Sifrid and Alex

By A Voyeur Fan
published May 10, 2020
4614 words

Sifrid the hunky incubus is used to charming men into sex with his demonic powers. But when he meets a young man immune to his demonic charms, Sifrid’s life is turned upside down.

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I stroke my long cock as I look down at my sleeping soon-to-be-next conquest. His name’s Alex, and he’s got such a cute little twinky body that my cock’s dripping pre and raring to fuck him in no time! I turn my charm all the way up before I reach out and pull the slumbering boy’s boxers down…

But first, a little about me. My name’s Sifrid. I’m an incubus, a demon that feeds by fucking people while they sleep. Most of my brethren go after the ladies, but I favor dudes.

When a hot guy catches my eye, I’ll appear at the foot of his bed at night to fuck him. I’ve got this demonic charm power, see? I can turn it up and down at will, and it drives all men mad with lust and the need to submit. When it’s all the way up, the very straightest of men will whimper and grovel in front of me and beg me to fuck their ass!

And boy, do I fuck ‘em. I fuck ‘em till they cum, and then I gather every drop of their cum and absorb it through my skin. Then when I’ve had my fill, I stare my conquest straight in the eye and hypnotize them with my gaze. They fall straight back asleep and forget the whole thing! The next morning they just figure they’ve had a wet dream.

I soak up their manly essence, get it? And every time I fuck a dude, I also sap a teeny bit of his masculinity: he gets a bit shorter, his muscles lose definition, and his cock shrinks a wee bit. I usually fuck men who’ve been slacking off in their workout routine. That way they’re less likely to notice.

And all that raw masculinity goes straight to me and sustains my killer body. I’ll go ahead and say it: I’m the very apex of demonic manhood! My rockin’ bod is six foot six, packed with studly muscles from head to toe! I’ve got loads of sexy body hair, too, from the shaggy brown mane on my head to the manly fuzz on my chest and stomach, flowing down to my thick bush.

Oh, and before I forget: I’ve got one heck of a cock, too: fourteen inches long! It’s longer and thicker than any mortal man’s, and I’ve had thousands of mortal men to compare with as I fucked their hungry holes!

And I was hoping this cutie Alex could be the next notch on my bedpost. I fuck ‘em in all shapes and sizes, but there’s just something irresistible about a twink that looks as cute and innocent as Alex does. He’s just so adorable that when I pull off his boxers and expose his soft dick and virgin asshole, my own cock’s rock hard and raring to go.

I quietly run a finger up and down the underside of Alex’s cock. In no time he’s half-erect, and I watch his eyelids flutter open at the stimulation. He gives me a sleepy grin.

“Hello, handsome,” he says. “Who might you be?”

“I’m Sifrid. Let’s fuck.”

It was an opening line that had never failed me.

I pick up Alex’s hand, guide it towards my monster cock, and wait for him to worship it.

“Hang on…” he says. “Let’s not… right away.”

He gently pulled his hand away, rolled under the covers, and went back to sleep.

My jaw dropped.

What the fuck?! I check to make sure and yep, my demonic charm is turned up all the way. No man can resist that! No man should be able to! He must be playing some kind of game with me. I jostle Alex back awake.

“Listen, I’m serious. I wanna fuck you. Aren’t you down for that?”


I flex my impressive muscles and radiate demonic charm inches from Alex’s naked body. Any other man would be driven mad by this, begging to suck me and get fucked by my huge cock.

“It’s tempting… but not right now.”

Alex closes his eyes again, but I nudge him back awake.

“Listen, is it the way I look?” I say nervously. “Because I can change that if you want.”

Alex shakes his head, still drowsy from being woken up.

“Oh please, don’t. You look amazingly sexy the way you are.”

“Then… then why don’t you want to fuck me?”

Alex shrugs.

“I guess I just barely know you. I’m… not really interested in sex with someone I don’t know and like to be around.”

“But… but…”

My cock starts to go soft in dismay.

“But this makes no sense! No man’s ever turned me down before…”

I can’t take this blow to my self-esteem. Every other man I’ve pursued gave me nothing but worship and adulation. I didn’t know how to fuck someone who wasn’t enthusiastically begging me to go on.

What kind of incubus even am I if a human can turn me down? I start to vanish from Alex’s view, planning on slinking off to some isolated corner of hell to cry alone when he stops me.

“Wait! Don’t leave now!”

I stop and reappear.

“I thought you said you didn’t want me…”

“I never said that! Could we… meet up tomorrow for coffee or something?”

I blink.

“You want me to fuck you at a coffeeshop?”

“No! No, I just want to get to know you. Can’t we get to know each other and then decide if we want to fuck or not?”

“I’ve… never done that before.”

Alex gives me a sly wink.

“First time for everything, Sifrid. Oh, my name’s Alex, by the way.”

The next day I meet Alex at the local coffeeshop. He’s dressed neatly in a button down tee and tight pants. I arrive anxiously, dressed in a plain shirt and shorts, with my demonic charm all the way down and a hat covering my horns so as not to cause a scene among mortals.

To my surprise, Alex greets me with a smile and a wave. I sit down next to him, still nervous. I hardly ever let mortals see me as I really am without charming their minds.

“There you are, Sifrid! I’m glad to see you, I was starting to think that last night was just a sexy dream.”

“Uh, H-hey Alex…”

I clear my throat.

“Glad to see you, too.”

The rest of the afternoon goes as well as I could expect. To my surprise, Alex isn’t freaked out when I tell him who I am and what I do. He’s full of questions about what life as an incubus is like. It feels weird answering all of Alex’s questions. I’m not used to talking about myself.

When we’re done, Alex pays for my coffee and shakes my hand as he gets up to leave.

“So are you down to… you know…”


Still nervous, I lean forward and whisper the word “fuck” in Alex’s ear.

He blushes and says “Woah, man… one thing at a time. I’ve still known you less than a day!”

“What’s wrong with that?”

“Listen, I’m not up for… that… with you yet. But how about a movie? There’s one showing this evening that we could watch together.”

I will my cock to stay soft, frustrated at Alex’s ambivalence.

“This evening? Okay…”

“Great! I’ll see you there, Sifrid. And for what it’s worth…”

Alex leans forward and gives me a quick peck on the cheek.

“I thought this was a great first date.”

He waves goodbye and walks away. Now it’s my turn to blush. I vanish from view before anyone can spot the full on boner I’m sporting from that.

That Alex makes me feel funny inside. I have to fuck five guys before I meet him at the theater that evening just to take the edge off my sexual appetite.

I don’t know how I manage it, but I keep these “dates” with Alex going for weeks. It feels so weird and so different from everything I’m used to, but something deep inside me actually enjoys spending time with him, even when there’s no sex at the end. I’ve always known that mortals use these elaborate rituals to decide on who to fuck, but before now it’s always struck me as a waste of time. Why spend all that time “dating” when you can have so much more fun jumping straight into bed together?

And yet there’s something new and fun about being with Alex that’s different from what I feel fucking some random dude. He’s interested in Sifrid the person, not just Sifrid the tall hunky demon with a fourteen inch cock. I start caring about whether Alex is happy and having a good time, and before long I actually start feeling happy just being around him, even when we’re both wearing clothes.

I’m so used to the way things are that it actually takes me by surprise when Alex invites me up to his bedroom. I try to act cocksure, the way I’m used to doing with each new conquest. But all I can think is, will this feel as good as just being around Alex?

Kneeling on his bed, we peel off each other’s clothes. Alex playfully uncovers my muscular body, and as he pulls down my pants my throbbing boner springs up from my waistband and nudges him in the face. He runs his fingers along the black, tattoo-like demonic markings that decorate my chest and stomach as I undress him carefully. Alex is hard too, and his five-inch cock springs out of its confinement as I pull his boxers down. It’s not the biggest, but it’s so cute and handsome…

I raise Alex’s legs and place my cock head at his virgin hole. Thanks to my demonic powers, I can slip inside him with no pain. With every other dude I fucked I wasted no time shoving all the way inside and pistoning in and out, but Alex is different. I slide inside him little by little, watching him pant in pleasure as I penetrate him. I want Alex to feel good as I fuck him.

Before long I build up a steady pace, fucking Alex’s hole to a gentle rhythm. He wraps his arms around my neck as I fuck him, rolling his hips to get the most pleasure out of every thrust. Once I manage to fit my whole cock in Alex’s hole, I pick him up and cradle his upper body in my arms as I fuck away. I feel his soft, warm breath on my chest as he moans in pleasure.

This feels different, more intense than any other fuck I’ve had. All those other notches on my bedpost were men I didn’t even properly know. Fucking them was just fucking a hole, maybe one attached to a nice-looking body. But fucking Alex is something entirely new. I know how he feels, and what he thinks of me, and how close together every thrust bring us…

My focus is interrupted when I hear Alex cry out in pleasure. I feel his hot cum spray over my chest and stomach, his cock sandwiched between us. I can feel myself absorbing Alex’s manly essence, soaking up his masculinity…

Damn! I’m not prepared for the feeling of Alex shrinking as I get even bigger, manlier, and more well-hung. With my cock still inside his ass, the added tightness of his hole clutching my growing cock sets me off, and I moan in pleasure as I coat Alex’s insides with my demonic cum.

Panting, I pull my softening cock out from inside Alex and take a look at the changes that have come over him. Alex is even smaller, cuter, and daintier. His hard cock now only measures four inches. There’s something sexy about seeing him reduced like this, knowing his excess masculinity is inside me, building up my manly muscles and long cock. And yet I can’t help but feel concern. Could I fuck Alex again if this would happen to him every time?

Before I can think of much more, Alex wraps his arms around me and kisses me on the lips.

“Man, Sifrid, that was awesome! I dunno about you, but I think I have another round in me…”

He gestures down to his reduced but still rock hard cock.


Not gonna lie, part of me wants to fuck Alex senseless over and over just to see what will happen. But I can’t just drain him dry without a thought to his safety. I… care about what happens to this mortal young man.

So I tell him everything. How I drain men of their manly essence to sustain myself. How every time we fuck I’ll sap a little of his masculinity away. How if we keep fucking, even I don’t know what’s going to happen to Alex (I’ve never fucked a dude more than once, you see).

And you know what he does? He just kisses me on the lips again and says “Let’s give it a try. First time for everything.”

And seeing this cute little twink lean down after that and open his mouth wide enough to take in the head of my giant cock, it… rouses strange feelings inside me. It’s not just horniness and arousal (although there’s plenty of that too). No, it’s more like… crap, I can’t think of the right word.

Not until Alex pulls his head off my cock, precum trailing from his cute lips, looks at me longingly, and mouths the words “I love you.”

Fuck. That’s it, love! I love Alex. I didn’t think demons like me could even feel love, but I still know I love him back. And as soon as I realize that, I feel an orgasm coming that I’m powerless to stop!

“Fuck! Oh, fuck! I… I love you, Alex! I love yoouuu!!!”

I bite my lip as I cum hard, thick spurts of my semen coating Alex’s face and chest. I’ve never cum before my partner before. Then, something happens that surprises us both.

I feel the familiar sensation of sapping masculinity — but this time, I’m not on the receiving end! My cum, I see it being soaked up by Alex’s skin! And my manly essence… it’s flowing out of me and into him!

Before we know it, Alex starts to grow taller, manlier, more muscular. At the same time, I can feel myself get shorter and skinnier. My giant cock even dwindles a bit as I see Alex’s penis plump out and lengthen to six inches long!

“What’s happening, Sifrid?!” Alex asks.

I hear the alarm in his voice, but could that be a bit of excitement as well?

“I dunno… this has never happened before!”

Soon I feel the changes come to a stop, and I run to the mirror to look at myself. I look different, that’s for sure. The changes are subtle, but noticeable.

I stand around 6’2”: I’m still tall, but I’ve shrunk a few inches. My muscles are still ultra-built and well-defined, but they’ve lost a tiny bit of that extra definition. The manly scruff on my face and body is still there, but seems a bit less dense. Finally, my cock measures about 12 inches (I don’t know why, but this situation still has me rock hard). It’s still gargantuan by human standards, but it’s not quite the 14 inches I was used to.

“How does it look?”

Alex steps beside me in front of the mirror. I look him up and down to see what changes he’s gone through. Seeing myself looking smaller is exciting in a scary sort of way, but seeing Alex looking bigger, buffer, and manlier is another kind of excitement entirely. From the look of it, he’s drained more from me than I have from him.

Alex stands a few inches taller, closing in on a head shorter than me. His physique is looking a bit buffer, with some nicely defined pecs and abs. He’s more of a twunk than a twink now. I also see some light stubble where there wasn’t any before along his chin, chest, and stomach. Looks like he’s gained some of the scruff I lost. And his cock is now around six inches long: he’s gone from average to slightly above average.

“I dunno what just happened,” I say, “but it looks like if I cum first I can actually give muscle to you instead of taking it away!”

I see a lascivious smile cross Alex’s face. He walks a pair of fingers up my bare chest and pulls me into a kiss.

“So what you’re saying…” he begins, “is that if we manage who cums first then we can fuck as much as we want?”

“S-sure, I guess, but…” I stammer. “I’m still flying blind here. Who knows what will happen?”

Alex kisses me again.

“If you don’t know, then maybe tonight can be your chance to learn. First time for everything, eh, Sifrid?”

The whole rest of the night is the wildest, most passionate time I’ve ever spent in my whole demonic life. I have no idea how a mortal like Alex has the stamina for so many rounds, one after the other, but he and I keep at it until the break of dawn.

I’m so used to the invigorating feeling of soaking up a dude’s manly essence, and I sure get my fill of that when Alex is the first to cum. But when I come first, the feeling of my manly essence draining into Alex is exciting and new. I thought it’d be terrifying, but instead it feels amazing to watch Alex grow bigger, buffer, and manlier, to know that I’m fueling his change from an adorable twink to a tall, strapping, well-hung stud.

We try to always manage things so that I’m still the bigger one and still on top, but as the night wears on the net transfer of manliness starts to weigh more and more in Alex’s favor. See the smaller I get, the more sensitive my cock starts to feel, and the less time it takes me to feel ready to cum. I dunno quite what it is, but maybe it feels even hotter to fuck Alex the more he blossoms into a manly man. Even when we try to have him cum first, I can barely get a handle on my overwhelming arousal enough to hold off my orgasm until Alex reaches his.

Then one hour late into the night, Alex looks across the bed at me, grins, and says “Looks like we’re about the same size, huh?”

Huh? That can’t be! I thought I still had the upper hand!

Alex takes my hand and leads me to the mirror. I feel a jolt of electricity as I see that we stand head-to-head at exactly the same height. We both look like the stereotypical “otter” build: tall and muscular but not bulky, like a swimmer, and covered all over in a light fuzz of body hair.

I gulp as I look down to compare our cocks. The excitement of the moment has us both hard, and it’s difficult who to tell wins out on size.

I meet Alex’s eyes. His intent is clear. He reaches out and grabs my cock in one hand, his in the other. He brings us together, crotch to crotch, with our bases lined up perfectly. I sigh as I feel every warm, shuddering inch of his cock against mine, from the base to the very tip…

I look down to confirm, and my jaw drops. We’re both around nine or ten inches long, but the very tip of Alex’s dick sticks out the tiniest bit more than my own.

Outclassed by a mortal! That’s unheard of, that’s terrifying, that’s… hot as hell!

“You know, Sifrid.” Alex whispers seductively. “If we’re so close in size right now, would you maybe want to give… something new a try?”

He reaches around to grab my muscular ass, and I know without him saying it that Alex wants me to bottom for him. Just a few hours ago, I’d have found the idea absurd. I was always a manly and dominant top, lording my superior masculinity over my conquests. But now that Alex is the same size as me, and maybe in some ways a little bigger, I’m seriously considering the idea. My asshole twitches as I look down at his big cock and imagine being fucked my it.

I’m kind of embarrassed by how little convincing I need before I’m on my back, legs raised high in the air while Alex fucks my hungry hole. I’ve never, ever bottomed before tonight. But the idea of Alex and I losing our anal virginity on the same night… god, I can’t help how horny it makes me feel! Even though Alex has never topped before, he’s a natural at hitting my prostate just right. He makes me feel so good that before I know it I’m cumming and shrinking again, and the added tightness of my hole around his bigger cock drives Alex over the edge. I feel Alex spew his thick warm cum inside me, filling me up, and I know that this is far from the last time I’ll bottom for him.

Fuck, soon Alex and I are in a self-perpetuating cycle: the smaller I shrink and the bigger he grows, the faster I cum when he fucks me; the faster I cum, the bigger he grows, and the smaller I shrink. By the time the sun rises, we’ve switched body types completely! Now I’m the cute little twink and Alex is the hot, hung, manly muscle god. And from the gleam in his eyes and pleasure I feel in my shrinking cock and well-fucked asshole, I can tell we’ve got a long way to go before we’re done…

Things have never been the same for me since that fateful night.

I still do plenty of the stuff I used to do. I still travel all over, charming and fucking men in their sleep. I’m still very nearly an exclusive top. I still soak up their manliness when they cum all over my naked body and hypnotize them to forget all about their sexy tryst with me once it’s over.

But things have become very different, and in a lot of cases much harder. Topping is tricky when I start out every night with a cock that’s only two or three inches long! It gets easier as I visit more men and regain some of my old size and length, but each time starting out I’m barely big enough to penetrate their naked assholes. After a while I’ve usually fed on enough cum to be close to my previous manly body; my cock often reaches ten or eleven inches long by then.

But whenever a certain hour of the night rolls around I know it’s time to return to Alex. And when I’m together with him, there’s no question of my leaving until he’s fucked me and drained me of every last drop of manly essence I’ve collected since I saw him last!

That’s what we decided on together. I love being fucked senseless by his ungodly huge cock so much that I’ll give him every drop of manliness inside me just to make it bigger! As I lay back and let him fuck me, I often think of all that manly essence. I drain it away from hundreds of different men, all over the world, and give it all to my boyfriend.

Yes, that’s what I call Alex now. I never thought I could love anyone, much less a mortal, but I love him so goddamn much! I love it when my boyfriend fucks and drains me until I’m a short, adorable little twink with a boyish face and a two-inch cock. And I love it even more to see him grow as I shrink.

Alex is truly a beast of a man. He’s 6’10” now, a veritable giant, and he’s built like an Olympic god. A manly carpet of fuzz covers his amazing chest and stomach and crowns his enormous cock like a lion’s mane.

And god, that cock! The last time we measured it, it was more than seventeen inches long, and I have no doubt it’s grown even more since then. I’m glad he fucks only me with it: if I weren’t an immortal demon I’d worry that taking that monster up my ass would kill me! But instead, it feels absolutely amazing, more amazing than anything I’ve ever felt before. I just can’t wait for Alex to fuck me each night!

And the very best part is that if we ever get tired of Alex being the muscular dominant top in our relationship, we both know that we can always go back. It’s been so long since I topped Alex that I barely remember what it ever felt like. It’ll be like experiencing it for the first time, the day we go back to having me on top…

At least I think we’ll go back. We’ll do it when Alex gets bored of being dominant. It hasn’t happened yet, but someday… I wonder how big he’ll be by then? God, I feel so horny imagining him getting bigger, manlier, more hung and muscular…

But I’m sure someday he’ll get tired of it. He’s got to! Granted, I never did when I was the bigger one, but still… I’m sure someday he’ll be ready to give me back all the manly essence I’ve given to him…



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