Catch and Release

By xORRiNx -
published November 14, 2017
5210 words

Abducted by a doctor who is determined to create more jocks in the world, you fight tooth and nail to survive the injections and get back to an accomplished life.

Catch and Release

You knew it was a bad situation when you opened your eyes and saw a concrete warehouse ceiling. The bright fluorescent fixture above you had a bulb flickering. The air was chilled and clammy. No windows either, just a single door with a peep hole. Your arms were strapped down by your side.

The last thing you remembered you were walking home from work on a Friday night, only now to wake up with a slight headache and some dizziness. Quickly you realized you were naked… and confined.

“What the fuck, how?” Your memory failed to answer how you might have ended up in this predicament.

“Why not just kill me?” you wondered what kind of perverts would do this.

With no enemies and hardly anything valuable in your life to steal it stumped you…

“Why would anyone kidnap… me?”

As you continue to gather your senses it became apparent more than just your arms were strapped tightly secure to the platform bed. Your legs and head were also confined by various straps and devices.

Aside from the horror of it all, you were quite relieved to be unharmed in the physical sense. All of your limbs and body seemed undamaged.

“Maybe I’ll make it out of here,” you always were the hopeful type.

People often thought very high of you. You had many things going for you… good college grades, your strong work ethic as a coding intern a tech firm, and a boyfriend who you loved more than anything. Everything that made life worth living was flashing before your eyes as fear set in.

Now all you could do was half-way look down to see your soft, average 4-inch penis on display. From the corner of your eye you saw a photo printed out on a side table next to you. The photo was of you and your boyfriend standing on the beach during last summer’s vacation you went on together.

“How did they get that?”

You remember when you had the photo taken. Your slim, smooth body stood level with his… your medium length brown hair rested above your eyes and pushed to the side. Your bathing suite matched his… standard board shorts with the common ocean wave pattern. The two of you smiling in front of the open ocean, arms around each other… Pure bliss.

“Have to get out of here…”

You would continue to struggle under the restraints but footsteps outside of the doorway brought you to a freeze.

The time it took for whoever it was to unlock the steel door seemed like a lifetime. It was apparent the lock was of the utmost build quality from the mechanical sounds that echoed throughout the room.

In walked a man. He wore a long white doctor’s coat and had a stethoscope around his neck. He had a beard with grey hair mixed in. You guessed he was around 50 years old. He carried a clipboard and pen in one hand as he secured the door behind him.

“Hello Samuel. How are you feeling? Headache? Nausea?” He began to scribble on his clipboard, sitting down on an office chair next to you.

Speechless you stay, refusing to discuss anything with your captor. You stare at him because it’s the only thing you can think to do.

“Ahh, where are my manners? My name is Dr. Busch.”

Maybe you could convince him to let you go…

“Look, I don’t have to tell anybody about this. If you let me go you’ll never hear from me again.”

“Son, I am a doctor. What kind of doctor inflicts harm? There’s nothing to be frightened over.”

“You have me strapped to a bed against my will. God only knows what you’re planning to do to me you sick perv.”

Almost like you struck a nerve in Dr. Busch, he grabbed your jaw tight.

“The work I do is very, very important.”

“And what work is that?” You manage to eek out while the doctor exerts his grip. He quickly lets you go but not before leaving a red mark on your pale chin from the grip.

Dr. Busch reached into his coat pocket and pulled out a giant syringe filled to the brim with a white substance. He flicked the needle with his finger and a droplet fell to the floor. Your heart skipped a beat as you realized your situation was dire.

“Please, I’ll do anything you want. Just let me go! W-what is that?”

You breathe a sigh of relief when you see Dr. Busch sit back down in his chair.

“I was wondering when you would ask.”

“See son, society needs balance. Without balance the system falls apart.”

You cut the doctor off mid sentence.

“What are you talking about?”

Making you flinch, the doctor raised his hand as if to slap you, but didn’t.

“Society needs balance. Too much of something is a bad thing. You Samuel are smart, driven, and poised to compete in the labor force.”

As you stare blankly at the doctor you resisted the urge to speak up.

“…Balance. There’s too many of your kind roaming around. I’m going to give you a new role… one that will provide you with more reward and opportunity.”

“My kind? I’m just a normal person.”

“Allow me to clarify…”

“When we’re finished here you’ll no longer be the bright, colorful, well-mannered guy you are now. I’ve extracted pure testosterone from the country’s most brute, masculine, dumb jock gene pool. I created this formula to pass those characteristics onto others.”

The visual the doctor painted immediately had you visualizing the dumb meatheads you commonly came across on campus. Always visceral in their demeanor, hairy, unintelligent, sex-driven. You weren’t any of those things.

“Now now, I know you’re scared. I’ve modified the serum special for you. You can remain homosexual if you so choose. Have you thought maybe this boyfriend of yours will enjoy the new you? What’s his name? Nick?” Dr. Busch added a sinister tone to his own question.

“Leave Nick out of this! This is crazy. You can’t just change who a person is. That’s not real! I hate jocks, I hate how they act, and I hate seeing them. And Nick feels the same way. I’ll never be like that!”

“Ahh, that’s unfortunate. He probably won’t enjoy the new you I’m sorry. This is for the betterment of society I hope you understand.” The doctor picked up the syringe again.

“We’ll start off with a small dose. I want you to ease into it. If all goes well, I’ll have you back on campus Monday morning.”

You came to the realization that two days locked beneath ground seemed horrific. You ended up convincing yourself you had nothing to worry about because the kind of transformation your abductor referred to was plain impossible.

“This is science fiction!” You thought.

Out of nowhere, Dr. Busch took firm hold of your arm and stabbed your vein, injecting a small percentage of the contents into your blood. You winced enough to illicit a response from the doctor: He said ‘hold on it will sting a little.’

Your heart began to race but you’d convinced yourself it was anxiety. You could almost feel your heart bouncing out of your chest. Sure you knew none of what the doctor said was even possible but the syringe full of white goo was unsettling.

“What if this whacko fucks my body up, makes me sick?” You wonder.

“I don’t want to be screwed up the rest of my life!”

The only thing that snapped you out of your panic attack was the sudden jolt of your platform bed moving from flat to a 45-degree slant. You now faced a mirror on the wall in front of you.

“Alright, I’ll be back in an hour.”

The doctor headed out of the cellar-type-room but not before looking back at you once more.

“It’s best if you don’t fight the process Samuel.”

And just like that he was gone.

Silence enveloped your senses with the exception of one of the florescent bulbs above you making a buzzing noise. Without options you could only look at yourself in the full-body mirror on the wall in front of you. Your pale, slim, and vaguely underdeveloped body had nowhere to go.

And that’s when it started… the itch you cold only satisfy by squirming your body under the restraints… your armpits felt like tiny ants were crawling all in them. You looked the best you could and saw your thin brown hair as normal but it felt like your skin was being bombarded by little needles.

The same thing began to happen in your crotch. The sensation of it all was quite unpleasant and all you could do was wriggle around. To complicate things a sudden chill swept down your back, resulting in a surprise reaction from your cock. The flushed feeling that overtook you couldn’t be ignored and your cock soon entered a state of half-arousal.

“You’ve gotta be kidding me!” You spoke to nobody in particular.

You attempted to will your half-boner away but renewed waves of energy struck you off guard which distracted you. As the itching persisted what came next was startling: the apparatus that surrounded your head hummed alive. You could feel the sonic waves interacting with you. Thoughts of your internship at the tech firm came to the forefront.

“What— I have to get out of here. My internship, my life!”

As best you could you tried to change your thoughts but the only thing you could think of was the coding languages you’d learned for your internship. They were all so fresh in your mind at that moment. The buzzing from the machine seemed to briefly amplify your understanding of it all…

…until a zap had you in extreme sensory overload.

“Aghhh! Stop! Make it stop!” You yelled aloud.

You didn’t know how much time elapsed…

“My body. So sore.”

To you, maybe the soreness you were feeling could be compared to the day after a strenuous workout. Every muscle seemed to ache. Your reflection in front of you verified that your overall frame seemed to be bigger than before, but not by much.


The next thing that grabbed your attention was your erect cock. As far as you could tell your 5-inch cock was unharmed.

“Why am I hard right now?” begged your brain.

“My muscles look a little more… toned.”

“And the itching, it stopped…”


“That hair, that’s not…” You know that’s not how hairy you were before.

What was once a brushing of thin hair in your armpits now felt like a more substantial amount as you adjusted your body as best you could. Upon further inspection you saw the hair surrounding your penis was darker and a tad curlier. Overall you were relieved that the changes were not too severe but you were alarmed nonetheless.

Just as you felt the beginnings of a slight headache forming you heard the doorknob being unlocked and turned. In walked Dr. Busch, carrying with him what looked to be a milkshake.

“Here, it’s important to feed that growing body of yours,” he said, holding the straw up to your mouth.

Despite your hatred for this man you were starving and parched. You sucked as much of it down as you could. You noticed that after you drank your headache subsided.

The doctor began surveying your body, he made various acknowledgements in the way of humming accompanied by facial expressions and nodding. What caught you off guard was when he grabbed hold of your dick and started handling your balls.

“HEY!” You flinch but to no avail.

Dr. Busch wasn’t alarmed but rather seemed surprised. “No growth, interesting.” He muttered.

Continuing his evaluation with no regard for your feelings left you feeling frustrated, angry.

“You’re a sick perv and I’m going to make sure you pay for this when I get out of here.” You spit out.

The doctor didn’t respond but rather muttered ‘increased agitation.’

“Tell me Samuel, tell me about Nick.”

The question caught you off guard but to answer it was easy for you. You ended up answering a couple questions with ease in regard to your boyfriend. You realized you missed him dearly. You didn’t know why the doctor needed to pry like this but if it meant getting free you were willing to try and play along.

“Tell me about your college major, Samuel. What are you studying?”

You were getting tired of this stupid Q&A session but you kept going…

“I’m a computer science major. I’m going to be a computer programmer when I graduate in the spring.”

“Tell me about that. What’s your favorite coding language?”

You had the intent to answer but your mind froze.

“I— I uhh, There’s….”

“Surely you must have one,” the doctor insisted.

Despite knowing details about your college plans you draw blank after blank. You simply can’t remember the specific information.

Dr. Busch sees you struggling to access your memory. “Do you have any internships?”

Old reflexes in your memory point you to say yes but upon follow-up confirmation you find you can’t remember anything about it, or if it was even real in your memory.

“Uhh, no?” you answer.

“Ah, I see. I figured a smart student such as yourself would have secured one.”

The cocky nature the doctor talked to you had you feeling mostly humiliated and a little angry. You knew something wasn’t right. As far as you guessed it had something to do with the jock serum.

“Stop messing with my mind, I uhh- You don’t need an internship to be smart.”

“I know what you’re trying to do and it won’t work!” Determined you sounded.

The doctor looked up from his clipboard with a puzzled look.

“I’m only asking you questions about your life. There’s no need to get angry.”

You responded, “Yea but I feel like I can’t remember certain things. What ever you did to me I better recover.”

In the moments that followed you saw the doctor continue to write on his clipboard. You could only spend the time observing yourself. You wished your erection would subside but it seemed to remain strong. You thought how nice it would be to touch it but you very quickly trashed the thought. “There’s no way I can be horny after all this,” you dejected to yourself, angry at your body for going against your wishes.

Dr. Busch took the same syringe from before, still mostly full of the white serum, and began to mutter something.

“This next dose will be a little more substantial.”

After a pause he added, “The process is still in the experimental stage.”

Without delay, the doctor broke your skin and inserted the sharp needle into your vascular arm. He slowly pushed the syringe and injected nearly half of the formula into your vein. You felt a sharp sting as he removed it.

“There, all finished. I’ll leave you be now. I’ll return shorty.”

As he left the room you shout back but you go ignored. “You won’t get away with this, sick freak!”

You were left with an intense feeling of frustration as you closed your eyes and fought back tears. The level of discomfort you felt from the restraints and the injection site were adding to your misery.

Just as you were looking at your mildly enhanced pubic and armpit hair wondering how it was even possible your balls began to move in your sac to a point that it felt almost unnatural. A tingling sensation ensued. As you dreaded what would come next you realized you were very hot. Sweat began to appear on your forehead and on your chest as your heart rate increased.

“Calm down, calm down, I’m in control, nothing bad is going to happen,” you told yourself.

In your mind it felt like time stood still. You felt each heart beat and each movement your balls made as they stirred in your sac. A tickle-like sensation spread upward starting from the base of your naval to the middle of your chest. The all-to-familiar itch returned deep within your skin under your armpits and crotch.

“Ughh, no…” You fought to ignore it.

At the same that time you struggled with the unpleasant itching, you felt some of your muscles tense up.

“Let me oOOUTtt of here!” You yelled, your voice violently cracking. You cleared your throat hoping it was just a one-time deal.

The straps that held you down were partially elastic in nature which appeared to become tighter as your muscles seemed to expand, particularly your arms and abdominal region.

A mild amount of sweat continued to layer your skin as your heart raced from anxiety. The mirror on the wall in front of you showed you now had a 4-pack abs and decent biceps.

“This can’t be real.”

As best you could tell there were dark hair follicles forming around your belly button in a line downward to your crotch. You could practically feel hairs pushing out of your skin.

“HeeEELP!” Your voice cracked fiercely high then settled on a lower, coarser sound.

“Help!” You repeat. You cleared your throat as something in your neck seemed to expand outward.

The sight of it all was simply too much so you decided to close your eyes. It felt like tiny ants were crawling all over the center of your chest and in your pits and around your dick.

Your dick, as you realized was as hard as ever, felt like it was aching to push forward.

“Aghh, it hurts,” you mutter and groan. Your dick seemed to be stretching outward and it became quite unpleasant.

You just had to open your eyes despite not wanting to. The first thing you saw were a handful of short dark brown hairs in the middle of your chest no longer than half an inch. They seemed to curve in many directions and they were so densely populated. You realized the same kind of hair was now in a line from your belly button down to your crotch.

As the itching began to subside you saw that the hairs surrounding your dick had formed a substantial bush that had a certain unkempt property to it. You couldn’t be sure but it felt like your armpit hair had also become more thick. In the mirror you saw that it was beginning to poof out from the sides when you weren’t holding your arms tight by your side.

The stretching feeling from your dick had you the most concerned now. You looked and as best you could tell the length had increased but only marginally. You were still around what you were before… five inches… now maybe five and a quarter.

What was new was the precum that’d apparently leaked down your shaft when you weren’t looking. Droplets still oozed out of your strong erection.

“I’m… leaking…How?” You recalled you never precum this much before.

You evaluated the apparent changes to your body as unwelcome but still manageable. Sure, you may have had grown more hair and gotten bigger but at least your mind was still in tact. You knew you could trim the hair back. Thoughts shifted back to your college life and your boyfriend Nick. You realized that the way you looked now made you larger and more masculine than him.

“How is he going to take this? Ugh,” You worried.

Your head restraint came to life with an electric hum. The power it drew was enough to further affect the already-flickering fluorescent light above you. It seemed to dim as you began to feel sonic vibrations interact with your brain.

Memories of Nick came to the forefront. As you closed your eyes you recalled how the two of you met. You began to relive the memories of your first date and everything that led up your happy relationship years later. The series of vivid flashbacks ended with a surge of light that felt like a lightning strike traveling from your head to toes.

“Sam, Sam, Sam,” the echo of your name was the last thing that you heard before the machine shut off and you woke up.

The doctor was standing over you, holding his cold stethoscope up to your heart.

“Sam, this is Dr. Busch,” he flashed a light into your eyeball – each eye.

The best you could, you opened your eyes. You forced yourself to appear awake. Immediately you remember what you had to fight…

“I won’t…” You began but your deeper voice caught you off guard. Clearing your throat yields no change.

“I’m not a… not a… what are you— you doing to me?” You can’t even remember what you’d been thinking about three seconds prior.

You looked down to see your chest hair had grown a bit more. What were previously a handful of hairs now looked more full, as it spread to your nipples and up to your upper chest, certainly something that would pop out if you wore a V-neck t-shirt.

Surrounding your fairly impressive bush was a boner that seemed to crave attention more than anything.

The doctor seemed to read your mind at this point. He lowered his hand and began to run his fingers through your new bush while inspecting your armpit hairs. You wanted to feel repulse and violated but instead you were rewarded with an intense sensual experience. Your cock twitched from the contact you were receiving.

“Ughnn, sto–.” You wanted to tell him to stop. You squirm in your restraints while your mind swims, your mind thirsty for visuals to feed your new-found horniness.

“Describe what turns you on Sam,” Dr. Bush continues to tease your cock.

As the doctor asked his question you tried to fight the onslaught of images that ensued. You began visualizing all your life’s fetishes in flashback sequence. All the things that turned you on flashed before your eyes.




And then in an instant your strength returned.

“Wait! Shit, let me out. I’m not a– mmnm.”

In between your thoughts of resistance, you felt jolts of tingling pleasure from the doctor’s hand rubbing against, grazing almost, your cock and balls.

“You’re not a what?” the doctor asked boringly, as he reached for the syringe once more.

“I’m not a dumb jock!” The sweat on your face glistened under the light. A look in the mirror revealed heavy fuzz along the side of your face, under your chin, and upper lip. Your complexion taking more of a worn look.

“Yes, you’re well on your way though.” The doctor stopped contact with you abruptly.

You felt so much pent up sexual energy. You’d never experienced that before and all you wanted to do was nut.

“Cock size isn’t much affected. No worry ‘son it’s all in how you’ll use it. But it looks like you’ll definitely be a leaker… pre-seminal fluids. Side effect, hmm.”

“No!! This isn’t happening! My name is Samuel I’m a junior at Maryland State. I’m a…”


No words followed as you couldn’t remember anything about your college life. Your body’s reflection in front of you represented a life you despised. You hated seeing jocks around campus all the time, the annoying lack of discretion in language and cleanliness standards. Now you almost looked like one and it pained you.

“I… wont… be… that…”

“This is the final dose.”

“No, let me out of here, you’re fucking dead!” you snap. Even your enhanced muscular build isn’t enough to break free. Your apparent increase in temper startled you after the fact.

In went the needle with all the unpleasant sensations like before.

“I am pleased with your progress. We’ll see how this final dose interacts perhaps you can leave after,” the doctor looked back at you on is way out.

Left alone again, you only had the reflection of yourself in front of you to stare at.

“I just have to survive this. I have to get back to my—.”


“Uh, I can’t remember.”

“What’s wrong with me?”

“My name is Sam.”

“I go to college.”


The most intense feeling of this horrific ordeal thus far abruptly emanated from your groin. Your boner ached for relief as sweat covered your body. Instead of crawling ants it felt like your pubic hairs, chest hairs, and pit hairs were all being yanked outward. You could feel select individual hairs brushing up against otherwise smooth skin; expanding.

There was a stream of precum leading down your shaft already. More was oozing out.

“My dick… how?”

You saw some of your muscles twitch uncontrollably as they seemed to expand further. Your chest hair especially began to lay smooth across your now inflated pecs. Your pit hair grew outward in many directions and brushed visibly across your pumped biceps.

“I just have to concentrate. It’s almost over!” You clung onto your reality, despite feeling mostly in a fog.

The apparatus around your head came to life, but this time was accompanied by a non-translucent screen folding down in front of your eyes. It blocked your view of everything.



Plain white text displayed on the screen around your head. A speaker spoke them in your ear simultaneously.

“No, stop!” You rejected the use of such words.

You hear the cellar door being unlocked but you don’t see anything. You only assume it could be the doctor.


[Sup Bro]

The machine was adding variation.


Suddenly a hand, you assume to be the doctor’s, began massaging your balls and cock. The pre you’d produced acted as a lubricant that felt pleasurable.


“Dude!” Angry you yell out.

“No, I mean… I don’t talk like that.”

“Get off me.”

[Sup bro]

[Big dick]

You saw nothing except the text displayed on the screen. It felt like your body was experiencing a euphoric dream.

[Gym dude]


As the doctor masturbated your penis you felt his hand tickle your bush.

“That’s so much hair!” You realize you were as hairy as the next jock on campus.

[Hairy dude]

[Sup Bruh]


You thought about being back on campus. You needed to get back to your dorm and get dressed. You thought of wearing boxers.

[Gym dude]

[Be hairy bro]

[Nut everywhere bro]

“Boxers? But I don’t…”


[Crotch grab bro]

Your head flinches under the screen as the doctor’s hand increased its tempo.

[Big bro]

[Boxers dude]

[Nut all the time]

[Nut is good]

[Show off]

You felt pressure building up and you tried to clear your mind of the words being displayed.

“I- I ..”

[Jock dude]



“Dude!” Your cock erupts. You feel load after load blowing free.


Your breath became labored and the sweat poured from your face. Your mind offered unlimited jock stereotype visuals as your cock emptied out onto the floor.

“Ughh, dude.”

“Dude. The fuck is happening?”

The doctor rapidly removed your restraints and the freed your head.

As you came to alertness you looked down to see you’d just blown quite a load.

You chuckle for no apparent reason.

“Sup doc?” You look up at the doctor, who has a smirk on his face as he watched you dig your hand into your armpit to scratch it.

“How do you feel Sam?” The doctor held his clipboard.

“Dude I feel fine. I could really hit the gym bro to be honest.”

The doctor made some final notes and brought over a bag of clothes: boxers, a white tee, and some gym shorts.

“Remember Sam you’ll want to watch your underwear for above normal pre output.”

“Ugh, sure doc. I don’t care though it’s whatever,” grabbing your nuts, adjusting for a moment, you couldn’t find the energy to care. There was something about your body how it made you feel powerful.

You left the cellar with swag. You found your way back to campus and your dorm. By the time you made your way to your bed you were sporting a semi.

“So horny bro,” you said no nobody.

You flipped open your laptop and watched hours of porn before busting a load all over your bed sheets. Later that evening after a heavy workout you received a text from ‘Nick <3’ on your phone.

“Hey babe can I come over tonight?”

You can’t recall who this Nick is but you feel horny so you oblige. Later when he arrives he finds you sprawled out on a messy bed naked.

“Sam? What happened? What happened to you?” Nick’s twink-ish voice shook.

“Huhh? Dude wtf are you talking about?”

You’re looking at your laptop screen and touching yourself, only looking up at Nick for one second.

“Babe, your hairy and you’re talking weird.” Nick walked closer.

“And you’re built,” Nick added.

“Damn straight I am, lifted big tonight at the gym.”

Nick was obviously appalled and speechless. You couldn’t stop touching yourself long enough to look him in the eye. As Nick got close to you so did your desire for attention.

“Bro you wanna see how hairy I am?”

“Come look.”

Nick reluctantly got closer but was in for a rude awakening when your hand landed on his head, pushing it down into your hairy crotch.

“You like that hair fag? This is a real man’s dick.” You laugh.

Nick snaps his head back in repulse. He takes a step back. You take one look at him then back to your screen. A damp spot of pre is surrounding where you sat on your bed. Nick seemed to notice it.

“I better go.”

“I don’t fuckin care dude, c ya,” you say, already beating your meat again.

Nick leaves fast but not before hearing you unleash another sizeable load all over your sheets and bed frame.

“Dude this is the life,” you laid there falling asleep, not even bothering to clean up your loads.

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