Show and Tell

By Dreamer -
published October 24, 2011
9537 words

Mike makes a presentation of his sex toy, a member of his class

Mike stood up a minute after class began.

“Mike what are you doing?” Mr. Frenkel, the teacher, asked.

“I’m just turning the AC on, sir.” He went to the air conditioner and pressed on a button on its side.

The AC started pumping cold air with a weird smell. Some of the pupils in class started to cough and some protested. It didn’t matter, soon enough they were all quite and focused forward at Mr. Frenkel, as he went on with the class.

Mike stood up again. “Mr. frenkel, I have my Show and Tell ready for the class, can I do my presentation now?”

“Show and Tell? What are you talking about? This isn’t…”

“You wanted me to have my Show and Tell presentation today,” Mike said firmly. “Did you forget?”

“Oh, yes, of course. Well sure. Go ahead Mike.”

Mike made his way to the front of the class as Mr. Frenkel sat down in his seat behind the teacher’s desk.

“Hi everybody,” Mike talked to the class. “My lovely classmates, I have something very exciting to show you today.”

The 25 High school seniors in the class stared at him expectantly. Only one of them, Freddy, asked “Aren’t we a little old for Show and Tell?” The others looked at him confused. Many of them thought he made sense, and didn’t understand why they didn’t think of that question themselves. They did feel a little light headed.

“There is nothing wrong about having a Show and Tell for high school seniors.” Mike said forcefully to Freddy. “And anyway this isn’t a kids Show and Tell, this is a very adult object.”

Freddy felt told off. Becky, one of the girls, raised her finger and asked where this Show and Tell item was. Mike didn’t seem to have anything with him.

“You’ll see it soon enough Becky.” Mike promised. “The special item I have for you today is a sex toy.”

Most of the class gasped in surprise. Mr. Frenkel started to object, saying this is a controversial subject, but Mike silenced him, saying it is a fine subject. Mr. Frenkel soon agreed.

“So where is this sex toy?” asked Jake, one of the boys.

“It’s up my ass obviously.” The whole class looked shocked which made Mike laugh out loud. “I’m joking, I’m joking. The sex toy is right here.” And he pointed to the back of the class, everybody turned to see what he was pointing at. “Scott Fibbin, please come up to the front of the class.”

Scott was as interested in what Mike was saying as anybody else. He too turned around to try and see what Mike was pointing at. But there was only a wall behind him. When he heard his name being called he turned back. He could see everybody’s eyes were on him. He looked up at Mike at the front. He was still pointing and now he could see that he was pointing at him.

He got up nervously. He didn’t know what Mike meant. Why did he call on him? What was this all about? What is going on here? Everything about this class felt weird. Something was way off. He came to the front of the class regardless. He could feel everybody staring at him, Mike most of all. Scott just stood there in the front of the class, but to the side.

“So, what is this all about?” He asked Mike. “Where is this sex toy you brought to class.” He tried to smile, make a joke of it, hide how embarrassed and confused he was.

Mike was silent for a minute, just looking at Scott from head to toe, which made Scott only more upset, and then he spoke. “You are the sex toy, Scott. Didn’t you know that you’re a sex toy?”

“What are you talking about?” Scott was backing away to the corner, his face flushed red. “I’m not a sex toy! Is this some kind of joke?” He looked at the other students in the class, some looked confused, but some where just staring at him with a weird look.

“Of course you are a sex toy.” Said Mike. He then turned to Becky, sitting in the front row. “Becky, is Scott a sex toy?”

“Well…” She seemed to hesitate for a second. “Yes he is.”

“Tell him then.” he encouraged her.

“Scott, you are a sex toy.” She told Scott.

“Freddy, is Scott a sex toy, like I said?”

Freddy looked a little enthusiastic. “Yes he is.” He turned to Scott. “You are a sex toy.”

Scott was shocked. What was going on here? Why where they saying that? He was a person, not a toy. He turned to Ted, his best friend hoping he will help him. “Ted, what is going on here? Tell them I’m not a sex toy.”

Ted seemed embarrassed, he shifted in his seat in discomfort and then Mike turned to him. “It’s OK Ted, you have to tell him what you know to be true. You know that Scott here is a sex toy. You understand that right? Just tell him he is a sex toy.”

Ted bit down on his lip, he looked down at the desk in front of him and then he opened his mouth. “I’m sorry Scott, you are a sex toy.”

Scott could feel tears in his eyes. He turned so he could wipe them without everybody seeing. That’s when he saw Mr. Frenkel sitting there. He forgot that there was a responsible adult here. “Mr. Frenkel, please tell them to stop saying that I’m a sex toy. I don’t understand what’s happening here.”

Mr. Frenkel got up from his seat. He looked worried and caring and put a hand on Scott’s shoulder. “It’s OK, I’m sure they aren’t trying to upset you. They are just trying to help you understand what you are.”

“But I am not a sex toy.” Scott yelled.

“First of all there is no yelling in class, so mind yourself.” Mr. Frenkel raised his hand. “And I’m sorry to say that you are a sex toy. Everybody here can see that. You just have to accept that.”

“Maybe it will help if I got on with my presentation.” Mike offered. “Then he could see for himself that he is just a sex toy.” Mike smiled kindly at Scott. “Come stand next to me here Scott.”

Scott didn’t want to come over to Mike. He was the one that started all this. But he felt compelled to come to him anyway. He stood next to him facing the class.

“Class, this is a sex toy.” Mike began. “It has many features that I am going to show you today. First of all…” He then pressed the palm of his hand to Scott’s crotch.

Scott felt the pressure on his cock and he felt something inside him snap. What was he doing? How did he let this get this far? He flicked Mike’s hand away and turned to walk out of the room. Mike stood in his way. “You can’t go anywhere.”

“Screw you Mike.” Scott said and he shoved him to the floor. He walked to the door and tried to open it but it was locked. Before he could think of what to do he heard Mike from the floor. “Scott stop right there and don’t move.” He could feel his muscles pausing but he shook them back to action. He banged on the door.

“Ted, Freddy, Jason, Ian grab Scott and hold him down onto Mr. Frenkel’s desk now!” Mike shouted. To Scott’s horror those who were called got up and headed for him.

“Stop, you don’t want to do this. Think about it, something here is wrong.” Scott tried to reason with them. But they didn’t listen to him. Soon they were on him. He made an effort of fighting them off, punching and kicking like mad. But there was no use. Ted and Freddy were by far bigger and stronger than he was, and Ian and Jason were at least his size and about as strong as he was. They grabbed him and quickly pinned him down to the teacher’s desk.

Mr. Frenkel came up to Scott and told him that he can not allow him to shove a fellow student to the floor like he did to Mike.

“What about what they are doing to me now? Doesn’t this look violent to you?” Scott yelled from his position, pinned on the desk.

Mike was at his desk fetching a syringe and a bottle from his bag, but he could hear them. He quickly answered instead of Mr. Frenkel who seemed to be at a loss. “Violence toward student and faculty is unacceptable in school, but Scott isn’t a student, he is just a sex toy.” Mr. Frenkel seemed to agree to this.

Mike then came behind Scott, who was still trying to struggle on the desk, and pulled his pants and underwear down to reveal his cute bubble butt. He didn’t linger on it though. He just injected a little of the stuff that was inside the bottle into Scott’s ass cheek and then covered his ass back again. Scott was raging like mad but he still felt the prick of the syringe and he felt Mike patting his ass over his pants as he lowered his head to Scott’s.

“Now, I want you to be a good little sex toy, Scotty.”

Scott could feel himself relaxing, his mind felt cloudy for a moment. Mike told the other boys to let go of Scott one by one so he could see he doesn’t misbehave again. He hoped he didn’t give him to much of the special drug just now. He liked the thought of having Scott protesting to what’s being done to him. He only wanted him a little less able.

Finally the boys all let go of Scott, who was left lying on the desk. Mike sent everybody, but Scott, back to their seats and told them he is going to resume the Show and Tell.

“This sex toy you all know as Scott,” He ruffled Scott’s hair a little, “Is a very special sex toy, because he is so very sexy.” Scott just continued to lie there unmoving, staring out into the class above the heads of the students.

“Those of you who have ever been attracted sexually to Scott, please raise your hands.” More than half the girls in the class raised their hands. “Now, now. I want you all to be honest.” All the girls but one raised their hands, and five of the fifteen boys did too. Mike wasn’t surprised to see that Freddy raised his hand, he suspected he might be gay. He also could have guessed that Jake was gay. He was a little surprised that Ian, Randy and Tim had been attracted to Scott. He asked them if they were gay and they said they weren’t. All three of them said that Scott was the only guy they were ever attracted to for even a second.

“Well, you see, That was just my point.” Mike addressed the class. “Scott here is a very sexy sex toy. The kind even heterosexuals guys could find attractive.” As he talked he walked behind the desk Scott was lying on, and put his hands on Scott’s butt.

“Look at his ass for example. This isn’t a normal person’s ass. This is what’s called a bubble butt.” With that he gave Scott’s butt a pinch which made Scott sigh. “Oh, I’m sorry. I’m being a bad presenter. I need to let you all see what I’m seeing.” He reached over, grabbed Scott’s hair, and pulled on it to make Scott raise his body of the desk. “Scott, stand up with you’re back to the class.”

Scott had tears in his eyes as he complied. All he could manage was to mumble, “I’m not a sex toy. Please, I’m not.”

“Now lean forward so your butt is in full display.” Mike put a hand on Scott’s back and helped him bend until his head was resting on the desk in front of him. He then proceeded to pull down his pants and underwear to reveal the big pale bubble butt beneath.

There were several gasps from the crowd as all the students watched closely, pointing and whispering to each other.

“Quiet everybody,” said Mr. Frenkel, “Mike is doing his presentation, show some respect.”

“I can understand your excitement. It’s not every day you get to see such a fine, meaty, Bubble butt. This is one of the things that make this sex toy so great.”

“I am not a sex toy!” Yelled Scott. He started straightening up.

Mike quickly gave his butt a big smack and shouted at the same time, “Stay where you are Scotty. I didn’t tell you to stand up straight!” Scott jumped from the smack but lowered his head back to the Desk. He couldn’t understand why this was happening, why everybody acted like they were, and most importantly why he wasn’t fighting it.

“Were you paying attention to the sex toy’s butt when I smacked it?” Most of the pupils shook their head for no. “Well, look closely now.”

He smacked Scott’s butt again. This time they were paying attention and could see how the cheeks jiggled for a bit before settling back into place. Mike made sure everybody could see, he told those in the back to get up and come closer. He smacked Scott a few more times as he explained about how the bigger the butt is the more it jiggles.

Freddy raised his hand and asked if he could try, but Mike said that this was show and tell. “I can’t start letting people use my own personal sex toy.”

Scott was relived that Mike at least didn’t let anyone else smack his behind. It was humiliating enough to have Mike do it. Good thing Mike told him that he was… Wait, what did he say?

“I’m not your personal sex toy!” he raised his head of the table. “I mean I’m not a sex toy, but even if I was I don’t belong to you.” He now stood up straight, seeing that Mike didn’t stop him. As he stood he realized he was naked from the waist down, he quickly moved his hands to cover his penis, even though he was still with his back to the class.

Mike just stared at him with a smile on his face. “Of course you’re my sex toy, don’t be silly.” He laughed. “How could I be showing you at Show and Tell if you weren’t mine?”

Scott didn’t know what to say to that. Mr. Frenkel from the side took Mike’s side “He does have a point. You are his Show and Tell item, therefore he probably owns you.”

“But he can’t own me. I’m a person. I have a home, I have parents. People don’t own people! Please Mr. Frenkel, you’re the one who taught us about the abolishment of slavery.”

Mike was quick to respond. “But Scotty, sweetie,” He put his hand on Scott’s shoulder and began to turn him around, “You are not a person, you are just my cute little sex toy.”

Poor Scott was so distressed, with tears running down his face that he didn’t even notice that he was turned to face the class.

“Now I’ll show you my sex toy’s cock and balls.” Announced Mike, “Scotty, I’ll need you to move your hands now.”

Scott looked down and saw that his hands were still covering his privates. He made an effort in keeping them in place. “You can’t make me do this. You can’t parade me naked. You don’t own me!”

“But we just talked about it, I do own you!” Mike grabbed Scott’s left hand and pulled it away from his crotch. Scott struggled back so while Mike was able to secure one hand he had no chance of securing both of them on his own. But he wasn’t on his own.

The rest of the class sat there looking at them struggle. Finally Mike gave up. He called Ted and Jason to grab one of Scott’s hands each. As they came up to him Scott tried to reason with Ted.

“Ted, you’re my best friend, please think about this. Don’t help him do this to me. This is wrong!”

“Ted, you know that Scotty here is mine and therefore I can do what I want with him. You know that is only right.” Mike told him.

Ted grabbed Scott’s right hand and began to pull it away from his crotch. “Come on Scott, you’re making a fool of yourself, everybody here knows you belong to Mike. You’re his sex toy. You obviously have to do what he tells you to do.”

As Scott’s arms were being held at his sides his cock was in plain view, but not for long. Mike stepped in front of the crying Scott and looked him in the eyes. “You are my sex toy! Do you get that? I can do whatever I want with you.”

“You can’t!” Scott shouted back at him. “I don’t know what you did but you can’t control me.”

Mike smiled back at him, “Oh really?” In a flash he shot his left hand to grab Scott’s hair, and his right hand to grab his balls. “I can do any thing I want with you.” He held his head backwards as he applied increasing pressure to his balls. “I don’t care what you think you know, as of now I own you, and you are nothing more than my sex toy. I’m not used to getting complaints from things I own. My school bag never objected to me putting something heavy inside of it. I think you shouldn’t object either.” Mike now had Scott whimpering of pain beneath him. “It is true though that I will probably get much more use out of you then out of my school bag.” He pulled Scott’s head by his hair so it was closer to his face, and then he licked the tears off his cheek. “Regardless, you are just my toy. If you defy me again I am going to bring you so much pain that you will beg me to go back to just crushing your balls. Do you understand me?” He gave Scott’s balls a hard yank.

Scott could only mumble that he understood. He couldn’t believe the amount of pain he was in. he couldn’t sense anything but the pain in his balls. Everything was a blur around him. He knew he had to avoid further pain, and he knew that he therefore had to do whatever Mike told him to do. He still knew this was all wrong, he knew he had to get away, but for now he had to do as he was told. He was too weak to fight back, and Mike seemed to have everyone on his side. He didn’t have to do a lot for now anyway. He just stood there while Mike played with his cock and balls as he continued his weird presentation.

“So you can see my sex toy has a very healthy sized ball sack, and his cock is a thing of beauty.” Mike used a ruler to measure Scott’s cock. “Uncircumcised and at a length of 7.5 inches soft.” Now you can see it start to twitch, this is the first sign of arousal. If I start to stroke it now I should be able to get it hard within a few minutes."

Mike started stroking the cock from its pink head to its base, over and over again, while also playing with the balls. To Scott displeasure, his cock did start getting hard within a few minutes.

Mike just sent the hard cock bouncing and left it for now. “There is more sexiness to my toy than just the butt and cock. That is why Scott makes such an excellent sex toy – every part of him just exudes sex.” He put his hand on Scott’s shoulder. “Ted, Ian, please tear Scott’s shirt off of him.”

Scott still had his T-shirt on, though his pants were down by his ankles for a few minutes now. With one hard pull, the shirt tore right off his body. Soon Ted, and Ian each had half his shirt in their hands. Scott was now facing his fellow students (or former fellow students) naked and with a hard on. He wanted to run a way, or at least turn around, but he was too afraid. Mike’s hand was on the back of his neck now, making his presence and ownership known to him.

“You can all see that my sex toy has a very developed chest.” Mike pronounced as he started caressing Scott’s chest. “These meaty pecs are a true work of art. Just look at how firm and perky they are.” He put his hands under the pecs, pushed them up and then let them fall back. “Scotty, please tell me how did you get these wonderful pecs?”

Scott was at a loss for words. Mike was feeling him up in front of everybody, treating him like he was a piece of meat. He could see no way out of the situation. He couldn’t believe all these people he knew for years were just staring at him. A pain from his pec drew his eyes down. Mike was biting down on the side of his pec.

“Did you hear me ask you a question? It’s rude not to answer.”

Scott wanted to say that it was rude to bite someone but he thought he better not risk it. “I have been exercising for years in the gym.”

“That is so good of you,” Mike’s hand cupped Scott’s pec and squeezed it. “You did a very good job of making yourself a pretty sex toy for me.”

“I didn’t workout to make myself pretty for you!” Scott couldn’t believe what Mike was saying. He didn’t even know Mike when he started working out.

“Oh, is that right? I think you did work on your appearance to make yourself a better sex toy for me.”

“No I didn’t.”

“So what you’re saying is that you worked on these beautiful pecs, and this wonderful six-pack of abs for a different reason.” Mike’s hand went down to caress Scott’s well defined abs. “You’re saying you didn’t do it for me, you did it to make yourself better.”

“Yes!” Scott cried out. “I just wanted to look better, for myself, and so other people would notice me.”

“Of course, I’m so sorry for assuming.” Scott was so relived to hear Mike say that. Maybe finally he would understand him. But then he felt Mike hand on his head ruffling his blond hair and he knew this wasn’t over. “You worked hard on yourself, working to shape your body into the perfect sex toy even though no one owned it. Well you did a great job sweetie.” Mike was now patting Scott’s head like he was a good dog.

“That’s not what I meant. What I said was…” Scott was interrupted by Mike.

“I understand what you meant. You wanted to have a sexy body that will get noticed. Isn’t that right?”

“Yes, but…”

“And I did notice you’re body.” Mike then turned to the class who was paying close attention. Scott tried to talk, but Mike grabbed his lips and held them shut. “This is actually an important part of the Show and Tell. This is about how I got my sex toy. As you all know I moved here only three months ago. Scott here was the first thing I noticed about this class. His bubble butt, his significant bump upfront, his pecs, his arms, legs, the whole thing, and obviously his beautiful head and everything about it, it all was just perfection. I had no idea how you could have a sex toy in your midst without anyone, or everyone, jumping to use him. I mean just look at these full red lips, all natural.” He pulled on Scott’s lips. “So I decided to declare him mine, and so he is.” And he gave Scott’s butt a smack.

“Does that mean I could have declared him mine before you did?” asked Ian, he was still standing close by, his pants tented.

“You could have maybe.” Mike said. He stood behind Scott and hugged him, closing his hands over Scott’s chest possessively and leaning his head on Scott’s head. “But you’re too late now, he is all mine.”

“I can’t be yours. You can’t just declare that I am yours.” Scott was afraid to move. Mike’s body pressing against him from behind felt weird and frightened him. But he wasn’t done arguing.

“Still on this,” Mike sighed and rubbed his nose in Scott’s soft blond hair. “You admitted to working to make your body more sexy right?”

“Yes.” Scott hesitated.

“And you did that so people would find you sexy and want you. Add to that the adorable features you were given by nature like your cute face, adorable hair, great skin and more. You basically made yourself into a sex toy.” Mike licked Scott’s earlobe and moved his hands down to caress his abs. “The result is evident and everyone here can see it.”

Scott was getting tired, and he was weak besides. Mike was starting to make a bit of sense. He did want to have sex. That was one of the big reasons he worked so hard. Does that mean he became a sex toy? Maybe it did. “Fine I may be a sex toy. But that doesn’t mean I belong to you. I like girls. If I’m a sex toy I’m a sex toy for girls only!”

Mike buried his face in Scott’s mop of hair, as his hands dug back into Scott’s pecs. He wanted to keep his smile to himself. Scott finally admitted to being a sex toy. He knew that Scott will come to that conclusion sooner or later. He was drugged and he kept hearing himself referred to as a sex toy. He didn’t know how long it will take but if he already told himself he was a sex toy, making him believe he really was mike’s sex toy was that much closer. He would soon have him regardless, but he wanted Scott to know he was his property.

For now Mike had to keep at it. “Oh Scotty. Who you like, or what you want doesn’t matter any more.” He reached down and grabbed Scott’s butt cheeks. “Once you became a sex toy that is all you are, a toy, a tool for pleasure. A very pretty tool, but still just a thing. And besides, anyone can tell by looking at you that you are more suited to be a toy for men than for women.” He kneaded Scott’s butt cheeks and turned to the class. “Isn’t that right girls?”

Tammy who dated Scott for a time and had sex with him didn’t seem to agree. “Why shouldn’t he be for girls? I had him a long time before you did.” She reached out of her seat in the front row and brushed her finger on Scott’s thigh. “I didn’t understand he was a sex toy though, but he should be mine just as much.”

Mike pushed her finger away from his boy. “You never proclaimed him as yours so he isn’t. Now he is mine and you may not touch him without permission.” Tammy, scolded, sat back in her seat and frowned. Mike moved his head over Scott’s shoulder and pressed his cheek to his. With his hand he took hold of Scott’s still hard cock. “I will show you all that Scott here is a man’s toy.”

Mike walked to the teacher’s desk, still holding on to Scott’s cock, making Scott hurry after him as fast as he could with his pants at his ankles. He stood Scott with his back to the desk and pushed him on his back. Scott was now laid on the desk with his legs in the air. Mike had Ian and Ted help him take Scott’s shoes off, and then his socks and pants. Scott couldn’t help notice Mr. Frenkel, who sat behind the desk the whole time, leaning over him to look at his face like he was an item at a market to be inspected.

“Ian, Ted, grab a leg each and lift them over Scotty’s head.” And they did, without hesitation. Ian had a smile on his face as he rubbed Scott’s leg with his hand.

Scott’s bubble butt was before Mike once more. But this time the angle was different. The butt was stretched by the legs being pulled. And above Scott’s butt, between the stiff legs Mike could see Scott’s horrified face.

“Now that the sex toy is stretched you can see something you didn’t before,” Mike told the class, as he pointed to Scott’s anus, which was now showing. “Through this hole we can examine the sex toy from within.” Mike coated two of his fingers in saliva and put them at Scott’s entrance.

Scott knew this was coming by now, but the feel of Mike’s fingers still made him twitch. He tried to calm himself down as he felt a finger slip its way inside his hole. He never thought anyone would put a finger inside his asshole. He knew doctors sometimes had to check down there, but he hoped he will never have to undergo that kind of examination. This was no doctor anyway, this was a mad psycho who claimed to own him. Mike was looking down at him between his own legs, smiling. Scott could feel the finger pressing, pushing, and moving inside of him. And then more pain as a second finger joined in. He couldn’t take it anymore.

Scott started to flail on the desk. He struggled against Ted and Ian holding his legs and tried to lift himself away.

“Freddy, Jason, please hold on to my sex toy’s arms,” Mike asked and Freddy and Jason complied. Scott was under control but still restless. Mike extracted his fingers from the hole and moved around the desk to stand over Scott’s head.

“Oh, Scotty, you are behaving badly. I hoped you got over that phase.” Mike pressed his crotch to the top of Scott’s head, as he stroked Scott’s cheeks. “Did you forget that I promised you more pain if you struggled?” Mike then reached to his pocket with one hand and produced a small iron clamp with jagged lips.

“Please. No!” Scott yelled. Mike paid him no mind. He reached over Scott’s head to his right nipple and started yanking it. He played with the nipple, pulling it up and down, twisting it, doing all he could to make it loose so he could pull it away from the pec. Scott was wincing from the abuse, begging him to stop. Finally Mike determined the nipple was loose enough, he held it up and put the clamp on it.

A great shout came from Scott as he cursed everything and anything. He was sobbing, tears running down his face and mostly mumbling. Mike lowered his face right down to half an inch away from Scott’s.

“Poor Scotty,” he said in mock concern. “Just remember who owns you and if you straggle against me more you will get more punishment. I can imagine that if this clamp hurts on your nipple it won’t be any fun when attached to your balls.” Scott opened his eyes wide, pleading wordlessly. “I think you understand me now.” Mike was twirling Scott’s blond hair with one hand, while inserting a finger to Scott’s mouth with the other. “Don’t think I am done with you. I am going to use your sex toy body until I have had my fill. You just need to follow orders and constantly remind yourself that you are nothing but a sex toy and that I own you. Why don’t you give it a try?”

With that Mike lowered his mouth on to Scott’s now partially open mouth and started kissing him. Scott kept his mouth open. He knew not to fight. Even when he felt Mike’s tongue exploring his mouth he did nothing. He thought about biting down on the invading tongue but he knew the punishment would be severe.

When Mike finally stopped kissing Scott he just stood behind his head with his fingers still on Scott, and addressed the class again.

“Believe me when I tell you my sex toy tastes so very sweet. I wish I could let you all have a taste, but I shouldn’t. I will however let you all have a feel inside my sex toy’s butt. Please form an orderly line between Scotty’s legs.”

Scott was still sobbing from the pain coming from his nipple, but the announcement still reached him. He heard chairs moving as everybody got up and started lining up, some fighting for a better place in line. He couldn’t believe it. They wouldn’t really do that to him too. Not all his classmates. Then he heard his Friend Ted, “Hey that’s not fair,” at least Ted seemed not happy about the idea. “We’re stuck here holding Scott.”

“It is a great privilege to touch my sex toy, you should be happy you get to hold him for so long.” Mike told Ted, and then addressed Ian, Freddy and Jason too. “Don’t worry though; you will get your turn.”

Scott could only cry to himself as Willy, a small little nerd, who got to be first in line because he sat at the head of the class, started touching his rectum.

“You need to coat your finger in spit and then press in.” Mike offered advice from the other side. “You can insert two fingers if you want, but no more.”

Willy’s finger pushed inside and wriggled there a little. A second finger soon joined in. Scott took long breaths to calm himself. The pain was a minor thing now. He could only feel the clamp on his nipple. But the humiliation of watching this short nobody treating him like an object was terrible.

“Okay Willy, take your fingers out.” Willy did. “That was fun wasn’t it? You probably never thought a man’s shit hole could feel so good. Go back to your seat and maybe I’ll let you go again later.”

Next there was a girl. She joined a second finger almost immediately. The humiliation was even worse with a girl. How will a girl ever see him as a man after using him like this?

Mike soon told her to move away. He made a point of telling her how bad it felt. How stinky Scott’s ass was and how it felt wrong to her touch.

And so it went on. Mike told each boy that Scott’s hole felt great and each girl that it felt bad. Most of them seemed to take what he said to heart.

Scott hardly noticed what Mike was saying. He was preoccupied by some big fingers and long nails digging into him. And mostly the looks he got. Some were looks of pity, some were looks of lust, and some were just cruel. He tried to look away but Mike held his head in place and told him he must keep his eyes open.

When the line was over Mike brought another student to take the place of each of the guys holding him, so they could have their turn. He told them that as a reward they were aloud to insert three fingers.

Ted went first. After inserting one finger in he saw the pained look on Scott’s face. Suddenly he felt sorry for him. True he was a sex toy, but he used to be his best friend. He told Mike that it was enough for him. Mike wasn’t having it, he told Ted that it is only kind of him as a friend to stretch his hole, seeing as it will be stretched anyway. So Ted got a second finger in and then, gently, a third. Scott could forget about the nipple for a second as the pain from his anus grew. It didn’t matter how gentle Ted was. He had big hands with big fingers so when three of them were inside Scott’s butt it was very painful. The look of pity on Ted’s face didn’t help. On Mike’s suggestion Ted started to move the fingers in and out.

Next came Ian and then Jason, both used three fingers. And then it was Freddy’s turn. Freddy was all worked up to get inside Scott’s ass. Mike encouraged him from the side, telling him to go deeper. Scott’s cock was now reacting to the pressure on his prostate, it turned from semi-hard to full hard and then started leaking precum. Scott could only watch as Mike, with help from a reluctant Ted, stroked his cock and balls.

When Scott shot his load of cum Mike was ready, aiming his cock so he soaked his face. The next few squirts landed on his bare chest and stomach.

“As you can see the sex toy can be made to ejaculate with relative ease.” Mike swiped his finger on Scott’s stomach and put it in his own mouth. “Tasty too. Ian, Freddy, why don’t you go ahead and lick the semen off my sex toy.”

As Ian and Freddy started licking Scott’s body, more students came forward to watch closely. Mike let anyone who wanted get a taste and a few did. Scott could only try and imagine he wasn’t there. Even Mr. Frenkel reached his hand to get a little bit of Scott’s cum. He made a show of inadvertently flicking Scott’s nipple, but Mike could see he wanted to touch it.

Mike saved a bit of the cum for Scott to lick off his fingers while he patted his head. “You are doing a very good job Scotty, like I knew you will.”

Mike then asked the class whether they wanted more action from Scott. As he expected they acted according to his conditioning, the boys said yes, the girls said no. So he let the girls go with the express instruction that they will forget all that happened in the class today. But before they left each girl had to spank Scotty’s butt five times.

Mike made sure Scott’s hand’s and legs were secured before the smacking began, he knew Scott was going to lose it. He wanted to see him get spanked, but he also wanted his own hard-on to get some attention. So he dropped his pants and stood beside Scott’s head so that his hard cock rested on Scott’s face.

Scott didn’t know what to do. He suddenly had this big hard cock resting on his face, touching his forehead, nose and lips, blocking one eye. He could feel Mike’s balls in his hair. He tried to turn his head but Mike held him in place. He could see Mike looking down at him. “I thought you should meet my cock. That is the part of me you will spend a lot of time servicing as my sex toy.”

“Please don’t make me…”

“I wish I won’t have to make you. As my sex toy you should be servicing my sexual desires willingly. But you seem to not get that so I have to make you.” Mike used his hand to stroke his cock and Scott’s face at the same time. “For now I want you to start licking my cock. I want you to worship it.”

Scott’s tongue was slowly leaving his mouth when the first girl started smacking his butt. He quickly drew it back and held his breath and closed his eyes. The five smacks hurt, but not bad. He sighed, but then he felt Mike’s hard slap on his cheek (the one on his face), “I told you to lick my cock. Do you remember what happened last time you angered me?” He held another clamp over Scott’s head. “Or I could just ask the girls to give you 15 smacks each instead of five. There are still nine girls to go.”

Scott’s tongue quickly left his mouth and started licking the cock resting on his face. “Oh… that feels good…” Mike moaned. His hands were playing in Scott’s hair, stroking his own balls at the same time. “I want to feel your sweet tongue on the slit of my cock.” Another girl started to smack Scott’s ass but he kept going, extending his tongue to follow Mike’s orders. “That’s it. Good boy!” Mike was leaking precum now.

Scott tried to shut out the pain from his ass as one girl followed another. But the pain was too much. He started crying, and then tried moving his body away, struggling with his captors, though he knew he didn’t have a chance. Twice he neglected to continue licking Mike cock, the first time he got another slap on the head, the second time he got that and an order for the girls to hit him ten times instead of five. He couldn’t tell how many more girls had to smack him, but he heard Mike tell some of them to hit harder.

At some point Scott lost all awareness of what was happening around him, he was just a sobbing mess. Mike was waiting for Scott to lose it. He changed position, grabbed Scott’s head and jammed his whole cock deep inside Scott’s mouth.

The sound from Scott’s wailing was muffled now and in the relative silence Mike bid farewell to the girls, they all had their turn at the Scott’s ass by then. He gathered the boys around Scott So they could see his face reddening, his eyes pleading through tears, his whole body try and pull away from the monster stuffed down his throat. But Scott’s struggles were useless. He was too weak, physically and mentally, from the drugs in his system, and Mike had his head in a strong hold, his fingers buried in Scott’s rich blond hair. Only after a few minutes, when Scott was close to losing consciousness, Mike pulled out a little to let him catch some air.

That was when Mike truly started fucking Scott’s face. Scott was now on the floor kneeling in front of Mike. He couldn’t remember exactly how got down to the floor but he guessed the others took him down while his face was still attached to Mike’s cock. Even now they were following Mike’s instructions, their hands all over his naked body, poking, feeling, twisting.

“You see, the sex toy can be used by many people at the same time in different ways.” Mike was telling them. “Look at Freddy pressing his finger into Scott’s bellybutton.” he motioned Ted to come closer. “Ted, why don’t you try biting down on his toes.”

The boys were very responsive to Mike’s encouragement by now, it didn’t take a lot to get them to do things they would never do in normal circumstances. As long as he didn’t put any of them in pain they were willing enough. Scott was the only one suffering but he got an extra dose of the special drugs and he was alone in trying to protest against so many assaulting him. Mike reveled in the sight of the cute, hot jock with the red bubble butt, on his knees with a cock in his mouth and a dozen hands all over his body. He couldn’t hold on any longer and with a last thrust he let go and came in Scott’s mouth.

Scott didn’t have any choice but to swallow the cum. He couldn’t believe this was happening to him. He was swallowing cum; his classmates were abusing his body. He couldn’t tell how many hands were on him. He could feel someone pulling on his balls, someone had a tongue in his ear, someone was pinching his butt, while another was biting down on his other ass cheek, one of his nipples was being bitten too, and the other was being licked.

When Mike relaxed after coming he continued with his instructions to the rest. Scott hated how he referred to him mostly as an object, a thing. He wanted to yell that he was a normal guy, a person. But even when Mike’s cock left his mouth he didn’t. He was afraid of what Mike would do, and he wasn’t too sure he was right. A person wouldn’t be treated like a thing, would he.

His head free, Scott turned to look at the people at his left. He wasn’t surprised to see Mr. Frenkel kneeling next to him licking his shoulder. But soon someone else was there in front of him licking his face. Scott had to close his eyes but he could hear everyone agreeing that Scott tasted great just like Mike said.

Mike was still talking and Scott tried not to listen. Scott felt himself raised in the air and propped face down on a table. Everyone let him go and he could feel just one hand on his back and knew it was Mike’s. His voice sounded serious above him. “This is my sex toy, so it should be only me who takes pleasure from him, but I decided for this special Show and Tell to let each of you have a turn fucking his face.” Exited noises came from all around. Mike bent down to speak directly to Scott. “Usually I wouldn’t make you suck others like this, but I think you really need to learn your place and this is a perfect way. You better be good, no biting or nothing, no struggling no matter what. Show me you understand this and play along and in an hour or so, once you finished sucking all of them this will all be over. If you annoy me it will just be longer. Nod if you understand.”

Scott opened his eyes. He could see Mike smiling at him. “Over? You’ll let me go home?”

“Yes, if you do good you’ll be done and I’ll take you home, I promise. So, will you behave now?”

Scott couldn’t believe it, a light at the end of the tunnel at last. He wanted to be done with all this. He nodded, “Yes, I’ll be good.”

“Good boy.” Mike ruffled Scott’s hair. Then he turned to the boys standing around them. “We’ll go in alphabetical order. Adam come here.”

Mike had to coax Adam into pulling his cock out in front of the class, but it wasn’t that hard. Within a minute Adam’s soft cock was inside Scott’s mouth. Scott was very cooperative, even when Adam’s cock turned out to be quite large when hard.

Mike appointed Freddy to help the rest of the boys in navigating the blowjob. He moved around Scott’s body marveling loudly at his shape. He massaged Scott’s shoulders, his muscular back, his toned legs, and finally his large fleshy butt.

Meanwhile Adam already ejaculated in Scott’s mouth and was replaced by someone else. Most of the boys got to Scott already hard, and those who started out soft became hard soon enough. A blow job is a blow job, so it didn’t matter how straight they were or how hesitant, they all enjoyed it.

Scott could only watch as each of his classmates, his friends, used his mouth. Some of them were too embarrassed to even look him in the eyes, but a lot of them reveled in tormenting him even further, pulling on his hair and ears, slapping his face with their cocks and pinching his cheeks.

Through all that Scott was also aware of Mike walking around his body and touching it. He believed Mike would keep his promise, but he knew he wouldn’t just satisfy himself with letting the others fuck his face. He had an inkling as to what Mike planned now and when Mike finally stopped behind his ass, he was ready for what he knew was coming. Sure he wanted to shout and scream and struggle, but he knew he didn’t have a chance. He was too weak, Mike was too strong, and everyone else will help Mike. If he could just stay calm it will all be over soon, and this nightmare will be over.

Mike stood between Scott’s legs looking down at him and felt like a conquering king looking down at the land that was his now. After Months of planning and after the whole long game just now he was finally going to get to fuck the beautiful stud lying before him. He spread the ass cheeks before him, uncovered the sweet hole, and placed his lubed cockhead on it.

Scott could hear a voice inside him say, ‘Just for now, be a sex toy and nothing else. Let him fuck the sex toy and then you’ll be able to leave here as a man.’

With a roar of triumph Mike thrust forward and impaled Scott. The body beneath him tensed and shuddered but he didn’t care, he lost himself in joy and lust. He soon set on a rhythm of pounding in and out.

Scott was in a sea of pain. He clutched the desk under him with his fists, and tears run down his eyes. He was sucking Ted when Mike started fucking him, and Ted was not pleased by Scott’s loss of interest in the tusk of sucking his cock, and smacked Scott’s cheek with his bare hand.

“What the fuck are you doing, you fucking sex toy?” He yelled down at him. “Concentrate on my cock you lousy whore.” Scott pushed the pain to back of his mind, he promised Mike he will do a good job, he resumed playing with his tongue on Ted’s cock and sucking hard. Ted was pleased again and looked down at him with a smile. “It’s so sad that all that time I hanged out with you I never knew you were a sex toy, I could have enjoyed this long ago. This is so obviously what you are meant for. You remember that time we went camping together? I asked you to wake me up, because I have a hard time getting up in the morning. If we ever do that again I want you to wake me up with a blow job.”

Scott tried to shut his mind to what he was hearing, but he couldn’t. More tears run down his face. He wanted to tell Ted that he wasn’t a sex toy, that this is just Mike’s doing and it will all end soon. But he couldn’t. Soon Ted finished, coming in Scott’s mouth and all over his face, and was quickly replaced by another eager boy.

When all the boys were done they stood around and looked at Mike fucking Scott. Mike informed them that he already came once inside Scott’s butt, and he was working up to the second climax. His second ejaculation started inside Scott but the rest went flying on Scott’s back.

Mike pulled his pants up and then pulled Scott back up to his feet to stand with his back pressing to Mike’s chest. “This is the end of my Show and Tell for today,” He told the rest, while his hand cupped Scott’s balls and jiggled them. “I hope you all enjoyed learning about my sex toy.” He grabbed Scott’s hair in his fist and pulled it back, stretching his neck so he could peck it with kisses and small bites.

“It was a wonderful presentation Mike,” said Mr. Frenkel with a big smile. He seemed to have sprouted a new erection in his pants, even though he already came in Scott’s mouth not long before. “Not very conventional, but very informative and simply fun.”

“Well, I should really get my things and be off now.” Mike let go of Scott and went back to his own desk to collect his things.

Scott was left standing there naked with the whole class looking at him. ‘It’s over now’, he told himself, ‘I just need to get out of here.’ He tried to cover his cock with his hands as he went looking for his clothes. “Where are my clothes?” he asked. No one answered him. The looks on their faces were filled with lust, scorn with a little pity, but no real compassion. A hand pinched his ass from behind and everyone laughed.

Mike was back at his side then. He was rolling behind him a big suitcase he took from a corner. It was the kind of suitcase that had four wheels and was very big. “Hey, keep your hands to yourselves,” he told the boys. “This is my sex toy, and you are not allowed to touch him without my permission.”

Scott hoped this whole thing about him being Mike’s property was done with now. Maybe he just needed to say that so the rest won’t take advantage of him naked. “Please Mike, can you help me find my clothes.”

“What do you need your old clothes for?” Mike asked as he unzipped the suitcase.

“I can’t go back to my house naked. My parents won’t understand.” Scott hoped Mike realized that he needed clothes, and was just joking.

“You’re not going to you’re old house, sweetie,” Mike laughed and patted Scott’s head, “You are my sex toy and you’re coming home with me.”

“No! But you said that after I sucked everyone off I was done, you said you’ll take me home.” Scott had tears in his eyes. He felt like he should protest more, but he felt so weak.

“You are done, that is for today. You have had a big day so I’ll let you rest until tomorrow. And I am taking you home. My home is now your home too. True, you won’t get a room, you are only a sex toy, but I have a cage ready just for you, where you can cuddle when I don’t need you.” He put his hands on the sides of Scott’s head, and smiled at him. “I’m sure you’re going to come to like it. Not that it matters really.”

Scott started sobbing. This was more than he could take. He tried to run away from Mike but the boys soon had him. Under orders from Mike they started lowering him down, folding his legs, pushing his head down. Only when he heard the zipper did he realize that they put him in the suitcase. There was no use in struggling it was all over. Just before the case was closed Mike’s head appeared above him. “Sleep tight my sexy little toy.” He said and then he put a cloth with a weird smell right up to his mouth and nose.

As he dozed off Scott thought about how he let himself be packaged like a toy. Maybe that was all he was.

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