A Father's Love

By MCBrain - sunboy123_@hotmail.com
published May 10, 2019
5427 words

James just wants his dad to pay more attention to him

This story was commissioned and paid for.

Also, I wrote this story ages ago. It was never published because it violated community guidelines I believe, but I think it’s okay now? Anyways, enjoy.

“Okay, good. We’ll talk soon.”

Darren sighed as the actress left his office. He crossed off her name from the list. Pity. She had the look. Just not the right…vibe. Or acting skill. He looked at the rest of the list, and saw that he didn’t have anyone until after lunch. Thank god, he was getting hungry.

He pressed a button on the landline on his desk. His secretary picked up.

“Lisa, get me a sandwich, will you?” he said.

“I’ll have it to you in 10,” she said, and hung up.

Darren got up from his desk, and stretched. His dress shirt and pants could not hide the physical specimen that he was. Standing at about six feet tall, with hulking arms and broad shoulders, many found Darren intimidating, even scary. Not that Darren minded that. He liked to keep his distance from people. It was partly the reason he never shaved, only trimmed his beard, to keep that edge of danger in his presence.

As such, no one thought he was a talent agent for NewStar Studios. Biker, maybe. Porn star, possibly, with that bubble butt and toned legs. But no, Darren was a divorced talent agent for one of LA’s biggest upcoming studios. He loved his job but…well, it was work.

Darren walked over to the window, and gazed out over the LA cityscape. Darren loved the view from this window. It calmed him, especially after a long, hard day. Not that the day was over yet. But Darren needed something after a long morning of auditions. Just…a little bit of time to himself.

The phone on his desk buzzed, snapping him out of his reverie. Darren sighed, walked over, and picked it up?

“Yes?” he said, annoyed.

“I have someone here to see you,” said Lisa. Darren frowned.

“Tell them I’m busy,” he said.

“Yes, but…he says he’s your son.”

Darren closed his eyes, and sighed again. He could feel the beginnings of a headache forming.

“Sir?” said Lisa.

“Let him in,” said Darren, finally, “Once my sandwich gets here. Let him in with my sandwich.”

He put down the phone, and gathered up the mess on his desk.

Darren did not have much of a relationship with his ex-wife, or with his children. She had gotten them all in the divorce, although Darren was secretly glad about that. It wasn’t that he didn’t love his children, it was just…he didn’t know if he could raise three kids on his own. Darren wasn’t the most warm or comforting of people. He wasn’t used to talking about his feelings, or opening up to other people, not even those he was intimate with. It was why his ex-wife left him.

But he still wanted to make a good impression.

James entered his dad’s office; it was a wide and open space. The desk was cleared mostly, and his dad sat on the other side.

James’s heart skipped a beat as he saw his dad, dick tingling. His dad was James’s ideal boyfriend material; big, strong muscles, warm brown eyes, and that beard…James mentally shook himself out of it. He needed to keep his wits about for this. He needed to be alert.

“Hey dad,” said James, “I’ve got your sandwich.”

Darren grunted, taking the sandwich from the boy.

Darren liked his youngest son, but he was a little disappointed that he wasn’t more like him. Yes, his son inherited the same brown eyes, but that was where the resemblance ended. James grew out his hair a little more, a little messy, whereas Darren liked to keep it short. James, while not stick, was more wiry than Darren’s bulk. He was built more like a dancer, and did not have Darren’s linebacker stockiness. They also just didn’t share many of the same interests. Darren was a man’s man, all about sports, work and beer. James was more sensitive, preferring arts and music. Not that he was a pussy or anything, he was just…well…


James had came out to Darren a few years ago, and at first, he was shocked. He hadn’t had a gay son before. But as time went on, and he looked back at his son, he was a little disappointed in himself for not seeing it sooner (singing classes. The boy asked for singing classes, for crying out loud).

Still, even though Darren did his best, he did admit there was something holding him back from developing a proper relationship with his youngest son. Yet, he had to admit that he didn’t really have the closest relationship with the eighteen year old.

“You couldn’t come last week,” said James, as Darren took his sandwich, “So I thought maybe we could do lunch.”

Darren felt a stab of guilt at James’s words. Last week they had planned to al go to the beach together, but Darren had cancelled at the last minute because of a client.

“Okay,” said Darren, “That’s alright.”

They both sat in silence for a while.

“So,” said James, “How was your day?”

“Busy,” his dad answered, “Lot of auditions.”


“What have you been up to?” said Darren.

“Not much,” replied James, “Read a few new books. One of them was about hypnosis.”

Darren snorted at that.


“Yeah,” James smiled, “Just for fun, y’know? It had a lot of stuff about the rhythm of words, the cadence of sounds, and how most hypnotist use sounds and words to relax their subjects and their minds…”

Darren tuned out. His son had a tendency to ramble a bit. His eyes wandered as James spoke. He had to admit that his son did have a nice voice. It wasn’t deep, like his, but it did hold a certain authority to it, that only a man could have. Darren was proud of that; that his son, despite looking like a cute boy, was still a man. Darren frowned. Cute? He hadn’t thought of any of his children like that before. Of course, when they were kids they had been cute. But…the sort of cute he was associating with his son here was in the same category of young women he saw on the streets, of ladies with big breasts, smooth bodies, nice, perky bubble butts…

“Dad?” said James. Darren pulled himself together, blinking.

“Hm?” he said, hoping that his son hadn’t noticed that he hadn’t been listening, “No, go on.”

James frowned, but kept speaking.

“I was just saying that I’m gonna start dating now,” he said shrugging, “Y’know…put myself out there.”

Darren looked at his son with a mixture of exasperation and…well…pride. On the one hand, he didn’t really want to know about his son’s…lifestyle. On the other, he was touched that his son had come to him for advice.

“Good for you, son,” said Darren, smiling, “I know you’ll find someone. Someone who appreciates you for who you are.”

“Thanks dad,” said James. He looked up at the clock behind his dad’s desk, and frowned.

“I better get going,” said James, standing up, “I’m meeting with a couple friends.”

Darren looked down at his watch, and was surprised to find it near the end of his lunch hour. He felt like he had barely sat down to speak with his son! Funnily enough, his sandwich was gone too, and he felt fuller. Huh. He really must’ve been out of it while James was speaking.

Darren stood up, and escorted his son out the doors.

“Same time tomorrow?” asked James.

“Sure,” said Darren, without thinking.

As James left, Darren watched, wondering why he had agreed to meet his son again. Not that he didn’t want to see him for often it was just…he was really busy. Darren shook his head, and went back inside.

James left the building, excited. It seemed to work. His dad had seemed out of it while he was speaking, and didn’t seem to remember much of what James said. His dick grew harder at the thought of what his dad would do to him if this played out right.

“He’s here,” said Lisa over the phone.

“Send him in,” said Darren, clearing his desk.

James walked in, two sandwiches in hand. They greeted, ate, and started talking.

As James talked about life with his mom, and his brothers and how his voice was getting better with his singing coach, his dad’s eyes started to flutter. James then started to talk more about his voice, and how it was improving, getting deeper and sleepy, and just so pleasant and relaxing to listen to.

His dad kept eating, eyes drooping. Soon, he was eating with his eyes closed. James kept talking, conversationally, keeping the flow going.

“Guys say that I’m really cute, they really like my butt, its shape and how it feels in their hands…”

Darren didn’t react as James lied about people touching his butt. He simply absorbed the words into his subconscious, and James wanted him to. James felt himself get harder at the thought of his words bouncing around in his dad’s empty brain.

“…but I don’t let people touch me that often, because I’m really kind of helpless. A lot of guys out there are bigger, and stronger than me, and who knows what they could do if they got their hands on me. But it’s okay, because you protect me. You want to protect me, after all, you love me, and you’re my dad. You want what’s best for me and stuff, so you…”

After a while, James jerked his father awake, who didn’t seem to notice much had changed. However, as James walked out the door, he could feel his dad’s eyes drifting towards his ass.

A week later, James was back in his dad’s office, eating lunch with him.

Every time James left, he asked to come back the next day. And every time, Darren said yes. He just couldn’t seem to bring himself to say no. He did once, and immediately regretted it. It had been after the third day in a row of James coming around.

“Same time tomorrow?” James had said.

Darren pretended to think about it.

“I have a lunch meeting with a couple of execs tomorrow,” he had said slowly, “Maybe it wouldn’t be the best.”


James quickly looked away, but Darren had seen that look of disappointment. It really did make him feel like shit.

“But…I guess I can squeeze you in, if you come a little early,” Darren added. At that, James smiled, and that made Darren happy.

It was weird, but these lunch meetings were really helping the two bond. Darren really learnt a lot about his son during these lunches, about his studies, petty dramas, dating life. Although that last one still made Darren feel a bit uncomfortable, he began looking at his son like an equal. Someone worthy of respect.

He was proud of his son, despite the fact that he did sometimes wish he could have his lunch alone.

Though, he did admit that the lunches weren’t too bad. Darren zoned out for most of it, but James didn’t seem to mind at all. It was just…really easy being around him. He had never felt so at ease with anyone else, not even with those he loved.

Which was why he felt uneasy with this conversation.

“Yeah, he seems really nice,” said James, and showed a picture of a man on his phone, “What do you think?”

James had also seemed to get more comfortable with him, and was now explicitly asking for dating advice. Darren looked at the picture.

“He seems nice, I suppose,” said Darren.

“You don’t sound certain,” said James.

Darren shrugged.

“Does he have a job?” asked Darren.

James checked the man’s profile.

“No,” he said reluctantly.

“Any ambition?”

“…he works at Wal-Mart?”

Darren shook his head.

“So you don’t approve?” said James.

“I’m your dad,” he said, “I want what’s best for you. But what I think you need and what you think you need are two different things.”

“Well, what do you think I need?” asked James.

Darren thought about that for a bit.

“Someone that is worthy of you,” he said slowly, “Someone…who completes you.”

“Completes me?” James raised an eyebrow.

“I mean…someone who doesn’t need you,” clarified Darren.

James gave his dad a confused look, and Darren laughed.

“Let’s put it this way – someone who deserves you, doesn’t actually need you,” said Darren, “I think it’s important in a relationship for both people to have their own lives, their own identities. So, therefore, I think that you need someone who already has everything, a job, a life, a goal, but wants you because you enhance those things that they already have, and make their future seem better too.”

As his dad spoke, James nodded slowly.

“I think I get it,” he said slowly, “You think I need someone who’s life I would improve, but doesn’t need me to have a good life.”

“Exactly,” said Darren, satisfied, “People like that won’t drag you down.”

James nodded.

“Someone with their life together already,” mused James, then he smiled.

“You just want me to date someone like you, don’t you?” James said, cracking a smile.

Darren laughed.

The following week, as James left, Darren let out a sigh of relief. This was draining.

He had come to really appreciate his time with his son together. So much so, that he was starting to revolve his schedule around these meetings. His secretary had noticed, and commented on it that morning.

“I’m really glad that you’re making time for your son,” she said, “He seems like he really needs it.”

Darren had smiled at that. He finally felt that he was doing things right with his family, opening up to his son and letting him in his life. He felt good whenever his son was around, whenever he spoke, whenever he smiled that cute smile with his eyes…the way he bit his lip when he was nervous…the way his butt moved while he walked…

Not that Darren wanted to have sex with his son, no! That was…no. He was straight, not gay! It was just that, well, his son did act a little effeminate. And Darren was an ass man. He appreciated ass on women, and asses on men were not that different. He could appreciate a man’s ass without sexualizing it.

That was what he told himself during his lunch with his son, but at some point, he zoned out again. He began thinking about sex, about his cock entering someone’s body, about filling someone up until they moaned, until they too came, shooting cum on their chest, their cute face…

“So, yeah,” said James, snapping Darren out of his daydream, “I really like him. He seems nice.”

James had been talking about a boy he met online a few days ago. Darren hadn’t approved then, and he didn’t approve now.

“I don’t know,” said Darren, mind still on sex, “Like I said, I think you-”

“Should have someone who is hard working, and ambitious,” said James, rolling his eyes, “Yeah, yeah, I know. But you also said that we want different things.”

Darren muttered his disapproval, but James didn’t hear.

“Besides, I kinda just want to…y’know,” said James, shrugging uncomfortably, “…lose my v-card.”

The look James gave his dad made Darren’s cock go hard, as his head whirled with thoughts.

“You want to date this guy to have sex with him?” said Darren, a little breathless.

James shrugged.

“I dunno, maybe.”

“I don’t think that’s a good idea,” said Darren.

“Why not?”

Darren could not think of anything for that. James sighed.

“I know you’re just looking out for me, dad,” he said, “But I need to find my own way.” With that, he left, and Darren let out a sigh. He felt strange, and horny. He kept replaying the way his son looked at him when he said he wanted to have sex. That was the same look women at the bar gave him, the same look James’s mother had given him on their honeymoon. Darren shook his head. He shouldn’t be having these thoughts…but…

His cock was so hard. Maybe if he just rubbed one out…

Darren came to the thought of his son’s face, giving him those “fuck me,” eyes.

James walked into his dad’s office, excited.

“I have a date tonight!” he said, smiling widely. Darren was not pleased.

The past week, he had been trying, subtly, to get his son not to go out with this guy he met on the internet. But there really was only so much he could do. And to be honest, he wanted to be frank with his son, instead of just hinting that he didn’t like the guy.

The problem, was that Darren didn’t want to admit his real feelings as to why he didn’t want his son to date.

“That’s…great,” said Darren. His son noticed the less-than-enthused look on his dad’s face.

“Come on dad,” said James, “It’ll be good for me. My first date.”

“Have you picked something to wear?” his dad asked, ignoring his son.

James frowned.

“I haven’t really thought about it,” he said, looking down at his jeans and shirt, “Is this okay?”

Darren raised an eyebrow.

“Okay, I’ll wear something different,” conceded James, “Any other tips, oh wise won?”

“Don’t take that tone with me, boy,” growled Darren, shocking James. Darren immediately felt bad. He didn’t mean to scare his son, he just…he just wanted.

“What do you plan to say to this boy?” he asked, quickly trying to move on.

James felt himself get excited. Was this is? Was today the day?

“I dunno,” he said coyly, “Maybe I should practice?”

Darren shrugged.

“Could I practice with you?”

Darren’s heart started beating quicker at that.

“Sure, champ,” said Darren, “Just, er, let me get ready.”

Darren got up, and adjusted his tie. James noted his blue dress shirt barely concealing those huge arms and shoulders, his slacks tight around his dad’s hips and ass. He unconsciously licked his lips.

Darren walked over to the other side of the table, and sat in front of his son, on the desk. He was suddenly hyperaware of how cute his son was, his smooth skin, his messy, long hair…Darren mentally slapped himself on the face.

Focus, he thought to himself.

“Hey,” he said to his son, “Been waiting here long?”

James smiled.

“Not really,” he said, “But thanks for asking, Darren.”

Darren raised his eyebrow.

“His name is Darren, dad,” explained James, breaking character.

“Oh, right,” he said, “I knew that.”

Just rolled his eyes.

“So, how many of these you been on?” asked Darren.

“This is my first date, actually,” said James. Darren pretended to take interest in that.

“Oh? Never done it before then?”

James had the grace to turn pink.

“Er, no, I’ve never had sex, if that’s what you mean.”

“Huh, nice,” said Darren, “Bet you’d be tight around my dick.”

Both father and son tried to ignore their stiffening boners.

“Uh…okay,” said James, pretending to be unsure of how to react.

“Yeah, not like all these other sluts out here,” said Darren, really getting into character, “Bet you’d sit nice and tight, moaning on my cock. You moan?”

“Um, I-I haven’t-”

“Like, y’know, when you finger yourself.”

“Dad!” James stood up.

“Hey, this is what guys are like,” said Darren, also getting up, “Gay, straight, bi, whatever. Guys are all the same.”

“Whatever, dad,” said James, turning to leave, “If you’re not gonna take this seriously-”

Darren grabbed his son’s arm.

“Dad, get off!”

“Did I say you could go?” Darren growled.


“Dad? Calling me your daddy already, hah!” said Darren, still in character, “you might be a virgin, but you still a fucking slut.”

“This isn’t funny, dad.”

“You say that,” growled Darren, “But you’re the one getting hard.”

James gulped, and looked down at his dad’s pants.

“So are you,” he said.

“Yeah, but I’m not the one calling the guy he just met daddy,” said Darren, pulling his son in closer, “What, you got a hard on for your own dad?”

James looked into his dad’s eyes, feeling his dad’s solid body in front of him. His dad’s manliness permeated his nostrils, intoxicating him. Similarly, Darren could feel his son’s apprehension, his small, smooth body under his control. He could do anything with him here. He could protect him from everyone else. It made him feel powerful, and hard.

They said nothing for a bit. The air was so thick, they could have cut it with a knife.


Darren looked into his son’s eyes, and kissed him, pulling him in closer.

James kissed back, moaning, eyes closed. He grabbed the outline of his dad’s cock through his pants, squeezing it, holding it. He felt his dad’s huge body in front of him, his arms and hands pulling him in, pressing against his back, forcing him closer to his dad. They began frenching, and Darren unclasped his belt. James unzipped his dad’s pants, and grabbed the thick, hardening cock. Darren moaned.

“Get down, boy,” he growled.

James got on his knees, stroking his dad’s cock. He looked up at his dad as he licked it, balls to tip, then started sucking the head.

“Mmmm, yeah, that’s it boy,” his dad moaned, “Come on, take more!”

James’s dick was so hard. He unzipped his own pants as he tried to take more of his dad down his throat. It was so big! James hadn’t expected it to stretch out his mouth this much! He barely got past the head when he started gagging.

“Come on, boy,” his dad urged, “Suck it like you mean it!”

James swallowed his saliva, and kept sucking, through the pain. His dad’s huge cock slid further and further down his throat. He loved the way it felt in his mouth, he loved how it stretched his lips, how it filled his throat. He sucked and sucked, getting a rhythm.

Darren moaned. His son sucked better than his ex-wife! He couldn’t help it. He put his hands on his son’s head, and started skullfucking his son. James kept sucking, through the tears of pain. He loved this. He always dreamed of being used by his dad like this. He pumped his cock harder, faster, hand a blur over his own cock.

James came there, his dad still skullfucking him. Darren noticed.

“You came before me, boy?” he growled, pulling his son’s hair to make him look up at him.

“Sorry, sir,” said James, cock softening.

“Well, we can’t have that happen, can we?” said Darren, and picked his son up, he turned and spun around, so that James was now in front of the desk, facing the chair.

Darren was behind James, pulling his son’s pants down. James felt his dad’s body lower, down to his ass crack, where he licked. James moaned, and stuck his ass out more. Darren started to eat his son’s ass out, lubing it up with his tongue. James’s cock was hardening again, the pressure against his prostate building more cum in his sack.

Darren leaned over James, growling.

“You like that, boy?”

“Y-yes,” moaned James.

“Stay quiet,” Darren ordered, “Or they’ll hear.”

With that, Darren plunged his dick inside his son’s virgin hole.

“Hey dad.”

“Hey Champ.”

It was Thanksgiving, and James’s family had come together for this one occasion. It was only time Darren and his ex-wife were ever seen acting civil towards each other. They were all sitting around the table, Darren and his ex-wife on each end. They were all chatting, and having a good time. Darren’s ex-wife had a glass of wine in her hand, and was rambling to her eldest about some time in college when she tried weed. James’s sister was telling him and Darren about her nw boyfriend. It was a good time.

After a while, Darren’s ex-wife tapped a fork against her glass, getting everyone’s attention.

“Okay everyone, listen up!” she said, a little tipsy, “I know that…well, your dad and I have never really gotten along. And that this divorce was hard on all of you- ” she looked around the table, “-but, I have to say, I am glad, and proud of you all for taking this all so well. This year-” she began to tear up, “- this year’s been tough. But I’m thankful. I’m thankful for all you, that despite everything, we’re still a family.”

“Hear hear!” said Mike, James’s oldest brother. Everyone clinked glasses.

“By the way, where’s James?” asked Mike, “He should be here.”

“Probably the bathroom,” said Darren, smiling, “You know him, always missing big events.”

The table laughed, and resumed their nosiy mingling.

The thing was, James had been there. He had heard everything.

He was under the table, sucking his dad’s big, hard cock.

When his brother had asked where he was, his heart started to beat faster, giving him a thrill. He could tell his dad was excited too, his cock had twitched deep in his throat, signaling that he was about to cum. As Darren lied, he came, exploding deep in James’s throat. James loved the feeling of his dad’s sticky, hot cum inside his mouth. He swallowed it all silently, keeping everyone else unaware.

His dad excused himself to the bathroom. As he did, James snuck back into his seat.

James woke up, naked. He stretched as he got up, and got ready for the day.

As he was making breakfast, he heard the key to the front door open. James smiled as he saw his dad walk in.

“Morning dad,” he called back, “Breakfast’s ready.”

He turned to find his dad there, big, and muscled. He looked up, and kissed him.

Darren bought the apartment for James, so that he could, “move out,” and, “be his own man.” Really though, it was more of a place where he and James could have sex without anyone bothering them.

James moaned into his dad’s mouth as Darren’s hand slowly crept down his son’s back, into the back of his pants, and grabbing ass. James listed his leg, giving his dad better access as Darren started to push a finger against his asshole.

“Jockstrap?” asked Darren. James nodded.

Darren buried his finger in deeper, making James’s eyes go wide and moan. He started pressing back against his dad’s hand, getting hand fucked as he frenched his dad. Afterwards, they got in the car. Darren handed the keys to his son, he needed to practice.

James was hard halfway to work. He couldn’t help but moan as the car vibrated under him, during the red light.

From the outside, it just looked like James was sitting, normally, maybe a bit more hunched over than usual, maybe moaning a bit more than the usual person. If anyone saw them, it would be embarrassing for all of them.

James was only wearing a dress shirt and a blue jockstrap. His pants were in the passenger seat. His dad was under him, lying down, checking his phone as his son drive to work and rode him at the same time.

“Focus,” he said, absentmindedly.

James moaned as the car lurched into movement again. He loved this. He loved his dad’s strong, muscled body under him. He loved his dad’s thick, hard cock up his ass. He loved the idea that what he was doing right now was so wrong, so very naughty. He felt his dad’s strong hands keep him on his hard cock.

“Come on boy,” said Darren, “Keep it together.”

“Uuunnnhhhhhhh!” was all he could say, as Darren started to pound him and slap his ass.

James managed to keep focus as they reached work.

“You’re getting good at taking my dick, boy,” growled Darren, as his son started to bounce on him earnestly.

“Thank! You! Dad!” he moaned.

No one noticed the car rocking in the car park looked like there was only one man at the seat.

Darren loved his son. He loved him so much, he wanted to keep him around all the time. Luckily, James really liked being around his dad.

An actor just walked out as Darren pressed the button on landline.

“Send in the next one,” he said.

“Alright,” said his secretary.

“But I want you here before that,” added Darren, “I need to relax.”

“Sure dad,” said James.

A few minutes later, he came in, walked under Darren’s desk, and began to suck his cock. The actor walked in a few seconds later.

After that days auditions, Darren made his secretary strip for him. James complied, moving sexily on his dad’s lap, thrusting and squirming at Darren’s touch. Darren didn’t know how he was so lucky to have a son so loving and grateful as his. James understood that he was doing all of this to protect him from all the bad guys in the world. He was fucking him to help him get better at being gay. He was being rough, and making him ride him to work because guys out there were mean and scary, and if James didn’t get used to it now, he was just going to get eaten up later in life. Of course he wasn’t doing this all just because he loved his son. No, his son had to pay his dues too. So, occasionally, Darren would fuck his son, no strings attached. And it was all his idea.

“Window,” Darren growled, and James complied.

James bent over at the window, pushing his perky bubble butt out, hands on the glass. He looked back at his dad, walking over, graceful despite his hulking physique. He loved the way his dad carried himself, swaggering and towering over people smaller than him. It made James feel small and safe, knowing that his dad was behind him, literally.

Darren lubed his cock up, and pushed it in against his son’s hole. James howled as the cock entered him, filling him, stretching him out. He loved it when his daddy entered him. He loved it when his dad completed him.

Darren was proud. His son had gotten better at taking his dick, now taking it all the way to his balls.

“You like that, boy?” Darren growled, “You like your dad’s dick in your ass?”

“Yes! Dad!” moaned James, as Darren grabbed his ass, smacking it as he fucked him.

“That’s right baby,” grunted Darren, “Take it! Take it all in!”

“Yes! Daddy!”

Darren loved it when his son called him that. He loved it the feeling and the sight of his son squirming under him, body rippling with pleasure as he fucked him until he came. He loved the sounds he made, the moans and groans of his son’s pleasure from getting fucked. As dad fucked son, James looked out the window. It was his dad’s favourite view. Faintly, he could see the reflection of his dad, wide shoulder, muscled arms slapping his ass as he fucked him.

James smiled. He decided that the view from this window was his favourite too.

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