from where he was knocking down an old building to a large waste tip.

By dinner time, I was totally exhausted, covered in mud and dust, and the plug up my arse was beginning to hurt again. Dave had gone to get fish and chips and while we waited, Matt gave me my gasmask, which helped a lot. I love the fucking smell of that thing! Soon, Dave was back, and we ate ’ me not really caring about the muck on my gloves.

After a quick smoke, it was back to work for the afternoon, this time helping Bill. Unfortunately, he swung around, not noticing me behind him, and hit me in the face with a spade he was using. I felt something crack in my nose and went down like a ton of bricks. ‘Fuck, sorry Andy,’ he said, holding a dirty rag over my nose as it poured blood.

Bill called Matt and Dave over and Matt examined the damage. ‘Not as bad as it looks,’ he said, ‘it’s happened to all of us over the years.’ He fished in his pocket and handed me a painkiller. Dave got a can of beer from the cabin to wash it down with. ‘Not a lot you can do with a broken nose,’ he told me, ‘it’ll just set on its own.’ At least the bleeding had stopped, and the tablet seemed to help.

Matt helped me over to the cabin, and told me to sit down. It was nearly 4.30 anyway, and it would soon be time to knock off.

Soon it was 5, and they came back, and we got back in the van. My nose was a dull throb, and when we got home, I went to the mirror to take a look at it. It was red and swollen, and no longer straight. Coming behind me, Matt put his arm round my shoulder. ‘Sorry mate, not a good end to the day. But you did good. Think you’ll get on?’ ‘Fuck yeah,’ I told him, ‘I had a great day. Knackered though!’ Matt pushed me down on the sofa, and soon there was a big plate of pie and chips on my lap and a beer in my hand. ‘Right,’ Matt told me, ‘a shit, and then off to bed for you.’

Bill unlocked my boots and belt, pulled my overalls down around my ankles and then leant me over to pull out my plug. Matt held his bottle under my sore nose ‘to help ease it out’, and then I waddled to the toilet. Relief at last!

Back in the main room, the plug went back in, and I was locked up again, before being led to bed by Matt. Just before he got the mask on, I told him ‘Thanks for today, it was fucking awesome!’ ‘Yeah, it was, mate ’ we’ll make a workie out of you yet!’

The rest of the week couldn’t have gone better. My nose healed up, as I was told it would, although it definitely had a bend in it half way up. My mates told me it looked good, and I had to agree.

Knocking off time on Friday came round really quick, and on the way home from work, we went to McDonalds, where I sat down to two Big Macs and a double helping of fries. As I sat down and ate, it didn’t seem like a week since I’d first met them, but I guess that’s all it was.

When we got back to the house, it was time to get tidied up again. As I sat in the chair in the middle of the room, Dave trimmed my ’hawk and used the razor on the sides of my head and my face, after first softening a week’s worth of stubble with a hot piss soaked towel. Dave held my head as Matt added another ring to each ear, and then I was tied down again while bigger rings were put in my nose, tits and cock.

Once we’d all been tidied up, we sat down on the sofas. After a few beers, a joint or two, and me guzzling from my piss pot, Matt turned to me. ‘Andy ’ Dave, Bill and I have been talking and we want ya to join us full-time, here and on the job. We’ll teach ya all about the job, and everything’s set. What do ya think?’

‘Fuck, why not?’ I said, and they all laughed.

‘That’s fucking set, then,’ said Dave, ‘we’ll have a good celebration this weekend then!’

I couldn’t fucking wait!

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