Deus ex machina

By Nonyab123
published May 5, 2020
1046 words

A genius gets tired of his unappealing body, knowing that he is a god amongst men he creates a machine that will allow him to transfer his consciousness into others so that he may become immortal. He chooses his university’s star football player to be the vessel worthy of a go

(I wrote this story as an entry to a male tf writing contest but I ended up being super happy with how it turned out so I decided to share it here! Hope you all enjoy.)

(Sid’s POV) Not to brag, but I was always a man of superior intellect. In the third grade I already mastered Einstein’s Theory of Relativity. Of course, I chose intellect over physical fitness and friends. I was very isolated from people, and not to put myself down but I was…pretty ugly. That’s why when I got to college I ignored the standard classes (I already had credits for them, after all.) and went right for anything abstract. Theory classes, classes on magic, classes on things people would consider taboo. I gathered enough knowledge to create the perfect machine, a machine I named “Deus ex machina”. I was, after all, a god amongst the paltry mortals I roamed the Earth with. With this machine I would become immortal, I would be able to transfer my mind from body to body, allowing me to stay here on Earth and save these mortals with my intellect. While I was nowhere near death, I grew tired of my body. It was unappealing, and the ancients always made it a point to make their Gods attractive, with some nice pecs and abs you could do laundry on. As a god amongst men I deserved no less, which is why I chose our star football player, Jason to be my next vessel. He was slim and toned, not to mention good enough to play football for a prestigious university. Me taking his body would be the perfect union between brain and brawn.

(Jason’s POV) That kid Sid was a genius, yeah, but also a major creep. I felt his eyes on me almost constantly, and the university protected him fiercely. He was set to be the next big brain of our times, I guess. They made me hang out with him for publicity, and at parties he would usually mix us drinks because I guess his smarts made him a great mixologist. He never partied with us, though. After we won a big football game tonight, we threw a huge party, everyone showed up and it went on for hours. He stayed the whole time, until it was just he and I left at the house while everyone else was knocked out. I asked him for a whiskey on the rocks, but he had one ready, like he knew exactly what I wanted. I took a sip and…and…I don’t…

(Sid’s POV) The idiot jock did exactly what I expected him to do, underestimate me. He was unnerved by me, but he thought that I was far too weak to actually do anything to him. I spiked his drink with something potent enough to take him out instantly, then dragged his body to my car. I drove off to the abandoned building that I bought, where my precious machine was waiting for us. I strapped him up, smirking to myself. The drug would wear off soon, which was perfect. I wanted him to watch as he became the vessel of a god, as he was sacrificed for the greater good of humanity. I walked to the rear end of the machine and put my helmet on, shuddering as the rods began to collect my consciousness, transferring it into the machine’s hard drive so that even if I was to perish there would be a backup of my mind somewhere. I walked over to him and grabbed the other helmet, putting it on his head and securing it. That’s when he woke up.

(Jason’s POV) I woke up, somewhere cold and feeling tight…oddly tight. I looked down at myself and gasped, seeing that I was strapped into some upright bed with a huge machine pointed at me. It was loud, so loud and…FUCK there was some shooting pain in my head. The pain and the loud machine hurt like fucking hell and I wanted to stop it. Then it started to vibrate. It started to buzz, the sounds making the helmet on my head vibrate loudly. I wanted to cover my ears, but it was too late, my body felt light, like it didn’t exist. Everything went white and I was… gone…

(Jason?’s POV) I woke up slowly, panting and gasping for air because the cognitive overload temporarily stopped Jason’s…no, my lungs for a second. The timer on the machine was up and my bonds released, letting me stumble forward and smirk a bit, looking down at my new hands, my new firm legs in my shorts and my growing bulge. “Mmm, thank you, Jason, for your contribution for science. It won’t be in vain…” I moaned and slid my hand into my boxers, grabbing my cock and moaning a bit as I gave my new cock a tug. “Fuck…hehe, fuck it, no one should be coming here anyways.” I pulled my shorts and underwear off and grabbed my shirt, ripping it in two with a roar as I started to stroke my cock, rubbing my thumb over the tip and reaching my hand up, tweaking my nipple and roaring when I discovered how sensitive it is. “Mmmm…this is all just basic anatomy, but these erogenous zones make me feel so good…” I panted happily and started to stroke faster. “FUCK YEAH!” I roared as I got close. “SUCH A GOOD VESSEL, A GOOD HUMAN FOR YOUR GOD!” I roared out loudly and licked my lips as I bucked my hips, firing my load all over the floor and smirking. “Feels good to have what’s yours…”

(Epilogue) I woke up with a smirk on my face and two twinks on my arms. I looked up at the marble ceiling and chandelier above me with a soft chuckle. A decade later here I was, a billionaire now that I figured out some software that launched technology into the future. It was simple, really, but it allowed me to never have to work another day in my life and enjoy fucking stupid mortals with my new body.

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