Popping Alone Ch. 1

By Happy Endings
published December 7, 2017
2180 words
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A new experimental popper puts the user in a highly suggestive state. What could go wrong?

Author’s Note: This will be a shorter intro chapter than others, sorry. Hopefully it sets a nice hook for you all.

“…So now Tanya’s cousin’s wedding is completely off and the former bride never wants to see Tanya’s cousin or her maid of honor ever again. But hey, the good news is she can cover my shift, so our vacation is still on!”

Hunter gave a cheeky grin and thumbs up while his boyfriend Neal returned with an incredulous, though relieved, look.

“Well I mean…I guess that’s the silver lining here, but do try to be sympathetic around Tanya, y’know?”

“Oh no, Tanya’s hated her cousin since the day he put his pet tarantula in her dresser when they were kids. She’s elated.”

Neal rolled his eyes as Hunter snickered and the couple clinked their glasses of their finest box wine. They snuggled up on the couch and dug into their microwave meals. They were celebrating finally being able to stop pinching every penny just so they could enjoy a relaxing vacation together. Hunter and Neal were nearing the end of their college careers and were more than ready to spend the next chapter of their lives together.

Hunter was a psychology major, wanting to become a social worker for homeless kids after the treatment he got from his own parents. Though still a little curvy, with Neal’s help he had managed to work off most of his weight and was finally feeling confident in himself and his goals.

Neal studied biochemistry, wanting to unlock the secrets behind various chemical effects on the human brain. All is time spent at the lab or in front of a computer left little time to work out, so he had his metabolism to thank for not turning the junk he was eating now into regret. Plus, plowing his boyfriend’s ass every other night was definitely a workout in itself.

Halfway through dinner, Neal piped up, “Oh, I got Kevin to watch over the apartment while we’re gone.”

Hunter, halfway through slurping up a ramen noodle, perked a brow, “Kevin? Really? I mean I like him and all but how did you get him to do it? His laziness is what got him kicked out last semester, and he hates working for others.”

Neal shrugged, “Well we’re the only friends of his that didn’t outright abandon him, and he’s feeling appreciative. He’s an individualist, not selfish.”

Hunter shrugged, “I guess. Oh, but is he going to be okay watching over an apartment owned by…‘The gays?’”

“Hah! We joked about it, he’s cool. He says he’ll try to keep our space immaculate. Well, actually, the word he used was ‘emasculate,’ but I knew what he meant.”

Their meal finished, the pair happily shared cleaning duties in the kitchen. As Neal tied up a trash bag, he took a deep breath and said, “So…I know I’ve been in the lab a whole lot–”

“Stop,” Hunter said, “it’s totally fine babe. I want you to succeed.”

Neal smirked, “Well that’s the thing. I finally succeeded tonight.”

“Oh did you now?” Hunter returned the smile and set down the glass he was washing. His suspicions were confirmed when Neal produced from his pocket a small container with a lid sealed on tight.

For the past few months Neal had been in the lab trying to concoct, in his words, the ultimate popper. Neal could barely contain his excitement.

“Damn right! Took all day but I finally got a breakthrough. Now…are you really sure you wanna be my test subject? I mean there’s no way it’s lethal; you’re not taking any heart medications right? Not allergic to anything that you know of?”

Hunter responded by making a grab for the bottle, “Hush and give it here. Damn right I wanna try it!”

They laughed and play-wrestled until Neal put up a placating hand. “Fine, fine, but be careful. We don’t want you getting any burns.” He untwisted the lid and held it up to Hunter, who had placed a finger over one nostril and was leaning the other over.

Neal took another deep breath as Hunter took his from the bottle. He mentally went over the formula in his mind, certain that he got everything right. He had discussed it with Hunter when he first started. The same popper effects, only for much longer, even from just one hit. Not only that, but the relaxing effect would be quadrupled on the mind, such that it would be open to any suggestion. As confident as Hunter had become, he still had some reservations, enough that the resulting anxiety would interfere with their sex life. It was designed to last for a few hours, maybe more if the person responded to the chemicals a different way, but ultimately it would end and the user would return to normal.

Once Hunter had taken his hit, Neal carefully twisted the cap back onto the bottle and waited. After a few seconds, he saw Hunter’s entire body slump in relaxation, almost to the point of toppling over. A contented smile spread on his boyfriend’s face and he let out a light moan.

“So uh…how do you feel?”

“So goooood…” slurred Hunter.

“Seriously?” Neal probed, “Like, for real? You know it’s important to be absolutely truthful with me on this so we know all its effects.”

“Mmm…absolutely truthful,” Hunter muttered.

“Good, good.” Neal could feel himself getting hard, but he had a responsibility to keep his boyfriend safe. He had to make sure everything was okay. He pulled out a notecard and read from it.

“Hunter, I’m going to ask you some questions. When I’m done, I want you to answer them. You will be able to memorize the questions and their order” He saw Hunter nod and Neal nodded back, “Where are you right now? What is the safeword we discussed last week? Do you feel like you are going to faint or throw up? Are you feeling any anxiety?”

“I’m in our apartment…the safeword is Zima…No…No…”

Neal swallowed. So far so good. “How uh…how aware are you right now?”

“Crystal clear, Neal.” Hunter tilted his head up and gave Neal a dopey smile. It was like he was high. “Trust me, I can tell exactly what you’re saying. I’m just feeling sooooo relaxed, I promise.”

Neal smiled and leaned in to give his boyfriend a kiss. Keeping himself close to Hunter, he whispered, “Why don’t you touch yourself and see if you can get hard.”

Hunter reached down to his crotch and rubbed against his sweatpants. Neal’s own cock was rock hard, and it only started to throb more as Hunter started to moan. The tent in the sweatpants started to grow. Neal always admired how much of a grower Hunter was; it’s almost a shame Hunter was a total bottom.

“Now Hunter, you’ve always been a laid-back guy, but you would still be too embarrassed to dance, even when it was just us. Why don’t you give me a little show?”

Hunter chuckled vacantly and started swaying his hips seductively. He started circling Neal, keeping his thumbs behind the waistband of his sweats, before slowly pushing them down to reveal his bright green boxer briefs. A small wet dot could be seen where the tip of his cock was struggling against the fabric. Hunter twirled around so that his ass was against Neal’s crotch and he started to lift up his shirt, bending over and backing further to take it completely off. He clasped his hands and stretched his arms upwards while Neal gave in and started feeling up Hunter’s body, kissing his back and making his way to the shoulders, then the neck, then the earlobe.

“You gonna be a good boy for me, Hunter?” Neal whispered. He felt Hunter shiver in his arms; Hunter had always been interested in a bit of domination, but Neal had never done it before, so Hunter would insist they not try until Neal was totally comfortable with it.

“Y-Yeaaah…I’ll be a good boy for you…” Hunter moaned and continued rubbing his crotch.

Neal immediately grabbed Hunter’s hand, “Ah ah ah. You didn’t say that correctly.” He used his other hand to gently pull Hunter’s hair back. “I said, are you going to be a good boy for me?”

It took all of Neal’s strength not to let Hunter collapse in lust right there, “Yes sir…”

“Good boy.” Neal grabbed Hunter by his cock through the fabric of the boxer briefs and dragged him to the bedroom.

The rest of the week leading up to their vacation went swimmingly. In order to not try too much at once, the couple didn’t use the poppers at all, deciding instead to give it another go during their vacation. Hunter could barely contain his excitement; it was the best sex they had ever had, and it took all of his willpower not to sneak a hit while Neal wasn’t looking. He understood the dangers of mind-altering drugs. Every morning they discussed how Hunter felt, if he was feeling any different than before. To Neal’s delight, nothing had changed much, at least not negatively. Hunter had a bit more confidence than before, as under the effects of the poppers he was more than willing to do things he had only fantasized about but was too shy to try. The only negative side-effect was a tiny headache, and Neal reasoned that since normal poppers did that, it was only natural that a longer-lasting popper would have a longer-lasting headache.

Finally, the day of their vacation arrived, and both woke up to their bedroom door opening.

“Oh shit! Sorry, didn’t realize you two were still here! I thought your flight was in an hour though?”

The pair bolted upright in their bed to see their friend Kevin standing in the doorway, now shielding his eyes at the sight of two half-naked men.

“FUCK!” all three screamed.

Cursing his alarm clock running out of battery at the worst possible time, Neal hastily gathered their belongings while Hunter, grateful that they thought to pack the night before, quickly gave Kevin the run-down of keeping their apartment safe while they were gone. They exchanged their quick goodbyes and the couple raced out the door to the stairwell, leaving Kevin alone and shaking his head.

He looked around the empty apartment and let out a low whistle. He was right, the two of them kept a pretty tight ship. Now where was their bathroom…?

Neal relaxed against his seat on the airplane and let out a relieved sigh. Hunter did the same next to him and the pair exchanged an exhausted ‘we made it’ nod. They settled in for a decent flight, ready to escape the frigid midwest and land in paradise down in Florida. The pair, exhausted as they were from their marathon through the airport, could hardly wait to feel the ocean breeze.

The sound of the seatbelt sign turning off, and the captain announcing their arrival at 10,000 feet made Hunter ponder. “Hmm, y’know,” he leaned in to mutter in Neal’s ear, “I’ve always wondered what it would be like to be part of the mile high club. But, oh, I’m just too nervous. Maybe some uh…help…could convince me?” He gave his boyfriend a sly wink.

Neal let out a low laugh and sighed, “I thought we decided to do it after we landed? But…” He couldn’t deny his cock was hardening at the thought and muttered back in a sexy tone, “I guess you’ve been a patient boy.” He reached to his carryon bag and rifled through it for a few seconds. Then a few more seconds. Then a minute. He sat back up, confusion clear on his face, before he slapped himself on the forehead, “Shit!”

“What’s wrong?” Hunter asked, “Oh, did you forget it?” He frowned in disappointment as Neal gave an apologetic look.

“I think I left it on the bathroom counter, next to our toiletries bag.”

Hunter shook his head, then patted his boyfriend’s arm affectionately, “Hey don’t worry about it. We’re on this vacation for us, not a drug study. It’s been a rough day, why don’t we just take a nap and we’ll have some ‘fun’ when we get to the hotel, okay? I’ll even put on another stripshow for you.” He subtley licked Neal’s neck, and the couple giggled to each other before settling into their seats and closing their eyes. After a minute they were almost asleep.

They shot straight up in their seats in panic, “KEVIN!”

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