Damian and Jon: Part 1

By Ultimate1
published May 6, 2020
11412 words

A nerd gains superpowers and decides to test them out against his tormentors…

This is part 1 of a series that I’m hoping to continue writing if enough people enjoy it. This is my first story on this website, so I’d really appreciate any and all feedback that others can provide. Thanks and enjoy!


Damian and Jon ran down the hall of the creaking building. They had to find a place to hide to avoid their violent pursuers. The building had many twists and turns, almost appearing to be like a maze.

“In there!” Jon yelled, as he and Damian cut a corner.

Jon pointed at an old wooden door, which remained in-between two rusting statues. Damian and Jon stopped at the door, both taking a quick moment to give the door the up-down. They could hear the pursuers’ voices getting louder, indicating that they weren’t too far from the corner than Jon and Damian had just cut.

Damian reached for the door, feeling the rust on the old knob. He gave it a twist and a pull, and the door opened with a creak. Both boys ran into the room, Damian gently pushing the door shut behind them. The boys weren’t sure whether or not the pursuers would check this room, as they had ran past many doors themselves, and haven’t heard the pursuers stop at any point in time to check through each individual room. However, they knew it was better to be safe than sorry.

Damian was still staring at the door, heart beating loudly. He was still shaken about the whole ordeal and needed a moment to regain focus. Jon, however, turned to face the contents of the room. The room was quite large and filled with many dusty items, ranging from apparent antiques, to multiple large statues. This room appeared to be a storage-room of some kind. The sunlight coming out of the faded window shined on a particular spot in the room that caught Jon’s eye. In the area was a large box, which had a big opening on the side that faced the boys.

“Over here,” Jon whispered to Damian.

Jon took Damian’s arm when he didn’t respond and pulled him toward the box. Damian regained focus, and together with Jon, the boys trotted quietly toward the spot. Upon reaching the box, Jon pushed Damian down, forcing him to get on his knees.

“Get inside; I’ll find a way to cover up this hole,” Jon said to Damian.

Damian crawled into the box, the box being only slightly larger than his height on his knees. The box was very roomy, however, leaving enough air for the boys to breathe for a while. Jon looked around the room to search for something large. He could hear the pursuers getting very close to the room, almost at their corner. Jon saw many large objects in the room, but most of them seemed too heavy for him to pull.

“Hurry up!” Damian yelled with a whisper.

Jon gave the entire room another quick look. Then, his eyes fell upon another box. However, this one was long, rather than wide and spacious. Jon pulled the thin box toward the large one. He then sunk to his knees and joined Damian within the box. Together, he and Damian pulled the thin box to fit it nicely over the opening of box they were inside of.

Jon and Damian were huffing and puffing, taking large breaths to make up for the exhaustion they felt from their escape attempt. They heard the pursuers run seemingly right past their room. Jon and Damian both let out sighs of relief, having just made a narrow escape.


Damian and I sat there in the box, trying to catch our breaths. It’s crazy because we usually don’t get away from the bullies, but here we are, successful for a change. I should probably explain:

Damian and I are both eighteen. We’re both really short, around 5’6" or so. I have jet-black hair that I keep short and straight, and baby blue eyes, which I got from my father. Damian also has jet-black hair, but he prefers to keep it a bit spiky (but still short). He also has really nice sea-green eyes. We’re both college freshmen at Welton College, one of our state’s private schools. It became apparent to Damian and I early in our first semester that we would be the targets of bullying from some of the Greek Life jocks just because of our grades. The first time we had an Orgo exam (we came into college with AP credit, so we placed out of Gen Chem), Damian and I were the first ones done. We finished around our tests in around twenty minutes, which left about an hour and a half left for everybody else to finish. Everyone seemed to look at us as though we were crazy, looks that seemed to scream “how dare these freshman join OUR class and try to make us look dumb”. Needless to say, when the professor returned our exams, the other students were displeased to hear the professor yell out perfect scores for Damian and I, after he had given back around twenty other exams whose scores ranged from twenties-sixties.

When Damian and I got back to our dorms later that day, we were met with a group of five jocks from our Orgo class, waiting right outside of our door. They saw the confusion on our faces and decided to take a moment to explain. The head of the group, Jake, told us that his Frat didn’t take kindly to nerds, especially ones that made him and his friends look dumb. His posse nodded and voiced their agreement to everything their leader said, acting like dogs following their alpha. The jocks then made me open the door to the room and Damian and I share. I didn’t feel like I had a choice at the time, so I obliged. The bullies pushed us into the room, then made their way in. They took a look around the room, until something very specific caught their eyes: The Pride Flag that Damian and I had hung up to celebrate both of our coming-outs earlier this year. Damian and I weren’t boyfriends, but I honestly wouldn’t have been opposed. His eyes are quite a sight to behold, and his hair is always combed to perfection. Anyway, I immediately noticed the fury building up on the faces on the jocks as they continued to gaze at the flag. My heart had started to beat really fast in anticipation for what was to come. That was the first of many days that the bullies would beat Damian and I up.

The bullies met us the same day every week outside of our dorm to “remind-us” of their distaste for our sexualities. We were forced to give into their bullying. It became apparent that these jocks had total immunity from administration, when we tried to report them after the second week. The jocks paid us an extra visit that week and explained how their parents practically kept the school running through their donations and fund-raisers. Damian and I had found some solace in this old, abandoned house. We found it a few days ago while wandering through the streets during one of our breaks. Today was supposed to be our weekly meeting with the jocks, so we thought it would be a clever idea to stake out in the house until the bullies got tired and went away from our dorms. Little did we know that they would follow us as soon as we left our final class, and end up coming with us.

As soon as Damian and I got into the house and started to laugh about how we might actually have out-smarted the jocks, they walked in through the front door. There was some interaction between us but basically: Damian and I managed to run down one of the corridors, knocking down statues and objects behind us to widen the distance between us and the jocks. We gained some distance on them, but had no obvious place to hide, as we were still new to the building. We ran past many doors, but many were either partially-broken so that you can see inside the rooms from the outside, or we heard the bullies getting too close and didn’t think we’d have enough time to get in. We ended up cutting and corner and I immediately noticed a door that just seemed… different than the rest. I immediately called Damian to the door and took him inside. And now here we are, hiding inside the large box in the room.

My breathing finally slowed down to a normal pace. I could hear Damian’s slowing down as well. I couldn’t hear anymore running outside of the room, so I assumed it was ok to get out of the box.

“Hang on Damian, I’m gonna check outside,” I whispered to him.

He looked at me with a bit of fear on his face, but nodded. I slowly moved the thin box away from the hole and squeezed out of the opening I created. I got up and looked around the room. Nobody here, I thought.

“Coast is clear Damian, come on out,” I said to him.

Damian slowly came out of the hole between the boxes. He got back on his feet and smiled at me. “We did it!” he said to me. “I can’t believe we actually made it out!”

He gave me a hug, something he had never done before. It caught me completely off-guard and I froze out of confusion. He looked up at me and apparently noticed my confusion because he immediately pulled away and apologized. I knew I didn’t mind it, but I was still a bit shaken from this whole ordeal to reassure him.

“Let’s get out of here,” he said.

We walked to the door, taking in one last look at this room that saved us. When we reached the door, Damian put his hand on the knob to open it. He turned it and pulled, opening the door toward him. Damian walked out of the room and I proceeded to follow. However, as soon as I took one step out of the room, a droplet of green, thick liquid fell onto my hand from the ceiling. I looked up and saw a crack in the ceiling, where there was another droplet of the green goo preparing to fall.

“Ew, what is that?” I asked.

Damian turned and saw the goo on the top of my hand.

“Get it off!” I yelled to him, a bit too shocked to react.

Damian swatted the goo off onto the ground, wiping any that remained on his hand onto the wall. I did the same, wiping my hand a couple of times on the wall by the door. We immediately got away from the area and left the room, not wanting to take a shower in that weird stuff. We ran off toward the direction that we came from, paying notice to any sounds we heard that may have came from the jocks. Neither of us heard any voices, so we seemed to be in the clear. We were cautious, however, of the room that held the door to the outside. We considered that a few jocks have remained there in-case Damian and I had looped the pursuers around. And we weren’t wrong, one of Jake’s minions was sitting on a chair right by the door leading to the outside. We remained hidden in a corner, devising a way to escape.

“Maybe we can take him,” I suggested. It’s two vs one, after-all.

“Are you kidding?” Damian responded. “Do you see how built he is? There’s no way we can take him!”

Damian was probably right; the jock was built really well. He had a muscular, but lean build, one characteristic of one who probably does a lot of calisthenics. This would probably mean that he would also be agile, so we probably wouldn’t even be able to outrun him.

“We can always try the old look-over-there distraction we see in the movies,” Damian said. “We can toss something to the other side of the room, then try to sneak out.”

I thought this over for a moment. “Ok,” I said. “But what do we toss?”

Damian took out a small plank of wood that he had inside the back of his shoes. It had been hidden beneath his pants. “I grabbed this during the chase, just in case the bullies had caught up to us and we needed to fight back,” he said. “Let me just get a good angle.”

He tossed the plank across the room, near an open door. The bully voiced his confusion and got up to check the source of the disturbance.

“Now, let’s go,” Damian said.

He and I squatted down and slowly moved our way toward the exit. The first half of the way to the exit contained many objects to hide behind, like couches and chairs. The next half was the tricky part: the path was completely out in the open. We slowly began to move through the second half, hoping that the jock was still checking the other room. We were almost a few feet from the door when we heard the bully yell, “Hey!” We both made eye contact with the bully and realized that he had seen us.

“Run!” Damian yelled to me and we both got up and began to sprint.

Damian, being ahead, reached the exit first. Unluckily for me, the jock managed to sprint fast enough to catch me. He grabbed a hold on my left arm and pulled back.

“Get off me!” I yelled.

I shook my arm to try to shake him off, but it didn’t help. His grip was as strong as iron. Damian came back into the room and tried to pull me away from the jock, using my right arm. I felt like I was going to be torn in half right then and there. But then, I felt it. A sneeze was coming up through my respiratory system. Maybe it was due to all of the dust around this building. I aimed my mouth at the jock and let out the sneeze, which led to the jock letting go of me and frantically trying to wipe his arms and clothes on whatever object he could find. Damian and I ran out of the building as fast as we were able to and made a break for our dorm room. We made it back after a few minutes of sprinting, and found that none of the jocks were outside. We immediately opened the door and went in, then locked the door behind us.

We sat in our room for a few hours until the sun went down. Luckily, we didn’t hear any of the jocks outside of our room. We knew that we were probably in-for-it tomorrow when we left our rooms to go to class.

“Maybe we can leave really early tomorrow so that the jocks don’t catch us right outside of our rooms,” Damian suggested.

“That sounds like a good enough idea,” I responded. “We’re going to have to continue to be elusive after each class to evade the jocks. We also probably shouldn’t go back to that building anytime soon, since they could be patrolling it during our breaks.”

Damian agreed and we decided to try to get up early tomorrow to sneak out of our rooms. We gave each other the usual “Good night” and drifted off into sleep.

That night was a weird one. My dreams had been going as typically as usual: I dreamed about worshiping some hot guy with nice muscles, nothing unusual. However, green goo started falling on my body from the ceiling of the bedroom in my dream. The green goo fully enveloped me, blocking all of my senses. I tried to feel for a way out, but felt absolutely nothing. It was as though I was in a pit of nothingness. Then, I heard a loud booming voice.

“Flight, strength and invulnerability, and hypnosis are the powers that you shall have,” the voice said in my head. “Use your gifts as you see fit.”

And with that, I awoke all of a sudden. I was panting, clearly out of breath, and also covered in sweat. I looked at the time and saw that it was almost sunrise. It was almost time for Damian and I to sneak out. I noticed that the lights were still off in the room, so Damian probably wasn’t awake yet. I got up slowly, letting out my last pants. I walked to Damian’s bed to wake him. I rubbed my eyes to help wake myself up and then looked down at Damian’s bed. He was gone. That was weird. Where could he have went? Did he leave without me?

I walked around the dorm room, checking the bathroom and the kitchen. Damian wasn’t here. Oh well, he probably just decided to leave early. It’s kind of annoying that he decided not to wake me up. I probably wouldn’t have woke up on time if it wasn’t for that strange dream. That strange dream…. what exactly had happened? I summoned all my willpower to help me to remember.

I had first been enveloped by a weird green, thick fluid…….. the same fluid from the ceiling in the old building! My mind clearly went over-the-top and decided to exaggerate my annoyance with having that droplet fall on me yesterday by having it fully cover me during my dream. Very funny brain, I thought. But then I remembered the loud booming voice that came in the abyss. It had mentioned things that seemed totally random at the time… what were they? I thought about it for a few seconds. Flight, strength and invulnerability, and hypnosis were what they were, I thought. But the voice had also said something else, had it not? It said…. to use my gifts as I saw fit… whatever that meant. Weird dream, I thought. But surely dreams have meaning, don’t they? So… these gifts… perhaps they were real? I thought about this for a moment and decided to test these “powers” out. Surely, that wouldn’t be too crazy, right? I also have a few minutes before I need to get ready to leave for class.

So… flight, that was first, right? How am I supposed to test out flight? Do I jump off the kitchen table? That seemed like a good idea so I can just land on the floor if it failed. I got up on top of the table, and walked to the edge to jump off. Then, I jumped. On the way down, I waited for something to happen, but nothing did. I landed on the floor neatly, a bit disappointed. I should have known that superpowers were fake, after-all, it was just a dream. It’s not like I can just will myself to fly. As I thought about the idea of willing myself to fly, it happened: I felt my feet levitate a few centimeters off of the ground. I was completely shocked. Perhaps I could go higher? I willed myself to fly to the ceiling. My body immediately flew up to the ceiling, slamming my head slam against the ceiling. Clearly I would need some work on controlling my flight better. But wait, I felt no pain from my head hitting the ceiling. Was I actually invulnerable?

I decided to test it out by flying to my one of the cupboards in the kitchen. I opened it and grabbed a bowl, then flew back to the ground. I willed myself to stop flying, letting my feet once again embrace the ground. I put my hand on the kitchen table and raised the bowl high above it with my other hand. I closed my eyes and dropped the bowl. I felt the bowl touch my hand when it fell, and then slide off onto the table, but felt no pain. This was amazing! Two whole superpowers? What could have caused this? But then I remembered the second part of this power. I immediately picked up the bowl and gave it a gentle squeeze between my fingers. It shattered immediately upon squeezing it, which left me feeling amazed. Here I was, a relatively scrawny kid, with superpowers. I can do so much with these powers! I can help people, like firefighters, cops, doctors…. but wait. I thought about the jocks that Damian and I were trying to avoid. I could get my revenge on them. Yes, I could do so much to them. I can make them beg me for mercy. I smiled at the idea of the jocks being on their knees begging me not to hurt them. It would be a nice reversal scenario.

I should go join Damian, I thought. I went to get dressed so that I could leave for class. The sun was coming out, so I had to hurry up. As I took off my shirt, I realized something was different. My scrawny body had been replaced with a new one. I had a good amount of muscle throughout my body. My chest was rounder than it had ever been. I had defined abs that you could wash clothes on. My arms and shoulders look like they were crafted by a sculptor. This body suits me better, I thought. Someone as powerful as I am shouldn’t look too weak. My body was very lean, so it was still hard to tell I had much muscle without my shirt off.

I finished getting changed, rather pleased with this new transformation. I grabbed my bag and a banana and left to go to class. Then it occurred to me that I had forgot to test one more power: hypnosis. How was I supposed to test this without a subject? I suppose I’ll have to try it later. Later, when the changes I want to happen, happen.

I walked along the path to school, soaking in the small glimmers of sunlight from the rising sun. The streets were nearly empty, save for a few students who have early classes. I couldn’t wait to use my powers on those jocks. The look on Jake’s face will be something to remember. Come to think of it, I’ve never thought of myself as dominant or vengeful. This time was different. This time, I had the power to make the jocks regret what they’d done. In fact, I’m sure that they’re probably in their Frat House right now plotting a method to bully Damian and I later this week to make up for us evading them yesterday in the abandoned house. I thought about paying them a visit before class, but I should probably meet up with Damian, assuming he’s actually there outside of the classroom.

I continued walking until I reached the biology building. Damian and I have Biochemistry as our first class today. I walked through the halls until I made it to the classroom. Damian was nowhere in sight. I decided that now would be a good time to text him, so I took out my phone and sent him a text asking where he had been. I wait for for five minutes until I received “…”, which was the signal to show that he was typing. The signal left as quickly as it had came. Gosh, I really hated that. I was about to call Damian until I heard voices coming from down the hall. I turned to see Damian and our Biochemistry Professor, Dr. Greenbaum, heading toward me. As they came closer, I heard them discussing last week’s material (Reverse Aldol Reactions in the Glycolytic Pathway).

“Damian, where the heck have you been?!” I asked as he and the professor reached me. “You didn’t wake me up this morning. What happened?!”

“Sorry Jon,” Damian responded. “I thought that you’d wake up by yourself and would just meet me here. I woke up to a nightmare last night and just decided not to go back to bed. I wanted you to have a good night’s rest.”

Damian smiled at me. His smile was so bright, so it helped to ease my tension. I finally addressed the professor that I had ignored at first.

“Hello, Dr. Greenbaum,” I started. “Sorry that you had to hear me yelling. I was just worried that something could have happened to Damian.”

“Don’t worry, I understand,” the Professor replied. “You seem to care a lot about Damian,” he continued as I blushed. “Not like that, of course!” he added on as he saw my face flush. “I’m sure that you both have a strong friendship that can withstand anything.”

And with that, the professor led us into the classroom. The school day was a bit monotonous. I had considered telling Damian about my revelation last night, but thought it would be better to be left as a secret for now. The day dragged on until we finished our last class. Since the bullies weren’t in any of our classes that day, Damian and I didn’t get to see them.

“Hey, I’m going to go meet-up with some friends,” I lied to Damian, as we left our last class of the day. “I’ll see you later tonight.”

“What?” he replied. “Where are you going? Why can’t I come?”

“I’ll introduce you next time, don’t worry,” I added. “It’s just some friends I made on my way to school this morning. They invited me to their study group. It would be a bit awkward if you came along this first time, completely unannounced.”

To this, he agreed. I told him to stay safe, but tonight shouldn’t be an issue. Tonight was a frat party at Jake’s Frat House, so I doubt he would be available to do any bullying. I left Damian and made my way toward the Frat House. I was excited. I couldn’t wait to see my powers in action. Part of me feels bad about leaving Damian in the dark, but I made a promise to myself that I’ll have the jocks show their apologies to him in some way as well.

I made it to the Frat House after a few minutes of walking. The building appeared very regal. There were statues outside that were gilded (probably in fake gold) to add to the illusion of opulence. Grape vines were placed around the building to create the typical “Greek Life” effect.

I walked up the grand doors and knocked. I waited a few moments until a jock that I didn’t recognize opened the door. The jock’s facial expression makes it seem like he’d seen a troll standing before him.

“Who are you and what are you doing here?” he asked, disdainfully.

“Hey, I’m looking for Jake and his friend,” I replied. “Are they here?”

“Why would you be looking for them?” he asked, with the disgust he had before.

I thought for a second on a good reply. “I owe them a favor,” I said. “I’m here to repay it.”

He seemed please with this response. “They’re not here yet,” he replied with a scoff. “They’re working out at the gym until the party starts. You can go pay back your favor there.”

“Ok, thanks,” I said, with a slightly-devious smile.

“Yeah, sure,” he replied, clearly happy to see a nerd owing favors to jocks.

I made my way to the gym, hoping to catch the jocks before the party began. I had no idea when the party actually was; in hindsight, it may have been a good idea to ask the jock at the House that before I left.

When I reached the gym, I smiled. This might have been it: the time when I can exact my vengeance. The sun was setting and most of the gym-goers were exiting through the doors. I went inside and was immediately faced with the staff desk. I walked right past the desk, walking toward the locker room.

“ID, sir?” one of the male workers behind the desk requested of me.

I didn’t have a gym ID, nor did I have my wallet on me so I could set up an account. My College didn’t have a gym, so this was the one that most people signed up for. I, however, had no interest in signing up. I was completely fine with the lean, muscular body that my transformation had provided me.

Acknowledging that I couldn’t just waltz into the gym without stirring up trouble, I thought that now would be the perfect time to test the “hypnosis” portion of my powers.

I looked straight at the worker and said “you are now under my control. Let me into the gym without hassle.” The worker looked at me like I’d gone mad.

“Are you crazy?” he asked. “Get out my gym, you’ll scare away all my paying-customers.”

I thought about what to do. Why had my hypnosis failed? I thought about the nature of my powers. Well, I had super strength and invulnerability all of the time, so hypnosis was probably different. What about flight? I remembered that I was only able to fly when I willed it. Perhaps my hypnosis power is similar?

I looked into the worker’s eyes and focused my willpower on having the him allowing me to enter the gym, hassle-free.

“So… can I enter?” I asked, hesitantly.

“Of course you can,” he said, half-robotically.

I was a bit surprised to see that it worked. More than surprised, I was elated! I strolled into the gym, checking out all of the workout areas. There was almost nobody left working out. I didn’t catch a sight of any of the jocks.

“Twenty minutes left until we close,” a loudspeaker sounded.

That must have explained why there were few gym-goers left working out. Maybe the jocks had left too? Maybe they had left the gym when I wasn’t paying attention and headed back to the Frat House? Maybe they were in the locker room washing up? I decided that it was all-or-nothing right now and decided to check the locker room.

As I approached the locker room, a random gym-goer exited. Hopefully there wouldn’t be any random gym-goers inside if the jocks were there. I entered the locker room, noticing how incredibly spacious it was. It seemed to be divided into three sections: the locker area, the showers, and the sauna.

As the sauna was the closest area to the door, I decided to check it first. I braced myself for the worst as I made to enter it. However, it was completely vacant. That’s fine; hopefully the jocks are in one of the remaining areas.

I went to check the locker area next, as you had to go through it to reach the shower area. There had to be over thirty rows of lockers; the locker room was absolutely enormous! As I trotted through each row, I heard the faint sounds of murmurs getting louder. As I got closer to the row the sounds were coming from, I made out a few of the voices. One voice belonged to the jock that had grabbed me back in the abandoned building. A few of the others definitely belonged to some of Jake’s yes-men. However, I couldn’t hear Jake’s voice, which was weird since he seemed to usually lead his boys in conversations. I slowly tip-toed until I reached the row of lockers directly adjacent to the one that the chattering was coming from. I waited for a moment, wondering whether I wanted to make a move on the other jocks right now without Jake being there. I decided that dealing with the lackeys would be good enough for now, so I slowly moved into their row.

As I entered their row, I noticed that the jocks were talking and laughing in a huddle, almost as if they were discussing a plan-of-action for a football play. As soon as I walked in, the jock who had grabbed me in the old building saw me.

“Hey, isn’t that the fag from the abandoned building?” he asked his friends, semi-rhetorically. “Let’s get’em boys!”

All of the jocks turned around and rushed me. I was grabbed and then lifted up off of my feet by the group of jocks.

“Jake’s going to be happy to see this one!” one of the jocks said.

Jake was here? Was I being taken to him? I decided not to resist being captured to see where the boys would take me. They moved us along to the shower area, which was also enormous, just like everything else in this gym. The shower area consisted of at least two dozen shower stalls, but only one was currently being used. The area in the center of the room was huge, perhaps so that the gym-goers can have as much space as possible between them?

The boys then let go of me, causing me to land on my knees. They all laughed together, probably assuming that I had been been injured from the fall. After that, all of us waited silently until the one in the shower area finished up.

After what seemed like an eternity, the faucet finally shut off. I listened to the one inside the stall dry up and then put on some clothing. Then, the shower door opened. Out stepped Jake, in nothing but briefs. He looked down at me, while I was on my knees, completely stunned for a moment as to why I was there before him.

“Well, well, well, look what the cat dragged in,” he said as he regained his composure. “Decided to come to gym in hopes of getting big enough to defend yourself?” he added, his voice rising. “You think you can beat us up now, huh? Is that it?!” he yelled as he slowly came down to meet my face. “Where’s you boyfriend, Princess?” he whispered into my ear, with a smile. His smile then faded as he stood back up. He then gave me a look of total disdain and spit at me. He then reached down and scrunched up my shirt, grabbing me by the top of it and lifting me off the ground.

“Well, would you look at this boys, the little fag actually has some muscle,” he said as he saw my defined abs and semi-bulky chest. “You think that we’d let a fag come into our class and try to make us look dumb?” he asked. “Go ahead, punch me,” he whispered. When I didn’t react, he slammed me into one of the walls, still holding me up in the air. “I’m going to make you beg me for mercy after that stunt you pulled on us in the old trash-can building. When I’m done with you, the only thing you’ll be able to say to me is ‘sorry sir!’”

I’ve decided that I’d had enough of this. I took my right hand and placed in gently on the center of Jake’s chest. He looked at my hand, visibly confused by what was going on. I then applied the slightest bit of force to his chest and he immediately went flying into his posse, knocking them down like bowling pins. They all scrambled to get up as quickly as possible, completed bewildered by what had just happened.

Jake got up first and looked at me. His face showed extreme shock and fear. I was still floating in the air in the area that he had held me before.

“What the heck dude?” he asked as he looked at me. “What’s going on? How are you doing that?” he asked while looking at my feet there were dangling in the air.

The other jocks all rose to their feet behind their leader. There were six of them; perfect.

“What is this guy doing?” Jake continued to ask, but this time to his friends who were equally as bewildered as he was.

“I’m- I’m not sure,” one of them responded, visibly shaking as he spoke.

Then, I flew. Within an instant, I was floating right in front of Jake, whose eyes looked like they were about to pop out of his head.

“What the-” he said.

“Silence, boy,” I commanded.

He stopped for a moment, then continued. “What the heck is going on? What is this sorcery?”

I then raised my hand to his face and gently caressed the side of his cheek. “It’s time for revenge,” I said to him.

Jake pulled his face away from my touch and then tried to push me away. He quickly found out that he wasn’t able to move me. I smiled, enjoying the futility of his situation. Jake would have no choice but to fall under my power when I so decided it.

Jake then moved back toward his boys. “Go! Beat him up!” he commanded to his posse. All six of them hesitated. I thought that I should keep this between me and Jake, as he was the main source of my torment. So, I willed the other boys to submit to me. I willed them to stop moving and to follow my every issued command, both verbal and non-verbal.

Jake turned to his boys when they failed to follow his command. “What’s the matter with you guys?” he asked “Get him!” he yelled with a voice crack on the latter word.

“They aren’t your boys anymore Jake,” I said, floating 2 feet in front of him. “They followed you without question, tormenting me and my friend when you asked them to. They were like trained pups, following their alpha. Now, there’s a new alpha that they’re going to follow.”

“What- what are you talking about?” he said with growing fear in his voice.

“Observe,” I said. “Bow to me,” I commanded to the boys. Immediately, every single boy prostrated to me on the shower room floor.

“What the heck?” Jake asked, astounded as to why his friends were suddenly bowing down to this boy.

“As I said, I’m now their alpha, and they’ll do anything I say,” I explained.

Then, in an instant, I flew forward and grabbed Jake by the neck, lifting him up of the ground by around two feet. His hands immediately reached up to my hands to attempt to break free of my hold, but I ensured that my strength was enough to keep him locked in the choke-hold, without actually knocking him out.

“You’re nothing to me now, Jake,” I said. “I have all of the power now.” I looked into his light-green eyes deeply, then brought him in to be kissed on the lips. Naturally, he couldn’t resist. All he could do was close his eyes and to pucker his lips as an attempt to shield them. I then brought his body back away from me, keeping him raised at arm-distance from myself. “That’s right, I do have all of the power,” I said, letting go and dropping him to the floor. He scrambled to pant on the ground to regain his breath. He looked back up at me while still panting.

“I have all of the power in the world!” I said, flexing my muscles. I felt all-powerful. I felt as though nothing anyone could do could stop me. I looked down at him while I floated above him. I loved to see him in the position that he should be in, on his knees directly below me.

“Bind him,” I commanded to the band of jocks. All of the boys rose up to their feet and scrambled to restrain Jake. Jake struggled as he attempted to push them off, but the jocks easily overpowered him. I floated forward to where my head was slightly above Jake’s. I began to pet him, gently stroking his straight dirty-blond hair. He seemed shocked enough by the situation that he had some trouble formulating words or resisting my touch.

“Stop dude, please,” he began to whine.

I was rather impressed with how quickly Jake seemed to break. I was honestly hoping for more resistance from him.

“Silence, pet,” I said, putting a finger to my mouth. “You can only speak when your Master wants you to speak.”

He looked completely bewildered. “Master?” he asked, with a low voice. “What are you talking about?”

“I’m your Master now,” I explained. “I don’t think I’ll hypnotize you yet like I did to my new pups. I’d like to keep you aware of all that’s happening.”

“Please dude, I’m not gay,” he attempted to reason. “I don’t want to get involved in whatever role-play this is. Please let me go and I promise- I promise that I won’t tell anyone anything. I swear!” Tears began to form at his eyes, which brought me to smile a bit.

“I’ll tell you how this is going to work right now,” I started. “You’re going to follow all of my commands to be rewarded. If you displease me, I’m going to make sure you regret it.”

More tears started rolling down his face. “Please,” he tried again. “I’m so sorry. I’ll do anything, anything at all!” I merely laughed at his suggestion.

“Of course you’ll do anything I say,” I explained. “I completely own you now. From now on, ‘Master’ will be how you address me. Do you understand pet?”

He seemed to have given up his fight, seemingly realizing the futility of his efforts. He slowly started to nod, his head being the only area of his body that wasn’t restrained by the jocks. Before I could issue another command, I heard another voice.

“Hello, is anyone still here?”

Jake and I turned to see a man walk into the shower area. The man appeared to be in his early twenties. He was fairly built, but didn’t have as much muscle as any of the jocks. He was tall and had blond hair and brown eyes. He sported a shirt that was marked with this gym’s logo. His face displayed complete shock when he witnessed the scene, focusing primarily on me. He looked down at my shoes, noticing how I was floating a few feet off of the ground.

“Help me!” Jake begged. “He’s trying to kidnap me!”

I then looked back at Jake, realizing that he chose to make this his last-ditch attempt to escape. I then turned back to the intruder and began to focus my willpower. I willed him to take a step forward, and he did.


I hoped that this guy would come to save me. I saw the the man take one step forward. Was this it? Was he coming? The man then walked up to me. He then turned to the nerd.

“Master,” the man started. “I live to serve you,” he continued as he got on one knee.

I was shocked. How was the nerd making all these people seem like his servants? My arms were being held out-stretched. I was being restrained in a kind of half-squat. I was beginning to tire out. The novelty of this entire situation added on to my compounding exhaustion.

The man got up off of his knees and stood up. He then turned to me and put his filthy hand on my head. “Be a good boy for Master,” he said to me. “Master deserves the best pets, so don’t be disobedient.” He took his hand off of my head and then walked away. Clearly the nerd had something to his mind, just as he had done to the rest of my frat-bros. That man was my ditch attempt to escape in here. He was the employee who closed-up-shop, meaning that nobody else was here but us.

I turned and looked back up at the nerd. “What’s your name?” I asked, genuinely curious as to what his name was.

“Jon,” he replied. "You can address me as ‘Master Jon’ if you’d like. Sometimes I’ll even let you just call me ‘Jon’, as long as you treat me like your Master.

I didn’t think I had a single gay-bone in my body, but part of me was starting to enjoy this. A boy who is like eight inches shorter than me who was constantly bullied by me, now has me in a position of subservience to him. I wasn’t sure I wanted him to find out, but I was beginning to contemplate the idea of actually letting him control me.

“I think that it’s time to go,” Master said.

I looked up and took a look at his eyes, never really noticing how beautiful they were. They were baby-blue, my favorite color.

“Yes, Master,” I replied to his suggestion.

“What was that?” Master replied, curiously.

“Nothing,” I answered, a bit embarrassed at how easily I called him that.

“No, no; repeat what you said,” Master said again.

“I said it’s nothing!” I yelled, trying to hide how I was starting to feel a bit of pleasure from this whole ordeal.

Master smiled. “I didn’t know you’d give in this fast,” he said. “You’re a good boy, aren’t you, Jake? You’re Master’s good boy.”

My face turned very hot; I could tell I was blushing. “Yes, Master,” I replied. I could feel my dick getting hard.

“You seem to be enjoying this a lot, huh?” Master asked. “Pups, rip off his trunks,” he said said to my friends, who were now his obedient servants.

Two jocks each took a side of my trunks and pulled in opposing directions. The jocks ripped off fairly easily, revealing my hard dick.

“So you are enjoying this I see,” Jon inquired. “I wasn’t expecting this, but I can’t say I’m opposed to it. Let me see how truly devoted you are to me. Pups, let go of him.” All of the jocks let go of me, leaving me to fall to my knees in front of my Master’s dangling feet. “Kiss the tops of my shoes.”

I thought his command over for a moment. I didn’t feel opposed to the idea at all. In fact, the idea of kissing the shoes that held his feet started to turn me on, making my dick twitch a bit. I began to try to reach for his feet with my lips, but he was too high up. I didn’t have enough energy to bring myself that far up.

“Master,” I began, “I can’t reach your feet. Please help me out so I can show my devotion to you!” I never thought that I would be saying this to the nerd that I had tried to beat up just half an hour ago. The pleasure I was feeling made my realize that I’m doing the right thing. Master floated down a few inches, bringing his feet right in front of my head. His shoes were medium-sized, not too big and not too small. I gave each shoe a slow, gentle kiss on the top, feeling that I had showed how devoted I was to him. My dick twitch again after kissing each shoe. I longed to see the feet resting within his shoes.

“Good boy,” Master said to me.

This commendation excited me. Master had showed how pleased he was with me. Had Master done something to make me feel like this, or did I actually feel this way on my own? “Master, did you change the way that I think and behave?” I asked. In truth, I didn’t fully care. I felt exhilarated every time I showed my devotion to him and just as much pleasure when he showed how pleased he was with my actions.

“No, pup,” he said. “I’m honestly as surprised as you are about this situation. I had wanted to humiliate you at first, but I feel like this is justice, just as much. Worshiping the boy you abused should surely be a righteous endeavor, don’t you agree?”

I nodded my head and started to smile. I began to feel my hard-on being a bit too much to handle. I had to cum. There was nothing else that could be done. I looked up at Master, opening my mouth to ask him for permission.

“You may cum, Jake,” he stated, before I could even ask.

He must have seen the pure desire in my face and had decided to address it. Immediately, I brought my hand to my dick and started to jerk off. It didn’t take long before I came all over the shower-room floor.

“I think we’ve had enough of this gym,” Master said. “Pups, lick off the rest of Jake’s cum from his dick. After that, I want to see you all come with me to the Frat House. I think I’m going to pay a little visit there.” Master then looked directly at me. “You’re coming with me,” he said. He reached down and gently lifted me up off of the ground once his other slaves finished licking my sensitive dick off. It felt really nice being lifted up by Master. His muscles were much smaller than mine and yet, he was strong enough to pick me up and do what he pleased. It turned me on enough to almost make my dick hard again. Master then put me on his shoulder, while I was still completely naked, and flew us out of the shower room. His arms were barely long enough to hold me, but he had the strength to hold me perfectly in place.

We flew into the main gym area, which was still fully lit. We flew past the main help-desk where I saw the blond-haired worker that came into the shower room before. He bowed down on the desk in our direction as we flew by. Master then floated back up-right to open the doors. As soon as we left the gym, he got back in stomach-facing-the-ground formation and flew us in the sky back, slowly, to Frat House. The sky was completely pitch-black and there wasn’t anyone walking outside, so I didn’t feel too embarrassed about being naked. As we flew back, a thought occurred to me.

“Master, the frat party is still going on!” I said.

“Very good,” Master replied. “Those boys hold no power over me.”

I then understood what he was saying. The frat boys could easily be brought under Master’s powers. I had no reason to think they’d do anything to him. Even if they tried to, I’d stop them.

We flew a bit longer until we reached the Frat House. Master brought us down to the door. He dropped me down on feet right next to him. I didn’t think there’d be any problems if any of frat guys saw me naked right now because I knew Master could take care of it.

There was no sound coming from the inside of the Frat House. Master walked up to the door and knocked. After a few seconds, one of the jocks, Mike, opened the door. Mike looked back-and-forth, from Master to me, completely shocked by what he was seeing.

“I’m back again,” Master said to Mike.

Apparently Master had met Mike before.

“What the hell is going on?” Mike asked. “We thought this kid had done something to you and the other guys, Jake. And for God’s sake, please put some clothes on!”

“Had done something to me?” I asked. “No, I’m completely fine.” I was waiting for Master to put Mike under his control, but it didn’t happen.

“Seriously, put some clothes Jake,” Mike said again. “We even caught this kid’s little gay nerd friend to ask what this kid had done to you.”

Mike moved aside away from the door. Just then, a few of my other frat jocks that I didn’t know the names of brought out Master’s friend. He was being restrained by the jocks, completely immobilizing him.

Then, all of the jocks let go of Master’s friend. Mike and them got on their knees and then proceeded to bow down to Master. I smiled, glad to see that Master had brought them under his control. Shortly after, Master’s servant from the locker room came running behind me. Master’s friend looked very confused.

“What the heck is going on?” Master’s friend asked, voicing his confusion.

“Sorry Damian,” Master said. “I haven’t been completely honest with you.”

“You got that right,” Master friend, apparently named “Damian”, responded. “I thought you were supposed to be studying with friends. Imagine my shock when these jocks came to our dorm and practically broke the door, asking me what you did to Jake.” Master’s friend looked directly at me, apparently realizing now that I was completely naked. “Why is he naked?”

“Let me explain,” Master said. “I sort of got these powers yesterday. Turns out I’m invulnerable, I have super-strength, I can fly, and I can hypnotize people. You can see the effect of that on all these jocks here. Jake, on the other hand, hasn’t been hypnotized by me. I think he’s just really turned on being dominated for a change.”

Damian took a moment to let all of this information sink in. “So… are you going to hypnotize me?” he asked.

“Of course not, Damian,” Master responded. “You’re my best friend. These jocks bullied you too. I think it’s time that the repaid both of us.”

Damian seemed excited by this. Master and he both went inside the Frat House, followed by the all of the jocks following them on all-fours. I decided to follow as well, but wasn’t sure whether Master wanted me on all-fours as well or not. When we got inside, one of the jocks got up and shut the door behind me, then got back on all-fours. Master and Damian went to our most regal couch and both sat on it. Master then commanded that each boy worship Damian and himself, showing no preference for either one of them.

“What should I do, Master?” I asked.

“You seemed to love my shoes before,” Master responded. “How about the real deal?”

This excited me a lot. As long as I worshiped his feet while I was on the ground, I felt as though I was just as below him as I was while he was floating above me. I immediately ran to the couch and got down on my knees. The other jocks were worshiping the boys in other ways. Damian was issuing verbal commands to the boys around him, causing some of them to rub his feet, massage his shoulders, suck his dick, and other things.

One of the jock boys came in front of me and picked up Master’s feet. Another jock came in on all-fours and positioned himself right in front of Master. The other jock placed Master’s feet gently down on the jock’s back. It will be much easier to worship Master’s feet while his feet are placed on a footrest. I took off Master’s shoes very quickly, wanting to skip right to the good-stuff. Master seemed pleased by this as he smiled down at me. I put down his shoes onto the floor, bringing my hands to his socked feet. I started slowly rubbing them, my dick instantly beginning to get hard. I started to feel a bit too excited to get to the real-deal so I quickly pulled off the socks from each foot and placed them into his shoes. Master laughed at this.

“Bit excited, aren’t you pup?” he asked.

I beamed up at him, excited to finally start working on his bare feet. His toes were a sight to behold. They weren’t too long, but weren’t too short either. The same can be said about his feet. Everything just seemed to be in perfect proportions. I started to massage each toe, giving attention to each individual toe for a long while. After finishing with a toe, I kissed it as a thank you, on Master’s orders. After finishing the toes, I started to rub the balls of each foot. Master had taken out his dick during all of this and started to moan with pleasure. His dick was slightly above average, maybe around six inches along. I noticed that Damian had also taken his dick out, but unlike Master, Damian was completely naked. He was clearly feeling himself as he had one jock sucking him off as he made out with another jock. Next, I moved on to the soles of his feet, rubbing the little crevices until he was moaning loudly.

My dick was starting to ache during all of this worship, so I took it out of my pants and started to rub it with one of my hands.

“No pup, I want both of your hands worshiping,” Master said with a moan.

I felt a bit distraught about that, but wanted to do all that I can to please Master. I took my hand off my dick and brought it back to his foot, using it to massage his other foot so that both were being shown equal affection at the same time. Master clearly had pity on me because he had one of his slaves on the sidelines come and rub me off.

After rubbing the soles, I began to sniff his feet, letting the beautiful, musky aroma overpower my senses. The smell was so amazing that I just had to kiss the providers of the scent. I immediately started giving rapid kissed to each foot on every position of the feet that I possibly could. I could hear Master moaning loudly thanks to my work.

“I’m going to cum,” Master said to me. “Suck me off boy, hurry.”

I let go of his feet and quickly moved up to his dick. I’d never taken another guy’s dick before but Jon was pure perfection. This was like sucking the dick of a god on Earth. I brought my head down to his dick and began to suck it off, bringing my head up and down.

“Wow, you’re so good at this,” Master moaned.

I kept sucking, enjoying the sounds of Master’s moaning as I continued. Then, I heard Damian moan in ecstasy. He was clearly cumming. I wasn’t able to look at to see what he was doing with the other slaves because Master immediately started to cum. His dick pulsed so much of his milk straight down my throat. Pulse after pulse, his dick kept feeding me his milk. It finally stopped after around ten seconds. Master sighed in completely pleasure, filling me with pride for having serviced him so well.

“Suck of the remaining cum and then kiss the dick that fed you, Jake,” Master said.

I immediately fell back to his deck and started to suck it again, trying to get any remaining cum. When I was sure the cum was completely finished, I got off of his dick. I then looked down at his dick, a deep longing showing on my face. I went down and kissed the tip of his dick as a thank you for the milk it had fed me.

All of this had been so pleasurable that I didn’t even realize that I had came into the mouth of the Jock that was sucking me off. My own pleasure didn’t matter as much, though. As long as Master was pleased, I was happy.

Master and Damian looked at each other, both evidently very pleased from the pleasure this whole ordeal had created for them. They both embraced in a kiss, which made me a bit jealous of Damian. Then, Master spoke.

“Sorry that I have to do this Damian, but I want to take the world,” Master said.

I then saw Master looking deeply into Damian’s eyes, not entirely sure what was happening. Was he bringing Damian to submission?


Jon was looking straight into my eyes. I loved his eyes. Those baby-blues that reminded me of a beautiful day’s sky. It’s a shame that he had to try to do this.

I could feel his will trying to impose itself on mine. Damian had gotten a range of powers yesterday from that green goo, but I had only received one: powerful hypnosis. I knew for sure that his hypnosis wasn’t as powerful as mine as his strength in powers was divided over four.

I peered straight back into Jon’s eyes. Gosh was he cute. His little brows were furrowing, potentially because he was starting to understand what was going on. Maybe it was because he was focusing on returning the favor. I began to feel a bit lightheaded; just a bit. This must be how others feel when their wills are slowly being destroyed. The difference between me and the others is that I’m not going to let Jon win. I couldn’t.

The lightheaded feeling was getting weaker the longer I spent looking at Jon. My powers were stronger and I was clearly winning. I could see the intense focus in Jon’s eyes slowly start to fade away. His brows were gradually becoming more spread out. His eyes were slowly widening into a look of shock, while his mouth was opening, little-by-little, into a gape. I, on the other hand, was regaining full control of my mind. The lightheaded feeling faded seconds after it began. Jon never stood a chance against me, and I wish he had never tried. He brought this on himself.

A few more moments passed and Jon was directly under power, clearly shown by the dazed display on Jon’s face. I think that Jake sensed what I had done because he attempted to lunge at me from the ground. Jake was much easier than Jon, as he had no mind-altering powers. However, it seems that his mind had been touched before… All it took for me was a quick look into Jake’s eyes to bring him bowing down to me on the floor.

Poor Jon. He actually thought that he could bring me down to worship him. His powers were useful, but no match for mine. I had enjoyed the sexual experience that Jon provided for me and him, but wasn’t considering keeping any of these jocks in a subservient state for longer than a few hours. What should I do with them now..?

The other jocks started to stir back to regaining consciousnesses, having no longer being under Jon’s power. I just took a quick peer into each of their eyes and they immediately fell down to the floor, each bowing down to me. I honestly liked this: feeling powerful. It was refreshing after Jon and I had spent all of hour high school years, and this year of college, harassed by jocks because of our physical weaknesses. With how things were now, I didn’t think that anything could stop me.

I looked at Jon. He just stared at me with no emotion on his face. I felt a bit guilty for having done this to him, but this was all his doing, not mine! I’m not a monster… I’m not… I’ll treat him Jon well as a token to our previous friendship. However, I do still technically own him now, and I’m not sure why he shouldn’t be bowing down to me just like the jocks in this room. After all, I was his Master now. Now was also my chance to see if his powers still worked.

I willed him to float in the air and to bow before me. His body immediately began to float off of the couch, and into the air, his feet coming off of the jock he had used as a footrest. He was four feet in the air when he turned to me. He then bowed his head at a perfect ninety-degree angle before me. The sight of his feet floating up and down, ever so slightly, made my dick hard again. Dangling feet were one of my bigger kinks. However, I decided not to indulge in anything sexual right now. Instead, I took a look at each of my new slaves.

“I think it’s time to expand my slave-count, don’t you think Jon?” I asked him.

I gave him the power to speak, but didn’t return his state-of-mind. As far as he was concerned right now, I was his Master and his only goal in life was my pleasure. I still felt a strong sense of guilt, but told myself that I’ll work on fixing that later.

“Yes, Master,” Jon responded. “I’ll round up some slaves for you and bring them here. No boy or man stands a chance against my powers but you, Master. All shall fall to your will.”

I honestly smiled at this. Maybe having Jon as my personal pet wouldn’t be so bad after all, after all, I have had a crush on him since high school. Who could resist his pretty eyes and charming smile? Now, to top it off, his body looked incredibly lean and strong, which was quite the contrast to his scrawny frame from before he had gained his powers.

I made him lift up his shirt to reveal the secrets beneath it. Just as expected, he had a beautifully sculpted chest, complimented by powerful abs. I thought that he looked much cuter with his shirt off, so I made him keep it off. I then sent him out on a mission to round up as many legal-aged boys and men as he can and fly them here so that they could serve me.

As he left, I looked at the rest of my slaves. They were all still bowing to me, awaiting any order that I gave to them. I thought about the endless possibilities, contemplating many of them.

Was this it? Was this where my sense of good and evil, moral and immoral, would be lost? Would any of that matter if I were the one to make the rules… Making rules… like a king. Perhaps that’s what I was destined to be: a king. Yes, the boys that Jon will round up can be the first of my new servants! Being the King of Mankind is starting to have a nice ring to it.

For anyone who read through the entire thing, I hope you enjoyed it. Share some critiques in the comments if you’d like; I’d really appreciate those. The next chapter will focus more on sex and character development for new and already-established characters. Stay tuned!

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