Perfection - Chapter 1 - The Plot

By Jake -
published April 20, 2020
1318 words

Two life long friends and athletes who are about to begin college become the objects of interests to a family of international undercover spies intent on taking over the country from within.

Editor’s Note: This first chapter (The Plot) serves to set the stage and give a little background information on the characters. As the story progresses, it will become more and more involved with mind control, reprogramming, etc. Thanks……Jake.

Dr. Cho Li sat at his desk in the spacious complex beneath the multi-million dollar estate home that he, his brother Dr. Ching Li, and their wives shared located on the eastern bluffs overlooking Pine Mountain Lake in Blueridge, Virginia.

The plan had been in development for over five years and it had taken nearly as long for the undercover spies and their superiors to locate a suitable place both to live and carry out their experiments.

They had needed somewhere relatively remote yet with access to a University not too far from the nations capitol.

Blueridge fit the bill perfectly with not only a University less than 4 hours from the capitol but with a student body of nearly ten thousand which would surely enable them to find two healthy human specimens to use unknowingly in their tests.

As Dr. Cho Li continued looking over, in detail, the specifications of the plan, his brother Ching joined him in the underground complex.

Cho looked up and smiled as his brother nodded with Cho asking,

“How are things going upstairs?”

Ching replied,

“Excellent brother !! Mia and Soo are finishing up their work on the new health spa they are opening on the boardwalk along the western shore of the lake near the University and the work crews should have our facilities up top completed by the end of the day !!”

Cho allowed a wicked grin to form on his face as he looked down at the plan details in his hands then back up at his brother saying,

“Everything is going according to plan. Now all we have to do is find one or two athletes that fit the parameters of the plan perfectly and we can begin. I will inform headquarters of our progress then you and I can go in to town and check on Mia and Soo before heading over to the University and doing some of our cover work. Perhaps there we can begin to find some candidates for our experiments.”

Ching nodded as he helped his brother write the report that would be sent back to their home country.

Meanwhile, at the Blueridge Aquatic Center….

The early afternoon sun beamed brightly down onto the surface of the crystal clear waters of the diving pool as Jake Graham and Matt Hayner went through an intense session practicing their one meter, three meter and platform dives.

Jake stood off to the side using his shammy to wipe the excess water from his tanned, well toned, athletic body as Matt stood high upon the platform.

Jake looked up at his life long best friend who was closer than a brother with Matt concentrating on his form before doing a perfect hand stand which extended his 5’10" frame in perfection while doing a mental count then thrusting himself off and out away from the platform.

Jake smiled and clapped as Matt performed the dive to perfection, slicing through surface of the water without making any splash before surfacing a few seconds later and swimming off to the side where Jake was standing with his hand extended as Matt took it and climbed out of the pool with the assist as Jake said,

“Awesome dive bro!!!”

Matt replied while wiping down his own well toned, athletic and tanned body clad only in a downsized suit like all top divers wore,

“Thanks Jake!! Man I can’t wait for dive season to begin late this fall. It’s going to be something else for sure.”

Jake, placing his right hand on Matt’s left shoulder said,

“That it is Matt for sure but first things first. We have a fall football season to get through.”

Matt chuckled saying,

“We may have bitten off more than we can chew doing the dual sport thing.”

Jake replied,

“Nonsense. We have all of our classes set for online so we can work our studies around the practices. Our Dad’s were dual athletes and did just fine, so will we.”

Matt nodded then added,

“You are right. Let’s get about another hour of practice in then clean up and head down to the Boardwalk. We have only been here a week and I wanna check it out.”

Jake nodded, replying,

“Sounds like a plan, let’s go!!”

The two athletes started walking back around towards the ladders to continue their practice, unaware of what lie ahead for the two of them.

Across the way on the campus of Blueridge University…..

Drs. Cho and Ching Li sat in their office at the University Sports complex looking over the database containing the lists of current and incoming freshman athletes.

Having been hired as conditioning coaches their activity wasn’t suspect as they would need to be familiar with the athletes of the various sports.

They had decided that they would first screen through the list of some thirty-five dual sport athletes that would be attending Blueridge University in an attempt to shorten the length of time in their search for the one or two young men who would fit the specifications of the plan.

Eager to begin their experiments, they both hoped their search would be short.

As they read through the list which described each athlete in short detail there was a knock on their office door.

Before either could answer, the door opened slightly with a man in his late thirties with dark brown hair sticking his head in first and smiling before stepping in and saying,

“Dr. Cho Li and Dr. Ching Li, I thought I would stop by and welcome you to Blueridge University. My name is Jared Towns and I am the men’s diving coach here at Blueridge.”

The two stood and shook hands with Coach Towns as Cho replied,

“So nice to meet you Coach Towns. My brother and I were just getting settled in on our first day by looking over the bio details of the various athletes.”

Ching added,

“Yes and we noticed that the University has thirty-five dual sport athletes, impressive!!!”

Jared stated,

“Yes it is and if I may brag a bit, two of those dual sport athletes are divers as well as kickers for the football team.”

Cho asked,


Jared answered,

“Yes, Jake Graham and Matt Hayner. We are lucky to have them both. They are incoming freshmen and should really help out in both sports. They are top notch divers and push each other to perfection and are also some of the best kickers Coach Brown has ever seen. Matt’s a consistently accurate field goal kicker from any range and Jake is equally impressive as a punter.”

Dr. Cho listened as his brother scanned the list finding both boys names and read their bio’s with Cho stating,

“Well when they move here later this summer we would definitely like to meet them.”

Coach Towns smiled and said,

“Not a problem. They both are actually here now. They moved here after graduating high school a few weeks ago to search for housing while attending college as well as being able to have the summer to get to know the area and get settled in. I was just on my way over to the Aquatic Center to see if they were still doing an impromptu self induced dive practice. You guys are welcome to join me if you have the time.”

Cho looked at his brother who smiled as he nodded affirmative with Cho replying,

“Absolutely, we would appreciate the opportunity to meet them.”

With that, they stood and joined Jared as the three of them began making their way over to the Aquatic Center.

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