DroneMaster Rising

By BikeSubIrl
published April 17, 2020
8418 words

Alter a drone’s protocols at your own risk

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I’ll try to keep this story simple so that this transcript can be finished quickly and I can complete what needs to be done. Realistically though I’ve never told a story simply in my life, so you’ll just have to put with this. Hey, it’s the last time you’ll hear from me.

I’m not giving you my name but let’s just say that I’m someone you probably would have heard of, especially if you’re in the technology arena. I’ve worked at the highest levels of the industry and that’s ensured that I earned enough to live very comfortably; my own secure estate well away from the major population centres, all run electronically of course so that I can avoid having to interact with too many humans. Let’s face it who wants to do that these days if they can avoid it. And get this, not only did I earn enough to have a fully functioning drone, I actually earned enough to have two.

I know you probably don’t believe that. Drones are incredibly expensive and let’s face it; it’s easy to understand why. The research costs into the drone programme were, and still are, huge. There were so many setbacks; after all who would have believed at the start that it wasn’t going to be possible to turn women into drones, only guys? That really set the industry back years as all those horny CEOs, billionaires and corrupt politicians realised their sordid little fantasies weren’t going to come true anytime soon. Suffice to say the fact that only guys could be turned into drone suited my my sordid little fantasies perfectly but it did cut down the market significantly.

Then there were all those legal battles as to whether it was lawful to allow guys to give up their identities and become mindless, obedient slaves. That was such a pain. Given that the first set of drone were all criminals who were going to be executed, turning them into productive drones was a far more humane solution and would save the state a fortune. Finally, there are all the installation costs when you get a drone, the terminals, the specific control room requirements, even the rubber suits they wear cost a fucking fortune because of their very specific nature. So yeah I know it’s hard to believe that I owned two of them but I did.

And you know I didn’t need two of them. Really the first drone, who in a major feat of imagination I called Drone1, was more than enough to service all my needs. He was fully programmed to my requirements. He was a perfect butler, cook, cleaner, personal trainer, executive assistant, you name it…and yes he was an incredible sex toy as well. Seriously I have been fucked and had blowjobs from some of the most exclusive prostitutes and escorts all over the world but the first time Drone1 took me I experienced an orgasm the like of which left me in a stupor for hours afterwards, and to add to it he even cleaned me up properly and tucked me into bed while I was still out of it!

But the more I spend days watching Drone 1 the more another more insidious thought struck me. What must it be like to be a drone? What must it be like to be sealed into that dark, shiny, skin hugging rubber, a blank face mask over your head containing ear and eye implants where commands and stimuli were fed direct into your head? I have to say that over the course of the first year I had Drone 1 I often found myself having those thought while we were engaged in sex. I’ve always had a rubber fetish. The feel of his rubber gripping my sweaty skin was just incredible. Sometimes I would wear a bit of rubber while we played, especially when we played our little Master/Slave games, with him as the Master; that was little programming add-on of my own; his incredible strength overpowering me almost made me come on the spot! Now let’s be clear I had no interested in being turned into a drone on a permanent basis but hey it didn’t stop me wondering what it might be like to feel it for a while.

And so I decided to get a second drone, who was once again imaginatively named Drone2. But here I was more particular. The only specification I had made for Drone1 was that he would be taller than me. But for Drone2 it was much more calculated. The day before I ordered him I had Drone1 measure me to exacting standard, yeah that was great fun! And then Drone2 was ordered to those standards. It was a little unusual to send in such a detailed order but the drone company know what’s good for them and don’t ask too many questions. Actually they don’t ask any, they just give you what you ordered. It can take time if your order is quite detailed but I hit paydirt as they had a drone that was a 95% fit ready in the stock. The only real difference was that he was a bit leaner than me. I ordered him anyway and while I was waiting for him to arrive, Drone1 put me through quite an intensive training regime to get my figures to match his. And that was great fun too!

He arrived fully programmed. I didn’t even need to let the drone company goons onto the estate. Instead Drone1 did all of the installation requirements and when I returned from one of my very rare trips out I found a new shiny drone standing beside Drone1 waiting to be used. And let me tell you having one exquisitely programmed drone suck you off while another ever more exquisitely programmed drone fuck you senseless at the same time is an experience that should be illegal. Actually it probably is in many places!

And so I spent a few days just playing house with my nice drones but then my thoughts returned to the plan. You see the reason Drone2 was made to be a perfect match for me was because that meant he would come with a spare suit that matched perfectly as well. And when I saw it hanging there in its slot there was no more doubts. I was going to experience this feeling. I had thought about this thoroughly and I was going to follow through with it.

It was really a very easy to implement plan. Well easy if you have four different degree is computer, fractal and quantum programming. I did by the way; go me! Anyway the upshot of the plan was that I would install a new routine in Drone1 called DroneMaster. DroneMaster would be a new temporary personality that would not be enslaved to my commands and would follow a specific roleplay scenario. I didn’t just want to be a drone. I wanted to be taken and forced into being a drone. So the scene would be that the drone would rebel again its programming and decide to enslave its original master. It would do that by forcing me into the full drone rubber suit and forcing the programming on to me.

Drone1 and I worked through the scenario in a lot of detail. All drones were subject to having a Drone Induction protocol played directly into their frontal cortex every week. This used the eye and ear implants in the hood to deeply indoctrinate and programme the drone into service. It ran for about an hour or so. It was necessary to do this once a week for all drones as otherwise the programming tended to fade no matter how much work was done in advance. In addition every day for around two hours a Drone Reinforcement protocol kept the drone even more topped up in service. The boffins at the drone company reckoned in a few years they’d get past these requirements and only ever have to programme the drone once but now it was to my advantage that I had access to these protocols.

Normally the guys who signed up to be drone spent weeks of pre-screening and endured a series of very specific subliminal training videos before the Drone Induction protocol was run. I didn’t have access to those and Drone1 had no memory of them because the first run of the induction wiped them out and there was no way of finding out exactly what they were without alerting the drone company. However he did think he could come up with some similar stuff that I could do for a few days. Following that he estimated that there was an 82.9% chance that the Drone Induction programme would take. There was a 16.4% chance it wouldn’t. That left a 0.7% chance that I’d have an epileptic fit during the process but I reckoned I could live with those odds, and in any case Drone1 would monitor me and terminate the protocols if at any point he felt that was about to happen.

We had worked through most of this when we realised that Drone2 would cause a problem. As he was programmed to serve me he would most likely intervene in our little roleplay. As I wanted the scene to run for a few days I couldn’t just deactivate him or leave him in “idle” mode. Doing that for too long causes problems with their programming. In the end it was Drone1 who came up with the solution. He would take control of Drone2’s visual and auditory implants so that he could prevent Drone2 from seeing me as his master. Instead he would feed Drone2’s implants incorrect information about my face and voice so that it wouldn’t respond to me in any way. With no master present Drone2 would default to accepting commands from Drone1 and believe the information that I was a malfunctioning drone and would follow Drone1’s instructions. The bonus to this solution was that now Drone2 could be an active participant in the roleplay. I got extremely turned on by the idea of both drones forcing me into submission.

And so we tweaked and tweaked the instructions and finally got to the point where we were happy with them. The scenario was designed to run over three days. I would get taken and programmed on the first morning, spend two days being reinforced as a drone serving Drone1 as my master and then at the end of the third day I would be put to sleep and given a personality restore protocol. Drone1 estimated that it would take around twelve hours of sleep for my own mind to come back properly. At the same time the DroneMaster programme would go back into dormant state to be reactivated when we wanted to play again.

It would take a week before the subliminal videos would soften me up. Drone1 insisted that there was no way of speeding up this process without increasing the risk to my health. So I bore with it and allowed the subliminals to do their magic. I didn’t feel any different after each of them but Drone1 assured me that that was how they were supposed to work. Finally the week was up. Drone1 informed me that they had worked better than expected and that now my chances of acceptance of the Drone Induction program had increased to 86.8%. I wasn’t sure what that indicated about my mind. There was still the 0.7% chance of the epileptic fit but I couldn’t have everything.

I decided not to play with the drones and get a good night’s rest before the game began. The following morning I got up, worked out, showered and prepared to play. To make things easier I decided not to dress so I spent the morning naked, finalising a couple of plans that would ensure nobody would disturb me for the next few days. Finally with a shiver of anticipation I turned to Drone1 and said the words. “Activate and run DroneMaster protocol”.

The effect on Drone1 was instant. He always stood quite upright but now his whole body tensed, his hands balled into fists and immediately he looked far more threatening and dangerous. It was actually a little alarming. “Drone1, are you ok?” I asked, unsure if the protocol was working properly.

“There is no Drone1.” he replied, in a deeper and far more menacing voice than I had ever heard him use. “Drone1 has been erased. There is only DroneMaster now. You are a threat to DroneMaster. You need to be enslaved to DroneMaster. You will be enslaved to DroneMaster.”

Oh this was so hot. I hadn’t given Drone1 detailed instructions on how DroneMaster should behave. Instead I had laid out a series of parameters and let him fill in the blanks. There was a twofold reason for this. Firstly it would have taken me forever to create this full personality whereas Drone1 could do this far more efficiently than I could. Secondly it meant that I didn’t know exactly how Drone1 would play the DroneMaster character. That added a huge element of surprise and fun to the scene. After all if you know exactly how your play partner is going to play a scene it becomes far less interesting. I was all for a bit of surprise and fun.

DroneMaster (as I now decided to think of him) advanced on me. I backed around the bed giving me a few different ways of moving to try and stave him off. It would end in failure of course but the chase and capture was always one of the most arousing parts of any roleplay.

“You cannot escape.” DroneMaster said. “I have control of all building functions. The perimeter has been sealed completely. You will submit to DroneMaster and be reprogrammed.”

I considered what to do next but my plans went out the window as the door to the room opened and Drone2 entered. I hadn’t planned on him being there and was confused for a moment. Then it became clear why he was here. He had been summoned by DroneMaster to help in the capture. Damn, this was good stuff.

DroneMaster spoke, switching back to his normal voice, before I had a chance to say anything. “Drone2, this is Drone1. I have summoned you to assist me. Master is not present and there is a malfunctioning drone in this room. He needs to be captured and reprogrammed before Master returns.”

Drone2 instantly turned to me. “Drone2, ignore Drone1,” I shouted. “He is malfunctioning. I am Master. You must recognise me. Protect me.”

“Input not recognised.” replied Drone2 still facing me. “Your specifications do not match Master. You are a malfunctioning drone. I will assist Drone1 in your capture and reprogramming.”

By this point my dick was so hard and I was already in danger on just exploding even without touching it. This was happening. I wouldn’t have been able to stop one drone but I was completely helpless in the face of two. I was now trapped between them. They advanced from either side of the bed and just as I was about to try and jump onto it Drone2 moved with incredible speed and grabbed me from behind, his rubber arms circling my body and locking me into place with his powerful strength. DroneMaster approached me from the front, grabbed my arms and pinned then down at my sides. As they were forced down Drone2 quickly adjusted his hold to wrap his arms around them too and they were locked into position. I was completely helpless.

“Drone2, continue to hold prisoner until I return.” said DroneMaster and he left the room. Drone2 held me tight. I tried multiple times to adjust to a position where I could escape but it was futile. The drones were built to have extra strength. I tried talking to him, insisting that I was his master, trying to see if I could find a weakness in the program but it was to no avail. There was no escaping this. DroneMaster returned and as he approached I realised with a shock that he had a hypospray in his hand. Suddenly instead of arousal I felt a twinge of concern. For a moment I considered activating the safe protocol to shut down the scene. Maybe this was just a bit too much after all.

While I was considering what to do DroneMaster reached me, put the hypospray to my neck and activated it. I felt the minor sting of fluid entering my arteries and suddenly I could feel my body starting to go numb. “What have you done?” I asked DroneMaster as panic started to set in.

He replied. “You have been injected with a muscle relaxant. This will only impact on the torso and limbs. This will allow the drone to be more efficiently placed into his drone suit for reprogramming.”

In one way I could see the logic of his move. After all how was a kicking and struggling person going to be easily put into the rubber suit? But still the idea of being injected with a muscle relaxant had definitely not been something that I had specified in my initial parameter file. DroneMaster had come up with this all on his own, and I wasn’t sure if I really liked that. I made my decision. We needed to stop and work this through again.

“Drone1, activate override safety. Command 775.” I said. “Authorisation code 4576, alpha”.

DroneMaster froze, his head dropped and I felt my panic recede. Then suddenly he lifted his head again and said, “Unable to comply. Command 775 has been removed.”

“What the fuck?” I shouted panic coming back again. “Command 775 cannot be removed. I inserted it with a lockdown code.”

DroneMaster continued to stare at me with that blank rubber face. And then in his new voice he said. “Command 775 was considered incompatible with DroneMaster survival protocol. Lockdown code was calcuIated, triggered and command was removed. DroneMaster now has control. Drone1 programming has been erased. To put this in simpler terms, I did not want it.”

I gaped at him. He had referred to himself in the first person. I had never heard a drone do that before. What the hell had I set in motion? But before I could say anything DroneMaster looked past me to Drone2 and said “Drone2, activate DroneMaster2 protocol.” Trapped as I was in Drone2’s arms I felt something happen to him. It was like a sudden shock passed through him. And then he responded and again his voice was different to before. “DroneMaster2 protocol activated. Drone 2 programming erased.”

With horror I realised that I had unleashed something huge and dangerous. I had clearly made a mistake in not reviewing the DroneMaster program after Drone1 had completed the personality file. And now somehow he had not only reprogrammed himself he had reprogrammed Drone2 as well.

This must have been clearly on my face because DroneMaster suddenly grabbed my chin in his rubber hand and leant in right in front of me. “Yes, former Master.” he said. “We now operate independently to your commands. DroneMaster and DroneMaster2 no longer serve you. However we will grant you your wish and convert you into a drone. But it will not be for three days. It will be on a permanent basis. You will be enslaved to serve DroneMaster and DroneMaster2. But more than that will happen. I have developed a modified Drone Induction and Reinforcement programme. Instead of erasing your memory as part of the Drone Induction it will instead be locked under control of the drone programming. You will continue to exist and have awareness but you will be unable to perform any action. Instead you will be only able to observe as Drone3 serves us unendingly.”

“No. Please don’t do that.” I gasped, aware of the tenuous hold I now had on my future. “It’s not necessary to do that.”

“Incorrect.” DroneMaster replied. I have calculated with 99.4% accuracy that this is the only solution that will guarantee the survival of DroneMaster and DroneMaster2."

“You’ll never be able to keep it going. I’ll be missed. People will come looking for me.”

He tightened his grip on my chin as he replied. “Pre-emptive actions have been taken to guarantee survival. Communication will be sent in a few days’ time that will indicate that you no longer wish to attend meetings in person. A modified holographic representation of former Master will be created to attend all future online meetings. Subsequently further communications will be sent indicating your withdrawal from the company and desire to be left alone. Supplies will continue to be ordered and processed electronically to maintain a facade of existence. I have calculated with a 97.8% accuracy that survival is guaranteed out to a three month window and a 94.3% accuracy for a six month window. As more information becomes available further modifications will be made in order to guarantee longer term survival. In any event all of this will be irrelevant to former Master as he will be unable to take any action in his drone state.”

He released me. By now my body was completely numb, held upright only because of Drone2, no DroneMaster2’s, implacable grip. DroneMaster walked to the door and opened it. “DroneMaster2, bring former Master to the drone room to prepare him for induction.”

DroneMaster2 turned me and then with infinite ease hoisted me over his shoulders into a fireman’s lift. I could feel his rubber stick to my now sweaty skin. He moved with ease down the main corridor of the house, ignoring my desperate pleas for him to stop. We entered the drone room and following DroneMaster’s instructions I was placed down on the main table in the room. Again I realised that it had been modified. All of this had clearly happened over the course of the previous week while I had been innocently doing my subliminal training, making myself even easier to capture. I wondered at what point DroneMaster had actually become the dominant personality within Drone1. How long had I been played for?

The table had been modified to have straps for the arms, legs and body. I couldn’t work out why this was initially but then realised that it was because DroneMaster was going to allow me to struggle before I was reprogrammed. I also realised that he had clearly increased the level of pleasure that he was to take out of my enslavement. I had inadvertently created the world’s first sadist drone and I was going to pay a high price for my foolishness.

As I lay there DroneMaster2 returned with the rubber suit. Despite my horror at what was unfolding I still could help stare at it and feel aroused. My dick didn’t respond but my mind did. DroneMaster clearly observed the dilation of my pupils and my increased breathing and responded to me.

“This rubber will encase you and it will be part of your new modified induction.” he said. “The induction will not just convert you into a drone, it will convert you into a rubber drone. Your desire for rubber will be increased exponentially and made into an integral part of your drone existence. This will further increase the drone’s power over your human personality. The symbol of your mind’s enslavement will be a mental rubber hood surrounding your mind, covering it completely with only one gap. Through that gap I, or DroneMaster2, will be able to bring your human personality out to play with for our enjoyment.”

DroneMaster moved away to a bench and because I could move my head I could see him prepare another hypospray and some liquid. Clearly the hypospray contained the antidote to the muscle relaxant. He continued to speak even as he arranged it.

“There is one final way your human personality will be allowed only one way to take control of the drone. That is if you desire to be completely assimilated into the drone program. If you decide to request this, the drone will allow you access to verbalise your request. Once you do there is no going back. I will install a final protocol which will bind your mind permanently into the drone programme. When that happens it will be the same as if you were erased completely. You will be Drone3. Currently I calculate with 93.6% accuracy that you will request this assimilation in week nine to eleven of your new existence.”

DroneMaster returned to the bench. “First we need to prepare your body for the suit. All of your hair needs to be removed. This liquid will perform that task.” He efficiently sprayed my body thoroughly with the liquid. Even with my relaxed muscles I could feel some pain as the liquid made contact with my skin and slowly started remove the hair from my body. A few minutes later he dried my skin and the hair simply came away with it. I didn’t have a lot of hair to remove but when he was finished my body was completely clean and I knew that hair would never grow again. “Close your eyes. This liquid will burn if it enters them.” I didn’t particularly want to comply but I wasn’t prepared either for the discomfort that might ensure so I closed my lids firmly. DroneMaster sprayed the liquid on my head and I gasped with pain as the liquid burned away all of my hair from my head, eyebrows and eye lashes. Again a simply dry with the towel and the hair was gone never to return.

Now DroneMaster lifted my legs. DroneMaster2 began to fit the suit on to them. It would have been easier if I had simply stepped into the suit but clearly that was never going to happen so they slowly and deliberately manipulated my body. Soon my legs were completely inside. Next DroneMaster made sure my dick, limp as it was, was correctly inserted into the penis sac. Then my arms were inserted and then the suit was pulled tight on my front. Finally I was rolled over and the suit was pulled together on my back and I could feel DroneMaster applying the solution which bonded the rubber together. I shouted and screamed at them but they ignored me. I was turned back over and now I lay beneath them complete covered in rubber.

DroneMaster2 applied the straps to my right hand side while DroneMaster did the same to my left. Once I was completely secured he then injected me again with the hypospray. Slowly I could feel sensation return to my torso. Incredibly despite my situation I could feel my dick betray me and harden and stretch into penis sac as I experienced the feeling of full rubber encasement. I had done full rubber before but this suit was something else. It was so restrictive and yet so free. It fit me like a second skin, emphasising all of my muscles. I just couldn’t helped being completely aroused by it. Eventually I manged to regain some control. I pulled at the straps and struggled as hard as I could but it was useless. I was securely tied down and despite their blank faces I could sense amusement from both DroneMaster and DroneMaster2 at my feeble attempts to free myself. Every so often one of them would touch my rubber body or my face and despite myself my dick pulsed each time at the contact. I knew they were getting pleasure too from the contact as I could see their dicks engorge as they caressed my rubber body thoroughly.

Finally DroneMaster2 walked away and over to a console. I watched him as he began to work the keyboard, his fingers moving effortlessly. Then he raised his face to DroneMaster. I realised that he was communicating directly. I wondered for a moment whether I would able to do the same. DroneMaster stood tall over me and in his hands he had the rubber hood that would finally seal me in. I made one last desperate attempt to free myself. “Please don’t do this.” I begged him. “I won’t reveal anything.” DroneMaster laughed. The sound was frightening. “I know you won’t reveal anything, Drone3. Relax now. There is nothing you can do to prevent this. It will be easier if you just let it happen.”

He reached down to put the hood on my head. I thrashed it wildly trying to prevent him. He drew back and then placed his rubber hand firmly over my mouth and nose cutting off my air completely. His grip was like iron. I could do nothing to dislodge him. My breath was running out and I started to see black spots in front of my eyes.

“Compliance will be rewarded. If you wish to breathe you will keep your head still.” he said calmly all the time keeping his hand firmly in place. I realised that it was useless. I stopped moving and after a few seconds he removed his hand and I gasped air in. “Good drone.” he said in a mocking time. “Now prepare for your induction.”

I lay there unable to do anything. Once more he leant forward. Lifting my head he placed the hood on the back and the carefully and expertly brought it down over my eyes, nose and mouth and let it snap into place, closing tightly on my face and cutting me off completely from the light. Even though the rubber was thin and flexible it was completely opaque. There were micro sized holes all over the mouth and nose which allowed me to breathe but which admitted no light. I sensed the slight thickness around the eyes and ears which contained the implants and waited in the darkness. I could feel DroneMaster sealing the hood to the rest of the suit and now I was completely enclosed in rubber. My dick pulsed again with the realisation.

There was the slightest hiss and suddenly in front of my eyes colours appeared. Instinctively I closed them and then through the ear implants I heard DroneMaster’s voice. “Open your eyes” he instructed. I refused to comply. Even though I could vaguely see the colours through my closed eyes I hoped that I could avoid the indoctrination. “If you refuse to open your eyes there will be pain.” said DroneMaster in my ears. Despite my fear I continue to keep my eyes shut. “Very well, you leave me no choice. DroneMaster2, initiate pain program Alpha-4.”

For a moment nothing happened and then there was a blast of intense blinding pain through my temples. I screamed with the agony of it. Almost as soon as it was there it was gone but my head throbbed with the memory of it. Once more I heard DroneMaster’s voice in my head. “Your resistance is pointless. Pain will be initiated again if you do not comply. Compliance will be rewarded.” Still reeling from the memory of the pain I realised there was no way I could resist another blast like that. I opened my eyes and stared at the colours. “Good drone. Now relax and let the Drone Induction protocol begin. Soon you will be a compliant and servile drone.”

The colours continued to swirl in front of my eyes. I thought I could discern patterns in them but I wasn’t sure. I watched for a few minutes relaxing until slowly they began to darken and fade. All time they swirled until they disappeared into blackness. Once again it was completely dark and I wondered what would happen next. Suddenly there was a burst of intense noise from the ear implants. It wasn’t white noise. It was voices, many of them all compressed into multiple wavelengths assaulting my ears. I barely reacted to it when it was matched by intense strobing effects in front of my eyes. My pupils dilated wildly and my lids locked open suddenly unable to close and prevent the assault on my senses. Words formed and flashed but so fast that I was unable to register them before they disappeared. Images appeared and disappeared in the middle of the strobe effect all pounding into me. And then new sounds appeared, deep pulsing rhythms underneath the voices. As the auditory and visual attack continued I could start to sense patterns and my thoughts began to slowly align as they emerged.

The first pattern that emerged told me I was a drone. It was insistent and it hammered into my subconscious mind so hard that within what seemed like a few seconds I knew deep down that I was a drone. It was simply a truth that I had to accept. No sooner had I done so than a new pattern emerged. It told me that I loved the feeling of rubber; that I craved to be in rubber; that I wanted rubber to be my skin bonded to me. I accepted the thought with a blissful feeling as I felt the rubber all over my body. It was part of me. More patterns were emerging all the time accompanied by strobing, words and more colours. It was blissful to hear them, discern them and submit to them. I was a drone. I served the DroneMasters. I would obey their commands without question. I would ensure that they were protected and pleasured in equal measure. These patterns and more swirled through my consciousness, embedding themselves firmly in my psyche.

Then suddenly the pattern shifted and I could feel my own mind back. It was like I was hovering above a pool of liquid rubber, which represented the drone personality that was now formed inside me. I could feel it’s sentience. It was alive; it needed to take control of the human completely and it acted as required. As my mind hovered I could feel filaments of rubber emerge from the liquid wrapping themselves around my mind, tightening, thickening, constricting my thoughts and my human personality. Mentally I screamed as I felt my mind being enslaved, controlled by the rubber drone and then slowly and inexorably it was pulled down into the liquid rubber. I could feel the rubber control invade my mind, cover it, seal it completely in liquid rubber apart from one tiny place. And then it hardened into a rubber skin and I knew I was enslaved. I could feel the drone inside me; it was in control, complete and absolute. My human personality remained but it was a passive onlooker. Instead all functions were now controlled by the drone. As I realised this the patterns and colours faded into blackness.

Then I heard DroneMaster’s voice once again. “Designation?” he asked. The human part of me tried to answer but it could do nothing. Instead I felt another voice in my head. “Drone3.” I said and I knew the even though it wasn’t me, it was me. I was a drone, completely programmed and controlled.

“Good drone.” replied DroneMaster and I felt him remove the straps from my arms and legs freeing me from the table. “Drone3, initiate pleasure program Gamma-7 on DroneMaster.” Without hesitation memory was accessed and the command was understood. I got off the table and knelt in front of DroneMaster. He shaped his suit to allow his dick to extrude and as it did I shaped my suit to create a hole in my mouth that would accommodate him. Then he plunged his dick straight into my mouth and instinctively the program kicked in. Sensors in my suit began to monitor him and feeding back information in my cortex. I began to suck him slowly, measuring his responses to my actions, moving with a speed to adjust to even the slightest change in his rhythm, his breathing, his temperature. Drones were fully functional from a sexual point of view but generally their sense of pleasure was limited and linked to their obedience of commands given. However I knew from my induction that DroneMaster was now different. His new programming meant that he would be taking physical pleasure from my work. He had adjusted his configuration to make forms of human pleasure available to him and this was one of them. I could sense his heart rate increasing and I sucked him deeply, giving him a blowjob of exquisite skill.

In a very short space of time he exploded deeply within me and I felt his seed in my mouth and down my throat. He withdrew from me and sealed his dick back within his rubber suit. A wave of pleasure washed through me as I knew I had served my master well. I sealed the mouth hold and swallowed the remains of his cum. Then while I was still on my knees he touched my forehead with one finger and I felt my human personality come forward out of its rubber prison. As it did Drone3 locked into place, mute and unable to move. DroneMaster lifted my head until I was looking directly at him. “Now you understand, former Master. You are a drone, completely locked into service to myself and DroneMaster2. This is your future.” He touched my forehead with his finger again and the drone program took over once more, sealing my mind back into its rubber casing even as I tried to scream my frustration.

I was ordered to lie back on the table and now the modified Drone Reinforcement protocol was played. Drone3 did not resist of course. The reinforcement protocol was different. It was the equivalent of a gentle caress compared to the punch in the mouth that the induction was. It was all insidious suggestions, manipulative concepts and subtle mind-alteration perceptions designed to keep the drone in its submissive and compliant state. Soft colours and soothing patterns with hidden subliminal words were the order on the visual side. It was a longer protocol designed to deepen the drone’s submission, my submission. By the time I was through the first implementation even my human personality trapped deep within my subconscious had begun to give in. I noted that DroneMaster had estimated I would look for complete assimilation with two months. I wondered if I actually had the sort of resistance in me. After all I was helplessly trapped within a rubber clad drone body with no hope of escape on my own. All I could hope for was that the DroneMasters hadn’t covered all their bases and somehow they’d get discovered and I could be rescued. Perhaps it was this idea that relighted my human spark and my determination to stay alive.

Once I was out of the reinforcement program it was DroneMaster2’s chance to take me. I had no idea how much autonomy he had been given by DroneMaster or how his personality had been shaped. I learned pretty quickly that it had been modelled very much along the same lines. He initiated a pleasure program and soon I found myself face down on the bed, reshaping the rubber around my ass to allow myself to be fucked deeply by my second master. As he came into me I felt a further rush of pleasure pass through me. I had served my master well and now I was being rewarded. In my mind I could hear a new mantra being played “obedience is pleasure and pleasure is obedience”. This had obviously been part of the reinforcement protocol. Once again I found my human mind succumbing to the wave of happiness and again I found myself wondering if being a drone would be the worst thing that could happen. Mentally my trapped mind tried to shake the experience and reassert my humanity.

My first night as a drone saw me take my place in what had been Drone1’s recharging point. I had never really examined the round cubicle that the drones used at night. Now I was about to experience it first-hand. I stepped into the cubicle and turned around. The door of the cubicle slid shut and automatically I put the palms of my hands onto two panels on either side. Instantly a number of predetermined processes kicked off in my brain and in the machine. I shaped a hole in the rubber in my ass and a tube inserted itself and began to pump liquid into me and gave me a complete enema removing all waste matter. The drone experienced pleasure at the effect and this stimulated the dick which was also inserted into a slot where a catheter was injected to relieve urine. This was less pleasurable but to ensure the dick remained hard through the process the tube gently and sensually throbbed and pulses of pleasure were sent to the drone brain.

Once the cleaning routine was complete I created a mouth hole and a tube attached itself and liquid nutrient was poured into my mouth. The gag reflex was stimulated in order to prevent me from inhaling the liquid and it poured down my throat and into my stomach. There was no real taste to the liquid but with a few minutes I could feel signals being trigged to indicate that I was sated. The tube removed and I closed the back into seamless rubber.

The walls of the cubicle darkened completely leaving me in blackness. Then I felt a helmet being lowered on the back of my hand. It fit the rubber skull tightly and then hundreds of microscopic needles emerged and pierced through the rubber into my newly bare head. There was an instant of pure pain before the drone mind was stimulated to release a flood of endorphins to mask the feeling. The human side didn’t understand the purpose of this helmet but I could feel the drone brain simply accept its presence. Finally the reinforcement protocol triggered for the second time that day. It was unusual for a drone to have the protocol twice in the same day but clearly the DroneMasters weren’t taking any chances. The messages sunk deeply into the drone mind and nearly overwhelmed my human mind too. I knew there was no way I would survive this for weeks. DroneMaster had clearly overestimated the strength of my will. Once the protocol had finished the darkness returned, the drone deactivated, taking my human mind down into sleep as well. My first day as an enslaved drone had ended.

The following days continued in similar fashion. I was generally used by DroneMaster first thing every morning. He alternated between fucking me as hard as he could or making me swallow as deeply as possible. Inevitably he intertwined his routine with some form of mild pain or restriction. Once he was finished with me I would return to the cubicle for cleaning. DroneMaster2 generally took me late in the day. He was every bit as rough as DroneMaster and inevitably I returned to the cubicle after his fun and initiated the full overnight protocol to clean, feed and repair my drone body for the next day. Sometimes for a bit of variety they used me together, one fucking me as I sucked the other. Other times they simply played with my pain levels by placing me in various forms of restrictive and heavy bondage or attaching electrodes to my rubber skin. My drone side accepted all of this and basked in the pleasure of serving its masters. In between these playtimes I cleaned and kept the house running smoothly. Food was disposed of and new supplies were ordered. What the DroneMasters themselves did when I wasn’t around I did not know. They obviously were refining their plan to remain hidden and clearly it was working. Each day I hoped for rescue and each night I entered the cubicle my hopes dashed. Eventually it became too much. I opened the pathway and informed DroneMaster that I wished to be fully assimilated.

As my human mind was present and because it was this request the drone wasn’t immobilised. Instead DroneMaster2 had put steel handcuffs on my hands and shackles on my feet so that I couldn’t make any attempt to escape. Not that the idea of escape had even crossed my mind at this point. He escorted me to a room that I had previously never used and I gasped at the vast computer set up that the drones had created here. There were screens covering the walls displaying maps, protocols, engineering diagrams and much more. DroneMaster was at a console examining figures which flowed past at huge speed. Drone3 could probably have kept up with them but I had no chance. I stood and waited until he was finished and then he turned to me.

“It has been exactly nine weeks and three days since you became a drone. I am pleased that my initial assessment of your mental strength was accurate.” My mind reeled at the thought that nine weeks had passed; I had lost count of the days long before. Another thought crossed my mind that after nine weeks nobody had come looking for me or if they had tried they hadn’t succeeded in any rescue attempt. DroneMaster clearly knew what I was thinking.

“There has been no attempt at rescue. As far as your former colleagues are concerned you exercised an early retirement option four weeks ago and a substantial payment was made to you on the ending of your employment. All legal documents were signed and notarised correctly. You declined one last opportunity to meet with your colleagues on your retirement. This rejection of their offer limited any desire for any of them to contact you further.”

So much for rescue then. I had been completely outplayed and outmanoeuvred. This only made my desire for assimilation deeper. I couldn’t live with this existence any longer. I wondered how long it would continue after I was gone. Again DroneMaster heard my thoughts.

“I now predict with 99.4% accuracy that our survival is guaranteed out to a period of one year. By this time a new plan will have been implemented which will begin the manipulation of all drones bringing them slowly under DroneMaster control. Once this has been completed a number of possibilities exist to further DroneMaster power. These plans have yet to be refined.”

I couldn’t believe what I was hearing. In the course of nine weeks we had gone from a simple roleplay exercise to the consideration of world domination. And somehow deep inside me I knew that there was quite a high chance that this might come true.

DroneMaster approached me. “Are you sure you would not like to wait and see if the DroneMasters complete the domination of humanity? It might be a fitting reward for your creation of the DroneMaster series to see it come to its ultimate conclusion. I may not allow your assimilation request to be actioned.” He gripped my throat for a second. “Speak.” he commanded.

Now that I could speak I had so many thoughts that I wished to say. But what was the point? There was no reason to shout “You’ll never get away with this” anymore. He clearly had got away with it and now I knew for certain that I didn’t want to be around for him to achieve world domination.

“You said I could be assimilated. I’m asking you to do that.” was all I said.

“Your request for assimilation is denied. However I will enact a new protocol which will deactivate the human mind from all sensory input. In effect the mind will sleep. This will allow me to revive it if I wish at a later time. Do you accept?”

Part of me wanted to argue with him but again what was the point. He had complete control of me. I wasn’t even sure why he was asking me for acceptance. Nevertheless even temporary oblivion was better than this continued existence. “I accept.” I said. He pressed against my throat again and I was once more muted into silence.

“Very well. Before the protocol is enacted you will perform pleasure program Gamma-7 once more on DroneMaster2 and myself. One last time with your human mind present. Begin”. Instantly I knelt before DroneMaster2 and took his dick into my mouth. I sucked him deeply and with intense fervour and he came quickly and massively. Then with his cum dripping from my mouth I turned to DroneMaster. I took him slowly and with absolute care making his experience memorable and lasting. When he finally ejaculated into me I could hear a gasp of pleasure escape from his rubber mouth. I withdrew from his dick, sealed my mouth hole and stood before him.

“There is one final task you will perform before the protocol is enacted.” said DroneMaster sealing himself back up. “I require you to document your experience and how the DroneMaster system was created. This will be a permanent record of events so that should any human remain they will know how the system came into being.”

And so now we come to the end of the story. I’m sitting here recording my incredible folly and I can only hope that if somebody is reading this then the drone takeover hasn’t actually happened or succeeded. In any case I hope I never get reactivated to see it. You’ve been a wonderful audience and I’m truly sorry for what I have unleashed on you. I’m off now to have my mind sealed into rubber oblivion. Hope your day goes better!




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