William's Rush Adventure

published May 7, 2020
1636 words

After losing a bet and having to go to a rush event for Delta Theta, Will finds the fraternity a lot more appealing than he initially expected.

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Will stopped a minute to take in the view in front of him as he finally reached his destination. Delta Theta was immense. He wouldn’t have expected one of the largest fraternities on campus to be small but the size still surprised him. Not wanting to be caught staring any longer he quickly shuffled towards the door.

“I should’ve never taken that bet,” he muttered to himself as he read the note taped to the door. Rushee’s should find a place to sit down until they were ready to start. There were a few other guys scattered around the couches in the lobby but the only person that really stood out to Will to any degree was the guy who was probably going to be showing them around. The dude was massive, lounging on a chair in a lose tank with the frats letters and a pair of sweatpants that only manged to emphasize that he probably never skipped a leg day. Will quickly looked away, he didn’t want to make a fool of himself here. He already probably looked ridiculous enough already. Pulling out his phone, he idly stared shifting through his social media while he waited.

The tour was fairly straightforward once it had actually started once they had all introduced themselves. There was a lot of the fraternity to show and their guide Brett wasn’t interesting in fussing over every detail, only lingering in any one place when one of the other guys had a question. Will kept in the middle of the pack, close enough to still cautiously admire Brett but still mostly out of the way. The house was just as impressive from the inside, especially for how much partying must have gone on here. They had a maid but they must have had to do a fair amount of work themselves to really keep this place up.

Next they were all herded into a room with a few rows of comfy chairs and a projector, the theater room, as Brett called it. They all spread out into the seats and were treated to a video lauding all of the supposed virtues and whatnot of Delta Theta. Everything they said was predictably eye rolling yet somehow still incredibly endearing. Everyone who spoke was a member and for how token their lines were, the delivery felt impressively genuine. It probably also helped that all of the guys they’d asked to talk were easy on the eyes too. They spent a lot more time talking about philanthropy than partying which was fairly interesting to Will. He wondered if the choice was just to make their image seem better or for some other half hearted purpose. He stole a few glances at Brett who seemed to mostly be paying attention but quickly stopped when they accidentally made eye contact.

Once the video was done Brett invited everyone to visit any of the brothers on the floor they were on, as long as the door was open they were welcome to come in. Will took this as an ideal opportunity to finally get out of here. Unfortunately he felt a heavy hand on his shoulder before he could even make it halfway down the hallway, “leaving already?”

Will turned around sheepishly, “Yeah, I’m not sure I’d be a good fit here”. Brett didn’t bother to lift his hand, instead giving his shoulder a squeeze, “You can’t count yourself out so easily. Why don’t you come over to my room?” Brett gave him a pat on the back before he shepherded him forward. Despite his reservations, Will couldn’t make himself disagree, especially coming from someone like Brett. They marched up the stairs and around the corner before they arrived at his room. Brett looked towards him as he unlocked the door, “What weapon do you play in Monster Hunter? I really enjoy playing it but none of the other guys are into the game” The question caught Will off guard but he realized looking down at his shirt where the question had come from. He was wearing his Rathalos shirt.

“Mostly the Switchaxe, I think the whole axe/sword combo is really cool. I like playing sword and shield quite a bit as well too though”. Brett smiled as they sat down, grabbing a controller and booting up the game, “I’ve only played the longsword so far. I’ve been meaning to try something else but I’ve put it off because I haven’t wanted to upgrade something else all the way up to what I already have”. Brett’s biceps flexed unconsciously as he showed off his character and Will had to turn himself back towards the screen before he got caught ogling, “That’s pretty understandable, it took me a while before I started trying any of the other weapons”. That he had anything in common with even one of the guys here was surreal, let alone a behemoth like Brett. He was even fairly good at the game. Will could only wonder if he’d been too quick to judge this place, though he still really wasn’t sure he would fit in.

Will didn’t notice as he scratched his head that his hair was shortening into a fade, “How’d you get into Monster Hunter World?” Brett raised his arm to rub the back of his neck, “I saw the game at the store and thought the cover looked cool. I’m glad that I didn’t know much about the game ahead of time, I might have bothered with the game if I’d known how time intensive it can be”. He followed with a question that puzzled Will a bit, “How often do you lift?” The answer seemed obvious—he really didn’t—but his mouth didn’t agree with him, “I’ve hit the gym a few times so far but I really need to get into a regular routine”. The words seemed to send a wave across him. His hands swelled, his forearms and biceps bulged as the wave traveled up his arms. Will looked down as his chest stretched out the front of his shirt. He wasn’t particularly small but if he wanted to as big as Brett, he really needed work out more often, “Why do you ask?”

“I’ve been looking for a new workout partner, my old one bailed on me after the first week of classes. And you look like you know the inside of a gym,” Will had to stop himself from literally jumping at the opportunity. He rubbed his face, as if he were considering not agreeing which seemed to cause a short beard to materialize under his hand, “Yeah, that sounds pretty good”. “Why not one of your brothers though?” Brett shrugged, “Anyone who could keep up with me already has a partner and I’ve been itching for someone to game with as well”.

“I don’t know if I could necessarily keep up with you either,” Will lifted but he couldn’t imagine he had that kind of strength. All of his reservations fell flat on Brett, “don’t be so modest, I would be surprised if you weren’t a lineman with how you’re built”. Will’s mind reeled at the accusation before he finally agreed, “You caught me, I was a lineman in high school”. The words started another wave causing Will to grunt and his voice to audibly deepen. His arms completely filled his sleeves and his shirt might as well have been painted to his torso now. The seams on his jeans gave out as his legs pumped up to match his upper body. Will chuckled a bit as he noticed, “Hey, mind if I borrow a pair of gym shorts? I think the pair of pants I picked out were a bit too much on schemedium side”. Brett took one look before he burst out laughing himself, “Only a bit? I can only wonder how manged to get those on! Trying to impress someone?”

“Got to make a good impression if you want to get a bid, right?” Will jested catching the shorts and pulling off the tatters of his former jeans, “Like what you see?” His dick reacted to the question more than Brett did, snaking down his boxers and leaving an unmistakable impression as he pulled on the shorts. Brett gave him a pat on the back, “Gotta ask a man out to dinner first. I’m feeling like heading out to the gym, want to come along?” Will nodded with a grin but felt he had to ask, “What about the rush event?” His new gym partner tossed him a shirt, “You really think you have anything to worry about? Put this on, I doubt you want to rip that shirt to shreds when we get a good pump going. Besides, if we can get going quickly we probably take out a few monsters before the end of the night”.

Quickly peeling off his old shirt and tossing the new one on, Will followed Brett down the stairs. This triggered one last change as his body stretched from a modest 5’9 to a hefty 6’2. He took a closer look as his shirt as he caught his balance. Brett was right, he had nothing to worry about. He’d have to find his old shirt in a bigger size now for sure, but the Greek letters definitely suited him now that he could see himself wearing them, “Maybe losing that bet wasn’t too bad after all,” he muttered as they left to go work out.

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