Series: Honey
By Diz
published April 17, 2020
4351 words

Steven has been planning something for a new intern at the office for some time, now it was time to reap his rewards.

Authors Note: This is my first story submitted since the bygone era of the NCMC. This was written with the intention of being a one-shot, but I did leave it open for the possibility of additional chapters. That being said, I’m happy to hear any constructive criticism folks may have. Enjoy!

The trap was set. Steven had been setting the stage for months. Diego, a new intern at the office had caught his eye.

Diego was a skinny, unassuming twink of a fellow. Bright eyed, cheery, and eager to please as he worked diligently on whatever task he was set to. Showing up every day in his business casual shirt and tie with chinos that framed his body ever so properly snug. Today Steven paid particular attention to Diego’s choice of work attire. He wore a mint green shirt and khaki slacks cut high in the crotch, pushing Diego’s package forward just a bit. Steven suspected Diego had no idea any of his decisions had been manipulated, or that he would likely regret his choices made today.

For months now Steven had been working on multiple fronts. He’d befriended Diego, introduced himself and built a certain amount of rapport with him, enough so that when he’d bring in an extra coffee or offer to pick up his lunch, Diego didn’t think twice about accepting the offer. The boy was new, naïve, innocent. He didn’t know what to expect working here, and so Steven took every advantage to set those expectations. Steven found out quickly that Diego was gay, and although he was as well it wouldn’t do to create unnecessary tension between the two of them. His offers and favors might be misinterpreted as flirting, and he needed Diego to have as little suspicion as possible that their relationship was anything more than workplace comradery.

Working as the office’s only IT specialist also gave him certain advantages. No one had the access to notice any changes he might make to any particular employee’s computer settings. No one to notice new applications or automatic programs running in the background. Any noticed flicker or lag from Diego’s computer that might warrant an investigation was brought to him to solve. He’d sit at the computer, tap a couple keys, write a few benign command prompts, reset the whole thing and for all Diego knew the problem was solved.

Steven was watching Diego now through his computer camera, forehead furrowed in concentration typing out emails and spreadsheets. The coffee Steven had brought him today, laced with a triple dose of the same supplement Steven had been feeding him these last few months, sat half empty to his side. Looking up from his computer Steven could see straight from his office to Diego’s cubicle, the profile of Diego’s body perfectly in view. The show was about to start and he had a front row seat. His cock pulsed in his slacks as if urging him to begin.

He walked out and around to Diego’s cubicle from behind.

“Hey Diego!”

Diego jumped and spun around, “Geez! Don’t scare me like that,” he laughed, “what’s going on?”

“Nothing much, just saw that it’s almost time for lunch. I was wondering if you were going out of the office to eat today.”

“Yeah I was thinking of going to the sandwich shop at the corner, did you want me to pick you up something?”

“Nah, I brought my lunch today, keeping it real simple too.”

“Oh? What’re you having?”

Steven’s eyes gleamed as he took stock of Diego’s innocent form one last time.


Diego’s face seemed to slacken for a split second, inside his chinos his flaccid cock jumped hard enough for Steven to see it pulse from here he stood. Suddenly Diego seemed to be having difficulty finding words.

“H… honey? Is that it?” he managed to stammer, as if he was suddenly trying to catch his breath.

“That’s it, just… Honey.”

Another jolt from Diego’s cock, longer this time, fuller, clearly hardening. Diego’s eyes went wide for just a moment before speaking, “a… actually I don’t think I’m that hungry. I really need to finish this project anyways, I think I’ll just power through and take off a little early today.”

He turned around, trying to hide his quickly firming cock under his desk. The soft fabric of his pants offering little help hiding what was happening. Steven’s smile slid into a smirk as Diego turned away.

“Alright if you say so,” Steven said as he walked back to his desk as nonchalantly as possible. He resisted the urge to whistle.

Taking a seat back at his desk Steven quickly pulled up the video feed streaming from Diego’s desk. Diego’s face was already flush as his body began to respond to the trigger word, the isometric audio that’s been playing constantly from his speakers ever since Steven made him his next target were only enhancing the effect.

Steven looked up from his computer, Diego was struggling with a building arousal coming from nowhere and everywhere, his hand could be seen moving to his crotch either squeezing or adjusting what by now must be a nice, plump cock. On the screen Steven could see Diego trying to focus on his work, every so often he’d squeeze his eyes and lips together, fighting a wave of arousal he couldn’t ignore. Diego would peek down from his computer and under his desk. From the video you could see his eyes widen as he witnessed something happening to him. By now was the bulge along his chinos too large to recognize as his own? Steven enjoyed the view of Diego as he suddenly gripped the sides of his chair, throwing his head back and face grimacing in an attempt to withstand another wave of arousal washing over him.

Diego was mortified, from the moment the conversation with Steven had ended his cock appeared to demand attention. Hardening and sending pulse after pulse of a deep, heavy arousal through him. With each pulse he could feel, like a slow drip from a faucet, precum crawling its way up his cock.

It started with the second pulse, a tiny bead of precum slid out his cock, quickly absorbed by the blue briefs he wore. And with each subsequent pulse it felt like more and more was being made, pushing itself through. The sensation was as strange as it was erotic, feeling the viscous fluid make it’s way out.

The project on his computer was getting harder and harder to focus on. With each beat of his heart it felt like his body was shifting priority from his brain to his cock. He wasn’t even fully hard, but each pulse of arousal stole his focus as another bead of precum leaked into his briefs. When he felt a cold wetness touch his inner hip he looked to see the cause. That’s when his eyes went wide at the sight of a slowly forming dark circle on the surface of the khaki pants right above his cock.

For the next half hour Steven watched as Diego tried to work. Watching him squirm, watching him pull up as close to the desk as he could when a coworker passed by, Steven squeezed his cock as he saw through the monitor Diego shift and slide a hand down his pants, surveying the damage so far only to pull it out and see the tips of his fingers covered in a clear, thick fluid. Pulling his fingers apart and watching it hang in strands between them only to feel another surge of arousal pulse through him, his precum escaping in stronger bursts, spreading the diameter of the dark spot a tiny bit wider. Steven could have came right there watching the expression of horror on Diego’s face.

Diego didn’t know what to do. He was too afraid to stand up to get to the restroom, unsure if he could keep standing if he was caught by another pulse. He could feel a cold slickness on his inner hip as his briefs were reaching their capacity to absorb any more from his leaking cock. If he had attempted he might have felt some relief as he got out of earshot of the high-pitch beats coming from his speakers, encouraging and enhancing his problem.

The supplements he’d been taking, laced in his coffee or mixed into his food at any opportunity Steven had, was working beyond expectations. Diego’s balls were churning, producing a massive load that would stretch the limits of what they could hold, but the real work had been done on his Cowper’s gland, now on overdrive pushing an unending stream of lubricant along Diego’s cock. Churning ounce after ounce of pre as his rewired mind executed the commands that’d built up after so many months, and this was only the first new reality Diego had to accept.

Steven opened the program controlling the silent auditory onslaught at Diego’s desk. With a few keystrokes he executed a supplemental command.

“Hngh!” Diego’s breath hitched in his throat as his body betrayed him. His abdomen flexed and his cock rapidly swelled in his slacks, pushing along the fabric, bulging out for attention, dragging its leaky head across his thigh and slipping out the side of his soaked briefs. He placed his head in his arms across his desk as his concentration on anything else became impossible. Squeezing his eyes shut and with a muffled yelp into his arms he felt his body and cock bust into orgasm. His cum poured out of his cock strong enough for a tiny pool rise above the surface of his slacks where his cock lay before being absorbed and darkening the khaki colored surface.

“Hey Diego!” Steven shouted from his desk.

Diego’s face was flushed red; he wasn’t sure if he was going to cry or pass out or moan. He looked up from his arms to see Steven beckoning to him. His good nature still overrode his good sense and he couldn’t bring himself to just ignore him. Biting hard on his lip he looked around his desk. Grabbing a slim binder sitting in the corner he took his time standing up, using it to cover the spreading pool apparent around his groin.

Steven watched Diego shuffle across the short distance to his office. The look of Diego’s lips pressed together, his eyes avoiding Steven’s, hand white-knuckled and gripping the binder in place before his crotch, all spoke of a man out of his own control.

“Could you close the door please?”

Diego juggled the binder between his hands as he turned around to close the door, flashing the large dark circle he was trying to hide. He’d just cum, yet his cock didn’t seem to find any reason to stop leaking even as he stood there mortified.

“Lock it too,”

Diego hesitated only a moment before locking the door as well. He turned to face Steven, shuffling to the center of the room between the door and desk. The light in the room was dim, with the shades drawn you’d almost think the room were empty from the outside. What light there was cast an eerie blue tint across the room.

“Is everything okay Diego? You look like something’s on your mind.”

“I’m fine… I just… think I… might be coming down with something,” Diego managed to say between hitches in his breath. His attention split between what Steven was saying and the incessant failure of his plumbing.

“Yeah you don’t look so good,” Steven said as he stepped around from his desk, “is there anything I can do to help?”

Steven stepped closer to Diego. Diego pressed the binder closer against his crotch and with it felt the wet fabric all along his cock and thigh.

“N…no, I’m fine, I think I’ll just tell the boss I’m gonna take a sick day tomorrow.”

Diego’s eyes were glued to the floor as a pair of brown suede boots and blue chinos came into view. His body tensed realizing just how close Steven had come, not two feet away.

“Hmm, if you’re not feeling well,” Steven paused and leaned in, the heat of his breath on Diego’s ear, “I’ve heard a spoonful of honey can help.”

For a moment every muscle in Diego’s body inexplicably relaxed. The binder slipped from his hand and tumbled on the floor, exposing the large dark circle to Ryan’s view. Before Diego could register his embarrassment his body seized and vibrated in pleasure. Hands apart and back arching pushing his cock forward, the imprint clear across his slacks, hips thrusting to release some force within him only to find that force seemingly locked behind his cock.

A thicker stream of pre began to pour.

Steven smiled, “Freeze.”

The body-gasm subsided but an unignorable arousal now persisted in Diego, he held onto enough composure to speak, “I’m sorry… unf… I’m sorry I don’t know… unf… what’s happening!”

His cock was now completely hard, pushing out, pulsing, and with each pulse more precum spurt into his clothes. He tried to move, to step away or conceal himself, but his muscles would flex against any attempt to budge.

“What, oh you mean this?” Steven said as he knelt down at Diego’s waist and traced a finger along the outline of Diego’s cock, feeling the pulse against his finger as he did. He looked up at Diego whose mouth was agape in shock and pressed his tongue against the fabric at the head of Diego’s cock. He tasted a fresh pump of precum escape across the layers of clothes and let his tongue trail a slow path across the spot it emerged, enjoying the sweet salty taste on the smooth cotton fabric, never breaking eye contact.

“This is because of me.”

Diego was stupefied, “What?! How… why?!”

Steven stood up and looked straight into Diego’s eyes, he placed a hand against Diego’s small chest.


He slid is hand down, sensing every detail along Diego’s torso on his fingers, the slight curves of modest definition, the smooth glide of fabric on hairless skin.

“…you have the misfortune of being exactly my type. Don’t worry about the how, it’s already too late to do anything about it. Your body and mind have been changing unbeknownst to you for some time now, this is the conclusion of my work for the last couple months. Now learn to live with it.”

Steven’s hand reached the waistband of Diego’s pants. His eyes narrowed as he slipped his hand under and felt the fruits of his labor. All along one side, a slippery wetland coated in Diego’s pre. He found the rock hard cock still steadily churning away in Diego’s briefs and gripped it in his hand, feeling the pulse of its production for himself.

“This…” He rubbed his thumb across the piss slit, coaxing out a generous burst, “…is never going to stop.”

He swore he could see Diego’s face go a shade paler.

He withdrew his hand and unzipped the fly to Diego’s pants, pulling the briefs to one side and pulling Diego’s cock through. It hung there in the air, straight out, proud despite its owner’s protest, a modest shaft with a bulbous, obscene head coated in a layer of pre with more now still bubbling at the tip.

“What do you mean?” Diego said, arms and legs still frozen as if stuck in the middle of a standing orgasm. He saw his cock below, harder than he could ever remember, as he felt a pulse and the tip let single, thick drop emerge and fall in a strand to the floor.

Steven held his fingers just under Diego’s cock, waiting patiently in silence to catch the next few drops that emerged. With it he began to rub on and around the head of Diego’s cock, smiling as Diego grit his teeth and gasped at the overstimulation of his large glands.

“Your body is now convinced it’s in a state of perpetual arousal,” he said all the while continuing to tease the head of Diego’s cock, “it doesn’t matter if you’re asleep, awake, at the store, in your car, or here with me, it believes it needs to produce. All the time, every day, a constant flow of precum to keep you ready for an orgasm that is always just around the corner, just over the edge. Perpetually leaking.”

Diego’s heart and head was racing. Always aroused? Perpetually leaking? If this didn’t stop how would he work? How would he go out? He could feel every pulse of precum that worked though his cock. He could hardly focus let alone deal with slippery mess developing in whatever pair of pants he wore.

“This can’t be permanent,” he said through clenched teeth, trying to ignore the overwhelming sensations coming from Steven’s oscillating thumb on his cock head.

Steven nodded in mock sympathy, “sadly it is. This is you now, so why not try and enjoy it?”

He encircled the root of Diego’s cock with his thumb and forefinger and squeezed, pulling down along the shaft. A large billow of precum flowed out the head, a thin strand following it to the floor as if it were a tether line slowing its decent. Steven watched as the line snapped and recoiled, running up back to Diego’s cock to aid the next jump.

“I’m going to love watching you adjust over the next few weeks,” he said, still eyeing the clear glistening strand dancing off the end of Diego’s cock.

Between heavy breaths Diego managed enough composure to make some sense, “no, no fucking way. I can’t stay working here or anywhere around you. I’ll fix this… somehow.” He thought of what he’d have to do, adult diapers maybe? Extra layers? Maybe just an extra change of clothes each day… he’d be able to figure it out.

The rebellion in Diego’s voice only got Steven harder. He was leaking plenty on his own, but nothing like Diego’s predicament, and nowhere near as apparent on his navy blue slacks. He gripped the waistband around the button still holding Diego’s pants together and with a dexterous flick of his thumb it parted.

Steven pulled the slacks down and, after a bit of rough handling of Diego’s still ridged cock, the underwear fell as well. With the triggers still holding Diego in place Steven went to move his arms, bringing each hand to rest against and behind Diego’s cock and balls, thumbs together at the root of the shaft and fingers completing a diamond frame underneath, pushing his swollen junk forward.

His lower half now fully exposed Diego saw for the first time how swollen and disproportionate his balls had become. Compared to just this morning they’d become swollen, with every wrinkle smoothed out by an unnatural expansion from within. Sitting now against his hands he was surprised he hadn’t noticed the weight of them up to this point, they felt like heavy warm apples against him. When he came, if he came, he wondered if they would ever resemble their previous size…

They wouldn’t.

“You don’t really get the situation you’re in. Here, maybe a demonstration,” said Steven. He looked at Diego’s ridiculous pose, hands framing his unyielding cock and swollen balls, hips thrust forward, mouth and eyes flipping from clenched tight to wide open as the sensations in his body danced to Steven’s whim. He knelt in front of Diego, gently grasping behind the head of the cock which still shone with a slick coating. He looked at the bulbous head for a moment before looking directly into Diego’s eyes as he spoke a single word.


A revving, angry sensation awoke deep inside Diego’s pelvis. It felt like an engine that’d been churning at capacity had suddenly been set to double or triple time. A sharp pinch at the root of his cock was followed by the sensation of thick fluid flowing up and up his shaft. His eyes went from Steven’s to the helmet of his cock. A large dollop of precum gathered at the tip holding itself together for just a moment before cascading down, landing squarely on Steven’s tongue. Steven followed the string of pre back up to Diego’s cock and let his entire tongue graze across the leaking tip, savoring the sweetened taste his supplements had had. Diego shivered as Steven stood back and a long silver trail began a constant descent from his cock to the floor.

What began as a thread trailing out of Diego’s cock thickened bit by bit, until a rope was now connecting his cock to a developing pool on the floor. The flow began to thicken in both volume and viscosity, pouring out of him. His shock turned into horror. He began to hyperventilate as no matter what feat of mental will he tried the flow did not, would not stop. The waves of arousal now were now so frequent as to be indistinguishable from one another.

“If you leave or if you try and report me, that will be what you live with,” Steven said nodding to the faucet that’d been made of Diego’s cock, he watched the stream flow onto the carpet, the pool inching wider each moment.

“So go ahead, you can move now, release.”

Diego’s muscles all seemed to relax at once except for those around his pelvis where the constant hum of production could be felt. He leaned forward to see just how persistent his cock continued to leak. He could see the pool growing on the floor, now the size of a dinner plate, darkening the office carpet. He gripped a hand around his cock, squeezing in a vain attempt to stem the flow. He held it tight and the steam seemed to thin, but a shooting pain forced him to release and the ensuing flow burst like a backed up hose before returning to its constant pour. He wanted to cry.

“Make it stop, please make it stop.”

Steven turned his face into an expression of sarcastic pity, “aw don’t worry,” he said as he walked up and placed a hand on Diego’s shoulder, “it’s not all bad,” placing his other hand under Diego’s cock, letting it pour over his fingers, “have a taste.”

He brought the slick fingers up to Diego’s mouth. Losing all sense of self-decency Diego opened between dry sobs, just trying to appease his tormentor. Steven’s fingers traced along Diego’s lips before landing on his tongue, rubbing the taste in. Diego was surprised at how sweet it was, almost closing his mouth to suckle around Steven’s fingers, but withheld the impulse.

“Not bad is it?” Steven whispered into Diego’s ear. Diego shook his head, eyes closed. “Good, now trickle.”

The tightness around Diego’s groin seemed to lessen, though not vanish. The stream running down his exposed cock began to thin until it was again just a constant, occasional drip. Compared to the former predicament Diego was almost grateful.

“Now get yourself dressed, and maybe take the rest of the day off. I’ll let the boss know you weren’t feeling well. Don’t try and vanish on me though, your mind has a couple surprises tucked away, just like that one, just waiting for you to cross a line I set in place.” Steven nodded to the pool of precum on the floor, now touching the tips of Diego’s shoes.

“I… I won’t…” Diego whispered

“I won’t SIR,” Steven said, grabbing Diego’s cock and squeezing tight.

“I won’t sir!” Diego corrected.

“Now get dressed and get out of here, see you tomorrow,” Steven released Diego’s cock and stepped back to his desk.

Diego’s cock was softening, even as the leaking continued. He fought with his underwear and slacks as he pulled them up and saw how his swollen balls now caused an obvious bulge to eject from his groin. He could feel the light crustiness of the dried cum on his briefs rub against his cock, even as it dripped and rewet the fabric. He turned to the door and opened it to leave, eyes squinting in the brightness of the hall. Looking for passerby before leaving the darkened office.

“One last thing Diego,” Steven shouted from beside his desk, “climax,”

Diego’s cock was hardening before he registered what was said. He brought one hand to his mouth as the other hung onto the door handle for support. His knees buckled and his cock roared, splattering the inside of his briefs and slacks. His swollen balls contracting themselves, pushing every bit of stockpile out and through Diego’s cock in one long gigantic volley. Diego screamed inside his hand in pleasure and terror as the convulsions racked his body. The dried stain on his slacks darkening again, spreading a wide diameter across his crotch. Layer upon layer of fresh cum coating the insides. The orgasm lasted a minute, maybe longer. It was a small grace that no one passed by as it did. The moment he could stand again he ran from the office, hoping no one would see the dark stain plastered against the khaki.

Steven just bit his lip and smiled.

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Series: Honey