A Bearish Brew

published April 23, 2020
1607 words

Josh gives his coworker Luke some beer to change him into the kind of man he wants.

Hopefully there isn’t any huge errors or anything, I wrote this fairly quickly and just felt like getting it out there.

Edit: Added some more detail and hopefully a bit more polish

“Where’d you get this beer anyway? Tastes more like whiskey than anything else,” Luke complained between swigs of his drink. The taste clearly wasn’t enough of a deterrent for him and that was Josh was hoping for. The potion wouldn’t do much of anything unless he drank the entire thing. Josh wasn’t even entirely sure that would be enough. He’d made an entire six pack just in case.

Luke didn’t notice his coworker occasionally steal glances at him as he watched the game, as far as he was concerned, football and his beer were the only things going on right now. And taking another long pull from his bottle, the beer was starting to be more appealing than the game.

“You mind grabbing me another beer?” Josh didn’t need to be asked twice. He felt a tinge of guilt walking to the fridge. Luke had jumped at the opportunity to watch the Superbowl with him, no one else at the office had any interest in sports. Josh didn’t either but he didn’t have the heart to tell his eager coworker that.

Turning around Josh saw that his concoction was starting to take hold. Patches of Luke’s hair were shifting from his normal brown to a bright orange. He couldn’t help but be a bit turned on. He’d always had a thing for gingers. Josh handed Luke the second beer as naturally as he could before circling back around to his side of the couch.

Shifting in his seat, Luke pulled at his collar as he twisted the cap off and took a deep drink of the beer. He felt distracted and strangely warm. Maybe the beer was hitting him faster than he’d expected but he didn’t have any desire to slow down, the stuff was too damn good. Luke had to stop himself from chugging. Josh had been nice enough to let him watch the game here, he didn’t want to get stupid in front of him.

The game had gotten to a fairly uneventful start but Luke could feel the anticipation building, his team kept pushing them into their side of the field. It was only a matter of time before they made their first score. He kept finding himself watching the linemen, something he never usually. Part of him wondered what being a mountain of a man like that would feel like, pounding into other guys. He pushed the strange thought away, trying to bring his focus back to the game, unable to see that his hair was completely red now.

Josh had the next beer ready before Luke had even thought to ask. The changes were coming faster now as his coworker had started to rapidly sprout a beard. Setting down the bottle he stopped behind him as he noticed Luke’s back starting to stretch the back of his shirt and his traps rising out from his neck. He didn’t seem to notice that anything was amiss at all. The only difference in his behavior was that he’d moved his hand to rest on his dick, occasionally pawing at it as he drank.

Very suddenly, Luke leaned forward intently and Josh looked back at the TV. His coworker’s team was in the 25 with two downs left. They were probably going to score. Josh could see him tense up, making his growth more obvious. His formally baggy flannel was starting to fit him a lot better. Josh could make out his chest and see how his formally twig arms were starting to have some shape to them. Turning his eyes back towards the game Josh saw the touchdown right as it happened. Luke stood up for the first time since the bowl game had started, “FUCK YEAH,” his voice dropped as his Adams apple bulged out of his growing neck. He raised his beer to take a sip and swayed a bit as basked in the moment.

“Fuck this shit is good,” Luke said as he dropped himself back onto the chouch, stopping to take another swig. Turning to face him Luke motioned him over with a dopey grin, “why don’t you sit over here?” Josh was surprised at the advance, unsure if he was being serious or not. Letting out a belch, Luke’s stomach lurched forward into a sizable ponch, straining the buttons on his shirt. He lifted his hand to give his belly a pat and a jiggle, muttering an ‘excuse me’ in his now deep baritone. Not to be outmatched, his chest followed suit, swelling into a pair of beefy pecs. Luke let out a bellowing laugh as he watched the buttons shoot off of him, bouncing his chest as he finished his drink in one gulp. Fortunately Josh had another beer ready for him as he plopped down next to him.

His biceps budged as he ripped the cap off and his fingers plumped up into sauages. He watched as red hair grew up his arms. None of this seemed particularly strange to him—in fact—this was the best Luke had ever felt drinking. It was like a full body experience, like he was larger than life or something. Fuck did he feel a bit horny though. His cock was really starting to dig into his jeans. He gave it a good tug as he set his drink down for a second. He hadn’t even noticed that he’d completely lost track of the game. He didn’t care either at this point, he could just watch it tomorrow once he sobered up. Luke pulled Josh into him, “Want to see something cool?” Josh stared as he flexed and his sleeve tore apart at the seams, almost peeling off of his arms. He couldn’t help but laugh as his buddy turned bright red. “You mind helping me get these pants off? They’re way to fucking tight,” Luke was right, his legs were starting to ballon to mammoth trunks of muscle and fat. Josh couldn’t help but wonder what this viking bear’s ass must look like by now. He literally had to peel the pants off of him. Looking up he could tell his plastered coworker was enjoying him struggle. Or enjoying seeing him down on his knees. Luke grinned at him, “You got any more of that beer bud?”

Rushing to the fridge, Josh grabbed the last one. He wondered if he’d over done it, he had thought one would probably be enough. Yet when he looked at Luke he couldn’t help himself. His coworker had gone from remarkably average to almost looking like a professional powerlifter in less than an hour. This was exactly what he’d wanted and yet still felt guilty about it.

This was the last one and he needed to make it last. Or at least he would have had he not chugged the whole thing in one breath. He felt it hit him the instant he put the bottle down next to the others. If he was feeling horny before, he had no idea what he felt now. Everything seemed to be moving faster than he was. The only thing he could focus on was Josh leaning onto him. He glanced over at Josh and felt a kind of desire he didn’t know how to understand. Still—he felt his reservations—even as they were quickly beginning to wear away. He wasn’t gay but his dick seemed to think otherwise as he glanced down. He watched as his modest 5 incher pulsed into what must have been 10 inches, hilariously tenting his boxers. His balls churned for release as they swelled and he imagined thrusting himself into Josh.

From the look on his face, Josh could tell what his beast of a coworker wanted, “You want to take this to my bedroom?” He asked as he gave Luke’s throbbing erection a tug. He could only moan in response, wobbling along as Josh led him in, some mix of inhebriated or not used to his new size. Luke grabbed Josh and pulled him in, using his bud to steady himself as they kissed. He felt itchy as wiry copper hairs swirled around his chest and down his stomach. Finally the beer got the better of him, Luke blacked out as he fell into the bed with Josh. The morning sun woke Luke up with a jolt as he looked down at himself. He felt like he should have looked different somehow but couldn’t really understand why. There really wasn’t any reason to want to look different, he was a fucking tower of a man and enjoyed every second of it. He searched around for his clothes on the floor before he just gave up and squeezed himself into the largest pair of Josh’s sweatpants he could find. He’d have to get some new clothes later or something. Luke looked back at him, still fast asleep and realized that he’d gotten too drunk and blacked out before the first quarter was even finished. “Hey bud, I’m going to head back home to catch a rerun of the game. Text me next time you want to get together,” Luke didn’t wait for Josh to wake up enough to reply before he was out the door.

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