Sucking The Straight Out Of Him

By Orion1961
published April 6, 2012
6970 words

Dante’s a vampire that sucks something other than blood; he desies Mark but must go through his Dad.

“Do you believe in vampires, Mark?”

Dante’s question took Mark by surprise, considering the line of conversation had been about the heart– the way it functioned and its structure, to be exact, so it was with a couple seconds silence that Mark’s brain adjusted to the swerve question. He thought about it, and shrugged.


“You do?” asked Dante, now displaying surprise at the affirmation, when he probably expected a defiant ‘no.’

“Sure,” Mark grinned, holding back his ascertain until he added, “There’re plenty of freaks out there that take those vampire movies too seriously and think they can feed on blood! Ha!”


“Everybody knows the human body can’t get nutrition from drinking blood! Those idiots probably starve until they sneak a visit to McDonald’s for some ‘real food’! Why do you ask?”

“Oh…nothing,” Dan shrugged, pretending to return to studying his notebook, until he looked up and clarified, “But what about the real thing? What if there were actually vampires but they actually fed on…something else?”

Mark sat back in his chair in the library and looked at his friend with equal shares of confusion and annoyance. “What ‘real thing’? Vampires are fictional, man! Blood-sucking vampires that are undead and fear the sun are just fictional characters in movies and books! And what else would they feed on other than blood? They wouldn’t be vampires then.”


“Yea…they’d be zombies! Braiiin! Mee waaant braiiin!” Mark laughed, mimicking a hungry zombie, and garnering glares of annoyance from other library goers. He settled down, blushing. “Anyways, what’re you asking me all this stuff? Are you planning on handing in your assignment about Ancient Rome by claiming Caesar was a vampire?”

“Of course not!”


Dante paused, waiting until Mark and picked up his pen to write a few words in his notebook before he said, “Everybody knows Caligula was the vampire!”

Mark tossed his pen across the table and rolled his eyes. He glared at Dante, but his friend’s serious expression slowly changed to one of humor and teasing, so he got back to work on his biology project. Nothing more was said of the topic, but Mark couldn’t help but feel as if the subject wasn’t far from Dante’s mind and tongue.

Mark had worked in his father’s auto body shop since he was 15 years old, starting out in the office and helping to clean up the garage and eventually graduating to full mechanic status, but it wasn’t what he wanted to do with his life. He had a brain in his head, but not a wallet that could support college tuition, so he decided to work his way out of the grease shop in the only way he could, taking night courses in biology. Now 21 years old, he figured he’d never be rich and famous, so he might as well as least be well off financially, and reward all that his parents had done for him. As an only child he’d gotten virtually everything he’d wanted, other than a large group of siblings or even friends. Making new friends was tough for him, and even the end of high school had seen all but one of his three friends leave the city for college, and even then, he saw his oldest friend, Sam, once a month.

So it was that he found himself drawn to the one person in the night school course that seemed to be the friendliest towards him, and actually seemed smart enough to be able to help him. Dante (no last name was given yet) looked about the same age as him, give or take a birthday or two, was a fountain of knowledge and interesting conversation, and took the edge off the stress of the course. The only thing was that Dante seemed to have a secret ‘Twilight’ fetish or something, considering his windswept hair and pale complexion, mimicking the character of Edward to the point that he could have been the guy’s stand-in for the movie. Even his full mouth seemed to have a slightly pinker hue than most guys, and it wasn’t because he was wearing lipstick. Mark just figured the guy was pale and perhaps a little under- nourished, giving him a pallor that would freak out the average golden-tanned California beach bum, but who was he to judge?

He, himself, had a mop of brown hair on his head that he was constantly primping and preening, pushing out of his eyes, and sideburns that he was trying to maintain meticulously…if they’d only grow in normally! He also smelled of grease and oil, coming straight from the body shop to class, probably turning off all of the cute girls (all two of them) in the night class.

“Okay, Dad, I’m going!” Mark called across the garage, jamming his notes and book under one arm. His father looked up from the car he was hammering back into shape and waved back at his son. “Is it okay if Dan comes over after class? We’re spending way too much on eating out after class.”

Mark’s father nodded, wiping sweat from his forehead with a dirty clothe, accidentally smearing more grease on his already-glistening head. “Sure, I guess so. You mean sandwiches or chips, right? Your mother won’t want to set the table for dinner twice, ya know.”

“I know! Just snacks. Thanks!”

Mark’s father smiled and waved his son to go, his mind centered on his car work.

Night class had been the usual routine and seemed to drag on longer than normal, thanks to Mark looking forward to just kicking back at home, and having a friend over. They walked down his street hours later as Mark asked Dante how long he could stay.

His new friend smiled and said, “What? You mean I’m not spending the night?”

“Yeaaa!” Mark chuckled, giving Dante a light smack on the shoulder. “We don’t exactly have a guest room! Naw, I think my Dad wouldn’t be too crazy about you crashing at my place. Really, how long do you want to stay?”

Dante smiled and replied, “Until I’m full, I guess, whenever that is!”

Mark’s face fell and he said, “You gotta stay longer than that! We’ll eat as soon as we get there, but I thought we’d watch TV or check out my stuff while you were over. My DVDs and Playboy magazines, you know?”

“Sure. I’ll check out your stuff,” Dante smiled, making Mark do a double-take, but shrug it off.

Grant Larson, Mark’s father, had just gotten into bed with his wife, exhaling that long drawn-out sigh that he usually did when he allowed his tense body to just melt into the cool sheets and comfortable mattress as the day’s chores and work took their toll on him, when he became aware that the TV as still on downstairs. He thought the boys would have parted company by now, once he and Vivian had washed up and gotten into their pyjamas and crawled into bed, but no such luck. He sat up and called through the open door,

“Guys? Turn the TV down a bit, willya? And lock up when your buddy’s gone, Mark!”

“Right, Dad!” Mark called back from downstairs. Seconds later the television’s sound was lowered to an acceptable level, and Grant lay back down.

Vivian had always been a master at falling asleep quickly, rarely taking more than three minutes to doze off.

The light snoring usually followed about five minutes later.

And the louder snorts regularly followed ten minutes after that.

Plagued by his beloved wife’s deep sleep grunting and grinding, and the subtle sounds escaping from the TV downstairs and Grant was left wide awake. He checked the clock and found it inching towards midnight, and forced down an angry tide of emotion. His son was supposed to join him at work, helping to open the shop at 7:30 am, and the kid was still downstairs with a friend, acting like it was 8 pm? And what a friend! The guy, ‘Dan’, was kinda weird-looking, and seemed like he thought of himself as a know-it-all, speaking about topics that he had no business knowing as such a young person. Almost as if he was speaking from experience!

Blueberry pie.

“Damn!” Larson sighed, his eyes opening wide. Vivian’s pie was delicious, and she’d forbid him from having a second piece, but now that she was sound asleep…

He quietly got out of bed and tiptoed out of the bedroom and made his way downstairs with two goals in mind; a bigger piece of pie than he’d had after dinner, and a gentle but direct reminder to the boys that it was time to call it a night since Mark had to work tomorrow morning.

“So, about that vampire stuff I was talking about yesterday…?” Dante asked, as he set down his glass of milk which he hadn’t even sipped.

Mark was beside him on the couch, barely a foot away, but the mentioning of the topic suddenly made him feel uncomfortable for some unknown reason. “Yeaaa…?”

“What if I told you…I could prove it?” Dante challenged.

Mark chuckled, and tried to watch the sports update on TV as he joked, “What? You found proof on Wikipedia or something?”

Dante smiled as his gaze and position never veered away from Mark. “You can’t tell me you’re not intrigued.”

“By what?” Mark asked, annoyed that they were talking through the update. He had to know how Detroit did against his team tonight! “Idiots that think they’re Bela Lugosi?”

“No, not him. The fact is, there are vampires out there, Mark, and the simple truth is is that they actually feed on something other than blood.”

“Riiiight!” Mark smirked. “Like tomato juice? Ha!”

“No. Not that kind of ‘juice’,” Dante smirked, looking Mark up and down like a piece of meat…which he practically was!

“Okay, if you say so. Oooh! Check her out!” Mark said, his complete attention suddenly on a TV commercial starring Taylor Swift, advertising makeup. “God, she’s gorgeous! Now if Taylor Swift was a vampire, then I’d have no problem letting her suck my blood!”

Dante rolled his eyes, wishing Mark had the hots for Taylor Lautner, and not Swift, but there was a way to change that.

“Okay, my friend. I wanted to do this the easy way, but I suppose I’ll just have to give you a nudge in the right direction.”

“Eh?” Mark asked distractedly, barely able to tear his eyes off the sexy, curly-haired singer/spokeswoman.

Dante leaned closer to Mark and stared directly at him, gradually raising a hand up to gently cup Mark’s chin, and slowly turn him to face him. Mark’s face had lost its lustful animation towards the pretty singer, and was replaced by an open-mouthed frozen, but curious expression, where he soon found his eyes transfixed on Dante’s. The sexy images of desire for the girl that Mark had imagined were swept away, even as Dante’s face gradually took up more and more of his vision, a quietly-panicking part of his subconscious realizing that his new friend was leaning in closer and closer to him, but he couldn’t resist. His limbs and resistance felt heavy and powerless, in contrast to Dante’s eyes which felt powerful, enticing, and all he could concentrate on.

Dante’s face took up his entire vision, and even as his friend’s eyes kept his complete attention, his cheeks felt warm with both of Dante’s hands on either side, drawing him in until his lips felt the warmth of Dante’s. It was hot and strange, but also exciting feeling the mouth of another guy’s on his lips, Dante’s head tilting slightly so his lips locked onto his better, a trace of saliva painting his mouth as Dante pressed his kiss in firmly.


The outraged scream of Mark’s father was enough to shatter the moment, bringing both of the young men back to reality, although Dante forced Mark’s mind to block out the memory of the kiss with his telepathic powers.

“What? Nothing, Dad!” Mark complained, unaware that his lips were slightly wet from the kiss. “We’re just watching–”

“Don’t give me that crap, Mark, I SAW you and this little faggot–”

“Hey! He’s not–!”

“Shut up!”

“Mister Larson–”

“You shut up, too, kid! In fact, get the hell outta my house!”


“Get out now! Before you have to limp home!”


“OUT! OUTOUTOUT! Li’l fag! My boy is straight, understand?! Keep your sick faggy paws off of him!”

“But, Dad, he never–”

“I saw what he was doing, Mark! Good riddance!”

Dante quietly closed the front door behind him, leaving Mark and his father standing in the living room, one swept up with outraged disgust, the other absolutely confused, since the last thing he remembered he was checking out Taylor Swift and the sports update.

“I’m not blaming you so much, Mark, since he was obviously the one initiating contact, but–”

“What contact?!” an utterly confused Mark wailed.

“Look, it’s late. We'''ll talk about this tomorrow morning. When I’m alot less pissed off and freaked out. I always knew some queer might try and get you to ‘experiment’, but I never thought you’d actually give in! And sure as hell not in my house!”

“Dad, I have no idea–”

“I said to get upstairs and go to bed!” Marks’ father snapped, snapping up the TV remote and shutting it off. He watched his son shuffle up upstairs up to bed, a look of (understandable) confusion on his youthful features.

Larson went to the kitchen and fixed himself a smaller slice of pie than he’d planned, since his appetite had been severely hindered by the sight of that damned queer giving his own straight son a kiss. He also felt he had to calm himself down, or else he’d be up all night with his snoring wife, who if he woke up would undoubtedly take the opposite opinion of him, and think a little (ugh!) kiss was okay. Larson couldn’t even finish his pie, too grossed out by the thought of two young men smooching.

Unknown to Grant, Dante hadn’t gone home, as the youthful vampire didn’t have a ‘home’ per se, nor did he have any inkling to leave, as night time was feeding time, and truth be told, he desperately wanted to experience Mark in his arms, but to do so, and gradually turn Mark into his lover, he would first have to go through Mark’s homophobic father.

Dante smiled to himself, looking forward to the conversion, and patiently waited until he sensed that Mr. Larson was back in bed and asleep.

It was easier to enslave when the chosen one was rendered helpless by sleep.

It was nearly 1:30 am before Dante sensed that Mark’s father had finally fallen into the upper levels of sleep, no doubt worrying himself needlessly about his son’s little adventure on the other side. Using his power of flight to gently hover up to the Larson’s window, he opened it and climbed inside as easily as someone climbing into a car. Mrs. Larson was softly snoring and purring in her sleep in the same bed as Mr. Larson, which meant she was in the deepest levels of sleep for a human, but he wanted insurance that she wouldn’t wake up during the encounter with Mr. Larson, so he mentally commanded her mind to remain asleep until he released her.

Next, he placed his mind inside an upper level of Mr.Larson’s, so that he could be awakened but offer no resistance. Grant snorted as his mind was raised from slumber, and his eyes forced open. His features squinted in the dark as he tried to focus not only his eyes but his mind on what he saw. He must be dreaming! How else to explain that creepy friend of Mark’s inside his bedroom? Dante sat on the edge of the bed beside him and he wanted to smack Dante’s hand away as it caressed his cheek, but his body wouldn’t respond, making him think this really was a dream.

‘It’s not a dream, Mr. Larson’, Dante assured, his voice ringing within Grant’s mind. ‘Yes, that’s right, you can hear my thoughts. I’m telepathic, and I’m placing them inside your mind to hear me. Don’t worry– I don’t hold a grudge against you for kicking me out of your house. It’s quite understandable– a strong, hunky, good-looking father like you would naturally want, and expect his son, to be the same as him. If it’s any consolation, he is…for now. But, the fact is, if I want Mark to be mine I have to go through you first. I could do this in many ways. In the old days I’d probably have simply killed you or wiped your mind of all thought, but that would only tear apart your family and render Mark unresponsive to my love. No, I’m much more experienced nowadays. Experience that I’m going to enjoy imparting upon you so that you, too, can experience the sweet love that can exist between two men.’

Larson was sure that he was dreaming as he watched Dante slowly stand up and begin to remove his clothing. First his jacket, then his shirt to expose an impressive muscular body beneath, smooth and free of chest hair above a six-pack abdomen, then his running shoes and socks, then his blue jeans, leaving him virtually naked, save for a curve-hugging pair of tight briefs that hid a large, erect cock beneath them. All the while Larson could only stare at the striptease, his eyes locked onto Dante’s, offering up as much resistance as he would if his wife had undressed before him which was to say, zero. His body felt heavy and tingled at the same time, as if some kind of force field from ‘Star Trek’ held him down.

Dante smiled down at him, and he felt his arms raise by themselves and push the covers away from himself, and drape them across his sleeping wife’s side. He couldn’t believe that she hadn’t woken up yet, then he watched his mind-controlled hands grab hold of his pyjama collar and tug upwards so as to pull it over his head, and discard it onto the floor. Next, he shoved his pyjama bottoms down as far as his knees, and then kicked them off, too, before his arms fell helplessly to his sides.

‘You’ll love this, Mr. Larson. You’ll experience love in ways that you never dreamed possible– an unbreakable love that can exist between two men. You’re going to love kissing other men, fondling their cocks, offering yourself completely to another man and giving oral pleasure to your male lovers…’

Dante hovered over him and smiled at the unresponsive cock in Grant Larson’s own briefs…but that would soon change! He slowly positioned himself on all fours above Grant, then began to massage Grant’s chest with curious exploring hands, running through the curls of brittle hair on Grant’s chest, tweaking his nipples so that they became hard, and stayed that way as Dante bent down and licked and kissed them. He slowly reached down, and slithered his hand backwards to cup Larson’s still-sleepy cock, and rubbed it, but it remained stubbornly soft.

‘Mmmm. I love a challenge, Mr. Larson!’

Dante’s form lowered itself down on top of Mark’s father, and despite his paralysis, Grant felt the warmth of the youthful male body press down and against his own. His breath became shallow and irregular as all of the pressure points that aroused him were smothered, rubbed, and massaged in ways that he couldn’t help but enjoy. Dante’s hard cock was lined up with Larson’s perfectly, and as his hands clutched Larson’s shoulders tightly for leverage, his hips pressed and grinded back and forth so that Larson was forced to feel his own cock thrust back and forth against Dante’s as they made contact beneath the grinding bellies of the men. A sigh and grunt escaped his lips, infuriating Mark’s father, but there was little he could do to fight it.

‘Why fight it, Mr. Larson?’ Dante’s voice asked in his mind. ‘I told you that you’d love it and I wasn’t lying. You’ll surrender to my love. You’ll enjoy surrendering to me in short order.’

Larson tried to focus his thoughts on hostile, angry thoughts of defiance, but his mind was gradually becoming entranced by the enjoyable sensations and contact it was experiencing. Dante just kept thrusting his pelvis against his again and again and again, purring and sighing with satisfaction in his ear, licking his neck, as he sensed Grant was now fully erect, grinning with lustful pleasure as Grant turned his head side to side, gasping as lusty sighs escaped his lips. He was becoming uncontrollably aroused by a younger man, some 20 years his junior and it was strangely erotic in a forbidden way that for all his strength, this young college-aged man held power over him.

‘Kiss me, Grant’ Dante’s mind commanded, the older man noticing that the student had used his first name.

He stopped rolling his head side to side and found himself staring up at the smiling visage of Dante, in the same way that Mark had probably seen just a few hours ago. There was no way in hell that he was ever going to… With a jerking motion he tilted his head up higher and higher until he was close enough to Dante’s lips, at which point Dante leaned in and kissed Grant. He clenched his eyes tightly shut as they kissed, trying to fight the sight before him– that of his mouth on another man’s, but he soon found his eyes staring into Dante’s face, as his lips began to kiss and rub and massage Dante’s mouth, practically trying to swallow him. Their kiss seemed to go on and on into the night, as Dante tilted his head left and right, pressing down into Grant’s face, as Grant vainly tried to resist him.

Dante reached down at the same time and joyfully massaged Grant Larson’s hard tool, bringing forth more than one grunt of uncontrolled arousal, before his lips released Larson’s. He fell back into his pillow, breathing heavily, unable to understand how his wife, Vivian, couldn’t hear or sense this right beside her, even in her sleep, so Dante answered it for him out loud.

“I’ve mentally sent her into a deep sleep, Mr. Lar…Grant. Deeper than she’s ever been before, but don’t worry. Despite the fact that a nuclear explosion couldn’t wake her up right now, she’ll awaken tomorrow feeling just fine. And so will you…in other ways!”

Dante leaned in, held his face on either side, and proceeded to kiss and lick his lips, breathing his heavy breath into Grant Larson’s mouth, and continuing to send his arousal into seductive zones he never knew existed, creating unexpected shivers of response. He was at Dante’s mercy, his hands at his sides for several minutes, until Dante wished to experience some reciprocation on his part, other than his own throbbing, erect cock that was responding to all sorts of stimulation that it shouldn’t be reacting to.

Dante positioned himself so that he lay on his side, facing Mark’s father, who was also now on his side. Slithering an arm around Grant’s neck and across his shoulder in a warm embrace, Dante mentally commanded him to do the same. Grant’s arm rose mechanically, and rested across the back of Dante, feeling the heat and warmth of the younger man’s flesh, and the muscles hidden beneath. Dante reached down and began to slowly masturbate Larson’s hard cock.

’Stroke me, Mr.Larson. Stroke my cock nice and slow."

Mark’s dad thought this was it– his chance to grab the little weirdo’s dick and rip it off, but instead his hand obeyed the young man, wrapped itself around the thick erection, and began to masturbate him slowly, up and down the long 8-inch shaft. Dante responded with a sighing, breathless,

"Oh, yes, Mr.Larson, stroke that cock, stroke it like that, baby. Mmmm, yes, feels good! You love this, Grant– you love the feel of my cock in your hand!’

Again, the words became commands that Grant Larson couldn’t resist, and gradually he came to believe them– yes, he DID enjoy the feel of a nice big hard cock in his hand! What?! How could he ever– Yes, he did enjoy the feel of a nice big cock in his hand. Yes, he did enjoy…

“Say it! Say it aloud, right beside your sleeping wife, Grant!” Dante commanded, grinning breathlessly, licking his cheek.

“I…love the feel of…your cock in my hand!” he said out loud, still unable to believe his wife couldn’t or wouldn’t wake up.

“Again, baby!”

“I love the feel of your cock in my hand!” he responded, even louder.

“Kiss me!” Dante sighed aloud, huskily, and instantly Grant Larson’s mouth was back on his, exploring, pressuring, caressing. The passion and heavy breathing they shared behind the kisses, and rapid increase in cock-stroking, told Dante that the old homophobic Grant Larson was losing, changing.

“Now rub my ass– massage it, explore it– become addicted to it!” Dante sighed, licking Grant’s neck up and down like an appreciative cat.

‘This has got to stop! I’m not gay!’ Grant thought to himself, but his body had other ideas.

Again, his hands were out of his control, as Larson felt his other hand slide down to Dante’s hip, cup his firm round bubble butt and squeeze it as his hand circled it, like a bowler caressing his bowling ball. Dante’s buttocks were firm and youthful– perfect. At least, they would be perfect if they belonged to a hot college girl, but Larson was being enslaved by a college guy– or at least, someone posing as a college student!

His mouth was forced open by Dante and they shared a mingling of tongue, tasting the other, wrestling for dominance in the other’s mouth, until Grant felt a need to be subservient to his master and allow Dante’s will to direct his actions. His hand that rapidly jacked off Dante’s tool was becoming warm and sweaty from the contact, rising up to the mushroom head and down the shaft in quick, slippery strokes, even as Dante played with his own throbbing cock. The young man climbed back on top of Mark’s dad, smiled down at him, and buried his face into his neck.

Embracing Dante with a protective hug, Grant felt his neck become warm, and his heartbeat race, making him gasp and become dizzy. The college student’s lips were locked on his neck, and he felt just the slightest bit of pressure from the man’s teeth and tongue as they latched onto him. His could feel his body weaken as he released Dante’s dick, forcing him to just lay there, with Dante on top of him, the memory of the young man’s lips still fresh in his mind.

‘You’re a beautiful young man,’ he heard himself murmur, surprising himself.

Dante continued to suck his neck.

“The sexiest, hottest young man I’ve ever laid eyes on,” Grant admitted out loud, unheard by his wife.

Dante kept sucking, making Grant Larson’s heart race, his head feel wobbly and dizzy, but his sexual appetite grow and grow

“A young man I would…gladly fall to my knees before…and worship!”

His neck felt warmer still, Dante mouth a magical, sexual, sucking machine.

“And your cock! What a gorgeous cock! Simple gorgeous! Oh, God I want your cock! I have to have your cock, Dante! I want you inside me! I want to taste all of you!” Grant called out aloud, unheard by his wife, his brainwashed mind making his heart beat rapidly from desperate love and the sheer panic of his dreams not being realized. His hands roamed and massaged Dante’s back like a lover embracing his soul mate, trying to absorb him into his soul.

And still, Dante kept sucking.

“Oooh, yeesss! Big hard cock! Firm bubble butt! Adorable smile and wonderful lips! Kisses like I’ve never felt before! Can’t get enough of…Dante! Ooooh! I’ve got to make love to you, Dante! Nothing else matters! Let me be your slave for an hour! For ten minutes! I’m begging you, my love! Give me one chance and I promise I can make you happy!” Grant Larson shouted, finding the strength to massage and run his hands all across Dante’s back and bottom.

He raised his head, his eyes glowing from his efforts to transform Larson, and was pleased to see his enslavement take hold. Grant Larson, Mark’s handsome father, was now completely and irreversibly gay, now that he’d had the straight sucked out of him! The mad love in his eyes as he beheld the sexy vampire was unquestionable, which not only made him proud of his success in converting the elder Larson male, but also created a surge in sexual desire within him. Grant Larson was a hunk in his own right, having become a father when he was still rather young and fit, which made him now a pleasure to seduce.

Dante lowered his lips onto Grant’s who nearly whimpered with relief that the beautiful young man was going to grant him his wish of lovemaking. They embraced one another, grunting and uttering words like, ’Nice cock!", “Love you so much!”, and “Going to suck you dry— but down there this time!”, all while beside his wife who slept on through all of their acrobatics and leg-kicking and writhing and rolling about on the bed he shared with the woman.

Grant beheld the big mushroom-headed cock in Dante’s hand, mere inches from his face, too entranced to look away. Dante stroked it before him, rubbing it until it was hard as steel and throbbing with its own share of desire. With his other hand, Dante pulled Grant’s head forward from behind, and rubbed his cock head all over the older man’s face and mouth, as Grant’s tongue remained out as far as it could, in the hopes of gaining a taste. Like a man possessed, Grant pushed his head forward as far as he could, and found his lips latched around the head of Dante’s cock. He opened his mouth enough to help guide the powerful cock into his mouth at the same time as preventing it from flipping out, even though Dante had no intention of releasing contact.

Grant moaned and stared straight ahead, delirious and content, as he watched Dante’s cock thrust back and forth beneath his nose, running in and out of his mouth, becoming more and more slippery as his saliva layered its flesh. Grant felt insane and dizzy with pleasure and weak with submission as Dante face-fucked him, pumping his mouth so many times and so seductively, that Grant felt like time was standing still and that if Dante pumped his face for six hours like this that he would still yearn for more! His tongue tasted the subtle flavors and textures of a man’s cock– something he’d ludicrously feared at one time, but now felt like an addiction growing within his mind! He had to have more! He would have more!

A taste of something warm and slightly salty, creamy and thick– pre-cum, dribbled across his licking tongue and slipped down his throat as he swallowed it, triggering even deeper thoughts and feelings of gay desire within him.

‘I love cock! I love cock! I love cock! I want to suck cock all the time! I want to suck cock all the time!’ he heard his mind shout to the heavens, as Dante’s cock continued to thrust back and forth in his mind, turning him into a submissive gay boy.

Dante heard this in his mind and was satisfied that Grant Larson was so far over the edge that he could jam an 18-inch dildo up his ass and he’d beg for six more inches! Taking control of his love slave again, he positioned the willing father on all fours, and rubbed his slippery, glistening cock up against Grant’s hole, making the adult Larson tremble with anticipation.

“Yes! Do it! Do it to me, Dante! I’ve got to have you in my ass! All the way up my ass with your gorgeous cock!” Grant called out in a tone that was loud enough to wake up his next door neighbor, but not his wife.

Mrs.Torelli peaked through her bedroom curtains and squinted through the evening darkness into the Larson’s bedroom window, which was barely ten feet away from her own. She gasped as her sharp eyes made out the prone figure of Mr.Larson on his hands and knees in his bed, and a young man she’d never seen before mounting the older man! She covered her mouth in shock as she saw the erect penis of the younger man point straight out, line up with Mr.Larson’s butt-hole, and gradually enter, more and more of it disappearing up inside the family man as the younger man made him have anal sex with him. The grunts of satisfaction and encouragement were too much for her, and she slammed her window shut and drew her curtains, hoping the vision of gay sex wouldn’t keep her awake!

“Uuuuhhh! Yeeaaahhh! I love the feel of you inside me, Dante!” Grant groaned out, burying his face into his pillow, before lifting it and proclaiming aloud, “Make me your slave! I want to be your slave!”

It didn’t take long, but the night the lovers shared did last long.

Grant Larson was turned into Dante’s gay love slave before the grandfather clock downstairs even struck 3 am.

The Larson’s all got ready for the individual days; Mark was going to help open the shop, Vivian was considering taking an unexpected trip to visit her sister out of town, and Grant was feeling exhausted but horny as hell. With no memory of the night before that changed him, he didn’t question his new sexual orientation, or resist the images of big, thick cocks and sexy, hard-bodied men that wafted through his psyche. They were simply there and he enjoyed the restlessness his dick felt within his pants. He adjusted his shirt collar that covered the twin bite marks on his neck, as Mark entered the kitchen and chugged back a half cup of coffee, give his dad a cursory nod and mumble,

“Seeya at the shop, Dad.”

“Mark, wait!” Grant said, standing up, and making his son pause. “I just wanted to apologize for my behaviour last night. It wasn’t right for me to interrupt you and your friend and send him home. I was…having a bad day, and I took it out on you. I’m sorry.”

The apology surprised Mark, who was practically speechless, so he smiled and felt better. “Thanks. Dante’s a cool guy.”

“I’m sure he is. In fact, why not ask him over for dinner some time. I’m sure your mother wouldn’t mind setting an extra plate. Or we can send out for pizza. But I just wanted you to know that I’m fine with him coming back here as much as you guys want. Tell him I’m sorry I was rude.”

“Okay. Great. Thanks.”

Grant Larson never apologized. Not to people in traffic, not to his customers, and very, very rarely to his wife, so this was really unusual but welcome. Mark left for the auto body shop, hoping that Dante would be okay with visiting tonight. ‘American Idol’ was on tonight and Mark was crazy about judge Jennifer Lopez. After that, they could watch ESPN and see who was smarter at sports knowledge, or they could always leave and hang out downtown and check out all the hot chcks.

Grant entered his house with a satisfied sigh, memories of his sexual encounter with a gay shoe salesman in the back room of his store still vivid in his mind. God, how he loved to suck and fuck! And he’d only gone to the store to buy a new pair of Nikes! He was worn out from the hot and heavy action he and the salesman, Joe (or as he was now known, ‘Juicy Joe’!), shared in the back room, the customers out in the front oblivious to the hot gay action taking place behind closed doors!

Now he just had to catch his breath and grab a quick shower before he welcomed Joe into his house, once the sexy shoe salesman got off work. Grant smiled to himself and thought to himself, ‘Mister, you’ll get off work, and then you’ll get off with me!’

Luckily, he’d been able to talk his wife into visiting her sister for the weekend, so he had the place to himself, more or less. Mark would be in and out of the house, out with friends or maybe over at that cute friend’s place…what was his name? Oh, yes! Dante! The mere memory of the gorgeous young stud was enough to make his cock come alive and throb within his pants. He rubbed it a bit, envious that his son was friends with such a cute hunk as Dante! Hopefully, he’d meet someone, too, and…

Sounds of voices behind closed doors upstairs caught his keen hearing, and prompted him to slowly and silently ascend the stairs towards the bedrooms. It turned out that Mark’s bedroom door wasn’t closed all the way, but it was about as closed as you could get without it shut all the way. Mark’s father crept closer and grasped the door handle carefully and edged the door just a crack so that he could get a better look inside his son’s room.

What he saw surprised him.

And made him proud.

“Uuhhhh! Uuhh, yeaaaa! I love iiit! Uuhhh! Harder, Dante! Pound my ass harderrrr!”

Grant Larson watched with pride and pleasure as he secretly watched his son, Mark, get the ass-fucking of a lifetime from the beautiful young man called Dante on his bed. Mark was on all fours, his back glistening with a film of sweat, his hair ragged and moppy as he shook and nodded with ecstasy as he gave his ass to Dante. The sexy friend was grunting and pounding away like a pro, holding Mark’s hips in place, thrusting his cock in and out of Mark’s bottom like a pro. The twin bite marks on Mark’s neck were clear and slippery with Dante’s saliva.

In spite of himself, Grant watched his son get fucked by another guy for a few more seconds, before he softly backed away and went to his own bedroom, and the ensuite bathroom where he could get cleaned up quietly without disturbing the boys.

He felt a joyful, almost giddy pride in his son for coming out as he did, giving him something else in common with the son he loved so much.

And now Mark could share his love with that hot and horny Dante, and he’d approve completely.

He didn’t know how or why they’d both had these revelations about their sexuality, but a part of him wondered about his wife.

Maybe someone could suck the straight out of her?

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